Hilarion Spring Equinox Channeling 2008

Jill: Greetings. Today is March 21, 2008. We are gathered in Nevada City for the Spring Equinox celebration and Hilarion Channeling. Hilarion will be answering questions that are asked by those in attendance and by those sent in over the internet. For further information on channeling, books, tapes and cd’s, and videos, contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209 Nevada City, CA 95959, or contact us on the web at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Greetings. This is that energy, being, or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with questions, looking into the many aspects of this evening we would ask you for a moment to open your consciousness, to your intuitive side, to the part of you that is just here, it is not thinking about what will be or what was, noticing the breath, noticing the sense of simply being. From this place, we ask you to welcome the formation of a beautiful light, the light fills this room emerald in color, expanding to fill you, to breathe you, you might say.

This light has capacity for protection, but also connection. Connecting you at infinitely upwards and at center of Earth it forms a cylinder about 30 m in diameter that is approximately 100 feet as you breathe this light you then welcome the idea that this light is birthed within you yet, it also comes from everywhere. That is the visualization side of being present in this one place without time.

Sometimes, this is a useful tool when you have questions that you wish to look into and find an answer that is relevant in your life. This is more difficult than it seems many times you are exposed to aspects that at the surface, looking simply at the evidence they would appear to be frightening. Things that would tell you others are about to “get you” or in some way things were compressed or difficult or scarce.

Yet, this is held up directly with your vision of your world, a world ever more prosperous but ever more connected. Yes, there are many who are suffering on your planet, who are not feelings such prosperity, yet they are recognizing that connection more than ever. At the same time there is this consciousness available to them as well. It is this to which solutions show up when the field, the energy the nature of what is to be here invites that. So every time you go to that place in which you are simply present in which you are not asking what will be or what was but simply where you are. It is as if that expansion says this is a part of your planet, this is a part of what you came here to do, to be, to feel, to know, to breathe,

It is this sort of solution that is very difficult for anyone who is truly out to “get you” it is very difficult for them to stop it. It is the solution that changes them as well, it is a solution that allows you to step outside any limits in your thinking or your consciousness that prevented you from finding a solution in the first place. How often has it been that you do find a solution to everyday problems, relationship issues, money issues or whatever and afterwards you would say to yourself I could have done that, I could have thought of it, but the timing wasn't right for it, or there was something blocking you from it or whatever.

All you had to do was step out of your own way. This is the idea that we are suggesting is valuable, this stepping on of your own way business. It is a more powerful theme than you realize, after all on your planet you have so many with so much to give, to share, yet they do not know how to do this or understand why it would be valuable or have chosen a different path or whatever reason they are working with.

Oftentimes simply habit and habit patterns, the way in which you see things as they’ve been is a holding in the past, a fear of what will be, an energy that could come to you someday but never quite seems to. This is also an energy that holds you into a pattern of doing those things that are protective, that will provide you security that will do those things that are going to somehow avert this difficulty or disaster.

This is not to say that things in the past are not what you understand them to be, or that things in the future will not at times be scary or difficult. We are simply stating that in this place where you can simply be now, where you can be here, there are other solutions, ways in which you step outside the limits in which the box that has limited you before simply dissipates and disappears because that box is made of the concepts and beliefs and energies associated with the past and associated with the future.

The springtime is a marvelous time to access this energy. The Emerald light is often associated with the color green of springtime as well and on top of that this time of the peak in the lunar cycle teaches you so much about bursting through limits, having strength, having energy. It is a tough time because sometimes it is hard to sleep, or to get enough rest, or attunement to earth and yet here again this whispering, this quiet, beautiful, loving energy, teaching you, touching you, loving you if will let it, you let go of the thoughts of what has been or what will be and focus now on the moment of the breath.

What you begin to notice is also earth, that she is also breathing. Some have likened her breaths, very slow to those associated with the yearly cycle. In the equinoxes, this is the moment in which the breath in and the breath out are perfectly equal, perfectly balanced as if to say anything is possible. You stand on the precipice, on the threshold of anything you might desire or want, or more importantly be open to receiving that you didn't even know you wanted.

This is also the time in the Northern Hemisphere in the spring equinox when the animals as they awaken, as they move into this period of enhanced reproduction, opening to the vegetation, the changes on earth, and the growing warm weather are also looking for messages. What does it mean to be alive? What does it mean to share this earth with humans becomes a more pressing concern for all of the animal life on your planet.

So, for a moment we would ask you to welcome the idea of one of these, perhaps a birthing fawn, perhaps a newly hatched butterfly, perhaps a dolphin baby, perhaps in your mind a hatching chickling from an egg, but whatever this energy, welcome it now. Not only as an animal totem, or a guide or helper as you might be connected to the adults, but to that baby animal as if to say, this awakening in your heart, this newness, this aliveness, this is good; this is something to be savored, to be trusted, to feel, to revel in, to experience a joyousness.

Spring has often been associated with this energy, yet it runs deeper this time in a whole different way. You are now being presented with all kinds of difficult issues, economically on your planet. It would seem as if things that were difficult are getting worse that those aspects that tend towards scarcity or struggle, or dividing the rich from the poor are dividing evermore, making things ever more scarce or whatever.

Yet, for many people it is that which looms on the horizon as the effect of those things which have been allowed in the past. So for a moment if you can't experience this idea that the future has within it joy, that it has within it this springtime, this awakening, perhaps you can also understand why it would be important to those in a position of power to instead of bringing you this sense of awakening, consciousness of connectivity of joy, to bring you fear, to bring you the possibility that it isn't all good, it isn't all God, it isn't all beautiful or whatever.

