Hilarion Spring Equinox Channeling 2009

Greetings. Today is March 21, 2009. We are gathered here in Nevada City for the Spring Equinox celebration and Hilarion channeling. Hilarion through Jon Fox will be answering questions from those in the room as well as from email. For further information on channelings, tapes, books, CDs, and DVDs please contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959 or visit our website: hilarion.com

Hilarion: Greetings to all of you, Yes, this is the energy being or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with questions we would first ask each of you to be aware of a beautiful, helpful, strengthening, emerald light. You can imagine this light pouring into you from every direction but now by your imagination it creates a cylinder. A cylinder from infinitely upwards through you to the center of earth, about 100 feet in diameter that is about 33 m in diameter allowing the sense of protection and connection. Within this cylinder of light many things are possible but by your imagination you are saying many things are possible. This brings us to the most important aspect of one of these questions about welcoming that which you lack. It is of course wonderful if you can in the instant that you notice that it would be desirable, before you go into the lack that you have this visualization. Something of an abundant light, something of beauty and strength and love but if it is a question about that which you lack find the place in you that is asking.

This is the next part to understand: who is present in this room? Yes, there is your body, yes there is your consciousness that is inhabiting this body, but then there are the questions, the aspects of consciousness reaching out, expanding, filling this light, entering this room and into the cylinder, this is from your imagination. A part of you that can love and be loved and it is from this place to ask such a question in which the answer would be something that would give to you help, abundance, love, healing, strengthening, that which you might have said you lacked before you asked the question. This is a beautiful time to be understanding this principle. In the northern hemisphere at this time it is the coming of the change of season, the springtime, the green energy, the awakening energy but mostly it is about the birthday, the capacity that which is new, that which is arising from the soil from that which was cold into that time of warmth that then becomes the summer.

But in the Earth's cycle you can understand Earth in these ways in which she moves through cycles of day and night. That in this time period where day and night are equal it is as if in that time and breath when the breathing is equal you have the time of maximum night in the winter solstice, maximum day in the summer solstice, these are the extremes of earth’s breaths. Then you have those moments of breath equality that is the time of the equinoxes. In the Spring Equinox it is a time in which you are aware of sensation of that which will be, the opportunity for joy, for strength, but also for spring cleaning. Clearing out that which is no longer needed so this question about how to ask for that which is needed must be reflected upon in these two ways because that which you birth is based upon that which you are.

So we would ask you for a moment as difficult as this is, not to come to this with an answer already in place but simply to ask and any question that you have any deep understanding that you are seeking, any way in which you wish to be different, to grow, to receive some help. Who is asking? What is the nature of this consciousness that poses this request? What is the nature of this being? Who or what is experiencing this? Now sometimes the answer to this question appears in quiet, in emptiness. Whatever you come as an answer to with this such as me or the name of the person or the body or the mind you can always ask who or what is experiencing that? Many of you have already done this and many times what you come to is a sense of peace, a sense of infinite, a sense of unending energy. But the problem with this is that within that place, such peace, such unending energy, such emptiness can be that which seems to bring silence, stillness an energy that is without.

In the very sense that you might imagine you are lacking something, that you are looking to receive something, that you want something more in your life it is as if to reinforce that emptiness. It of course shifts your perspective to it, you realize there's nothing lacking, you don't really need anything, you're quite all right with the emptiness and that is a beautiful way of resolving this when you look inside.

But, when you look outside your world you can see how that thing which you were thinking you were lacking before you had this revelation that you are not lacking anything you could see how that might be helpful. Even when you come out of that place of presence, even when you bring that energy of infinite into your life, you can still see how for example the money to pay the rent would be helpful, how it would make it a little easier on your life not to have to move quite so soon or take residence in a tent or whatever.

As you understand this principle overlaid into the difficult economic times currently available, this issue about lack becomes a powerful resonance. It is more than just a question. It is a powerful issue and no simple solution like making money obsolete is going to solve it because there will always be the perception of that which is lacking. Now, it is possible to have an affirmation and this is what has been suggested going all the way back to the earliest of people’s playing with these ideas, reformulated in the 1930s by Ernest Holmes, re-created again in the 70s with various forms of affirmations and so on as if to couch it again in present tense. I am grateful for the receiving of this rent money here and now as a lovely way of saying, speaking, asking, affirming, creating that energy. Of course, if in the back of your mind, hmmm…I hope it will work, will that check arrive soon? I hope this affirmation does its job and so on, you are as the expression goes, “cutting it off at its knees.”

But, the importance here is twofold: outward and inward. On the outward it is the emotion that you feel. If you are afraid you are not going to receive what you are lacking you are going to enforce the fear and create those situations in the world which tend to vibrate with that to give you more fear. That is the very simple solution to understand how this works. So, you must find a way of pleasure, something that which gives you a positive feeling, a genuine feeling within you of that which is expansive, warm, light, loving, beautiful, depending on what gets you this pleasure we would normally suggest things that are normally not illegal or fattening if possible. That this energy as it expands out into the world along with the thought form about the money for the rent or whatever it is you are seeing as lacking it would then be of course multiplied and returned to you to give you more pleasure, not necessarily as rent but whatever it is that would feel good, so that’s a good thing. Of course, as that money might come in and you use it to do those things that you saw it for, then of course that pleasure increases.

So then again the universe responding. This of course is covered very nicely in, “Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting,” by Grabhorn, “The Secret,” with Michael Beckwith and many others and so on and so forth. That is all the external. But, what we would like to talk about today briefly is the internal. Because at the very same moment that you are asking, let there be this in my life for how do I ask for it or I am affirming that it’s present or this is the emotion, all that outward, who is asking? What is the nature of this being within you that is perceiving and coming to understand this? Although it is a place of emptiness and a place of peace that you may discover, this does not have within it the inherent vibration that you are looking for.


