Hilarion Summer Solstice Channeling 2008

Jill: Greetings. Today is June 21, 2008. We are gathered in Nevada City for the Hilarion channeling for the Summer Solstice. Hilarion will be answering questions that are asked by those in attendance and by those sent in over the internet. For further information on channeling, books, tapes and cd’s, and videos, contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209 Nevada City, CA 95959, or contact us on the web at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Take a moment to simply tune into mother Earth and to her loving extension as you, made of earth stuff, earth physical body, yet also this idea that you are spirit beings coming into physicality in order to breathe and know both of these aspects symbolized by the idea of a simple emerald light.

Allow it to come into a cylinder about 100 feet in diameter, that is about 33 meters, from infinitely upwards through center of earth providing this sense of connection at infinitely upwards and yet at center of earth, connection with mother earth. The idea of this is not just for connection and protection however, it is to recognize your role.

You are here not only to steward earth, to learn from each other, but also for the experience of being physical; of being alive in the world and what it means to your soul. There are many who have passed through gates of coming here to this earth only to be very confused by this. Yet, now a critical mass has been reached in which the attraction to be here so far outweighs every other impediment, every other block, every other possibility.

This is one of the underlying forces to bring greater population to this planet. Why many of the predictions from the past, from various other beings who have seen catastrophes and destruction for humanity have not come into being. It is this idea that all could somehow be here together, all could somehow learn from each other, help each other, love each other, or if such was your collective decision, destroy each other.

To understand this deeper choice in your own heart, is to recognize two things: the power, the capacity to do these things, to manifest these things but also the tremendous love you have for your own bodies, for your earth, for each other, for the beauty that surrounds you, and all of the manifestations of life and therefore in a subtle, gentle way, the appreciation of this entire process, the appreciation of your soul. In this way we would welcome your souls here now and ask you to do this, too.

You do not always share the same concept of what a soul is. It is clearly a consciousness before but to understand this is in a sense that is unique to you, is to understand it in the sense of your own soul, your own nature, your own essence, that which exists independent of the physical body. A way to understand this for yourself sometimes must go beyond that which is merely logical. But here then, you enter into a different realm; a place where you are sensing and feeling light.

Now there are those on your planet who would say that the animals do not have souls. But, in this way we would certainly, strongly disagree. In this way probably be then removed from the Catholic religion. Unfortunately though, this understanding is all pervasive in the sense that in some of these societies a person born into a very low caste is barely seen to have a soul. So we would ask you in your heart, in your sense of what this means to understand and welcome the soul of a rock, of an insect, of an animal, of a human, of the earth, of the sun, of your galaxy, of your universe.

This is a difficult concept when it is as if you are to know every facet of this soul but that is not what we are asking. It is the way in which your heart, the part of you that can awaken. The essence that is somehow naturally a part of your soul simply recognizes another soul. In this sense we would ask you now to extend this very particularly to the animal life on your planet.

In this time of the summer solstice the earth is at its place of maximum and minimum. In the northern hemisphere it is the longest day. In the southern hemisphere it is the longest night. It is as if the earth is in this powerful place between breathing. A full in breath, a full out breath and in this moment between a brief period of silence, a brief period of inner, a brief period of an expression and an attunement but the animals learn from the humans, listen to them, interact with them.

They are confused, various sounds, of a very profound and powerful nature; many energies of a destructive capability through chemistry, through changes in the environment and many other things. As a collective soul, as a collective energy, they want to understand this. They do not understand this of course by means which you might- through logic or science but it is an understanding of the heart that you share with many of them.

No, some of them are very different from you such as the insect kingdom but as they cry out together, as they ask for this together there is one simple answer that they will understand. It is the love that you manifest that you know for the animals, that you feel in your heart for them, that you extend to them in a place of compassionate embrace; a respectful distance with love and understanding and admiration of their grace or beauty.

It is this which we would ask you to recognize and welcome now. This is a very special thing to have these creatures sharing the earth with you. You see it and know it when as a result of humanity’s actions, these creatures disappear, the species die out, or they suffer in their ways different from what you understand of your suffering. Theirs is a clear, physical one that relates to the soul. After all, there is a soul consciousness associated with a species and when an entire species disappears it is as if that soul is now no longer able, no longer permitted to incarnate.

Eventually, another planet will be found, another way, or the soul will change in some way and come through in a different form but there is this moment of sadness, this moment of energy. This is an excellent time to feel it and know it. Because, what you can multiply, add to and work with your own love is the energy of this bursting forth from the earth in the northern hemisphere, this transference from spring to summer. This awakening of powerful, loving, energy that says, “I am.”

Astrologically this relates to the energy and focus on the individual as relating to the longest day as opposed to the group relating to the night. So in the northern hemisphere this is a bursting forth of energy that says, “to the animal kingdom there is love, there is strength, there is support. We do not always understand what we do but we still love.”

We ask you to allow this now for all of your animal totem friends; the beings that you recognize as having particular meaning to you, but also the other energies. Those that you have learned about and heard about, those that you have been in contact with or interacted with in the past.

One of these kingdoms is on the frontlines of the dramatic and powerful experiments that are going on, on your planet, with the idea of changing humanity’s consciousness. This is the emission of various sound frequencies at the same time as vibrations in the earth. Ostensibly it is initially created in order to work with underground energies that could eventually be used to understand earthquakes and to avert them or change them. But, it has been perceived that many of those sonic vibrations have profound negative effects on humans and as a result some individuals in positions of power choosing to control, to cause populations to be upset or whatever, began experimenting with this.

