Hilarion Summer Solstice 2011

Jill: Greetings. We are gathered in Nevada City for the Summer Solstice channeling of Hilarion. Today is June 21, 2011. Hilarion through Jon C. Fox will be answering questions from those in the room as well as emailed to us. For further information on channelings, tapes, books, CDs, DVDs and devices, please contact Jon C. Fox P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959, or visit our website at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Greetings. This is the energy, being or vibration you call Hilarion. A moment please while we make deeper contact with this vehicle. We ask each of you to be aware of a light forming in your heart, filling this room, gently at first then clearer and stronger with each breath it becomes a translucent emerald green about 100 feet in diameter (about 33 m in diameter) infinitely upwards and through you to center of earth.

At this time you can be aware of earth's breathing, she breathes with the seasons more slowly than humans but still in that which is perceptible in your body and as her body breathes this could be seen as one of the points in that breath of complete exhalation and complete inhalation that time in which in the northern hemisphere the days now at their longest, the nights at their shortest; a signal to life about its peak, about its energy, about its coming new into the world.

Yet, as you sense this now is a time rather than thinking, to feel it. To be aware of earth's breathing through you and at the same time the life on earth; the animals in particular as they are aware now of this great light, this warmth, the sense of many, many possibilities, all kinds of things opening up. What shall I do with this time, this energy, this connection? These are the questions that come up in consciousness not as words to the animals but as visions, as a sense of awakening, as opening a sense of possibility in itself. So we ask you to embrace this to recall it to sense it with you because this is an energy that has value to you on many levels. It allows you to access your instinctive nature. There are those who have asked how to get back to that which was some original place of being-ness, a connection with all life. This is one of many paths to do so not that there is something to be done, but there is something to be undone, all that has stood in the way, all of the trappings of civilization, all of the thoughts and ideas as if those are secondary because they are.

You come first into this world as a child, as just pure energy with that sense of being-ness in its strongest form, to exist, to breathe, to eat,to be alive. It is this which is strongest in this time of the summer solstice. A time in which that sense of being alive, that sense of aliveness in it's purest form is the real lesson, the real meaning of being here in sensing of the animals,or sharing with them your delight and the possibility of being here, the sense that this is, that it exists deeply, that it is your very nature is timeless. Since the concept of time may show up for you to make the first step toward this separation that which is somehow beyond time then is pushed away from you; that which is your connection to the infinite.

There is this question about the self.Listen carefully from now on when anybody asks you a question in which self shows up. About self-esteem perhaps or how do we make ourselves better? Because your concept about what yourself is, is so much rooted in the intellectual in the sense of what could be or should be or even then in the sense of time that which is was or which will be. If you ask yourself who am I? What is the self? Who is the self that I am? What begins to show up for you eventually on this is something much bigger and clearly has no real rootedness in time which can be seen as extending infinitely backwards in time. In this way what you begin to recognize is that the answers are often right there but they are quiet, they are whispered answers.

They are answers that show up as if you have always known them and have chosen in some way to turn away from them and to choose other answers for a time. This could be seen as a negative thing or judgmental but that is the not the meaning we would hold for it. Rather, in choosing these other answers those that are based on time, or intellect, or technology, or some other aspect that would seem somehow separated in nature you are experimenting, you are learning. You're discovering something about yourself. At the very worst of it you are discovering what not to be. I am going to head in a different direction away from center rather than I am going to head in a way toward center being the result of this.

But in another sense you could be discovering some aspect of uniqueness, something beautiful, something special about you. On your return to center you bring that with you while you let all the rest of it go. So for this we now bring to you the first of several questions for tonight this has to do with that which is your uniqueness. In your journey toward that which you have learned in your life, the love you have felt about yourself, about the people you have worked with, toward the traumatic and difficult experiences and the pleasant and loving experiences. What has this taught you about yourself? Meaning two things: that which you have always thought isyourself but this other aspect, the "who" of your being? Who or what is experiencing you right now? Simply allow the answer to this to show up for you and as you tune into it and you recognize its infinite nature, its expansiveness.

Now look at this other question: what is unique about this aspect, this part of you that is here right now? You might take this as something for instance as something which is loving In the face of that which is opposing it or is angry about it or that which is persistent in the sense of a willingness to help others. Or that which is able to create something that you do not know where it is coming from, simply your willingness to allow that to flow through you. Something along this line that is unique, that is you.

Now, in a way that doesn't make sense, a mixed metaphor, take that which is you and have that sense of it, you have that uniqueness that is filtered, all of the aspects in the way, the thoughts, the ideas, the timeliness, they fall away. That uniqueness is left and you put it in your hand. You might put it in your right hand and then gently and easy transfer it to your left as if somehow it becomes that much more tangible and after a few transferred says back and forth your hands come together slowly and you let it go. Like a dove taking wing, like a beautiful energy from your hand you release this into your world as your message, the message of your being. Saying to the animals in this time this is my uniqueness, this is some aspect of me and I give this to you so that you learn and you understand and you see.