What is beautiful about that emptiness is that it has four characteristics: you could call these four important characteristics of awakening. When you ask this question, Who or what is experiencing this now? And feel this answer deeply and “Who or what is experiencing that? Then come to an awareness, and awakening, an awakening or of your being, a discovery process. If those four characteristics can be incorporated into your experience of awakening then those very characteristics which are inherent in the nature of your being, in your socialization of your interaction in the world, of the way in which you create your reality, these aspects now come from your genuine being, the person, the entity, the capacity of who or what you really are- this gives it power.

It of course does not guarantee success in the limited way in which you have seen it. If what you really needed in your life, the highest amount of God presence energy was to get thrown out and not have the money for the rent then of course that would be what you would want for yourself, wouldn't it? If in the small sense of things that is not seen, then along with what occurs would be the insight, the awareness, the understanding of how this is the best thing for you. So, at least you would have that as you are pitching your tent. In your understanding of these capacities it is important to realize that when it comes from this inner place that is authentic “you”, not that “you” enforced by your parents, not as created on your birth certificate, not as a name, astrological horoscope about your nature and who you are but as that which is the nature of the creative force, the most powerful energy that you could imagine. The empty is the least powerful energy you could imagine. That aspect of the universe that has been decided and it's only to make you, you. In this way you understand of its innate capacity to then resonate what is needed so that which would come to you would then appear.

At the same time greater patience, greater energy on your part to see it, to come into its own place and should you at the right moment need to do or say something in the right time then of course that would be available too. This creative force, this sense that this is that which created you, that you are part of this expanded universe, that you are created by it, you are re-creating it in your consciousness, this is the first characteristic, that within awakening, asks, what is being created? How do I create it? How do I welcome this creation? And find your own creativity. Perhaps, simply holding that idea as you then begin to interact into the world, something which is creative that can naturally flow from you; be it a little song or a 500 page book. Whatever it is within you that is ready to be birthed, to be aware of the creative aspect as it links to this awakening; is a very important part that shifts it out of emptiness and nothingness into that which is still in perfect alignment with your nature and your being and is creative.

The second aspect we are going to use four words for and remind you of this as it is a shared, co-creator aspect amongst all beings and we are going to call it COKI or the way of sort of seeing how this all works in the world. A Cosmo-ethical karmic imperative(COKI) Now what this means is simply that you have agreed that you're going to balance your karma. Cause and effect is what karma is. You think of it as the bad deeds you did. It is also the good deeds that you did. It is really much more than deeds or actions it is the cause, in the creativity, in the essence of your being that manifests out into the world, moves out from you and changes and touches and has those ripples and affects everything in your world. Oh well you just keep to yourself you don't have any karma with anyone unless of course you drive your car (ma) and your car is emitting 11 pounds of karma with every gallon of gasoline so you are indeed having significant karma on this planet as you change it every time you drive and change it for the generations to come. So, in this way you recognize there is a part in your being, in awakening, in consciousness, and so aspect of hired me that you can balance karma, that can receive and understand more the nature of your cause, how these things have their effects in the world, and you simply in being responsible for them are able to learn and grow as a result.

The third aspect is one that could simply be understood as service: that as you do for others out of the goodness of your heart, out of the willingness to serve, you grow naturally. So again, in this place of awakening, as you think of others, as you welcome the idea of consciousness as it connects to others and ask such a question as how may I serve? What can easily show up for you are little things and big things that are easy to do and from which you will learn. Because if anyone else was going to ask, who or what are they? Perhaps their answer would be the same as yours. In this way, in a very genuine, authentic way you are serving yourself when you serve others.

The last aspect here is very simple, it is pleasure, it is doing it for the fun of it. That within the place of awakening, within the place of higher consciousness or stillness or emptiness, however you come to that place is also something that is pleasurable, that feels good, that is love, that is caring, but is of and of itself a beautiful, helpful energy that you can experience for its own sake. Do not forget this because it is from that place that a powerful energy begins to emerge for the entire planet, the creative force that is very much about feeling good. We have often spoken about the important balance between what could be called clarification relating to evolution, learning, to growth and consolation: that relating to feeling good; for the ways in which things are smoother or easier and how you are constantly looking to find a balance of these in your life.

Yet, it is important to realize that within this place of awakening you can indeed have both. But the direct awareness of the pleasure is not related to the body, it is the pleasure of the universe and the direct awareness of the clarification is not the clarification in your mind, something you understand. It is as if the understanding of the nature of the universe. Now, if you are not easily yet coming to a place of experiencing awakening we urge you to seek out your favorite spiritual teacher and ask them to share that experience with you. To seek it in the various books that have been written by so many spiritual teachers. This is the wave that has been sweeping this planet, it has been ongoing for a long time, but it is reaching a stronger and stronger melting into the world as more and more spiritual teachers find more and more techniques, more and more ways to awaken you, you find for yourself ways that work and can share these with other people.

Now this is very important because you can see that we are suggesting a duo fold way of understanding the outer and the inner. These become one as other people are aware of this too, since their outer is your inner and vice versa. Now, there have been many questions of a very practical nature and that's fine and we will certainly be able to comment on those but it is important to realize everyone on your planet is undergoing a shift and it is showing up in the economy is with job, with money. Many people have this question, is money going to be obsolete? Is it something that has outlived its usefulness? We have spoken on this extensively in the past. It really outlived its usefulness somewhere around the 1700s but in terms of current day reality, your habit patterns that you are comfortable with, that which you seek, this keeps it in place so until you are ready to let go of it, it is going to remain in this way. So, we would certainly then suggest if at all possible you would find a way to let go of it. One of the best ways to do this as we have often suggested is also the solution to what you would term your “economic woes,” that of community. Preferably a community based on service, an energy that you can welcome with others in which you have a shared intent that which might be called an “intentional community” for instance.

