Hilarion Winter Solstice 2010

Jill: Greetings. Today is December 21st, 2010. We are gathered in Nevada City for the Winter Solstice channeling by Hilarion. We have received questions from all over the world through the internet and from those in attendance here tonight. Thank you for your questions. For more information on channelings, books, CDs, or DVD's please contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209 Nevada City, CA 95959.

Hilarion: Greetings to all of you. This is the energy, being or vibration you call Hilarion. A moment please as we make deeper contact. We ask you to welcome the idea of a helpful, emerald light penetrating deeply, breathing you as you breathe it, it fills this room and creates a cylinder from infinitely upwards through you to the center of earth. But in your consciousness this has no limits. Yet, for a moment you might simply give it that simple limitation of about one hundred feet in diameter so it surrounds this entire building and at the very edge of this but below the horizon and to the west is a black opaque disk. Its purpose is to absorb effects of mercury retrograde and intent of this is simply to improve communication. Mercury is retrograde until the middle of next week yet even for a bit beyond that right up until January 1st or so it is a helpful addition in your meditations and your visualizations.

Not only is this a time in which there are many stellar phenomena occurring but because of the mercury retrograde aspect the reminder that this is a reflection of something inside occurring, an awareness in your consciousness, in your way of being just now surfacing. It is useful to recall these ideas because these are energies that you will call upon many times in 2011 and 2012 and times even past that. For now we would simply ask you to focus on this idea that in your right hand you are holding a beautiful, loving, warm, pulsating energy. In your left hand you are holding somehow that which is pulsating also but receiving as if these are energies from one hand to another moving outside of you.

As you are aware of this those energies become stronger as if moving from the right into the left but not only outside of you but through your arm, through your body, through your breathing, your awareness. We ask you now simply by your choice to allow that light to become emerald and to join with that of the emerald light cylinder. It's purpose is this idea as it comes into your consciousness that you hold, that you have a part of it, that you shape it, that it is within your own being to participate in this. Not simply to sit passively and allow that light to be with you but that which you are also consciously receiving with the left hand, creating with the right hand.

As you become aware of the sense of it, notice also that simply by asking you can become aware of those who also wish to participate in this. In particular in the northern hemisphere right now the animal kingdom is deeply touched by this time of the longest night and the shortest day, receiving this energy can be very helpful to them but in the southern hemisphere are also these energies reversed. Those energies now that of the summer time, a time in which the day is longest, an energy that can be seen as pulsing and created so in this way now you can re-orient as if you are imagining your hands now as a current conducting cycle receiving with the left hand the energy of the southern hemisphere; transmitting with the right hand that energy into the northern hemisphere. You see this idea in playfulness but also understand it as participation, a way in which you are recognizing this. In the past humanity has had far less of an understanding of the globe. Of all of those beings who cohabit but more and more with each passing day the actions that occur from different countries in different ways of doing things in the world all affect everyone and those actions of those in Australia, those in South Africa, those in countries throughout South America and so on have tremendous affect more and more than ever before on those in the Northern Hemisphere, and of course the reverse.

As you become aware of this global way of seeing, thinking, welcoming has greater impact on the collective consciousness, the consciousness of all of humanity. The way in which people can come to treasure, accept, love encourage each other regardless of where they live, the people they interact with, or more importantly their fundamental differences which are not by any means physical or genetic but rather those which they have taken on as religious, as political, as economic, as language, as cultural etc. etc. It is as much through this idea of recognizing the global, that energy that you participate in as much as it is the personal, where you make personal contact with individuals who are so different from yourselves that this opportunity to share together, to interact together this becomes more powerful.

Now, with the occurrence of Christmas, a celebration of important energies associated with the birth of Christ and all that it is symbolized, energies of of other holidays as well are not those which are restricted to season of course. In the southern hemisphere these are summer holidays, yet there is this sense of the possibility for greater forgiveness, greater contact, greater love, opportunities for energies to be shared more consciously. This is symbolized by the worldwide frenzy around present giving, present buying and all the rest of it. But really for those who come to understand that it is a much deeper experience made available. But even so with the coming shifts that are happening all over your planet and affecting so many it is important at this time that you recognize a powerful, helpful gift. Not one that you could ever wrap and put under a tree but that of the idea of an energy of love, an energy of soothing, of encouragement for the animal kingdoms.

These beings, come to this time of the darkness; winter and other energies in the Northern Hemisphere with some degree of fear, with some degree of difficulty and yet it is a time in which very powerfully guides, helpers, the many energies that look after and shepherd the animal kingdoms pour energy into these beings assuring them of the times to come, assuring them of the spring ahead, the awakening energies that will soon come as a result of the winter weather and so on. Yet, this is a powerful and important message not just because what you could share with the animals. We often have suggested this sort of thing in the past. But, rather because there is a part of you that remains animal. Being in a physical body, being able to hear these words requires that to some extent you have animal parts: ears, brain, and various ways of interpreting what you are hearing requires that in some ways you understand and accept your animal nature. So then also, this energy of the longest night, this sense of the foreboding of what is happening not just seasonally not that just would seem as a natural cycle. But the questions that are asked about your future. What will become of us with global warming or cooling? What will happen with these tremendous changes in government, in economics, in the various economies personal and global? What will occur with this shift in the calendar called the move to 2012 and so on? These questions also come from that place and that animal energy does not know, it does not understand the future but it does understand right now the time in which the darkness is longer for one simple symbol. It draws you together to your fellow beings.