In your heart, as an answer begins to emerge you will also begin to recognize the natural tendency, particularly important now as symbolized by the days become longer than the nights as the time of connection, of relationship, of relating to other people. We have spoken about this since the very beginning of channeling through this vehicle that the solution to your economic difficulties is to be found in community, ways in which people share resources, are able to assist each other, love each other and come into a place of more solutions and ideas and creativity as a result of their interactions with each other.

So, of course we would say that as you are coming into a time of apparent economic difficulty there will be more pressure upon you to form communities, to do so as a solution to the difficulties that you are facing or as a way of learning and growing together. But, we might also suggest that tentative steps in this direction, particularly at this time will bear fruit in ways that you had not seen possible. Ways in which you can ask others things perhaps you were not willing to ask before, about how do you find love in the world or how do you find healing or what you do when you are faced with these difficulties be they in the news, or in your heart?

And it is an energy also of communion, connection and energy of the relationship in the animal kingdom in the northern hemisphere at this time because it is a time in which they are now awakening to each other, learning of each other's presence. So it is as if genetically from your old habits this is built into your own consciousness. Now one must tread cautiously when one looks at the idea of a fixed inheritance because the genetic structures are those which you can modify such modification can take place by many means and the only genetic structures that are being discussed with any degree of intensity in the world are those of DNA.

But RNA plays an important part in this process, the connection between the cell wall and various aspects of consciousness and all of the nucleus aspects in the cell all of these all enter together. This does not mean that the aspects for which you had inheritance can be easily changed. After all, you have many good reasons why you have fallen into particular patterns you have. We are simply trying to suggest that a loosening of your awareness of this with those three key letters DNA would be helpful at this time.

After all, by utilizing DNA testing, working with various DNA structures and ultimately drugs based on gene therapy and the aspects of DNA, this continual idea of power from others exerting them on you, forcing you in your life or whatever, to do what is being said. This sort of energy is simply continued when of course, in truth, you have consciousness, you can make changes and shift the energy associated with this. Overall, this is important to recognize when one is beginning to examine disease on your planet and the way in which diseases of the most difficult type, those which appear to be inherited diseases are those which would seem to be unchangeable.

Yet, this deeper aspect then begins to emerge coupled with the economic issues in community a new point of view, a stronger at consciousness, a deeper awareness of what is possible begins to allow the emergence of significant changes in the physical body; new patterns able to absorb nutrients as unable to before, able to release toxicity as unable to before. The difficulty right now is that it begins clearer and clearer, little by little each passing day that when you answer a question such as what about relationship, what about health issues, what about purpose in my life, what about the nature of what we all do here together, that two answers of a more or less intellectual nature begin to emerge.

One of these relates to you as an individual but the other relates to you as part of a larger group where the solutions and the energies from the group interacting with the group, by the very nature of who you are and the nature of that group are different answers. You of course have recognized this over and over when you have healings, be they simply a hands on healing where a number of people are sharing energy with one person or healings done by more orthodox means where a research group forms to investigate and learn about something and as a result produce some solution.

Such is still in its infancy when it is focused in the group consciousness on the nature of how profound, deep, permanent healing takes place at the physical level which of course must relate to the other levels, at the vibrational level, at the soul level at the nature of who you are. Many of the things that you are obsessed with on your planet are those which you are going to leave behind you when you move onto the next energy, that which is the time between lives and then into the next life you will leave behind you your physical bodies, the money, even many of your relationships and most importantly the very nature of how you see yourself through this civilization, through these people because they will change.

In this aspect therefore, it is important as you reconsider solutions that you become aware of this as if then your future self, the being that you will be, is sharing with you, let go, receive, be loved. Know what is possible because in many of the possible future realities that is the nature of that being and that being is in conflict, being connected in community, recognizing how important it is to be present, still she or he recognizing who you are now sends you love, sends you goodness, sends you power, sends you solutions, not as what can be but as what is.

To understand this for yourself we suggest you open the channel to that being. The way you do this is by jumpstart so think of what you were, perhaps a time, ten, twenty, years ago when you were struggling, when these solutions were not easy for you. The things that you have learned since then you may be able to communicate with your past self for a moment. But when we have suggested this exercise in the past we suggested that you visualize this person in front of you and you can do that but we are suggesting that now you let them go and instead simply focus on your breath, on noting that the energy, the ideas, the information, all the aspects that bring you into here, into now are available throughout time, available easily to all that you have been and all that you will be.

This is a very simple exercise but what it is doing is opening a channel, an energy, an awakening, to your future self and as your future self is looking back on you now that being is loving you not as they would see you were, but as you are then. In other words as you begin to experiment with this idea, all of these simple, artificial boundaries of time begin to dissolve, begin to have a deeper experience of what it means simply to be, to be here, to be now.

Now in addressing the issue of disease what you will then begin to notice is that it begins to bring you deeper insight, deeper understanding about many things. One place we like to begin with it is by asking as with all other aspects is what's good about it, how it cleanses, how it clears, how disease can often be based on microbial life, or parasitic life and those beings interacting in your body can clean things up, excrete them, push them through rapidly by raising temperature in the body this process may be enhanced. By reducing temperature it may be less painful, by moving things in different ways through rapid excretions such as diarrhea or vomiting or slow excretions such as the growth of hair.

These organisms have their value and have been on your planet for a long, long time, long before you got here. In an effort to fight disease, those involved in these processes in the medical community have tried many things to palliate the pain, to try to stave off these effects without asking the deeper question what good is it? What is it clearing out, what is it cleansing? We would overlay this with this filter of the patterning, the pattern that you have been working with largely unconsciously for many millions of years and those which then transmitted through your inheritance, through mammalian life into early humankind and now into modern day has not changed very much.