But, this is the only solution that seems to make sense in terms of what you need to survive because your planet now is so inter-dependent, people need each other so much in the ways that they can work together and so on. As smaller communities connect with others this can be a sharing but there are many people on your planet who are not ready for this. It is not really because of money per se, money is an important reflection of their un-readiness or readiness to accept themselves and each other. But, it is simply then a way in which that is present as an available system. Many individuals would not trust other people in the world. We offer to them to ask the question, who is seeking to trust or not trust? Because from such you may begin to understand yourself better and as a result be able to make the changes necessary. But, on your planet at the current time this energy is up for questioning. Not just about money but about every system on your planet.

Three months ago there was a channeling that we did and at that time you may recall, that is in December of 2008 just before in USA the taking of office of Obama. There was this great sense of hope, the sense that many things could be different because the person in charge was different, because he looked different and represented a different segment of society. Yet, as we said then things don't change so much that way but that sense of hope does continue even though on your planet at the current time the same systems that were in place are still in place; making changes in them takes time and it is difficult.

This brings us to one of these questions about the influence of large corporations with strong profit motive over agriculture and of course it is necessary here to do several things. Look at it from Obama's perspective, from the perspective of the new individuals in positions of power. They are working with the systems as they are already are place as many of the governing bodies, organizations such as the FDA, the agricultural boards at state and local levels and of course the national ones. These are the same people only the heads have changed. Then, as these organizations continue in their own way what is to be done to change them cannot come from above, it must be from within, it must be from people, it must be in ways in which it seems obvious as to what the changes must be.

In this way, it is required that we speak up, that you write to Senators, Congressmen, anyone who will listen. Do not bother writing to the FDA, they do not have staff any longer to read letters or emails from anyone. They sit in a room unopened and indeed this will continue with other government organizations until there is sufficient money to have sufficient staff to actually listen to what people want about such matters. But, much more importantly is that you are asking that these changes be made so that those in positions of power know that this is useful, this is valuable. You would think they just know because they are there. No, certainly not. In many cases they are taking a little break from a long period of campaigning, of trying to set things right, making the right balances to come into power, and so on and so forth until they come to this place where they see what is ahead of them to do and why. The most important reason to give is to relate it as much as possible to the environment, to the nature of sustainability, to the way in which people will survive for longer periods of time with such in this case as organic agriculture as opposed to pesticide, herbicide-based agriculture.

It is very important to make this distinction long-term because of the financial consequences. Secondly, as we spoke of earlier because of this way in which the cycles of money continue it is highly likely that the next economic wave will be another bubble. Bubbles have been necessary in economies for a long time particularly when it is so easy to manipulate economies by raising or lowering interest rates, by moving money from one sector to another, and of course as each government can now do quite easily by printing money. A little money needed over here? Well, we'll just print some more. The way this eventually trickles down into various difficulties of inflation and other matters will not stop them because it is such is a quick and simple solution.

So, here the bubble is being looked at and acknowledged on a deeper and deeper level by everyone except for the simple fact that it is a bubble. This could be called the “Green bubble.”

 It is the way in which in the next coming years more and more industry, business and focus on economic and most importantly environmental stability and benefit will continue and expand. This will mean a greater attention on renewable energy sources, conservation of energy, changing of polluting methods of producing energy so that they are no longer polluting and ways in which various businesses, industry, re- organization, recycling, community and social involvement and so many other areas will feel financial and economic consequences. This does not mean by any means that all of the techniques, ideas, devices, technologies and all the rest that are introduced will be successful just as in every other bubble. There will be some that survive and many others that do not. That is of no importance in any economic bubbles. The point of that is simply to bring money into an area where there can be great excitement about it, drive prices up so that those who are invested in it make money and allow the benefits to be spread around as much as possible before it collapses.

After the collapse then of course another bubble is chosen. You have already seen what was termed, “dot com bubble,” which was simply about the energy and information of communication through computers. You have already seen the importance lately of the “real estate bubble,” where the opportunity to buy a house even though you knew you could not possibly make the payments was allowed and in fact encouraged. Now, what is on the horizon is this next “Green bubble,” so that it may be that which will bring people into a place of feeling good about themselves. After all, they are doing something good for the environment. Of course, this is a relatively narrow perspective and many of those things will turn out to be not so good for the environment in the long run. But in the meantime, it is something that these energies and monies can now focus on. As you understand this you can use it in various ways but realize here that it is no different that the “bubbles” simply are there to enforce to you the consciousness of the question: who or what is experiencing this moment? Is this real? Is this capacity to interact on these levels being created by our consciousness together or is it something independent? Clearly then when you understand it as a bubble you see it as that which is co-created. An energy that is shared because wouldn't it be far much more pleasurable, fun, creative, give opportunities for service and balance karma, if what we were doing was good for the earth or we thought it was good for the earth and each other.

Those four principles we mentioned earlier. Therefore, do not be misled simply into following along with this and always be looking at who is experiencing, looking at the inner portion of this so that you may awaken during this process as much as possible. No, it is not real but your scientists have already told you this. What is matter? It is mostly empty space. All of the actual matter could fit into something the size of a baseball that includes everything on your earth, including you and your bodies. There is very little of it that is real in that sense. That is just a deeper reminder to you to look deeper into yourself for what is real in you and where is the space, where may you experience and receive that?

