Hilarion Winter Solstice Channeling 2008

Jill: Greetings. Today is December 21, 2008. We are gathered here in Nevada City for the Winter Solstice Hilarion channeling. Questions have been submitted by email and by those in attendance. For further information on channelings, books, CDs or DVDs please contact Jon C. Fox, Box 2209 Nevada City, CA 95959 or visit us on internet at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Yes, greetings to all of you, this is the energy being or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with questions we would like to take a moment for deeper contact by asking you to imagine that there is a helpful, strengthening, connecting, emerald light filling this room. It pours itself into a cylinder of light, about 100 feet in diameter, that is about 33 m diameter from infinitely upwards through center of earth, protection, connection, these are important components of this light.

Then we ask you to be aware of this special time in the earth cycle. Many of the questions today are about cycles, cycles of humans, of stars, of everything in between; of the many aspects of your planet, the cycles as they interact and work with you have different ways of revealing themselves: some intellectually, some through your timing, some through your lives.

Now, it is more through your feet through your hearts, your breathing, because in this time of the solstice- winter solstice in the northern hemisphere- summer solstice in the southern hemisphere it is a time in Earth's breathing cycle of maximum/ minimum.

You can imagine that as the earth breathes, she comes to a point in her cycle immediately between breath, where the inhale and the exhale are then as if linked together. You are breathed by this energy too. Her cycle in this way, much slower than your breathing cycle, but nevertheless, that which affects you and everyone on your planet.

In the northern hemisphere, it is the time of the maximum darkness. The shortest day and the longest night and the time in which the animals look about to understand what is happening. It is to this animal nature in you that this energy of the earth makes its deepest, most profound connection as if asking you to shift in your consciousness, to shift the way you perceive, the way you breathe, the way you feel the way you interact with others.

But now, to make this clearer we would ask you to recognize how you change your relationship to the animal? The animal in yourself, the animal totem, the animal visualized, the animals that live with you, the animals that live around you. For instance, in this area of the California mountainous areas there are a variety of animals such as deer, turkeys, bears, mountain lions, foxes and many of the smaller creatures, the mice and the underground living creatures. Become aware of them, recognize them. Know them as your totem, as your friends as those you connect with. Animals that you have some familiarity with allow a deeper connection communication with you, those you have had a deep profound experience around, wolves perhaps, or dolphins.

But, as you become aware of this aspect, know that it is through this communication principle that you communicate now with all animals on your planet. You are as if saying to them, “it's all right.” There is an energy of love here. Breathe with the earth as we do. Recognize this energy and know it is that which gives now its beginnings for that of greater light. Because from this point forward the days become a little longer, and the nights a little shorter and into this awakening time these energies continue.

It is as if recognizing in this wave that the animals have a response to you, energy that they share with you, yes, we understand this, yes there is a peace or a calm, but also there is an energy with us of the earth, that we would like to illustrate, share, love, into your being. Animals do not communicate in the way of people. They are communicating more in the way of pictures, with feelings with smells, they are here to show you their experience of this earth energy as if felt in their body, in their breath, their awareness.

As you welcome this into your consciousness, you may recognize now that there is also sometimes in you a part that questions. At first the questions come to the reality around you imposed by your society, economics, perhaps, or community perhaps, or survival aspects perhaps. But, there is another aspect deeper, it is an energy of just being. Being with the earth, being with the seasons, being with your awareness, being with life. Let the answer then appear. Not so much from the logical side, but the animals side the aspect that says to you, you belong here, you are loved, we listen, we share.

The “we” could be seen as coming from the animal, but is also from your own being as if to remind you of an aspect of yourself that is sometimes forgotten. Not the aspect of the animal that is so concerned with eating or survival, but the aspect that communicates in its dreams, in its energy communication with earth. Not about information about communication its purest sense, and in this moment, the breathing, together with earth that much easier. It is the sort of energy that we allow you to welcome within your own being especially in the time of the solstice and the equinoxes because they are times in which the earth is speaking to you in her breathing, in the way in which she communicates in a direct fashion.

Now, we mention here both energy and information. We want to make a distinction here with these. Energy will frequently seem to come in cycles or waves. This has a lot to do with the sources of the energy, the way of the stars or the earth herself. One question about the great Central Sun, a powerful energy deep within the center of the year, this is also in a cyclic change environment, moving stronger moving weaker, moving stronger, and so on.

These cycles are often influenced by the earth's communication with the sun and the other planets and the sun's communication with other stars in this galaxy, and even those beyond it. Those communications are a difficult thing for people to conceive of. There is no need for the communication, in the sense of, I need a relationship, I need money, I need love, I need survival, these stars, the planets they exist and their period of existence is very long. But they communicate nevertheless.

You might at first recognize it in the sense of, I'm bored, there's nothing else to do out here and in that sense there is some truth to this, this awareness that they are communicating out of a willingness to explore, to learn, to see through the aspects of experience. But, below this you will recognize much more, tremendous level of excitement, truly this is based on evolution. The way in which the evolution of these beings continues, you contributing to their evolution, they are contributing to yours.

So then, in this way, what you recognize in communication with earth is that you are being gently given a different idea, and awareness of a way to proceed, which uses both energy and information. Information at times seems to come in waves, and in this sense we would recognize that those waves are primarily provided by humans. Those are as waves of resistance, I don’t want to receive that information now being a far stronger energy projected by people generally like an energy of fear. But sometimes there can be other emotions behind it.

