Hilarion Fall Equinox Channeling 2010

Jill: Today is September 23, 2010. We are gathered in Nevada City for the Fall Equinox channeling of Hilarion. For further information on channelings, book, CDs or DVDs contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959 or visit us on the internet.

Hilarion: Yes. This is the energy, being or vibration you call Hilarion. A moment please while we make deeper contact. Yes greetings Jill, and greetings to all of you. We welcome the idea of a helpful, strengthening emerald light and invite you to do the same. Imagine this forming a cylinder filling this room and as you listen to this, filling the space around you. In this room it becomes a cylinder about 100 feet in diameter (that is - about 33m) from infinitely upwards through the center of the Earth and filling this space with a translucent emerald light. Within the emerald light is the concept, the energy, the idea of simply that which is with light. That which fills you and that which has no opposite, that which is simply available to you as an energy connecting you infinitely upwards in center of Earth simply now for this in recognition of the ways in which these two opposites become one in your heart. The sense of the infinitely upwards, the spiritual, the awakening, the sense of the earth, the physical, the material, the manifestation and you as the bridge between these, you as the one to create both of these.

At this time of the fall, this way in which the end of summer and the beginning of fall time, this Earth breath, in the midpoint, the equality of breath, the sense of this as change to come. The cooler weather in the Northern Hemisphere, the shifting of the seasons alerts the animals, the plants, insects to this shift and this change in a way in which they then come into a place of preparation, of welcoming of these energies, but also many questions. What is to happen to us next? What is the way in which we will move? What is the way in which we will be safe, interact with others in a way in which we would survive and so on.

So take this opportunity in this moment to connect in your own consciousness and especially now in your heart. As if not only to draw an animal near you, and animal totem, an animal that comes into your consciousness that is valuable to you in some way, be it a pet, or a visualization of another being somewhere else. But, also that somehow you are that, you are looking through its eyes, feeling through its breath, recognizing the world through its consciousness. The fall is often then a time of mystery. The symbolism of this natural, from ancient times as the darkness then became longer time period then the time of light as the nights now become longer the attention on the group and the awareness of the mysterious nature of life.

Yet, in this moment in which you are one with this animal there is the sense within you that you have the perspective of instinct of that which has gone on for centuries before you. Of the awareness of the earth as it nurtures, connects and makes its awareness known through your hooves, through your breathing, through your own energy. In a sense these things are with you, the animals also recognize the simple idea of strength, of positive helpful energy, of encouragement for what is ahead. Because in this way you are connecting not so much to the thoughts but to the energies, the feelings, the essence. The awareness of this for you is also twofold coming in to you also; to gain some of this animal strength, to be one with the simpler instinctive ideas of these beings.

This planet is concerned very much now with many important questions relating to the consequences of human action be it through technology or politics or economics or the various ways humans are affecting each other. But, you have come onto this planet with so much in your connection to the mammals, the way in which their lineage affects you deeply, shifts the important perspectives of your DNA, of your inherent physicality, of your ability to bear children and interact with the rest of your society and all of the ways that primates have developed. Yet, you are also surrounded by these beings in so many different ways that this perspective is constantly being in your unconscious in your life, around you, in symbolic ways, touching you, reminding you.

It may be helpful therefore at this time to recognize the inherent energy that is below the surface about this fear of the darkness, of the increasing nighttime and decreasing daytime in the northern hemisphere and all that it symbolizes in your unconscious about your own understanding of the mystery of life. So often these things that are shown to you by universal law, by science, by awareness of the perspective do not sufficiently shift that aspect within your consciousness that has this fear. That is because it is really untouchable by the mind, by the thoughts. Oftentimes when you have a question it has within it some aspect of that which you are afraid of. It is because you want simply to speak of this fear. The emotions themselves want simply to be known, loved, held, acknowledged, shared in some way in which you speak not to the mental, but to the emotional.

When you understand this perspective you can answer a question as you would understand it with those which you are seeking to help. Be they the little children who are growing up around you or as an elder or leader of your own group or community those who come to you for advice or assistance. By speaking to this as well, not just the logical, the mental, or verbal, but also to that which is in the hearts of those who are asking these questions. Look in your own heart for a resonance. Is there something here of darkness or difficulty and can I speak to that? Can I share with this person from my perspective of where something is perhaps more peaceful, more loving, more exciting or open than that which they are experiencing. Not for the purpose of changing them but for the purpose of acknowledging their emotions, their emotional body and the struggle that they are working with.

This is one of the perspectives also that the animals give you because they are not very concerned with all of the more intellectual mental issues as they would be presented by society. For instance, try in any way to explain the concept of money to even the most intelligent animal and it becomes difficult, not only ludicrous but that which takes a stretch in your own consciousness and yet how many of your emotions, the things that you are afraid of or the things that you feel in a sense of gratitude or awakening and love relate to money in your life? That which is a concept beyond that which you can explain easily to somebody outside of your own species. When you recognize this you begin to see of the ways in which so much of what you do has this "do" aspect to it; this aspect that is in the awareness, the consciousness, the shared energy, but that which is hidden, that which is below the surface.

