Hilarion Summer Solstice Channeling 2010

Jill: Greetings. Today is June 21, 2010. We are gathered in Nevada City for the Hilarion Summer Solstice. Hilarion will address questions and comments on current issues. Questions have been provided from today's participants and from the internet. For further information on channeling, books, CDs and DVDs contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959 or visit us on the web at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Greetings. This is the energy being or vibration you call Hilarion. We ask you to welcome the idea of a helpful, strengthening, emerald light. We ask you to imagine it filing this room, it is about 100 feet diameter, that is about 30 meters and from infinitely upward through you to the center of the earth for purposes of protection and connection but also for something else, a sort of place before, before belief, before thoughts, before emotions. Simply that place of the light itself. It is deep within your soul you understand this. But, not to understand this with your mind or with your feelings or your body but you understand it by the light itself as it makes its way into the world through you as consciousness, as love, as connection to other people but most importantly as light itself. This is one of those things that though much is understood about it and more continues to be understood does not change its fundamental nature. What people believe about it changes, how it is used in the world changes, but something about it is unchangeable, is that which is always accessible within your consciousness and with whatever stage of consciousness you are: awake, asleep, in the body, between bodies, as a guide or a helper, or as an intruder, or simply in your everyday, waking ordinary reality.

It is this idea of something that you can connect to that we are going to touch on a few times today. Before working on that simply be aware of it, notice that there is that sense of that which could be imagined as light as that which could be felt as light, which could be touched through you as if you were a flashlight or a beacon or that which was somehow receiving this is, in the way your skin would soak up the rays of the sun, simply receiving, knowing feeling, transmitting, light. Specifically right now we suggest the emerald light because it is characteristic of our energy but even that is in a sense, is just a story, is that which is comes after the light that which is known to you; the identification of a color or the tendency of that light to do a certain thing or ascribe to it a meaning and so on.

Right now as the summer begins in the northern hemisphere there is an energy with the plants and animals of a deep understanding of life. It is the time of the powerful out-flowering, a flowing of life, a knowledge of life in a way in which it just wants to burst forth. It is a time of celebration in many cultures, it is also within your own consciousness as you look out, a time of awareness because the days have seemed to be growing longer and longer, the nights shorter and shorter until it comes to this day in which the day is the longest. But, then with each passing day it grows a little shorter and the nights grow a little longer. This are the many times that you have been incarnated, it has an effect on your consciousness. You recognize therefore that you are at the peak of this sense, of your own individuality, your own uniqueness, of that aspect which makes you- you. And at the same time though connected to the group you know begin to recognize that they are coming closer and closer, they are at this moment now at arm’s length, now being drawn a little closer, a little closer within each passing day. The earth is of course in her own way moving with this energy too. In her breath cycles she is at the deepest place, the place in which that breath is powering so many things, bringing so much energy into the world.


Since we last spoke through this vehicle there have been many eventful changes on your planet. But, the most important ones are not those which would appear externally. Not the happenings of the day or politics but rather the aspects of consciousness, the things inside, they are what really matter. As you understand this you begin to understand powerful useful lessons the animals have to teach you at this time. They are teaching you about the celebration but not by your mind or your thoughts but by this sense of life itself. This beautiful powerful light in the sky, from the sun is at the same time as the light in the hearts of the animals who awaken and come to connect to humanity so much more clearly now.

In this time it is often a useful exercise to receive this as a shared or co-creative sort of force. The energy of coming into existence, the energy of birthing, the energy of awakening, the energy that comes into your consciousness in the same way that it brought you in initially. In a birth, born in its initial manifestation, conceived, nurtured throughout the winter now comes forth and is that which is felt by many. But, right now we simply ask you to recognize this symbolically by imagining an animal, a being that you have some attraction to or interest in right now. In your imagination let the animal come to be with you, to stand next to you. The two of you now focus on something in your environment , a place perhaps where the animal might have some place to live, or perhaps some aspect that you would wish greater focus of love or healing on.

Imagine now that as you are being in this energy from your heart in this place so also displayed this animal is joining you and imagine that the energy of the animal is also joining you in this place, a sense that this energy and this love is coming from sources that are beyond your intellectual understanding, and even beyond your species understanding or your human understanding. Yet they stand with you, sharing that energy with you. This is called co-creativity in a very pure form without stories or words or understanding; simply that awareness of energy, of light and now especially of love. That there is in this place that you are sending something lovable that you would appreciate; something beautiful perhaps, a beautiful forests or tree some beautiful water or a place in which people can come to a sense of peace and meaning or place in which animals can feel safe or in some way deeper connected to earth or other people.

The point is that is as you appreciate this energy you are naturally using the language of emotion, of your heart, of your love but at the same time engaging the visual sense of your heart's awakening of this energy. See the animal now as it leaves you but knowing that it is always there to return and that you can indeed continue this dialogue at future junctures. You can share this energy in different ways and it is available to you both symbolically. Often times the animal that you have picked, is one that you have a kinship with, has acted as a guide for you or is in some way symbolically connected to your own understanding of your own animal nature.

Since this opportunity to communicate through this vehicle we have been watching the events as they unfold on your planet and one that has been scheduled for a long time that is now bearing fruit on your planet is one of the consequences that you find horrific; the pouring of oil into the ocean in a way that cannot be stopped. This is a difficult thing for you to watch; indeed watch it you do. You are fascinated by it, enraged by it, disheartened by it, and you want to shut it out but you open the newspaper listen to the news, watch it on your computers again and again anyway.

