Hilarion Spring Equinox 2011

Tonight is March 21, 2011. We are gathered for the Spring Equinox channeling of Hilarion. For further information on books, tapes, channelings, CDs or DVDs contact Jon C. Fox Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959.

Hilarion: Greetings to all of you. Yes, this is the energy, being, or vibration you call Hilarion. A moment please while we adjust the energy. Yes, we ask you to simply imagine this room full of emerald light. Let it gently and easily touch you, you breathe it and release it and then this turns into a cylinder of light from infinitely upwards through center of earth and fills this entire room and a little beyond it. So it is about 30 m in diameter about 100 feet diameter thus allowing the sense of connection at center of earth; a sense of protection, a sense that just for this moment you are held within a loving, strengthening, energy.

One can ask many questions about the recent events, the understanding of these has a theme within it. Often you feel this but do not recognize it or identify it. It is a common theme that has shown up at different junctures in human history. But, it is not quite as it seems. Rather than channel Franklin Delano Roosevelt we will simply quote his "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself," understanding that within you. Yet, as the fear becomes powerfully transmitted it is that which is so strong that it is vibrated by the Earth herself, by the animals, by the plants. This makes it a little harder for you to be free of it, to understand it and to let it go in its own way. To understand its deeper lesson is often the secret. But, for now for this moment we would simply ask you in your own understanding of this to breathe and to tune into what is happening in the northern hemisphere, the spring; the time of new beginnings, the time of new life the time of the animals being born; tiny, and in some cases, microscopic. The babies of mammals as you understand them reminding you of that child self, of that tender connection, of that loving energy that you have as you connect to others. Reach out now to the newborn ones and the ones who will be soon born and the ones who are waiting to be born and recognize that tenderness, that love.

For you see within that energy there is no fear. There is simply the understanding of a beautiful opportunity to come again, an inherent optimism, a loving projection, an energy that says let us come into incarnation, let us be born, let us awaken, let us love. It is for this that we invite the idea of something that is stronger at its core than fear. It is for this that you are invited to understand and experience something that comes long before the energy of fear. So you look into the world and you see of these different issues, these different problems, things that you have taken for granted like your own personal safety or opportunity to breathe the air, your willingness to walk on the earth and feel her solidness under your feet and all of this and you see that this is shaken, changed, released, moved aside because it is not the basis of your own peace, your own strength, your own being. It is closer in action to the personality, to that which you think you are.

Yet, there is in this coming into existence the opportunity to question. It is this fundamentally more than anything else that defines you. The sense of coming into consciousness; the sense of being aware, self-aware, aware of what is going on around you eventually leading to questioning and looking at who you really are. There is not within that a sense of peace as much as there is a sense of something bigger but as you may be able to hold that question and question even deeper something emerges. An energy or an understanding, it is true peace. It is that which is going to remain, that which will be there regardless of your form, form in a body or out of it. It is there that which is the fundamental nature of the universe, that which is your consciousness, your being-ness, not your personality. It is perhaps a truer, clearer answer for questions such as who is here right here right now? Who is hearing these words or experiencing the sitting in the chair or the breathing, the life? Oftentimes by reflecting upon this some of the things that seemed so difficult drop away. This occurs naturally and easily because those things are clearly added to this fundamental aspect. So, you see also this additional theme, this idea of finding that which really works has two components. One of these components is the letting go of what stands in the way and the other is the deeper understanding of that which is.

So, in this time there is motivating you to ask these questions. When will be the next earthquake? What can we do about nuclear radiation? What is the real evolutionary track of these questions? It may seem that it is about your personal safety or day-to-day decisions; i.e. where shall I live? What shall I eat? But it is also something much deeper. It is about your fundamental nature. Will you exist after these difficulties? Will this aspect of personal safety relay to your own evolution in some way that you don't yet understand is perhaps a more interesting aspect to explore.

At the same time though, in pledging our assistance in every way possible we must have the opportunity to share with you a larger perspective about what is happening on planet earth right now. We would certainly ask you to look carefully in your own hearts to your own answers to this. In particular the attitude of fear, the idea that something would be lost, that somehow this energy that would come through you, if this could be stronger, if this fear could be that which shakes to the very foundations your understanding of who you are you can see how it has some value, how this might be useful.

But, can you also see how by asking such questions, by looking at the answers from the point of view of will I be safe? Truly then exacerbating this fear, you are adding to this collective consciousness. You're increasing the fear on planet Earth. Specifically though, you are increasing the illusion that life is scarce, that harm can come when you die and other fundamental aspects that you know are not true. So, intellectually it is extremely helpful when you're feeling this fear, when watching the news, when sensing the earth movement, be it physical or nonphysical simply your understanding that she is willing to change to shrug off some of the difficulties on her and so on. That as you feel that energy you call it what it is: F.E.A.R. - False Evidence Appearing Real. The false evidence that in that which would be perhaps the worst you could think of as an outcome, such as your own death, you do not die. A consciousness shifts, an energy shifts, but the sense that something is truly lost this must be fully resolved in order for this fear to be truly shifted and changed.

