Hilarion Fall Equinox Channeling 2008

Jill: Greetings. Today is September 21, 2008. We are gathered in Nevada City for the Fall Equinox channeling of Hilarion. Hilarion will be answering questions asked by those in attendance and questions sent to us over the internet. For further information on channelings, books, tapes, CD’s, and DVD’s, contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209 Nevada City, CA 95959, or contact us on the web at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Greetings! This is the energy, being or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with questions and looking into the many areas of interest. We would first draw your attention to a light already forming, gathering strength, but added to it, by your imagination and especially your welcoming.

We ask you to imagine this light as emerald in color, forming a cylinder about 100 feet, that is about 33 meters in diameter, from infinitely upwards through you to the center of the earth. Its purpose is for protection and connection but it is also that which you can tap into, work with, draw from and release to as you see fit. As this energy moves through you in this moment we ask you to also welcome the idea of an animal friend, particularly for those who are hearing this a little later.

In the northern hemisphere, this is the time in which the animal kingdom begins to prepare. Gathering the fruits of the harvest naturally, bringing the energies within and contemplating the understanding soon to come of approaching cold weather. In this the animals more and more look to humanity as those who are influencing planet earth so much in order to understand and work with the lessons that they have to be here with you.

So as you think of an animal, the first one that comes to mind, a deer, perhaps a dolphin, a whale, perhaps, for some of you a particular friend of yours such as a cat or a dog, or a bird. Whatever the animal that approaches, welcome, have the sense that the emerald light encompasses and joins and in this beautiful energy there is a sense of oneness, a gesture perhaps on your part as open hand, as open-heart as movement in the animal’s direction will be then returned as the animal gives to you its own bow or wink or movement or smile.

As you perceive this energy, see this blending and this way in which it provides for you a touch in, a sort of deeper awareness of the part of you that is animal; the part of you that know of earth, of these rhythms of the seasons, of the awareness of your breath, not as a human, not as a meditation but as an animal would know this. In this way you are naturally then saying to this being that this animal has the opportunity now to see through your eyes for a moment and to in this way perceive in mother Earth these cycles and her rhythms with all of humanity.

Humanity often seems to be concerned with important matters of technology, or economics, or the ability to grapple with nature. But, at the same time there is something deeper, something relating to the rhythms of this planet. Earth, in a sense breathes, the breath is slow, over the period of a year and in the times of the equinox and solstices you can be aware of the breath at one full point or at an equal point.

This is one of the equal points responding and working with this energy you come to a point of equality yourself; an aspect of the equinox that teaches you about balance in yourself. This is a way not only in which day and night are balanced, meaning your interaction with a group and the individual but your interaction with the internal and the external, your reaction with the animals self and the human self. The animal self as if symbolizing your connection to that which is intrinsically physical, yet alive, not physical such as a mineral or a plant, these are certainly an important part of you also. But, in the understanding of the animal self an awareness of your instinct, your ability to naturally know the right thing to eat, the right time to sleep, the energy to become aware of in yourself as you may not have more easily known it before.

At the same time though, the animals in this way have a question answered for them by you. It is not a question verbal, as it is not, because animals do not speak in that way. But it is a sort of question as to, what's next for us? How do we work together on this planet? How do we learn from her together? What are we here to learn from you and similarly of course as you ask this about your animal friends. In this way then there is a sort of peace or calm or interesting, helpful, strengthening energy that is natural and easy and not at all depleting. In fact it is an energy that only tends to multiply on earth.

Many individuals in the last few months have sensed a new relationship to the animals on your planet. As if, all at once their souls are in a state of some coordination as if asking not only to be treated with greater kindness or awareness, or understanding, but to somehow be in a position by which their knowledge will be retained or known by you. This is being encouraged by energies from a variety of extraterrestrials right now. This is not the sort of energy that you would imagine as usually associated with extra terrestrials, typically bi-pedal, human in form, perhaps larger or smaller, perhaps with colors different than you are used to, but still essentially looking like human beings.

These are the animal extraterrestrials, those forms that are quite distinct from the human form, from their own adaptations. Yet, those who have utilized technology or the enhancement of the consciousness or their own minds or their ability to manifest on multiple levels of vibration to increase their own deeper and more powerful understanding about the universe. These beings now connect and find that humans do not easily understand them, do not easily accept their insights or wisdom and so they are attempting to increase communication with humans by stimulating the animals on your planet. By asking them these deeper questions as to how they might respond and work with humanity.

This is some of the basis of the new energy that people are feeling right now. Some of this energy is ill defined. It doesn't make sense in the old context and it really shouldn't. It's more an energy that simply says breathe into it, understand in this moment as an animal would, as the part of your being that opens to this energy, as the part of you that is earth opens to this energy and let it find its own form. This energy as it comes to you, would as you would imagine, naturally have many important healing qualities to it; capacity to allow you to resonate better with earth.