This is because it represents an important symbolic shift within your consciousness and it is this which can be looked at for the fruits of a deeper understanding as well as the possibility of making corrections and improving things for your planet. But, one must be cautious here to recognize that there is a process unfolding right before you pretty much in the right tempo for humanity's ability to transform belief into reality. Most people do this slowly over a period of months or years and the way in which the consensus beliefs eventually becomes the consensus reality in the way in which people agree upon it and work with it, is that which you are seeing right before your eyes right now. It is clearly outside your consensus belief pattern that some methodology could be employed to stop this oil from flowing into the water. Yet, at the same time you know it is possible, you know that that belief is just on the threshold of coming into existence.

Because it is therefore tantalizing in this way you are tempted over and over to attune to this, to try to understand it, even to shut it out of your consciousness if possible where you can be drawn to it again. It is as if the capacity to heal the earth is just beyond your ability. To do this collectively or technologically or with one company or with many, to do it with the way of politics or money, all of these things are telling you that this energy needs to be shifted. Yet it is that which can only be shifted by the collective will as a collective will is strengthened by the viewing of what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico and this outpouring of this oil has drawn the attention of many on your planet. In fact the majority of beings on your planet are aware of this. What is to be done about it begins to resonate. The answer of course is very obvious and at the same time very difficult. Creating a world in which you do not need to drill for oil is the simple solution. Drilling for it on land or in the ocean polluting as you burn it and creating all of the difficulties you do with it, is that which has been shown to you by your science and your understanding of the world as that which could now be brought into consciousness and created. Through wind, solar, tides and many forms of alternative energy, various ways of producing and working with energy all of these are known to your science.

Of course there are things beyond this once humanity has sufficient maturity to work with them. Things we have spoken of extensively in the past. Such as Joe cell such as Brown’s gas, such as inert gas technology and so on and so on. But, the key in understanding is about the collective will to transform the belief that this is possible into the reality that it is manifested. Doing so is the process that you are all about. The creation of a collective energy, a deeper understanding of it, bringing it in to belief and then manifesting it somehow in the world is the pattern that has gone on in humanity since the very beginning. It is the way the most primitive of the people on your planet began to experiment and understand nature, discovering fire, working with relationship, understanding about the creating of children, understanding each other and what they are here for and other things; always this process, this place in which it moves from something that is somehow just beyond reality into that which is reality.

But, what is it before this and as you understand that you begin to recognize that energy that we spoke of earlier as light has only one of the characteristics that come before. But, you also begin to understand where the solution lies. But, when that which is in as much harmony as possible, as much confluence, resonance, moving with as possible to that original essence, that original source, when that is what is the energy, the manifestation, the way you feel, the way you do, the way you act, the way you learn, the way you believe, the way you speak over and over it just naturally seems to work out. It seems to be that which leads to less in the way of conflict and difficulty. The further away you go from that all the ways in which you create more problems as a result of the solution you create, you then recognize you are moving further and further away from the underlying most basic aspects of existence itself.

We have called those basics the “Universal Laws” and they are worth studying. But, quite apart from the intellectual understanding is the pure awareness of that force that seeks to manifest, that energy which seeks to connect, that light that is the manifestation itself. These aspects as you come to recognize them and welcome them can at times teach you or show you alternate ways to approach your world and at the same time engage your imagination. Bringing you to a place in which you feel somehow it is right, you feel somehow an energy that is expensive or beautiful. In the ignorance of the opposite of this is the beginning of the difficulties, thus, at some point somebody working with oil and its conversion into forms such as diesel or gasoline in order to produce electromotive power in engines had the idea that there is within much benefit but also much detriment, much difficulty. There must be another way. There are other ways and they can be found and this was clear to those consciousness’ and yet they stayed with it. They worked with those things because they were more interested in the end result; the opportunity to move things faster, higher, farther, etc. etc.

All of these energies then, have reached a certain point in which they collapse upon themselves. The collapse has been at times a result of war or as disease or great struggle or difficulty on your planet or natural cataclysms where all kinds of powerful changes through weather, earthquakes, fire, extremes in temperature and most commonly asteroid collision were those which gave force to a sweeping change that blotted it all out so they could start again. At each juncture however, what was offered to humanity was an opportunity; always to make a change, always to find what is possible. This is now being given with greater ferocity, greater strength now. As with the various ways in which war has been communicated by television, people seeing the destruction and difficulty and gradually choosing to stop it, to put a damper on it, to prevent it from becoming a world war.

So also then does this oil spill give this possibility so that all people around the world can look at this and collectively decide we are going to go in a different direction right now. There is not of course a requirement that they do so. It is rather the way in which they see the inevitable destruction and difficulty that comes, shows you on a very small scale with this oil spill affecting just a small area of the world as compared to all the rest but of course a very large area in the people’s lives and in the lives of animals, plants, and the ocean herself and of course the Earth herself. Thus, the point of this is not lost on the consciousness of many it has indeed demarked a sort of turning point for humanity. Whether there will be enough time, energy and continued focus to bring some of these new technologies more quickly and reduce the utilization of oil and eliminate this entirely will be up to humanity of course. But, this possibility, this hope, this opportunity to see the collective consciousness shifting, that is what is unfolding right before you. Many have asked what can be done about this and you may find that the answer appears to you technological yet all the other technologies are failing, all the ones that are tried have some benefit but they are not successful at entirely stopping this and most importantly so much oil has already been released that many difficulties have already ensued and cannot be stopped because it is dispersed over such a wide area.