You might think that the sort of things that might slow down the flow of information would be different. Or, that people would want to speed it up, but it really is not the case. To the largest extent it is that which then lowers resistance that allows greater waves of information to come in. In this sense, you can recognize the collective consciousness of humanity is gradually lowering its overall, average resistance to information. This is why it appears to a large extent that things are speeding up on earth.

Yes, there are the large cycles, earth moving to different regions of the solar system and regions of the solar system moving through different areas of the galaxy and so on. That this actually is a relatively minor component by comparison. That is, people's consciousness, coming in now to recognize for instance: information is plentiful, it can be gathered from many different sources. There are those who recognize information as secret, special, that which is only to be revealed to a certain few have a great deal of trouble with that concept that you can simply receive information and work with it on your own.

Nevertheless, it does appear at least at this stage in human development that information moves in these waves. Many of the questions today are around health: healing, understanding many aspects of the components of your body, how to work with it appropriately, and so on. There are many different ways to answer this question, and there are many ways which we can get into various specifics. But it must be understood that as a general principle: the information is there, the information is proceeding at a powerful clip, new ways of understanding and working with it.

In fact, what might be called leading edge relative truth, is a very useful concept when dealing with information and especially about health issues because to a large extent those things which you have learned are wrong, this is simply how it has worked in these areas for many, many years. You can start all the way back with the death of George Washington if you wish, bled to death by his doctors to supposedly cure his cold and indeed you see then, how information has played such a tremendously powerful role and people's resistance to information, to seeing what is obvious or right in front of them all the way through to the subtler aspects.

The difficulty with this is that some people will recognize in reading studies or listening to doctors or reading various books about different aspects of health, ah! This is it! Complete. Done, and I'll work with that. Unfortunately, where those voices were very loud, speaking about fats, people stopped listening afterwards, they thought that was the end of it. Yes, we want to have certain kinds of fat only, but to a large extent most fats should be reduced, eliminated and avoided. Once that powerful information was revealed, pretty much coinciding with the widespread commercialization in television of various ways of information coming out very directly to people, many people thought that that was the end of it.

Of course, that is not true, the information has continued and many studies have shot all of that down and shown people in many different ways, how that information is entirely incorrect, and that fats in fact, can be tremendous healers and very helpful to the body. But, many individuals in recognizing this stopped at that point. What they did not grasp was that as the information is resisted a little bit less with each passing day more information becomes available, and one then in order to understand it from the point of view of information that is to learn about it, use the mind, must continue to study, to flood yourself with that information, to read the various journals, to look at various people, and draw your own conclusions, and so on and so forth.

In fact, there are still individuals on your planet, who think that it is important to drink eight glasses of water a day even though it was shown in a matter of only a few years ago that this was merely the conjecture of one reporter that got picked up and spoken of worldwide and even accepted by large number of doctors, even though there were no studies at all that proved this or in anyway can verify it.

So, what you're up against it as you deal with this is how to balance with these aspects. You can always ask what's right about it? You can look at it in your own body. You can observe other people and how they have done with different techniques, different leading edge relative truth and of course, information understood in this regard doesn't only apply to health. But where this does apply to health it is essential to understand it, to work with it in the most conscious fashion possible, to question everything, to look at all the underlying assumptions from a different point of view.

That point of view could be around what works in your body as a very useful tool. It could be a relationship to it, how you feel about it. But you must sometimes question this because it can be based on deep-seated ideas that also must be questioned. But, you may also notice, therefore, that what is gradually evolving from this is a different way, a sort of response mechanism, it could be taste, it could be the feel of it, it could be how it is to have a tiny bit of it in your body.

It could be a way in which your response to those aspects in the food is intuitive, or is smell based. But, whatever way you come to understand this, it is important that you question these aspects because so many of the supposedly tried-and-true aspects of research in areas of nutrition and health in particular have been proved completely wrong by all the traditional authorities, the same organizations that study them extensively a mere 20 years ago have in many cases completely reversed themselves on those issues.

It is not therefore, entirely in the domain of information, in the intellect, in the mind in order to answer what is appropriate for your body? What is the best way to proceed? At the same time though, intellectually speaking there are a few principles that begin to shine: that doing things in a vacuum, separated, can be interesting information, i.e. petri dish experiments, or animal experiments but a more powerful tool is how it works in people. Large numbers of people, small numbers of people. How you work with those people, how they are similar to you and so on can be an important clue. In addition, the ways in which you come to this in some inner response can sometimes lead you down areas you had not even seen possible before.

Now, one of the questions is about a whole list of primarily chronic diseases, a few of them acute diseases and how they may be healed, cured, corrected etc. There is a similarity running through these in that we have studied carefully and consciously all of the different methodologies and looked at the responses, how people fared with the different regimes, how their bodies improved, how their consciousness improved, how their mental abilities improved. Many times, supplement approaches, drug approaches, surgery approaches, these have provided tremendous benefit short-term, tremendous difficulty long-term.