Which brings us to one of the questions posed for today. Areas on your planet that tend to have what people in a more sensitive state describe as a hum, a sound. But of course it is not a sound it is a sound in turn lead to them perhaps, but not a sound that can be sensed by microphones over by electronics because it is an extra vibratory sound; a sound that is higher in vibration than anything physical. After all, what is that picked up by a microphone but the alternate compacting and rarification of air?

As air itself then moves the microphone element. So, this is much higher vibratory level than anything physical but for some individuals they sense this is as a hum in those locations because those are locations where physical matter, in particular, crystal shapes under the earth, but other physical matter transforms this energy downward; moving it into that which is very nearly physical. Thus, it is an aetheric energy.

There are solutions to those who are disturbed by this, by various simple means of aetheric vibration and in general the idea is that you are being stimulated; the energy is added onto you. If you can work with it, it can be healing. If you can use it or understand it, it can be helpful. But, if you are in resistance to it, if energy is in some way telling you that this is bad or brings up fear, or brings you into a place where you push back on it, then of course it is lowering of energy and difficult for individuals who cannot come to such a place of welcoming or utilization of the energy, the simplest solution is to move.

But, if they can come to a place in which they can awaken to this there can be much benefit. In particular one simple tool it is inert gas Neon. At the simplest level to be utilized in a pendant or in addition as an elixir. But, more powerful technology is one that can also be utilized for many other activities and applications. These have been described before through this vehicle yet this is one of the many areas in inert gas technology, that he has not yet explored and one that is little explored on your planet, which was however much explored in ancient times particularly in Atlantis.

The idea is very simple, you simulate with sound, inert gas. So, inert gas fairly pure in a cylinder is stimulated with a piso-electric crystal at higher frequencies. Frequencies in the range of 25,000 to 45,000 cycles per second will generally be of maximum value. Where various resonant frequencies are achieved, those who have sensitivity to the hum will find it suddenly vanishes. The sort of sense that they are feeling energy and it is feeling good to them but it is not something that is going to keep them awake or be annoying or difficult.

There are many other locations in which this takes place. Most of them are undersea locations. For this reason one can ask, “Why do these aspects become more troublesome?” This is principally due to various experiments, primarily undersea, but those that are taking place all over the world generally classified as HARP. This is a series of experiments that are being done to vibrate the ethers; the subtle levels of vibration for many purposes, but principally to keep people in a state of greater anxiety, or fear or difficulty, or enhanced sensitivity.

Generally speaking these are countered very easily. As we have spoken of in the past by bolstering the nervous system because the nervous system is the part of the body from which the aetheric energies tending to settle usually have the most friction and most difficulty for most people. The nervous system is strengthened primarily by raw fats. Fats that are well absorbed which will depend on the person's biochemistry and most typically will be those which will be for many individuals hearing these words, will be the dairy fats.

These would need to be unheated, meaning no higher in temperature than as they come out of the cow or goat or other animal from which the fats are taken. These fats have many different forms and can be quite well utilized by the body as long as they are indeed unheated. If the fats previously taken have been heated, such as pasteurized milk, pasteurized cheese, pasteurized cream, and the worst of these, pasteurized butter, then the first effect will be these raw fats will displace cooked fats that have been stored in the body.

Thus, immediate benefit to the nervous system is unlikely for most people. But those who have had little exposure to the heated fats, will gain the most value the soonest. As the other fats are displaced, the body goes into a healing mode. Sometimes, this will generate other activities but then more and more this business of coming to the nervous system, strengthening it and changing it, will take place. This will happen in the brain, in the spinal column, in the peripheral nerves, in the nerves of the wrists and arms and fingers and then it will build the nerves at a higher vibrational level principally along the nerve sheath that spirals up and down the spine itself.

This is the area in which the interaction with HARP and various other energies of a difficult nature for most people will be most taxing and have the greatest problem. As this builds people will tend to become more sensitive to the earth energy. Getting the bare feet on the earth everyday, even just for a few moments is of tremendous value in reversing this process, strengthening and bringing benefit.

Wood is an insulator, it isn't a problematic material but it does not allow the bare feet to make contact. So, also is cotton, leather, and other substances frequently utilized between the soles of the feet and the earth. Even just 10 minutes a day of this contact can be very helpful with the most benefit coming from walking on grass, or sand, or bare dirt, or even sea water.

Freshwater has some benefit but also reduces conductivity. The intent simply being that as you realign the nervous system strengthens. This hum is actually present everywhere on your planet to a very low level. In these particular locations, it is stronger and the energy has a resonance in the human consciousness. The consciousness is not so much with human beings who are chanting as it is with their connection to their guides who are chanting. It is as if on your planet if you simply tune into it, you can become aware gently of an ohm sound. It is a beautiful, strengthening, ohm. It is an ohm that is generated from a higher vibrational level very purely for the purpose of helping, of enlightening, of loving, of assisting, of sending you this idea that this energy from your guides and helpers is with you; caring for you, taking care of you on many levels.

This energy is not that far in principle from other hum sounds which may be seen as negative. So, really here the final secret to working with this is your ability to convert it, to take that energy into an awareness of an ohm; connectivity to all beings. This is a positive helpful energy but will also naturally align you with the natural intent of these beings. At the first it would seem that that intent is very simple; I want to be. It is a sort of attention on permanence; on coming into existence; on manifestation itself but it is that which you share in common very powerfully with many beings on your planet.

