Hilarion Winter Solstice Channeling 2009

Welcome to the Hilarion channeling for the Winter Solstice December 21, 2009. Hilarion through Jon C. Fox will be answering your questions. For more information on channelings, books, CDs, or DVD’s please contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209 Nevada City, CA 95959 or visit us at hilarion.com. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the channeling.

Hilarion: Greetings to all of you. This is the energy, being or vibration you call Hilarion. We ask you to welcome the idea of a light filling this room as we make deeper and deeper contact and awareness of the way in which earth shares this space and this time with you. Breathing her energy, her light and now add to this the sense of an emerald light, as we ask you to imagine creating a vast cylinder about a hundred feet diameter, that is about 33 meters diameter infinitely upwards through you to the center of earth for purpose of protection and deeper connection.

Gradually over the next few weeks important changes are afoot. These relate very much to a cycle that is begun tonight. That cycle relates to the inner significance in the northern hemisphere of the sense of the darkness, the longest night and the shortest day. A great emphasis on the individual but from this point forward the nights become a little bit shorter each passing day and the daylight or sunlight hours become a little longer as if this is that the peak in the earth's breathing time of a complete exhalation, and now she begins to breathe in again.

Symbolically, it means it is the peak of the cycle of the emphasis on the individual. Your own individual consciousness, the nature of who you are and your willingness to know this as it now comes forth in its connection to the group. In the winter hours, the time of darkness, people in ancient times gathered together to share warmth, food, comfort, assistance, so then, this emphasis on the group. In the ancient times before there was full awareness of what was happening some were afraid. Finding that they did not really recognize what was happening around them. Would there be light again? Would the snow melt? Would the opportunity for food and light come again?

This is buried deep in your unconscious but in a couple of weeks a new cycle asserts itself. An energy associated with Mercury, the planet often symbolizing aspects of consciousness, mental ability, and how you see and know yourself begins to move backwards as viewed from earth. This adds to this emphasis on the inner, on the individuality now shifting; the nature of who you are. Towards the end of January this energy then shifts and begins again into this cycle of greater light and awareness.

Unlike other Mercury cycles, it is not going to be felt in such a straightforward manner as if the energies are going to build during the month of January stronger and stronger until near the end of that time you may find yourself with new ideas, new creativity, new understanding, new awareness and yet as if there is no place to put this.

Much of what we will be working with you today, not just discussion or ideas, but some meditations or an understanding or shift of point of view is to assist with this cycle for one very important reason. There is within the consciousness of people at this time a tremendous degree of power and awareness that is simply not being put to use. It is if you have spent lifetimes and in this life many decades searching, studying, learning, meditating and interacting. Yet, in a certain degree of frustration with this that those energies that you developed have not had the effect on the world that you would have liked. It has not led to a clear peace, a change in the connection between humanity and the earth around aspects of pollution or understanding. An awareness of the opportunity for people to deeply truly help each other and to stop the big problems of disease and especially starvation and other issues that the only way for many of you to work with that is simply not think about them anymore.

But, the difference now shows up, it is as if these energies now becoming stronger, becoming clearer are put into effect in a way in which the effects have a far greater resonance with humanity. A far greater possibility of success than they ever had before. This of course creates some difficulty if what we are going to say is hopeful, if it is to give you the sense that by doing this or that then you will be able to create various changes. Because a great deal of what you have learned, a great deal of the emphasis of what we spoke in the past is not about the doing-ness at all but being, about the nature of who you are as the solution to your worries and your issues and indeed this is what comes now most fully.

Toward the end of January these energies come very strongly into people’s consciousness, “Who am I? What am I here for?” Will those things that I have striven so hard to create or to know in my life make a difference? These questions come to people who have never asked them before, come into people’s consciousness of those who have asked them in a way to be shared in a more loving, clear and open voice. But, should there be excessive distraction at that time, should there be a place in you that shuts down the energies that moves these things forward, an energy in the heart, an energy of love and then of course you see a great opportunity has been missed.

It is not an opportunity that disappears however. Instead, what happens is that over many aspects of energies through 2010, new opportunities, new energies, new availability and this simply increases. Others in the past have said it's all going too fast. Well to quote, “you ain't seen nothing yet,” because these energies as they build even stronger have the capability now to take on some aspects of you. The aspect of your own fear will be multiplied. But, the aspect of your own love this also will also be multiplied

The intent then as much as possible is for you to recognize your ability to love, to know this as your own personal gift, not just something that you think about or say but something that you may actually put into action. Begin now simply with the idea of this time of greatest darkness in the way in which you connect to the collective soul consciousness of all the animals, of the way in which they sense this, the cold, the dark, the rain. The place in which they for themselves do not know what is next and have the sense that you are loving them, an arm around them, a feather perhaps, a sense that you are connected, and then that this energy says inside of you, “I love you,” or “I AM,” or breathe with me or simply be.

Because you see really, it's not about doing and oftentimes as you come to that place of being there is something to discover there, well that is the other thing to recognize as you come into this time period of a bursting forth of energy towards the end of December and the beginning part of January you will begin to notice this more and more. This bursting forth, this energy this opportunity within you to cleanse, to clear, to release what has been in the way, but also simply to love more powerfully, more strongly with a greater sense not of urgency or of application, but rather just the sense of the love itself.