The foods you are designed to eat 10,000, 100,000 years ago are not the foods commonly available now and those foods and energies associated with them, not available easily now and at the same time many of the additives to foods, cosmetics, the air you breathe, the water, all of this. Things which were not available then in which you do not have the programming so your solutions then begin to emerge, you can get the programming, you can get work with these substances and there are techniques for this. Again, back to some of the vibrational energies by taking high homeopathic potencies of various substances to realign the body, by shifting consciousness, to reawaken the possibility of release, by eating more of those foods that are associated with your origins, with those things which you were designed for and deliberately welcoming some of the cleansing that will result and many other methodologies but the underlying idea-- somehow it is good, somehow it is an energy that you can work with rather than it's something to be feared, it’s something that will hurt or even worse it's something in the future, in that nebulous place that you haven't yet seen.

Vaccinations have been an attempt to at least on the surface, palliate the potential difficulties but they are breeding so many other problems partly because of the preservatives used, those employing Mercury injected into the body, but also partly because the organisms themselves have not been learned from.

The obvious solution here is to go back to those possibilities, those things for which you were programming, or to change the programming, or to vibrationally shift the energies or do all of these. But, it does appear that many aspects of health on your planet have been severely interrupted by simply ignoring this fact, this idea that it all has a purpose, a brilliance, an opportunity for benefit.

One of the questions is on Morgellon's disease, this is a parasitical infection that has a unique and unusual characteristics of polymorphism where the organisms involved are able to change their states dramatically even as you watch, adapting rapidly to the environment. Many times they will throw off threads or substances from the body that when removed, significantly reduce the pain the individual feels.

Obviously the analysis of these threads would be of great paramount importance and where these are analyzed one will usually discover a plethora of metals, various toxic substances, and most importantly several specific dyes and chemicals. Individuals who have great skin sensitivity, specifically two dyes and chemicals widely utilized in cotton do appear to absorb some of these materials and have no other easy pathway to excrete them.

As long as they continue dietary patterns that are low in helpful materials to aid with assisting of the excretion of these materials, mainly raw fats, and as long as they avoid changing the lifestyle, dietary patterns, but also the clothing and other chemicals they are exposed to, this parasite thrives. As soon as the helpful materials are provided the parasite dies. It is no longer needed, the body doesn't have to rely upon it in order to manifest these excretions.

The name itself is an intriguing one, though it was only named in 2002, one goes back to the 16th century where it was first identified and it is as if to say this has always been with you but in such rare from, so unusual that it has never been reported until suddenly now as this threshold of multi-assault from these different substances takes place. Again though, in answering this question from an individual point of view you are losing an important track.

Because it is possible in groups to bring healing, even without significant changes in lifestyle, diet and these patterns and at the same time have new ways of bringing this into form for instance when someone in your group is a weaver, or cloth maker, or wants to bring forward the idea of making your own clothes from your own raised cotton organically in helpful, loving ways, etc.

All kinds of solutions begin to exert themselves if you allow them but at the same time there is fear. How would I survive in this group? That is a legitimate question; the survival of the individuality. We therefore suggest that as you enter into group, you do so with an immediate acknowledgment about what's right about the individual, a praising, an acceptance, a loving of that that being. This is often done in group process, though it is usually started out with something along the line of who are you and why are you here?

We are suggesting that in addition to that sort of thing, others might comment or someone might recognize something special about that person. It could be from fore- knowledge from how they have known them in the past or it could be just their impression in that moment. But something as if to say you are a unique individual as you join this group we treasure this, we do not ask you to give it up in fact we see it complementing and working with our own energies.

In this way, humanity striking this powerful balance between group and individual finds other solutions. Now of course when you do this from a place simply of being, simply of presence, a place of just who you are- it is as if to welcome in the other person a consciousness, an energy that is very beautiful and invites them also to that place. So this is the other part of such coming into a group after speaking, after a moment or two, simply to note the breath, simply to be present


In this way you are energetically blending the energy of the acknowledgment of the entry into the group with the acknowledgment of the manifestation of the individual into that third most important aspect that oneness that is way beyond the small group, the individual, the country, the planet. It is that entry into the universe. Now you might say Hilarion that is very impractical, after all we have some real problems here like paying the rent, or obtaining raw butter, whatever the particular issue is that you are struggling with.

But what if, as you come into these aspects of this consciousness a solution completely outside of what you thought about was there. Such as, instead of living in that place where you’re paying the rent, live here. Or, instead of raw butter, how about this? Or, did you know I have a cow? Or whatever the solutions are that begin to emerge from group.

It is also important as you begin to appreciate these aspects that you recognize that you yourself are a group. You are a group of cells that are cooperating on many levels to interact, to guide each other to help each other, but you are also a group of consciousness among various aspects of your own individual selves. The psychological aspects of those who had fought each other or struggled against each other such as shadow self and the light self as well as those aspects of consciousness of all of the natures of all of the beings you have been in your past.

In recognizing this business of the shadow and the light, one must then recognize that your own personal courage, your own personal opportunity to overcome fear or work with such an energy is not that which can ever be judged by anyone outside to understand it. That which is your own personal phobia for instance, might mean nothing to someone else, a symbol that those aspects are the most difficult for you to face in yourself are those which bring up your own personal courage, your own personal understanding.

But, you will recognize every time that fear, sometimes conceived of as False Evidence Appearing Real, F.E.A.R. reminds you that it is about relationship to something, fear of someone or something. It is an energy that is within you about that which is false, ready when your courage is present, when your willingness simply to look at it is present, to dissolve and be released.

