Hilarion Spring Equinox Channeling 2010

Jill: Greetings. We are gathered here in Nevada City on March 21, 2010 for the Hilarion channeling for the Spring Equinox. For further information on books, tapes, CDs, DVDs and channelings contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209 Nevada City, CA 95959 or contact us on the internet at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Greetings to all of you. This is the energy, being or vibration you call Hilarion. A moment please while we adjust the energy. Not just of the vehicle, but also of this room and this time. It is a time of mounting energy for planet earth on many levels. Many of you have felt this in the last few months. The earth has felt this too, but for this moment we would ask you to recognize an energy of expansion, of relaxation, a softness. This is an energy of becoming, the energy that gives birth that invites, that opens and in that place we ask you to imagine that there is a light here right now. An emerald light filling this room. It forms a cylinder. The cylinder is about 33 m in diameter that is a hundred feet in diameter. It extends from infinitely upwards through all of you down through the center of the earth as if you are breathing this light, as if it is a natural easy part of your being.

We invite this light because it is an energetic equivalent to the idea of higher awareness, higher consciousness, but something else, a place simply from where questions and answers are merged as you let go of the question. There are many ways to do this. One simple way is just by asking it. But, as you let go of the question the answer in your own way begins to show up in your own language, your own terms, your own emotions your own understanding. Knowing this, before coming to questions we would like to comment briefly on the idea of what is happening right now energetically. The animals on your planet are recognizing a shift, a change in energy. It runs deep into their consciousness and their awareness. In the northern hemisphere they are aware of this energy of the birthing process, the awareness of the new growth the sense of food now becoming plentiful.

But, there is also a question within them, a question stronger than ever: one in which many of you are reflecting and coming to understand for yourselves. It is a question about why they are here. What they are to learn from what they are experiencing and how they are to know this. But it is not formed as you would do it with the word “why,” rather it is an energy, a shrug, a movement, a curiosity of looking now into your heart. Now we would ask you then to imagine there is an animal loving you with you right now perhaps a friend of yours perhaps an animal totem. Perhaps an animal you have been in contact with before, perhaps a bear, a dolphin, a butterfly, perhaps. As you are aware of that beautiful creature simply allow that sense, not of the question itself why, but the feeling behind it, the opening, the inquisitiveness, the looking deep into the eyes of this animal.

Yet let this somehow be from your heart that you are looking into the eyes of this animal through your heart, that you are aware of its presence and its energy with you now.

Now look deep inside yourself and recognize that sense of companionship, of caring, of love for all of the animals, for the animals self within you, for the child self within you, for the consciousness of humanity, and then simply with the out breath allowing this into this space into the emerald light, but also into the heart and eyes of the animal. The intent of this experiment and this energy is simply to let these beings know that this is an answer that they understand. Not an answer based on science or psychology or words as much as it is an answer based in your heart; a sense of love, a sense of companionship. The animals on your planet are very connected together. They receive information and understanding in many ways at the soul level. They experience this in and out of the body, before and after they are born and in their sleep state when they move out of the body in ways that humans are learning and understanding slowly, bit by bit.

That is one thing they are here to teach you. But they are also experiencing more and more of their own fellows in states of distress in habitats disappearing and questioning as to why they are here at all because of this destruction and this difficulty. The answer comes not just from the physical, not just from the animals that you actually meet and work with, but also from this meditation, from this awareness from your dreams, from the way in which you choose to connect with these beings.

They are clearly in the preponderance on your planet. The beetle Kingdom alone out- numbers you by many factors, but these beings are now being more than ever affected so strongly, so powerfully by your presence on this planet. This is one of the important reasons why people are now coming to take greater responsibility for their actions, come to better understand their own nature, and as result of this confront some very difficult questions.

The key in order to come to peace with this, to be in a place where it is all right to ask such questions is really simple. It can often come to the place where you let go of questions where you go to the place of the question-and-answer merging, they can go to the place where you let go of the question to come into your heart. But, for most people that is an exceptionally difficult path. Instead with the questions themselves simply ask the right question. Find the question within you that is the one which provokes, pushes you to a deeper questioning. The question that is most difficult to sit with and find a way to sit with it. This creates an energy that is shared, not just through the human consciousness, but through all of the beings here and for the earth itself. In a way in which people will then be pushed a little further to confront the really difficult questions: the questions about their existence, but also the questions about their relationship to earth, to the other beings, to the animals, to the plants, but also to themselves. These are difficult questions, but in every question that has been proposed tonight there is within this a kernel of a larger question of something that is perhaps a little more difficult to ask.

Perhaps where one could ask, “How could I ask the right question about this?” As you are aware of this process you may come to a deeper understanding of the very nature of this question and answer business. It has within it an intrinsic falsehood it is as if implying that the question-and-answer are separate that there is somehow within you a separateness and one of the questions for tonight is very much about that. If you recognize your oneness why do you choose separateness? That would be perhaps the right question to ask when the question is about violence or the way in which people mistreat each other or the way in which they feel separate from each other because they quote “rub each other the wrong way.” As you go into each of the specifics you become more and more confused. But when you come back to the basic underlying issue, why choose separation? Certainly it has given you a lot of perspective, but what you recognize over and over in the way in which you do things is that you are mimics. Part of it is the primate part of your being. The primates are excellent mimics. It is one powerful path that they learn with. Indeed they are some of the best learners by mimicry on your planet. Indeed the your reptilian part, the Insectoid part of your being, these other parts of your being that do not learn much by mimicry at all, but rather by instinct, or by transmission of the collective consciousness. But by mimicry, by doing that which is shown to you by others you are then moving in a way in which you are able to receive the information directly of how it feels. How it is within you to create such an energy without questioning it, without figuring it out-just following in that path.