The sun, moving into Libra as viewed from the Earth, then this symbol of balance, finding the way in which these energies can in their own way come to an equilibrium, come to a place of inherent balance. But soon as the sun goes into Scorpio the reminder of that which is hidden so deep below the surface, that which is not known, that which then becomes ruling and important force yet then bubbles up to the consciousness through the collective of all beings so that these issues can be worked with. As these are two important aspects of the shift into the fall season recognize them in your own consciousness and now in this awareness of balance it is the time of the harvest Moon, the full Moon energies powerful at this juncture. But, because they are full it means that they are opposite, the earth in the middle with the moon on one side and the sun on the other. Again the symbol of the Libra energy at the same time as the scales and the balance at a moment in time a moment in perspective.

There are those who will be hearing this at a much later time of course and you can find balance in any lunar period. It has nothing to do with movement of the planets, the moon and the rest. But, symbolically it is important to recognize that in the fall time when there can be such a pull to extremes, to a deeper understanding of the law of opposite expression, there is also this simple hidden symbol of finding balance, of finding perspective. At the same time as this right now has been ejected from the sun extensive plasma material, extensive substance but also light, energy, photons, electricity. These are coming to earth right now and will have various effects, some of them very subtle, some of the more overt. Similar ejections as has occurred in the past have often lead to disruptions, problems with the electrical grid, plasma discharges in the upper atmosphere and so on and this is likely to take place. But, it is of the subtle aspect that we wish to put your attention on because as these energies show up you have the opportunity to see things from the solar perspective, from the light and energy that loves, sends assistance, sends all kinds of shifts now says, "transform, change, wake up, come in into this awareness of your own position here on the earth, what you are here for, what you are doing in your life, use this energy to wake up."

This is sometimes for some individuals difficult. The expression," kicking and screaming," as you are pulled into that which is difficult, transformative, and shifting and so one does certainly show up. Yet, there are so many individuals even those who would be interested in what we have to say who resist these aspects of change. The reason for this resistance and many things that we want to speak of today derive simply from an old habit pattern. The habit pattern is the choice in how you are to learn. The learning is often available through universal laws. The universal laws stand as a perspective outside all of the other issues which change over time. They move and shift and yet the universal laws are that which can be a perspective on all of this are constant, are reminding you of these energies in different ways, simply to have a different perspective on things.

So clearly what shows up in the time of full Moon, clearly what shows up with these powerful questions that relate so much to opposites, is the law of opposite expression. But, notice in the way in which we have suggested it that the thing in its opposite tend to show up together in your reality is not to say that those things are inherent in the reality, nor are they that which are the only perspective and indeed in order to get beyond this, in order to understand it, in order to work with it as we often suggest with the law of love, the law of cycles, the law of progress. How you are to work with this must require you to step beyond it. This is why we immediately gave the example as to how often you will see the law of opposite expression manifesting symbolically in your world as you will have the house of prostitution on the same block in a city as the church; as you will see in the grocery store in the aisles, that which would be seemingly most helpful, opposite the aisle of that which would be most harmful. In all of the ways in which you would understand this, it is the symbol that is brought to your consciousness. Because of course, in actuality, you may find that there are some individuals who will have tremendous revelation in their consciousness in the experience of an orgasm in the house of prostitution. And others who will have tremendous levels of shame and even direct physical harm to their bodies that they will carry for the rest of their lives at the hands of a Catholic priest in the church happening to them in their youth.

In point of fact it is only at the surface level that you recognize the thing in its opposite because in reality these are symbols, they are in your consciousness to remind you of your opportunity to hold both perspectives, to draw to you both realities: to see that they both exist. To meld yourself into that for a moment as uncomfortable, as difficult as it might be and then ask the question. Not a question so much formulated in precision but the emotional question what of this? The sense that you can in some way embrace both of these, that you can somehow come to a sense of peace about both of these, that you can somehow include them both in your life.

This is difficult of course if you are deeply enmeshed in either one. If you feel that one is somehow that which is to be given all of your attention, you will then tend to push out the other one. Now, for most individuals who will be hearing our words, that would of course be those forces or energies associated with any pair of opposites that you see and which you can give a value judgment to one of them and you can say it is good, it is full of light, it is that which is enhancing, it is associated with service to others, it is associated with expansion, or creativity, or evolution. Those who might be associated with the other side of this will be rare because those individuals simply don't know. In most cases all you see then is if we can give to those people a bigger perspective they might let that go. So you have the example: a politician, or the leader of some corporation who are involved in something that is harmful to the earth and that which brings some degree of enslavement or harm to people. Or that which is in some way reducing their freedoms so you say to that person see the bigger perspective, see what you are doing and they will resist this because in their own hearts they are afraid that they will lose their identity, they will lose their money, they will lose their power and as a result they will lose their sense of self and of who they really are.

So you would say to such a person then see that you are a being of light, that you are intimate, ask yourself the question, who or what is experiencing this right now? In their smallest answer ask them who would experience that? So that they can understand this at the bigger perspective. As you would use such a principle with anyone who is then stuck, use it with yourself. Understand this ability within your own consciousness to have the larger perspective that can hold both, can somehow recognize the benefit of both; the way in which these opposites can somehow be in your world. Not for the purpose of anchoring them, making them more permanent somehow.