Now you can say this is simply due to all of the practice you’ve already been involved in all the other energies you have work with up until now, and yes this is true to some extent, but to glimpse how far this has taken you simply recall a year ago. Simply be aware of the energies. There was a sense of great hope, an opportunity for change that came worldwide, but was of course focused in USA as Obama had been elected and the awareness of what was hopefully to come and the changes that would be put into action and so forth.

This was not only a time of hope and change, but it was a time in which a question was posed. What will this new administration look like? How will the energies be different? Now, of course, politically you have seen many shifts of extreme financial nature and various ways in which compensations for this and the ways in which the usual political machines and systems have gone on- have not yielded those aspects of hope, change, and opportunity. But, at the same time there has been a fundamental shift; a certain coldness, an opportunity to allow others who might be suffering to continue suffering as might have been associated with the previous administration, this has ended. A sense that we are in this together, that people are struggling together, that they can look to each other for some degree of sympathy or empathy or connection, this is now present. This is in many ways personified by the more personal touch of those in the White House.

Recognize that this is in alignment with what we spoke of a year ago and it is very much about the symbol -how you perceive it, what you relate to it -rather than the actuality of this or that, is that which is done because, ultimately the aspects of a world leader are primarily symbolic. But this symbolism is setting into motion a powerful set of energies that are very much focused on love, on an opportunity to care for each other, to welcome each other, to listen more consciously to each other. And at the same time an unwillingness in your own consciousness you could say, a rejected principle for that which is false that which is not kind, that which is somehow pushing away that which is in some way allowing more problems, if possible to become stronger or clearer.

Now, the difficulty with this is that of course many people are feeling all kinds of financial, economic and other difficulties and this energy has been multiplied unconsciously by people all over the world without really understanding why they are doing it. They are gravitating towards an energy of scarcity. This is the other energy that naturally begins. It has already started, but as it becomes stronger it has an intent that goes way beyond you individually. Anyway you can see or know your own expansiveness, your own love, your ability to help, the care that you have within your own being.

This sets into motion a slightly different energy, an energy that asks people, is it true? Could they question where their own abundance comes from to the point that they begin to see things differently. The nature of economic attraction is that which tends to feed on itself just as economic expansion does. Although, many of the underlying financial issues remain, there is also within the consciousness of people a sense of scarcity and it is this energy which can be shifted simply by love. Oh, yes! The specifics around it are important. Is the scarcity present? Where does it come from? How do I feel it in my life, all kinds of things to look at. But, if you are coming to this from a place of fear it is going to be very difficult to make any fundamental shifts. But, if you are coming to it from a place of love, a sense of expansion and love right there, because you know somehow it is all right. This can indeed shift things, turn them around, make them entirely different.

There was a question about some seeds, in particular sesame seeds are mentioned and within many cultures this association between love, expansion and your awareness of energy that can move comes through the smell associated with the seed. Thus, the oil from the seed has the property of engaging in consciousness and shifting one's energy around this. Thus, a craving for certain foods can often indicate a deficiency, an aspect within the person that needs to work with that energy and if they remain, that is you continue to crave them, the primary energy still is there, meaning they are not absorbing, they are not taking it in.

This is indicative in many ways of the world's condition. This expansiveness, this love is there. Did something suddenly happen in the economic downturn? That said oh, we made a mistake, you really are not lovable? That somewhere in consciousness within your own soul something shifted within as if to say you were wrong. You don't deserve to have these things, certainly in the world it said so with housing, where the banks suddenly shifted from oh yes, “here have a loan, have two,” to, “No, no loans at all today. “Yet, in your own consciousness, you know the foolishness of this you know that it is only a way in which they are reflecting an energy that was overreaching and over greedy and went into all kinds of areas where it had no business. But, at the core, the fundamental core, your own deservedness and it's your own both ability.. Your consciousness, the answer to who are you? This has not changed. In fact, it has in a sense grown more challenging as if to say can you really accept that level of expansiveness? That as you look at it carefully and consciously you realize how big you truly are, how beautiful, loving and energetic you have the possibility to acknowledge and accept for yourself.

So, for a moment just breathing, be aware of love. Love for a flower perhaps, an animal perhaps, a friend, a loved one, a child. Feel that love deeply, breathe it, see it fill your own body see it go beyond your body to fill your aetheric body, an energy just outside your physical and there it becomes very bright, brilliant, pulsating, blue, white, yellow as it moves through different colors, it now moves into a beautiful pulsing white, warming, energy and easily now expands. Put someone into that light, someone that you've had a great difficulty with, send the energy to that person- a hard teacher you might say; someone that has been a struggle for you-one you might have had a judgment for the same light and then release it.

Simply returning to this energy of the love itself you have capacity to shift, to change, to move this energy. Now letting this go instead simply become aware of energy that moves up and down in your body. At first slowly as if moving with your breath from the feet through the body to the head now back down to the feet. But now it goes a little faster than your breathing, up, down, up, down now it goes faster than your heart rate. Up, down, up, down, faster even than we can say until it becomes a vibration within you. Recognizing that, breathing it, being aware of it, see it now as it moves outside of you as it moves into the aetheric body, giving that body not only light, but vibration as if the light is pulsing, moving up and down, shimmering. That light as you breathe it. As it moves up and down is yours, it is your energy.