Nonphysical beings on your planet outnumber the physical ones and for those associated with the human life stream the ratio is about nine to one. The nonphysical beings therefore numbering into multiple billions, coming eventually into incarnation on planet Earth, pushes population to about 50 billion. You would not see your planet capable of sustaining this many, but it certainly is. And this is the underlying energy behind many of the agricultural projects going on, on your planet. Many people are seeing that agriculture can be done on a very large scale in ways in which it is beneficial to all beings.

But, you must understand here that you will make far greater progress with this when you deliberately align with the non-physical beings who want to be physical. Because part of becoming physical is that they are going to eat, that they are going to use the products of agriculture and the flipside to this, just as given in the previous example with regards to fats taken into the body where some cleansing needs to happen, some clearing away of what is problematic this also must be a very important part of the process.

On your planet currently, are multiple types of pollution which are going to be cleared over the next few years by many people as they put attention on this. This is likely to become more and more important as you magnetize and work with the nonphysical beings who also realize that from the point of view of karma they cannot come here expecting to survive, to eat, to prosper to grow and at the same time destroy the very planet that they are coming to.

For instance, as we spoke of in our last meeting through this vehicle: this idea of in the Pacific a swirling mass of plastic. These little bits of plastic are accumulating even as we speak and our suggestion to learn about this, and to change habits and regard understanding about this and so on, has largely fallen on deaf ears. That is how it is of course when new information is provided. But, for each person hearing these words we would strongly suggest, learning more about it, going into the sections on Internet, various people writing about it, sharing about it and so on to learn more.

This can of course be corrected. It is not correctable by sweeping the plastic out of the ocean. That would actually take all the gasoline on your planet just to push the trawlers and boats around to do so because this is larger in size than you can imagine. But, at the same time as this swirling mass is there is a constant contribution to it. It is important that people understand that when you are using plastics, when you then discard them, a significant portion of them will find a way into the ocean and that will then create this problem.

Oh, what problem Hilarion? After all it’s just a big mess but it's not hurting anything. In fact, it is. Many of the animal species do not understand and they eat these plastics, which of course displaces food and they die of starvation. Others are suffering because of the significant lack of sunlight that then reaches the plants that must convert it. The plastics themselves, taken up by the fish and the plants are moving through the food chain and so on.

Now the first correction to this must be done at the level by which you become responsible for the plastics that you are working with yourself. Other corrections though will take place as humanity studies these issues and develops various techniques to cleanse and clear the ocean, principally bacterial in nature. These are likely to come from the agricultural community, those who study and work with plants and bacteria as much as some of the inspiration will come from the biological community, those studying genetics DNA, etc.

It is also important to recognize that there are specific communities focusing on this very issue, bridging between the higher dimensional realities, and the physical. For such communities we see great progress. Many areas however, are going to be brought up from this of the principal objections that people have to it. After all, how can they accept what they cannot see or feel?

For this we would certainly urge individuals to think consciously about their friends who have such objections. Perhaps you do not. Take it upon yourself to urge them little by little to open their consciousness. Specifically, to look into the scientific studies that have been made on reincarnation, for instance the work of Ian Stevenson. So that others will come to a deeper appreciation that there is this aspect by which you come back again and again. Meaning: that there is clearly much more to life than you thought.

The next area that would seem obvious to look at around this, comes to how people tend to feel when they approach these powerful issues. Pollution: for which you have some degree of responsibility, for instance, and the fear that this may generate within your being. How to contend with this is a question often asked because we are in a position of not having physical body we do not have the same tie-in to fear that you do. But this also has a singular and important disadvantage because when many human beings feel fear at once as has happened often on your planet, this is a powerful resonance, an energy that sort of pulses all over earth. It sweeps nonphysical beings such as ourselves and many others into a pulsing resonant energy with them. Though, it is not fear that we would feel this light and this energy that is felt is clearly disagreeable and an energy that creates many problems.

Typically this problem aspect will seek solutions at the nonphysical level by vortices. Vortices of swirling action can be utilized from the nonphysical level for cleansing and clearing different areas where the fear seems to be particularly highly concentrated. A number of nonphysical beings in cooperation with highly evolved beings on planet Earth will then typically began the process of generating some of these vortices. These can result in a variety of physical conditions, sometimes it simply stimulates people in a state of meditation or higher vibration to change these energies, sometimes it comes as a very positive or helpful force to bring in a new song, a new book, a new movie; something that brings change in consciousness to people all over the world.

Lately, the tendency has been to sweep with this energy using water. Thus, providing hurricanes, a powerful, cleansing force. So powerful that it does have significant physical effects but washes away the non-physical equivalents. After all, with so many billions of nonphysical beings they are often associated with the nonphysical equivalent of your towns, your cities, and your earth and need this cleansing just as much as it is needed at the physical.