Thus, the first symbol that arises in an understanding of the time of winter solstice is that of the shift between the personal and the group. The individual energies as associated with the daytime and the nighttime energies, or lunar energies as associated with the group. This is a primordial energy and yet it is also naturally based on temperature for as the temperature drops it is an easy matter then for the animals to huddle together, to seek each other's bodies for warmth when they are mammalian and when such would be of service to them. But, also you will see this in the insect kingdom as they will relocate a hive, in the sea creatures as well as they will interact in schools in which a heightened level of communication is found and so on and so forth across the Northern Hemisphere.

So, the first important symbol in understanding wintertime is to recognize that your creative forces, your energies associated with your own ability to enjoy life, to bring forth art, music and all of the rest arises partly from your own individuality but very much also from the group, from the interaction with others from the opportunity to be inspired by them and to give back to the group, to share with others. So of course it is natural that people would get together to sing Christmas carols. This group activity or that of family dinners or that of people in various ways gathering together to exchange gifts and so on and so forth. These are simple reminders of this shift but it is rare that the individual with spiritual understanding takes this to its logical conclusion.

We have put forth to you before the question who are you? In particular as you look very consciously at the energy that flows through you who or what is experiencing this right now? But, a wonderful thing that is open to you more so at the time of the winter solstice than at any other time in the Earth's cycle is to ask the same question from the group perspective. Now, this is difficult because you cannot say for somebody else that who they are is such and such, or can you? This is the part that is so intriguing as if without an understanding of it, without the conscious logical awareness of it as if you are receiving the message from your heart, the answer does show up. So, first we would ask you to ask that question of yourself. Who or what is experiencing me? Who is experiencing this breathing, this sitting here, this listening to these words, whatever? Who or what is experiencing that? And who or what is experiencing that? In this way as you reach that which grows larger and larger you have your own personal sense of this but also now notice that there are others around you. If they are not in the room at the moment then perhaps you can connect to them in your imagination and asked this same question. Who or what is experiencing us right now? Who or what is experiencing all of us?

Now, in many ways this is a question that answers itself because of course in the sense that which is all of us is the answer to your question. But that is not the point. When you ask such a question you cannot expect that any answer would be either satisfactory or in a sense that which would in some way be less than satisfactory. It is in the asking that the revelation shows up. So, also then as you tune into this collective answer as the energy of being-ness is experiencing you right now. You tap into pure creativity, you tap into the ability simply to be and welcome that being-ness. There are of course many limits in trying to express this or put words on it and yet it is also available to you almost tangible, almost as breath, almost as being simply right there waiting to be asked for, to be welcomed.

Many of the questions today are those that are about the future and one can say with some degree of certainty that to the extent to which you find a question like this, "Who or what is experiencing me, us, this, right now?" To the extent to which you find that question uncomfortable and difficult then it can be a little easier to ask other questions such as what will happen in such and such or what about the coming such and that? But, as you come to understand this you can also recognize that in the now the answering of this question as it is a personal answer for you comes a different answer. An answer that if you keep on asking it, that if you keep finding your way into it, if you keep welcoming it, those other questions, those ones about the future seem to have a little less hold on you. They are a little less fear provoking.

For this we must put out the possibility that a great deal of the brouhaha about these issues of the future for humanity is being put forth specifically to engender fear, to keep you away from looking inside for your own answers, to keep you in this position where you look outside for help. The first level of this so obvious is when you look outside the timeframe at such and such time all of these things will occur and that is what is going to provide all of this which is missing; a sense of security, to feel loved, opportunity to feel safe and all of that.

Well, of course you understand that those are internal experiences and you'll never be able to derive those from the external. Yet, it is in this opportunity to welcome, to find this in yourself to find any way possible through this that those questions are encouraged. So you have this way in which, as if through opposite expression, through the encouragement of fear and encouragement of deeper inquiry such questions are being strengthened through humanity's consciousness more so now than ever. This is particularly available particularly now in the Northern Hemisphere at this time because the group consciousness is better connected, the opportunity to reach out not because the night is longer but because people have this deeply within their own cycle or clock or year, that this is the time of the energy that is associated with the group. Earth has this too, we have often likened the changing of the seasons to earth's breathing and you could say that in the time of the solstice that the Earth's cycle is fully unbalanced at the level of the complete in breath or the complete out breath depending on whether you are looking at it from northern or southern hemisphere perspective. That is also true.