So, again what can you do? This is very important to understand, the urge to do something about this this is not just based on the environmental destruction or the difficulties you see at the physical level. It is as if you are reaping now, you are bringing forth that which you started a long time ago by buying, renting, or in some way involving yourself with a car, with an airplane, with some device that depends upon oil in order to function. In this way you are seeing this consequence and you are very much involved with it. The intent here is not to provoke guilt but to rather acknowledge the pathway by which your urge to do something about this is present and to understand that what is to be done about it is to somehow increase the collective will to manifest this consciousness, this belief as reality; to speed it up, to welcome it to do something that feels good to you and so on and so forth. Of course this is no longer necessary once you understand the underlying energy that at its core you are simply choosing a path. But, the collective consciousness, the connection, this is an important lesson for you, the way you feel it, the way you sense it, you want to help them because you love them.

So you rely on that love to increase this idea, “let us all move to an economy and a way of transportation, and a way of energy production that does not depend on oil. On that which depends on technologies that are far less polluting can we accept this can we encourage others to take steps in this direction? What can be done about this? Where can I put my energy and where can I encourage others are the practical answers to this question and at the metaphysical level the idea that these energies can somehow be expanded.

Now, of course this is not going to remove any oil from any birds, it is not going to clean up the ocean. Nature will take care of this eventually but in the meantime there are a few things people can do. Of course, if they do not want to support this effort personally by going with a squeegee into that part of the world you can of course send squeegees to others you can help those who are willing to get their hands dirty, you can involve yourself at arms’ length if you choose. You can also send them words of encouragement, light and energy because after you've cleaned 1000 birds it is pretty difficult on your consciousness. It is very hard to do the next one. That is where some encouragement, some love from you to them would be helped, would be useful and would be well received.

This is also encouraged by your guides and helpers that you ask them, you give them that assignment. Send some encouragement, send some love to those who are involved in this cleanup. Help them, love them, and encourage them. Your guides aren't always used to doing these sorts of things but when commanded by you in this fashion it will usually take place.

Now, this idea of how it works, the collective consciousness as it brings some belief into form that then moves into reality gradually usually, sometimes subtly. These things are ongoing constantly. The difficulty you have of it is when there is a tremendous, powerful, consensus upon some particular belief that is clearly in opposition to some other belief that has been in existence for far longer. These then create all kinds of disharmonies and difficulties. You can see this as a pattern over and over with all kinds of things in your world. One area we focus on frequently is on health, disease and the understanding of the human body and this powerful collective consciousness is based upon the belief that the animal being is intrinsic to your nature is that which is indeed powerful and deep. Going back to your own personal memories of believing in how things work in the world. Because you have the collective consciousness in yourself that can be traced back to your animal ancestors as if then you believed as an animal how things worked in the world.

Now, suddenly you are confronted with things that make no sense to the animal consciousness. Even in the area of health and disease, processed foods, cycles of day and night that are quite unnatural, the powerful bringing of various pollutants into your environment and so many things of distracting nature and things that seem completely unrelated to the natural world. The animal consciousness does not have any context of which to deal with this. So, new belief patterns are being created as fast as possible. Yet, here again opposing this in the animal consciousness in your own memory of this is the sense that that which has been has worked quite well, why should we change it? That which has worked so well for millions of years for all of my animal ancestors and all of my animal friends why should we suddenly throw that away? It only makes sense to continue it, use it, to rely upon it, and indeed to gain resonance, strength, energy, love, sustenance are all lessons learned from this.

This is one of the reasons why you see some of the things happening on your planet; this opposition of these two forces. Now, you might see this only in the area of health which we have spoken of extensively where the animal DNA is exerting its desire for raw foods, for high degree of enzymes, for the capacity to give itself those foods which are unprocessed, natural and most helpful to the body in opposition to the highly concentrated supplements and various toxic foods and addictive substances and the list goes on and on. Those are promoted because of another belief. The belief that somebody has somewhere that can be traced back to its beginning where they were afraid if they didn't have enough money they couldn't exert their own power, their own influence, etc.

Such can of course be seen in many areas as an underlying source as to why belief patterns that are clearly out of kilter with that which is a natural world are exerted, and of course, created out of fear and that being not wanting to feel and know that fear. But, in the natural world to also see in this existence in the animal, and the way in which these enemies as they come in, be seen as rejected, push back the energies of politics, of conservatism, the way in which people out of reaction to these energies that are saying do things in a different way, be more modern etc. ; resisting this and saying let's be more like the old days. This is a conservative force in politics and there isn't anything wrong with it when you understand it but often times it is simply out of rejection and out of fear and not about a deeper understanding and most importantly about compassion or love or caring.

One of the questions for tonight is about this: How to cut through the political chat, the dialogue and dialectics and the many who say this and that. If there can be an adherence to an underlying principle of love or caring there can be something from it that is nonexclusive that which opens to everyone this perhaps would be something more useful to work with. Something that promotes survival on your planet, increase of sense of peace or love or harmony and most importantly that which encourages evolution, growth, understanding. These would all seem to be in line with universal laws and those which create division or separation or power concentrated in the hands of the few or a way in which people are somehow excluded or made to feel less then would over and over be seen as those political forces to be given less and less energy. If people don't vote for it, it will not exist. Gradually at first but with greater and greater force that is what emerges.