Now continuing this, recall the sense of love, loving somebody deeply; a flower, an animal, a child, a loved one. Feel that energy now pulsating with your up-and-down movement, and as you exhale, gently, easily it expands outward touching everyone on the planet who would need it, to bring it especially into the consciousness of someone who calls to you. Bring it into the energy you might have had of judging someone. A person who you know really needs that love. But see it expand beyond them to everyone on your planet, and yet that energy is still moving up and down rapidly within your body, within your consciousness. So now, let all of that go. Let it somehow simply melt into the emerald light that we began with.

Notice the animals, the ones who were a little afraid, the ones in hibernation, the ones who do not know of the dark. They now respond to this light and earth sharing of this light; an energy for everyone. It is exercises like this not with any specific intent that can change the world. Just the intent of having more love, moving that energy in a personal way and releasing it. It is this which paves the way for so much of the expansive energy that is needed on your planet.

A meeting was just held in Copenhagen, a great deal of emphasis about the understanding on everyone on what is happening on your planet. Yes, there was a great attempt to come to consensus, this failed because people do not have within their own consciousness a deep enough understanding of the earth herself. They have made steps in this direction and the wonderful thing is this energy will continue. The sense of awareness looking into the earth and so on, right into the time in which in just about a week the Mercury retrograde energies build. A time of introspection, looking consciously, clearly, carefully at the nature of the world. These energies as they build then take individuals in such an inward looking place into the new year. The intent being that as they gather this energy for themselves it is now linked in a way it will never be broken to earth to her energy, to what she speaks of.

This has produced in the consciousness of earth a great deal of a sort of connective communication energy to people all over the world. At the same time as this, though it has added energy with various connections that a variety of extraterrestrials have had with the earth. They come here often frequently at higher vibrational levels than those that would be seen by you, but when they do this there is a certain amount of friction in the atmosphere; energies that move between the higher vibrational levels and that at the physical. As there is this greater awareness within earth's consciousness; a greater attunement with people to the possibilities of your own larger community; the earth community, the billions of you at once, this actually changes the aetheric density of the earth and makes it such that as there is this transportation there is energy released.

It is being witnessed by many as sparkling lights, as energy of movement. Sometimes, it creates a vortex where it lands on earth and allows a sudden funneling of energy, up from earth. But, the point of these things is not so much anything specific, one place, one time one people, no. It is much more about this general tendency of the increasing vibration of earth allowing more light. It allows this as a symbol in your own consciousness more light, light in different ways and especially at night. The time of darkness, then the opportunity for this greater light within you. Is it possible that in your own darkness could also be more light?

This brings us to the seed of Cardamom. This is a wonderful stimulating herb that brings increased circulation, but at the same time is that which allows you to have a sense of the light as it moves within your own body. Light is observed by those who work with the nature of chlorophyll and the nature of iron in your own physical body. In the way in which this produces light in the physical body, though at a low level still this is that which is seen by some not only as auric energy, but thermal energy, the energy coming from the skin surface. These energies are strengthened into your consciousness by Cardamom. The sense of this as a spiritual awareness, a greater glowing like body, and awareness in your own consciousness that this could reach out, that this light could be helpful. This is in line with one of the great messages being sent to people on your planet. Messages come by many means, through crop circles, through awareness of the energies that are presented. Messages come in a way that goes completely around all those aspects that might be limiting. Thus, the message coming directly into your consciousness, little bits of this have come with each successive year, a little stronger, a little more. And so in this year the crop circles speak to you in their own language, to view them, to let them as an awareness into your consciousness would be helpful.

Of course as we are spoken in the past, there are very specific messages with simple instructions on devices that can be constructed as was described nicely in an older book, Doug Ruby’s, “The Gift,” which we have referred to in the past. The idea simply that the map of a three dimensional object has been created in two dimensions, and then planted on earth for you to see. It cannot be forced into your consciousness, simply given to you as something you might wish to look into further, but with each successive year. Another aspect added to this, the beauty, the symmetry, the energy, the asymmetry all of these to come into your consciousness to remind you, you are not alone. There are energies associated with other beings who do not wish to interfere, to harm you, to do anything to stand in your way. But at the same time can give you ideas, gifts and other things. At the same time, in looking into the aspects that have occurred this year. There is a greater degree of hope around certain technologies that have been present on your planet before.

Some minor but significant breakthroughs in the development of technologies that can produce great amounts of energy without polluting while at the same time, they would as technologies be very difficult to make into weapons of mass destruction. Unlike a variety of other technologies that have been investigated to some extent in the past. Principally around the new discoveries with Brown's gas or more appropriately called roads gas, these energies may yield automobiles that drive on minuscule amounts of water and power generators that can generate significant levels of electricity on minuscule amounts of water. The amounts are so small that there is very little likelihood of depleting the water reserves on your planet and at the same time it would be difficult to initiate any large scale reactions with these thus, not being able to use it as a weapon. In the meantime, as people are investigating this they are encouraged to get involved, to do as much as possible with those who are bringing information forward because it is being shared largely openly without patents, without consideration for trademark without the desire for those involved to make a buck from it but rather to share the information wherever possible.