  That is how it is of course when new information is

Secondly, however these vortices do for those who have attunement to them, create powerful symbols, energies within your own consciousness because that is how you tend to cleanse and heal and work through issues yourself. For instance, a psychic healer examining and working with a person suffering with a particular difficulty might say, I see a vortex swirling around your liver-- an indication of this than with regard to liver healing, etc.

For humans now on earth to understand this is a much bigger picture and bigger way of healing than most people are used to but it is indeed an open opportunity in the solution to many of the problems on your planet. The swirling nature of these problems can often be an important clue or key; how fire swirls, how the gyre, that is the name for the swirling ocean currents with plastic in them swirl, how the hurricanes swirl and so on.

What happens inside a well? Inside the waters under the earth? Those which you tap into when you draw them to the surface? These are also swirling energies but they do not swirl in the vortex action as a great mass such as a hurricane but little swirls as they move through the rock, as they move under the ocean and as they move through the gravel sands and softer areas of your planet. Understanding this can be tremendously helpful as you wish to learn more about the waters that interact with your world.

One of the questions is relating to drought. The water on your planet is largely constant. You have a significant amount of it as saltwater which is not easily available for plants, drinking and so on in high concentrations but, does indeed have much benefit. Ocean water, tremendously helpful in small quantities, because of the minerals, the energies, that it carries. Small amounts of this could certainly be introduced to your planet as if to say we are not in the position of fully separating.

This is one of the underlying conditions which is tending to cause drought on your planet. Humans, deliberately separating out the fresh water from the ocean water in their minds, in their consciousness, in their evaluation of what might be termed negative/ positive, or good/ bad. Those are artificial delineations which are very much cultural- based on your time, on your race, on your interaction with other people, on what you think from your previous conditioning rather than the actual fact.

In point of fact for instance, around emotions many people are now coming to recognize that emotions are not negative and positive, those which you have a problem with, therefore calling negative, are simply those which have within them energies which you have resisted. Some capacity within which you are willing to go somewhere else, push away from try to avoid and for whatever reason you have created for yourself, you then call it negative. Of course, breaking through this you understand the lesson of your sadness, of your anger, of your hopelessness, of your grief and from this come to a deeper acceptance and initially of yourself and of course of everything in your world.

A beautiful example for you to question carefully whether this or that is truly to be considered negative or positive. In point of fact, negative and positive have a specific meaning and relate very much to flow. The flow towards is generally then conceived of as the flow from one to the other. Therefore, from the source it is conceived of as a positive flow and at the receiving end a negative flow. Similarly, then that which is activated at the source as a negative flow, is seen as that which is drawn in.

After all, it’s indifficiency so it pours in. This way of pulling back and seeing it more effectively can also be more helpful when you are considering such powerful vortex flows as water on your planet. To see that all the water is here to help, to love, to remind, to assist, to vibrate, to interact with humans and gradually on its own, just as we have spoken about the kingdom of the air, the kingdom of the rocks, the kingdom of the minerals, these in their most basic sense is then understood at the higher vibratory level of pure substance, the kingdom of the water.

The waters of the earth interact with humanity on so many levels, bringing so many areas of temporary vibration; the vibration of a remedy as a homeopathic, or an elixir, or that what you call a “flower essence.” These are simply the interaction of that water with the pure and powerful vibratory energy of that living thing. It temporarily holds that energy to transmit it into your body. Then it distributes itself throughout the body excreted from the body. Moving then through the hydrological cycle eventually it moves into the atmosphere where it is changed back into that which is a substance without intrinsic vibration except that of the vibration of the entire Earth and it is done so by the Sun.

So, also then, when you heat water you release its vibration and in this way those who prepare vibrational remedies bring water which is distilled or in some way purified by the earth into a state of neutrality before they are allow it to interact with the substances that they bring the vibration into. In this way you understand that water is taking on these vibrations, learning from it, flexible, able to move and yet so powerful in the way you have seen it cut through stone over time or wash away a city in a hurricane.

So, also then do you understand this in your body that you are mostly water and that the waters are constantly then sharing this energy with you so that you may learn from them and they may learn from you back. This is a unique and beautiful situation on earth because most of the water travels with the planet. It stays with you during this cycle constantly of sharing energy, vibration, intelligence, understanding, taking it back and moving it again.

The water that you have within your body has been consumed by the bodies of so many others, there is a high likelihood that at least one molecule of water in your body right now was in the body of Aristotle, was in the body of Buddha, was in the body of Christ, or any of the beings you have imagined having walked on this planet. This is its great way of sharing with you and where this is appreciated it wants to speak to you and show you how to solve problems of drought.

One of the important problems is in the way in which the water must be coupled with living force. That is not just that of humans. Humans need water to survive but mostly they get that water from the plants and the animals they consume. This consumption business is an intrinsic part of what water wants to do right now as it works through drought. As if to tune you into this energy, draw it in, it can do so very easily by many means in which the planets become an important part of this cycle.