The other thing that happens in the spring of course is the animals awakening, looking for food, coming into child or birthing or other areas of playfulness, sex and encountering humans for the first time in their lives perhaps as the little ones are born and begin to move about. This is important to understand because this birthing has to do with your consciousness, a birthing of a reality, of an awareness of yourself. We ask then for a moment, for each of you to imagine a baby animals, many of you have animals as totems that are familiar to you; a dolphin, a wolf, an eagle. Perhaps whatever that animal is, it now produces for you a little pup, a little baby then shared with you. Let go of the parent animal and simply be with that little one and ask yourself what is it in the human condition, the human way of being that you can share with this little one, that would be encouraging, loving, helpful? What is there that is in the best in you? The best in humanity that you can share? Be aware of this as it forms a beautiful light in your heart; perhaps pink or white or violet or blue. As that light then forms you share it outward to that little animal and recognize that it is made alive by it, awakened by it, it is a sharing of a beautiful, helpful message.

Now of course this is a beautiful sort of meditation to share with the animal self in any person and any child and any child to be as if to say I welcome you to mother Earth and this is what you have to look forward to. It's so easy to think of all the fearful things. So often how this is presented to the mother to be and to the parents and to the doctors and guardians and everyone else, all the troubles of difficult things, all the difficult choices. We would ask you, because of spiritual understanding, because of the deeper principle you look inside yourself to ask this deeper question, who am I? The response to this is that which is loving and beautiful, that which is helpful, that this could be shared with the child to be. No harm in this as opposed to those who might wonder about the utilization of even the most benign of technologies while the child is in utero. So share that not only with the mother and the child when they are present, but when they are not present, when you are thinking of them in your thoughts, run that beautiful, loving energy as if you are going to share with the little baby animal, with the little child, with someone who does not understand but comes with a beautiful sense of innocence, welcoming, wonder, awe, an invitation to humanity; to what it means and how it feels.

Now of course the moment you do this something is going to change in you. You are going to access your child self. For many of you your child-like self has a positive connotation, sometimes it is the quickest and easiest way in an instant to feel good, when you need to without repressing those emotional characteristics or ideas that need to come through, think of life in a positive and helpful way when you were a child. Now this is not true for everyone of course, some people had very difficult, struggle-some childhoods and for those people sometimes it is more difficult to come to a place of feeling good and in all situations we would always suggest that it is very important that whatever the emotion is, whatever the energy is, have it. It is in the resistance of it, holding it back that it festers and creates a difficulty. In other words, the belief pattern, “Thank God there it goes,” around emotions is usually far more beneficial than the belief pattern, “oh no, not again around emotions because they are energy in motion.

But, it is also valuable here as you're thinking about what is to be done with the child if you have time to prepare as much as possible a diet that is as close to that of an animal, a diet that is the most healthy, nutritional and beneficial to the mother for as long as possible but hopefully a minimum of two years before the child is born is going to be one of the most helpful and strengthening things that can possibly be done. Birthing processes that include opportunities for weightlessness, for floating or relaxation have shown to be very helpful and useful transitions so water birth is sometimes done, milk birthing is usually preferable and birthing in space, one of the best, but that has not yet been attempted by your planet.

However, we can gather data on this and seeing civilizations that come to similar points as your own, so here again that feeling, lightness, floating making it as easy and loving as possible. That is a useful energy and feeling to have during the birthing process. It is also valuable here as people are looking into these matters that they are questioning all of the drug companies, the use of various supplements; all kinds of products that are being touted here and there in so many ways. Although this is very important to understand during the pregnancy process that many of these substances can indeed in these reactions that are not needed, not useful and indeed may be counterproductive. At the larger sense, we ask people to look much more deeply as possible and go instead to those aspects that are as natural as possible; those that relate very much to the diet of your ancestors going back thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of years. For this we continue to recommend a de-programming present by reading, “We Want to Live, by Vonderplanitz in the ways in which this can be very helpful in allowing you to understand the diet of your ancestors.

There was a specific question about Mono atomic gold, an interesting substance that does clearly affect consciousness. Unfortunately, it can be taken into the body as a heavy metal and accumulate in various places in the body and as a result we have long recommended the best way to utilize this substance is to grow carrots and beets in soil in which you have placed this. This then is able to naturally chelate it, shift it, and make it more absorbable and helpful particularly when juicing or eating those carrots or beats raw. This can provide that same material but now more absorbable and helpful naturally and easily balanced for the body.

A question has shown up about vortices. This relates to the energies that these mono atomic materials provide. Any visualization at the same time as you were growing these will be helpful when it is of a vortex, a spinning sort of energy around the tap root, a visualization of this going very deep into the earth; not just done through the soil but all the way down through the center of the earth this could certainly be helpful. Such vortices exist all over your planet. Some of the most powerful are those found in the various triangles on your planet, Pacific, Atlantic relating to ancient cultures, points within the earth were energy moves and points that have existed for a long time. These are vortexual energies that civilizations have built on and utilize to power, to create shifts in consciousness in Lemuria, to bring electricity to the homes and other areas in Atlantis, and this is an energy present naturally in the earth. Like the way polar our energies work, energies associated with the shifting and turning of the earth herself and the deposit of materials during that shifting and other energy times in Earth's earliest history.

So these are simply present energies. If of course you go into one of those in such a way that it is moving through a cycle in which you are stuck, not so much in place as in time, everything will seem normal to you but many years, even centuries may pass to those outside. This is rare but it has occurred. The question is whether the soul also slows down and is frozen in time and the answer is that as we perceive it and as it has been observed, yes! Indeed this does occur. However, how you make this practical, utilizable, well, we just won't fly there. Actually, it is just the opposite there are those using this as part of their space program as an extra launching energy, timing it appropriately so these can be a boosted energy and this is important to understand because if you are adept at projecting your consciousness, to go to such a place in your projection and then use that as a jumping off point to go forward or backward in time, to go to other planets, to go into other realms of reality, these are all aspects that are aided by your visualizations of these places. Perhaps this would be a good time for one of the many other questions that have been culled.

Jill: What is the best way to access and heal past life traumas and how much do those traumas affect our lives now?