So, in that way now recognize the deeper question about separation. Where are you mimicking? In what way is the greatest separation manifested taking you right to the heart of a very powerful question about the Big Bang. The Big Bang itself is a falsehood, but it is an understandable one given the new information that has been only in the last two months been widely disseminated on earth about the nature of the universe. We will get to that in a moment, but when you understand the bases of the Big Bang as that of an explosion you then recognize that the importance of two explosions, given the essential characteristic of the universe of polarity, male and female, yin and yang, in and out, contraction- expansion, etc. etc.

All of these aspects are ones that then you mimic but you do not do it directly. You recognize it through the sun and the moon. You recognize it through the earth and the way she has by the preponderance of the utilization of all kinds of forms of energy and especially evolution created over and over male and female. All of the separation, it surrounds you. It is a part of your being, it is the nature of so much here; even the very idea of contemplating existence and nonexistence, the very idea of such as separation. To some beings it is very amusing. Recognizing that you would welcome this gives you the hint that your mimicry is taking you to the point that you are doing it simply because you are immersed in it and your soul chose this immersion to learn about itself. By separating a part of your self you may learn about yourself, mimicking the action, one might say of God or of a higher purpose or the creator of love or the universe itself. In other words, “When in Rome.”

Now when you understand this principle you begin to understand there is nothing inherently correct or incorrect about such an approach. There isn't anything within that approach that says we are doing it because it works or because it is effective or it is efficient, we are simply doing it because mom did it. Thus, the way in which these energies are continued to be worked with can at some point allow you to cycle back through that entire pattern to the beginning point, the creative point, the point of oneness that says, “I choose.”

Now, in order to get along in a world filled with separation, wouldn't it make sense for you to choose a way in which you could be at peace with both separation and oneness? With both the yin and the yang and that which is with both male and female and with pure androgyny. How could such a thing be? It cannot. That is a very nature of your language and how you understand it. And yet there it is right in front of you by the way you understand simply by the way you are aware by your breath, by your awareness by your nature. With expansion and contraction you have many aspects that are reflected in your own body. So you have breath what perfect time, the equinox to contemplate this. In the earth's cycle of breathing she comes to the point of equal breath. The in and the out perfectly balanced and that is the symbol of the equinox. In understanding this and recognizing it you can have an answer for yourself, a creative sense, the energy that you create this gigantic planet that you are on. Sometimes it seems kind of small because of your ability to communicate and to learn. But the moment you begin to contemplate how many people, how many species, how many molecules of water. How many atoms of oxygen, it becomes powerful enough that you may understand this from a scientific point of you and simply breathe into the awe and oneness of the majesty of the size of your planet.

But, there are those who contemplate this recognizing that you are ready to use it up and perhaps move on to another. It is unlikely that this is going to occur very soon, because you got a lot of life left in the old girl yet. This being here, who is coexisting and interacting with you has many tricks yet to utilize to preserve herself. But at the same time, has a lot of help from many beings who simply want to allow you the opportunity to learn more, to grow. All of these beings are not entirely positive and helpful. They simply recognize the greatest development of your energy when you think you are free. This is very important to understand because the very nature of opposites- freedom and enslavement are entirely within your own perspective. How can you contemplate and understand what is the difference between these when you are trapped here on this prison planet?

After all, there are many thousands of other races on your existence in your very galaxy, who can leave, go to other planets, exert their own influence in many different ways, moving the physical body with apparatus, moving the consciousness simply with awareness. In this way you begin to grasp that there is one very important aspect that we are here to tell you about by our presence, by what we do here through this vehicle more than by what the specifics are to any question. If, after all information is widely available, if after all through channeling, through the experience of consciousness in various forms information is out there, available, ready for the taking. Aspects that you can touch into anytime, then why do you choose to believe that things are not known, that there are secrets.

This is a very important aspect about this that reveal to you all over the place on your planet. In so many different ways, which we can name specifically are important keys to leaving this planet. Not to have to destroy it in order to leave it, but rather to leave simply for a little vacation, to experience things in another way. Many of you have a deep understanding of this because in the time between lives you have done us as we have stated in the past, the energies associated with your own physicality, with your own conscious body only need to use about 10% of your soul. The other 90% as it is existing is in another place. Clearly not a place like anything you are aware of, and that which we are going to comment again on in relationship to Big Bang but, the energy also of places, other worlds, other physical existences.

It is as if you know that you are not trapped here at all. You are simply choosing this and if you convince yourself that this is your prison, if you convince yourself that this is your trap the very nature of the enforcement, reinforcement, recreation of energies by other people will assist you to keep that belief to yourself until you're ready to let it go. The underlying reason for this is actually scientific and very simple. It is that which is well-known to a variety of beings in many worlds that which we have commented on in various ways in the past, but that which is gradually being developed by your consciousness through the understanding of multidimensionality.