Humankind has an incredible ability to evolve, to move beyond these things. It may take a few generations but gradual resistances are being put in place; technological solutions and ways of increasing energy through meditation, through different attunements, through awakenings, all kinds of things happening. But, this leaves the animals in the proverbial dust. Those in particular on the front lines are the cetaceans. As the whales, dolphins and others come up against these powerful sounds they would seek your own assistance.

So, if you have ever admired one of these beings, and who hasn’t? If you have ever had some sense of kinship simply have now this sense of love, of companionship, of caring. It can help a lot because the soul of these beings is quite sensitive to this energy. You see, when we talk about soul we do not always talk about it in the individual terms for one very specific reason. Not being in a physical body, working with energies from the other side in a whole different way from the way you do, it is easily revealed to us how souls are pieces, separate.

But, communicating with each other in profound and powerful ways that YOU would call a soul. Now, we know this seems very confusing but it is simply that the vibration is so similar amongst those pieces that they consider themselves one. They have a name, it is typically the name of the last incarnation, they have a vibration associated with them which you would call individuality.

But, in fact a significant portion of the energy associated with your soul is that which is not easily available to you, hidden, veiled, separate. In some ways you do not understand this but when we look at you, or when most beings who are nonphysical will look at you: guides, helpers, but many beings even who do not have positive intent towards you, they see this. This makes you relatively easy to manipulate energetically and vibrationally.

At the more physical level, the dense vibrational level, there is no manipulation possible. It is only when you are in a resonant vibration with those negative energies that there could be a problem. And similarly, only when you are in resonance with the positive, helpful vibration can they be of much help to you.

One question has been posed about pain in the physical body. There are many ways to work with it, to learn from it, to understand it, and there is much that has been spoken about it by many individuals in the past. We could certainly add to this on many levels with regard to physical, with regard to health and many other things. But, the component that has not been spoken about much is the way in which the parts of the soul that have answers, that love you, that are a part of your being, the parts of the soul that care for you deeply may in their sense be disconnected, be separated, and unable to transmit one crucial vibration.

This produces a sort of interference pattern. It will typically be picked up by those who are psychically attuned as a vibration in the chakra. It may be seen as a light or an energy by those who are sensitive to it or heard as a sound but we see it as an interference. This interference is not external it is simply that, by through habit, through karma, through choice, through some way in which that which is made physical is in a state of lack of communication, miscommunication or interfered communication, with some component of the soul.

For numbers here sometimes it is helpful to recognize the averages and that is that most people have about 10% of the soul incarnate. The other 90% you might think of in a positive and helpful way as sort of floating around out there. That is of course, silly because it has an actual location that is not in 3-D space and it has an actual vibration that is significantly different enough from your physical that remain separate.

But, in the sense that it is available to you in dreams, in meditations, in attunements, in various ways of awakening, simply to know that it is floating around, that it is available is helpful, too welcome it, to enjoy, to be a part of it. This has been recognized for centuries; so many beings in so many different civilizations, so many ways of welcoming and knowing this energy. So, for you personally how can you find your way through this? The answer of course is very simple if you can accept as a belief pattern, as an aspect simply on faith, those numbers. After all, if 90% of it is “out there” you've got a lot of help you’re not using. It is possible to use it.

Now of course we've spoken about this before, when we spoke about the law of help. The law of help simply states that if you ask, so then shall it be given. This is not a sense of pleading or a demand it is simply the energy that allows, it is the nature of the universe. The difficulty is, that sometimes the help comes in a way in which you recognize that it is not the package that you originally thought. The pain itself can actually be the help that you desire, the aspect of change or struggle, the resistance, the aspects that make it more difficult. These can be the very thing you need most for the soul’s benefit, for the benefit of your unconscious, for the way in which you are to grow, to discharge and release toxicity.

Now you can see this at the physical level in a single individual when they produce resistances to help. When help is offered and in some way they are unwilling to work with it, manifest it, reach for it, understand it, accept it, know it, create it, might be another way to see it. But it is also true for groups. When a large group of beings on your planet then are choosing a new path and yet are unable to receive the help that is offered to them by others on your planet, and even larger groups than that when you understand the soul of an entire race, a species, a consciousness.

It is as if then if you understand it from this more fluid way of being that there is more help available than you realize. This does not mean that the solution to end pain is as simple as asking for help, or does it? It is as if there is an aspect that then is asking can you ask for help with the part of your being, with the soul of your own essence, with that part that is somewhere in the 90% that has not previously asked?

This is why contextual shifts, doing practices that change things around, bringing into a new way of thinking, etc. can often be a powerful tool. Not because the practice itself makes a difference, because it shifts how you ask. The place from which you ask, the soul aspect from which you ask. Naturally this leads into another portion, a whole idea of a soul existing before, after, during lifetimes, birthing experiences etc. etc.

Not only is this a fascinating area to look into it is one that most humans have an extensive amount of experience with. The difficulty is that many aspects of your society have very strongly put your attention on becoming physical. This is very important so you tend to push out some of those memories. They are of course memories that are flooded with tremendous degree of new experience.