Another important aspect that has shifted in people's consciousness is that of the deeper understanding of each other. The sense that you are here to love and connect to each other has extended beyond that of your own limited group. This is very important to understand because there was a time when, not just even as little as a year ago people saw “us and them,” in many areas of their lives. But, many people are beginning to recognize that there is a certain collective consciousness in which you all share the issues, the struggles, the difficulties and the successes, the love, the opportunity to interact with each other in a positive way. You do this in ways that now cross political boundaries, cross social boundaries, racial boundaries.

Still, however, this has not sufficiently crossed religious boundaries. That is why the emphasis that is likely to come forth into the new year around many of the important aspects we have been speaking of, the understanding of a deeper love, the understanding to help each other more consciously. The result of the continuing economic pressure to form community may indeed relate more to religion than ever before. The understanding of what this means to you. Not only religion as you grew up with it, not only that which you see other people working with at the very basic idea-belief. In that which you do not have concrete proof for and how do you understand that? How do you work with that?

We are not by any means suggesting that there is any single answer. A right answer or a wrong answer. Rather that the greater community, connection, the energy that is shared is in the questioning itself. The willingness to ask, what do I truly believe in and why? How can that belief be that which will somehow bring to me and others that which is most valuable, most wanted, most needed? These are not easy questions, and we are not by any means suggesting that you are going to find an answer quickly. But please, as you ask, you are adding into the collective consciousness the willingness to ask, the opportunity to ask, the greater love that is necessary in order to take on something so big when it has for instance been in your family for many generations, where it is in a society that surrounds you, where you are finding yourself confronted with the issues around religion in a way in which you see them but can do nothing about them.

Of course, you have another huge issue on your planet that confronts you about war. About how you are to get along and learn from each other and how you are to understand this. But we see that this is actually just a consequence of all the other aspects we've been speaking of and that very naturally and easily wars can stop when people begin to recognize their commonality, their love for each other and their willingness to shift their own energies.

Now a question has been posed about the cycles that people move through and especially how those cycles can relate to their own creativity. Creative spark is a very interesting thing. It seems as if it is that which is something you cannot depend on, focus on, “do” into existence. But, you can set into motion many things that can bring this forward. Generally speaking, the cycles that relate to creativity come initially from various cycles within the human body. The way in which the blood flows, the energy moves, and these aspects as they relate to lunar cycles and various seasonal cycles have a slight influence. But primarily the way in which these energies move must remain in a certain sense in order to really be creative, really be fun they must be mysterious. They must be those which do not appear in your own consciousness to have a cyclic rhythm associated with them that you can depend on.

Of course, you must have some opportunity to depend on the creative spark if that which you were doing requires that in time. Such as when you get up to do Improv or playing music spontaneously, or rap or whatever it is that is demanding in that moment your own creativity. But, step back a moment in what part of your life would creativity indeed be a hindrance? Would it not be that which would be useful in every aspect even the most mundane? In washing a dish more creatively, bringing a little different energy or lilt or sense of it. Even though it is something you might have done a hundred or thousand times. The intent in your own consciousness: this is more associated with the true nature of the cycles.

Now of course there are those who would ascribe the cycles of creativity to various planetary influences, worldwide, global and to the individual as associated with their own astrological chart and there is some validity to this. But, to a large extent it is that which remains mysterious, because that is what makes it more interesting, more fun, more desirable. If indeed in the moment in which you are fully ready for the maximum degree of creativity to move through it does not, you might question the very nature of your own creativity and the reverse. In those moments in which you are not expecting it at all, putting your attention on something mundane, regular and repeated and suddenly a great burst of energy comes through and you just have to write that poem, or song or do something to connect to the earth or in some way express this creativity. The magic of it, the beauty of it would be far more deeply appreciated within your being.

But generally speaking, it does seem as if the creative cycles in the average way in which they are moving through the people of your planet are coming faster and faster. If there was one day in which you felt very little in the way of creativity you can be pretty certain that the following day there will be plenty. This is partly because the population is higher than it has been. More people, more energies, more possibilities, more thoughts, more of everything. In this way, it is simply telling you, you have an opportunity and that opportunity is powerful and deep within your own being. Now perhaps you would like to toss a question or two our way?

Jill: You talked about sesame seeds and Cardamom seeds. The other question was cumin seeds.

Hilarion: Well, here you have something a little different. So often associated with the more fiery tastes with the warmth, but with cumin there also is an awareness of an altered state of consciousness, a sense that you are not fully in your body. What this is actually doing is strengthening the subtle energies in the aetheric body in such a way that they take on a certain degree of independence, an energy in and of themselves. To continue the idea of seeds and craving and addiction; if you are not absorbing because you would continue to crave, find another way to bring some important active element from the seeds into your body. One of the simplest ways to do this to obtain this in small quantity in the raw form. As much as possible, untreated, unprocessed organically grown if possible, then use that, add it to food, make a beverage from it, simply smell it. Let the sense of it coming deep into you, come into every pore, every organ. In this way sometimes you are able to o draw it in ways that would not be possible in the processed or cooked or de-natured version. Further question?

Jill: I’m feeling that diseases seem to be tailored to the particular lessons mankind needs to learn in the age that the disease appears. For instance, in the 18th century, many people whose lives were in great struggle contracted and died from tuberculosis. Today, we don't hear about this one much, but we seem to have new diseases such as Alzheimer's, heart disease, diabetes etc. Do the diseases evolve to reflect and mirror the lessons that humanity needs to learn in a particular age?