Certainly the law of progress, everything is changing certainly would remind you that this is impossible but more importantly the sense that you can temporarily put energy to one or the other is giving you again the sense of losing perspective and getting very deeply stuck in one or the other perspectives. In order to allow the manifestation that needs to come from this, that which is learned by the understanding of the opposites you must then find a way to extract yourself from them. Just as you would say to the person who might seem so deeply involved in that which is darkness have a larger perspective, you could also say this to people who are most involved in light. Not for the purpose of changing it, not for the purpose of shifting it, but for the purpose that then they can bring into their consciousness all they know about both.

At the emotional level though, the sense by which the heart is speaking to this, it is saying simply, "I am afraid." When you contact the fear in that person who might be seemingly enmeshed with that which is harmful with that which is enmeshed with light; I am afraid of losing this light, I am afraid I will be like those, I am afraid I am doing the wrong thing. These deep-seated fears and other energies that are present are similar and shared and is the underlying energy that is really spoken to in the idea of opposites.

The other important perspective which we have spoken about often is the opportunity to bring in that which has no opposite. Such as the universe or God or the sense of who you really are but a beautiful way is the answer to this question," who or what is experiencing all of this?" This does not have any limitations or any underlying issues about opposites and yet would seem at times disconnected from the issues that you are experimenting with, learning about, forced to look at through our words today. But, this business of all of the knowledge in the world becoming available that is the underlying message of channeling isn't it? It becomes that which then can affect you in a negative way, bringing you a sense perhaps a sense of malaise, ennui, depression, resentment, sadness, or guilt depending on how you take perspective on this.

There is no answer to this in the sense that you are to then try to have the opposite, to try to cancel out those feelings in order to have feelings of positivity, expansion, light, love etc. There are those who try this and they only end up of course stuck in this constant inner turmoil and battle. What is there that is experiencing both of these? What is there in you that is beyond all of this is one way to approach this. But the other aspect is that all of these are around you. They are symbolically represented to you in your life and you can choose to perspective that allows you to understand and work with these but there is also another perspective and this is the more interesting perspective, the more revolutionary perspective.

It is truly revolutionary on your planet because it is that which is a clear truth which is repeatedly, constantly, held in a state of denial. Something along the idea that your system knows best, something along the idea that the body is always doing its best to come to perfect health. That given enough information, perspective, love, energy, you will naturally come to a place of peace, of balance, of love. That which is naturally which feels good to you. Now this is very tricky to do of course because if you immerse yourself in so many truths that relate to conspiracies or the difficulties that are being presented to you all around you by the problems in your economy and in your laws and in the perspectives that are happening on so many levels you can often by often trusting, that will eventually yield to you this perspective of peace. You can get stuck in those so deeply that you don't come to that place for a long, long time; possibly many lifetimes.

How to come to that place in this lifetime, that place of peace is simple when you understand that what is holding back the understanding of this larger consciousness is something emotional, something in you that you are personally afraid of. Something in your own consciousness that you have held at a distance just the same as this powerful lesson we are using by this hypothetical CEO of the corporation bringing harm to the planet or others in the political position of power etc. that their identity is threatened- so also yours. Not threatened by the same things, in that sense you are more spiritually advanced. But, threatened nonetheless. If you may have your fears, if you may examine them and dismantle them you may have them full measure and notice as if within them this love, this strength, this energy you may find that all of the aspects can be held together that naturally you can see the aspects of light and darkness in the world and find in your own place a piece or an energy around them.

Byron Katie has spoken often of looking into these aspects with a higher degree of forcefulness using the consciousness of the opposites in a phrase in which you are able to literally turn around these energies, reverse them and see how it feels. This is an important process because it brings up in your heart these things to examine and look at it in ways that you often have denied, have pushed out of your consciousness, or have been unwilling to work with. But, as you come to experiment and learn about this something else begins to take over. An energy perspective that is naturally higher that holds all of it and the interesting thing about this it also releases that which was stuck in the opposites. The energy of that which is back-and-forth moves in a way in which it is then held and now that it is released it can do something. For most people this ends up naturally because of their own system, because of the way in which we are created by our own perspective of nonphysical and physical, all of us.

It ends up as creativity. That which creates possible solutions, that which plays with the ideas, that which shifts things. This is an aspect of consciousness that is really related to the very core aspect of what is happening in this universe at all the levels. The idea of expansion, of transformation of that which is surpassing itself on a regular basis toward that which is more beautiful, more exquisite - even those individuals who have such a limited perspective in their own identity that they would be holding this idea that it is necessary to make money on the harm and difficulty of the earth or of other people. Even these individuals are touched in their hearts at night when they gaze upon the Milky Way, when they look into the stars. Even these individuals are touched in their heart when they look at a flower as it opens and they recognize the smile and beauty and cooing of a baby and all of these things that surround you in your world and have been with you as a powerful symbol for all of your lifetimes of expansion, of light, of beauty, of energy.

This is important to understand because it gives you opportunity for creative change if you can actually let go of where you are stuck in the opposites. The law of opposite expression has many different ways of giving you value and meaning and we are simply suggesting here that when you recognize that it is present and can recognize its larger perspective, that of coming to the opportunity to hold both, you can then be perhaps reminded of this in the world as you listen to the news, as you learn of the subtle perspective, as you interact with others.