Courage however, can be a difficult matter. Many times you are faced with situations where you simply act. Those in positions of great struggle such as in wartime have often reported that they didn’t feel particularly courageous when they did that particular act that everyone else said was courageous. They simply acted. They were in the moment.

We would suggest that this is the real solution to the issue of both fear and courage. It is not about that which is related to the past or the future but about simply being present, about the breath, about that place in which a merging of these energies, this ability to be can take place.

As you contemplate the economic situation from that place, some of you may say it is time to buy gold. Others might say it is time to move or to sell something. Others may be much less practical recognizing that it is time to release fears, or connect to others in the community. But, your individual solution must be seen as tremendously, deeply, valuable and that there is no one solution that would be available to everyone on your planet.

We would then remind you in that place of simply being, ask. What is it that you take with you? To whence do you go with that? Many would say that one thing you take with you is love. This is true but when it is overlaid with this idea of economics, of what you buy and sell and know that you leave that behind the deeper hint begins to emerge. That love, his not wanting something. If you think it is, for a moment we suggests that you focus on that which you want, ask what you want more than that, ask what you want more than that, then let it go and see if you can find where the love is because that love, that energy that simply says love is present, or I love you or I am loved, that energy is the most powerful solution to all of this. Because it gives you the perspective to understand, that being, that possibility, that way you will be.

As you begin to approach these ways of obtaining solutions you naturally are then faced with how to make them practical, how to actually do them in the world, bring them into form. The children then become particularly powerful teachers in this regard. It would appear that they are helpless, that they do not have this capability to exert their own consciousness and their own ideas, this is true to the limited extent to which you enforce that it is true.

But if from the very beginning you are saying to those children you are a great teacher, you are consciousness, you are a being of light. I honor you not for your knowledge but for your wisdom, you have not learned to speak yet, or to do the things they teach you in school but that knowledge, that nature of your being, that aspect of your highest and that true pure wisdom, this is in you now. It is this energy which can sometimes drive a child to do something that the adult would judge such as eat dirt, such as play with those that he or she was told not to play with, such as perhaps things that you would consider risky.

Sometimes they are but many times those are energies that are manifested toward the highest and best, after all dirt has within it all kinds of bacteria, all kinds of parasites, all kinds of organisms that can help in the cleansing and healing process and in fact we would often recommend regular ingestion even of adults of small quantities that could indeed be organic, helpful, strengthening, beneficial and provide a wide spectrum of bacteria.

So then the children in this way are wiser perhaps than you think. But, when they are in your care you must make decisions for them especially when they are very young and here are the doctors with their needles to inject, to give the various vaccines and so on. It takes a lot of courage, a lot of energy but more importantly a place of presence without the fear, without the decision-making but the energy within to know the right path to take.

Generally it does seem possible to cleanse and remove substances of a toxic nature but it is much easier not to bring them in, in the first place, if at all possible. That seems sort of obvious but there are those who might disagree about this and instead paint pictures of all kinds of fearsome diseases and difficulties. Given the diet to which the child is poorly adapted, meaning present day diet as opposed to that which has been programmed through many lifetimes and the inheritance through the genetic structures, through the parents habits, through the habits of the great- great-great grand parents and so on.

If those foods are given there is far less need for the body to cleanse itself, utilizing these rather dangerous and difficult diseases. This does not mean it will not happen. There are some situations where it might for the individual must clear that, cleanse it from the physical body, experience it psychologically or spiritually is necessary.

Yet, at the same time there are millions on your planet who have not been vaccinated who did not contract polio, do not contract diphtheria, do not contract the very difficult diseases to which those in positions of power tell you, you must be afraid. And conversely those who are contracting diseases for which vaccinations have been provided such as in particular- measles. It is important to recognize that the whole picture of this is not easily available because it is a connection to the collective consciousness to all of humanity to ask the right questions.

This is the other thing you take with you, the ability, the habit, the energies that you created here, crystallized, manifested into the soul, into the intermissive time that is the time between lives into the next life. What sort of habits do want to put into your consciousness for the future? How about the habit of asking the right question? How about the habit of asking what’s right about it? What can I learn from this? Where do I find the love? These are not easy questions to ask if you have not asked them in the past and those who are easiest with asking them probably have asked them in the past.

That is important to recognize because the very experience of fear that you have here, “oh I better watch out for that one, will this or that get me, or whatever,” is the habit pattern that you are then building into the soul crystallizing from your experience here on earth to then he taken into the intermissive and the next life.

Now there are those who say you create your own reality and this is one of the mechanisms that those habit patterns and consciousness that guide your actions particularly your unconscious actions that are questions, these energies are those which will override, work into your consciousness and affect you in your next life just as those patterns from your last life affect this one.

Now there are a few people listening to us, luckily a very small minority, but a few who would say, past lives, please Hilarion don't talk about that, that's nonsense. We have this one life and that's all. Well, we would simply say to you, you might do well to educate yourself on the matter a little more. We strongly suggest reading the work of Ian Stevenson as a good start, a university tenured professor who has studied the matter in an entirely different context, not even to the point of drawing conclusions but simply presenting the evidence for you to decide for yourself. In the meantime as you awaken to these ideas, you begin to see how the habits that you have created in your life are very much governing what is possible for you in your immediate future.

Now there is a question presented about alternative technologies to the medical profession utilizing various devices, these can range from electronic or radionic or those which involve exercise or various aspects that could all be called instrumentation or machines. These have their place of course, for everyone to learn about themselves through this but, in answer to the question what do you take with you? You are of course not going to take any of that with you.