But, where this also becomes a big problem on your planet is around the believe patterns associated with religion. Now a question has been posed which is rather an interesting one and that is speak about the religion gene. The religion gene as that which is an actual genetic within the DNA does not exist. It is a combination of many factors including mental outlook and of course the size of the emotional body. Of course other things such as the number of lives lived, the way you have related to religion in the past and what it means to you in the current reality. But, the underlying idea that something beyond your own ability to work with it is pushing you to believe in that which is somehow beyond you. This is a good thing of course it is the manifestation of faith, the awareness of something that is subtle. But, where it is a steadfast belief in something beyond you that is somehow in opposition to those principles we have already mentioned. Something which is exclusionary perhaps, something which says these people will all go to heaven and the all these others will go to hell would seem to be in opposition to the understanding of evolution; the consciousness of understanding itself. This is where that unconscious motivation could be called “a religion gene". A sort of motivating factor that pushes you in such a direction.

The actual idea of this was introduced in the movie “Happy Accident” with Marisa Tomei and Vincent D’onofrio. The idea of a man from the future who knows of the discovery of the religious gene coming back in time and then seeing how silly people are as they focus on this without an awareness that is simply genetic, simply in their makeup. In his time in the future all religions eventually disbanded with the discovery of this religion gene. Why? Because you recognize at the core of it, the very essence of religion is primarily they to dispel fear, to keep you away from the deeper understanding of the reality of everything and to hold you instead to a limited belief that is associated with a particular religious path. There are many paths of organized religion on your planet but they all have that in common and that is the biggest problem with them. Now there are of course some that would seem more enlightened than others. The various religions that embrace the universal laws and that would be still included in this if you made the belief in this that was important to you rather than your own personal discovery of it.

That is where of course we must apply some self-criticism. We are simply introducing some self-criticism. We are of course introducing beliefs when we introduce universal laws. We are speaking about these energies as if they are somehow the reality. The reality is the light the reality is the love that you feel. The reality is that which comes before these stories, these ideas, these beliefs. The closer you can stay to that which in your own personal experience is that which comes before not only will you be at greater peace but you will recognize then more easily where a religion has been established or a belief has been established or where politics has been established in a way in which it is essentially harmful, pulling away that which came before, pulling away that which is intrinsic to your nature.

Now, the very idea of time itself here also is an important part of this, easy to introduce after a fictional account of time travel. Yet, time travel is that which many people on your planet have experienced. Sometimes just as subtle as a premonition or a dream of the future or the past but sometimes as powerful as an actual sense that you have been moved from one place to another, one time to another, one consciousness to another. What is actually happening though is far simpler. You can ascribe it to multiple universes, look at it as very as time flows as time technologies and all the rest but really it is so much simpler than that. The collective consciousness itself is re-exerting moment by moment its definition and its acceptance and indeed its willingness to work with the time. This is what is co-creating it. You are doing this every time you look at a watch. All those aspects of your consciousness focusing on what day it is, what time it is, how the energy is unfolding, how it is moving and so on and so forth. It seems to always be connected to a date, a time that is appropriate for your own evolution for your own development. But, many individuals in their own consciousness, their own souls growth are ready to experience something different to see things from another place and another reality, and this allows them to slip through these seeming barriers of time. But really all they are doing is shifting their consciousness just enough to disconnect from that powerful reality and move into a different one. The difficulty with this is that they often will feel quite uncomfortable, they will feel afraid perhaps or miss their other reality and so they naturally re-exert their own individual timeframe.

There are other universes, there are parallel universes, there are other energies and there are ways in which time travel can be accomplished technologically. But, all of these are underlying based on something that you must understand is energetically low energy. It is simply that it is so distributed, it is so powerfully connected to many aspects of your life that you have not been easily able to disconnect from it. Nor is this a good thing when you understand everything about your own future takes a lot of the fun out of your own existence and the way you live your life and the way in which you relate to your past and the way in which you can work with and study and learn those lessons can be a valuable experience and a valuable way to use that energy and information to inter- relate to other people and what is happening on your planet.

So, it is useful so far as it goes but there have been many beings who have understood this and moved beyond it and have come back to tell you about it. Extraterrestrials, beings who work with time travel in different ways and so on in a way in which they are reminding you simply; you are choosing this. When you decide collectively you are going to choose it differently so then shall that be.

Now there are those than who have discussed the idea of moving into other densities, moving into other levels of consciousness. Time, of course, enters into this very strongly. Some mathematical descriptions have alluded to time as the fourth dimension. It is only if it is collectively agreed upon as such but in terms of an actual dimension in a similar way of length, width and height, it is not anywhere the same. So we would not recommend that that way of understanding and working with it be a part of your reality. But the collective increase in consciousness is very much shifting around emotion. Indeed there have been several questions about emotion. It is no accident that this is occurring at a time that you are feeling a great deal of emotion around the aspects of what you see on your planet that you cannot easily change such as the Gulf oil spill but many problems as you recognize them.