A question has been posed about the decreasing numbers of insects and although this can be held in this very simple perspective that it is similar to other energies on your planet where pollution, increasing electromagnetic fields, other things specifically working with the bees as we have spoken in the past are affecting all insects. The insects have for humanity this opportunity to interact, to learn, and to evolve. As some species will die off others will be found and they will adapt and this is their tremendous gift for humanity to remind you of the power of adaptation and the perspective of this always as it shows up so much in nature when you look at the whole system, at how all of these things interact that they are so valuable. As much as you have difficulty with them and their appearance the insects have a tremendous important role to play and constantly interact with humanity. At the same time though, there are many on your planet who are recognizing a dimensional shift, the way in which people's consciousness is moving through evolution at higher at higher vibrational levels. This is taking place. It is not that which can be quantified, not that which really should be overly romanticized, but the idea of evolution is so apparent and can be looked at in so many perspectives.

Just for instance examine the history books as they were written in the 1800s, the 1900s, and today and you see the tremendous perspective the way in which humanity is pushing itself toward evolution, toward growth, toward consciousness. This may not always be into the areas that you would deem as most helpful, full of light, assistance for each other, but evolution it is nevertheless. Therefore, recognize therefore that the insects in receiving this are being affected more and more by your consciousness. This is because it is how they adapt, they recognize the energy field in an area and adapt to it in order to bring that which will be most helpful for their own survival and that which would of course assist the plants and animals in the region in various ways, shift perspective with the spreading of different energies, be they of disease, pollen or the energies of the earth or whatever.

So what are people saying? They aren't saying in their own consciousness to insects really anything that much different than in the past. But what is being asked of humanity is to grow up around this. Specifically, look at the insects that you find annoying or difficult. Many of you have issues with wasps, some perhaps with Africanized bees and certainly many with flies and mosquitoes. These are insects that you would say it would be good to be done with them, to get them out of my space or to kill them or to destroy them. In many big cities, cockroaches are particularly problematic spreading disease and certainly being of the appearance that people find quite reprehensible.

So, if the collective consciousness is saying over and over, "out!" Then this is being affected into the world, it is being sent out and the consciousness of the insects they are receiving this. Of course there is the biological perspective that more and more technologies, be it ultrasound or pesticides are being utilized but the overall effect is still the same at the level of consciousness. You don't deserve to be here, being the powerful message that is shared. Now, this has a certain way to go until it runs into the law of opposite expression, until the symbols in the understanding of these insects and how they run alongside you and work with you etc. because they all have value on your planet, the opportunity to share energies in different ways and certainly at a symbolic level to present the idea of survival to you.

These beings will survive. That they find a way to adapt so then it is important in your own understanding of this to show these insects that is in the larger perspective of consciousness what you really mean. I am afraid of you or I find you disgusting or I judge you, perhaps. I am annoyed by how you harm me. I recognize the physical problems that you have presented in the transmission of disease. To acknowledge how this brings fear into your consciousness, how you have a lot of difficulty getting along with this kingdom of beings, to acknowledge what is actually going on for you. Then at the larger level the aspect of consciousness, "who is experiencing your consciousness of this and if for a moment that insect. Who is experiencing their consciousness? That unity, that place of oneness, that place that experiences all of it is also present then you have a choice.

It is possible to completely eradicate, but it is also possible to give another job, to show how they can evolve slightly, differently perhaps or move their consciousness into a whole new species. The idea being that you can share this from your spiritual perspective and you can pray and move energy in your own understanding of this in a positive way if you are simply willing to look at this and ask the deeper question and this is the meaning of this temporary reduction in the numbers of insects and their proliferation. They are asking this question, "How shall we all get along?" Now, for some of the insects you might decide it is best that they disappear from your planet entirely. But what of the soul? The higher energy that embodies these beings? Can that be given another place? Another energy? Can it be welcomed somewhere?

We do not present to you an answer to this. We are simply stimulating your questioning so that you can see the perspective you have and get beyond that which is limiting. In an understanding of these opposites there are those who would ask then, if I am manifesting that which is helpful and positive here, is that which is manifesting as negative or detrimental required over there? In a very limited perspective of the law of opposite expression as it looks at the symbol the house of prostitution and a house of worship on the same block clearly the answer is "yes." These two aspects are manifesting at the same time in almost the same place giving the opportunity for the same people who walk down the street to visit one or visit the other or over the week's perspective is it both? And the intent as they are able to work with these energies and understand them is again symbolic because the perspective that they are opposites is that which is entirely within your society, that which is in your limited way of seeing things.

From another perspective, from a higher perspective they are perhaps seen as manifestation of the same energy. That which is seeking to connect, to connect to people in some way in which they will understand that which is beyond who they are personally and to the area of sexuality that takes them beyond the limitations of their own individual consciousness. The energies of religion that takes them into that which is beyond their own limited consciousness, not to say that these are in anyway the same but the understanding that they are getting at human need, human awareness, human consciousness.

So, how would you be the one deciding that this aspect that you are sending into the world is positive and this other one is negative? Perhaps with a larger perspective you would recognize that these are not as they seem and may perhaps be something much greater that which ultimately balances out. In addition it can be the understanding than that these things do not necessarily take place within the same reality perspective. Some happening in the way you might understand it in a different universe or energies that move in a way that are different from those that you understand. Of course you can use this to justify your actions. If I make a mistake or do something that is negative or if I'm doing something inadvertently harmful at least I know that somewhere else, somebody else is feeling good or something positive is then occurring from this.