So the foremost, most important attribute in working with these technologies, what are you going to learn from it? How does it help you? Where do you gain value? What are the right questions to ask as you work with this? There are those who want to distinguish the ways in which this equipment helps people from the placebo effect which is a very powerful way of understanding and working with your inheritance, your habit patterns, the energies that are associated with you are those which make up the placebo effect.

For instance, in those studies done on those with cancer being given a sugar pill told that it was chemotherapy, and in half of those patients their hair fell out because they know that's what was expected, they know that that's the habit because that is the consciousness on your planet shared. When you have chemo your hair will fall out. So, in this way you can recognize the tremendous value of this. We would say that for most of this equipment the basic rule is this one- third are helped, one-third are made worse, and one-third no change.

This then shows you by looking at simply the recording from case studies, from the majority of people if those numbers are skewed you have a valuable technology if they are skewed in the direction of more than one-third helped, and if they are skewed to more than one-third hurt, those aspects are perhaps to be avoided. Unfortunately, this is the case for a tremendous number of machines that you will find in hospitals, clinics and so on that more than one third are made worse long-term especially by drug substances and especially psychotropic drugs.

Yet, you must recognize that to a large extent this is placebo affect also. This is only now beginning to come out in the latest studies on Prozac. That indeed where it is compared with placebo the placebo in many cases did better. It is important as you recognize all of this that you are being asked to take a big leap into your intuition. That is not the dazzling lights, or the profound and unusual sounds, that is something deeper inside of you in your own intuition that can attune to this energy and decide whether it is appropriate or not.

Sometimes appropriate is a better way of approaching it then that it is curing a particular disease or a particular difficulty because it may lead you to something more important, it may take you on a journey and that will ultimately be more useful than the simple criteria that this technology is helping things or in this case perhaps hurting them.

As you experiment and learn from this you begin to recognize that there are underlying principles. If the principles can be adhered to with a deeper understanding of what we would term leading edge relative truth then you may recognize some equipment is truly, deeply valuable. Those are difficult principles to accept if you have adhered to other principles for a long time.

So, if you see disease as an enemy and we are suggesting that that is a very short sighted, very narrow view, then you would hold that various technologies that kill and destroy disease at a remote location are perhaps things that are good and yet we are suggesting that they are not. Because when you look at that larger principle you must grow and change as a result. Leading edge relative truth is a powerful concept but it is simply an acknowledgement that it is an absolute reference that these things are constantly evolving. How you present, how you understand, how you work with others.

Which leads us to the most important attribute as you begin to investigate your own habits, the way in which the blinders and the filters that you work through limit you. That is your willingness to ask. Simply to be at a place of asking, of inquiring, looking at it, rather than simply taking it for granted is the most powerful first step. Such questions as is it true and how do you know it’s really true?

These are important steps towards uncovering that leading edge relative truth that exist somewhere deep in you. But, any who engage in processes of inquiry will often then be drawn to those who are the leaders in this and hence we must refer to this individual, Byron Katie as having explored and looked at the value of asking these questions with its deliberate intent to change you; to shift the nature of your being. This process gradually evolves as you work with it. To the point where you are actually asking questions, inquiring, looking at things more than just accepting, more than not looking.

This is the profound shift that actually goes to your highest level of consciousness and is something you take with you. Oh, you say, I have always questioned my reality, I have always been the one to act up in class and question the teacher and not swallow things whole, etc. But, this is only the beginning, so many of the powerful ideas that govern your planet are ready now to be dismantled. Must be dismantled or as the evidence is showing, particularly through global warming that indeed you will suffer as a result. The earth itself will be harmed as a result. Species will die and there will be many consequences for many people.

It is important then not just to question assumptions, to look more deeply at the nature of being but to question yourself. Why you have placed those assumptions in your consciousness. Many times it is simply because you didn’t know better, because you inherited it from those around you. But, sometimes it is because there is something you are afraid of.

This is the other aspect to approach when dealing with disease, when working with group. When coming to places of these new aspects that are all surrounding you. What is it that you are afraid of? What is the real danger there? You may not be able to face it alone. Is there someone next to you who could help you with that? Is there someone to hold your hand as you look at that? Is there another way possible as you open to this energy? Now perhaps Jill you have a few questions you might toss out.

Jill: Is there a way to understand how the universal laws of reflection, karma and thought work together in creating karmic miasmic diseases like cancer?

Hilarion: Yes. It is a big one to simply speak on one of the universal laws. To simply speak on one of the universal laws is a profound and important act but as you look at the interconnections between them this is tremendously powerful. Reflection is telling you as above so below, the whole idea of manifestation, bringing things into form into here into now, the very nature of being itself, these are important aspects to look at. But, as you begin to approach this issue of the long-term diseases, the diseases that are carried within the soul you begin to see why there is a tendency than for these to go very, very deep and that in true and deep healing as is sometimes provided by homeopathy, in considering miasms, you end up approaching and learning about these laws.

But, the interesting thing is that even not considered from the point of view of disease you will work with these laws, you will work with the law of reflection especially every day in so many aspects karma is reminding you on so many levels that you have an effect in the world; cause, effect, leading to cause, leading to effect. So as you are approaching and understanding these you will have a personal understanding of this sometimes the tiny aha!, you contemplate and look at the action of these laws in your life is the first, most important clue to dismantling the miasm.

Is there a tendency within you to blindness in that particular area, to some area that you are unwilling to look at? This will then show up in the usual way that homeopathy begins to approach the miasms; the syphilitic miasm, the sychotic miasm, the heavy metal miasm the petrochemical miasm and so on. As if there are tendencies then as these energies relate to the world that come back to something personal, something very deep just in your nature.