At this time on earth the animals are more receptive. They are not so much desperate as they are in the cooler times of winter to find food, nor focusing so hard on the birthing process as may be occurring in the spring. They are coming into this place of newness, of expectation, of possibility and what you are saying to them by the releasing of your uniqueness is that which is a reminder of their uniqueness, their ability to assist, the love that they share in the world, allowing this, and letting it go. In a sense you could say in the sense of the intellectual, the mind, but in the heart it knows this.

This brings us to the next question about love. So many of your questions with regards to the world, politics; what is happening economically, the nature of people's energy and many other things. This can be answered always in ways that make sense logically but end up taking you back to more questions which would seem to simply multiply. This can be a valuable exercise in the way in which it can unearth for you temporary solutions of a technological nature.

But, the larger solution, the solution the soul looks to, this is already with you in a completely different form. It is as if somehow by loving, by simply feeling that sense of an embrace, an acknowledgment of that which is welcome within you a transcendence takes place. You do not always understand how this works in the world, how simply loving someone is going to make a difference, but sometimes you notice it does. It may be in a larger time frame then you thought, or it may be surprisingly instantaneous. But frequently it would have only occurred because you loved.

The law of love on this planet has been a tremendous and important factor in the way in which the guides and helpers, the unseen beings, the creators of this race as you know them as humans. Those who have affected and changed DNA and shifted and changed your planet to make it more acceptable to your form. This law of love has been very important to them. This is the law that simply states that everything is connected to everything. Yet, you know this, you know deeply from many lifetimes of having lived it out. So, in this connectedness what you can begin to understand for yourself more deeply is that it has an effect. It isn't simply an awareness, it isn't simply an acknowledgement, it is an energy that moves in your connectedness, in your caring, a love that is felt moves outward. It connects to those who are desiring of love. It allows them to understand themselves better.

For those who experience difficulty in the physical body remembering the sense of love as a deep relaxation as if it is gently and easily breathing you right now, as if that gentle love in its own bathing in warm light received easily and gently through your lungs. And the way in which this energy expands it reminds you of something even deeper, a reminder of why you came here, of Earth herself to experience this law more powerfully and deeply than the other universal laws. Each of them certainly hold their importance on this planet and in this universe, but here especially over and over, the solutions to these problems that show up for you, these often lead you to a deeper understanding of this law, to a deeper acceptance of love itself, to a deeper ability to share that love with others.

Some may see this as simply an over simplification. You mean all we have to do is love each other? Yet, when you look to the prophets, when you look to the great saints and sages, when you look to the Christ, the Buddha or Mohammed these beings were speaking exactly that and their enlightenment and their understanding it was that simple. So, why then do hold this back? Why do you keep this from your own consciousness? You could say it is a defense mechanism because if you allowed that love for the bankers, for the politicians, for those who seek power over you then you would be hurt. They would take away what little you have, or they would seek to harm you. This of course is not true in the larger sense but day today, it is a reasonable hypothesis and in the way in which you can break through this or understand it, connectedness then shines when there is love with you it can also be for someone else.

Many of those on your planet have struggled with this very deeply for many lifetimes and it is exceptionally hard for them while they are here to have a full field of energy that tells them that they are lovable, that they do deserve to connect with others, that these energies are available so what do you do about this? Can you share this love in such a way that they let that go? It is possible. This is the first thing that must occur when a field of energy collapses. Not, giving them energy or changing them but alerting that person to the problem in some way even if it is only energetically.

Most importantly though those individuals may struggle with this simple idea-I get my energy from_______. Fill this in for yourself. Much of your journey, your own understanding of your uniqueness has been a discovery of this principle; that your energy comes from many things in the world, from outside of you, from the plants and animals. Perhaps when you were very little you saw it came primarily from those around you, from other people. But, you quickly grew beyond that and in that sense from the soul's point of view you have gained a level of maturity.

From the law of love way of seeing it, not an intellectual way of seeing it, such as the law of thought or the law of symbols but rather the idea that in your own consciousness you have focused sufficiently on love to deeply know that your energy comes from the infinite, it comes from something bigger than you, it is that which sustains you or may be associated with something bigger, but not that much bigger; such as the earth, or plants or the nature of what is around you, or the sun as is often the case. This can be seen in science easily how the sun is sustaining so much on your planet but what about the energy of the sun?

As you understandand look at this as you begin to understand more of your uniqueness because you uniquely understand it and simply the idea that this energy comes from more than that of just something individual, something just given a name, that aspect within you. This is what is lost often on those who struggle with these issues.Thus, they must find energy, they must seek it out in the form of money, they must seek it out over power over others, they must see themselves in the eyes of other people as important, as able to make decisions for them, to be respected, and the list goes on and on. Simply becausethey are searching for this energy and trying to find it or understand it somehow.

There comes a point in your own acceptance of this that this energy is within you or asking the question who am I really, yielding greater energy available to you it can be asked of others. When this is placed in another person's consciousness, sometimes what they come to in this is an aspect of being that is similar to what you have come to. It leads them on a path of discovery. Sometimes though it does not. It causes them to reject the person who asks. It causes them to focus more on gathering their own power for themselves. In other words, it collapses their energy field even further. This is a risk you take when you ask somebody a question like this and you know this, it is not just your shyness that prevents you from asking, not just your own wondering about yourself or if someone is going to hurt you. It is also this acknowledgment that it is a dangerous question to ask.