Because the energy of emotion is that which has within the collective consciousness, that which you believed in and worked with for a very long time, the powerful energies of fear, of anger, of all the different ways in which you connect to each other through love. These have been a strong motivating factor on earth for a very long time. You can say that the collective consciousness believes in the power of emotion. This is taught in advertising school how to tap into the power of emotion in order to sell and these are energies that can at times run very deep into your own sexuality, into your own desire to exist, your own sense of yourself, your own identity and many other things. This is as it has been chosen by humanity and spliced into your gene by those which have created you; a number of extraterrestrials, and a number of others who are a part of this as well the animals because it can yield to you some important fruits, some important results, the positive side to this, the love energy. That which does not want but is that which is truly, deeply, loving has within it all kinds of important capabilities and possibilities and the sacrifice, the price, the energy you must pay for this, the possibility of fear, the possibility to stop that love by various means, this is also available to you. But, the requirement then that you somehow increase your own maturity without discarding the emotions, this does seem to be an important lesson for humans. From the science fiction analogy, humans are not meant to become Vulcans, to somehow separate from their emotions. Nor are they meant to become Klingons where they use those emotions primarily toward violence and harm. But, they are somehow to allow this energy its’ full un-flowering for healing, for change, for benefit and to assist others all over the galaxy.

The language of love has been spoken of in terms of personal love or sexual love. But, the language of love has other components as well. Much of this has to do with the idea of some aspect of simply being within it, having it move through you, sensing it, not giving it a story or an idea but simply somehow acknowledging it and being a part of it. This is sometimes easier for people to do with love than with any of the other aspects that come before the stories. Because of this the opportunity to change the world’s belief patterns, the collective consciousness of humanities belief patterns about love is dawning on your planet. It is through our ways of seeing it, a true manifestation of what all of this focus on 2012 is about. Not of earth cataclysm nor of changes on your planet in which a physical shift such as a rapture, or a sudden great physical change takes place- rather in the collective consciousness the acknowledgment that love is important enough to put more attention on, to agree on needs to be further developed and understood then that which is merely personal and that which can extend at multiple levels. This could potentially become another religion. It could have within it rules, ideas, but because it is an opportunity to move into the energy directly there is also the opportunity in which people do not have to do that and instead can simply work with it on its own.

 We see this as the real solution to the emotional maturity that is needed on your planet. This was brought to you in many times in the past by various religions and their foundations, the world leaders, the Mohammed's, the Moses, the Jesus; the opportunity to feel and know that love, to share it with others, to use it in ways to help those who are oppressed, to raise them up, to assist them. All of this is a simple manifestation of that loving energy. This is the underlying basis from which this comes forth and it has within it some interesting characteristics that show up over and over. Although these could be ascribed to the idea of having a story or a belief, you see they are so close to the original light, the original loving energy itself that such stories are very simple, they are not very complicated. One of them is choice. As the love shows up you have the choice to work with it. As it moves through you, you have the choice to destroy it, to step on it, to repress it, to bring it forth or to strengthen it, or to examine it or study it, to use it in any way you wish; that choice shows up over and over even when you repress it, or misuse it, even when you try to stop it in someone else, it still shows up within you, it still manifests in a way in which you again have choice in which you again can move through it and work with it. It is almost as if aspects of karma do not apply so powerfully to love. Love has a Teflon coating to karma you might say, and this is an interesting capacity that is one of these aspects powerfully pointed out to you by these world teachers; those who are able to love so deeply. Buddha's abilities simply to be with that energy took it in some ways to another level. To a place in which the aspect of love was not so much a thing as nothing, as emptiness, as the purity of being-ness before it even comes into form. Understanding that for yourself in a personal way is difficult. It is not that which can easily be explained to you but sometimes by asking, “Who or what is experiencing this?” Without any reservation as deeply as innocently as possible asking ruthlessly that question. It can be very helpful in enabling you to have your own experience of this.

The other aspect though, that is important to understand with this is the ability to stop it. That the choice can actually go to the point of quitting, leaving it. This is where religions often get into a lot of trouble. The technical term for giving up a belief is, “apostasy.” It is the way in which you are actually renouncing your religion. We would suggest that because the opportunity to take this choice and let it go is so powerfully, intrinsically as a part of that which comes before religion it is an important aspect that must be incorporated within all religions; the opportunity to leave it, to apostatize, to quit. The opportunity to shift out of this energy and into another one perhaps or even better to relinquish all beliefs is that which is sometimes an important discovery in the maturation and understanding of your consciousness.

Now there are those who would want to deal with emotions where they are difficult by clearing them with means other than love, other than emotions. Let's use vibrational remedies perhaps or some inert gas technology or some particular movement. These are wonderful because what they do is bring to you the core of the essential beginning experience; the light, perhaps, the energy in its purest form that brings you into existence, the energy of the aetheric body, the capacity to know love in some direct way. Each of these however will not on their own allow you then to release all of those energies. It is always up to you to decide where you put your focus. We notice that the interesting thing is that when you use the language of emotion that when you understand it for itself you are then often able to work with it and that is often the powerful lesson.

So, if instead of responding to an emotion that you dislike by avoiding it, instead if you would emphasize it, strengthen it, there is a tendency for most to find that it simply disappears. But in that disappearing what you then connect to it is a sense of infinite, the sense of love perhaps, the sense of something beautiful that which is beyond, you are creating a new association in your consciousness that can be very healing. So that the next time you encounter that emotion you will have at once two things: the opportunity to release it by creating it more strongly but at the same time that the knowledge underneath it is in a sense something more expansive and more beautiful.