For those hearing our words though, hold this now as the in breath. The moment in which all of a sudden you are going to draw in a wonderful, delightful sort of answer, a sense of being, of connectedness. Not because of the process, not because something is doing to you anything or the world, but simply because you choose it. This is the real meaning you see of 2012; of this turning of ages and cycles. It is not nearly so much about that which is external, the alignment with particular planets, galaxies, energies of the center of these galaxies so very far away and all of that. As much as it is the collective consciousness that people agree that at that time all of these energies will then be available and so a few people in looking at the nature of how the calendar of the Mayan and the Gregorian have overlapped have questioned, what is the timing on this?

Here you see then an answer emerges. It is that which is agreed upon in the collective consciousness more than it is an actual date because if you actually do this carefully with the mathematics you would see that that which is ascribed to what the Mayans consider and people now have alluded to as December 21, 2012 is that of December 21, 2010. Right here, right now. But does right here, right now have a different meaning in the context of what we've already been talking about? That really that energy which you welcome which is in your being that which is available to you is right here right now simply because you have chosen it to be? So, it would actually be a very good if you could somehow choose right here right now tomorrow and the next day and so on.

That simply means for you that you are welcoming being here, being present, being aware. But the collective consciousness does not work that way, the collective consciousness that of the majority of human beings on your planet have an agreed sort of thing that if they are looking toward the future, if they are interested in what is called the turning of the ages, that which is the shift into another age or shift into another way of being all the rest of it many, many, many of them have already agreed that this is going to occur in about two years in the time around the middle of December of 2012 and so on. Therefore really the question is why wait? Why if that which is what you see as a beautiful thing, helpful thing, and so on could be then useful to you why not choose it now?

The beautiful thing about the nature of this collective consciousness is that the majority of humanity is not involved. A few people are, a few percent perhaps and this will likely increase as the time approaches but for most people it is going to be that which is an interesting sideline and of no direct value. Of course what is going to occur then is in the election time, the bringing of another president, a great focus of energy in USA on such energies as that of presidential shift, change in power and all of those things and this will probably be seen by more individuals as a little more important. But, in that time that is to come, this opportunity of people to share energies has a rather interesting sort of parallel. One can see so many times in the past where energy has been built up to this and a particular change such as harmonic convergence, such as the turning into the year 2000, such as other important times in humanity's past and the interesting thing is that those people who are most likely to be powerfully touched by this and most interested in it go through that time.

On the other side of it most of them unaffected or affected only slightly do not throw it all away. They do not say we were led down some sort of yellow brick road and we must jettison new thought or new age ideas. Rather, they simply recognize one of two pathways: one is that they get the lesson. They understand those energies that they developed, thinking of a particular time in the future was helpful to them. That those energies that they developed were helpful in their meditations, in their preparation those are things they can build on and are energies of helping others, of interacting in the world in a more conscious and clear way perhaps, or things that were more available to them because of this sense of preparation.

Other individuals however not really understanding all of this, simply make a leap usually within a few days, but sometimes within a few months to another time. There are already individuals talking about important dates in 2015. At this stage this may seem a little odd to you, some would even find it humorous but there is within the collective consciousness an energy that is always looking forward to some time in which something of a precarious, important, profound or transformative nature will happen to you.

Now, when you understand the point of that, that it can be helpful in preparation but at some point the soul recognizes in clarity what this is really about, about now, about awakening something in you, about asking if that time was now how would I be different? What would I be doing? How would I shift my own consciousness? What could I contribute if I knew that whatever was significant of that time was occurring now? Now, there are those who would say that that is not only a useful exercise but is actually part of the 2012 energy. For this, we heartily agree. By its very nature it has begun a new cycle. You can follow us with this, it is a bit of a stretch but that which is to occur could be conceived of that which is occurring and it is creating waves in time and those waves are rippling back in time to right now and in particular from this time beginning at December 21, 2010 until that time of December 21 of 2012. These energies intensify, solidify, become tangible are more available are those which can have more profound effect on everyone.

In other words, from here on out you can say that when you are feeling a wave of energy you are feeling the 2012 wave. How can we possibly make such a statement in light of our emphasis on the present? That is where you understand we are not in a position to criticize the consciousness that needs to have the sense of a future projection in order to access awareness now. We do not criticize this we simply accept it and we do so with one particular important analogy for you. You would at times criticize those who would project the image of a religious deity, of a particular mode of thought, of Sharia law in one religion or Catholic law in another, or particular ways through fear of enforcing militaristic rule in another and so on and so forth. It is as if by this analogy we are reminding you, you have a bit of this too. As limited as it may seem in your thinking the opportunity to project your consciousness to that which would seem beyond your ability to touch, to know, to work with any conscious way here and now. After all where is 2012? You can't point to it. You can't even say what direction it's in. You can't even recognize it for that which could anyway be tangible just as all of these aspects of religion or politics or belief show up for people. It simply points out to you one of the first and important tenants of this question about clarity.