Hilarion: Most important first of all, is in the consciousness that is asking. This is far more important than the actuality, who wants to know? Who is the energy? What is the energy encompassing the questioner? Past lives have a profound and important influence on consciousness to the extent that they do so through cause and effect where you are unconsciously creating the cause, you are creating the cause simply out of a response, a knee-jerk sort of energy, an awareness that could be elsewhere, a distracted energy, etc. etc. For this you always have the wonderful rationalization, “Well, I did the best I could.” Yes. That's what Genghis Khan said and Hitler and all of the others. But, in this way the karma is to be understood at its source as that of cause and effect not that which is intrinsically good or bad.

As hard as it is to grasp and understand it must be understood that it was done from a place with little conscious awareness of who was doing it. Once you grasp that principle it is as if those aspects that hold the karma in place begin to melt away. The aspects of the past lives where you did the best you could now bring you to be that which you are now finally willing to ask,” who is willing to have these experiences?” As a result of those questions many things can shift for you if you let them. That is really the most easy, helpful way.

There have been others who have pointed out important methods where you allow a sense of deep love and that also can be helpful. But again who is loving is an even more important question to be asking. Now, as you approach this you therefore recognize that in the interest of greater clarification, the aspects of learning, of the karma, cosmo-ethical imperative previously mentioned then well here is the aspect to then work with knowledge. Past life regression, do not see that you will usually have a strong emotional response. What comes through in the hypnotic state, in your awareness at a different level of consciousness, may not seem related to you, but it will be frequently very accurate. Past life regression can be done many different ways, one of the most useful is by projecting your consciousness and then saying very clearly, “I want to have a memorable experience of my most important past life.” That sort of thing you can then bring back with you, write it down, and learn about. The intelligent awareness about this is very helpful. Sometimes that alone dissolves the karma because the lesson that you were intending for your soul, for your consciousness in that incarnation, you now learn it. Thus, you have now balanced from the level of the clarification, from the level of learning.

However, you also recognize that as you enter into these there is also some other part of it. Some part that truly needs love, something that needs to be told you are a friend, you are a being to understand and work with this. There is another who would like to speak here, we are going to hold him to this fairly briefly if possible, but he has been wanting to make appearance through this vehicle for the last few months.

Ian Stevenson: Yes. This is an interesting experience. You knew me in the world as Stevenson. My role was as investigator to understand about the world, to reach into places where you couldn't, to help the children to understand their own way. The many in the world who have read my books, who understand this and feel it, it is a way to be touched or to reach inside themselves, I cannot do more than in a way then when I was in the world reminding you to look at those studies, read about them, awaken to them. But still, there is something much deeper. As someone who studied past lives, who studied how they affected how you made your body, the way you move from one life to the next this is now available to you. It is as if the world knows this, it feels it, so here is a great secret for you: look at your body, stand in front of the mirror look at the shape of it, look at the marks that may appear seemingly at random, a freckle, a birthmark, something that is naturally come into your body that was there perhaps when you were young; use that as a doorway. Touch it, sense it, ask,” Where does this come from?”

Sometimes this is a useful exercise just before you go to sleep that you can suddenly enter into an altered state as you pass over. But the moment you do this you will also be connecting to my energy. I will be able to reach to you, hold your hand for a minute.

Hilarion: Yes. Hilarion here again. We thank you for your willingness to incarnate in the future and you're important preparation for this. Ian Stevenson has a wide variety of aspects of research to share with the world and many are becoming aware of the importance of this, those who follow in his footsteps are continuing this work. But, it is important to recognize that at its core it is to convince people of the reality of how this proceeds. He himself is reaching the end of his past life review. During this time period most individuals on the other side began to ask what would it be like to be incarnate again? What sort of energies might be shared? What would it feel like to be in a body again? So of course, in recognizing Jon's willingness to use his body in this way may occasionally make this available. Still though, it is important to recognize that when a person has had a tremendous free of focus in the world there is some continuation of this, some encouragement in consciousness, and in other people to continue this.

So here, what is continued is one of those aspects that bring spiritual maturity to your planet when you understand that you have lived before and will again. That the nature of your consciousness is then up to be examined as a result. There are so many ways in which you change your behavior, your habits, your patterns, how you live in the world, how you regard your fellow men and women, how you see them in their proper light and respect and care. It is this energy that then will likely be enhanced and continued as people investigate the voluminous and helpful work of Stevenson. We're going to pause briefly here perhaps you can cull another question?

Jill: Seen from your perspective Hilarion, does harmonic music heal the environment? We are thinking of using such music in some difficult perhaps psychically toxic environments.

Hilarion: In the way the question is couched, yes of course it does but it's not healing the environment, it's harmonizing the people who hear it. So if you go to a volcano and play beautiful music do you think that it's going to stop the eruptions? Probably not and yet if people hearing that music are focusing their energy, sharing this by whatever method perhaps the worship of Pele, perhaps the acknowledgment of the anger energy and then being released, perhaps the energy of sharing a love that is within the earth that needs to be released in that place. The currents of Magnum may be diverted, the energy may be smooth, these energies may be a win-win situation for the earth and all of the people involved.

The music helps. It harmonizes by allowing an altered state of consciousness, by allowing people to tune into what is natural for them. But, not everybody. There are some people who do not respond very positively to music just as there are some people who do not respond very positively to touch or her to being given a gift, or to receiving love in any of the various ways in which it can be shared. But, it is important to recognize here that the music by and large for most people can have a very useful effect as it shifts consciousness and allows this energy to move forward there is a positive aspect.

Now, in a space where no people are present and the music is played, nonphysical beings will to some extent receive this and that has an effect. But, it is physical people that have a far more profound effect when they may perhaps be using at the same time as hearing the music an inner meditation, the creation of the vibrational states, the visualization of energies moving up and down rapidly in the body for instance or asking the deeper question about who or what is present now and going into the answer, or focusing only on the breath or any of the other various meditations and capacities that are being offered. This is clearly enhanced if the music can be supportive and helpful of that.