When you were nonphysical you do not feel anywhere in the sense that you do when you are physical. Suddenly, then becoming physical you push out many of these memories. Many of those memories however, are still there just waiting for you to recognize them. This is often the way in which any writing, any understanding or channeling about this process of becoming physical, nonphysical etc. hits home for you, reminds you that there is something of value here because it is familiar from your own personal experience.

Specifically though the question relates to the soul of a child before it assumes human form, before it even starts the process while it is in the process of preparation. The interesting thing about this process is that many of these souls have an opportunity to influence affairs of humankind and frequently do so from a level of great wisdom, maturity, understanding, and awareness.

But, doing so opens a door for them, or vibrational connection to a person on earth because the overriding concern as we began speaking of is to become physical, is to interact, they then become physical and suddenly are then working very hard in an entirely different realm. The realm of growing up in a physical body which nowadays is quite intense; working with the school system, various methods of nurturing and helping the child along, bringing through the blocks that are needed to clear karma, etc. etc.

The effect of this is that a great leader, a person of great wisdom, an Elder, a helper who has been looking over, assisting, suddenly disappears. Here it is again when this soul concept can be helpful. If the soul is fully enmeshed in every aspect of physicality, but many times it is not, there is available energy for this. Does this mean that you should be asking the children, particularly the really little ones or even the children in utero for help with global warming? For assistance with the economy? For a new way to understand physics?

The answer to this is that for those who are going to be doing this when they grow up you are going to be helping them a lot by asking them about such things. You will be preparing them much further along than merely this idea that they are simply here to get physical. In other words tapping into this tremendous reservoir of wisdom is in some ways a more powerful tool than working with the beings who are choosing for a long time then not to become physical to act in the capacity of an overseer or an Elder, because these being will answer.

This is one of the reasons why when someone is thinking about having a child and tuning into the consciousness, having read about it in a book and such they are not able to make contact. It is because the child to be says something along the line of, ”Well, these days it’s sort of like, boring. Why would I be in communication with that one when I’m really interested in is-- what I will do when I get into a body? So, you will find these as the inspiration for some of your great leaders. Why they can at times approach things with fresh, new ideas with the wisdom of a child perhaps, or the willingness to speak from the heart.

So, in this way you may find that you can gradually entice them, not only to learn about being physical but about how interesting it might be to be here. If indeed then the parents of a child to be can think about it from that point of view, what do we have to offer, what are we going to do with this child? What direction might he or she go in?

Now, of course this seems obvious to some and yet, when you have had a child you usually recognize they go off in a direction you never anticipated. That is not because they are not taking the gifts that you have to offer. It is because you could not conceive that the direction that those gifts would go in would be far beyond you. Think of it in reference to what a child might enjoy of your heart; of the loving aspect of encouragement, of awakening, of consciousness.

You may then be led then more easily to enable, assist, and bring this communication more clearly into form. There is another aspect to this that is becoming more and more clear as there is more recognition of the soul, as there is more understanding of this process, gradually there are then a sort of spiritual mid-wifery, a sort of spiritual intervention, a bridging taking place.

This energy is where you, aware of this process but not particularly interested. Too old, to young, whatever in having a child can be a bridge, helping the child to recognize the benefit to come into a body and make an association with a friend of yours. I know just the perfect person for you to come through. This might be an important way in which you can allow this communication and have a direct experience of these beings yourself.

Now, when you look at these souls and look at the larger collective consciousness associated with souls, it only make sense to be looking at it also from the point of view of groups that have similar intent or vibration. This has been called similar in other ways such as similar density or similar dimension. But, what we are talking about here in similarity vibration will frequently be a similar process and a similar goal.

So, you have countries with the aims that are as a collective, fairly well defined as to how they are going and what they are about. Many times that will indeed magnetize energies of higher vibrational beings to steer, to assist, to work with these energies. Right now as elders of USA you will see some of those you do know, you are already familiar with such as Abraham Lincoln and even those who have understood some of the intrinsic scientific aspects such as Albert Einstein.

But, there are also those elders who work far behind the scenes. These are sometimes beings who are actually incarnated on your planet. In order to fully understand and work with the energies available they must be in physical bodies. They will usually hide out and they will usually in their higher consciousness not have a name. They are the anonymous ones or as some have called them, homo sapiens serinismus, the serene ones. But, their consciousness are the true elders of regions of the world and frequently of countries.

For instance, one in a relatively young physical body existing in the New York area guiding and working with the energies that impact most of the actions on the east coast of USA. In particular, hurricanes, windstorms, flooding and various other matters which now are in progress as they move across USA. These energies are principally to clear, to clean, to shift; to move things in a way relating to emotion as are so frequently associated with the energy of water.

In this way then, it is possible to see that the elders are not simply those who work as you might imagine spewing off wisdom or ideas. There’s no shortage of ideas and the wisdom is in short supply, it is that which many people can tap into because they know it already. It is now a matter of facing the realities as the consequences of what has been created, that appeals then, to the consciousness of the elders as the most important thing for you to learn.

From this point of view an interesting phenomena is now appearing in USA. This business of one senator against another. One representing age, wisdom, experience, suffering through his incarceration and another representing youthful enthusiasm, a blending of new ides and the possibility of the repair of some of the racial divides that have occurred in USA for many hundreds of years and more recently have been brought as a clear focus for all of humanity to understand.