In finding clarity it is important to recognize that which stands in the way of this. That which is actually as humans have called it for millennia "superstition." Now what is that except that which is a belief that the mind is able to wrap around for an ulterior motive for the purpose of reducing fear, having more love, bringing great luck or whatever it is within your own culture or religion that draws you into superstition. This at the fundamental level, at the the way in which the animal brain works has a purpose of course. It is simply an extension of the old ways when you would eat purple berries and they made you sick then you would know stay away from purple berries. Hence, the beginning of superstition. You do not understand it, you do not have the technology at that stage in your own development, you simply know stay away from purple berries and at that point you will certainly be more likely to survive. Because you can transmit this to your children and their children until nobody even understands why they don't wear purple anymore.

The whole point of it though is not about that of the thing anymore, you see. It simply is that in which the brain is allowing you this opportunity to grab onto something in order to correct a condition you recognize needs to shift and the clarity then is not just into the resistance to the superstition. But asking the inquiry looking deeper at what is it about this that I need? What sense of the longing do I really want here? What energy gives me a sense of greater safety or love or companionship? What is it that I really want from this? If I had the experience I was most interested in having as a result of my understanding of 2012? What would that look like? What would that feel like? Where would it land in my body and can you give that experience right here, right now to the fullness of your ability?

Now, this is very important to understand because there are those who might say clarity must relate to specific professions. The most obvious and common though not mentioned by the questioner is that of education. Where you are teaching something you are generally then bringing greater clarity to the world. But, it is the attitude that can take anything that which is symbolic that which needs greater understanding even those things that would seem the opposite of clarity. Those aspects that are fully enmeshed with entertainment and simply bring to them deeper understanding by asking, by looking consciously what is the purpose of this? What is the energy that is available? How do I want to feel as a result of this? How can I give myself that feeling in a different way and so on?

In this world there is a constant mix of consolation and clarification. This balance of entertainment and evolution and yet you always have the choice in everything you do to bring by greater questioning, by greater inquiry, by greater understanding, more clarity into even the most purely entertaining situations. But, just as the consciousness of each individual is working with these aspects of the ability to project to the future in order to feel safer. So also is within human consciousness to entertain itself, to enjoy, to seek pleasure, to understand this and ultimately its purpose that of the simple message that you deserve to feel good. That you deserve some degree of pleasure, of water, of light, of energy. So the real key to clarity is that gradually lifetime after lifetime in asking about clarity you come to recognize where true pleasure for you resides. This is a very difficult one now because you have had lifetime where this has been of self-importance as a monk perhaps, or as an aesthetic, someone who pushed away the trappings of daily life and the pleasures of the body. You have had times in-between lives where you didn't have access to those pleasures. The pleasures came from pure light perhaps or from a new understanding of how to help others by influencing them with your consciousness and your guidance.

But, ultimately the real understanding of clarity is not outside the way in which you are projecting your consciousness into a job or who you are working with or even finding the symbols in everyday life. It is inside. It is about that which truly brings you pleasure. This is the true joining of clarification and consolation. Could that which brings you the greatest degree of change, that which is the most challenging, that which gives you the greatest degree of insight, transformation, evolution be that which is most desirable? Be that which is most pleasurable? Be that which your soul seeks out? This really is another facet of the true nature of why people tend to feel disconnected and why they are seeking their soul-mate or why they sense that there is something missing at times or they are looking for this journey home. It is because at the fundamental level, at the level of the soul you have already made that decision. We are simply speaking now to people in bodies, most of those who are hearing our words because it was a lot of work to get here. The soul had to get through all of that stuff to get into the body of a baby, to get that baby to grow up, to learn, to interact with its parents, its teachers, its world. It was a lot of work and you knew how much work it would be before you did it and you chose to do it anyway. You are committed powerfully and deeply at the soul level to clarification, to learning, to becoming alive, to experiencing all of this at any cost no matter how painful or difficult you have chosen to be here. So really much of this sense of separation is simply because you do not act that way, you do not allow that in your life, you do not acknowledge this thirst of the soul to be, to exist.

So really when we ask such a question as, "Who or what is experiencing this moment now?" Its intent is not just for an answer or a feeling it is as if to contact that thirst, that sense within the soul that has brought you here in the first place. This is not the whole picture though. Because as soon as you get into the world here what do you see? Other people. You see them all around you especially as a baby and these other people have a profound influence on your life and people seem to keep on coming from so many quarters in so many ways and the population on this planet continues to increase. The symbol here very clear to you that this deeper question of clarification is about the group, is about everyone and that is the other thing you are here to understand and learn. But, this is not something for which we have an answer already mapped out as we do around this issue of the thirst of the soul to be. Because what are all of these souls going to do when they all understand together what is this group consciousness going to ultimately decide for itself? Because the decision has not yet been made because the collective consciousness of humanity has not reached a point in which that is seen as very important. It is really up for grabs.