Some of these causing accumulation of toxic materials in the body that were actually more difficult to get rid of than anything that originally caused the conditions. As a result, the underlying principles must be reconsidered, not simply the individual experiments. For instance, the body is always trying to come to a state of maximum health. Is this a very complicated principal? Is it something that is simple, common sense? Yet, the pathology principle- that which seeks out those aspects which are damaging to the body and attempts to correct them through diagnosis and cure is the very principle which leads to short-term benefit/long-term difficulty and the opposite.

Many times, when you use this principle that the body is trying to come to a state of maximum health at all times, you actually will have some short-term difficulty, as you intensify the body's need to come to this place of maximum healing. This means that in order to work with these underlying principles something larger must be known: a principle like presence, like energy, like being. It is a principal that guides so much in the way in which people come to consciousness, to awareness and to understanding and brings us to another powerful question to ask. It has to do with your life here on earth, specifically about what do you take with you? The soul is changed by the experiences of the body very powerfully, and it brings in various tendencies karmically to be changed in the body.

But, it will take something from this. What are you learning from this? If this can be written down, if it can be crystallized, if it can be spoken of with others, sometimes your friends will know what you learned from it even though you don't. You may have a powerful clue as to where this is going and the best methods to apply. The books by Vonderplanitz seem to address this aspect that the body is doing its best to come to maximum healing more than those of other authors. It does so in a holistic fashion working with the underlying principles and it is one that is a very powerful tool.

Many of the diseases that were asked about are specifically addressed in this book, and we have noted for the individuals who have pursued this course of action, the healing technologies and methodologies described that they have done well with this. Correcting cancerous conditions of both benign and malignant and correcting conditions of multiple sclerosis, various nerve diseases, and AIDS. At the same time, these underlying principles are difficult to apply if the individual has ignored the information that has been prevalent.

As by example, those who have avoided fats, those who have at the same time had their eight glasses of water a day and washed out what residual fats were left in the body. Understanding these principles requires then more information, more understanding, more love of your own body to take in these things, to work with them and of course more forgiveness for the foolish scientists and their ways of working in the world based on principles of what is very small, rather than what is large.

The holistic paradigm now coming into the scientific realm with greater and greater force yet to be fully accepted, it may take a whole other generation. Many of the children being born now understand the holistic paradigm. They are coming into an awareness of this on many levels. Some of them may have a more sensitive response to place than the adults that surround them. This is a very useful and new clue to be understood when you are considering place in the world. Where am I best to live?

Many times the answer to this that we have given is about community. A place where people are working together, learning from each other, sharing with each other and most importantly, serving each other. You have seen over and over how in your society now, those aspects of service to self, get for me first, those aspects are causing so much of the difficulty at an underlying basis, the shredding of the economy in all countries, but especially now focused in the USA and ripples of this going everywhere in the world.

This is very clear in the financial institutions, but in so many different areas of life. The question then is being posed by your guides and helpers: is there another way? Can you find a different way of life? Many individuals naturally are drawn to service. It feels good to help others. It feels good in their own consciousness, in their own body to be of assistance, to see of the way in which they are able to use their energy in ways that others benefit.

But, they do not yet have a holistic paradigm on this. For this we give example of course, in a book we channeled years ago called, “Vision.” The simple idea of a community based on service: everyone seeking to serve everyone else. Now, of course one person in the community could decide that they don't want to serve anyone else, they want simply to be served, that is the king archetype in its purest form. Such individuals would probably find as the others around them continue with service that they are uncomfortable and choose to leave the community. If not, that should certainly be suggested to them.

But, apart from that, you can see how a community based on service could truly work. After all, everyone would then be sharing more than they have, more than they could know, and more than others could receive and the great lesson for every one in such a community would be the opportunity to receive even more for the specific purpose of assisting those who wish to serve. In other words, assistance from a desire to serve, this becomes an entire new aspect that is evolved in a group. This is rare for individuals to come to in ways of individuality on their own or even in small groups such as families.

Now the question in what community? Initially, we see that in locations in the world. The communities are portable, they are located in one area for a while and then they move on to others. For instance, right now many energies are gathering in areas of eastern Oregon in ways that have not been present before. Areas for people to form community, a drier area of Oregon that has been approached before for community and areas in which new energies are likely to emerge of a positive nature. Not as connected to some of the fault line energies and disturbing energies moving through the ring of fire and especially through California, western areas of Oregon and western areas of Washington state and into western areas of Canada.

These energies as they gather in force will be particularly disturbing to some of the children that are of one year and younger and those being born in the next few years. The reasons for this are complicated but they pretty much have to do with this holistic paradigm. A way in which these children, sometimes called “rainbow children” sometimes called “golden children,” different names associated with them to distinguish them from the indigo children born a little time ago.

These energies of such children are those which are shifting in consciousness to approach and embrace a much larger consciousness, the consciousness of Earth, of the sun, of all the animals, of many of the other young people and especially of the indigo and rainbows already being born. Yet, these energies as they shift and change are those which the children can communicate with you about.

Thus, when you travel to these different areas, they can respond in ways that can communicate with you, not that they are necessarily going to cry or seem happy. When they are little of course that is how you think of communicating with children, but something deeper. An awareness of a beautiful, sacred light energy, a golden light that can be shared between you and these children that allows you to have a sense of place.

We note the formation of community in many of these areas that people are interested in. Shasta, areas of the Colorado Plateau, New Mexico - many of these are nexus points.