Hilarion: No. Indeed diabetes, heart disease all kinds of cancers unknown in any degree of quantity are there. They were in the medical treatise’s of the day. They were instead though rare diseases. The only ones that are truly new such as AIDS and ebola have many routes in various genetic and viral experiments that mankind has brought and to some extent, the slight changes of modern science and various experiments have to some extent influenced the more common viruses and bacteria infections that are present today. The big difference, what people need. Where their consciousness has shifted, where the foods they have eaten have changed, where the way in which they have processed these foods has shifted. The diseases that are then most necessary for cleaning out, for benefit, for assistance, these are the ones that show up. To the extent that which you misunderstand the law of reflection, you reject this, i.e., what good is diabetes? How could it possibly help me? And so on which you could have over any disease. This is very much apropos to the time the action of the individual's relationship to the disease through the law of reflection was that very same rejection in times past. So, as you look at this you can speed up the process by which the disease has its beneficial effect by asking the deeper question: how can this benefit me? What am I to learn from it? Where does this then show up in the consciousness of all people on your planet?

With diabetes, of course, you have seen such tremendous increase in foods that would never be found in nature that have a high degree of sugar content. The pancreas was never designed to work with such as very few foods are found in nature with such a high degree of concentrated sugars. Even the fruits will have significant carbohydrate, starch, fiber and vitamins and minerals and other things with them. Of course, the one concentrated food, honey. When found in its raw state can not only be helpful it can actually be curative to diabetes. So the real key to understanding and working with the disease like that is twofold. Where have you elected in coming into this society that has put so much processed sugar, so much pancreas harming into the planet, where do you come into that? Where have you elected to experience that? Where have you elected to choose for your own consciousness your own body that I'm going to get the lesson of the pancreas? I'm going to get the lesson of diabetes?

Perhaps you will understand the sweetness of life that much more deeply. Perhaps, you will find in your own understanding of love, something very beautiful. Very sweet, truly unique and your attention on this will shift. Perhaps it will be much more practical. You will simply use those healing foods and release those reject those that are those which create difficulty and find a way to cleanse them out where they have stored in the body. But, as you work with this you have then this constant reflection. You can monitor your own blood sugar levels, you can notice from your own health what is happening in your body and thus have the immediate reflection of this. So this is the other part at a personal level in shifting your relationship that people have to disease. That somehow you welcome it, that somehow you find the way in which it is giving you feedback, it is helping you learn, helping you understand yourself better, or differently.

Now that is a very tricky part. Because it is as if saying that the law of reflection holds for me, not just for other people. It is that which is available in my consciousness and I welcome that too. Now, this is not very easy for most people to understand, because the disease will usually have associated with it all kinds of issues of pain, struggle, and it will make you value your life. Now, to the extent that the collective consciousness chooses a predominance of certain diseases over others as a reflection of its own nature, then yes, of course in your understanding of the collective consciousness and your relationship to diseases these are important issues.

But, it does not mean by any means you are to understand this solely at the influence that humanity is having on you. If you come into a world where you have to deal with this particular issue, because it is what all of humanity is dealing with. Rather for many individuals they are given a piece of the puzzle, an insight, an awareness. Sometimes it comes from their own body in their willingness to change and shift their consciousness, sometimes their discovery with foods or methodologies that are healing and helpful. But that can change the collective consciousness and do so very quickly and do so in a way that it produces unexpected results. That is the other part of it, the unexpected.

This is especially true of viruses. Viruses have the opportunity to change the DNA structure; increasing possibility of positive and helpful mutations in the next generation. No other disease has this property or availability. Thus, though there is a great deal of controversy as to where viruses come from as to whether they are alive or not, as to how they work in the body and many other things. Where you can welcome the opportunity for change that is associated with them, you can then begin to see a general tendency away from bacterial diseases infecting all of humanity into more and more viral diseases, because humanity is ready to change. Does this clarify?

Jill: Yes, and there is a question about the pineal gland. And what can you suggest in general, to increase the health and functionality of the pineal gland? In particular, does the combination of skate oil and butter oil reduce the so-called calcification in the pineal?

Hilarion: Various fats are tremendously helpful, not just to the pineal. Butter oil is going to do all kinds of interesting and helpful things. But, is it superior to raw unsalted butter? Certainly not and indeed oftentimes those basic unprocessed foods are going to be easier to absorb, more helpful and ultimately create the change needed on your planet. Where there is not a concentration in the hands of supplement producers, pharmacological companies, individuals, but rather on your family cow, on your relationship to the earth and those who share it with you and thus the co-op by which you own and share a cow in your local neighborhood. Thus, a community formed and various energies associated with that etc. But, the pineal gland is one that is the most misunderstood and in many ways mysterious. It is so necessary, so needed, particularly in the child.