What we are saying is that the real meaning of 2012, the real meaning of the 21st century, the real meaning of the turning of the ages, the real meaning of you being alive here and now with an interest in light workers, things that are changing, awareness, Ascension, consciousness; that is about an age in which you must ask. These questions are already being asked by the guides and helpers in the dream state of those individuals. They will reject their dreams sometimes because of the collective, because of the consciousness, because of this aspect of the law of love that everything it is connected. The more you ask this of yourself and those that you feel would benefit by being asked then this amplifies, this multiplies and so they also ask this of themselves eventually.

Doing so has value on many levels but it is very important to recognize that the time for doing things a little bit more quietly is over. The time for being more outspoken about these matters is being shown to you by the actions right now in the Mideast. The crying for freedom in many places in the world but more importantly what is happening all the time in your own consciousness, in your own understanding, as your guides, as your dreams, as the subtle energies, as these penetrate and speak to you.

A question has been asked," is it valuable to develop and work with various aspects that would seem to be important?" The concept of Ascension, the opportunity to dream, the capacity to project your consciousness and other things can all come from this but the real understanding of this, it is of course simply a steppingstone that many have taken but it is not the only path to that which is,"coming home," you could say, a "deeper awareness," you could say, "love," you could say, "survival on your planet," yes, if you want to remain primarily physical. But your non-physical this will survive regardless of what happens here.

So, really as it comes down to an awareness of is this, it is the path to which you are attracted. If all your friends are attracted to remembering your dreams, having lucid dreams, working with the dream state in order to gain energy, this is a reminder to you that you have been thrown in with this group even though you may not like it very much because they have something to teach you and there might be some value in doing this and you may be the last one in line for this while they go on ahead with it. At least you'll learn something from this and that would certainly be helpful.

But, in doing so you may recognize the opposite. This is not my path, the learning through the dream state is that which seems too difficult, and I want a different path. When you ask for this consciously and clearly done by the law of help it shall be brought to you, you shall come to understand it more and it shall show up in your consciousness in different ways. You may have a dream about which would be a good completion of this cycle or you may find someone else suddenly showing up in your life who is willing to share this with you in a new way.

However, it is notable that when the things you are most interested in are essentially aspects which are nonphysical, the aspect of connectedness, spirituality as it is shared amongst all beings, the sense of deeper love as an innate way of being; all of the ways in which your questions about the future show up for you and other things. Things that are of this nature, the subtle nature through dreams, projections, psychic development and so on can be a very fast path to achieving results, to getting the answers you seek.

If however, the primary aspect that you wish to come to in this life is one of ultimately knowing where the energy comes from, noticing for instance a life like that of a being who is attracted to money and power over others then you may find that is not the most appropriate path. Although it is fast, it will give you more information more understanding then you are willing to accept right now.

So instead you might work along a path that enables you to look at the symbols that surround you and work with them more consciously before you take steps further in this direction. But, from our point of view it is a simple fact of the matter as to why working with dreams, working with psychic development, working with consciousness in this fashion can be so effective. At the practical level we can explain why this works. But, at a different level we wish to simply share this with you.

In answer to this simple question, "How many are there? "The quantitative question is rarely asked but when you begin to delve into the nonphysical realms you begin to become aware of the nonphysical beings so it seems like a logical question to ask. How many are there? You recognize about 7 billion in bodies here is something of great concern to many always asking, always doing census, always looking at this and trying to understand;"how many," being a very important question. So it only makes sense to ask this of the nonphysical.

What you see is essentially about 8.8 to 1 ratio plus about 50 billion souls and the result of this the action of the nonphysical, being that which surrounds you, interpenetrates you, works with you. So as you do ways to access this through dreams, through increase in psychic abilities, through projection of consciousness it is as if dipping into not something small, not a tiny thing but something way bigger than the physical world; way stronger, clearer with many more possibilities and its own unique set of extreme differences. The aspect of timelessness or of time that is elastic, that goes backwards and forwards and does all kinds of things that cannot be understood from a clock point of view.

But, most importantly that the primary aspect that slows down your development in this regard, is your attachment to the physical body. This of course most clearly when the physical body dies and you are immersed in the nonphysical realms. So of course you develop there immediately. You do not always do so with great awareness and consciousness, sometimes these are the souls that need to incarnate in ways in which only a collapsed field, only an energy deficit, only misunderstanding is that which is continued in to the next life. But, more and more the intent of being here is to expand consciousness. So you find on the other side many teachers. They outnumber all of you here. Not just all of your teachers, but all of the beings in incarnation here. There are many billions of these teachers willing to help if asked.

Their own understanding of karma is they are not going to interpose, and help unless they are asked. Thus, what is happening right now are more and more classes, more and more opportunities to experience this, more and more of this energy surging increasing. It is not seen anymore as that which is unique to certain individuals: that is this one can channel and this one cannot. That is absurd and we have always said so. But, as people acknowledge this more and more and the whole field of energy around this is stronger and stronger people recognize their innate creativity and understand this way in which energy can flow through them and are able to access this.