At the same time as this there are many people on your planet who manipulate and work with these energies of fear in ways in which things can be changed in their favor or so they would seem in their short term able to do this. So, the other important event occurring on your planet, that of the great changes that have occurred just in the last few months throughout the Mideast and right now focusing very much on one country, Libya. Here you have the opportunity by its name reminding you of liberation, reminding you of balance with Libra, reminding you of the desert and the energies associated with all kinds of aspects of this for your own personal life-you're driving a vehicle, using public transportation and other things that make use of oil in particular. All of these are powerful connections at many levels. Yet, it is as if also very far away. At its core what is being asked for and this is no different in what has occurred throughout the Mideast throughout the last few months. This is a higher level of consciousness, of self-awareness, of seeing exactly what is needed for the best, most happy ultimate outcome for the people of the region. This is always a question being asked as new governments show up, as new systems, as new technologies are utilized, as new communications are created and so on and so forth.

So then, this is the deeper question which in many cases has a particular aspect of your own evolution tied into it. How can you help with what is happening in Libya right now? This is a question that we ask because it has a concrete, fundamental answer, that is which many people are sensing but not really understanding. When there is the collective consciousness on the release of fear and on the increase in questioning on bringing a greater sense on finding a solution here in sitting in that which has no real answers such as, "who am I really?" Such as,"who is experiencing this now." and being able to sit within the discomfort of that for a moment or two longer, this is the fundamental energy that needs to be asked by those in Libya who are fighting. It doesn't really matter which side they are on but as they ask such a question and they look consciously and carefully at the answer they know in their hearts that there is not a place there for hurting other people. But, there is a place there for love. For someplace for greater embrace, greater forgiveness,greater opportunity to listen to what is really being said not the aims and goals of countries, or dictators or anyone who stands in the way of this sense of this embrace, this love, this acceptance.

So the question then in your own heart that can directly connect you to those in Libya who have the power right now to stop this conflict overnight is this question that relates very much in your own life to where you question where you have a look at this. What keeps you from embracing, connecting to others? Where do you hold a judgment about what they say or do? How can you find a way in your own consciousness right now to let that go, to forgive and to look very carefully at the real truth? What is really being sad when people are speaking and sharing. Where can their fear be something that you can connect to and assist them with letting go? What is the truth in you about how you want to live your life? A sense of greater freedom perhaps?An opportunity to connect to others, an opportunity to love and to share resources, to share their lives with them rather than hurt them.

Conflicts, wherever they take place in the world that reach such a scale in which people are actually killing each other or dropping bombs on each other, or deliberately harming each other has as a fundamental aspect within it some place in which this questioning stops. In which you are willing to take an answer that doesn't really feel right at some level within your being and hold that as the correct answer. Be it that you are seeing that others are doing you harm because they hate you or because they think you have something that they need or perhaps because they have some allegiance to some leader. Perhaps because they are associated with some organization that you know represents something bad. Whatever way in which you understand this you are simply missing the point that they are people, just like you. They are beings who want freedom, love, consciousness survival the opportunity to embrace and connect to others - as you understand this it only makes sense then to do but one thing.

This is not something that most of those hearing these words will immediately recognize for themselves as important but it is. That is a putting down of arms, that in your own consciousness, in your own life you would then stop warring against others. In what tiny way could you do this? It doesn't matter really where it is in your life, if it is only a gesture but if there is some aspect within you that has held a bridge that is now broken, that has at one time held a connection that has been severed, that has in any way allowed some aspect of you to block off, judge or reject that out of someone else we would beg you right now to say to your own consciousness as a gesture, as an act of faith, as a deeper understanding this question, could you just let it go right now? Could you simply allow that to shift and change? Could you recognize that it keeps you from something beautiful, loving, embracing?

Of course, you may say that in your life you cannot find even a single example of this and this may be true but what about also that aspect of your own being? Some part of your own self that you have not easily accepted? Perhaps when you were a child you saw something and you said to yourself,"I would never do that. I will not be like that." And yet, as you go and examine that thing again you will see that what happened perhaps occurred because people were doing the best they could at the time. They just didn't know any better. So that part of you that is walled off from this can now be embraced, can now be accepted because you were only doing the best you could at the time.

Any way in which you find this as an energy, as a feeling, as an emotion, it has a greater power now. It is more needed now because this is what is required right now for there to be peace in this place. Of course, this is a powerful energy and once it multiplies it can be seen and felt everywhere. It doesn't have to stop there it can go to other countries, Afghanistan and Iraq and places all over the world where there are conflicts of all kinds and yet this energy is so simple. It is saying that, "I have allowed this energy of war, of taking arms, of harming my fellows strong enough in my being and it has hurt me and I am now willing to let that go. I am willing to be friends and I am unwilling to do the bidding of others who tell me to take up arms."

This is a very dangerous radical thought isn't it? It doesn't only apply to one side or the other it isn't only that those who are following the whims of a dictator will set aside their arms, it is also those who might be following the orders of other governments, even UN or governments of the world that this opportunity to embrace, to have greater peace, this is what is being offered as a collective consciousness just as powerful as that collective consciousness that can go right to the heart of everyone on your planet to create fear. As an example you are seeing then the way in which these energies can multiply, connect and be shared all over the world. This is a suggestion, an entreaty but it is also a collective that is taken up now by the guides and helpers, by the unseen beings who watch over and assist you no matter what your walk of life, no matter what you are doing. As if they are willing to examine and question for themselves and encourage you to look at this too.