This is on the threshold of people's consciousness for one reason. The Devas of many plants understanding and working with drought energy, are interacting with the larger water form. You could say the collective consciousness of all water with messages for people. If you can receive them and know them you can be changed by them. Those involved in agriculture will know to plan this particular plant here, to work with this energy over there, to use capturing of water by landscaping, by swails, by particular vegetation, by ponds and that this capturing can be assisted.

You would think the drought is strictly related to rainfall but this is not entirely true. There can actually be areas where there is increased rainfall but poor ability to work with water which results in greater drought. The larger message here is simply to tune into this in your own body, your own water, your own understanding of this, and use that as the reflection, or the consciousness awareness device as you work outside.

The inert gases have been shown over and over to be very helpful here. We would suggest in particular that helium and neon be widely utilized in this attunement process. We also see that water is possible to be better utilized by plants so that less of it is needed and that this can be an important solution. In particular, helium and neon in various inert gas devices can be applied around planets to enhance this ability to be absorbed.

It is a long answer on a technical level to a question but it does have an important effect for everyone because water is a powerful symbol of your feelings, of your emotions, and in many ways it is asking you, as you contemplate drought, as you work with the energy of water, as you learn about it, to look at this in your self. What feelings are there in you at times that you would hold back, that you would have difficulty with and now give them voice? Allow them to be with you, to pass through, to release and then to find a place of peace or quiet or oneness on the other side.

Now there is a question relating directly to this business of vibratory energy with water in preparation of flower essence that doesn't have a flower. This is called a plant essence and we have often talked about this in the past. An example might be a fern essence and it is a simple matter to take the living thing and put it in proximity of water, very helpful if this is done in a quartz bowl and if it is done in a sunlit place, and it is done far away from city traffic, city noises and energies.

Then, as you step away from this invite the Devas, let them come to be with you, to be with this water, to enhance the bridge energy between the plant and the water. If many plants are present, a different species, they will all move into the water so this is usually not recommended it is usually better if a single species is activated. This is also the technique to use with mushrooms.

If one wishes to develop a mushroom elixir, where one has a large quantity of these mushrooms, or a single mushroom with little else growing around it. To place the water in the quartz bowl this can be done in a darkened area or if possible in sunlight and then the water diluted with various preserving methods, as it is usually done in preparation with flower essence one need not actually float in the mushrooms in the water, though this is done occasionally.

If this is done be certain that a good filtration takes place using a ceramic if the mushroom is a poisonous one. However, the water from mushrooms can have very interesting and helpful properties as mushroom elixirs have not been widely explored to date. These can include a deeper understanding of various psychic phenomena, the ability to go deep into your own unconscious; the ability to enhance astral projection and lucid dreaming and the ability to allow deep-seated healing qualities that do not necessarily follow the mind but simply come forth as a powerful, helpful, healing energy for others.

There is also a question with regards to other people; people on your planet who have powerful, positive, strengthening ideas. These are bursting forth now more than ever. The enhancements provided by the Internet encourage everyone to be a writer or as the term is “a Blogger,” as you open to this and work with it you may understand many things and be able to share these with others. Yet, you must also recognize that it is pressing forth a very powerful consciousness of judgment. The judgment within you. Where are you going to put your time? I can't read everything on the Internet; I must then choose this or that.

The basis by which some will choose is that it is attractive, or it is something that is similar to a topic you are already familiar with. We would strongly suggest that both of these criteria as much as possible be thrown out. It is really valuable when you are finding something you have not seen before, something that challenges your underlying concept of reality. Something that you might even be a little uncomfortable reading about.

This is one of the earmarks of many of the powerful, new philosophers, politicians, economists, many who are pushing the envelope so to speak, of what is possible as you speed along in your life. In this way, we suggest that if possible, opening to these and working with them would be very helpful. We are of course limited to comment on specific individuals who are channeling all kinds of interesting, important information and encourage you to dig out their materials on your own.

There is also a question naturally then as you begin to look at this sort of scape or sphere of influence of the Internet and interconnectivity as to this important leader to come forth within USA. Although many are hearing these words and working with them, specifically living in USA, those outside USA also recognize that this becomes a very important leader because of the power and influence that comes from the US; from that point of view look into the souls of humanity all over your planet. How many McCain fans, disciples, interested in seeing him become the next president of USA are there on your planet outside USA?

As you contemplate this you will see that there is a great thirst, a great sort of flood of energy, pouring toward humanity in USA to go somewhere you have not before. This is what Obama represents. Whether he will actually do so or not is of course going to be difficult to say. But, the sort of symbolism of this, something in an entirely new direction, a whole new way, greater youth, greater enthusiasm, greater freedom, and of course the symbolism of what has never happened in USA before, an African American descendent then coming to position of power.

For many in the world this is as if a powerful light, an energy coming forth that says, if it is possible for you to go through such change then we may also do so. Because, many countries on your planet are finding that the greatest difficulty they have, is that they are stuck in their old ways. They are unable to make the significant changes needed. The smaller countries that can make such changes are not bearing much influence with the rest of the countries which tend to be then, simply continuing as they have been.