Sometimes as you begin to contemplate and look at this you will not be able to understand the whole picture but you can see one little thing you can change, one way you can better use the law of reflection, one way you can better understand what you are creating in the world and work with the law of karma. One way in which you recognize the nature of your being, that is the law of manifestation as you understand it, the answer of the question, who am I?

Sometimes this is a more personal way of working with this then to understand it from a more scientific point of view but the scientific point of view has its place also simply in the way then in which you have energy. Homeopathy has no energy, it is information, it is the capacity to shift the vibrations somewhere within you that you then take on, work with and manifest throughout your being. In this way it is so powerful because indeed it is not energy it is information. So what is the information within you that could change your life? That could shift the nature of your being as you let it?

We suggest that in the contemplation of the interactivity of any of the universal lawss and especially any three of them you will release a spark, a capacity within you to change things. Now in dealing with healing systems this naturally brings us to the idea of seven- which keeps showing up over and over. In music, as the seven tones of the scale then the octave for the repeat into the next, for the seven chakras, for the aspects of color or sound these are only the tiniest, littlest piece.

There are beings that coexist with you, powerful but very slow, a whole different time frame. These are the crystals. They exist deep in your earth, they radiate energy, they are small brothers and sisters on this earth that you use for healing, interaction or simply to adorn yourself for connecting to those larger energies. So there are many aspects that are shared, often times one will choose seven colors of tourmaline or quartz, or even the rubies sapphires that is the corundum family. These can often be helpful when you are attuning to a larger vibration.

But, we suggest if at all possible do not follow the ideal of a fixed rule, certain colors for certain healing, use your own intuition, use your own experience of how you relate to these stones. An example of this is obvious for anyone working with red corundum, that is with ruby. Many of you will recognize that red would be a base chakra energy, and energy perhaps associated with survival, or for some people perhaps sexuality. But, if you hold a raw ruby in your hand this often more powerful and more helpful then an attunement to this vibration than a polished clear gem. But, these are also commonly available so you may use those. Are those the energies you receive as you gaze into the ruby do you attune to those sexual energies? Do you attune to root chakra? Many individuals do not.

 Instead there is a whole different energy that begins to emerge; perhaps a spiritual energy or an attunement to something very beautiful. One reason for this is because of your past life association with this stone. So you therefore must recognize that in holding any system, any particular area of filters you cannot simply use those filters as derived by someone else. You must open to those that are created within your own being. We suggest if you are applying these seven aspects one to the other that you don't need the physical stones, just a little photograph or reminder, just the word. A description may be enough to help you attune to this and then you may find it quite valuable to seek out that stone in a rock store and decide for yourself if it is valuable.

It need not be in its most expensive form to be an energizer or something drawing energy to you or helping you. It could be something so simple that is shifts your consciousness as you sleep. Because, here is a reminder, something connected to the world, to all beings, to all aspects of energy, and so for now we are calling into existence the presence of what we would term the crystal masters. These are beings who understand and work with these stones and have done so for a long time. They recognize that it is not about individual knowledge, about the specific usage, but the general idea of a welcoming of these energies.

So we ask you to recognize around you right now a beautiful place, a palace made of crystal. Perhaps in this palace though there are more than just the clear colors there are all colors. You see before you a place to sit or lay down, perhaps a healing crystal table or a beautiful dais or a chair and as you approach it, its colors radiate and call to you. For some of you these will be the ruby colors we mentioned, for others it will be aqua, for others clear, for others violet or purple, whatever the color that emerges though it is especially to touch your heart and to allow you this awakening of an energy.

No, such places do not exist so easily on the physical because those stones are rare and expensive when you are on the surface of the earth. But, if you in your imagination recognize this presence you are then immediately interacting with the crystal realm and their bridges. A bridge created by the crystal masters, non-physical beings simply radiating, helping you.

They hold your hand and take you onto this chair or this healing chamber or this place to sit or lie down. As they do so, you recognize the smile, the love, the energy. We ask you now in a moment of quiet to be bathed in their light, to see the room as it fills with light, each crystalline structure becoming brilliant and especially that which you are next to. Healing, strengthening, loving and these beings as they guide this energy send you this sense of optimism, of love, of hope.

They aren’t asking you to do anything different. They do not want anything from you they are simply showing you this is. As you breathe this energy we ask you now to recognize that it is possible to have it as part of your daily actions, part of your movement. So as you see yourself seated or lying down in a special place, then stretch. Let the physical body move, let the energy stretch as if to say these can be at once together. Are there further questions?

Jill: Yes. Hilarion, what steps can one take prior to and after surgery to positively influence the outcome and recovery time? This is for both minor and major surgery. What can one do nutritionally, vibrationally, emotionally, mentally? Which foods, supplements, essences or herbs can one use to support oneself?

Hilarion: The most important attribute here, when you are trying to do the thing that is right for the body, in preparation for any particular healing activity, be it surgery or simply your own hands on self healing is education; learning as much as you can about these matters. In this regard we suggest a ripping away of some of the old beliefs because they stand in your way and most importantly reading the works of Vonderplanitz because these not only rip away and shift but they also provide much in the way of healing directly.

His own physical experiences, particularly those very recently with breaking of many bones, ripping of flesh from the body and other things occurring in traffic accident and his ability to heal without any surgery, even though it was strongly recommended that bones be pinned together and various components cut away and rebuilt and so on by the surgical doctors, simply by using the right foods. By resting, by applying heat, increase circulation, by allowing the energies their own way and then as soon as possible gentle, weightless, stress-less movement.