On a practical level this does relate to one of the questions that has been submitted. The idea that it is valuable to concentrate and here again these two aspects, to improve concentration, making that which you are working with very clear and letting go of everything that stands in the way. So, before concentrating it is often very helpful to go to a place of maximum expansion and light. We often recommend this deeper question,"who or what is experiencing this now," said relentlessly within your own consciousness so that you can get to the very largest level of that which is experiencing you. That which is far behind your personality, far beyond that which you thought you were. In that place then you begin to focus on the object. But then you notice also some aspects you have about that, some other things, your other senses, smell perhaps. If you were inside of it what would it smell like? Sound perhaps, if it was touched or if it would vibrate in some way or some of you can't even understand what it would sound like. What other aspects of it can you embrace if it was something you could hold? How heavy it will be? Can you evaluate its warmth or coolness and so on? The idea of bringing all the senses in then reaches a certain point of crystallization where it is valuable then for a moment to hold that thing in stillness in a place where it is perfectly crystallized and it is then in a place without thought, without anything standing in the way.

Now this was asked about, object, in the sense of something in the way you could understand and work with on a personal level and that is fine. But, we are also suggesting that such can be useful right now in a focusing on the Warriors. That those in positions of having weapons, of being able to do harm to others now for a moment are sensing, putting down of those arms, a resolute sense in themselves that they are not going to hurt. They are going instead to shake the hands, hug and embrace and connect to their people. The people that live in the same country as them, the people that understand and work with them in different ways. They will have this connection and as you focus on this notice what comes up for you, what stands in the way that you can let go of and for a moment now see them frozen. As if you are seeing this as a beautiful three-dimensional, holographic image, like a photograph only you can look at it from all points of view. Within this you have the sense of it, the feeling of the shaking of hands in the embrace. You have the sound of it as if a cheer or a sense of a beautiful relaxation like "ahhh." That whatever way you bring your senses into this, crystallizing it, creating it, this makes it deeper and now the most important part you just let it go.

The energies are dissolved, they are released, you move instead in your consciousness simply to a sense of light or warmth or of connection to mother Earth. In that letting go, these energies then have the opportunity to do their best at the highest vibrational level in the way in which they are most needed. Earth has been doing her best to shrug off so much of what has been done to her. The increasing energies moving through the galactic districts or energies associated with galactic center or other things are increasing vibration on the earth. It is hoped by Earth that human beings generally, the highest consciousness beings on your planet, the whales, the Dolphins, some of the others certainly have some of this too, but it is primarily the humans that have the maximum impact because of their numbers that they will be able to assist, help her move through the times of vibrational shifts, help her awaken to the ways in which she can share the energies of humanity and her own bounty with everyone on your planet.

A vision of such a beautiful or loving thing is particularly transmitted by various subtle beings that are deeply in contact with the earth and do not work with the thought patterns through the mental energies as much. These are sometimes called elementals, sometimes they're called the devas and these beings are particularly strong in the springtime and their energies better felt because they have much work to do; germinating seeds, bringing new water currents, allowing energies that can be valuable and helpful for the bringing of life on your planet.

Of course, in the southern hemisphere this is the exact reverse but the elementals right now still are playing a very powerful and important role all over your planet. Therefore, see it not so much as there is something to be done with them, or to them but that these energies are part of a vibrational exchange as their energy is felt by you, you turn it into something. There are those of course who plant gardens or shepherd and care for animals or people who are doing helpful, useful things for the earth such as the planting of gardens or creating improve communities. This is only a step in the right direction. It is also the way in which the vibration itself can be felt or transmitted through you. The elementals, speaking to you through earth and connecting you and asking you this one question. As these energies are felt by you, what can you do with them that connects to what matters on this earth which is of course the actions of your fellow humans. There is no easy answer to this of course and yet it comes back over and over again to this idea of greater peace, greater love, an opportunity to change the ways in which humanity has existed.

Because this energy becomes stronger and clearer and this sort of vibrational interchange from all the levels becomes stronger and clearer an energy gets started on your planet that really can't be stopped easily. This energy then says that those things that are wrong, those things have created harm, those things who stand in the way, these must be swept away. These must be released. At the same time as this just as it happens in your own human body, just as those areas of weaknesses are the ones most focused on when there is a difficulty, so often these energies have the greatest effect in those areas where there is the maximum karma. Where there is the way in which these energies must be paid in order to balance out the difficulties.

Japan has two strikes against it in this regard. It has indeed accomplished much in overcoming this but it has not taken direct steps in order to balance out this karma. So, as a result of various changes that occur on earth can focalize there, can manifest there similarly to how these affect any area of weakness in any system. So those two aspects one we have spoken to you in the past during World War II, the not only the manifestation of kamikaze but the promulgation that it was valuable to give up your own life in order to promote a cause, in order to create great harm to others. This has been taken up by many around the world by many as suicide bombing; a direct link to the destruction of oneself in this regard can be seen. This is of course, not only the destruction of the body, but it is done in such a dramatic way that it has so much inspiring capability that it shifts the consciousness of so many.

The other is the long-standing period of strong domination that Japan has held over China that here is a country so much larger and yet seen as inferior, and the opportunity to dominate, to extract from that country through fear and to then have one's way with it in so many ways this goes on in history a long time in Japanese history. The direct opportunity to make amends for this has always been available to Japan and yet it has not taken on consciously. It is a similar energy that took on the idea of political payoffs, various corner cutting,areas in which poor manufacturing techniques were utilized for political gain, economic gain, lining the pockets of those who needed it in the construction of nuclear reactors. This is not only in Japan, this has taken place all over the world. This is why right now a significant reevaluation of nuclear power plants is taking place all over the world. As people are taking a look not so much at the political, not so much at where those monies went as simply what is happening. Are they ready to withstand earth quakes, tsunamis, various types of natural disasters, even a complete power grid failure and so on?