To many of you this is very difficult to understand because you think of this as something far beyond you. But, you use it everyday. When you write something on paper you are taking the concept that might be three-dimensional, a description of a place or person and you're putting it in words. This is essentially a two dimensional concept simply because you are making lines on a piece of paper. Those lines are primarily defining width and length and they are doing very little with depth. The depth aspect is of no importance at all in the manufacturing of the concept. It is only necessary to the point which you can make it physical on a piece of paper. Yet, that two dimensional concept can indeed convey a three dimensional ideas.

We have of course in the past many times described all different ways of looking at the ways in which you are constantly interacting in third dimension and second in ways these are understood in various forms of math and all different ways of working it for yourself, etc. etc. So why is it so difficult to recognize that the fourth dimension is creating what you perceive now in your limited awareness at the third dimensional level? This in itself would be enough of a stretch and that which we have commented on and pushed you toward so many times in the past.

But, well, graduation from kindergarten is coming up and that graduation has nothing to do with mathematics that has to do with the ability of your consciousness to take in all that is around you, all the symbols in the awareness and mimic re-create within you the Big Bang, re-create within you that which has produced this universe, that which has produced your physical body, creativity, the place of love, the place of love, the place of oneness the chooses separation. That is a stretch isn't it? But, choose it you have nevertheless. What you then recognize that as the new understanding that is coming forth has to do with the ability to detect very fine changes in gravity on your planet. These very fine changes now turn out to be granular. They are not continuous changes, they are little grains of gravity. It is as if the scientists have discovered that those grains, those tiny aspects that cannot be broken up any further, far smaller than any atom or nucleus or electron, but still in themselves finely divided particles are those which are making up the very nature of your being and projected onto them is the consciousness, the awareness that is clearly coming from another place. And that other place is a sphere that encloses your entire universe and the inside surface of that sphere has a perfect one-to-one correspondence with every grain of the reality that you find yourself in. That is your true nature, a hologram. Your true nature is imprinted on the surface. Only in two dimensions, those stretch in a giant sphere around itself and that nature is that which then enables the manifestation of your entire universe.

Now, this simple concept has within it many specific ramifications within science, which are gradually now one after the other being proved. Even string theory and the Big Bang are simple subsets of this larger understanding. But quite a ways from the science in this, recognize that oneness, that hologram that simple imprint by choice of the creative part of you at a much higher dimensional level, what we’re going to call the fifth dimensional level and from that everything else derives, the fourth, the third and all of those that are in your own understanding of second and first. Those aspects now come into your consciousness in a way that you cannot really grasp because you are so convinced of the reality of the physical. But, when you close your eyes for a moment, and you recognize the possibilities that you are just a hologram or much better the consciousness that is the hologram is just creating the three dimensional world.

This makes it much simpler to recognize the ability to travel, to move to other parts of the galaxy or even other parts of the universe. Not by doing it through the universe, but through the hologram or to see things utilizing your own energy, your own consciousness your own ability, not by penetrating through space and time, but through the hologram itself. Yes, time itself is that which is manufactured in the way in which this granularity is observed. The result of this is that which we have stated for so long that is in your collective consciousness that you are manifesting time.

Now, so often the oneness of this, the opportunity then to create within that oneness, separation, if you wish yet the oneness only then easily, naturally to return to your being. We invite you to understand this work, to read of it in the scientific journals. In particular, the research of Craig Hogan at Batavia in Illinois, but the importance of the Fermilab’s experiments still have not yet reached the general population. The full understanding of this and the choices that you make can often seem as if then you are trapped, you are a working along a cause and effect principal that does not take into account the tremendous hologram that you are, the tremendous interactivity that is available to you, the possibilities which are beyond your own understanding.

This is why we pose such simple questions to enter into the space of this as who are you? Or who or what is experiencing this? But, now we can have even a deeper question as you look at this, what is this? What is this-ness? This is not philosophical. It is not scientific. It is simply the experiential way of noting what is already present before mimicry, before existence, before consciousness. We know that may seem impossible, and yet it is right there. It is as if it doesn't fade away and disappear because the reality of this gives you a whole new perspective on yourself. And that is the real purpose of science. That as you have the deeper perspective, as you have a deeper understanding you can then make choices. Many of the choices to come into a place of consciousness have depended on separation: that your consciousness is separate from that of somebody else. When that is difficult for you, because that somebody else is in some way perceived by you as that which is dangerous to your being, or that which you dislike for some reason or whatever the separation is only enforced. It can take you to a place of coming to know yourself better, only when you know yourself fully and deeply you recognize the oneness and you forgive, and let go, and merge again.

One of the most difficult aspects of this can come before you have the understanding to express it, to work with it consciously. When you are a child or even an infant and you are interacting with your mother. You are recognizing that she has all the power, all of the energy, perhaps all of the food and in many ways as you begin to exert your independence you find this difficult. You might wish to in some way know yourself by exerting who you are and cannot do so without exerting against her. This builds in an initial phase in your own conscious development against the mother, against the woman, against the energy of the female, which is of course only against yourself, since you have many aspects, all right through the body, right through every cell of both male and female.