In order to assist this several factors have been energized on your planet and again many of these in USA, but, ripple effect having then, many aspects landing in other countries. Economic disruption, the need to change things and great economic instability this is resulting from some very poor choices made in the mortgage markets and investment markets in the last few years. The result of this is going to be greater economic instability for all of planet Earth and not just in USA. The reason behind this is of course to dislodge things so that some new system can be established.

One of these we have talked about since some of the earliest channeling through this vehicle and through many others. The idea of conscious community, of knowing and loving those you are close to and working with them in a more cooperative fashion and doing so for the very deliberate and conscious idea of economic protection, of working together to buffet against the economic winds that now are blowing through USA more and more strongly than ever.

Oh, some might say, why not just invest in gold? Or why not just put your money into land where you may farm? But you will see that, though this can provide survival, though it can provide benefit, though you can weather the economic storm, you will have then passed from this world when you die and you will have not learned, you will not have had such deeper interaction with others. In a sense as you are able to successfully invest, successfully protect, we also suggest if at all possible as you form community, you share this knowledge, you help others in their way of increasing their own sense of stability, consciousness and interaction.

The most valuable of these communities would be those which are the most challenging. A community based on service where the whole idea is that you are maximizing one of the attributes of your opportunity to be in a body here. The opportunity to serve others and as other people in this community do so, they are taking advantage of this also. Of course, this presents problems. If someone suddenly has a flip in their own consciousness, no longer wanting to serve others, no longer seeing the value of that, simply wanting to be served and this is of course what has happened in the past when communities reach a sufficiently large size that this servicing business can indeed be reversed.

The solution to this is not easy. It is one in which there must be a constant level, you might say of processing. The opportunity for people to bring their emotions, bring their issues, bring their ideas into some way of the light, some way of talking about it, accepting it, loving it in each other. First basis then, application of that idea that there are no negative emotions, that they are all welcome, that they can come in then.

These will often be the basis by which the individual deciding no longer to share, wants instead to be in a position purely of receiving because they are struggling with their own identity, their own opportunity to know that they are loved, to accept and work with the opportunity to share with others, etc.

In this way one then sees another answer to how to contend with fear on your planet. Not just by the techniques we have suggested in the past. But, also through community, through sharing with others, by stating, “I am afraid,” while others are able to look you in the eye and tell you, “It's all right,” and encourage you to simply have that energy. Fear often is False Evidence Appearing as Real. F.E.A.R.

That which you do not see as false, eventually then comes out as you express or share this and you understand eventually the truth, that you are loved, that the energy of light and God, and the caring of others around you is always available to you as you may choose it. This sense of abundance, of the energies all around you is that which you can make a sort of visceral contact with and this is one of the most powerful and helpful tools of changing your own vibration.

One of the questions asked is about this. About how you can raise your energy, how you can tune in and work with it. There are many answers to this they are all valid, why? Because each can work with a different modality, a different way of being. We might even call this, “An Access,” or an “Access Modality.” Interestingly though, although everybody has tendencies more toward the visual or the auditory for most people in different arenas everyone shares some component of the kinesthetic; the feeling sense. You may not like it very much but it is still with you and most people do like it.

So, we would then say as the very first for raising energy in the body, for increasing consciousness, that anything that brings some feeling sense would be helpful. So we will suggest this right now as this is a good time for a little inner work, followed by a little stretch. The stretch will have a different aspect to it, though. It is if to take the energy which we are going to suggest, which may liberate, and recognize it then moving down the stretched arms and legs as if that energy has a ripple or a vibrational effect naturally. We would suggest that you imagine that there is a brush, like a paintbrush very gently right now brushing across your shoulders, the back of your upper shoulders, the front perhaps, down the arms a bit.

If that is a difficult visualization put some liquid on the brush, some warm butter, perhaps, or some cool water particularly if you are feeling excessively warm. But, give this in your imagination a sensation that touches at first the skin. Now, as the brush moves gently back and forth see that same energy somehow coming in deeper; into the bones, into the inner chest, into the heart. Now, as you stretch see that energy as it moves down the arms, out the hands, out the feet.

This sort of energy is the first attunement to this idea of the aetheric body now entering the physical. It is just like that sort of gentle brushing and so now to raise consciousness with the energy, simply make it go faster. As if the whole body is now experiencing this and the brushing is going powerfully all the way up, all the way down, faster, then faster and penetrating deeper. Do not tense with it, do not breathe faster, do not constrict the breathing, simply relax but see this brushing getting faster and faster.

As if it is very deeply touching you, energizing you, strengthening you, and now it easily moves out the top of the head, out the bottom of the feet, connecting at infinitely upwards; connecting at center of earth, similar to the Emerald light we began with, similar to your connection to the Sun or the great central aspects of the universe. These are the positive, helpful, loving energies always available to you through this kinesthetic pathway; this kinesthetic access modality, yes. Now, Jill perhaps you have some other questions?

Jill: Okay. What will be the energy source of the future for most cars?

Hilarion: The immediate application here is very simple. As always, we try to give you the larger perspective if possible. Many of developments in free energy technology have intrinsic weapons potential. These can be misapplied and it is for this reason that the higher vibrational beings are as much as possible interacting with every other source on earth to slow down the introduction of this technology until humanity is sufficiently spiritually mature to work with such energies.