These are valuable questions to ask. They are of course only interim questions since the deeper fundamental question about the technology is still not fully being considered. Is this a wise use of humanity's understanding of the atom, of the fundamentals of what is happening in a nuclear reaction and so on. Is this the best use of this information? We have never recommended this as the best way to produce power on your planet, but at the same time, everyone who uses the power is then in kahoots, in a co-operative relationship with those who produce the power and the way in which this would seem so important is often false. You can live without this if you chose, but most people don't because they are willing simply to turn a blind eye to this, not listen to the earth herself or look at what is happening. So in this sense, the deeper responsibility with all of this can be felt on many levels.

But our intent here is not to provoke guilt or to bring you to a place in which you are going to go to these places and destroy them because humanity has been given this opportunity for the exploration and opportunity for nuclear exploration for a purpose. It is to better understand the very made sure of matter itself,to better allow you the understanding of vibration. The power of this data has been observed that only a single atom can produce a huge amount of energy that Einstein's equation E = mc squared is true and you understand its power. This is difficult for many people to accept. It means that the tiniest of atoms that might compose the tiniest bit of a fingernail or a bit of your hair is that which has sufficient energy to run every aspect of all the energy you would need for your entire life for transportation for food; for communication and everything else that you use energy for. As you understand this, you have a deeper appreciation, a deeper love, a deeper respect and can eventually find opportunities to share this energy in ways that are not harmful to the earth or to other people.

In the meantime, though, of course. You are faced with a dilemma. You are to then decide what is a safe place to live in order to survive in your physical body and though looking at probabilities, one can look at the earth herself and see that there is a release of pressure as a result of this tremendous earthquake in Japan, which overall brings the probability of earthquakes elsewhere, down slightly. At the same time as this towards the increasing energy of consciousness of people on your planet toward anger, toward workplaces or at pushing others out and into positions where one is seen as better than another and all of this is increasing on your planet with this underlying idea that it is appropriate to be afraid, that it is appropriate that there isn't enough, that things are scarce, that you don't have enough money, time, or food or whatever it is these are of course illusions. They feed on themselves when people are out of work, when people are unable to do things the way they have before.

But there are other ways that emerge and there are other opportunities and a great deal of this is showing up in the very areas that are about the solutions to the energy crunch and energy difficulty. We are not going to call it an "energy crisis" by any means, because there is plenty to go around once people understand. But, these solutions relate to renewable energies and ways in which people can better work with them, understand them and share them with each other. Still though, the questions remain and the probability can be seen that overall, a stronger probability of earthquake activity in California, which is where many of these questions are focused is likely. A strong earthquake, enough to cause significant damage and loss of life is a greater probability now then it was a year ago. We see the usual fault lines throughout the U.S. as being the places in which this is most likely to occur including the San Andreas fault, but also the New Madrid fault that runs through the center of the country, even through such states as Kentucky, Arkansas and Illinois. These are significantly enhanced effects, but the same principles still apply. that we have spoken out before that no such earthquakes are to be manifested at such a level that so significant a loss of life occurs that the beings who want to incarnate will be significantly reduced in number and that the opportunities for this would significantly shift.

In other words, the world population is growing, and it is going to continue to grow. No loss of life will be great enough to significantly stop this on its march to 50 billion at which point the opportunity for all the souls, all the guides, all the helpers, for all of these beings to be incarnated together. It is hoped that this will take place on earth and that people will be able to incarnate here together because they are finding a way to properly share resources without these illusions of scarcity or fear or the necessity to harm each other in order to manifest this. As people begin to embrace this idea, they will look for solutions that can indeed bring a greater sense of harmony, connection, peace, love, rather than competition, scarcity and fear. But, in the meantime, the old ways persist and are often times the source of some of the energiesthat the earth finds so disharmonious and this then focuses on the weakened areas, the areas where there is the most stress as one part of the crust moves, and another part moves against it.

So you see potential, especially now, areas just south of Los Angeles, we would put earthquake probability within the next six months at about 8% for being that which would be significant in harm, perhaps as much as a 7.5 or 8 on the Richter scale. To get much more precise than this is exceptionally difficult and 8% is not a very high probability but it is much higher than we have predicted in the past. It is significant enough to then engage the idea of one specific activity for people living in this area. Some would say move, but we would not. Not until the probability is significantly higher. Rather, we simply recommend that on a regular basis you tune it, connect to earth, you think of what gifts you have to offer and find a way at least symbolically of doing this. Perhaps it is burying a crystal underground or taking a walk on the earth or hugging a tree or being close to nature in some way.

But in whatever way is significant for you, you connect to earth. You do this not only in your consciousness, in your mind, in your meditation but you do it physically; your bare feet on the earth or some gesture- you are allowing the sense of this deeper energy of earth then touching you, being aware of you and then you simply sit within this you do not question is it safe? Or when will this occur or whatever. You simply sit within this energy. Usually for most individuals five minutes a day is about right. If you feel at any point then the urge to do this than you do so and the idea is in this sense you will be forewarned. You will have a sense that long before there is to be any significant problem. It may come as a gentle tickle or a powerful dream but in some way you will know it is time for a vacation, it is time to go to areas that are a little more seismically stable.