Again, the reminder to let go. To trust that which is larger. What is really important about this is not the judgment of that which is positive and that which is negative but the reminder to you about this opposite, this expression principle that reminds you of that which asks how may you find something that holds both of these? That finds the loving, connected place for all of it?

Another question that shows up is about the uniqueness of this transformation. Transformation has occurred in other societies, other planets, other systems of being quite different from that which you have experienced. In fact, if you look at it, it appears to be the norm that which occurs eventually for everyone. Transformation could be considered from the emotional point of view, from the dimensional point of view and the various ways in which people come to understand this. But, ultimately it must only be considered from your personal point of view. How you are able to transform, how you are able to shift and understand others and have the aspect of forgiveness and love.

This brings us to the real point of what is unique about this movement into fourth density or this energy of the coming changes and all that it might mean to individuals as they have a perspective on it do not use this as justification for putting off your own personal transformation. Oh! It will come to me and I will then deal with it. The sense that you are given the opportunity for this here and now. We have often spoken about the uniqueness, the unusual quality about one thing on your planet compared to the others in this galaxy, the other civilizations who have gone on before you. It is not so much the presence of love as its place in the larger perspective that so often the societies that have put a tremendous degree of attention on love as the most important aspect of that which is evolutionary, shifts them and so on.

These societies have perished. They have in their own way through nuclear war, through various forms of self-destruction, through various ways in which they are faced with the opportunity to love more they have ended, they have perished. Yet, in their flowering, in the energy that was available there was so much of that which was good and beautiful. The societies that have survived have been the ones that have embraced and understood universal law or those that have against their better nature put aside the emotions in order to have the perspective of the mental, of the technological, of the ability to utilize that which is available to them so that they would subvert or push down any warring or difficult instincts and at the same time of course push down the ability to love at such a powerful and profound level that it could lead to war. You see examples of this constantly in your society where the justification for harming another is for love. Love of an idea or love of an ideal but also love at a personal level through jealousy, harming another individual who was threatening that love somehow and so on.

Of course then, what really this is about is wanting something more than it is about love and people often get these confused. But, that is what is unique that individuals are than recognizing gradually how these have been blended and are willing to let that go. That individuals on your planet have often had deep within them aspects of love that they are willing now to bring forth and share in the world. It is hoped by those who guide and assist this planet, those from the nonphysical perspective, those extraterrestrials who work with humanity, the other civilizations who gaze upon and observe from afar that humanity will survive. That this aspect of love will be available in the universe. Why? Certainly it makes things more interesting. But, more importantly it is that which is healing and it is healing because it is that which can release karma. It can be utilized to blend the opposites and can be that which produces a higher perspective, it can be that which allows inherent inter-connectivity to be the most important force. Because that is what love is-this complete connectivity of all aspects of being.

It is therefore possible as you are able to understand what is unique about you personally to be encouraged to use this. Where is the love in me that does not want something that simply loves? Where can this be made available to help someone else? To bring change to my society? To my family? To dissolve the opposites? To love the light and the darkness into a place in which their lessons, their symbols, their energy can be known in a way that transformation naturally occurs? We can all recognize and feel even more love as a result. Love for love's sake is the uniqueness of the human perspective and that which is hoped to be taken with you on your journey of transformation be it as you would see it to another density or another reality or another year or two years as 2012 approaches, the perspective simply being that which is your inherent gift can be that which has a more profound influence on your own evolution and ultimately then for the evolution of others.

Jill: Can the inert gas technologies be used for healing the waters?

Hilarion: Yes. This has been explored extensively by those who have been utilizing inert gas technologies to change water. There are those who have actually worked with this on small scale with the idea of scaling it up too much larger and the idea is simply that various gases in chambers can be in physical contact with water can be stimulated in different ways; consciousness, electrical fields, magnetic fields, scalar fields all kinds of these energies and this can then expand outward. We have observed the waters' natural ability to take on these energies. When they are those which enhance the aetheric cleansing methods that water naturally has available to it then these processes are speeded up. Part of them are biological with various organisms that show up in the water naturally using this energy. Their own aetheric bodies affected benefitted positively by this.

The inert gases most amenable to this are helium, neon and argon because they are of the vibration that is better taken in by water but all of the inert gases have this effect. The most interesting and intriguing of this is that which is the most temporary, the effect of xenon on water. This effect does appear to be enhanced very much by consciousness and that which then is lost fairly quickly in water. So the best tool here would be a balanced combination, 20% each of the 5 inert gases and that this might be presented into water by various means in which the water has a chance to be in contact with these devices and here the perspective is simply one of how much contact for how long with how much of a field, etc. etc.

Those who structure water and use these technologies: for instance sound energy research and others involved in this have indeed looked into this and you might be able to learn more by understanding their own perspective on this technology. But an individual can do this too by utilizing a device that has magnetic field interaction be it a pendent, unidirectional, omnidirectional ; any of the devices that are commonly available etc. Taking this to the place where you wish the water to be changed, sitting there with it in such a way that you are in the path of the beam and then it moves into the water. You are connected to the pendant and then touching the water and in your visualization of this energy is a sweeping, a clearing and the idea of bringing in more light and more energy so that the naturally occurring systems of the aetheric bodies, of the beings in the water and the water itself can be assisted and loved.