But, we must emphasize that at this stage, communities need to have portability built into their charters, their reason for coming together because things can change fairly rapidly and some of these areas in ways in which it would be necessary to relocate. Interestingly enough, on the horizon is also the significant reduction in the negative energies or sometimes called Lei lines present throughout many areas of Australia and New Zealand making these more and more attractive for many individuals.

That is a big shift for people in various countries, particularly USA or England. But, those in English-speaking countries might more seriously consider areas of Australia. Initially the coast areas might be those most welcoming, but others more inland may in the future move through a temporary period, perhaps 10 to 20 years, of great welcoming and benefit.

At the current time, the drought and increasing temperatures as a result of global warming are problematic. This is a wave, an energetic wave that shifts and changes and the next cycle for this is likely a period of brief coldness. Because it is unlikely that the methane emissions caused by global warming and the increasing carbon dioxide are going to stop. This is likely to curtail the brief cold minimum or Ice Age that will be upon humanity in the next 20 to 30 year cycle.

Hence, a sort of balancing effect, but a very difficult balancing effect takes place. That balancing effect is one in which the natural cycle of cold balances against the increasing warmth as created by the methane emissions and carbon dioxide on earth. You may not have heard much about the methane emissions, but they are very important to study and learn about because they are the actual source of the greatest difficulty as global warming becomes a significant factor.

The methane comes from organic matter trapped under the oceans in many areas that were previously inaccessible and a rise in ocean temperature releases this, which in the upper atmosphere causes an acceleration of the greenhouse principles and thus an acceleration of warming trends. Overall, unless humanity is able to deal with these issues specifically, the curtailing of carbon dioxide emissions, the temperature minimum won't be of much help.

This is not of much importance to this generation, but somewhere on the order of 30 years out it becomes more and more of a factor as the cooling aspects have less and less effect. Somewhere focalizing to 2050-2060 is where so many of the issues all come together at once. These are coordinated not so much by cause of the Galactic cycles, but by humanity's own desire. Specifically, the many non-physical beings, they outnumber you approximately 9 to one, they all want to get into bodies at the same time.

This is that which is having the maximum effect right now to prevent powerful cataclysms, the coming true of many of the ancient prophecies of widespread cataclysm and difficulties. Small-scale difficulty continues, but overall population increases, and the intent of this is so that all of these beings can be in bodies together interacting, learning, loving, blending, sharing their karma, balancing what is needed and so on and so forth.

At the positive end you can see it as a great party on planet earth as all of these beings come in together, to enjoy, to celebrate, to learn to love and understand each other more deeply. On the negative side, you can see the competition for food, for resources for space. If the old systems are the ones in place then the competition aspect becomes more powerful. If the new possibilities for greater service, for greater love, for greater assistance to each other, if this becomes more widespread, then it can be more of a celebration and an enjoyment of your planet.

The old institutions are breaking down, one after the other and in particular those based on service to self, those financial aspects, those aspects that say, the highest and best way to proceed is me first. These have had some benefit in the past. They have certainly encouraged individuals to develop their own ideas and promote them in the world in the hopes of getting paid for it. But, people are realizing as they wake up to consciousness more and more that there is much more than simply one life, one time on earth.

There is a time that comes that you are not physical, that you enjoy and work with energies that are entirely subtle and perhaps a time when you come into body again. But, as you recognize this you know that with regards to the money in particular, you don't take it with you, and as a result what you leave behind is an energy that is of value to others perhaps. But by and large, has its value, only while you are experiencing it. Again, a reminder about presence, about being now, about being here, about recognizing the nature of your being and not simply recognizing that it is something that is somehow going to take with it these aspects of selfishness or service to self.

At the same time, though, you recognize all of these aspects. You are immersed in the cycles, the powerful cycles that move through earth have been studied by those who work with cycles, particularly astrologers. These individuals, particularly where they share this information in a non-personal way, looking at overall patterns are intrigued by this simple understanding.

The Mercury retrograde cycles, imposed for 2009 are nearly identical to those that occurred in 1930. Those cycles are those of the same signs in which Mercury is retrograde for almost the same dates, and of course the same length of time. These cycles are a gentle reminder that those aspects associated with Mercury retrograde: loss of communication, deeper internal awareness, suffering and struggling in the world when you fight that energy, when you try to make things work instead of listening to the inner voice, the inner awareness, the inner consciousness that those energies are set to come again to planet earth.

1930 was not a time that people remember as a great celebration. It was a time often associated with some of the deepest and darkest beginning of the Great Depression and that this occurred worldwide and was related to various economic aspects that are repeating themselves is no accident. It is important for people to understand therefore that the solution to this appears.

The solution appears again recognizing these cycles in two different guises. During the times of mercury direct these energies can be formed easily. Communication with others for the intent of community, what community will you live in? How can you interact with others? What ways with these energies be most appropriate? Specifically because there are individuals interested in this in relationship to the Gold country or the areas of Nevada city, grass Valley etc.

This is such an area probably not likely to suffer greatly from any of the earthquakes or other difficulties, relatively minor but still largely going to take place along fault lines throughout California over the next five-year period. These will be disruptive but in the Nevada City, Grass Valley area, a large prevalence of solid mass of quartz means that they will be shaking but not so much great destruction and a useful community can be formed much deeper than has already taken place in these areas.