But, to have the illusion that you can go someplace safe, no. This is foolish. Because any place you go there can be significant shifts that can affect the earth that you stand on. Safety is that which is an inside job, that which you feel in your own consciousness that which you recognize as your own way of being not something that comes from outside. So you can, as you adjust to this work with it in different ways. Generally speaking though we see that the extraterrestrialswho assist, the energies that are coming into your planet constantly and the energies of those who meditate and focus on these things are on the 92% side. They are working to allow these energies to move outwards, to be released in much larger areas where the earthquake intensity will be significantly lower and thus the sliding of one part of the earth on the other is significantly less intense for a moment but still can take place; the relieving of the pressure being that which is allowed in its own sense.

Of course, there are those who do not understand this, you have for instance significant hydro-fracking occurring in Arkansas. There has been a direct observation that the Arkansas earthquakes have diminished as the hydro-fracking was stopped. But, this activity is one in which the stirring of Earth energies for the purposes of extracting natural gas seems so clear. A simple way in which this movement of energy and aspect within the earth has no real benefit to earth is not that which is so significantly helpful because as the gas is burned, of course more global warming occurs and the ways in which this is done primarily for profit and can have many harmful effects are well known.

All of these aspects are reminding people in every way possible that it must be in the attunement into ways of extracting energy that are not harmful that people must put their attention on now. Nuclear power is that which has a powerful energy within it of consciousness on so many levels. People can attune to a greater fear associated with this and with many other things in the world and this is not just because of its inherent activity, it is because many of the individuals on your planet now in positions of power, in positions of understanding, positions of consciousness have had an experience with this a long time ago.

In Atlantis, not an aspect we talk about a lot but that which is known in the consciousness of many. A nuclear weapon was detonated that caused a far greater degree of destruction than was anticipated. The result of this was a powerful fear placed in the consciousness of many and a resolute desire never to do this again. Yet, here you recognize it being used again. Although in a different context at a much lower level still that which causes great harm and more importantly is that which is stirring up a fear that isn't only that which is on your day-to-day consciousness, the things you are aware of and the fear is fear itself but also this idea, that this consciousness is connected to some aspect of your own being. It goes way back. It is that Atlantean aspect that is often bringing into people's consciousness the opportunity to recognize telepathy, deeper connection one person to the other, the awareness of the earth as a living being and many things that are not really within the context of your religions but rather within something much larger; a sort of collective memory.

Oftentimes, this is behind energies that move you in ways of exploring and understanding new science, new technologies that could ultimately be helpful and improve communication at every level in sort of a mimicry of what occurred in these ancient times. So of course, these memories of that which is fearful and harmful stand in your way as if to tell you- you must take another path, you must find a way of greater love, but deeper connection you knew in Atlantis and you must do this in a way that is asking one question over and over as you look at the way in which your technologies are utilized, the way in which your philosophies are utilized the things that you come with and so on. Are these really helping? What's the big picture here? Are these things that are truly beneficial, loving and to the highest good for all? Oftentimes in the short-term the question here is easily answered so that people will not look at the long-term. But, more and more they are and this is the greater lesson that just as you recognize the ancient energies from long past, these energies relate to the long future; to the seventh generation beyond you, to those who you leave this legacy to in the world, political, economic, social and especially now environmental and that which is relating to the development of energy on your planet in all of its forms, all of its guises.

All of this eventually takes you into new ways of consciousness, new understanding but for a time you will be plagued with this opportunity to let go of the old. Those two facets we mentioned before. Now there are those who in looking at all of this who want more than probabilities of course and it would be wonderful if we could state with absolute certainty. But of course it really wouldn't matter. If we stated such it is unlikely for it to have significant impact until afterwards. This is actually the greatest problem you see, if a successful earthquake's prediction is made with perfect accuracy, all of a sudden the very most fearful people, those who need most to let go of this, they are the ones asking for prediction number two. In this way what evolves from this is not so much deeper understanding, deeper connection to earth, deeper opportunity to avert earthquake activity but actually the opposite, and intensification of fear. A greater opportunity for people to misunderstand and in many cases cut off from the earth and their own communication abilities. Perhaps you could toss out a few of the other questions?

Jill: While we are talking about the recent earth changes and sea levels rising, how does that affect us? What consequences do we have to the life on earth?

Hilarion: At an earlier time, when humanity's collective consciousness was far less this would have more impact but right now more than anything else your connection to each other, your ability to learn from each other, to be assisted in your evolution with each other this is a far stronger energy than that of the planetary changes, that of the geographical changes, that of the solar changes or any of these other energies. These are there primarily symbolically reminding you that these changes are available to you, that you can shift, that you can evolve. Yes, it is true that for instance in this last strong earthquake in Japan, the result is an increase wobble in the Earth's rotation; a change in the length of her day and night, the place in which her relationship to the moon orbiting around her and connection to the sun. These have all shifted. But, these shifts are relatively slight and have no real impact on people at a physical level.

At the nonphysical level, you simply have the awareness that the opportunity for greater change is available, that you are being goaded in this direction a little bit more. But, when we look at all of the forces at play it is a very interesting thing. There were many who were doing very strong effort, working their own energies every way they could to actually reduce the severity of the earthquake in Japan. To find ways in which the nuclear reactors would not be instantly destroyed. Ways in which the people could be forewarned and shift their own energy enough and many other things.