The other important area however of music is only barely being scratched at the surface now. The capacity to produce healing, the capacity to create deeper questions and awakening and we see that over the next few years this will naturally be enhanced and strengthened because music is being understood more and more. In a way this is an energy that has really been retarded or slowed down by guides because sound as it has been misused in times long past is an energy that, it is wise again not to misuse, to use in a way that is only helpful and useful so that is why it is coming in gradually. At the same time of course sound has many other capacities. One question was asked about sound with regards to those frequencies that you do not perceive consciously, they affect you nevertheless and this of course can be proven easily by seeing how they reflect off of your body, how your skin vibrates with them and so on. These are typically sounds higher in frequency than the human ear can hear. Those sounds lower in frequency also have profound effects and indeed are being utilized in the oceans. But these sounds do have the capacity to change you physically, to alter DNA, to shift skin balance, pH balance on the skin the way the skin inter- reacts with the various bacteria and other microorganisms and many other things.

Of course, there are uses for this in repelling rodents or insects but all you have to do is look to your animal friends for the answer on this. How does a dog feel for instance when you turn on one of these rodent repellers, they get used to it after a while but initially they are going to be a bit upset by it. Similarly for a variety of substances in your home, a variety of sources of sounds, a variety of chemicals and many other things that are emitted. It is as if a subtle part of yourself can sense these and that which is your animal companions, they can compare notes, share energy with you, show you their experience and other things to if you let them.

One of the most problematic of these for which we have a very specific request, not from any of the humans posing questions but from some of the more advanced canine and feline's who have asked us to comment on this, many of your dimmers in your own electrical dimming circuits produce high-frequency sound that they find exceptionally disturbing and they would ask if possible that you would either utilize a different dimmer or no dimmer at all so that this sound is minimized.

Secondly, many of your older televisions emit a high frequency sound that they also find quite disturbing. They get used to it over time but if possible it might be good for you to evaluate this on your own. Meters and devices for evaluating electromagnetic energies in any environment are already available, so also can ultrasonic sensors easily be utilized in this regard. However, it will be quite some time before the studies showing the potential damage for people around this come out. So it is more along the realm of kindness for the animals that you utilize this.

Now, what about in those areas where rodents are present? You may be willing to put up with this in order to have a safer, happier environment though what we usually suggest is that at the same time as the rodent prevention techniques are used you use other methods to exclude them so that they know this is not your home. You can do this with a programmed Crystal, with flower essences as previously mentioned in various books but especially with simply closing off access; various holes, various ways in which you can close these up and others can often be employed to limit access by those you do not want in your environment without hurting them; simply allowing them another place to go. Sorry for the digression from one to another but these did seem related. Perhaps there are more questions?

Jill: Hilarion. Is the reality of this world just a matter of perspective and from your perspective in what way is this world real and in what way is it not?

Hilarion: It serves you in the purpose of shifting your soul, your consciousness. You're incarnating hereto interact, learn about yourself through how you sandpaper with others, how you interact with them, how they change you, how they are you. That is a very useful thing about the physical however, real? How can that question be answered? It is real to the extent that you give it validity and consciousness. This is done continuously and constantly by so many of you that it is extremely difficult then to imagine that area that you do not in this way make real. However, you do have agreement as to emptiness in space, faraway places perhaps and inside at the core of your being. When you understand that emptiness you then recognize from creativity, from the creation aspect of your being, you have put this here in order to have something to talk about; something to work with, something to share between you. Some energy, an aspect that you can agree on and so forth. Real? In that sense, certainly not. It is not that which manifests in the way in which you would come to understand it, but it is still that which manifests because you chose the moment in which you see to the core it is not real in which you are than simply choosing it, it does not disappear it remains. But, your relationship to it is completely and totally altered. The way in which you come to understand and work with this is important to grasp and welcome in your consciousness if possible because it can be a useful insight into your own nature.

Now, there is the question as to in this reality what it means to have destiny. To have this action that at its final result you then have a limited number of choices. This seems very necessary in the agreements that you have in interacting with these others, which that which you have created, that which is shared reality space. Many of those actions are already mapped out. It is how you respond to them, how you shift your consciousness, how you work with them. That is what you have a choice about. We have frequently likened it to the idea of the rigid number of syllables in a poem for instance of a particular type such as a haiku or iambic pentameter. But, you choose the words. How this unfolds and the way in which they interact are rigidly then created by shared rules in this reality. But, is it possible to completely release from all of that? Yes. In the way in which you ask or created it, what is the nature of this being, this aspect of who you are that has been chosen this as your shared reality. Not why did you share it, not where is it beneficial or where is it detrimental, that is useful, that is a distraction. Who created it? Not why, but who? Because what you eventually come to as to ask at each level: who created that? And who created that? You then are at source. You are aware of that energy at its purest form. Does this help?

Jill: Yes thank you Hilarion. Can you please clarify some issues around human birthing.

Hilarion: We spoke a lot about this and gave a few hints as to some of the spiritual areas that can be worked on. At the physical level however there is a sort of in between area that could best be characterized by radionics, by gentle physical manipulation, by energy work. This can be very helpful particularly when one recognizes that the child to be born has some physical problems in utero. It is very important that the mother is connecting with the child in levels of consciousness or understanding or love. Radionic techniques, the utilization of very gentle movements in the physical body, all kinds of ways of helpful, loving energy as she is receptive to this, if she can work with it, she can allow that for the child. This can indeed have profound effects because the powerful creativity is then joined together: that of the child to be, that of the consciousness beginning to enter, that of the mother.