It is hoped by many who watch humanity's development, many extraterrestrials, guides, helpers, the beings who love humanity but do not incarnate as humans, it is hoped very much that humans will recognize their true unique characteristic to love, to truly, powerfully allow this energy as that which is a connectedness, a powerful way simply of projecting that sense in your heart, that sense of caring, that sense of positive regard. It is the energy of that collective consciousness of billions at the same time coordinated by our simulations and what computers we have available to us emanates a tremendous power. A power to heal, a power to heal whole civilizations, whole stars, potentially even ultimately galaxies. This is not to say there are sick galaxies or stars, although you do know of some of them but clearly in the way in which humanity can heal itself, the greatest challenge is now before you.

This is very important to understand in light of the various questions because it is as if the real key is in the turning inward. That you are asking that which is outside and the answer is that which is somehow inside. So this is connecting around this issue of clarification, touching on some of these issues. This might be a moment then when Jill could make a contribution with a question or two.

Jill: please talk about the concept of soul helpers in relationships. When specific souls come together to help one another push forward in rapid growth and awakening. How common is this in one's soul's evolution? Is this set up before life is lived or altered by guides and helpers during one's incarnation?

Hilarion: Mostly set up beforehand, oftentimes in previous lifetimes that which continues lifetime after lifetime. Have you ever come back to visit a teacher you had at an earlier time and noticed that teacher is putting that energy into the new class and wishfully perhaps you would imagine that they would be teaching you again. They will. These are the opportunities shared with you on so many levels in the future .The opportunity then to be helped and to help. These are individuals who cycle these energies around again and again not because they are karmically tied, that can show up of course and is an important part of it where various aspects that draw them together not so much for this aspect of enlightenment or learning or consciousness but that of trading off victim/ perpetrator and forgiveness issues then remains.

But for the rest, for the teachers, for those who continue to assist and so on you are the best teacher for that individual because you have known them before, because you can share those energies. Often times in the inter-missive period, that is the time between lives you bring into your collective energies your own circle, your own helpers and so on, people that you will then want to interact with. The timing of this is a little tricky. Guides and helpers, various ways of synthesizing these energies always go to the intent. What was the real purpose in this when the individual has moved across certain shifts in their life, certain transformative aspects, then it would be time to meet that other person. Then it would be time to interact in this other way.

Sometimes it gets complicated when it is combined with your own karma. When there are various issues that also have to be worked out between the one who is helping and the one who is being helped. But, the real key to it is that you have the attitude, you have the understanding of that, you are ready for this you are willing to receive these lessons, you are going to take that which shows up outside and bring it at some level inside for yourself. This is as if a powerful alert flag to helpers and guides, bring 'em on! Let's have these teachers right now. Let's bring in these energies wherever we can right now. The individual is ready.

There is of course a time when you say too much. Or you say, "This time, I'm not ready." You always have the opportunity to do this but this is a wonderful time for welcoming more of this because generally speaking for most people that group of people that you had interaction with in the inter-missive period is far larger, more varied, more intense, works across far more cultural and various geographical and economic boundaries then you could possibly imagine. You may think that those teachers, those individuals who are showing up for you are the limit of it and for most people you are seeing five perhaps 10 maybe at most 15% of what is possible. Really, the key to it is in your own willingness and not that of the availability of these teachers and helpers because people today can easily be in contact with each other through so many means, through so many ways that were not previously available. In addition to this you must understand the real purpose of this. The way in which it is for you to grow, to understand but ultimately to be able to really work with this energy you also help, you also assist someone else. So to the extent that you're constantly reminding yourself of this even if it is just subconsciously by helping those who are younger or less experienced than yourself you are opening consciously to those powerful and important lessons that can be shown to you on so many levels.

One of the most interesting parts of this is where two individuals have contracted with each other to encourage each other's evolution to be the central focus point, to bring in energies of other teachers, other helpers, other energies and to assist each other through their own evolution. We call this an evolutionary duo and it is beyond ultimately that which affects the soul in the sense of what is called a twin flame because here the idea is not for the sense of completion but rather for greater and more accelerated evolution. The real key to it though, the important first door that must be opened in order to truly understand and work with the evolutionary duo principle is the speaking of it where with your partner, with this person you make some sort of conscious agreement to assist in each other's evolution and not on the other side, not in the inter-missive but here, now. I choose you to bring into my life whatever might be needed for me to evolve. Oftentimes this will look like sandpapering or obstacles, or issues in relationship. Other times it may be in which you are then sharing with someone else as if seeing through your own eyes. But in all of these cases the key to it is the same. It is not just about the clarification, it is not just about the insight that comes from your choice to evolve, it also comes from this other place. This place of love. This place that says "I lovingly accept what you share. I lovingly welcome who you are. I lovingly welcome who we are, who I am."