These are difficult sometimes to imagine, yet, those who are convinced that the body has its own natural healing mechanisms are creating the number one belief pattern to allow this healing. Would it be possible then should Vonderplanits have had so much of this deep seated belief that without the foods he could have healed, is something no one will know. It would appear however that the raw materials are an important part of the process as long as you are a living, human being as long as you are working with these energies. So this is the first place to begin.

If you are convinced, that is, you believe truly, deeply that the best way forward in order to allow this body of healing is to take on being cut, by using surgery for instance, then the first most important thing is that the aspects of preparation for this include sufficient, absorbable, helpful, raw fats. That those fats are properly assimilated by the available enzymes and that the belief patterns associated with this, the idea that these are going where they are the most needed in the body are an important part of the process.

We often suggest the aetheric body be strengthened. This is done through regular visualization, sweeping or clearing energy and of course the use of inert gas as we have often suggested in the past. It is not just through this vehicle but through others as well that this technology has been made available. There are many ways in which it is likely to be applied further in the future. But, the idea is similar to nutrition that by very gently supplementing the aetheric body you prepare it for the healing process after surgery.

But, more importantly, you prepare it to accept the new changes. The aetheric body generally transmits its most profound aspect, that it, its conceptual self image to the physical after a period of approximately six months for most people. So, during the time in which you are building the aetheric body, thinking of how this will work in six months you would then be aware of the changes that you would need and allow them in at the same time as the supplemental aetheric energy. In this way you are not just preparing, you are actually manifesting the acceptance.

After all, the greatest difficulty in any surgical procedure is that afterwards there is some rejection to the point that this actually draws in microbes, parasites, or even viruses that attack the site and produce infection and difficulty. The acceptance, after all then is the appropriate attribute. But, on the positive side, after six months the changes may even begin all on their own. This as self-surgery, without having to go under the knife, to hold in the possibility of this, to welcome it, this is important.

In the utilization of these very powerful, healing substances that use raw fats so much benefit can be taken. But, we do not wish to dwell on that excessively as a lot of re-education is often necessary in order to use these substances and that is why we direct you to the books. Because they take you first through aspects of de-programming before they introduce the solutions. You can of course, defeat this if your own aspect of self-sabotage or difficulty is strong enough then read the book in reverse order. Start at the back and work to the front as many do and in this way you will have then no programming of these new ideas and you can simply reject it.

But, for those who understand the intent of what we are suggesting you will see that there is deeply within your own consciousness, a desire, a willingness, a knowledge that you are healed, that this energy is available. If you can tap into that then it will be easier to read it from front to back and allow that de-programming and that shiftingyou’re your consciousness.

In addition to all of this, though there is the idea that you deserve it. How do you shift that? How do you welcome that? How do you allow that deservability? One useful tool for this is simply to love yourself. However that means to you. Often we suggest a very simply exercise where you sit in front of the mirror, preferably in the nude and say out loud, “I love you my feet. I love you my ankles, I love you my knees.”

You work through your body in this way with a real feeling, a real sense of it. In that situation again with that previous mention, love is not wanting something, you are not asking the body to be different, you are simply appreciating it just as it is. Interestingly enough, this simple technique is one of the most profound techniques for coming to your optimum weight.

Sometimes after doing this repeatedly, after just a few days, an individual suddenly has far fewer cravings for foods that are unhealthy, naturally begins to lose weight through bouts of diarrhea perhaps or need for great exercise or intense sweating. It is as if the aetheric body knows it is ready, when it is loved, to love you back to the way in which you are at optimum health, optimum benefit, optimum love.

One question has been asked about the Christ. About this being and what he would have said about today, about your future, about the nature of what it was to be here. One thing that seems so certain, so much the same, this powerful message of love that his being had for everyone on your planet. In many ways this is not taken to heart to the degree to which it could be. It is an energy that is still rejected, still seen at a very personal level as that which is valuable to reject for some reason.

Many of the children who are now growing up with all of the difficulties and all of the struggles still, they are receiving a new message, sometimes whispered, sometimes it is only given if you take them out of school or put them in the right school where such a message is important. They are no longer being shamed for not knowing. They are no longer being told that they are not lovable.

This will have a profound effect on your planet but why not do that right now with your own child? Your inner being? Loving her, loving him, letting that being be with you, resonate with you and love you back. This will be the message. This would be the energy of that Christ love, that energy within your heart. That energy simply, to be.

Because in that place where you let go of the future, when you let go of the past, because in that place in presence do you not notice? Can you feel that energy that is love without wanting? Be that place that welcomes and knows that love? In your future it is likely that there will be more of this but what is its ultimate limit? To what extent do you see that this is humanity’s evolution? Humanity’s destiny? This is the true message to love others. To be loved by others. To know that love as the foundation of your society, as the foundation of your being. Are there further questions?

Jill: Please comment on the difficulty to procure good, raw fats like raw butter and other unadulterated foods.

Hilarion: Luckily, those in Asia have anticipated your problem and have been producing significant quantities of coconuts so that with a little effort on your part, by extracting the fat from these you can continue in your healing processes that are encouraged with fat. But, indeed it does bring up the bigger issue about how these important materials that have been on your planet for so long can be continuously brought into your world.

There is no easy solution to this when you see that there are those in positions of power who wish to stop it. Why do they? Perhaps they are afraid that their own economic interests will be changed. But, at the higher level that you will be healed, that the aspects of what deprivation of fat provides, are somehow desirable to those in positions of power. That is more fear, more agitation, poor sleep, less healing and so on.

So, of course you see the ramifications of this as second and third generation children born with very little fat in the parents then able in their own bodies to draw in more micro-organisms, more physical difficulties even when the fat is applied. Still, these difficulties. It is a generational issue but you then see this larger picture and what to do about it.