A relatively also connected question about consciousness: yes, when the child is born in some cases the soul has not made permanent entry; although, this is more rare than common. Most typically we see the child and the soul making a conscious connection within 12 hour before and after frequently within the 2 to 3 hour range. This can be helpful in astrological work for erecting the ascendant corresponding to the soul entry time. But, this child to be then without the soul consciousness is primarily that at the animal level. The basic functions are present, the energy of survival, the capacity to experience the world, the need for the basics. When the soul enters there is then a significant shift in terms of what this child will then become, how he or she approaches the world, what is important so far as their own personal development, and many other things. It is as if until the soul makes such entry the child is sort of on automatic. These energies moving along in their own way just waiting for the right moment. Further question?

Jill: The question about the placenta. What should we understand about the full purpose of the placenta and how should we be separated from our placenta and what are the consequences?

Hilarion: At this stage the full understanding about this is not available because the actual technological methodologies, similar to the technologies you have dreamed about, the Star Trek transporter have not been developed. These are the way to painlessly and most easily allow the complete separation and full preservation of the important cells found in the placenta. The placenta has an important role to play as the significant symbol of the aethric body as it makes its separation of the child from the mother. But, apart from this, the placenta in and of itself has so many characteristics that can provide tremendous degree of life, healing capacity, awareness, consciousness even. These things however will not be understood and studied properly until the placenta, initially the discoveries on this will be done with animal placentas, until it can be kept in its own independent state and studied while alive in fact for many years in a laboratory situation.

In the meantime, see it simply as this important spiritual symbol of the energy separation and the manifestation of the separate aetheric body for the child. As the placenta than is released, be it eaten, discarded, or simply allowed to disappear on its own, whatever way in which it shares its own shifting energy it releases its hold at the physical and allows for the formation of the aetheric around the child. In the visualization of such an energy, if the aethreic energy is warm, that is healing and strengthening for the child this will be helpful at the time in which the placenta is then released. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes, Hilarion and is there something you can clarify about stem cells?

Hilarion: Stem cells have various important characteristics and it is no accident that as a result of people pushing in every way possible for more research in these matters, the new administration is willing to look deeper into this and allow fostering of further research in this area. However, it must be understood here that at the core way in which these work they are but a manifestation of consciousness that the cells can be shifted through consciousness of anything that you are eating. Sometimes this shifting can come into the body for the aspect of natural and available healing. Stem cells as used in research allowed to mature into certain specific cells in the body or injected into the body to then take on the role of those cells as needed is a technology that has not yet been fully developed because of this aspect. Because the important role that consciousness plays in guiding this must be as much as possible an important part of this interaction and these experiments.

The other aspect here of course is you recognize where stem cells are already present through bone marrow, through sperm, through various plants where they are allowing their own change through the seed structure. All of these stem cells in their own ways have important lessons to give to people and as they are able to learn that by applying them in various ways, or eating them they may have capacity to alter their own consciousness as it changes and affects their bodies. This can be very important when you are seeking to heal something in which you see something as significantly lacking. But, it must always be asked in a development of the consciousness associated with this: who is asking? Who or what is the nature of the being that wants to be healed? That wants to see this shift in the physical body? That recognizes that something is lacking and so on and so forth. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. A few years ago in a private session Hilarion mentioned the possibility that in the future there would be a new form of electricity that would not limit consciousness like our current AC form of electricity does. Please discuss Marko Rodin's coil relative to this electricity and the geometry and numerology that they might use to explore unity consciousness.

Hilarion: There are many aspects relating to this, too lengthy to develop at this time. Cold electricity as it has been called has been experimented with and learned about by many researchers for a long time. So many different ways of generating this, quite different from the moving magnets and typical methodologies used to generate electricity currently available. One of the most profound and important of these can come from this coil because it is relatively simple as it can also from other geometric phenomena. Most importantly is that the geometric phenomena include balance in some way: Kadoosh’s coils for instance, where spin in one direction is counter-acted by the spin in the other direction. Various geometries that involve similarities or resonances to already existing geometries can be valuable here too. Obviously around any coil, is how it relates to DNA and the ways in which this as a co-creative principle is so widely available in consciousness at the current time.

However, cold electricity has important characteristics in ways in which it can produce greater healing and can shift the way in which energy is utilized in the world. Unfortunately, the current network of conductor systems to conduct hot electricity will not work with cold electricity. It will tend to age them excessively and cause various problems in such transmissions networks. So, the initial investigations into utilization of cold electricity will take time. There will likely be many researchers who will be frustrated with it just as they were in the early days of Galvano, Armstrong and various researchers around electricity, waves, communication and other things.

But, as this is discovered the great imperative will again show up. That which we have spoken about so often in the past that it is used as much as possible for peace, for that which is beneficial for people, that which is not going to be utilized as a weapon or that which is harmful. It is always possible to do this even with such a technology that seems inherently healing at the outset. The reason behind this is because when the underlying principle is understood it can then of course be exploited. It is for this reason that with every possible new invention and new technology as much slowing down of it being widely utilized by humanity as possible except in certain areas it is an ongoing issue. Those areas include renewable energies, development of energy from wind, solar, and water particularly wave energy; these are not being retarded they are being accelerated where possible, encouraged within people to work with these energies.

But, when the principles around some of the newer energy technologies; those which involve free energy and so on are understood there can of course be difficulties if they are misapplied. As a result, it is important here that people as much as possible investigate the very nature of who they are, that they expand their consciousness, their healing, their awareness, their willingness to serve others so that a world can be invited to exist in which there is no need, no desire on the part of people to develop weapons because the fear that is present is understood is personal. That is your responsibility. It is not that you are afraid of someone else it is that you are afraid of who you are when you are thinking of or around someone else and to hold that they are the person responsible, they are the group energy or whatever responsible for that which is then causing you a difficulty must be a concept re-examined. You must understand who is choosing such a path and why so that you may change it in yourself.