There are many techniques for this but we suggest that as you learn about them you may find that there is a resistance to applying them, a fear perhaps or rebelliousness. That is often the one to be examined not the technique itself. You may find that as you do so there is an energy there of sadness, of grief, of something within you that will be lost when you no longer hang onto some resentment, some opinion, some belief, some story.

One excellent technique of course, is that of Byron Katie which we have spoken of in the past with her inquiry method. This is an intellectual or mental approach but it can take you to the core of the underlying belief that can take you to present to all of these emotions and difficulties. Another path is what Ardaugh Arjuna calls the “radical release,” in which the energy of the emotion itself is focused on. But, all of the different ways to do this are simply the paths of the same thing; a way in which you recognize you have a choice and which your belief is that which has brought this into this consciousness and your ability to change this belief is that which is now easily available to you.

We ask you to imagine now the emerald light as it pours into you, moves out from you, out from the heart through the arms as you extend your arms as if it is moving out of your fingertips, released into the powerful cylinder all around you. Jill perhaps could assist with a few questions?

Jill: There seems to be a lot of political rhetoric that is being tossed around these days. Is there any way to determine which issues are worth getting involved in and which of them are a waste of time? If any of them are?

Hilarion: All of them are helpful if you understand that those who are bringing them up may have within them valid points or points that are primarily relating to their own fear agenda, their own struggles, their own identity. This tells you where to focus your energy. If the actual issue then is something to as close as possible to that which comes before; that which is about love or acceptance or light or that which is very much about those principles that you believe in as most important. You could put your attention on those issues. But the other ones, it makes more sense to put your attention on the people. Where can you ask them a question that could help them understand their fear? Where could you assist them of letting go of those things which are harmful to others, where could you invite them to have perhaps more enlightened point of view. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Yes, thank you. Hilarion has mentioned that the average individual has 10% of their soul essence incarnate in their physical body and that a large portion of the soul is not being used. What are some effective ways of connecting and working together with our soul essence? Or is it the purpose of incarnate humans to try and figure this out ourselves?

Hilarion: Neither. You often select this very deliberately because all you can really handle at the physical level is about 10%. To bring in much more than this could be very difficult. It could be very stressful, it could bring you to a place in which you recognize the power of your own being and are not so easily to create it in the world. This is a hint therefore: if you had more of your own power what would you do with it? If you could answer that question in an honest and clear way we would simply then turn it around. There isn't anything stopping you but the belief you do not have that power. This is the intriguing thing about discovery that you are only manifesting ten percent. It is your choice. It is not that which is enforced upon you. It is your habit and you can change it once you have made these decisions. Of course, what is going to show up for you? Your resistances. Oftentimes as your fear, your ego, oftentimes as issues that will come into your consciousness.

You can deal with this by several different means but most importantly is the idea that you then will usually recognize and fall back. Perhaps though, instead of it being at 10, it will be at ten point one percent. That is very good. Eventually, enough of this over enough lifetimes you bring through something substantial. These are often the way showers on your planet, the great leaders because as they bring this through that power that comes through is obvious to all. They call it charisma, they call it personal power. They are the life changers, the game changes, the changers of your planet, the world changers, the prophets and all the others. Can you see yourself in that capacity? If so, perhaps then you are getting an inkling of what this means to bring through such a level of your own energy. Discovering it is important but at a certain point in your life you just know. You are making the choice, you're working with what you are comfortable with and unwilling at various times to go beyond that for various reasons, always up to you.

The best that we can do in order to help you break down such a belief is encourage you by asking this question, “If you did have this higher level of power what would you do with it? If you can honestly answer that for yourself without regards to the next thing we are going to say, you then have a chance. And then the next thing is, “go for it.” What is stopping you? Can you clear that which is in the way? Is it only your belief? This is a different way of answering the question that you might usually expect from us. You might usually expect us to give you some particular metaphysical reason for it and all the rest but really you perhaps get the inkling. You see, at the nonphysical level where you can see this, what we see is your magnificence. The magnificence of the questioner, the magnificence of all of those who ask such a thing and their unwillingness to manifest it out of habit, out of fear, perhaps simply because it is the best they can come up with for now.

That is a tough answer because it doesn't really give you much wiggle room and that is the intent. If we tell you that it is the way of the world, or it is best for you not to allow this or whatever the wiggle room we might be enabling, would be counterproductive to universal laws, to the idea of a collective un-flowering of consciousness, to the manifestation of the collective goal of humanity of evolution and that is why we cannot take a backseat to this and encourage the status quo when it comes to this business of soul stuff manifesting. Does that answer your question? Are you sorry you asked?

Jill: Thank you Hilarion. What can be done for macular degeneration of the eye?

Hilarion: There are many things that are useful in this. Oftentimes, people do not understand that a tremendous number of health problems are due to the accumulation of all kinds of bad habits over a lifetime. The hints for this have already been given today. The idea that you have an animal body and that body is going to naturally heal, strengthen and detoxify when it is fed the way you would feed an animal and we aren’t talking about Kibbles and Bits. This is not the way to feed an animal as any animal would tell you this if you simply tune into it. But, for many individuals this is very difficult. They have their belief patterns about what it means to be civilized, or to eat in a certain way and they have their beliefs about going out to restaurants and their beliefs about what is polite and on and on it goes.