Therefore, we introduce the practical side to this question: the greater the separation between that aspect of your consciousness which is not the physical, from that which is the physical, the faster the development. The quicker the energies come. The more you understand the more you can remember the ways in which such can connect to others, the more classes that are available to you, the more time dilation is available to you, the more energy is available to you for healing and that which can be projected to others for healing and the more risks you take should you go down that path of service to self, where you decide that energy should be used for winning the lottery or influencing the negative aspects of consciousness in others, exceptionally unlikely anyone hearing our words is going to do so.We mentioned this simply because this is a minority but that which is going on, on your planet, some individuals do focus their energies as such because they are unaware as we said before of how infinite their energy is and thus they feel the need to exert their power over others.

Now, there are different ways you can come to this in remembrance of dreams it often is simply helpful that you drift into the dream state again when you awaken. But you are very careful to do so for a short period of time. Setting a timer can be helpful so as you drift away from the physical, as you let go of it, your ability to remember is slightly enhanced. Another technique is to utilize the unconscious aspect to have more energy. So before you go to sleep you pour some magic water for yourself, there isn't anything about it magic except you have told yourself that is magic.

You can do this with a ritual or drop a crystal into it but whatever works for you. You then put this by your bed and you say out loud when I awaken and I have a sip of this magic water I will remember my dream. A strange little thing to do but it is as if you are talking to your child self. It is from the child's self that you will remember. This is limiting of course, because the dreams you will remember will be the aspects that are more childlike but still it is a good start. Another powerful and useful technique is to get to bed early and awaken around 3 AM. Move your body around and focus on energization.

We like the energy exercises described in the book, "Astral Dynamics," by Robert Bruce because they focus on the physical, the sense of the kinesthetic, the sense of your skin more than any other exercises, but any exercise that gives you a sense of greater energy, greater strength moving to the body, a visualization of energy moving up and down the body for instance or a sense of deep clarity. Do this while reading about dreams or projection, focus your energy on this for about 45 minutes and then go back to sleep.

Then when you find a dream shows up for you, and you find yourself awake in your dream, when you find your consciousness projected, learn about it,wake yourself up, wiggle a toe or a finger and the moment you get back write down what occurred. This simple little habit is a very powerful one at energization of dreams; a powerful tool to use should you find yourself slipping away from such consciousness while you are in the dream is to look at the palm of your hand. This is because symbolically it is that which is created as a sort of energization connection in the earliest time when you are first connecting to the physical body in utero.

The palm of your hand is a powerful tool to help you recall, remember, and re-awaken. So again, when you awaken in the morning you might look at the palm of your hand and see what this might do to energize or remind you of your dream. Now, dream recall and whether it is useful or not has been covered to some extent but what we can often say is that many individuals who have gone down a spiritual path who have come to a greater degree of learning, who have accessed consciousness by this increase of separation of the higher aspects of the physical from the higher aspects of the nonphysical began with dreams. They started playing and looking at these things and coming to understand them. It is as if always with you that which you can tune into if you decide to do so.

Now, what is this aspect of higher consciousness? It is difficult to frame it in the usual ways of understanding because you do not so really well understand what consciousness is of any sort. But, you could say is that which is more directly connected to, fewer barriers in other words, that which is your own personal answer to the question,"Who or what is experiencing you? Who or what is experiencing this? Right here?Right now?" You can call this the infinite or you can call this divine love but your personal experience of that which is, whatever that is.

You have distractions clearly every day to keep you from asking such questions. These are the beginning seeds of the barriers to this. It is your essential nonphysical being that has fewer barriers to this. That's not a very satisfying answer we know because you'd like it to be called something like,"the emotional body," or the" mental body," or the Atmic body or the Buddhic body, these are nice words and they are helpful as you come to recognize these are distinctions from your physical body. So clearly, they are not the physical but that which is something expanded, clearly bigger than, or separate from the higher dimension and yet as you explore this which you will discover for yourself is that these are also aspects of your being that are inherently more connected.

It is the connection to the physical as to that which we have talked about that is difficult in accepting this other energy that is because it is in that aspect of connectedness to God, to the universe, to the earth, to other people, to consciousness, to your own higher self. It is this aspect that is also present and this is what defines emotional body, mental body, etc. What is that connected to? It is connected to some aspect that then relates to this, the feeling part, the mental part or mind part and in the case of the astral body, the traveling part - the part that can move around.

It is no accident that a tremendous amount of energy technologically and through the efforts of so many on your planet are about traveling around. Cars, planes, trains, it goes on and on and yet why? You have to go to that other place in order to access consciousness or to know somebody else is there? Many times this is the real reason for your cell phones, texting, computer connectedness also all of this to know that you are there. All of this a reminder of the tremendous power and benefit in accessing the astral body; the ability to travel in your consciousness.

There are those who have examined and looked at the process called Ascension, wondering what it is all about. There many different names for this, many ways to understand it but clearly it seems to harken back to an ancient understanding of awakening, of enlightenment, of some aspect in which the vibrational nature somehow changes, who you are changes. We recognize that in many cases it is just a falling away. That which has stood in the way of your innate nature is now released but there is also a feeling, a sense within it something far greater than you were.