Yes, it is true that loss of life was great and much destruction of property and the ensuing problems with nuclear reactors. But, it could've been much worse and indeed those who have assisted from every level to reduce this are going to continue their efforts.Part of this is alerting you to the idea that you are not quite so tied to the earth and especially the notion that things must go on exactly as they have been and this is the real benefit of slight changes to earth such as its day of rotation time, or its' length or the way in which it moves or wobbles. That this can be shifted, that your ability to let goof what it has been and connect to it could be all of these things are possible.

Now, a question that has not been asked yet but must be answered about practical methodologies or reduction of radiation, partly in the hopes that people in Japan will eventually hear of this and work with it but also because the likelihood of spread of radiation across the planet- this is very strong. Even if it does not occur this time in future nuclear accidents, nuclear power plant problems, de-commissioning, storage of nuclear waste, the list of potentials go on and on.

There are several methods that are helpful but it is important to recognize that that which is often advocated, the indigestion of iodine supplements is clearly not helpful; that which ultimately causes great harm. Yes, it can very quickly concentrate radioactive material in the body and pull it out of the thyroid and other organs but it remains in the body. The body does not excrete enough of it fast enough and it eventually makes its way into the bones, the deeper organs and can be very problematic in the long-term. A far better method is to understand this sense of wholeness: using whole foods, using whole approaches rather than that of supplements or of extracted materials.

Raw unsalted cheeses have tremendous benefit. They can be eaten by themselves and will tend to absorb radioactive materials of all kinds, not just iodine and these then can be easily excreted from the body. These can be eaten as well with pineapple, with papaya, with raw unsalted butter.It's probably not best to mix all of that together but just one of those with the cheese at each time. This is very helpful because it tends to pull out these materials. The body tends to regenerate quickly from radiation with the utilization of avocado and orange which is an extremely helpful thing of course where the avocados are grown, oranges etc. is very important that they are not adding radiation or chemicals. So, it is always best that these are organic and indeed all of these foods and recommendations to be from organic sources.

Aloe Vera has tremendous capability to heal burns which are the result of excessive exposure to nuclear radiation. The best way to take this is to use the whole plant, cut a leaf and squeeze the juice out. This can be eaten, it can be mixed with various liquids and it is far better than anything you can find on a store shelf. Also, the ingestion of kelp has much benefit but people have little ability to take this in directly, so to use this on your plants, to let the plants be eaten or the cows grazing on the plants to produce milk that you can drink, this has tremendous value because then it is moving through the natural chain that makes it more assimilable and more absorbable by people.

You'll also find that the ocean itself can reveal to you all kinds of ways as if to bathe in the ocean, to bathe in saltwater, to allow the ocean as a sense of moving through you or washing over you. A very helpful way also in clearing radiation even if it is only in your meditations or your consciousness, the sense of the ocean pouring through you can be so valuable and helpful.

Also useful is this combination of equal parts of raw, unheated honey, preferably not heated past 93°F (34°C) and mixed with raw unsalted butter. This can be absorbed under the tongue as well as taken internally and can have much value at clearing out all kinds of toxic materials and more importantly healing the body from within. Regeneration especially of nerves can be very difficult as a result of radiation and so this is very helpful at the regeneration of nerves and bringing in some of these energies for clearing and various ways of strengthening even when the digestive system is compromised because the butter-honey mixture can be dissolved under the tongue.

Now, there are those who suspect that various government agencies have been involved in increase earthquake activity. This is correct but not in the direct way, it is as a result of the sonar under the oceans, the various uses of various weapons, nuclear testing and other things that are exacerbating much fault activity. But, the deliberate intent of any government to have an earthquake in Japan, no this has not taken place and it is important to recognize that the economic destabilization affects the entire world and this is not seen as desirable by anyone in these positions of power.

There has been a question about education of children which may seem off topic but actually it is clearly connected. Because most importantly here you are seeing that you have a world that is open to these ways in which that which might produce harm is taken as acceptable. So, the nuclear power plants were built by the beings, the humans of this generation. But the new generation seeing this, they must be encouraged to ask the deeper questions, to look at these things as consciously as possible and to see of the ways in which this deeper questioning can be that which comes throughout society in every way and that they are willing even to make sacrifices to use less energy if it means that the closing of these places, the utilization of things that are harmful for the earth and so on can be that which is understood and changed at a fundamental level.

That this can be a basis for an education, people can come to understand this more deeply can be very helpful. The opportunity to share of the results of this by for instance eating locally, thus reducing the energy needs because the foods do not have to be shipped; a simple solution that can be encouraged in any community that people can connect around and work with it in different ways. But, as you can see we are up against a real difficulty here. We have recommended for many years the foundation and creation of communities; of people who are connected more deeply together be it through a cooperative community, a cohousing community, or a community in which a sharing of common ideals and understanding takes place. Yet, this is difficult for people. It is that which is being done but not anywhere to the near degree that is necessary.

So, this is the other opportunity in the education of children and teaching them everything it takes to be able to get along better with your fellow men and women when you become an adult what you can do then to allow the sense of deeper connection, community, trust, love. Because, this is the economic solution that is necessary more for your children even then for you and because what you are handing them is greater debt, greater difficulty with the economic system such as it exists. All of this of course is a prelude to eventually of the dissolving of the economic system such as you know it because it is archaic and it does not serve your needs. At the current time it does, sufficiently to keep it in place but eventually you will see of its obsolescence and the way in which you can find other ways of interacting together in which it is not necessary.