But, in whatever way in which you recognize this you must also recognize that where it becomes difficult is that when you can get to the place of forgiveness, the place of gratitude, the place in which you are going to allow that merging you have to in some way let go of at least a small portion of the separation. You must acknowledge that there is a part with that you that is indeed the mother or the female of the aspect that in the yin and yang of things can be seen as the yin, or the excepting or the loving that perhaps you have not had an acknowledgment of. For some people, this means a ripping away of their identity of who they thought they were. This is unfortunate, but it is the path over and over of separation, where it some point the separation leads you to oneness. You must let go the separation. You must let go of some aspect of your being that stands in the way of truly knowing yourself.

Now, you may say that misogyny or ways in which women are hated or hurt or in which violence is done to them can have many specific causes based upon culture, upon physical rituals, upon the way in which things have been done in the past and that is certainly all true, but the deeper question as to why this would be allowed still comes back to this idea that there is with the your own consciousness an inherent defect in being birthed simply through separation: separation, leading back to oneness. The defect is healed because you love, because you forgive, because you honor the mother. However, other races have recognized this. Indeed one of the most advanced that still remains physical that which is discussed in the book, “The Thioaoouba Prophecy,” this is about a world of beings that have transcended this by becoming a full hermaphrodite existence in which case any being can give birth and any being can have sex with any other being.

Although you have some primitive examples of this, by and large it is not the way of earth. This is not just out of mimicry. It is because through that an immediate separation you stand a better chance of knowing yourself. But the dangers with this clearly now illustrate themselves. As a result, these beings have been making themselves available, one by one, little by little, more and more as guides and helpers. As you may tune into their energy and recognize this you may begin to realize that if you have a guide or a helper that you have become aware of, particularly within the last year and they seem to present themselves to you in one gender or another look inside and ask. Is, there are also a composite, an aspect, a component, a part of that being who is the other gender?

You may be surprised to discover that indeed this is true and truer now than it ever has been before. Similarly, on your planet more and more humans are being born hermaphrodite. At the same time though, surgical intervention has progressed and the ability to inject hormones and allow changes in ways in which one is then pushed into being male or female is becoming far easier, more widespread and eventually even will be covered by medical insurance. As you understand these possibilities, you begin to recognize that where humans are heading as always is back to consciousness: to talk about it, to be aware of it, to welcome it. Where can androgyny have a place in your society is the current discussion. Gay marriage initiatives, ways of recognizing alternate forms of sexuality, the way in which people can shift their own energies and so on.

But, where this eventually comes to is much deeper. It actually comes to the manifestation principle itself to the way in which the physical beings choose for themselves to end this once and for all on your planet by mapping out an entirely new possibility. This may take quite some time before people realize that this is possible. But what is interesting about it is that it is already in the genetic code. It is already there ready to be an area that you move to with your own evolution as soon as you begin to choose it.

Some have asked about such questions as the difficulty on your planet with contamination of food, water, and even air. But, one may notice that within this there are also benefits to it which brings us to one of the important question to ask whenever you are asking, what's wrong with it? Where will it go? Where's the future out of fear or ask also what's right about it? Where do we learn from this? Where do we grow from it, but also what's right about it right here, right now, just as ii is. Clearly the widespread overutilization of hormones, particular in plastics is having its effect, although the effects are largely negative.

There is also a positive component that is allowing some of the genetic expression toward greater degree of hermaphroditism on your planet not only in animals, but in people, too. Indeed though people must come to the place of the truth about this that where the profit motive is the primary factor fear as those would see that they're going to have money taken away from them if they stop making these products. Shame, if they are discovered for the way which they have duped the public and allowed harm, etc; these become the primary avoidance energies. I’m going to avoid shame. I'm going to avoid fear, so I'll make these products, and I’ll do what I'm doing, etc. etc.

So, all you have to do to change that is find a way in which it's all right to have fear and it's all right to have shame. Where do you do this? You may find that it's possible to do it by speaking about it or sharing it in yourself. But we suggest that you start at home first in your relationship. When you say, “darling we have to talk about this,” recognize the shame that is allowed or how about even, “We have to talk.” And many men recognizing these energies will recognize the shame within them. But, for women the fear of abandonment, the fear that they are not loved, these energies also are present. For men to speak of such matters and to say, “It is safe for you can also be helpful, as you penetrate these untruths and find the reality within them you will see that fear and shame are simply energies, and they can be released. Once this becomes more widespread you then find that many things that are connected to the institutions associated with the preservation of someone's , of their riches, of their power over others, of their own dislike of themselves that all of these things began to crumble. These energies can make a difference.

Another powerful question of course, the more you ask it of yourself, your neighbors and your friends. The more it penetrates into the consciousness of the collective. This question of who are you? Or more easily as who or what is experiencing this right now? It is an uncomfortable question, but it is also a question that actually takes you into the hologram. Takes you into is a very difficult phrase to use and yet there is. You can experience the emptiness, the presence, all of the universe at once, a sense of love, whatever it is as your answer. You are then entering into this directly without the need for physical expression, only the awareness and the nature of this powerful creative process.

So, for a moment now simply sit with that question for yourself. If you are seated, then “Who is sitting? If you're recognizing your body, who or what is experiencing your body sitting?? If you're recognizing something that you would call I-ness, the name or who you think you are. Who or what is experiencing that? And the concept of that and as you are noticing your thoughts, who is experiencing those thoughts?