Similarly, with other areas as people look to community as important solution to economic difficulty, to share with each other, to ban together in ways in which they can assist each other, which talents and capabilities, resources and tools, people as they would help each other, etc. Of course, there are the usual difficulties. Typically dogs and children, how many to have and who will have them and how they will work it out. But, many times people in communities can work these things out simply by looking deeply and carefully into their own hearts and their own energies.

However, as you begin to recognize this powerful shift in energies taking place for earth you begin to recognize the cycles as they impose themselves. So the Mercury retrograde cycle comes then, in a time of mercury retrograde for instance, January 15-February 1st in the upcoming cycle. Then, a later one, throughout a large portion of the months of May and September and a little bit at the very end of December.

 In each of these, a wonderful time to go inner. To look at what you want in community, in your life, how community can serve this? How community could be connected to by you. How this energy as you would feel it, not through overt communication, that is also helpful but also in our communication? As if you were in your own fantasies, your own consciousness, your own dreams, already in a community and how you were working with those people.

How it might be a beautiful, loving, healing energy? What you could learn about yourself? How you could welcome and know this. This is the great lesson of the Mercury retrograde cycles for 2009 and recognizing these and how they work across your own healing of the cycles of energy from your parents or grandparents, those who experience the difficulties in 1930. This is a very interesting area also to look at in your own consciousness.

In light of the potential here for this powerful sort of see-sawing effect between global warming and global cooling and a similar see- sawing effects across the plates of the earth and the tendencies here towards disruptive energies and so on one might then hold this overlay of the filters of questions about technology, including that of the increasing spraying in the air, sometimes called Chemtrails, easy to distinguish this from vapor trail. Vapor trail is largely water vapor and dissipates fairly quickly- typically less than five minutes often times as little as one or two minutes.

But, where the trail is left in the air for many hours this is primarily at the current time, high particulate matter, barium and aluminum in various compounds, various ways they are particlized to hang for a long time in the atmosphere and be reflected. As a reflector, they reduce the impact of global warming. The Sun’s energy reflected, it is not a very good technique, of course. Those paying for it are very small groups, largely insurance companies behind it, able to have the money behind it, but other groups as well who wish to reduce some of these global warming effects so that they will have lessened monetary consequences.

But, the particles do drift to earth, do create problems. So even as much as you can do along areas of natural health and healing, still these must be contended with. Other aspects of the environmental polluting on your planet, are the consequences of war, the depleted uranium is utilized in bullets, shells, and other aspects of projectiles, they are left to increase the radiation in the environment.

Of course, one must do one's best to clean that up, to use various metal detecting technologies and to employ sufficient protective clothing. But, where it contaminates the atmosphere in the water and so on the various important radiation reduction methods we have suggested in the past are recommended to be employed. One of the most powerful that available in warmer countries, is the use of avocado and orange. This blending, eating avocado and orange at the same time can be quite stimulating as a very helpful radiation reducer and it is therefore best utilized in the afternoon so its stimulating properties don't keep you awake at night.

Other methodologies include the sea vegetables, various seaweeds. These contain alginates, they are better absorbed and utilized in the direct form, raw form, rather than in tablets, capsules, etc., or fractionated forms. Of course all the methodologies that raise consciousness, that allow you to let go can be very helpful because often times radiation is associated with various substances that the body tends to hold in emotional holding states and various aspects that are difficult for the body to work with.

Of course, increased fats in general can be beneficial if they are healthy, healing fats which brings us to this question about dairy. It has been observed that dairy is quite damaging to the body when it has been heated. Critical temperature pretty low for this, perhaps as low as 109°F. Indeed, working with dairy, heated even that hot can produce various problems in the body.

Pasteurization, which typically takes place at a much higher temperature around 150 to 155 Fahrenheit is so damaging that the fats become toxic. These fats are sometimes absorbed and held in the body for years and many times in the ingestion of the most healthful substances to take these out of the body, raw dairy that has not been heated past 109 Fahrenheit and preferably is generally at 100-101 and less.

This will then pull out some of that toxic fat, but it does take time. This is why sometimes there will be mucus mechanisms, various mechanisms in the body to pull this out as the toxic fat combines with the healthy fats. But as this is pulled out the dairy becomes healthier and healthier and brings greater and greater healing and strength to the body. This is easily seen of course, in small animals on a farm where you give the animal raw dairy milk direct from the cow to heal it. Be it a cat, a dog, or any other animal that is on your farm that you wish to work with.

Ultimately though, there is improvement in the body to the point that the dairy is no longer necessary. But for many individuals, this is not possible in their lifetime. It may take several generations before they heal the damages done by the generations before them. Where your grandparents or great-grandparents did not have access to raw dairy, or where your parents switched from the raw to the pasteurized as it became widespread in USA in 1940s.

Yet, as you come to understand this for yourself you must recognize you can have simultaneously with the ingestion of raw dairy two sensations. One is the increase of mucus. One can be those aspects which seem to be temporary but are those which seem to be reducing your energy, making you sleepy perhaps. But at the same time, an inner boost of energy, a positive energy, something that says, this feels right somehow. These eventually come to a balance within you, and then move very much more into the healing realms.