Yet, that which has so many controversial, unknown and continuing to be investigated affects. Generally speaking, though, the holistic point of view, everything in your body having its role, having its benefit and so on, this of course applies. Yet, in an accident that may befall someone where the head is severely injured. The pineal ceases to function or is removed, the person is able to get along. So this deeper understanding of it as a psychic function, as a connection to the seventh chakra, as an awareness to all kind of subtle energies this remains and will continue until people truly understand it. The most important aspect to understand with the pineal is that more than the aspect of that which can make it stronger, is the way in which it is so incredibly sensitive to a variety of influences that make it weaker. Avoiding those influences, and various ways in which you repeatedly simply exercise it by various intuitive exercises, sense of higher connection to higher consciousness exercises, deeper love and sense of questioning your reality- that is usually going to be sufficient.

This may seem a little strange when after all, the pineal might seem to have so many benefits and effects if it is strengthened. But where you can go wrong with this is that when the Pineal becomes stronger its ability to absorb also becomes stronger. It can therefore more easily absorb a variety of toxins that it is particularly sensitive to. Those that are stronger than others would primarily include three specifics. The first is aluminum, aluminum in various alloys, pure metal, in combination with other materials; aluminum in various ways in which it can obstruct and create various inter-conductivities within the nerve structures surrounding the pineal and other things continue to be problematic. Second is fluoride, fluorides do appear to significantly curtail the function of the pineal at the higher rates in which it is working with more light energy, subtle energies and energies that are entirely nonphysical. Thirdly, is the sensitivity to electro-magnetics. This continues across the entire electro- magnetic spectrum but for most people the higher frequencies in the range of 1 to 6 GHz are the most problematic. These are being commonly utilized in a variety of computer networks, cell phone networks and various other wireless networks, and these do seem to be taking their toll. This is not always a bad thing of course, if the Pineal is able to function in such a difficult environment and then those environments are stopped, the pineal can have a sudden explosion of energy in which various higher consciousness states and other things may be felt.

Generally speaking though, the idea of reducing the influence by reducing what is ingested of aluminum fluorides and exposure to electro-magnetics is going to be just as important as any building that can be done for the pineal. Combinations of oils should generally be those which are about 50% building and 50% cleansing for most people's pineal benefit. Thus, a fish oil and a butter oil might have much benefit. But, over time for the pineal to also heal and strengthen, cleansing will be necessary. So a vegetable oil in particular, avocado oil, may prove very helpful in allowing this cleansing. But, generally speaking, the idea is your body will naturally in its own way gravitate towards those things which are most helpful. Working with various cravings; allowing exercise, movement, gentle massage of the head. This can also be very useful. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. Do we have any control at all over graceful aging or is it just an illusion and do we have our individual programs which determine our physical health?

Hilarion: To a large extent there is a greater degree of control than most people realize. At the same time, the programming which becomes most difficult is that which is associated with your relationship to your own emotion. How you feel, what you do when those feelings show up. This has many aspects of power over the glandular system in the body but most importantly, the way the cells themselves work with the subtle energies and those which stand in the way of coming back to a natural beginning state. Where one may see this in particular is in the utilization of stem cells, where an individual, when they are active, when the stem cells are actually having their effect in the body then has an emotional reaction; a memory from childhood; a feeling that suddenly comes to them. Something that they have been working with and denying now suddenly, powerfully available in their consciousness.

To a large extent, the aspect of an emotion, a particular issue; a life, something that has been difficult for you that this is held somehow as it becomes a darkness; a lump, an energy somewhere in the emotional body collecting, weighing down and ultimately then drawing in a variety of factors that all relate to aging. Those factors may seem unrelated. They may relate to this particular organ and this particular metabolic way of working out everything in your life or a particular mineral. But, that underlying relationship is far more under your domain, control, understanding then you might think.

Similarly, the glow after an orgasm. The glow of the child's face, that beautiful loving beautiful glow when in that moment the energetic awareness releases an emotion, releases, you release that which has been stuck, you come to a place of movement and energy. All little hints about how that role of the emotional body is so powerful. Now is that something you have real control over is a little tricky, because after all that which most influences is your habits, what you've done, the way you approach things, how you come to it and so forth.

Now, emotions can have within them important aspects that can be liberating and helpful if you are willing to have them all. If that which is generating positive, loving feelings also generates those which you react to in a negative way, “Oh I don't want those feelings.” If you can shift that seeing that as you have the positive feelings the negative ones will also show up. And you'll have those to, thus really in the way in which you work with it they aren't positive, they aren’t negative. They are simply the energies that you allow to move through yourself.

This can help tremendously. The way in which your emotional investigation, you come to a place of peace, this can vary. It can be one particular way of thought, one particular theory, one energy, one technique, whatever it is another and another. There is no right way through this just the way that you may find in which it is allowed to flow. In which it is allowed to make its way through and be released.

At the same time as this, the blocks to true health through a fully regenerative diet are primarily emotional. You might say, “I don't want to eat the way my ancestors ate because it is distasteful to me.” Sounds like emotion. “Because it is frightening to me.” Sounds like emotion. “Because it is so different from what other people might think.” Sounds like emotion. It really depends then how far you are going to take this but ultimately, it does appear that when you come to the place in which you are willing to have the feelings but the feelings are not which are going to stop you, you can do many things in the world. Not only in the way in which the aetheric body and the influence of emotional body through aetheric on physical is shifted but also in your attitude towards food, toward healing, towards nutrition. Towards how you approach these things and understand them.