 It is if that question is right with you all the time and the answer does not come simply by asking. It comes by being, by dropping into the breathing of the answer to that question. Breathe right now, and look who or what? What happens when you do this, particularly in large groups is the sort of wave of energy that moves from that group, as it touches others and they begin to ask if they're in a position in which the answer coming is something as infinity would completely change the nature of who they are, they have resistance to it. They struggle with, but ask, and keep asking, and things do change. They do shift.

Now, there are those who might ask this question from within a particular context as an emissary of light or of God as the nature of whatever and it is fine to do that. It is fine also to ask whoever, there are so many ways to come to this, but as you come to it let go as much as you can of the words, come to the feeling, to the experience, the sense of this as much as anything that can come into words or be defined

Now a question has been asked about the enslavement of humanity by other races in particular reptilians are well known for their great desire for the deliciousness of human flesh. This is an addiction for them, and yet it is that which is common and widespread. Hence, you find for instance the ways in which large reptiles on your planet ingest smaller mammals quite commonly with the alligators and crocodiles as the most prominent descendants of the dinosaurs. But, you in utero take the form of one of these beings and indeed, connected through the DNA,all of this, chain, yes. You are a reptile, you have had existence here as a dinosaur in the past. You understand this as your nature in order to powerfully experience the world; to experience the physical qualities of it, but most importantly to recognize power; the ability to wield strength through death, through the experience of violence and the other things. The reason for this is really very simple.

There will often be times where you are powerfully challenged to be alive. For instance, when you ask the question, “Who or what is experiencing this now?” When you take it to its limit, what you begin to experience is that there is absolutely no need for you to be physical. It doesn't provide anything for your consciousness now that you've gotten as far as you have and yet what you will notice is ask that question and experience the infinity of the answer, the presence, the expansion, whatever it is as much as you want and yet you don't die. You still are in a body. You still get hungry after awhile, you still want to sleep after a while, you still breathe. This is due to the reptilian aspect of your being the sense that the energies, that are in your own past, your own ancestry, these energies keep you alive.

Being alive has some advantages: hugging for instance, experience the energies around you; the beauty, appreciating life, many things. Yet, without that, deeper reptilian experience it might be difficult for some individuals. They are so powerfully pressed to service to help others that they would remain in consciousness even when enlightened. But for many of you, you would be just as happy to get out of here as quickly as possible to a place that isn't quite so painful, and where you don’t have to witness the death, destruction and violence and other things that are all around you. Yet, you stay and we suggest that part of this is habit developed by being in the physical body of a dinosaur, in the physical body and connection in this lifetime as in utero as this is transmitted to you as reptile, in the reptilian brain, and the many aspects of you that you bring to this you have these beings to thank for this.

They are cold-blooded, literally and figuratively. They are beings that do not understand about the heart and the energy that is a later development, but still, there is the energy of survival so strong within these creatures. In this way you begin to understand that one of the things they will appreciate more than anything else is the way in which a simpler creature or a mammal or a creature that cannot easily defend itself also has this spark of energy, this energy just to be, to choose freedom, to choose a way to existence or so on. That is what makes human beings who have the illusion of freedom or the reality of it far tastier, far more interesting to them than the beings who indeed have lived a life of slavery and indeed the hormones of depression, anxiety and depression and other difficulties that this produces.

That is a very simple answer, but the larger answer on this is that people choose these paths, because karmically they have often then experience both sides if not as a reptile, if not recently as an enslaver in a position then choosing to harm others, to exert power, to work on that side of their existence and this indeed has been quite common in your past. As many of you recognize the moment you begin to study history a lot of it is about wars, looking at how each war affected each country over the millennia, etc, etc. Surely you begin to recognize that this now reinforces the focus on violence and the focus on difficulty. But is still a part of your history. The part that is not being taught is how in each situation something else could've been done. Not just to look at those situations, the rare ones, where war was averted, but to look at the ways in which an underlying aspect was ignored, the choice toward ignorance, the opportunity to push away, to go into separation, it is always there for you. You must make that choice. But ignorance as a reality, this is the example in front of you. That the energy can be channel that has access to information, that things can move through, that there is no limit.

Therefore ignorance is simply a choice. As you recognize this you begin to realize that the ignorance of the reptilians is ultimately going to be their downfall, the way in which they also will recognize that it is time to change. They will begin to see something in their own physical bodies and their own consciousness like happiness and sadness. Not just the joy of power or of harm or of feeling full, but the sense of something a little bit more like what you know as love. This is difficult, of course, for you to contemplate. Yet, they begin to see it, they begin to recognize it and eventually they want it. As a result they change, also.

In the meantime, it is possible for humans within only a generation or two. Not over thousands of years, but only in 20 or 40 years to shift their consciousness sufficiently that they become quite unpalatable to such beings and the possibility of enslavement of any large scale then disappears. We are not just going to state that it is possible. But, it clearly seems this is the path humanity is on and this is one of the reasons why some of these beings are causing a little more trouble now than they have before. Because they see their chance in order to get one of these delicious meals is fast disappearing and they may indeed only have 20 or 40 years within which to procure these delicacies known throughout the galaxies amongst these races. At the same time though, human beings in recognizing this will also realize they have the gift to give, a gift of service and love and more importantly, a gift of longing, longing to become a little more human.