There are those in positions of power who are then struggling to hold onto their own identities as the owners of the oil; those commanders of the armies, as those who are the bosses who tell you what to do and in this way deserve respect or whatever. Of course you know that is nonsense. They are like little children before you in your place of love. That is the first solution. That somehow in your own consciousness you love those in positions of struggle or difficulty. Somehow you tell them, “you are loveable also.”

And of course at the practical level community is always being formed. Cow shares to provide cream and eventually butter; people who learn from each other and are able to crack coconuts in large quantities; people who are able to share the energies of deeper healing. You know the benefit you have experienced by having sufficient quantities of raw butter with your food.

So instead of depending entirely on that, let those around you hold their hands near you now as if to say that experience is with you. It is a part of your being. Glide into it; the smoothness of butter. Soothing and strengthening all aspects of your being. Now we recognize that there are various solutions to this that you can come up with but the why of it becomes difficult when you are unable to apply it to yourself.

What is there within your own being that has ever wanted to deprive someone else of something? Or worse deprive yourself of something? Is it time for that to end? These are personal questions that cannot have answers that other people to apply but for you to look at these can be a very helpful tool at this time. It will also lead you to a place that you may find other solutions, other people to become partners with and work with. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes. Thank you, Hilarion. Can you please comment further on the explosion of childhood mental illnesses? Specifically, bipolar, ADHD, sensory-integration disorder and autism spectrum disorders?

Hilarion: The brain is the source of much of the difficulties. The difficulty of the powerful pressure from higher levels of consciousness, from what you came in with, all the knowledge you’ve accumulated and the poor functioning at the physical level because there isn’t very much fat. This provides a sort of overload situation. At the same time a burning up of karma, a willingness to create change and where the proper foods are introduced, helpful, healing vegetable juices alternated with powerful, strengthening raw fats. Changes gradually taking place as materials are then released that are toxic and difficult and as the nerves can gradually rebuild.

Also exercise, very important as there is this opportunity to unite the left and the right portions of the brain. Still though, many children have come here at this time. They have chosen very specifically to explore this. For some of them they will need to overcome it and teach others. For some, the experiences of their parents helping them overcome this will be a profound message. For others, it will be a time of murkiness, a deeper understanding and a burning off of karma for they might have harmed someone in the past. You can step into those situations and simply reveal to them, “There is another way.” There is a way of forgiveness, a way of deeper love. Most importantly, forgiving yourself and knowing the healing is possible within your being. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes. Thank you, Hilarion. Nearly a century ago Krishnamurti renounced the mantle of “world teacher” that the theosophical society tried to place on him. With their current web broadcast Oprah and Tolle may be seen as presenting the current world teaching though both would also most likely reject the mantle of “world teachers.” In many ways Tolle’s teachings can be looked at as a more understandable version of Krishnamurti’s teachings. Can you give us a little perspective of all of this?

Hilarion: It is a difficult question to answer without excessive commenting on other channels. We often suggest that others avoid this as well and of course we must be an example of this. It is important to recognize that we have spoken a little about this in the Gem Elixir books but it is important as you recognize your own inner teacher. You realize that one of the most powerful tools that Krishnamurti brought to the world-- to reject teachers.

How then, can you speak of a teacher in such a context? To reject those that are going to enforce power over you or be your guru and understand your own inner light, your own inner guru? Tolle and Oprah are also taking steps in this direction. It is surprising to notice how many individuals have not heard of this, have not been attuning to these classes widely available for free on the internet.

Yet, this is important because it has not quite been there time yet. But, if then you do attune to this, if you do work with these energies, you will come back again and again to this place of stillness, this place of presence in which dwells then, this true teacher, this true nature of your being. If you study Krishnamurti’s life you will see why he rejected this business of coming to a position of being indeed the next Christ, the great world teacher because it would obviously be so counter-productive for people to develop their own inner teacher.

So, here again a wave of this energy in which you are then told from the very beginning with the work of Tolle, to attune to this teacher, to look at the power of your own being before you even listen, before you even work with what he has to say. This is the next tiny step forward in this evolution. But the next step beyond this is something to come from within you. An acknowledgement not only that this energy is present that knows that you are, that this love is there, it is a part of your being. But something greater, something that exteriorizes, something that connects to the person next to you, to your family, to your children, to the world, even to your politicians.

Some of those coming into positions of power are open to this but they will become more open to it as you open this powerful threshold now you recognize the real benefit of Oprah’s work with Tolle to connect millions at once and to remain connected in different ways, acknowledging the place of presence, acknowledging this interactive energy as the weeks go on.

This is a useful and important tool but it is also a reminder that you must go beyond at every stage by asking the deeper questions, by looking at the deeper meaning, by awakening to this leading edge relative truth you begin to recognize that all of your notions of what you thought connectivity meant, what you thought was the limit or barrier or borderline between people, these perhaps need to be re-examined. So, perhaps with those words this would be a good time to end today.

We are very grateful to your willingness to expand your concept about what is possible; to do so now in a whole different way, not to the words or the ideas but simply by your being. To notice your breath and exclude naturally anything else, letting go of questions, ideas, thoughts to simply return to the breath. That breathing now, inviting the emerald light, expanding magnificently, connecting you infinitely upwards, connecting you to mother earth center and within that energy, within that breath you notice who you are, you notice love. You notice this energy, naturally, easily expanding to fill the cylinder of light and beyond as it moves out one hundred feet, five hundred feet, many miles it encompasses the entire earth. It breathes with you; earth loving, breathing, sustaining you. We ask you to be aware of a sound within this earth energy, a gentle ommm which bubbles up into your body to be shared out loud. Goodbye.

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