These aspects must somehow be blended. There must be a way in which they will work together or the larger message will be lost on humanity. This is the principle message of the guiding elders at this time relating to this upcoming election. Their intent is as much as possible to alert people to this. Every step that the youthful enthusiast takes to bringing wisdom into his team; every step that the elder takes to bring youthful enthusiasm unto his team will be the deciding factor that will more than anything else push this election towards one or the other.

Obviously, by poll taking, by looking at what is present at this time there is a clear swing towards Obama. This is representative of the idea in your consciousness that you want something different, you want to repair these divides, you want to bring forth a shift on your planet but at the same time it is fraught with the fear of uncertainty as to the correct form of action as to how this can come forward. It is clear that a greater degree of wisdom will be necessary to bring this into action.

Hence, if you are seeking then this change, find the wisdom in yourself. Send this in your sense of your own love, your own capacity to do what is fair, appropriate, balanced, most useful for the planet for the big picture, for your grandchildren perhaps. Then send this an energy to this being, to his elders, to those who work with him. Many have recognized affiliation between this individual and the individual Abraham Lincoln previously mentioned.

We would not say that from our view of this that this is a re-incarnation of this individual but clearly many powerful and intimate connections and many vibrational similarities. In this sense it is possible that these energies will unfold in an appropriate and imbalanced fashion. But, there are those who recognize how risky it is and how many energies can line up to turn things at the very last minute in a whole different direction. This is where this wisdom, this guidance, this love is so important for those who see this as a valuable path.

Of course, you would not deny that to the other candidate, either. Nor would you recognize in your heart any need to deprive anyone of wisdom or love. In this way the usefulness of an election, deciding in yourself as these are representations of yourself. What component in yourself do you vote for? What aspect of yourself are you willing to bring forward? And in this way you may be able to grow and learn as a result.

Still though, this does bring up the aspect that you are looking at this from so many different points of view as to what actually is a dimension. There are those who call it density and this is related in its definition of mass per unit volume. It is in relation to the idea of that which is heavier, that which has molecules closer together, being more physical and where they are more spread apart such as in a vapor or a gas that this is more somehow non-physical.

This does have a certain parallel most certainly to what is happening in your universe. It gives you a sort of feeling for the subtlety and the inter-penetration that the higher densities have. Meaning: the densities that are actually less dense. But to call them lower densities will typically bring up for individuals the idea of something that is heavier and more physical, which is exactly the opposite of what is usually meant by this term.

Dimensions, is more specific in the way in which it relates to integral amounts. Specifically, three dimensions, four dimensions, five dimensions, have you heard of five and three quarter dimensions? Certainly, not. In this way it relates very much to how you view and understand your world through the concepts of spatial interaction or through time, etc.

But, in point of fact it is the essence through which the manifestation of the multiple soul phenomena we’ve described where that ninety percent lives is indeed at a higher or more accurately-- multi-dimensionality. These aspects then, inter-relate just in the same way very much similar to how the fourth and third react and interact or the third dimension and the second. You do not have direct access to the second but you understand it very clearly because of pieces of paper on which you are writing or drawing in which you can then make representations of three dimensional objects in two dimensions.

This awareness of this energy is helpful in order to receive the input, assistance and love from the fourth dimension to you here now in the world. This is not separate from you this is a part of your soul, this and higher dimensions as well. But, what good does it do you? How does it help you to understand and conceive of this? Simply because you then have a pseudo-scientific explanation for what in the olden days was termed “magical, superstition, turned into that which is more science.” You don’t have to be afraid of your own soul would be another way to see it.

That is good as far as it goes but it doesn’t help you a bit in understanding and working with muti-dimensionality. But, what does, is the simple concept of the non-physical beings of which you have been and the physical beings, that which you are now as the primary point of your consciousness. Because when you were non-physical you were clearly not three dimensional. Whatever you were, you were not that. You were clearly of a different density, that which could be called a much more rarified or subtle density.

Understanding this concept is helpful because as you come to this place of greater subtlety or this aspect of higher vibration, or this awareness of something beyond the physical you can more easily receive the love, the input, the concept, the ideas from your soul, from your guidance, from the higher vibrational beings around you. But also from the sun, from the stars, from the essences of the souls of the plants, of the animals and many of the beautiful beings that co-exist and work with you here.

But this is very mystical, it is very magical in that sense and yet it has an important component when you bring in the idea which we would see superior to both concepts of dimension and density and that is simply vibration. You understand vibration. You understand it as sound, as light. Such interactions then can bring you to a state of reception, receptivity of other vibrations.

For this then, one needs to use these vibrations to answer questions. A question has been asked about the area of USA known as Yellowstone; an area of high volcanic activity and where scientists have been predicting major eruptions and difficulty for a long time and yet this does not occur.

There is an aspect of this related directly to vibrational interaction between the non-physical beings and the physicals. Beings who wish to work with these energies in a positive and helpful way are continuing to send positive, loving vibrations to this area allowing some of these energies to spread in an easy manner so that major destruction will not take place.

However, it does seem likely that in a relatively short period some small releases of energy will be necessary; many of the releases of energy along the Pacific Rim have been focused in areas outside USA. This has been a tragic period for great human loss of life and difficulty in a number of countries throughout Asia. This is a releasing of these stresses so that major destructive energies will not be unleashed for many at the same time so that the overall population can increase so that people can be here together.

This is not the action of guides and helpers separate from you. Some of this is selfish. Some guides and helpers who would really like you to make the world ready for them to incarnate. To do this, many changes must take place on your planet but as people are able to cope with these difficulties presented to them, such a world will eventually be, or much will be lost in the process.