We have often spoken of the tremendous benefit of the diet of your ancestors and this really is about your programming. That your body is primarily programmed to eat that way. So, every way in which you resist this does to a large extent create some degree of degeneration and difficulty in your physical body. It would be lovely if we could get around that and say to you, well, here's this wonderful, miraculous thing you can do that changes all of that. But, we would simply put forth this other idea that it is to your benefit to understand this. Because your ancestors also understood something about community, about connection, about love, about interdependence, about the tribe, about being together, about loving each other.

These energies can also be part of your discovery. That the very energy that has created the separation of the smaller families and the communities in which people do not know their neighbors is the same sort of energy that has produced processed foods and various ways in which drug substances are utilized for either recreation or temporary healing. In other words, there are ways through all of this when you release some of your fears, when you come to welcome and love each other more and when you understand the basics by which you came into this world.

Now, we know that may sound a little too easy and at the same time hard when the habit patterns associated with these things are so powerfully ingrained and all we can say is try it, you might like it. Investigate it, welcome it, learn of it. We often suggest starting with the Vonderplanitz material because it changes how you relate to these things as the emotions associated with his journey are so nicely written about. But, whatever way you come to it, it makes sense to look at what is in the way as much as understanding how these things seem to be destiny. Perhaps the only destiny is your willingness to let that which is in the way remain in the way. Is there another question?

Jill: There's a question about the dazzling, extraordinary lights in the sky we have been seeing in the world lately. Athena, can you comment on these and are they signs of a Maitreya coming?

Athena: Earth is responding. The greater light, the greater opportunity the energy with people, her own energy shifts the aetheric. The transportation of various beings in and out of bodies in sleep as well as extraterrestrials as they come closer to earth and leave it. All of this is leaving its trace. Association with one being? That is a very interesting thing to understand. A Maitreya? What about the maitreya in the hearts of everyone? What about maitreya’s true message, that you can truly love, understand and accept each other. Yes, of course, this is creating more opportunity for light on your planet, more ways in which people can draw this light to each other and share it more powerfully.

But it must also be seen that it is paving the way for an explosion in consciousness. That consciousness explosion could be that which indeed is an awareness of one great teacher, one true seeker but we have spoken about this in the past. Is that to humanity’s maximum benefit? What it perhaps make more sense that there was an awakening in the hearts of millions? That many people in touching and relating to their own brothers and sisters make this planet better, safer, more loving, and that this spread to the billions? We see this as the real underlying energy that this moves towards rather than a focus on any single teacher as being that much greater than any other.

At the same time that all of this is occurring the opportunity for teachers to share their message more powerfully and be released to more beings at once this is enhancing with each day. Another would speak: you have known me as Athena in the past as a being simply to personify the feminine, the awareness of the light of woman. The energy within you.

Now, I would ask you instead of thinking this as a symbol to see it as a pure light in your heart. To feel this as a light that extends naturally the moment you think it outward to the person around you, to those in your house, to those in your community and that you breathe this light together. It is in that place, that sense, that thought that a sound begins to appear. A sound simply of the connection itself. As you breathe that sound it goes deeper into you, stronger and clearer in your heart. Not as a sound in your ears, but a sound that connects you to the oceans of the world, to the earth movement, to the wind this is where another answer lies about the teachers because in you there is a message. Everyone of you, everyone who hears these words, everyone who even thinks of them or comes to understand that they have within themselves a light. Perhaps it is a simple message such as, “I love you, “ perhaps it is a more complex one about the nature of what you have learned. Then with the greater attunement on your planet to messages, to understanding, to communication, avail yourself of this. Find the light in you to be shared, your communication, your message, your own energy.

Hilarion: Thank you, Athena, for your willingness to share at an energetic level as much as the words. The other who wishes to speak tonight speaks in a quieter voice. But his energy is that what you have known on your planet so clearly associated with the birth of Christ. The time of Christmas also though in its purest way a time of giving. Although this is often exacerbated to the point of meaninglessness at its core is this simple invitation.

Sananda: I bring you love, a sense of yourself, but more importantly, a gift. The gift is yours already, I gave it to you a long time ago. You gave it to me as well, yes, we give this gift to each other, the gift of life. Do not question and try to understand it as much as feel it. Then breathe its energy into you. And in this way, you will know it in the beating of your heart, in the breathing of your lungs, in the sense of simply being. Life is all around you in so many ways touching you. The substances that surround you, the things that you see, look deeper. A very special place, a tiny atom inside the center of your heart, an energy of life itself is springing forth. For a moment, hold it as if your cupped hand takes that energy, tiny, but powerful and brilliant from your heart, and as you send it out, as you share it somewhere, letting it go easily immediately coming into you from someone else that energy appears.

As that light is shared, as it moves through you as that atom is released something else, movement that life is required your movement. The energy moves from you to someone else then moves from someone else to you. This reminds you, that this is by its nature something to be shared. Your appreciation and understanding of this now let go of the thought of it and simply be with that energy in its purest form. Which is an answer to that simple question, who are you? That you are life, that you have the body, that you have the consciousness that creates a body that the life breathes you and this is a part of your being. It does not make sense, is not that which has size or shape or even time, but it is that which you know, because life is so much what this planet is all about. About your connectivity with it. Your willingness to share that energy and the greater powerful message that earth has for you. To be alive. To breathe and know this. Now going beyond that noticing who and what is experiencing life through you that is the real gift. The gift of the inner eye of looking inside and seeing and breathing and knowing that that which has manifested this life in you is there. So with the other hand, bringing this near the heart what is now captured a beautiful nectar, an energy from your heart. Somehow that energy which is that which is experiencing life. The infinite, the presence. The emptiness, the light. Whatever way you conceive of it now somehow held in your hand and released, let go into the world to touch the hearts, the mind, the bodies. But then to touch earth herself as if earth says life is good. Shalom.