There are those who wonder if it is subtle, this means that they just have it, sort of like an orgasm when the only answer is well if you are wondering if you experienced it you probably haven't. The idea is that it is strong enough, clear enough, powerful enough that you just know it. But, what is unique about it in different from these other experiences is that very quickly there is a shift in consciousness about who is experiencing it. It's no longer you experiencing it, that would be much like an orgasm or joy, or like some experience of a physical feeling. It is rather that way in which you are experienced and being experienced by it.

There are many ways to access this and come to this and there are processes that specifically describe it but we are not going to comment on it or the channels and those who are working with this because it is all a wonderful useful valid tool. But, your expectations will frequently block the very possibility that is made available to you. The opportunity to simply experience this without questioning it will often be a helpful solution as you are able to walk down these paths and play with these energies.

Energies have many important aspects to them and we lump them together into this way in which your understanding it as if somehow the psychic energy or that of consciousness energy but what about energy as it is so commonly utilized, spoken about and so on today? You hear about it as solar energy or nuclear energy but one question is about that which is termed "free energy," that which is truly free energy is based upon the space between. It ultimately comes down to the space between the electron shells in the nucleus of the atom. By relative energy, size and so on. This is huge. The electrons are very tiny and the nucleus not that much bigger and the space between them is so huge and yet there is sufficient energy to keep all of it in motion.

Free energy, as it taps into that does reduce the size of the atom. It does so fractionally, very small, almost immeasurable but eventually scientists will be able to measure this when they are able to work with this sufficiently. This is the root cause of why misuse of this energy in the past has been problematic for ancient civilization such as the Atlanteans. But, it is important as you recognize and work with this that it is essentially no different from other subtle energy forms; that of the psychic abilities; that of the sense of energy in your being as you raise consciousness; all of these things they are not derived from electricity you find in a wall socket, nor are they derived from the flames of a piece of coal or wood that is heating you or your house. They do seem to derive from the sun because the sun is producing many energies at once; those of subtle nature; those of aetheric nature by the powerful magnetic storms interacting with the helium on that beautiful place but also the nuclear energies not so easily accessed as by your consciousness.

All of these different energies as they work with you are reminders of something deeper because of this powerful question: What do you take with you? You will take learning. You will take loving when you pass from this world you will take your experiences but you are going to leave behind all of these more physical energies. The energies of the wood fire or of the electrical outlet but you will take with you some of the subtle energies. The energies of consciousness, the energies of awakening and the energies of love especially that love which is connectedness for the purity and sake of itself not in order to gain something or be something that is sometimes confused with love and is easily accessed to pierce through that confusion with this question: Is it love or is it wanting something?

If you do want something then please, want it. Have it fully and ask yourself what do you want more than that? Use that as a useful process but don't call it loving. Don't call that love and understand that often beneath this wanting with the sense that you have what you want the love is then rediscovered. But, at its core free energy in tapping upon this, working with these underlying bases which that which is part of the universe itself draws upon a connectedness so that it is not one atom it is reducing in size as a result of this transfer of energy, but all of the atoms.This is difficult to conceive of because you are strictly held in three-dimensional aspect of your physical body but it is working at multiple dimensional levels and in this way we recognize that the best techniques to study free energy, the best methods in working with this will do little in the way of harm so far as the overall universe is concerned but, could be utilized to harm others because the energies that are produced can be so vast.

Thus, you come into a level of responsibility which is held at its core by the free energy itself: a reminder of the law of love. Can I use this discovery to benefit others? Can it be that which brings greater love to the planet or greater fear, separation, harm; always your choice in the matter. Certainly, the utilization of higher forms of magnetism that work with inert gases, the understanding of water at its purest form and especially in its separation into hydrogen, oxygen and something else; the binding force.

These and other techniques can all be explored for much learning and understanding. Humanity not quite ready for them yet but clearly taking steps in such direction. As such steps release from the consciousness of those in charge of the energy reserves, the idea that I must get my energy, my sense of self, my power over others from this, from these coal reserves, this nuclear force, these solar panels. When they release this and understand that their power over others is that which will be released, gone from them when they leave this world, it is a little easier to understand their true nature of this and eventually release these as the path that mankind must walk for now in working with energy.

So along this way you have the patterns of energy that are less polluting; wind, solar. Those which are renewable and recyclable, those which bring a greater sense ultimately of greater trust and love on your planet. That is the real reason to explore them and work with them right now while you are beginning to explore and learn about these others.

Jill: How can men and women best support each other's nature to be the best that they can be? Does that capture it? How can we promote each other's highest expression of ourselves?

Hilarion: Excellent. You see the difference, one word. That word is ourselves. That is the key you see when you ask a question that cuts to the core of your own being what you begin to recognize is something bigger than who you thought you were. So you are then focusing on the other parts of the question we draw you back to ourselves. What do you mean? What is yourself? How can you truly know if you have grown as a woman or a man unless that which is yourself has somehow grown? It is no accident and you could of course try your best to rephrase this without using the word ourselves, but it is beautiful that you bring this forth because that is the key. By knowing yourself. Not so much by exercise but by questioning and simply receiving the question in its innocence, and its way of loving you, in its way of teasing out of you the source of the male energy. The source of the female energy.