In the meantime, small releases of stress do appear necessary. This can take place in many regions and the most critical actually in the USA is not in Yellowstone but along the Missouri faults and areas there are now being addressed with the high flood river and other water actions to assist if possible in softening some of those areas so that such destructive energies will not be particularly harmful.

In the meantime, it is a matter of your own willingness to send a positive or helpful energy to any of these places as you are drawn to it, as you see it possible, as you would find your own attraction and your own energy. But how is this done? You could say it is done telepathically, it is done by visualization, it is done energetically. But what about language, what about the way you say it, what about the way such an energy might be manifested through your voice?

This has tremendous power if the language you use has meaning to you. But, it is that meaning that makes the greatest difference. This is how your language first developed. The very simplest of meanings were coordinated, the most complex meanings by those who were guiding and assisting you. These meanings were brought forth into your consciousness as in the realm of pure idea, pure thought, pure energy and communicated amongst each other. It was not necessary to use the vocal chords for much more than emotional expression. Movement through healing, various ways of duplicating the sounds you heard around you in the majesty of nature, etc.

This is why sometimes it is difficult when you are using past life regression techniques to remember your Lemurian incarnations with great clarity because within those times, because thought was the primary mode of communication you could think the thoughts of others just as easily as you could think your own. The feelings could be shared just as easily as you would know and share your own, the sense of earth and of many beings on your planet quite separate from human also shared with you.

It was then seen by your own soul, by your own development as a collective that the individualization process would be necessary and most of your initial training and learning took place when you pass from this world as you were preparing for your next incarnation you were introduced to ideas of language. The first languages that were utilize for those of the Jmojerian people. These languages are similar in some sense of their sound and cadence to French. But the words and meanings to others quite different and these energies were given along with language the idea that you have choice in communication, that you can share ideas and work with them in different ways.

Yet, in the way in which you were able to learn and work with them you found that by depending upon them you could come to places where, emotions that cannot easily be worked with because of preconceived ideas, because of ways in which it was difficult to understand and work with those emotions, you could shut down intercommunication through thought, through heart, through the subtler levels, through those higher vibrations and begun then to depend more and more on the vocal methods.

This of course gave rise to individual languages. Some that were drawn from other cultures and civilizations, some that were created directly from intercommunication with the earth herself and some which were various combinations of these. As a result of this, the babble that now comes to your planet, the energies of multiple languages and so on, presents a useful and helpful challenge, a way in which you can communicate in different ways, learn from each other, care for each other, learn to speak each other's language has many different meanings, because it means that you are learning about each other's cultures, each other's souls, each other's way of doing things, each other's unique approach to life, your individuality.

But, all the time, always waiting just in reserve the old methods of communication are right there for you. It is by means of this, that channeling takes place, intuition on many levels, music, many ways of drawing together direct interaction with the unborn child as previously mentioned and many other things as an intrinsic part of your world, not well recognized and certainly not well trained but there nevertheless.

As you awaken to this more, you may find that there are certain underlying issues that relate to the very beginning of this. The law of progress in its first corollary would state as a thing is begun so it tends to continue and so then these emotional issues, these places of finding an acceptance, not of someone else but of yourself are the important keys to

re-awakening the language of thought, the direct communication of the heart, the intrinsic awareness of each one for the other.

It is not as hard as you think. The first step is to stop in all ways any falsehood-- even in the slightest. The second is that you are willing then to see yourself, that through another's thoughts, ideas, opinions, feelings, judgments, or whatever you are willing to receive this and know it and therefore for your own. The third is that you deeply understand the law of reflection that every judgment, every fear, every issue that you have is inevitably related to some aspect of yourself, as below so above, as within so without, and so on.

When you have fully received these energies you will then have an easier time of it when you are confronted with the first major obstacle of receiving thought from another. It is how they see you, not as how you see you and that of course can be a bit of a shock. But if you are familiar with, if you are welcoming it, if you are loving it, if you are unwilling to put into a place of fear, a judgment or difficulty it is perhaps possible to remain with that a few seconds longer than might have otherwise been the case.

In this way you can then choose for yourself and many individuals having a direct experience of this choose very much, “Oh, no.” I don't want anybody hearing my thoughts. Why do they say this? They're actually saying they don't want to hear their own thoughts because they know how difficult those are which brings us to the most important aspect of course, thought itself.

Many of the aspects that you would call thought are not at all what you worked with in ancient times, as light, as energy, as love, and a capacity simply to share what is needed to be done, what can be accomplished, not as so many of what is now termed “monkey mind,” all of the natterings, all of the echoes, all of the judgments.

Hence, to find a place of quiet by whatever means, whatever meditative practice or presencing or attunement. We have often suggested awareness simply of the breath because it's always there, it's your tool you can grab a hold of any time and use it to exclude emotion, feelings, thoughts of future, thoughts of past, any thought at all, simply being aware of the breath, here, now.

Other techniques which the Buddhists have used for centuries, asking who is thinking those thoughts, be it about the breath or the other thoughts that are showing up. Other techniques towards self inquiry can often relate back to the physical. Putting all of your consciousness on your movement, on what is happening as your body is moving from one position to another and indeed all of these methods have their roots in the ancient ways; a way simply of being. If you didn’t have all of those thoughts what would you be doing instead? You would often then be in a place of quiet, a gentle, easy, graceful perfect movement, a place of breath, an awareness of this as it moved with the earth’s breath, with nature’s breath, with the breath of the land and the water, and the animals all around you.