This is of course naturally present where high levels of pollution are showing up such as in the Gulf of Mexico in the USA where there is increased oil and the natural systems are struggling greatly to cleanse this, clear this and shift it. But these processes are enhanced by this energy that can then move into the aetheric body of all of the biological systems and speed this up. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. Would you please discuss the effects of water kefir made from sugar and water kefir grains?

Hilarion: There is some benefit but there is also detriment to the pancreas when substantial amounts of sugar are present so one must carefully monitor this by noticing in your own body the effects. We would estimate that about one third of the individuals who would use such sugar kefir, sugar water kefir would be benefitted and about two thirds would find little benefit to this. If it is that which can be enhanced by the presence of inert gas neon this for some individuals would be quite beneficial. Simply placing a pure neon pendant in the sugar water kefir for 15 minutes should be sufficient to enhance this and reduce the damage to the pancreas. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. Would you please comment on any alternative sleep patterns that might best suit those on the awakening path?

Hilarion: A difficult issue because so many show up for so many individuals to give a blanket statement would be improper, much better to tune in, find your own perspective, experiment. For many individuals they are going to recognize that there is a simple process that allows them to move through various levels of brain activity and at the end of that process they must come to full waking consciousness to best assimilate what has happening. This is different from old patterns. It means that you might sleep for a few hours and then as you come out of it instead of then continuing back into the rhythms you awaken and then write down your experiences, come to look with some perspective. Sleep is generally perceived as that which is necessary and that which brings into consciousness those things that are about your own hidden desires, energies, the dreams, etc.

But, most individuals, particularly those who are interested in awakening, those who are on a spiritual path have tremendous value in looking at what happens after, coming into the area of astral projection, moving the consciousness out of the body and so on. This is difficult to do if you are in the habit of moving then into a deeper sleep or dream state without being easily able to remember this. So, for those who have the ability to do so without getting overtired, or any discomfort it does help some times to waken in the wee hours of the morning i.e. 3 AM or so and to run energy, use the astral dynamics technique of N.E.W. (ed note: the technique found in "Astral Dynamics" by Robert Bruce), or visualize the energy moving up in the body and down faster and faster or have the sense within you of movement and energy by doing slow tai chi movements or others.

The intent simply be that as the energy shifts you then are able to energize the aetheric body that when you go back to sleep with the idea of projecting your consciousness, going elsewhere, learning from this. This is not to say that this is necessary of course for health and benefit but for many individuals on a spiritual path the opportunity to increase their own psychic abilities is helpful. This is not required of course and many people on a spiritual path can misuse psychic abilities but at the same time one can recognize the natural spillover between the higher chakras. So the energies of an increased God consciousness in the seventh chakra will spill often into the six chakra and it is simply a matter of putting those abilities into better perspective and harmony that one can naturally assist by utilizing astral projection. Projection of consciousness outside the body is an area of great study and that which is not well understood. But, clearly it is that which has its profound effects when individuals do this they naturally notice during the day that they have greater energy, and usually greater psychic abilities. It is this perspective that can be valuable and useful because of something else; the way in which you are naturally convincing yourself, creating from your own personal experiences that you are more than the consciousness in the body, you are more than the limited perspective.

Sleep patterns, as they can assist this will naturally then be those which are affecting the physical and nonphysical at the same time. It is in this thing of sleeping that people are indeed embracing, bridging these two worlds. It is a way in which these energies are brought together with the higher perspective. When you recognize that in the sleep state is when you can also have a higher aspect of consciousness show up, higher vibrations, energies of all kinds and indeed those which are often very inspiring and helpful. So, at the very least keep a journal. Keep track of what works for you and to recognize the possibilities as you work with them. Many individuals naturally awaken at 3 AM not knowing what to do with this energy. Sometimes they simply go back to sleep but if they take a few minutes to run energy, to study astral books or teachings or exercises or visualizations they may find that the next sleep cycle is that which is most valuable. That from perhaps 3:45 till six in the morning that which brings them a great deal of energy, perspective and in their projections answers questions. What were you thinking when you came here in the earth? Answered by the questions, or the request, let me now go to my extra physical hometown. That which affects you constantly in your life answered by the request let me view my most valuable and important past lives, the connection and understanding of relationship often answered by the request, let me understand this relationship from the guide's perspective or the nonphysical level and so on and so forth.

Some people, when they find themselves projected will simply fly around enjoying the experiences of a pleasurable nature at the higher vibrational level. Perhaps in hearing these words you will be reminded go forth and use that time and energies for something more valuable than simply flitting about and having fun. The other aspect to this of course is one that shifts at the health level, your physical level and vice versa where health is improved sleep seems less necessary. This is because in the periods of the deeper sleep in which projection is not taken place and the body is regenerating it is more effective at doing this when it is being supplied with those materials for which it was designed; the diet of your ancestors. When those foods are taken gradually over time you find the sleep cycles changing. For a time they maybe longer where you are needing to do more healing but then they shortened because the body's ability to regenerate is significantly speeded up so by being flexible with these and not holding that it must be this way or that way you can then come to a better balance. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. Speak to us on death.