This brings us to another question about forgiveness and we would like to indeed turn this over to another but before doing so we would like to point out that this is a time in which a great gift of forgiveness is available and yet it is important to recognize the moment you think somehow forgiveness might be needed you are unconsciously acknowledging the presence of a split, of a shift in energy. In which that which was at some point one splits off into two could be called in its simplest fashion victim and perpetrator. So, that which needs forgiveness might be considered the perpetrator. That which needs to project the forgiveness to another might be considered the victim. But whatever way you look at it, it is important to remember this. Because as we have often stated in the trading through lifetime after lifetime of karmic principle in the way in which people have so many characteristics of both that true forgiveness comes when you acknowledge that in you are both victim and perpetrator.

Sananda: This time to celebrate the birth of the little child in innocence, in sense of light of the potential for all of humanity, the way shower. This energy which has been called Sananda, Jesus and many other words is an energy right in your heart right now. It is this which beckons to you. It is a light calling you, whispering to you. I ask you simply now to let me sit with you in your hearts not as a wise one, not as a way shower, but simply as the little child, the child that you were, the child that you have been in other lifetimes, but now the innocence; the child simply beaming a loving smile, a delightful cooing, a willingness simply to be. When you tickle the child he also then feeling this immediately in laughter and love forgives. It is that energy, that forgiveness, that sense of innocence is that which as you bring to that which needs forgiveness is complete. It allows for complete forgiveness. Forgiveness can be seen intellectually, can be understood powerfully and emotionally but at its core there is a place in you that simply wants to once again welcome the place of innocence of that child as if you are playing together; your inner-babe and that of the one who you seek forgiveness from or who you wish to forgive.

In this way a different perspective emerges. Not the forgiveness that comes from words or even deeds. But the forgiveness that comes by the playfulness and the love of a child. So for a moment imagine your own child as you were at but two-month old. You hold that one in your arms and you look into the eyes of who you were as a child and that child now urinates on you and you laugh with the love and towel it off feeling that sense of instant forgiveness of the innocence of this child. As you look into each other's eyes you know that this is not only the energy that is you but it is something much larger. It is the innocence and the love of the light of this world that comes into the heart of every person. It is your inner Sananda, your inner Jesus. With these words that energy now melts your arms, into your chest, into your heart that babe as you, as blended as one breathing and knowing that that is always with you. Shalom

Hilarion: Yes, Hilarion here again. We thank you Sananda for this unique perspective. Not so much based on the words but this sense of this inner Christ energy and its true ability to be touched in anyone. Now a question has been asked about chakras in which the idea is: can one heal, create change, create affect and so on by shifting a chakra? And the reverse, does shifting the body shift the chakras? Chakras are interference planes, energetics in which that of the higher subtle bodies are interfacing with the physical. Because of their nature of usually being in various points of synchronization they tend to spin. As these energies interfere with each other's the spinning can be faster or slower. It can be that which is bright or very dim. There are those who have the ability to see this because what they are seeing is the way in which the subtler energies are moving in and out of the physical. So, yes of course as you are able to change one you change the other and one is constantly shifting and reflecting the other.

But, for most people healing at a deep most level, that which is truly profound providing for instance the unlocking of most people's inherent DNA code, for instance for their ability to live into their 140s with their full health, strength, vitality and not looking very old, this sort of energy does require more than simply the chakra energies. But it also requires more than the physical energies. All of these levels interacting, interchanging and this is of great importance in ways in which all kinds of energies can be more profoundly affecting all. As the times shift, as the energies associated with the collective agreement of this shift becomes clearer, more so than the positioning of the earth in the Galactic reference frame. This becomes more available so vibrational remedies are more effective, working more on the chakras than they have ever before.

But, at the same time people are more sensitive to those aspects at the physical level which are particularly debilitating and difficult. Be they from electromagnetic fields, from various toxics in the food, water etc. so it is important that one is nourishing and strengthening at both levels. For some individuals they will notice there is a greater focus on one then the other and for some individuals they focus on none of it. We would suggest if at all possible a greater focus on chakra energy can now produce a more immediate result in individuals as they become aware of these energies. In particular right at this time of year and indeed really for the next two years or so more and more, this association with the fourth chakra, with the heart energy with the opportunity to love, to be loved.

So much that is happening on your planet in the news in how people relate to each other and so on is reflected over and over with one outer symbol: scarcity, not enough money, various big problems in the global economic interdependence and the global economic system, inability to have jobs, for people to make the payments they need for rent, food and so on and so forth. This is to generate fear so that the heart will shut down and conversely as the heart opens, as there is more connectedness, more community, solutions show up very powerfully; practical solutions and at the energetic level, those aspects which are more healing. This is in that sense a greater time of heart awakening, heart energy and heart connectedness. But, what does the fourth chakra symbolize? For those who are primarily associated their energies and understanding with the seven chakras system it is the unity, the center point, the way in which the three upper chakras are in constant interaction and balance with the three lower chakras or those characteristics relating to the mental, the spiritual, the higher vibrational and so on are in various ways inter-relating to those aspects of the physical, emotional, the aspects dealing with everyday life and so on.