So what better time than to accept and learn this then in the solstice or the equinox times so focused on earth's breath, so more easily able to attune and help you? But, Hilarion since you have worked in technological realms aren't there any technological devices you can suggest to help us with this? Well, of course the answer here is yes and we have spoken about this before. Simply the idea of isolating headphones, where you are then using a microphone that the other person speaks into and the reverse, you’re speaking into their headphones.

So, their voice comes into the center of your head and your voice in the center of theirs. If in a place of quiet, of fewer thoughts, the gentlest of spoken words are used, gradually this awakening, this consciousness is easier and easier. This is a good moment for a little stretch, perhaps for you to attune to your own multiple souls, ask them as you stretch to welcome, to be with you, to share energy, to know you, to help and be helped.

Yes, we have put a lot of attention on certain questions and yet there are so many tonight perhaps we could delve into a few of these in a more brief manner in an attempt to cover a little more ground. Do you have a few you would like to pop out, Jill?

Jill: We all want to know what will happen with the current oil situation?

Hilarion: it is a difficult one but it is right in line with all that has been spoken about for a long time, right in line with economics and all the rest that what will happen to this is a continual push, a pressure for people to form community as the solution to these difficulties. If community cannot be formed because of compassion, caring, a common goal, a willingness to love, to trust, a community may be able to be formed for economic defense; for ridesharing, for helping each other through one way or another through these powerful times.

But the deeper message here relates to economy. The nature of your economies for a long time have been to bring some powerful increase in money supply as a result of war, or a bubble that could be termed as a sudden focus of humanity for a time on one single issue.

You have at the same time been praying for peace. Can peace in a time of economic depression be that which you would desire? Look at the time period just before World War II and after World War I, a time of relative peace on your planet certainly by comparison to those world wars and a time of tremendous economic depression in the years before World War II. World War II was certainly a powerful solution to this. But, one at tremendous, terrible cost. Such wars are then in clear anti-direction to your prayers for peace.

So, what are your guides left with? Economic bubbles. So you have had the dot.com bubble and now the real estate bubble and soon to be what could be eventually termed the green bubble, that of sustainable energy focused on various new techniques and technologies, new ways of interacting, recycling, working areas of the world together etc. etc. not for the purpose of helping your planet, but for the purpose of sustaining your economies.

This is not a good thing, but it is the best you can come up with at this time so it will have to do. Of course, you have the holdovers from everyone of these, there are still a few people who now have housing who would not have had it otherwise, of course quite a few people in communication with the results of what occurred from the powerful outpouring of the Internet, similarly some green technologies that will ultimately be hopeful as this bubble also eventually finds its way along.

So, what would then be that of the greatest success in any community that which could take advantage of this upcoming economic bubble that which could work with these energies while at the same time helping people to learn from each other, depend on each other, and grow together. There is no solution to the price of oil. Oil must simply stop. It is clearly a substance that has its uses, but, far, far too much of it utilized on your planet for your planet’s own good. Your planet is coughing its own oil and must somehow be given healing and love and of course, stop been fed this substance.

That is a much bigger or soul point of view and we don't usually speak that way but indeed it is up to humanity to see that other ways must be found one way or the other and of course raising price of it simply puts your attention on it. It makes it so you decide perhaps in a new way for this or that however it is not nearly enough, much more will likely then unfold over the next few years as people have this deeper realization. Does this is help at all?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. What can we do for people we live with who exhibit anger and hatred? Can you comment on a universal mind and why do some let in mostly kind and gentle thoughts while some let in destructive thoughts?

Hilarion: It is always for the same energy, soul coming through the body, the body coming through the soul in some way or the other trying to find perfect healing, trying to grow, trying to find its way. Sometimes it does so in the best way it can, that is its way that is so difficult for everyone around it. So, in this way you help by example, by showing a different path, by your love, by your assistance, but most importantly you assist by an energy, something that is saying one soul to each other, not just one person to the other, there is a possibility, there is another way here, there is an energy here, there is something for you to know, to receive, to feel.

Stop for a moment now, if you cannot think of anybody who fits this description pick one of your current leaders in political circles and know of their own fear, that they will lose their reserves and energies coming from oil, their own fear of loss of their identity or their understanding, or whatever. You then have this glimpse that it is often about fear, the anger, the hatred, when all the other energies are there and you would say, “What are you afraid of?” What are YOU afraid of?

In many cases it is an energy of death, of destruction, of difficulty of loss and as you face it simply in the idea that you are more than that, that you are a soul, that you are consciousness, that you are awareness. Each time you touch into that through any of the methods mentioned, each time you come to that stillness, or that silence, it is as if to say, “This is also possible.”

So the first step then, as you think of that person is to imagine, as a child you take their hand, you take them to this place of your own silence as if to say this is possible. Sometimes when the soul recognizes this, it does take steps in such a direction, and can heal itself. Sometimes though, it can’t. It has too much around it telling it of its own capacities for these aspects of hatred, destruction, anger, etc. and it eventually dissolves itself.