Hilarion: Yes, Hilarion here. We thank you Sananda for these words and the ideas that were presented, but at the same time remind everyone of that which is beyond words. Perhaps there is another question?

Jill: Clarification about the specific lights over Oslo, Norway that were spiraling in the sky.

Hilarion: Well, these have been described in various ways and generally are seen as rather mystical and magical when of course, they were simple, mechanical. But, the energy within people added to this when you see something so beautiful and so many at the same time see it, they add to it their own energy, their sense of awe and wonder and this gave it more of a three-dimensional quality that many perceived all over the world. As those involved with the rocketry experiments that created the various difficulties have been clear about this there is no great mystery. But, at the same time it must be understood that it was allowed at that time for inspiration, for people to look at it and see something different, to share this. Any chance for anything, be it in popular song, be it a book, a vision in the sky in which people's consciousness attuned to that which is awakening, wondrous, awe- filled, expansive. This gives a great opportunity for collective consciousness to appreciate and grow as a result. Does this assist?

Jill: What is happening with the flu? What is the purpose of the flu these days?

Hilarion: As always where there is the ingestion the respiratory system or digestive system of a variety of toxic flu, cold and other things- easy way out quickly through mobilization of mucus, various shifts in temperature of body, sweating etc. This is obvious, but at the collective consciousness level there is a shared experience, a sense that I am ready to go within. I'm going to focus on this for a time, and generate whatever is needed to come to a place of cleansing and clearing. If afterword the foods that are eaten are those which are easily assimilated very helpful digested beneficial foods, particularly those that might have been eaten by your ancestors, those for which you are programmed. You may find that your recovery not only takes you back to the sense of where you were before the flu but beyond it: greater health, greater strength, greater awareness. That this occurs however, worldwide, and at the same time, is being subverted by organizations that seek to make money from it is an interesting thing. There are those who have rejected this and have examined it and said all kinds of things about it but notice most of the predictions all towards dire and doom from all of the problems associated with the vaccines and those on all the other side of the great sweeping pandemic that would harm many. Neither have come true.

In fact, what has come is the opportunity for people to re-examine themselves to look at these things a new and decide if it is appropriate and helpful in their own interests to support these as the best way forward or perhaps take a different tack, look at this a little more you might say objectively and understand the opportunity for this. Many individuals will not do so, they will simply have their cleansing period and go right back to work things exactly as they were. Because of so much attention on this many others will not, they will actually begin looking more consciously at these issues and the result of this may be some sweeping changes. At the same time, you are seeing some small scale changes in the political and health-care system on your planet and these are to some extent being stimulated by this larger attention on the flu. Does this help at all?

Jill: Yes. That concludes our session.

Hilarion: We are grateful for your questions to all of the things you have looked at, but in working with these different energies we also wish you to understand something bigger, something that relates to your own consciousness and energy within you that right this moment, because of the cycle of earth, because of her breathing, because of her connectivity has a tremendous opportunity to connect to others. Indeed, this will likely occur in great strength in the next three days. It is an energy simply saying, “I love.” It resonates into your heart and all the way down into your feet. So now taking all these aspects of an inner work together, we would like you to first propose to yourself this powerful penetrating question: who is experiencing this right now? If the answer is myself or my body or my mind ask more deeply, who is experiencing this right now? This body, this mind this experience in the world? That concept of I or whatever it is. Now as you are contemplating this and beginning to notice the expansiveness that it produces recall the vibration fast, faster, fastest, up-and-down in the body of light, and at the same time as that an energy of love as you hold a flower in your mind, as you project that love to a baby as you connect to loved one.

As you allow that energy to become clearer and stronger born now on the wave of that emptiness or that presence of that deeper answer to,“Who is experiencing this right now?” With the vibration and the energy of all of this. Now it cannot be contained an energy that just bursts out of you, moving in all directions. It fills the room and goes bigger, bigger than that, to fill this city, to fill this planet, to fill this space in the galaxy just from you. Recognize that the moment you’re doing this others are too and joining these energies together, a pulsation, a light. But now, we would ask you to make it simple. Simply that idea of love itself. That care that you have in your heart, a deep sense of reverence and love at many levels now becomes very personal. A simple answer to the way you feel, when you are feeling most open, most loving most conscious most caring, remembering that sense of compassion now added to the love that is in your heart for a flower, or a friend, or loved one, or a baby. As you breathe that, see that know what you are experiencing is the reflection. The entire universe. I have experienced this too, and I sent it back into you. This is the real vibration, the energy in and the energy out, the breathing of that love that which connects everything to everything. It is that which is the true spirit that we suggest is available to you, not just at any time, not just at Christmas, not just in your being, but is the very nature, you could say the very fabric, time, of the universe itself. Then letting all of that go simply be aware of the emerald light as it connects you to Mother Earth. We invite you into the ommm... Goodbye.

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