Now as you recognize these different aspects we've spoken about from the cosmological all the way down into that which might seem a little silly or that which is physical. You begin to recognize the political ramifications of this. The underlying energies controlling things from behind the scenes; the ways in which things are happening on your planet. This is often very difficult for people to recognize and work with, without a great deal of paranoia, and that is why we do not usually speak about such matters until at first, at least as a minimum in a way you touch into your own animal nature, you touch into your own loving self; you touch into the capacity you have to help others and to acknowledge that you are a part of this, that these energies are yours.

This brings us to a very interesting area about harmfulness. The question is asked about how then you avoid harming for instance, working with it, appropriately or understanding when it comes to those creatures who might choose to co-inhabit your bedroom such as spiders, or your kitchens such as ants and so on and so forth. Here again though asking the right question can help too. How do I work with the harm? How do I understand it that I'm doing? Bacteria are entering your body, working with it constantly; small creatures, even smaller at times as viruses or protozoans or parasite or even smaller creatures; the intelligent awareness; the kingdom of the air, the kingdom of the minerals. Yet, there are times when in your body you destroy these; the baby, the infant from even before birth doing this also, destroying bacteria. Well, let's not worry about bacteria they can't think anyway. Are you sure about that? Indeed, in some ways the collective consciousness of the bacteria on your planet have far exceeded the capacity of humankind to engender change: genetic change, DNA change, change that is both helpful and harmful on a profound level. Bacteria have killed far more humans than any bullets on your planet that ever came close to you, yet they have also healed far more than any doctors on your planet.

So really, how then do you work with this? You recognize that in the way in which consciousness comes in and goes out with the time scale that is a little different. It is the energy equivalent and the understanding, it is the way you connect to the soul. It is the lessons you learn from these beings and you teach them. For many individuals they recognize the beautiful intelligence in the spider or the ant. They do not wish to end the life of that being and recognize that it has a right to be here, too. They do not necessarily recognize that yet about their bacteria but after tonight they will. What will you do then? You must then do it case-by-case in a way that is appropriate to the level to which these creatures are then able to receive your messages to the level to which you can speak their language, to the way in which you are in that same way in which we have spoken before to the higher dimension moving down into the lower dimension. You are going to do your best.

Now, if after a few generations these creatures have a deeper understanding of your needs they can change. Ants for instance, have a collective consciousness that has been on your planet for a very long time. Their collective consciousness tells them about territory about working in certain areas of procuring food, about working with the energies in those places. If you change those things for them they will then relocate. You can do this in a positive way, where you provide them food outside your house. You can provide it in a neutral way where you block the entry ways into your house with a little bit of non-toxic material such as caulk or gum or various construction methods. You can do it in negative ways where you provide poisons or sounds they dislike or electrical forces. The choice is always yours how you wish to proceed.

But when you acknowledge from the beginning point, the consciousness of these beings and you get down to their level and you talk to them. This is not so they will understand you because they don't. But they will receive the pictures, they will receive the energy, they will begin to understand what you are talking about, not by the words, but by the energy of your being. This is what draws them into your house in the first place. Do you think they don't know it's dangerous? Do you think they don't know that their black body walking on your white sink makes them quite vulnerable? Many times they are doing this specifically to learn this lesson even at the cost of their own death.

This is of course quite true for the plant Kingdom. The plants that make their bodies available to you in salads, for instance; they know that they are going to die when they are being raised in the other beds with the other lettuces yet they do so because in passing through your body and connecting with you they will learn something. They will grow, they will move along on their own consciousness roles. Now we are not by any means comparing a lettuce to an ant, because the ant has a far greater developed consciousness and in some ways, far more developed than humans. All you have to do is study them to understand this. But, in the way in which you can interact with them, you can be creative, and at the same time see the larger message, sharing with them the possibilities.

Now, this can be true across all the kingdoms, including the bacteria, including the tiniest of beings, including the kingdom of the air. It simply depends upon asking the right questions. What are you here to learn from me? What am I here to learn from you? How can we share this together? A very interesting way to proceed. All are connected, and there are those who would say that electricity connects them since after all the atoms are then made of the protons, neutrons and various subatomic particles in the nucleus and the electron. The electron is that which produces the electricity. And that is true at the physical level, but there are no electrons at the higher vibrational level and there are certainly none in the hologram. It is not even physical stuff as you know it, but the level of pure consciousness. That, however is a place where love does exist. So really, the connectedness of all things, the inherent oneness of all things transcends anything physical or energetic. Now, that is going to a few different areas fairly rapidly but we have of course missed a few. Perhaps you have some questions?

Jill: Yes. Will you please comment on the children who are choosing to incarnate today and how can we best help them?

Hilarion: Many times these beings have waited and in many cases a very long time, far longer than the usual span of about 35 for 40 years. Perhaps waiting in some cases hundreds of years. So the very first thing they find it very difficult. What is this body I am in? How does it work and how can I manifest those things I need to and they get very frustrated with it. To be patient with them, to love them, to show them the way you do it, but then to imagine that you are somehow showing them with a completely different language: the language of the stars, the language of the planets. The language of the vibration itself; the language of atoms; the language of water, these can stretch the metaphor of language, but still it can help you communicate.