Hilarion: It is a very interesting perspective, unique in the way in which the beings who inhabit the other planets, the other systems that have evolved. You see, for many of them death, reincarnation, the way this sort of thing works is so different. The consciousness is available, it physicalizes for awhile and at some point for whatever reason it chooses to physicalize in a different body. Not at all the perspective that you have that sense of tremendous loss because memory is maintained. If you maintained memory you would block out many of the issues that are difficult for you and in many ways the emotional side of things would probably be less and less emphasized. So the pushing away of such memories has its value. You remember the unconscious, you take that life lesson lifetime after lifetime about love, about emotion, about perspectives that are running you at a very deep level and not the thoughts, ideas, and memories.

Yet, there will come a time for humanity when this process is unnecessary. When the way of death is obsolete and the way in which you will choose your own consciousness and how it embodies will make much more sense to you to be done entirely conscious from beginning to end entirely aware from beginning to end. The end, being the end to consciousness at the physical level, entirely. But, for now this perspective is given to people over and over and because you have the sense that you have been on the other side, you have the gentle memories of this you seek it again in this world through an explanation of death that has tended in the past by the majority of individuals to be religious or superstitious depending on how far back you go and into current reality much more into the perspective of the scientific or the spiritual while the religious and to some extent the superstitious still hangs on.

The intent then is to give you choice, to give you the possibility to choose for yourself without it being that which is forced upon you. Because then you can see what makes the difference throughout all of that which enhances the experience of coming into the body, that which enhances the experience of letting go of the body, that which allows you the opportunity to give solace, aid, and benefit to those who do not have the larger perspective, those who grieve for those who have passed on. It is love, it is compassion, it is caring and it is one of those examples where to a large extent it is not very concerned with wanting something.

When the individual is grieving and has the perspective that they want so much for this other person to somehow be there again when they have passed they certainly are not loving. They are wanting something. But, you in coming into this situation may have a completely different perspective. You may not then want the other person to be there as much as you simply want this other person to find peace. As you allow this sense of love and caring you are primarily there to listen, to hold their hand, to give them solace, a shoulder to cry on or the ear to listen to. What you are wanting from this is simply to be, to have presence, to have love. Do you see then the value of death? How in the opportunity to share with each other, to assist each other in this process you are perfecting your ability to love without wanting. You are perfecting your ability to have compassion and caring.

Now of course, for the individual who is going through this, who has had a great attachment to the person who has passed, to the pet who has died, to the system which has passed from your planet. There many ways to answer the question about death of course other than human death. There is this perspective that they come to, this way in which they are able to understand these things once they release the emotions. Certainly to ask such a question such as who is experiencing these emotions right now and who is experiencing that? can be helpful. But, by and large there does appear that the individual in having this grieving, and having the separation energy must go through it, they must feel it, they must feel it to their own core and as a result recognize the degree of attachment to that which they call love they have for this other person. This also develops the ability to love but not the place it is directed.

We would never want to step in and say that because the individual has passed on to a greater reality, the Summerland and eventually the intermissive as a result of their perspective, their life review and moving on their energies, then choosing another incarnation then somehow because of that you shouldn't grieve. But, you should also understand where those energies come from because sometimes the power of that grief is not just the attachment to the other person. It is the buried emotion about death that you have experienced yourself; the energies of your own past lives and the way in which you died frequently in past lives. The way in which on your planet there is the collective grief about transformation. It is an energy that does then give a goodbye, a release to the old, a welcoming to the new and that is sometimes a perspective that is helpful.

But, generally speaking as you understand about death you are then brought very powerfully to understand it in a way in which you hear it and know it with the emotions, but you also hear it and know it with your mind and it would seem that at times there is no easy blending or bridging of the two. Yet, in the way in which they can be understood as opposites you are then given the perspective through love to balance these, to hold them both, to learn and grow simply by loving. By loving the perspective that the individual was able to have in being here and that which they have on the other side and loving those who are grieving, loving the process where possible for what it brings and knowing that at some point that love may be possible to manifest without such a powerful, emotional process. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. Can we have Athena speak on how the increasing number of women in the workplace is affecting the workplace and women in positions of power and how to bring through the divine feminine?

Athena: Yes this is Athena. We are very happy to be able to look at this yet notice that given to women in this time is a clarity, a heart's vision, an opportunity to see so clearly it is this seeing into the hearts of others, seeing into the larger truth that is often asked of those in these positions in order to come to the workplace, to come to leadership, and politics, in leading of corporations, in leading of society. Many women have had to stop, hold back some of their own divine feminine and instead take on the masculine role, take on a position of power holding in their own consciousness that somehow at the right time they will bring up again that part that would mother, that part which would create, that part which would encourage love, that part which would be more uniting then it would be separating. This is the great challenge. To find that again once they have reached the position of power. For many women that is the problem when to do this. The deep question that has been held in their consciousness, the sense that somehow they are waiting for the right time becomes the habit itself and the time never comes.

But, because that is often how they began this journey, because that is how the soul has chosen to learn the tap or tie into mother Earth is strong. It is still there. It is through her energy that this shift then occurs. When you wish in your prayer, in your visualization in your sending of light to the political leaders, the corporate leaders, those who need to embody the divine feminine be they men or woman do this not only from your visualization and your prayer but your connection with Earth. The sense that your feet and your breath connects you down to the center of this place and then from there bubbles up a powerful energy that comes into the consciousness of everyone on your planet, especially stirring in the hearts of those women who understand this. This simple message now is the time. Now is the opportunity. Now is the moment to awaken the Divine mother, the divine feminine beauty, the divine virgin, the divine feminine energy in you that has always been there that is now ready to come forth.