You may think that it is what makes you male or female. If that was so it would primarily be in the genitals because these are that which primarily define the difference between the male and female. Yet, in your world you have so much more than this of course, you have the symbolic expressive nature or receptive nature, the Yin and the Yang of it and on and on it goes. But, is all of that what is really yourself? Many would simply say I don't know what myself is and in saying this or looking at it in innocence, simply recognizing that there is a place there for a little more study or learning you are then able in innocence and love to come to a deeper, truer answer to this.

Connected to this of course is this question about the development in utero that in utero it is asked: is then this development towards one's sexual orientation or another first defined? Now, it is easy for us to answer such a question because we simply recognize how the energy moves along such lines and clearly the answer is no. It is developed before conception. It is developed in the soul, through the soul's experiences, or what it needs to learn; often electing it by choice but frequently that which is just a tendency. So the most common example of all of this is where an individual has chosen to incarnate in a particular gender for many sequential lifetimes recognizing that there is a deficit, something missing, but then it incarnates in the opposite gender. In doing so it must drag along with it many powerful traits of that which it was in the previous lifetimes.

This then, is a tendency naturally then, to homosexuality; thus, the same-sex providing the sense of connectedness, understanding, love and many other things. It is not always so but we see this happening very often in the world. So, this nature of identity as that which would then have a habit pattern can be that which would develop some of your uniqueness. But, you must never make the mistake of thinking that somehow that is who you are, that, that is your own nature. If you do so all you have to do to prove to yourself that you are more than that is to ask yourself. So, if we ask you who or what is experiencing you right now and you say my divine feminine self and we then ask who or what is experiencing your divine feminine self, right here right now you then recognize the expansive nature of this.

But, as you are able to work with this you begin to recognize that the real key in acknowledging and working with all of the tremendous gifts that are offered to you by the opposite sex is the way in which these are also present in you. In which you can become one with them and know them and the reasoning behind them. This we see as those many opportunities in past lives you have had to be that gender. But, especially in this life in acknowledging the gifts that are given by this and speaking of it, by acknowledging it out loud, not any longer the time to squash this or hold it back.

Your partner's question about this, "Why are there so much more, you could say so often the majority of those in spiritual teachings, workshops, working with expansion of consciousness and on and on predominantly female? You then recognize the ways in which men by the ways of their expressive nature, by the ways of who they are have often fallen down this path of the reduced energy. This happens early in childhood of course when they are told they get their physical energy from lifting, moving, running, sports, etc.

For many men that is the end of it, for the whole rest of their lives they are going to be devoted to sports if not involved with it directly as a fan, or as a commentator. That is going to bring them energy because that is showing them at least beyond that which is their own individuality, they are getting energy from the sport, from other men, from other aspects of this that are shared in the world.

It is true that this is a level of immaturity of the soul but it is an important step along the way to see that you are more than just that physical body. But, because of this, a drain you might say occurs and fewer women so interested in this because they have gotten the message of it, that this connectedness draws them to a greater connectedness to others.

Secondly, on your planet it has been for a long time this powerful complement of the divine feminine to observe and be a part of that connectedness. This means that those workshops that eventually bring you to a better understanding of this are going to penetrate to the very nature of who you are and therefore that which more women are going to be ready for then men. But, at least you can say this one thing positive about it. That in terms of the soul there isn't a majority of men or women in these workshops that most of the women there have had recent incarnations as men and thus from the soul's point of view the balanced nature of the recent incarnations and of course at the higher-level the genderless-ness of the soul itself.

Which brings us to the unasked questions but that which we have commented on in the past the eventual acceptance of the divine blend. Be it through the hermaphrodite or the androgyny or some way in which all aspects of this as one within you. This is better accepted on your planet in the times in which it is not so difficult to have this but unfortunately that simply provides more prejudice and difficulty on your planet right now because more and more people are being born this way. More and more people are recognizing that the soul must come and in tosome degree of greater blended-ness that is manifested at the physical in order to know this lesson. Even if it chooses to alter early in life as a result of parental judgment, even if it has genitalia removed or changed. Still, that consciousness is there, it is within the aspect of physicality to blend and connect to both.

Now, there are those who ask questions of a more practical nature relating to the housing crunch as it is sometimes called and of course we must ask at the spiritual level about these matters because that is what you will take with you. You're not going to take a house, be it that which you were able to prevent from being foreclosed or that which you were able to buy for all cash or that which you are able to rent. There is an important reason for this beyond that which of the aspect of physical or nonphysical because of course when you are nonphysical you still connect to earth. Her people here are interesting to most of you and the things that go on here are those which take up a lot of your time and interest.

But, it is the simple idea that is one of the unique aspects that was brought forth by many of the native civilizations especially those in North America. So, it is no accident that this is where the foreclosure crisis has its roots and as it spreads elsewhere in the world this deeper reminder, the question," can you buy and sell mother Earth?" Can you own this world? Of course you cannot in terms of what you let go behind you when you pass into the world, but, oftentimes those aspects that are somehow within your consciousness as an answer to this that you somehow cannot keep you from a deeper welling of creativity and understanding of possibility and ways in which you could then exist with less in the way of financial difficulty.