But, as you look at this, you certainly can see then you are not likely to do this in your generation, or possibly even the next generation but it is in the education and the movement in this direction for the generation to come then. That is the one to focus on in your understanding of this, to bring this forth so that this can manifest and be real. With the most important part of course is the willingness to ask. To look at this and to ask about it, and to ask those others who are involved.

A question has been posed as to what ray might be utilized to present a greater sense of peace or connection to Japan or to places in the world where suffering takes place. Sometimes you will understand this in a way in which you connect to this within yourself. The individualization of the rays is a very important component but we would often suggest that for the sense of greater peace in Libya right now the visualization of a rose-pink energy would be very helpful; a sense that this energy is relieving, opening, releasing stress. For the focusing of energy in Japan a beautiful, clearing blue color, a light blue would be very helpful to allow transmutation of various nuclear wastes so that they are not difficult, so that people may find a sense of greater peace or connection and learn from what is happening. These would be suggested as a sort of attunement in ray energy.

Now, there has been a request to hear from Athena as well and though this may not seem connected to all of this, perhaps this is a good time because we have business elsewhere for a moment or two, to allow her to take over. Would this be all right?

Athena: Yes. So happy to be able to share this energy and this space but simply reminding this question about peace. There are those who would say it is simply the end to war but we would ask you to go deeper, to peace of mind, to peace in your heart, to the sense of that which is tranquility itself;aoneness with the movement of the tides; a oneness with Earth, with her love of you and you love. That love that you feel, you just generate it, you just awaken it, it is just there, it is just welcomed, acknowledged and beautiful in itself. There is a truth that emerges, a light that reminds you- you are more than just one. In your sense of tranquility, in your serenity you are connected to everyone, to every living thing and this connection as it sweeps through earth all around you connects you to earth herself in ways you might not have understood before. The deeper truth, that light. It is not to question it or define it or understand it as much as simply now step into it, let it fill you, let it breathe you. For this moment, you are breathing with Earth and she is breathing with you.

The equinoxes are times in which Earth's breath now equal as day and night are equal; the reminder in your own sense of that which isbalanced, tranquil and at peace. But, within that light and within that truth there is always action, there is always something to be done but could it be done in such a way that there is more tranquility, relaxation, serenity, love? Think for a moment what in your life could you do to bring a little more love to earth, to your family, to whatever it takes right now but, especially to this moment to the air, to the flowing winds blowing all around Earth, to the ways in which these bathe the bodies of everyone here; the breath, the breathing, the wind as one. Goodbye.

Hilarion: Yes. Hilarion here again we thank you for the opportunity for a moment to do a little work elsewhere and now to return. Is there another question?

Jill: We have been told that guidance and helpers that rescue the earth and creatures from nuclear annihilation by interfering with human intent to do harm. Is it possible that during this Japanese crisis with nuclear plants that this dangerous radiation menace may be eased by universal assistance in power? If so, will the happening of changing of the danger be recognized as beyond human possibility will be miraculous?

Hilarion: it is so in the way in which consciousness shifts. But in the way in which that is helpful, would it be most desirable? This is the difficult issue karmically. For sufficient energy to be concentrated to affect a miracle in this sense, the opportunity for people to stop this harm to the earth with further construction with nuclear reactors and the opportunity to shut them down even, would this be put forward or back by such a miracle? This is a difficult question and that which is constantly debated about every opportunity to provide the shifting for consciousness for everyone on your planet. And this is what ultimately comes from this that there is a potential here for greater dependence on the guides and helpers, greater levels of interference. This often is the deciding factor that these things then are usually not done and rather humanity reaping its own consequences of its actions so that these changes, this understanding and ultimately this evolution will take place.

Now, nuclear radiation itself is not always a bad thing, you know. There are times in which it is that which creates great acceleration by enhancing mutation. More cells to mutate often give opportunities within those who are healthy enough to throw off nuclear radiation, to enhance their evolution and particularly that their progeny and the generations that come after them have more opportunities for newer evolution, greater brain capacity perhaps or the ability to fight off injury or infection or various other things.

Still, this is no justification for large levels of harm and difficulty to many. It is hoped that the greatest love and assistance of humanity for other people will now extend, will be that which is as strong and clear as possible for all of those who are harmed by this. This will be the greater evolution, the opportunity for more love, for more assistance, for more caring for each other. Would this be seen as a miracle? Not perhaps in the sense that you mean it but clearly it would be. For people to come to each other's aid, to love and assist each other to care for each other in ways that have not been previously possible. This is the great opportunity brought forth by this difficulty. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Can you please talk about the idea of self-love, being your own best friend and how to make it easier.

Hilarion: It is a very difficult question until you can define what you mean. The love part is pretty easy to define. It is that aspect of connectivity where everyone is ultimately connected to everyone else but self-love, what is the self? If you cannot understand what that is how can you love it more? Many times it is your misconception, you're thinking that this is what the self is, this is who I really am that makes it hard to love that. Perhaps there is a part of you that harmed another, a part of you that was ashamed and unable to communicate this. Perhaps there is some action that you which to atone for. Perhaps it is just a way in which as in a motion moves through you at times will say something harmful, say something that which be that which you would regret. But, whatever it is that would be- is this yourself? Is this that which you should then love more?