As they grow older they will often find that they must then connect. Connect with others who understand them. That is not probably under most circumstances going to be you. You might as well accept that fact early on so that you can help them in connecting with the others who have come here to form this larger rainbow energy or in the earlier generation the indigo energy. To understand this, to be a part of it, it is hard for them, but they find it generally much easier when you are supportive of that. Sometimes this does not always make sense. They may ask you to do or say something that is a little difficult for you but if you can find a way to do this in love and at the same time asking the right questions it can help a lot.

At the physical level, there is the impression of the old on the new. The idea of the old ways, drug substances for instance, patterns of eating that enforce various old ways of seeing how the body works and so on and so forth. These must be broken through. You must find what works and find a way in which this can be healthy and awakening for yourself and the children you are around. Sometimes the drugs may have the desired effect as for instance, where there is attention deficit disorder and that is diagnosed when of course, the child is simply putting their attention on something else. Then you are going to kill that, stop it and bring the attention right back here into what the teacher is saying and the drudgery of schoolwork or whatever.

That is fine for a little while, but you will have repercussions to this of course. So in utilizing drugs, do this as sparingly as possible and if at all possible find another way. A way through appropriate venues of teaching, far better more helpful natural foods, and especially sufficient raw fats. Because many times through the generational deficiencies their mothers and their mothers mother’s in particular, not having sufficient fats. The nervous system is not as developed as it could be. This could be indeed developed even later in life but the longer you wait, the longer it takes. This is nonlinear, that is an individual at 20 years old is probably going to take another 20 years to fully develop the nervous system in the body. But an individual who is only 10 will probably only take 10 years. So this nonlinear understanding allows you to see how beneficial it is to provide appropriate food when they are young.

In addition to this, they often have specific things that they are here to learn and many things they are here to teach. They often have access to levels of information and understanding that are difficult for you to understand. Easy for them, but difficult for them to express to you because you can’t understand what they're saying. If you can simply set aside that for instance, to sit with them in the place of all possibilities by asking yourself the question, “Who or what is experiencing this right now?” As you sit with this the openness that comes with asking this in all innocence as if you are a child yourself can help you in your experience of openness and awakening to the child.

Gradually, what forms from this is a perspective that they can be open to other levels of consciousness, other ways of seeing things; other ways of doing things in the world. Many of the children now coming in want that very much: a world where the ways that don't work can be gradually let go of and these new ways can be rapidly assimilated. They may find this difficult to do with older people so they will focus on it much more with themselves, with their own generation, and their own way of doing things.

Although this is possible, it can lead to greater levels of rebellion that have been seen in the past. It is more likely that individuals who understand this, who are of the older generation can assist by showing these children that there are these other possibilities. That they do not have to make assumptions about all of this, they can indeed communicate the higher vibration. Does this help at all?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. How is the inter-relationship between love and electricity?

Hilarion: the inter- relationship is that electricity clearly is a subset. Because the love energy is everywhere present, connecting at the levels that are completely nonphysical and non-energetic at the informational levels, at the levels of pure love itself, at the levels of pure creativity, a little electricity that's nice to throw in, it keeps things kind of jazzy and lit up. But, as the energies are better known one begins to recognize the real relationship here because electricity can be manipulated, you can measure it, you can use it. You can use it in many ways to convey information and many other things. This gives you the idea of a subtle force, of a subtle energy, of an energy that you cannot necessarily easily see and yet, you can manipulate and understand. Perhaps it's like that about other things, too. Is the impression given to the consciousness?

Perhaps it's like that about love? About sharing or learning. Perhaps it's like that about consciousness itself. That would perhaps be a more philosophical answer to your question. At the more purely scientific level, one can see that the building blocks upon which the manifestation of the granularity of your universe is created do include the electrons in the way in which those granules can build up together to form electrons is clearly influenced by love; by the creative consciousness of the collective of all things and their continuous interaction, and their ability to interrelate and indeed know each other in their oneness. In this way then you can see that love can actually create. It can create electricity if that is chosen. That perhaps is an energy, an understanding that is yet beyond you. It will however become more clearly into your awareness with time and in particular in the next few years. In the meantime, let this remain perhaps in its original form as symbolism and mystery, to understand that which is subtle and unseen, yet somehow measurable. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Was there are a causal relationship between activity on the surface of the sun and the earthquake in Chile? Is more solar activity more likely to cause more earthquakes?

Hilarion: Yes and yes. Those areas that are most sensitive, the Pacific Rim, in particular, many other areas where tectonic plate motion is ready to then take place, these will be affected as the sun moves into another stronger cycle. But, these cycles have been delayed and the energies have been shifted about this very deliberately to reduce harm and more importantly to project consciousness first as a warning, a very last ditch attempt. But, before that as the energy to gently and subtly show you what is possible and how to change it with a focus on loving your earth, of doing something good for her as sharing helpful energies. Some of these energies can be reduced. Unfortunately as many have now begun to recognize the same tendencies toward the creation of a variety of climactic problems on your planet the general tendency towards the reduction of the Polar Caps and the gradual increase of warmth on your planet are adding to the problem. More weight in the ocean is the primary difficulty and as those energies move from the polar caps into the further south regions the tendency for the pressures on the undersea tectonic plates and the greater tendency for this to create wave action, Tsunami, etc.

At the same time though, you can have better understanding of this and interact with earth herself. In the meantime though, the greater lesson in which you have not asked about: that of climate change, the collective consciousness coming together to stop the ways that are harmful and come to those that are already now known that can be those which do not produce excessive carbon dioxide and in fact reduce it by various means: increasing oxygen and decreasing carbon; these are all possible for humanity.