Because of course the solution to this as we have spoken about so often and the push that is behind all of this and allowed from the nonphysical realms of the positive, of the guides and helpers, the teachers, is community. A way in which you will work with others, that you will share resources. It will no longer be that of the supposed dyad, or nuclear family, or some small group that is separated from everyone else. You'll have to interact with them and in doing so create that which is of greater love, a greater sharing, a greater understanding.

Now we have zipped through a few of your questions and before going on to any others we would like to remind you now of what has occurred via your sharing of uniqueness in love with the animal kingdom. They are growing ever closer to you. They are willing to share some energy with you right now. So, simply in your own intuition draw into you an animal helper, an animal totem, a being that reminds you of some aspect that is also you: a wolf, a dolphin, an elephant, a mouse, a deer. You have many beings that you have known, admired, that you felt connected to. Now we ask you to stretch, bringing some aspect of this into your own being. Perhaps the catlike pose, perhaps the breath of the Eagle, perhaps those sinuous movement of the dolphin. But, that which can also be a part of this and deep within your own animal nature.

Jill: In these dynamic times evolving format is becoming the norm. This includes perhaps the structural and hormonal systems of our bodies. To this end what recommended categories of foodstuffs change and evolve as we go forward and can you speak to these possible trends today?

Hilarion: Yes. Without a doubt this is taking place but unfortunately the majority of such foodstuffs have their primary base on profit motive from those who have very little interest in your consciousness expansion. Thus, you have the CEO of General Mills who is particularly interested in selling more cereal. So we have to get more flavors of Capt. Crunch that are going to be more addictive and more helpful in the way in which we will sell more cereal later as those kiddies grow up. Is this the kind of consciousness that you are talking about in this question? No, of course not.

Because this is the majority of the consciousness around foodstuffs at the current time it takes a penetrating insight and answering one simple question that must go first in the way in which you can then come to a deeper understanding of all of these matters. As a result, bring in more of those foods that do accelerate consciousness, do assist in your own evolution and this question is the one of what was the design? What were you designed to eat? By looking at this from a purely genetic point of view it is the diet of your ancestors. We aren't talking 10,000 years but many thousands of generations; 20,000, 40,000, 100,000 years. So often for individuals design is the key in understanding this and working it out for yourself you will then see that little changes along this way can be helpful.

But the design to eat more Capt. Crunch is probably not part of that picture and the design to manifest greater consciousness by foods that connect you more to light, to the essential elements, to the tremendous healing capacities of the foods themselves but most importantly to those aspects that are closest to aliveness, enzymes, bacteria, living world. These are the aspects that you came here to experience. So in this sense, many of those foods that connect you to this world can be those that you have deliberately shifted. So you see little glimmers of this in science labs. For instance, very recently the exposure of the root vegetable carrot to ultraviolet light, increasing the development of anti-oxidants tremendously in this.

No matter that the initial experiment were uncooked carrots and many of you as children remember the "yuck factor" with that. But as you understand then carrot juice, the beauty of eating a whole carrot, the connection to a carrot in the ground growing in organic soil, taking in gold through its taproot. You have a hint as to where this ultraviolet can be so helpful.

So as you hold thecarrot before you eat it bring light into it from your hands. Now, not only as white light but as ultraviolet. True ultraviolet is that which you cannot see but that which has a vibration to it, a sort of sound..zzz..a powerful sort of connectedness, an energy which says I am of the light. These little things show you over and over the real trend to be explored in the true answer to this question. What is it you most want to develop about yourself? Your ability to work with light, your ability to work with love, your ability to work with healing so choose your foods on this basis. Does the sense of the question?

Jill: yes. Thank you could mushrooms be used in vibrational medicine?

Hilarion: It is a little trickier of course because when you put a little piece of mushroom into water it dissipates rapidly and very tiny particles from this so you filter it very much then through cloth or a good ceramic filter or something that will take out all of these particles. But, by the usual techniques of putting mushroom in water in the sun two hours then straining or filtering it, you can bring the vibration into water. The most important vibration that comes from this is naturally that which is associated with the hidden: that which is unseen; associated with the roots, the darkness, the mushrooms that grow in caves, that grow away from light; these are especially helpful in this regard.

It is no accident that many valuable enzymes, useful chemicals, powerful and healing aspects of such mushrooms have already been discovered and worked with extensively by many scientists. But, this larger healing factor which has brought out in the sun method is that which is a sort of culmination, a bringing into the light of these aspects of darkness. In ancient Atlantis science was divided into the light sciences or day sciences and the night sciences; those which related very much to the things you are very interested in today such as free energy, such as healing by supposedly magical means; such as the capacity to increase mental development towards telepathy or psychic abilities.

These aspects were clearly related to the deeper understanding of the subtler nature of the world. It is in this that the mushrooms particularly shine. Mushroom elixir can be very helpful to alert you and attune you to the subtler nature of your world; the subtle hidden aspects of your relationships; the aspects that you have ignored, but, are also very helpful in bringing up the blocks, the things that have blocked your own innate healing abilities, have slowed down your capacity to interact with others more firmly and consciously.