In loving it more would you then act more in that direction creating greater harm for others, creating more words of distrust and difficulty? Therefore, you must find the way to love that which is the container for all of this. It is in that, that the deeper sense of love shows up and this eventually changes not just the personality but your notion of the self. That which is creating all of this, that which is inviting these circumstances is that which is love. That which holds the context for the harmful words, that which knows you are to be forgiven for the actions that you do not understand at their largest context. These are the ways you find it by asking who is really in charge here? Who is really manifesting this? Who is this that which I call self?

The difficulty with this is that sometimes you will confuse the sense that allows you to feel better with that of your own evolution. Sometimes that feeling better is your real goal and if that is the goal then have it, fine. There are many ways to help yourself feel better- get a massage or take a walk. It might allow you to feel even better than you would simply allowing a sense of forgiveness or love for that which you have done in the past or of that who you think is who you really are what you think is your- self.

But, the best way to find self-love can often be to examined fully what is going on. So that you eventually let go of that which is the self. You let go of that which has been the smallest part of your being permanently then you don't have to worry about whether you are going to love that part or help it along or forgive it because it no longer exists. It means as if acting from the place within your consciousness that knows that it is the infinite, that it is love itself, that it is without any limit, that it is pure consciousness. What does that pure consciousness decide to do next? Sometimes, it doesn't do anything because anything it is going to do will eventually create harm or things that you would regret. But then, eventually, that which is the perfect action emerges. As you then create that as you allow that, then you see that this loving energy is powerfully, deeply a part of your being.

In a sense then, although you can do many things as an interim step we suggest wherever possible, going direct. Getting right to the source, right to the energy that wants to learn, evolve, to be. Right to the energy of the existence itself. Now, does that mean that from that energy no mistakes can be made? In the short term and how you see it there will be mistakes made. But, you will more quickly when you come back to looking deeply as to who is really motivating this, what is really going on, you will more quickly correct them, shift them, forgive them and come back again to that place of greater understanding, greater peace and greater questioning. It is uncomfortable but the motivation to push you into wanting to have more self-love that is also discomfort. That is a place that says things aren't right the way they are.

We are merely suggesting you are looking in the wrong place. When you look to a place in which you are going to solve that simply by giving the personality more of what it thinks it needs you will quickly find that that only goes so far and creates only more problems, more personality and more of that which distracts you from your true self of who you really are. This is a bigger answer evolutionarily speaking but it is the answer the soul needs to understand. Does this make sense?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. We have a few more minutes and I want to get the question answered about all of these vitamins and supplements of all kinds.

Hilarion: oh! A practical question. There are those who will make a lot of money selling all kinds of supplements. Perhaps to allay your own fears, perhaps because through study in which in isolation in laboratories, various substances will be utilized with animals, well it is important to recognize here that you have programming, you have history, you have a way in which your body works with these materials and that goes way back hundreds of thousands of years. You cannot change that in a short period of time so your body does not have the capability to absorb concentrated materials, artificial substances, various things that have been in so many ways distilled, created from other things in a laboratory or by various extracted methods. At the same time many of those methods will introduce various toxic materials that the body can't easily get rid of. This is why many individuals will find quick coming to greater levels of health with whole foods; foods that have not been adulterated and foods that were eaten by your ancestors; foods that were eaten on the run meant they were not cooked. Foods that were eaten in their whole form often meant that they contained dirt, bacteria, substances that can be valuable to you that your body has adapted to and various ways in which all of this is so far divorced from, so different from the artificial materials, those that can be seen in supplements, vitamins and so on.

In addition to this you have the very difficult problem of the collective consciousness or the placebo effect, or the way in which your mind can trick you into thinking that this or that is really helpful. This has value when you learn about it but it is generally a big waste of money since you could of course produce a sugar pill for yourself or something far less expensive and be a perfectly good placebo. In the meantime, as you come to understand this you can in a sense attune genetically to the power and energy of your ancestors who have genetically come into you, to be with you, to assist you in this way then the way they ate you eat, and you are then engaging their assistance, their love, and their power. Does this answer the question?

We remind you of the many things that we have spoken about today having this underlying theme of the opportunity to focus on that which is useful and let go of that which stands in the way. In particular now we want you again to recognize the greater strength of the emerald light. The way in which this energy now is with you stronger, clearer, and more powerful than it was before. The sense that you are more than just your body, just your words, just your personality brings you now to understand how you can let go of fear. How the collective consciousness can listen to you as you do this and in the letting go of fear they are reminded, they are inspired, they are awakened to let go of fear also. Because it is the fear that holds back the opportunity for all of the changes, for all of the benefits, all of the love and most importantly all of the evolution that is now coming to your planet. These changes are a powerful, deep reminder to ask the powerful, deep questions in you about your own nature, about the love that you share and about what is important to you and right now how that can be added to everyone. So we suggest that you form now consciously a visualization that you are connected to mother Earth within a powerful, emerald light cylinder and that with each exhalation the cylinder expands until it is many kilometers, many miles in diameter. In this way in which this energy is felt and shared it touches you deeply, Earth is touched by it too and together you resonate first with an ohm sound that is felt but not heard. It is generated in your body, now coming up into your throat and now share it out loud. Goodbye…ommmm.

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