Its pieces then, migrate, frequently blending with others, going into other planetary realms perhaps, or other consciousness far beyond that which you conceive of. It is rare, but it does occur. So, in these situation it is as if the guides are saying in every way possible, do what you can, so much energy, so much time, so much effort has been put into this soul, perhaps hundreds of incarnations, perhaps thousands, perhaps millions of years. Can it not then, perhaps find another path, another way?

This is yet another reason why so many choose to incarnate. As more incarnate there is greater probability someone, somewhere will have the energy needed, have the capacity to help, have the love, have the consciousness. Does this help at all?

Jill: Yes. Thank you, Hilarion. People are experimenting with electrolyzing water and running the resultant water gas into the air intake of an internal combustible engine for increased gas mileage. What is Hilarion’s view on whether this works and if it does, is there some optimum ratio of water/ gas to gasoline that could be used?

Hilarion: Of course it works and it will depend on the type of construction in the more standard engines. Percentages between 15 and 25% of the electrolized materials particularly hydrogen and oxygen will be of maximum value depending on altitude and altitude correction is an important factor not yet being well understood or researched. However, it is the combustion engine itself which is the problem ann engines can be built to run solely on this material which of course has its own value.

However, at the current time these methodologies are not well understood because of a subtle energy pulse. This sudden energy pulse is that which is related to what can be seen as random phenomena, and hence when a random generator can be utilized in a counter-flow to produce the precise balancing energy and reduce the flow, then such technologies as the Joe Cell or others that make use of these water technologies can be made in a more balanced fashion.

However at the deeper level it is a reminder to everyone that other technologies and other techniques are available. So investigation, what is commonly termed as Browns gas but more specifically Rhodes gas, or accurately Rhodes gas, certainly is the next level of this where the utilization of sunlight to separate hydrogen and oxygen then in their recombination, production of energy as an implosive force, a much more valuable, helpful technology, and close to the level of what humanity can work with at the current time. Not exactly at the level, not because of technological impediments, but because of its potential for use as a weapon.

This is very difficult because once you fully understand it, you understand the method of water seeding which can indeed produce great destruction on your planet. But, if this can be understood sufficiently and utilized in small levels as people learn about it, it is entirely possible that this can be one useful, and helpful tool in the coming to other ways in which pollution-less sources are utilized for energy production. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Very well. Thank you, Hilarion. Can you talk about what we on the West Coast can expect in the next year regarding weather changes as part of the overall changes the earth is going through?

Hilarion: There are currents, primarily air currents, these are influenced by water currents. The water currents are of a swirling nature in the Pacific, those called gyres and various swirling energies in Pacific producing these energies, and the land are being significantly interfered with by large quantities of plastics. The plastics are being slowed down in their movement, they are slowing these current, these plastics can be observed, seen with the naked eye and are indeed quite hideous and ugly to most of the beings who would view them and who would understand them, including yourself but also the guides, helpers, the many forms of marine life and others who observe and work with you.

Cleaning this up is not only a very difficult situation for humanity but also that which is now going to continue to have more effect on the hot air masses, along the West Coast and the way in which they will give added impetus to disturbances in the weather as Earth tries to correct this, storms and eventually earthquakes can result. But in the short term, a tendency toward greater drought and dryness, lowering of the water table, various interactions and so on with the environment are likely.

It is important that people recognize the sequence of events, the attunements and connections they have. But, the very nature of calling it a coast, doesn't that tell you immediately that somehow the ocean must be involved? In this way your attunement and connection to this vast part of your planet, after all the Pacific ocean is so large, can you not find a way to make peace with it, to learn from it and at the very least, to stop the use of these plastics, particularly bags and forms that trap air from swirling there in the Pacific.

Few people know about this yet when viewed from space it is one of the obvious but non-energized aspects on your planet. Viewed from space during the day rather than at night what is seen is a tremendous swirling mass of these discarded objects. It cannot be cleaned up by any simple technological means. Earth herself will gradually dissolve them. This will take years and so it is absolutely necessary that no more contributions be made to this; if not for the climate, if not for the Earth herself, just for looking better in the postcards about Earth that are sent to the Pleiades and to other locations. Come visit Earth! Oh, well, not that part but perhaps this other one over here. You have further questions?

Jill: Does Hilarion have any suggestions on how we can clean up this classic mess?

Hilarion: No. The earth will be able to take care of it for herself. Biological means are currently under consideration and are quite dangerous and will eventually be the best solution. Humanity will not be able to do much about this for a while yet because the problem is more massive than most people realize. However, the immediate education of humanity about this problem and the complete secession of contribution to this problem is of the immediate task, and then after that, the biological remediation may be possible.

Particular algae forms may be seeded that will accelerate this. But, after all, plastics are eventually dissolvable by various mechanisms already present; heat, light, solvent action of the water itself, various plants and other materials and of course the action of oxygen in its way to gradually break these down. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Ok. Thanks. It appears the sunspot activity is in a longer than normal period of solar inactivity. Is this indicating another cooling period? Is this a balancing act of man made global warming and is the lack of sunspot activity related to the outbursts seen on the edge of our Milky Way galaxy?

Hilarion: Sun is in communication, this is related, what is being said is, “help the earth. Do not stimulate to much in the way of the earthquakes, geological changes and most importantly weather changes, slow them down if possible, give the people a chance.” That is how Sun is responding in its own way. The deeper message here, you are loved, let the sun love you, feel and know this energy, it may make it a little easier when those energies must be released.