Still, it is this path, probably more than any other path that could lead to the new earth/old earth scenario previously asked about where your earth is reduced to the point in which it is no longer habitable. This would be very unfortunate because starting over, well, it takes a lot of energy, it’s pretty complicated and a lot of travel is involved. In the meantime, though, as you recognize these energies see which you can do now. A way in which just for yourself you can reevaluate everything you throw away, everything that you breathe, everything you eat, everything you use as fuel and see of the ways in which these can be made to be sustainable, to be those which do not produce excess carbon, those which have beneficial effects and even help others. It is surprising when you examine this to see how much of it you can change, recycle, re utilize and even turn into something positive and helpful for the environment. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Yes. Hilarion can we hear from Athena?

Hilarion: Yes, she has been standing by yet working initially in a different way. In these questions about love, gently tickling all who open to the understanding of this, standing behind you now simply breathing her energy, allowing her love.

Athena: As you breathe and know the blood as it moves through your body breathe the love of earth as she sustains and supports you. Feel her breath now, a beautiful inhalation beginning, a place of spring and newness and energy and a way simply of receiving. Let her energy and her strength come into you as if your feet were roots in the earth and your arms the branches of trees that now begin to awaken in leaf, in flower, in bud. As you feel these energy know also, you are moving along a path that earth has invited you to be here. That this path in its way is to touch you and remind you of a truth; a far greater truth that can be said by words, a far greater truth that can be felt in your body. A far greater truth than anything that has to do with what you do.

It is the truth of being, the sense just to be, to come into existence, to open your eyes and to look into the eyes of another who has also chosen to be. It is in this place of being that you understand a beautiful divine, a beautiful energy, a beautiful way as if what is birthing in you is the way simply of being. Now this is hard to have within your consciousness when there's so much about what is to be done today. I've got to get up in the morning and do this or do that. But for a moment look inside, tomorrow when you awaken stop- no matter how busy it may seem, reflect for a moment on your own heart, on your own breath, on your own being. For that moment, have the sense of a vibration shared like…ahhhhhhh….. not a vibration of doing at all. Not a vibration of communication but a vibration of joyousness, of gratitude, aliveness. This is another way of answering questions, to see the creative because you create.

Hilarion: Hilarion here again. We thank you Athena for your willingness not just to speak but to invite with your energy and this possibility.

Jill: What is the wisest approach to experiencing and cultivating our merkaba in the next few years?

Hilarion: The energy body, the sense of who you are, if you have this as a visual then by all means enter into the beautiful constructions that others create of this. Draw them your self, form them if you can out of little pieces of paper or wood, but find a way in which you can become this, sense this, spin with it, imagine it. But, if the visual sense is not your forte, if the sense of this as a construction in your mind around your body or that which could spin or that which you could be a part of his difficult. Let it go. Find its underlying purpose: the sense of being-ness, the sense of energy.

Many times the energy merkaba or body itself is that which simply is an excuse for you to come into a place where you let go of your mind, you let go of thinking about it. You breathe it, you spin with it, you imagine it, you play in it but that is not enough any more. There must also be that you are willing to share it, to heal with it, to allow it in ways that are helpful. So, that is the next level of this. If it is the audible level that you are more comfortable with to sing a healing song and have the sense of it spinning within you would be almost the same thing. If it is the kinesthetic as it is for so many people, to have that sense of a swirling and a spinning in a way in which it is comfortable and outward, a vortex flows sending its own healing, its own consciousness. These are all wonderful ways to translate the ways in which others share energy in a positive, helpful, uplifting way. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Beautifully. Thank you, Hilarion.

 Hilarion: We are very grateful for this opportunity to share and to push your consciousness a few steps further into areas in some cases, that seen at once, alien and familiar. This is because for many of you, particularly those who have been attracted to listening to us from more than five minutes. You have experienced this energy before in the time between lives in the classes we taught, in some of the classes which you taught to us in the ways in which we have experienced these energies. The familiarity, the possibilities, the ways of seeing this, they have all been with you. Now when you are in a body and you find yourself physical, it is a stretch at times. It is hard to recognize the hologram that is creating your universe. Yet, there is a sense of rightness about it, of oneness about it, of understanding about it, and even of relaxation.

We are therefore also grateful to you to being willing to let go of what stands in the way. In the way of that which would seem complex and yet as it melts away it is simple. The simplicity simply of being. The simplicity of love, the simplicity of connectedness, and in this way we ask you now to again invite the sense of the emerald light to fill this room to extend upwards into a cylinder and downwards to the center of the earth. The cylinder initially about 100 feet in diameter, about 30 m now gradually it expands and with each our breath you recognize and welcome a beautiful, helpful translucent loving light. As that light becomes a little stronger with each breath, recognize the way in which it reaches Earth and the way earth responds. As she responds with her own gentle loving ohm we ask you to recognize that you are not the only one sharing the ohm. Your guides and helpers; the higher components of your soul; the earth herself; the animals we spoke of earlier and indeed, the vibration invited for everyone. Even you could say, the universe hologram, the collective consciousness, that energy of being-ness and connectedness. Breathe that now, sense that ohm and the way it creates, welcome it. Then we would ask you to share it out loud. Goodbye ohm…………….

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