So, also then you see this showing up over and over and people have this opportunity for greater connectedness and greater love than ever before and that is the true message of the overall picture of economic displacement and difficulties on your planet.

There is a question about the approaching planet, we have spoken about this before and indeed as Nibiru comes closer, more recognition of this and so on but ultimately that which will have little affect because the way in which these energies still are quite far away from that which will affect humanity in any direct way. It is up to people to understand and connect together and to not be looking outside for their shifts and changes. This question that comes to many about the appearance of extraterrestrials in a more outward, accepted way than has already occurred. This is intriguing in light of a recent powerful shift that has happened on your planet. That which could be simply summarized in one word: "Wikileaks." This is a new word burst into human consciousness but is only the beginning of a wave of release of information from so many levels about so many things. Partly because humanity is ready for it, partly because there isn't enough time left with humanity's need for change and so on to keep so many secrets and partly because it is time that those in positions of power understood that they are often there simply because they are afraid. Not because there is anything intrinsically good about it, or helpful about it and this is of course in direct alignment with the whole principle of channeling. This idea that there is information available and all you have to do is "tune into it" and so now that which has been tuned into, that which has been spoken about now has some proof, some actual communications between certain people with names and dates and particular details that cannot be denied.

Although this might be seen in its relationship to matters of state, politics, economics and this is of course very important as people are able to have ultimately a better life for themselves as a result of these revelations. There is another side too. This is only just beginning to come out because some of these communiqués, some of this information is about extraterrestrials, about government programs and about suppression of data and truth and meetings and energies of all kinds associated with this. At first, this will come in tiny bits, but as more and more is revealed and those in positions of power recognize they simply cannot keep secrets anymore the eventual understanding of all of the extraterrestrial races that have worked with humanity in various capacities in the last few years will come out.

This simply will be a powerful way to test the waters at the next level. How will people respond to this? If it is largely positive then the opportunities for these beings to appear in ways in which no government can stop it, no news agency can suppress it, no fear agency associated from any level will be able to slow it down. When this does occur people will be more ready for it because they have already read the documents, they will already be familiar with what has occurred with the various treaties, the various ways people have discussed this in the past, the various evidences that have been covered over and changed and so on and so forth.

Although wiki leaks is one tiny piece in this large puzzle is a profound one. Because it is sharing with people at the current time that you do not need to have secrets in your own personal life and the way in which you share and tell the truth in which you are willing to be honest and loving with others because it is more important to you that they are honest and loving with you. That is a simple thing wiki leaks reveals to everyone. That they now have the opportunity to share their truth as well as receive the truth of others. Are there more questions?

Jill: You already spoke a little about the cycle of winter and creativity, can you tell us what does the cycle do to our bodies and are there foods that can assist us during the cycle?

Hilarion: What tends to happen here is because of this shared energy amongst mammals, a bit of hibernation, a bit of slowing down and energies that tend to build up enough fat in the body. This tendency toward the end of build up as then into the spring, spring cleaning, release of toxicity, fasting and so on. So then, this is the time in which people will be a little more sensitive because of their own innate nature to the presence of enzymes in their food. Typically, this is because a great deal of food stuff already devoid of enzymes have even fewer in this time and it is why those fresh vegetables or fresh fruits or fresh meats are so much more received by the body because those enzymes do have a more profound and powerful effect. Other than that as you acknowledge this sense it is often useful to talk to the fat in your body. You have it here and there even if you are skinny as a rail because it is necessary in various ways simply to give the body a little support.

But, it is a very good time then to welcome it, to love it, to be a part of it in your own consciousness. At this time of course, diets tend to take in more fat and so many of the foods taken in at this time in traditional diets will be the fattier foods because they tend to preserve more easily and be able to last into the winter longer. So in this way you could say that the body changes its relationship to fat on many levels. Ultimately though, a diet that is of assistance to the cells is one that is going to work in any season. So the tendencies here are relatively slight but there is a very clear buildup in energy towards a cleaning out or clearing in the spring. To make this easier on yourself it is of course then helpful to reduce toxicity that you take in, to not overdo it and take in foods which you know are not so healthy for you in order simply to feel good. Again back to this business again of clarification and consolation. Does this help at all?

Jill: Yes, thank you. There is a question about the universal laws. Do they have specific correspondences to the human body and if so can you give us some examples?

Hilarion: Not really. You see the universal laws are universal. So they don't apply to just this or just that. But what you will notice over and over as you look at any universal law is how it can then apply to so many different components of the body symbolically and physically. However, the one that shows up so often in so many ways over and over is the law of opposite expression and the way in which muscles work, cells are constructed. Energies tend to move through cycles of strength and weakness. Each of the universal laws can of course be applied but when you look at the law of opposite expression, the key important energy gained from the lesson is the larger perspective: that which can somehow hold both yin and yang, growing and releasing, both aspects. Really, that is the real key in understanding universal law as applied to the body. Not just in the individual functioning, not just in the symbol but in the idea of creating a body in the first place. With the idea of experiencing universal laws in the flesh literally; in the way in which through your own body, through your own actions and so on you can experience the law of love.