The very nature of the Sun itself is that the sunspot phenomenon is intrinsic. It is that which must come about as it moves through its own cycles. So, it is holding back you might say. Sorry to ascribe so much anthropomorphism to this stellar object but we would actually go the other way and ascribe some solar aspects to humans and in the best way possible to understand them because your Sun is an incredibly intelligent, powerful being of immense consciousness and understanding. To do this now is to help you if possible. That is the best way to observe, it see it, recognize it and welcome it. Further questions?

Jill: is there something that Athena can tell us tonight?

Athena: Greetings to all of you. Yet, so many of these questions, asking and just below the surface, as if a swirling of love, as if an energy of interconnection, a way in which you care for and love each other as the real answer, the acknowledgment and love of the child and mother. The awareness of the Sun loving you, the love you have for your own body and its wisdom to speak to you, to care for you and help you, to teach you. The love that you find for your fellow men and women and the way in which you can create change on your planet, in a way that helps.

Love is fraught with aspects that can awaken you to higher truth. Sometimes the fear of knowing, of caring of loving each other comes just from that energy that you will be seen for who you are, that you will feel and know this somehow as a higher truth. Let it be revealed to you simply by asking for it. Let me know the truth of my being. Let me know how much I love, how much I am love, how much the love that is me can exist.

Many hold back, many do not understand, but still they feel this. The wave of those incarnating now often have this in common. They come here to love, to feel it, to be a part of it, to know it one way or another. But, what we suggest is that this is a beautiful springboard for truth, for finding some truth inside of you, you have been unwilling to see is a perfect mirror of the truth of those around you that they are willing to see.

If this little thing can be done inside you, often, perhaps every day, a discovery of some new truth about yourself, it sets into a powerful and helpful intention that everyone on your planet will now this, feel it in a place of love. But there are many ways to access this other than your meditations, your writing, your thoughts. It is also access by sound. No the in rush of your breath as the love of your planet pouring through you, with you and onto the next.

So many ways to know the truth of your existence in your being, so many ways outside those which you have been taught or shown. As you find these for yourself hear them also, the beautiful vibrations of your own heart, your own truth.

Hilarion: Yes. Hilarion here again. We give thanks to you Athena for your words and reminders of these other points of view. Is there more?

Jill: Hilarion can you please tell us about the free reiki attunements for self-healing that are being offered on some of the websites such as worldhealing.net. I think this is a genius idea but other people say it is better if the attunement takes place when both parties are physically present. Also, I’m curious. Did Jesus practice Reiki?

Hilarion: Many of the practices did originate with many mystics. Many of the great ones of your past have learned pieces of this. You'll even see this in some of the great inspired paintings of the Renaissance masters, the hand position, the spiraling energies, the aspects of the sun and consciousness all around some of these depictions. Yes, this and many beings, associated with these energies have gone on for a long time.

But, the time now is one in which these energy can be shared. The great difficulty in putting these out in such an available manner as the Internet is the possibility of falsehood or those who wish to lead you astray. But, for now at least these are not at all harmful so it certainly makes sense to try them, to work with them, to understand them.

As with all things there will be some individuals for which utilization in this form is preferable. Others, be in person form, clearly preferable. We see no harm in either so why not use it all? Why not indeed give this sense of encouragement to the many of thousands of others on your planet with new healing system, new methodologies to share, new techniques, new energies?

Do not be so lost in all of these as to think that they are actually doing the healing. They awaken, they invite, they share, but the healing and change is that which you are manifesting as you choose a new way of seeing an energy that you have not worked with before, bringing that which might be hurtful or harmful out and bringing that which is helpful in.

Yet, it is noted here that one of the important things of Reiki is this burst, this beautiful energy that comes in various suddenly and shifts things around. Being aware of that, use it. Not only for healing but for asking, where am I using the energies of the world best? Am I receiving enough of the important nutrients, the fats which I am designed to receive, the powerful and helpful enzymes which allow me to digest and mobilize my food.

The capacities of light and energy associated with the food for which I am designed to receive and know, etc. etc. These are difficult questions to ask when your society tells you very differently that the foods that are produced for you are those which will make those people in positions of power money rather than those which are necessarily good for you. This is far more pervasive than most people realize even moving into the supplement industries and of course through drugs and substances utilized by the doctors and others trying their best to help.

If you simply ask the right questions about this, where were they made and what was their intent? Was it to make money for somebody? Was it in order to get rid of industrial waste? Was it that which is intrinsic or non-intrinsic to human nature in the first place? You can then more easily determine these ways. But the Reiki energy as well as all of the healing systems and there are many of these: Masakari, Omega and many others becoming more widespread all the time are great encouragement to find alternative pathways by which you are nourished directly by the energies of the world, of the universe, of your own consciousness.

Jill: I think it’s time to close.

Hilarion: We remind you again of the Emerald light we began with. But this time we ask you to see it breathing you, coordinating beautifully with your own breath, as it is then that light easily, naturally healing, strengthening flows through with each breath saying I welcome every aspect of my soul, all the aspects of my being. I hold none of them separate, I welcome every one of them, I see them, and know them, and we are one.

With each out-breath, the expansion, from a few meters to many hundred, to many thousands, until this light, this energy, encompasses your entire environment, your entire world. See the Emerald light now as it connects now through you, connecting to mother Earth center, her gentle, loving response also breathed through you, the gentle loving earth ohm. We ask you to share that out loud. Goodbye.

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