This is quite unfortunate because of course, such technologies have tremendous potential, not just as pollution-less energy sources or transportation as in automobiles but also to directly cleanup pollution and planetary difficulty and to raise vibration on planet Earth as well. Initially though, understanding this weapons potential must come sufficiently into consciousness to provide to people a simple choice.

“If I had access to unlimited levels of energy would I use it entirely to the good? How do I define this for myself? In what way does it bring greater clarity? Greater love? Greater benefit? Longer life? Greater happiness?” You must decide this for yourself. We would certainly suggest that anyone who answers this question with something that is inherently limiting or contracting such as, “only for my family, or only for my religious group, or only for my country” is clearly missing the larger point that we mentioned earlier - that approximately 50 billion want to be incarnated on your planet together and they are probably not all going to be the same family, the same race, the same religion, or the same country.

In this way, you would then understand this opportunity for greater spiritual maturity.

To answer the question, now that we have given background, initial idea must be that of electricity as much as possible with minimum electro-magnetic interference by utilizing fields which inherently cancel when they are in the passenger compartment and that these electrical energies are derived from renewable sources including most specifically, higher efficiency solar, wave energy and wind energy.

These are not the entire solution of course, free energy will eventually be a part of this in secret where it looks like a solar farm, only it's producing far more than anybody imagined. Because, of course it is then easy to put those free energy generators underground or in places where they simply tie in to the energies produced by the solar array. In this way, gradually introductions can be made and this can take place in a gentle experimental mode before it is widely accepted.

In the meantime though, you are quite correct in recognizing that the push in this direction to pollution-less sources of energy for automobiles will be an important first step. Of course, there are many steps beyond this. Ultimately to transportation that does not involve the physical movement from one location to another. This however, has tremendous weapons potential and so the aspects of this are not going to likely be developed in your lifetime. But, the essential science for this has already been developed and it is simply a matter of applying it appropriately in the future. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Ok. Thank you. Tell us about the entity who hands out the spark of life to allow people to incarnate?

Hilarion: We recognize this as associated with that which must be timeless; that which goes beyond the limitations of time. By its very nature this must be so, otherwise that spark of life would change, it would probably diminish as more and more then have it. It is that which is beyond time and that which is the manifestation of space and you could say this quadrant of the universe, this aspect of the galaxy.

We call these beings the Elohim. They have many different ways of being understood. They are not religious in the way you perceive these aspects; God, creativity; forming certain rites, rituals, books, holy works, they are more the energy that simply is the manifestation of that which you understand as all aspects of life around you. Not just the earth, not just the stars, but the very sense that this is possible.

The Elohim in their own way provide a constant current of energy but are very aware because of their massive levels of intelligence, of individuality. When it comes to the point that that individuality moves to the next transition it usually requires another little bit of that same creativity that brought the aspect of this part of the universe into existence, this portion of the galaxy, and so in this way the spark is added.

Much of the energy comes from your own consciousness, your own development of your self, your desire to continue this. But, there is this ability to transform, to move from one dimensional level to another. This is not actually as important as it is in the higher dimensional level. Moving from the whole aspect of being human for instance to an entirely new level of being. Not necessarily as a consciousness, but perhaps as a new planetary life form.

For this, the greater upwelling of a coordinated Elohim energy has been observed. You see, when you go through that transition, the spark comes through you, but you are immediately catapulted into an entirely different reality. You have very little chance to observe this. When you observe this in others, it is also a maelstrom of activity. But when you observe it en masse, a huge group making a transition to a new planet for instance, a powerful energy migrating from one level to another in this it becomes obvious that these powerful energies emanating right now from the center of your galaxy then move outward and assist. This is one of the reasons it is very helpful to utilize center of galaxy elixir; to gaze at center of galaxy, to work with those energies typically associated with the signs of Sagittarius and Hercules that can be found in the night sky. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Okay. Thank you. How well does the awakened earth group benefit the environmental stresses on earth to balance and harmonize? What improvements do you suggest Hilarion?

Hilarion: Making a good start working with the nonphysical energies and bridging them with physical. The suggestions would be that each individual of this group do this on their own; utilizing their own modalities, their own sense of color, or shape, or form, or song and that they share this with everyone else in the group. But, most importantly with plants, with the land itself, with their opportunity to interact with the Devas and share with them their unique gifts as if to say, “I bridge from the higher vibrational levels through my song, through my actions, through my movement, through my colors and I share this with you and ask you to share this with the plants.” Further question?

Jill: Can you share any comments on the incarnation of Christ as the different personalities: John the Baptist, the historic Jesus, the Apostle Paul? Please comment on your understanding.

Hilarion: It is an interesting area partly because there is so much controversy coming out from so many who come to understand again the meanings. But, what about the deeper level of this? Not the history. After all, if you then go strongly into assuming anyone of these historical accounts and the many Abrahmic and other accounts and into all of those which then are the bases for so many religions you can inevitably stir up all kinds of trouble, make it a lot of people angry and perhaps turn them away from the larger message, which is: that there is a joining in the hearts of humanity.