We are speaking of course, when we speak of dairy, of the many different dairy products. For many different individuals when they are experiencing this sort of tug-of-war in themselves a more purified dairy product such as raw unsalted butter is usually recommended. This can have tremendous value in building up lubrication between the joints, easing back pain, strengthening the body on many levels, clearing out tumors, moving through various toxic materials, binding them with the raw butter and then allowing them to be excreted.

Typically in this technique, one puts on weight for a while as the toxic materials are brought into the fatty tissues of the body, and then dropping the weight, those are excreted but bound to the fat in such a way that there is no damage. These techniques are described in the Vonderplanitz books previously mentioned but it must be mentioned here that it takes a bigger view, a deeper understanding of this.

Now, of course, there are those people who would say, “I can’t get the raw dairy,” and that can be difficult at times in some countries in some areas. But, as many people are finding the same solution, community, is often the answer. Where you have people ban together to buy a cow, to find ways of raising that cow, and sharing the products of that cow and learning how to do this in a way in which the cow is healthy and happy and enjoying the grass that it lives on, and allowing this in a way in which you can come to a better understanding and awareness in your interaction with each other and the animal.

Sometimes this does mean taking on some things on your own, but it is often more easily possible and again here, this thrust to community, encouragement to people interacting and loving each other. You see where this is going, but in the meantime, in certain locations oftentimes coconuts are available. To take the meat of the coconut, press it through a juicer with the usual juicer screen in place, extracting the pulp and discarding it and keeping the cream, sometimes called coconut cream or coconut butter.

Simple methodology, easy to do if coconut slices are around 95 Fahrenheit and this is a very healing and helpful fat and has much benefit in the same way as the dairy previously mentioned: boosting immune response, strengthening the body on many levels, enhancing capability for the person to clear out the toxic fats that may have been accumulating.

The immune system was mentioned here, a controversial matter, because the immune system is a distributor system. It has many components in different organs of the body. It is not only found in the blood sense after all the white blood cells must be produced. It is not only found in organs because the brain has a very important component to play. Indeed, in the area of understanding the brain’s interaction with the immune system so much is being discovered, so much is being learned everyday. This is clearly in the area that leading edge relative truth is likely to be dismantled, turned upside down, and changed on a regular basis.

One of the interesting areas to explore with this is the way in which the immune response is moderated by music-the music that feels good to you, that gives you the sense of peace, of happiness, of love. The music that goes deep to your soul and encourages an awakening of your consciousness or a love in you. This would be perhaps the best music. Oh yes, there are those in the past who have said, listen only to this kind of music or that kind of music and leading edge relative truth again- those individuals were doing the best they could with the average music at that time that would indeed produce positive, helpful responses.

But, your society changes the receptivity to music shifts, the energies that work with you can have an important component that relates to the consciousness of other people. Sometimes, for some individuals listening to music that you would find distasteful, allows them a sense of peace because of this factor. Because they tune into other people who are feeling this energy too. We would always suggest wherever possible that if there are lyrics, if there are words associated with this music as is so often the case, that you understand the meaning of the words, you dissect them, you learn them and reject them if they are out of alignment with the positive message you want for your own system and accept them if they are encouraging, helpful, strengthening.

In instrumental music, there are many more choices of course and the response that you feel in your own body may be a far better indicator than that of anyone else’s. But, other people may of course suggest what will work for them and that is useful to try in your body. At this juncture, it might useful to step away from the intellect for a moment for these questions of an interesting, but primarily information based nature and instead simply experience energy.

There are many teachers of presence on your planet. There are many who understand this and connect into a larger consciousness, we invite you now to step into that consciousness. There are many doors to step into it, but we recognize that for everyone hearing these words, these teachers stand at the ready, to share information, to share ideas but mostly, simply to share energy: an energy of presence, an energy of emptiness perhaps or of everything.

There are many different ways to discover this but we would suggest that right now forming around each of you, one to your left shoulder, one to you right are two beings. One is very directly connected to a physical person, a person who is alive here in the world teaching presence, teaching energy, teaching awareness. The other is essentially a nonphysical being, a helper, a high vibrational being seeking very much to assist.

For many of those today, those hearing those words, and those who hear them for the next two months, the helper that is chosen will be an anonymous helper, a being who has gone on beyond the level of names, so do not seek a name for this being, or a form or a shape but simply an awareness of this energy standing by your shoulder.

For some of you, the left shoulder will be one being, for some of you the right, different beings, etc. pay that no mind. Now we would ask you in interest of no mind, to use whatever method takes you to no mind. Simply put, one wonderful method is to ask yourself, “Who am I? Another method is to look at who is experiencing? You are aware of the chair perhaps, or if you are lying down on the surface, of the breath perhaps. Who is experiencing that now? Whatever answer you have ask the same question, “Who is experiencing that?”


Keep probing. An answer begins to emerge, an answer that is beyond, it is certainly beyond words or thoughts or ideas, but it is at the same time that which is deep within you. Now, the way these beings standing by your shoulders, work with you on this is not to send you energy, or to show you the answer, it is simpler than that. They are asking the same question of themselves and this is one of the bases of community. As you share a question together so you come to a common answer together, a common awareness together, what these beings are showing you is that at the highest level of evolution, at the aspect of pure consciousness, at the level by which they are simply more versed in presence or practiced then you, the answer is the same. That is the answer for you to receive and to know with your breathing right now.