But, at the core with any of these various physical health problems that can often be so degenerative and chronic and slow to come on, the roots of macular degeneration occur much earlier; oftentimes, 20 or 30 years before the actual difficulty in the eye. However, it is worth asking the question, “What is right about it,” and why it focuses in the eye as a result of the poor diet and poor health habit patterns and these when corrected will eventually lead to benefit. Specifically you will see that toxic vitamin A, vitamin A as it is brought in through cooked tomatoes, cooked carrots and of course other sources: supplements, where they have been treated, processed or in any way brought into existence with solvents are very difficult for the body to get rid of and will tend to accumulate in the eye. Natural genetic tendencies in such are emphasized and strengthened when there are issues. The issue being the ability to perceive well, to see what is ahead of you, perhaps there is something you don't want to see; to see something in the mirror or about a relationship or something you don't want to see in your life.

Specifics about macular generation will often be the loss of central focus that which is seen at the center of view is that which first seems to fade; difficulty with brightness, the inability to see unless there is good bright light. Here again, the idea that you are not willing to perceive that which is subtle and you are sometimes very resistant to that which is right in front of you, that which is the most important aspect seeking you, working with you, bringing its influence into your life. Ask your friends, “What is it there I am not seeing, or could see better?” Ask them to assist you and oftentimes they will have very important ideas for you. You may find critical or difficult to accept but often very helpful at refocusing what you are about. In the health arena the tremendous benefits of healing fats, raw unsalted butter, very helpful, vitamin A from carrot juice, carrots juiced with other vegetables because they are so sweet, the sugar can sometimes be problematic, can often be very helpful also. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Okay. I am wondering if there are dangers to teach children to open their own Akashic records? Several metaphysical teachers advise against this. Is there a certain age when children's natural abilities kick in?

Hilarion: Well, this has been true in the past. Many children have had in their first lifetime of coming to spiritual concepts and ideas, they had to wait. Their parents were not so able to help them with this or were just discovering these ideas themselves. But this habit pattern is gradually dissolving as children come in with questions. If they are naturally asking, if they are curious about such matters if they have a sense of the collective consciousness and all of the ways in which the past impresses itself upon the present reality, they are ready to learn about this, to connect to these records. They have perhaps done so in recent past lives, or the intermissive period, the time before this life and then they are ready to do this, let them be your guide. Never force spiritual wisdom or anything really on children. Let them be your guide as to what they are curious, what they are interested in or where it is taking them. Offer them just a little bit in some direction that you might see as different or new and they will take a bite of it if it is useful to them or they will spurn it and go in a different direction if it is something that is not appropriate for their own development.

That may seem like the obvious answer but you must recognize that spiritual teachers were right in the past about these things in the sense that some of this information is forced on children. But those are children who might have grown up to learn about these things, to incorporate it , integrate and work with it and then come back into this life since that lifetime thirsty for such knowledge, trying to work with it, understand it and integrate it for themselves. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes and can we keep talking about children and have Athena come in and share with us how to work with the children who are coming into the world today.

Athena: Yes, thank you, Hilarion for stepping aside for a moment. It is my place to speak on behalf of the children who wish to make a deeper entry into this world. Many are having a great deal of struggle as they come in and they see the love, they see what is possible, they cannot understand why it is somehow denied. Why it is available only here or there and not available to all. This opportunity to experience all of it, to feel that love in all directions, this is sometimes called the “Rainbow Ray”. Yet, the way in which these children have a powerful lesson to give is the real key to the way in which they want to be related to, they want to be treated. You might honor this somehow even with the littlest of them as if to say out loud I honor your being. You are here to teach me, when you are ready I will listen. This can go a long way in their hearts to helping them acknowledge that a larger truth is available, a brighter light then perhaps they see being used in the world. It is not because it is being done deliberately or consciously it is simply being done because they are here to teach it. This may be difficult for them to understand when they are very little.

Yet, there may be a time when the child shows you something, brings you to an understanding, connects to your consciousness perhaps right at the third eye and suddenly you see something or understand something. Do not just hold this into yourself and acknowledge it as the beauty of the child but let the child know. Say to the child thank you in the way in which you are able to receive and work with this it is going to anchor, ground and assist these children. There are many ways at the physical level they can be nurtured and allowed to grow more. But, this is often difficult for people because it means they must “buck the trends,” of medical science or shift their energies in ways they did not know which way to go and so on and this must be done in a way that is appropriate for each individual. But, somehow if you can let the child's guidance, let the love, the connection to their heart somehow touch yours that also will be easier. The opportunity to see through their eyes and love through their hearts, this can be a clear light that can help guide you.

Hilarion: Hilarion here again. Thank you, Athena for these words. Does this answer your question Jill?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. Does Hilarion have any comments regarding the Tapas acupressure technique?

Hilarion: It is a fascinating technique. There are so many however birthing now as many cultures, many ways of healing, even those that have not yet been worked with, all coming forth, it is one of the activities for these children. They may even bring in some of these new techniques themselves. We would not by any means exclude any of them and suggest that people study, learn and continue to learn with all of them.

Jill: Hilarion has commented before that there is a place for the “dark brothers.” Is there a place for ignorance as well? What is Hilarion’s perspective on people who are aware of the psychic gifts that are possible but lack clarity?