Christ's message for all to awaken to some aspect of your own intrinsic being-ness of love, of one-ness, of a desire for greater evolution, greater clarity, greater love for your entire planet and all the people on it. In this way a correct answer is to say that humanity has the opportunity to receive the second coming of Christ in all hearts at once in the capacity of all beings to receive and know this for themselves. This was practiced by beings in your past; sharing energies as a group of three for instance. Different aspects of this in different ways and you come to understand this as the mind of this one, and the heart of that one, and the will of that one, and whatever.

But, those were simply examples you could say, prototypes, possibilities, energies to remind you not from the point of saying, “This writing is right and those who believe it are right and those who object to it are wrong, and should be banished or in some way excluded. This is missing the point that those beings wish to share that it is possible it is in your consciousness simply by loving. Loving yourself, loving others, valuing their message, seeing of the way in which they can assist.

Yet, how often will you at times exclude? Sometimes unconsciously, perhaps just because that person has a different political affiliation? Or, perhaps because they look different from you or don't speak the same language? The real tricky one is how do you lovingly accept those who reject you? You must understand that they are afraid. That they have their own preconceived ideas as to what is possible and that there is some place, perhaps not easily available to your consciousness, but still there that knows when you love, that knows when you care for them.

You can use this with your own insight, your own intuition when you ask the question, “If that person was to show me love how would they do so?” Sometimes the answer out of nowhere will appear to you. This is your gift to them. When you share with them in that way it is as if saying, I recognize the God self, the Christ, the John, the Paul, the being within you and I honor this and love it with something in me that expresses itself by the way in which you can best receive it. Does this help at all?

Jill: Yes, Hilarion. One last question maybe Athena can answer about music? What kind of music would it be of value to have in our time right now?

Hilarion: The question as originally asked is far more complex. Describing a time in Lemuria when powerful instruments, far beyond your concept of what an instrument is, were utilized. So, we turn this question over to Athena.

Athena: Energies that pour through your planet, invite your heart to open to greater light, an inner truth, the truth of being, a truth that speaks as much through sound, delightful melodies, and playful rhythms, as it does the voices that teach you of those things that are to be done. It is the music of being that was played in ancient times known to every culture inspired initially by those on the continent of Mu to know in your heart as a grand magnificence that went way beyond sound.

That magnificence is with you, it is built into your genetics, the DNA spirals themselves vibrating and moving with such energies. No longer is it a matter just of opening your heart but a reminder at a deeper level. The music of breath, the music of wind, the energies that sweep through you… the dripping of water, the movement of the energies of the earth through her underground caverns, that gentle energy of fire as it touches, as it awakens, as it warms.

Still though, these energies have another side to them, an earth energy of deep silence, an awareness within you as if of the higher sounds, the energies inside you. The energies of the movement of your circulation, the movement of electricity through your nerves, the sounds that are internally generated as if by the light of truth moving through you with each breath.

We ask you now to welcome those sounds, to find them in your own internal way. For some this can be an inspiration into yet again manifesting some of the great instruments of ancient times. One of these is actually fairly easy, it was called earth lyre, and the best way to translate it: a very long, stretched string, plucked and allowed to move as it touches earth, as it moves across earth you would walk beneath it and feel the movement not only of the air and of the vibration but of the earth’s response.

The scientific aspect simply that it is a very long wave. So, in this sense you have it also within your body. The gesture is the outstretched arms to left and right, typically with touching of finger and thumb. The idea being that a vibration now moves from one hand across the body to the other and back again, this creating a sound…..(sound: eeehhhyaaooo..) The sound as it touches the shoulders and moves through the body becomes a little deeper…(sound is heard).

As it deepens it begins to resonate with the organs…(sound is heard) and this can generate the sounds and it can also generate another energy, a gentle soothing connective energy spoken of earlier. This energy we ask each of you now to receive, to hold it in your heart, a beautiful, gentle, ohm. But, not the ohm of the world or of people, but the ohm of the kingdom of the air as they whisper. It is often felt in those times of no wind, a place where the air is still as if something caresses your heart to listen to another truth.

Ask your question then, “Who Am I? What is the nature of my life? What is important to be asked in that moment?” Whatever it is, will be answered at first by this sound, become the instrument of that sound. Open your arms to receive that message, receive that light in its own form. This will usually generate over time a different answer, your own personal answer but for now we give you our answer. An answer that comes as much of a love of this truth, this love of being, then of any words. (sound is heard.)

Hilarion: Yes. Hilarion here again, we thank you Athena for your words, your assistance with finding alternate ways of receiving energies directly. Then, shall we close for today? We remind everyone here again of the Emerald light cylinder and ask you to allow its potent, powerful, easy connection to mother Earth and to infinitely upwards. On each out breath now the cylinder becomes larger from 100 feet in diameter it moves larger and larger to many kilometers, many miles in diameter an earth response with her own gentle loving omm. Goodbye. Ommmm….

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