A technique we have often suggested in the past is simply to focus on the breath to the extent and exclusion of everything else, letting the thought of what we are saying, of the future, of the past, allowing the rest of it to drop away as you simply become aware of your breath. Also, a wonderful, valid technique. But in whatever way you come to presence now recognize that it cannot only be that which is found in this special method or technique or holding but is also a part of flexibility, of life, of movement so as if to illustrate for yourself in yourself by yourself in with these beings.

We ask you to breathe and be aware of that sense of presence that sense of the answer to the question, who am I? The infinite, the aspect of love, perhaps, the being of emptiness, in whatever way in which you come to it, stay with it, keep asking and move, allow yourself to stretch, allow the body to easily, gently, flow while you continue in that place of presence.

An inkling of what is possible of course, and a much larger answer to these questions and issues because this is a place that naturally boosts the immune system, naturally strengthens the body, naturally heals. It is as if saying that same principle: the body coming to maximum healing as if encouraging by its place of presence, and especially its place of love. So we have addressed many questions for today attempting to answer in different ways. But, perhaps there are a few more that would be investigated.

Jill: How can we reverse our dependency on plastic products?

Hilarion: It is a difficult matter, because there is so much inertia, so many doing this as they have been. But, one of the first methods is to employ as much of the desirable materials those in the few non-toxic metals and the many ceramics and glass materials on your own as soon as you can. To use those materials in the process for instance of obtaining milk from your own cow or water from your own well or the ways of transporting any of the things that you come in contact with.

Of course it is possible in a simpler ways, the basic, direct, political action ways to lobby companies, to ask for products that are not made of plastic and send along pictures. The Pacific Gyre for instance, a huge collection of plastic materials, broken down to some extent but some of them as floating sneakers, floating water bottles and many of the things discarded from the land. These are so huge now on your earth that people would be quite disheartened to see them.

Luckily, the shipping lanes do not go through these areas so they are not aware of them. But, a few individuals have done their best to bring more and more information about this to the world and you can continue as by bringing this information to the companies that are producing these products. Ask them to find another way, suggest glass materials, recyclable materials, various materials that can be employed instead. Now, of course, this dovetails into the local movement where you are choosing to eat food that is locally available and does not have to be transported long distances, thus reducing significantly the tremendous requirements that are placed on various packaged materials.

But, at the same time it is important as you move through this that you realize there are other ways to clean up your environment other than recycling. There are also the ways in which you are able to directly assimilate light to bring in the sense of being nourished. This is a little farther out from the previous material as mentioned, but we are noticing that many of the individuals who employ the Vonderplanitz methods for a long time are beginning to recognize this. They gain more food value in what they eat, they use the food more efficiently, they are able to receive the light of the sun more directly.

Many of the aspects of the healing of the immune system, strengthening of the physical body come from the sun. Of course, this is initially said as vitamin D production and vitamin D from the sun is going to be far healthier than that which is taken in any other forms including those in various fish oils, meats, etc.

But, still this is not the only aspect. The solar energy has tremendous value to the human being and here again, leading edge relative truth, at a time when people were saying, Oh avoid solar exposure, use all that sunscreen and look what happens when they absorb the materials in the sunscreen. Solar exposure for a limited time, perhaps 45 minutes per day, full body, is often very helpful at correcting many difficulties. Yes, vitamin D is produced. Yes, this a factor, but there is more. There is the sun speaking to you, learning with you, sharing your love, light and awareness with you.

But it does so in a way completely different modality and yet there is that which is deep within you that can connect to this solar energy, this beautiful communication. Yes, all beings communicate, they do so in ways that you are not necessarily aware of because it is very different from your way of communicating but communicate nevertheless, they do. On earth that communication has a powerful common message of survival, learning, interacting and love. That the intercommunication, the awareness that they are touching each other, learning from each other, aware of each other.

This often leads to their ability to ask, be it the germs, be it the animals, the people, be it the kingdom of the air, the mountains, the grass, all asking, and they are asking each other. They are especially asking humans. The question of course cannot be formed in the purely verbal, that is how people would interpret it. A microbe does not ask with verbal since it does not have anything approaching a mouth or a brain. But the question is there nevertheless. It is about love. It is about being together, it is about learning from each other. It is about learning to love from each other, it is about this way in which they ask how.

You may think it is more about “why.” But “why,” inevitably leads to the intellectual. Sometimes it is about “what” as they are coming just to an understanding of manifestation. But for the most part it is about how. How we live, how we love, how we interact how we know each other, how we know the infinite and the tiny. Further question?

Jill: There’s a question on men and women together. What is the source and origin of conflict and what is the healing opportunity? How has the conflict affected the world?

Hilarion: Yet, understood from the larger perspective so often those incarnated as men have incarnated as women, those who have incarnated in one will incarnate as the other. So, to answer this we would ask our friend Athena to speak.

Athena: Greetings. To answer this understanding about men and women there is also within you, your heart, another answer, an answer that does not come from outside, but from history, what has been, but what is right now. An awareness of the dancing man, dancing woman, the beauty in you, the love they share the celebration they enjoy together.