As you recognize the most potent and powerful of the mushrooms, those which contain a variety of drug substances which significantly affect consciousness you begin to see the way in which that darker side, that hidden side is that which is related very much to your creativity to the aspects that you saw somehow as impossible to access now suddenly fully available. All mushrooms have this to some extent and one can blend all of these commonly available mushrooms to work with all this at once or focus on some particular attribute relating to these aspects individually. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. Can you please ask Athena to come through and talk to us more about how to bring through greater love through divine feminine and masculine energies?

Athena: We are grateful for the opportunity to speak this way but remind each of you as something else that there is dancing within your heart right now. A beautiful, loving couple you can see them as the divine masculine and feminine or as a man and a woman but that is not important. What is important is that they are two, they are spinning in your heart. They are dancing for joy they are experiencing the light of love for itself not because it helps someone else, not because it brings to you something better, but because it dances. Because it spins. That spinning growing faster and faster and the light and the joy of being in the light and the joy of the experience of a life that welcomes with this spinning- an experience of pure light.

As if now that heart is open to receive more light than it has before simply because you have activated the spinning. You have welcomed the dancing within, you have allowed itself. It is so easy to fall into the trap of love for purpose other than that of love itself. So easy to see of its healing nature, of its ability to dissolve karma, of its aspect of letting you know of your highest but sometimes just letting the love dance, just letting it spin, just letting it be within you now. Its own joy, its own existence, its own sake. Now take it out of the two-dimensional plane spinning now in height and depth, spinning somehow beyond these aspects into the fourth dimension, into something beyond time, beyond your own being as if somehow your own nature: loving, expanding, exulting in joy.

That joy has no limit. That joy has no boundaries. It has not a sudden birthing into existence or a ceasing to exist it has always been; winding, enjoying, spinning, expanding. It is in the access into this by your will, simply a choosing of it that is its divine purpose in and of itself. Now this may seem as if you are not using enough of what you have learned of the nature of the feminine, or the nature of the masculine to let these aspects simply dance in your heart. But, if you do not do so you run the risk of making it harder to integrate, harder to bring in those aspects that have learned. So learn, and dance, and enjoy but also integrate by this dance in this song. Goodbye.

Hilarion: A moment please while we settle and work with the energy of the vehicle. Are there more questions?

Jill: Is there anything else the guides would like us to know at this time?

Hilarion: You must recognize the true nature of your own uniqueness. This is a tough one. Many of you will not think you are up to this because it is intellectual. We can say to you yes this is true that in this life perhaps it will be very good for you not to go down this path. But, we implore you, we remind you, we bring into your consciousness this idea because eventually you will. The very questions that we have asked tonight, the willingness to ask these deeper, difficult, more powerful questions came from people. Yes, the guides certainly are inspiring and certainly the ascended ones from the past have been so helpful at prodding you in speaking of these matters in different forms but, it was in the manifestation through a person writing it down, asking other people, bringing it into form one way or another that you come to be able to ask these questions and look at these matters today.

Yes, of course we are saying to you that the questions are not original, that they are those which are developed by people and this is good. Because it brings us then to this challenge: what is your question? What is the question that you will come up with in this life as reflective of your uniqueness that you will ask to others of a penetrating naturesuch as some of those that we have spoken about tonight. This is no easy task of course because the real answer to this does not come intellectually, the question finally will be posed intellectually. It will be that which is written and that which can be repeated by others and there are some in this room who will be asking such a question at some point in your life in which others will respond to very powerfully and deeply.

But as you are reminded of this we simply now pose it in you. What is my unique question that I will bring forth in this world? So many of the things you have seen as your unique gifts you have held in the context of being answers. They help other people, they've answered this or they've done this. A question? Why would that be helpful? Because it allows you to embrace the openness, the awakening, the sense of possibilities that a question then of this nature can give, can share, can make a difference and can be yet representative of that which is uniquely you.

So we ask you then in your own acknowledgment of this to see if the sub theme for tonight, so much about love, a way of that connectedness, that inner knowledge, that willingness not just to use your intuition but to share your unique gifts in the world because you are lovable, because this energy of love can come through you. So for now what we would ask you simply is to love, to activate this in different ways. One nice way to activate it is to think of someone you love, perhaps a child who you would cradle in your arms. Somebody you care for deeply as your lover or your friend and feel that love as it pours between you as it moves from your heart to theirs. Then let them go and in their place put someone you have had a little difficulty with by your will, the same love. By your choice the same love. Then let them go and in their place someone else. Someone you've had a lot of difficulty with, a great "teacher" for you and pour the same love into that being by your choice, by your will you can direct this love.

Now you have a sense of its power, now let go of all of those images, all of those ideas. Simply be aware of Athena's reminder of the dancing love deep in your heart, of the dancing energy in your nature and add this also to this powerful beam of love and see it expanding outwards now, filling the cylinder with light, filling your world with love, touching, expanding, making a difference even when you don't know how it does. Now, see the cylinder about 100 feet diameter, 33 m filled with this beautiful light, a beautiful translucent emerald green light expanding on its own filled with love until it bathes the entire planet and generates a response. The planet from her core, from her center, sending up an ohm sound and tickling you at the bottom of your feet, into your heart to be shared out loud. Goodbye. Ohm…

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