Hilarion: The underlying basic answer to this question is actually very simple because darkness is one of those fundamentals. It is that which came before. There are places on your consciousness, awareness of light places, the center of a star perhaps, no room for darkness at all. But, also in your awareness, places devoid of light. It is one of the basics of the universe, of how things are that there are places of light and there are places of darkness. So it is only natural that there will be at times, beings who are attracted to the dark, that is where they are going to learn their lessons. The interesting thing about it is that just about everyone hearing our words today, including you Jill, including the vehicle speaking, at every juncture, everywhere you look on your planet some of you now perhaps, but all of you at some past juncture, or some past life some previous incarnation you were these dark beings. You had an opportunity to experience this. That you are here today and are listening to this you're probably made a choice away from that you move through that energy you had to deal with what experiences you had with it and you made your choice to the light. But still, it is a part of you so do not judge those who are so attracted to darkness and difficulty. They in themselves must learn from it, perhaps only in this direct experience make a choice that just makes more sense to you. More sense because it is about the evolutionary nature, the expansive nature, the learning nature.

Now, the real difficulty with ignorance is simply that you choose it, but to say you do. You don't have to be a dark being or intruder to choose it. Often times you go into a choice of pure entertainment. A place in which you are not going to try to learn anything you're just trying to feel good. That is an important quality of being in a body, being alive, about being on your planet. So, it is only natural that that level of ignorance will still be some aspect that you are going to stay with in one way or another as you grow. But, you have seen over and over all of the ways in which the deliberate pushing out of knowledge and most importantly the pushing away of wisdom, that sort of attraction to ignorance has been so problematic, has created so many issues, and so many problems simply because you have not been willing to ask the questions. That is often the first place from which ignorance is dispelled. Asking a question, even if it is a foolish question or a silly question, asking some sort of question. Yet, it is not the only way. There is also the awareness of that which comes before knowledge, and comes before ignorance and that is perhaps qualified, created, known as light. A sense that there is within light, knowledge, understanding, love, so many things and is often that which is within you and that which you are aware of, though you cannot really explain it. It is that truth, that willingness to have light that can perhaps be just as much of an answer to ignorance as asking questions or gaining knowledge. Does this help?

Jill: Yes. From your perspective can you please shed some light on the issue of relationship today?

Hilarion: Relationship has so many different aspects to it and it can seem at times very complex. Yet, relationship in its purest form is that which also comes before. There is simply undifferentiated light but after that it differentiates. There are the stars and the planets, they are in relationship. There is an aspect of consciousness that becomes some individuality that you understand as you but that aspect of consciousness has also created its own individuality as someone else. So a relationship is created. Those relationships manifest primarily because there is a desire with you. There is something you want to know about it, about yourself, about each other and all of that is originally pointing you back to the relationship that was your source. Your relationship with God is somehow how we like to put it or your relationship with the Creator of love but most importantly it is simply the relationship to that which comes before.

In the way then in which you then choose it, you would tend that naturally attract relationships which you get a lot of juice, a lot of learning, and can cause a lot of “sand papering,” a lot of issues to bring up, things to struggle with perhaps often times to the point that you can't do it anymore.

But, so often the underlying difficulty is that you are allowing the very habit pattern that you have come into relationship to change to stand in your way, if you could be willing to change it, to shift it and realize that that is the expertise. The person you chose has that expertise, perhaps more so than any other person on the planet. This could perhaps be helpful to you in letting go of those particular attachments to those habits.

The other thing to know about relationship is that oftentimes you will find within it that there is some aspect of enlightenment or understanding about yourself. If you can share this in a way in which it is useful to others it will be of great value. This is the time for that with blogging and increased communication and all the ways in which people can share as if then you can speed up the very process by which all this is taking place to the point that relationships overall can move to their next phase.

So much of relationships have focused on the dyad and the family unit and yet over and over the collective consciousness, the place from which the light began is that which seems a greater focus must be on. So many of the problems on your planet, country against country, religion against religion, race against race, class against class, these are based on the relationships that are established amongst those of that particular group. As deeper understanding can come from this then these problems can more easily be solved. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes. We have about three minutes to close.

Hilarion: We are grateful for your opportunity to share ideas, answers, to share questions, but most importantly the collective consciousness as many will be hearing these words will have the opportunity to share in this light, to breathe this light, to know it. We have alluded to one aspect, two aspects, perhaps three of that which came before but there are many. It is that energy within you simply to exist, to be, that we focus on now. We ask you simply too breathe and see the way of breathing and being are as one are so powerfully connected – as you breathe see that this welcomes the light also. That is coordinates with being, it coordinates with your existence, it is the light of being. As you breathe this energy see now by your choice, a love, a caring you have for someone close to you, you are embracing them, you are loving them. Now by your collective consciousness, by your choice you focus that loving energy on someone else. On a person perhaps you have a great deal of struggle with simply by their choosing you are moving the love to that person. Now as you release them particularly the energy around your shoulders and chest, opening up as the breathing deepens, put that energy, that love somewhere in the world. We suggest right now, simply because it is something to choose at this moment. As this energy shifts, a sense that the love for earth, the caring and compassion, the way in which that energy could somehow heal, strengthen and move things, this is possible. This is an energy felt within your heart. Now very importantly let it go. Simply return to the idea of a beautiful emerald light streaming into you from infinitely upwards. With each outbreath it grows larger. From 30 meters or 100 feet it grows to 500 feet to thousands of meters across, encompasses the entire earth and connecting you to her center now. Let her own energy as a gentle ohm bubble up to be shared. Goodbye…Ommmm..


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