The understanding of the law of opposite expression as you feel it in your own muscles, in your own body. Your own ability to manifest and shift and change so many things, the opportunity to recognize what is permanent and how the body in impermanence inevitably fades and shifts, and changes an the way it moves through all of its cycles and the way in which those energies are so profoundly affected by your thought and the way in which those symbols as they show up for you over and over remind you of your own nature and your own being and how constantly that which you are doing is affecting you. So the law of karma and the understanding of cause and effect, showing up over and over is as if the body can be perceived as a laboratory for all of the aspects of the universal laws. Thus, allowing you by this witness to progress, to understand and grow and work in ways in which you become more than that which you were before. You see, perhaps then of a way in which you could apply this in all aspects. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes thank you. Many people are stepping up to be leaders in communities or healers and other groups. They are looking for all sorts of things. Can you comment more on the proliferation of healers coming in at this time?

Hilarion: It is clearly the opportunity of a lifetime. So many who are receptive and at the same time so many systems already in place which are failing. How poorly and how many mistakes are made by the traditional medical systems welcoming therefore the opportunities for new ones; new ways of being, new ways of seeing and as often shows up a transference of personal responsibility more and more into the person who is healed. More and more clarification associated with this than dependence. That is the greatest shift of all as there is more and more acknowledgement though some do not give it these words they have a sense of it but that acknowledgment of the importance of the balance or understanding of clarification versus consolation this gives more and more welcoming to these possibilities. But, the opportunity for any healer to jump in and see themselves as the end all be all and have others be dependent on them etc., well this always shows up again. Ultimately though in a faster cycle of this, people understand it more quickly and are then able to either educate that healer and assist or take the lessons for themselves and create that as a self-healing.

But, ultimately that is the larger message you see. The message that is different in this system and that of hands-on healing, or remote healing, or assisted healing or the various ways these energies move through the deeper message, you also are the healer. You also can allow this welcome it, and understand it in yourself; no longer then reserving it to only those who have had many years of education, various degrees, paid a lot of money, etc. etc.

This of course brings up this other issue about dependence on teachers, on healers, leaders and it is a very difficult matter for people to see their way through to this because of that which we began speaking about: their need at times to trust a leader. To find someone, an authority or energy, timing or writing or whatever outside of themselves because that which is inside has not been clear enough. It is therefore important that people are inquiring and looking and bringing up this deeper message. What is the criteria? What is it in myself that allows me to know what is right? What is true? What is beautiful? What is loving? This can be when one needs it at an intellectual level figured out with the universal laws, with various things that would seem to make sense in terms of universality or principles of understanding or evolution you have a method so much faster, so much more powerful, so much more beautiful. When you simply come into your heart, coming to a sense of love, a sense of what fits and what doesn't. Although we have said that before, and sometimes you have been misled by these energies of your heart, try it again. You might find that your own experience, your own understanding and ability to discriminate between wishful thinking and that which is true, clear love can be that which allows you to better understand and work with these energies.

However, it can also be seen that it is very easy when people are leaders, are assisting others, are putting out into the world their own principles and ideas that they can also put out principles and ideas that reduce dependence and encourage critical thinking, various aspects of people finding their own clarification and so. They can talk about it, they can set rules such as you can't come back to see me every day to find out what you're going to have for breakfast or whatever, you must decide these things for yourself and it is as if the old ways of the disciple and the guru are falling away. Now that powerful level of obedience, that powerful opportunity to sacrifice the soul to another has served its time and many individuals have experienced this enough lifetimes that they do not need it as much in this life and that they can indeed sacrifice the soul energy to something greater, to truth, to love, to a sense of connectivity, something beyond their own consciousness, but clearly not so much an individual. Does this answer this and the other question.

Jill: Yes. That's beautiful. It's time to close.

Hilarion: We are grateful for your questions and willingness to play with us in these arenas. But, at the same time to allow yourself to be stimulated intellectually only to find that some of the answers also are already inside, present in your heart; present in your inner way of being, inner love. So now we would ask you even more than before, setting aside questions, writing, ideas all the rest of it simply to go to this place in which there is love. Imagine that you are holding that little babe again in your arms as Sananda suggested before or imagine that you are sending love to another person you care for deeply or that you are sending the love that you have in your own heart for the forest, for the earth, for the sense of being. Allow that to become stronger and clearer and fill the room, and fill your entire region, powerful light. Perhaps a beautiful warming white light, to blend now the emerald light, connecting yet infinitely upwards and connecting at center of earth and notice the sound of it. The first sound as if that of a gentle release…ahhhhh… and with that the sound of earth, her own loving energy as it bubbles up as a gentle ommm...goodbye...ommm...

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