But, more importantly you will find that the opportunity to serve others, to help them to grow or to heal or to learn, or to interact or to ask these deeper questions which we have been prodding you with all night, that this could also be helpful and In many ways lead to greater spiritual maturity and a world in which it is not necessary, not even valuable or important to have weapons, to hurt each other, to create those energies that are then scary or fearsome. Now, this is not to reduce the need for competition, for playfulness, for learning from each other, for sandpapering and bouncing off of each other; that is necessary. Sports, waves of competition in areas of science or art or learning from each other, these can be increased. But, the opportunity to use this in a way in which people are harmed, must be understood at its core: that way in which you are afraid of your own success, your own failure, your own being, your own nature.

Jill: What can I learn from why we have gangs in our society?

Hilarion: Similar to some of these aspects of fear felt by the individual, it is to some extent reduced when you are with your social group, when you are around others and you see that you therefore have greater power, they protect you, they are your energy, they are perhaps the missing family, the energy you did not have in the way in which you wanted a family or whatever. These serve their purpose as long as no one in the gang is asking the tough questions: why do I want this? What am I really here for when I choose money or power over others as part of this gang? Why do I do this? Who am I really to look at this? To ask about it? It is as if hidden in plain sight for anyone, in any walk of life to ask: who is experiencing this? What is the nature of this experience? The interesting thing about it is that if you ask and are willing to hold onto it, to be persistent in looking for the answer, not to give up simply with a simple answer such as your name, your race, your age, or your identity as a body. As you go deeper into that asking you may get to a place of I don't know. You may get to a place in which you have no spiritual framework or basis to understand any kind of an answer, you just are clearly at, “I don't know.”

To come to such a place can be a very powerful spiritual experience if you can stay there. If those who are willing to ask if a member of a gang is willing to ask the gang leader about such questions it is a possible thing to change from within. Oh Hilarion, is it really that hopeful? Is it really that easy? Of course, the difficult way to answer such a question is that it is going to ultimately be up to you. But, if in a world where there is sufficient energy for others, those who might join a gang, those who might want violence, there is sufficient energy to feed them: not just food but the nurturing that tells them that they are valuable, but they have something to contribute, that they have creativity in music perhaps, or a way of speaking, or dancing or moving the body, or energy that allows them to do something creative or helpful for the community. There are ways in which such energies can come forth. But, much more important is that within the interaction you are able to share with them to the highest extent possible your own spiritual evolution by a reflection on the questions you have asked yourself in a way in which you can share them with others.

For some people of course, that is too provocative. Ask such a question you might get shot. But, if you are going to ask a question that comes from your own genuine, authentic inquiry about yourself, sharing then what you experienced, it may perhaps encourage someone else to ask for themselves. Now, you know in the past we have of course suggested things like as you visualize a gang, send them a positive energy and see a way in which they may use that energy for good and this is somewhat helpful. But, the gang problem on your planet has not stopped. Something deeper is necessary as a sort of shifting energy for society wherever possible to look deeper into the very nature of your being and not to be satisfied with any answer but to ask deeper and deeper so that as the answers to those questions arise, as uncomfortable as they may be you may recognize that there is an energy present: call it presence, perhaps, or the infinite, or God. It doesn't matter what you call it. It is that personal experience that is available to every person on this planet if they are willing to in some way look for it, invite it, feel it, investigate it, enter into it.

When they recognize that it is truly themselves, their nature, there being-ness, that is when a shift can come and that is where speaking about it, asking about it, putting it into the world, this is possible. It is possible to do it in print, in movies, through friends through person-to-person in every way in which you allow it. In this way it can make a significant shift since after all for whatever your strategy is to avoid fear, if you are then able to have that fear and it does not kill you, it does not change you, it simply allows you to look inside and know who is experiencing that fear. It may allow such a shift as to recognize a commonality, a common bond that that,” who-ness, or is-ness,” or “being-ness,” deserves to be encouraged, welcomed, and loved.

Then we have offered in different ways a bit of a theme for tonight in an attempt to answer a variety of questions and look at different ways in which you have created these for your selves. Perhaps now you have a slightly deeper insight into what we mean when we have said in the past that a question and an answer are created together. Because they are created by consciousness, they are created by being-ness. They are there so that as you answer, as you look for these aspects within yourself and answer these questions you learn more about yourself. That may not be very helpful initially but, as you begin to explore this more and more something begins to arise. A sort of sense of knowingness, in which case you do not have to know the answer intellectually, but know your response emotionally from a place of love perhaps, or service, or caring.

So we would ask you at this point then to enter into this state: use whatever means is available to you. For instance, you might wish to watch the breath right now and as any thoughts shows up instead put your attention on the breath. What is perhaps a more valuable way is to ask: who or what is experiencing the breathing? Yes it is the body but who or what is experiencing the body? Allow the answer to this to be not just a word, or a vision or an idea but a feeling: an experience that naturally arises in your consciousness as to your nature. Now, in this place recognize that everyone else is finding this as well, in this room right now and in the future where people are hearing these words and looking in themselves.

Notice that this may have characteristics associated with it like expansion or warmth, or lightness and allow this to naturally form into this room a light. By its own nature, the light grows brighter and clearer and stronger. See the light expanding in all directions. Now, by your consciousness, simply by your imagination you form it again into an emerald light cylinder; a cylinder to reach from infinitely through you, down to earth’s center. You are breathed by this light. This is a light of presence. A light of the infinite. It is you. We suggest this color simply so that everyone has something to agree on because there isn't anything intrinsically important about any particular color but as you then for this moment hold that as your agreed-upon reality, notice that it allows healing, connection, strength, and a sound. The sound is an ohm sound and it bubbles up from the earth to be shared out loud. Goodbye. Ommmm…….

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