That is the reason why you chose the physical body of a woman in this life. Remembering this is particularly powerful for women who have this perspective and understand it and have not enmeshed themselves in this corporate or political scheme of things to the point that they have forgotten. Instead the ones who are remembering can be reminded to awaken this in themselves and using the earth and her shared vision with everyone of this that this is now available to all, especially to those in such positions of power that they can make a difference. Where you see this particularly true in both corporations and in politics is around the issue of war. You will see that although there have been many changes in many areas of manufacturing or of economics and financing of a governing and leadership, still when it comes to war over and over, the perspective of the leaders is uniquely male. That which responds over and over to this and the few women who have these advanced positions of power with regards to war are often those who have subverted these feminine energies in favor of the male energies as much as possible.

But, for those with perspective on this, coming into positions of political power, they can have influence. They can shift it by the means that they are able to balance the warring aspects of themselves, to ask the deeper questions. How can we bring peace into the world? We spoke of the potential benefits of having a woman in power in the USA with regards to these matters, regardless of how she would come to such a position of power, that perspective might have value. So you have seen secretaries of state, now with Clinton but all in the past who have been as women possible candidates to bring this just by being involved with others in positions of war to bring this out, to make them ask the question, how can we get along? How can we be as brothers and sisters? So also this is the greater challenge. The finding of the divine feminine in you to connect with this in the world is simply to ask the truth. Is this serving us? Can we find a place of greater peace that would serve us better?

In order to understand this right now to anyone listening to these words wherever you are is being given to you a brilliant light; to welcome this, to have the sound in your heart ..ahhh…. simply as the symbol of welcoming that light and in this way to understand its ability to bring this greater truth in the hearts of all.

Hilarion: Yes. Hilarion, here again. Thank you Athena for your perspective on this.

Jill: Could you comment on William Reich's orgone accumulated blanket? If the wireless signals in the home disrupt the blanket? Could using it with an inert gas devices be helpful? Does having a steel roof have an effect on argon energy?

Hilarion: Inert gases will to some extent couple particularly through the human body because both affect aetheric energy. More so than the way in which they add directly to orgone. Argonne is a different frequency of all these other energies and have many effects of moving into other areas and it is not affected by WiFi wireless or any or radio transmissions directly although such transducers held inside orgone devices can produce a series of negative energies and that is not recommended. Steel roof, will to some extent dampen some of the energies because it is that, that enclosure but one can easily work around this simply by having window access or being close to a wall so that less of the blocking energy is present. Further question?

Jill: will the full story of the 9/11 World Trade Center bombing come out?

Hilarion: Yes. Eventually this shows up as every conspiracy, every issue, all of those things, the hidden agendas eventually come forth. The timing on this typically tends to be one generation so that today's generation is learning about the truth about what occurred in the Vietnam War era and all of the conspiracies then that were seen simply as fancy as they are now seen as reality. But, that is not the real question of course it is the perspective. How to hold this, the things that we have spoken about today where people can find a perspective that can somehow balance and see the larger possibility, the reason for this, the opportunity for those in positions of power to exert their power, more powerfully, more clearly this seems to be what on the surface was occurring with the Islamic connection.

But, at the deeper level, the truth about this that those in positions of power, by exerting more fear on the US population could then have all of this power concentrated into their own hands more powerfully, more strongly and that which would continue even past their own administration, into others. All of these things and their perspective must be understood from the position that holds those appropriately; that they have felt fear, that they have felt powerless. Can they be seen as loving? Can they be seen as powerful? Can you hold this in yourself that there is a part of you that might seek at times to exert power over others just in order to feel that you are deserving? That you are powerful? That you are alive? That you are here? Can you take a step backwards from all of this as if to love? As if the many armed goddess El Shaddai as if the beautiful divine being, the energy of love that flows through you? Can this be held to encompass, to love all of these possibilities, to see the deservedness in the energies of all of these beings in their own way? Still receiving, knowing love, expansion, caring, compassion. It is within this aspect of the emerald light cylinder that we remind you to send love to somebody you care for deeply.

As you feel it in your heart, expand it so that it may touch everyone and in your own imagination bring into the cylinder of light these other people. The Bush's, or the Obama's or the Bin Laden's, but also those in your family, those in your community, those you have had a struggle with, all of them loved. Held in this energy as it is intensifies by your breathing as it intensifies by your connection to the answer to the question who is experiencing this? To the connection of infinity, of all of it. This inter-connectedness, this knowledge that you are not separate, that you are all loved. To know this, to feel it, to breathe it. This brings benefit. It brings shift but it also brings the reality; the sense that all of this is possible. As you feel that reality so also others feel this. By your breath, dissolving all are brought into the emerald light. The emerald light becomes pure, clear, strong, brilliant and it connects to mother earth. As it does so it expands from 100 feet or 30 meters outwards it reaches many miles, many kilometers in diameter and earth responds with a gentle, loving ohm..bubbling up from her, into your heart and shared..goodbye. Ohmmm…

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