This is a different kind of answer, but it is an answer that comes back to your question of origin because you chose this planet, a place where the majority of those learning here have chosen this path of opposites. Even into the plant Kingdom of the generation of the male and female on a single plant, all the way through the mammals, the lizards, and especially the humans. This beautiful way, the answer inside of you. You chose it.

Why? What would you possibly learn from this? Yet in your sky, the moon, the sun. The reminders, the powerful energies of night and day are always these opposites that unfold before you. Because in this way it will be drawn out of you, it will be drawn into your own being to find peace, to find what is right about it, to treasure these energies, to allow them, welcome them, encourage them to love each other. To love then that which is the vessel for both, the way in which you are holding and knowing this beautiful truth, this beautiful light in you. Yes, the tendency in so many to be male, or to be female, but deep in you the knowledge that you are both.

You have this awareness of the way in which each can dance and enjoy the other. It is through this that many answers to your questions about where these energies can be properly placed. How they can be pieced together, how they can enjoy each other that this is a different answer, an answer that says where have I treasured the opposite gender in myself? Where have I allowed that which is the gender of my body to enjoy and make wonderful waves of loving energy in all aspects of my being and especially with the aspect of the opposite gender in me.

This enjoyment and this love brings to you an answer that is not only physical, is not only inspirational or creative. It also can bring you specific ideas, specific ways of learning and growing. Those specific areas enable you at times to push further from what was to go where you have a little bit of new energy to explore and understand and to use that energy in a way you have not before. If this is possible, then you can see of the ways this can lead to community, interacting with others more consciously, more loving yourself to open the doors to love others more.

Sometimes these ways are difficult, because you see in the world where others in repressing, holding back that aspect, then lead themselves to war, to battle, the struggle and so on. For this, we wish to turn over proceedings to a dear one. You have known him as Sananda, but, we mention him today in the guise of Prince of peace, and the aspect of the peace you may find within you.

Sananda: Thank you Athena. What I bring to each of you tonight is a gift. An energy for you to discover in your own hearts. A place in you that is known a deep stillness and to bring that stillness with your breathing up from your heart into your head, down from your heart into your body, to feel this, to breathe it, to know it, it is the Christ light in your heart, that brings a beautiful, powerful, loving energy of peace that can be felt all throughout.

To express that with your mouth as a word, as a chant, as an idea, but to feel it as the natural way to touch everyone on your planet. Extend it now, that beautiful light from your heart, that Christ light that all of you know, a beautiful golden child in your own heart, who expands with her breath, with his loving, with their being to touch everyone on your planet as if to understand the true light of Christmas, the true light of the birth of peace in your heart now shared with everyone on your planet. Shalom.

Hilarion: Hilarion here again. Are there more areas to investigate?

Jill: There was a mention of Obama and how that’s going to affect us?

Hilarion: Intriguing how this being has acted as a powerful lightning rod, a focus point for the world as if many people on your planet see that there is a new way possible. A way in which people within a country where slavery existed about 150 years ago can now embrace an African American as President. It is as if to give tremendous hope to those who are choosing change, choosing different ways of being in other countries and looking to USA for leadership in this arena.

Of course, President Obama, has many difficult choices to balance, many important issues to struggle with. But at the same time, he has a lot of help from the other side. Many beings standing behind him to encourage and inspire those he chooses, those he will work with. We ask you then as you would tune in to this being, as you would look at these suggestions he makes, or the ideas that are put forth by his administration that you also become aware of this powerful group that these many beings are seeking not only those aspects of the immediate change, benefit, issues of economic and pretty much status quote nature, but something bigger, something behind them. The issues that are encouraging.

This awareness of how you change, how you are willing to shift that which has been prejudiced or difficult inside of you, that which has been willing at times to hold back and out of fear have not been able to assist others. In this way. To take some of the campaign slogans such as, Change, or, “Yes We Can,” into your heart and to hold these will be beneficial to Obama, as if to remind him of staying on course. Not being distracted by the important issues likely to come on your planet.

The economic aspects continue to crumble, hedge funds being the next area that will bear great scrutiny and many aspects of difficulty. But - just as the automobile companies that repressed the free energy technologies are now being swept away, now being reborn where possible, to invite those technologies, where possible - so also must the financial institutions change, shifting to ways in which they were originally conceived: to support, to assist, to bring benefits to the planet, not just to a few individuals.

But, as all of these are stop-gap measures, it is the larger aspect, the community issue that must also be looked at, not just for you personally, but for Obama. What is the community he is working with? Some of those involved with that group, though they may not be in areas of expertise that you have interest in, are those who are very interested in your welfare, in how you grow in how you learn. As you communicate with them some of them will listen, very few in previous administrations did.

So, in this administration, opportunity for your communication can indeed be better received than ever before. It is this area to which we have the highest hope and that also guides, helpers and others, tremendous hope. That indeed the aspects of communication of consciousness, of awareness, what you take with you on your planet, that these areas will be communicated not only amongst yourselves but to those in positions of power and to Obama himself. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes. It is time to end.

Hilarion: In closing we remind you of the beautiful emerald light we began with and ask you to recognize that as it reaches Mother Earth, and it expands. From 100 feet to many miles in diameter earth response is a gentle, loving home. Not just a light but a sound. The sound bubbles up into your hearts, and we ask you to share it out loud. Goodbye. Ommm.....

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