Hilarion Fall Equinox 2011

Jill: Greetings. Today is September 21, 2011. We are gathered in Nevada City for the Hilarion channeling for the Fall Equinox. For further information on channelings, books, CDs or devices please contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959, or visit us on the internet at hilarion.com.

Hilarion: Greetings to all of you this is the energy being or vibration you call Hilarion. A moment please while we make gradual but deeper contact with this vehicle, and with all of you in this room. We ask you to welcome the idea of an emerald light now filling this entire space - then as you think on it instantly it expands infinitely upwards then down through you to the center of earth till it forms a cylinder about 100 feet in diameter, about 33 meters in diameter connecting infinitely upwards and center of earth.

Tonight's idea is to provoke within you that which has been hidden, that which is now ready to bear fruit and which is symbolic of the harvest. Your own inert energies now become real, now become awakened, energized, strengthened. But, those which you are able to identify as uniquely yours. It is in this borderline, this place with that which is uniquely yours meets that which is of all of humanity. The blended nature, the collective consciousness, the consciousness field that the changes that really make a difference, the changes that eventually come into your world in every respect, jobs, money, all the way to divine purpose, the nature of your being.

It is where those changes show up that the difference made in your life, in your understanding and especially your evolution. In this it is important to note the symbols that surround you. You have those of the seasonal change which in the northern hemisphere now about to begin this time in which the balance of night and day, the equal, now begins to shift. The nights becoming longer, the days shorter. Symbolic of the deeper connection you have to your own group, the people you are with, your community, your humanity.

But, much more deeply it is the way in which that could be a source of energy, a source of love, of a sense of something more than just you. The summertime has been very much about individuality, about finding your own place in this and yet coming constantly because of the powerful economic pressures worldwide. This push for you to decide what is your own nature in being here? Many have asked this more deeply, more powerfully, more consciously than ever before. This has been the important goading, tickling, forcing at times of guides, helpers, and the collective consciousness itself. And once you have the idea that time is running out. Then you have the other, you look inside and ask the right questions there is no time. There is infinite in ways of energy, love, abundance, the possibilities.

How can these two coexist? It is on this borderline, this edge of being-ness between the collective consciousness and the individual. This is hard for you to fit into your own reality because it would seem then that you have a role to play in. There are those who would say it is your fault. You are the one who has made this mistake, you reap what you sow and all of these other ideas. These are just a re-creation of cause and effect, of karma; a very important universal law and that which is so often ignored by so many. Not in the realm of how they reap their karma but in how they are creating their karma right now. How they are creating cause and drawing to them, bringing to them effect.

But, in all of this there is some deeper aspect that says you matter and it is in this way in which the collective consciousness reflects back to you something about your own individuality, your own nature, the aspect of you that is unique that says, "you count." Your ideas, your understanding, something you brought forth and this also in the collective consciousness, in the news, in the media, is saying just the opposite. You don't count, your voice does not deserve to have the benefits, the ideas, the things that are given to those in positions of power, wealth, opportunity, etc.

Yet, when you hear this, you know it is wrong. It is as if your heart is connected to both. This is the first thing to understand as you are making this bridging between the individual and the greater consciousness that there is no way to really understand it with your mind. There is no way you can really grasp it in a way in which there is any limitation to the innate nature that reveals itself. But, in your heart that is a way also. So when you ask this question, "Who am I?" Or when you ask this question who or what is experiencing you sitting here? Breathing? Just being?

What starts to show up for you? Pursue the question. Let the answer come in its own way and question that. Who or what is experiencing that? Let yourself drop into the answer, who or what is experiencing that? As that which is larger than just you emerges. You are then beginning to answer this question about the nature of your own individuality and where it meets. That is something that is much greater than you in a very personal way. Not a way in which someone else's opinion about it matters. Not a way in which someone else's influence upon you matters but a way in which you are creating this wave.

That is how we perceive it. A wave of energy from the individual moving outward to meet the wave of the collective consciousness of all of humanity, indeed all of the universe and this wave resounds and comes back to you; altered, shifted, changed. Bringing that of consciousness of humanity and as it comes into you, you have a choice. You can receive it with filters as most people choose to do. But in asking a question such as who or what is experiencing this now you are then beginning to bring to your own consciousness another choice: to receive it without filters.

There is this question about love. If you are thinking you are experiencing love, test it. Use this simple test. Do you want something? No, that is not original. Of course that is Byron Katie's wonderful way of testing is it love or is it wanting something? If it is wanting something then that is fine but don't call it love. Recognize the difference in this in your own heart and how it feels and how it lands in you. This can often make a much greater difference than you realize in every aspect of your life. Every way you communicate, the way you reach, or touch or are touched.

In the time of the fall equinox it is as if the earth's breathing is now coming to the place of equality. The full inhalation and the full exhalation symbolic of the time of solstice, that point of equality, the midpoint. The time now of the fall bringing to you that which has been hidden now coming into existence. Within this timeframe you find the movement into Scorpio and Sagittarius and the energies that have at times been buried now coming forth. These are energies that are connected to the collective unconscious not just your own individual consciousness. The hint being at every level the very nature of channeling itself reminding you, all of this, the hinting: you know you have answers. You have awareness, consciousness you have not yet tapped into. Sometimes it is fear which has prevented this. But, many of you have looked carefully at fear and found ways to release it. Found ways in which it can move through you and go on. Perhaps, just than like water now leaving you. For others, it is an intellectual exercise.

F.E.A.R.: False Evidence Appearing Real. A way of simply releasing this but in which whatever way this is gradually releasing its hold on you the collective consciousness is now becoming aware of this. Those who have utilized fear as the primary means of control are now feeling the fear themselves. Because they are recognizing this is now becoming insufficient. Oh yes, increasing the fear will have its effect. There will be many others who will buy into it and provide the power that those in such positions require but you will not. Because hearing the idea that there is a wave moving now stronger and stronger, reaching a critical mass in which fear will gradually but persistently lose its hold on humanity brings much more to you than hope. Brings much more to you than the idea. It brings to you a resonance: that's what I came here for! That's why I was choosing to witness at this time. It is not just about a particular time period or a way in which time being marked by a particular calendar relates to how the energies of the galaxy are changing or any of that.

It is also just about you coming to this critical mass in consciousness in which you are saying, for some of you it is as simple as I'm tired of it. That fear just doesn't have a hold on me it used to. For others, it is an examination of it that reveals to you all of those things that you have bottled up, resisted, kept back. But in which of the ways you have come through this you are now beginning to ask the next important question. Now that I have dealt with my fear, released my fear, confronted my fear or whatever, what next? This is a beautiful place of openness, playfulness, enjoyment. It is a beautiful place where the bridging of those aspects that could be called evolution and education or the aspects of things that feel good meet those of something that takes you beyond what you have been. That these two now come together in your being. This is what is next.

This is important to understand because for humanity and for all of the world the ways in which all of this is going to affect everything; the economy, the Geophysics especially around natural disasters, the nature of technology and how it evolves. But, most importantly how you connect, communicate and know each other. One of the questions that has been asked which is a very important one as far as your guides are concerned has to do with your own jobs, livelihood, making money in the world. You know that on the one hand there is the important way in which this allows you to survive in the way in which you are accustomed. Paying the bills, working with others appropriately and so on and so forth. But, the other side to this, that hint. That the job can be an open door, a way in which you learn more, to earn right livelihood that takes you into some aspect of your own being.

So, this brings us to communication. That everyone learning every aspect they can to communicate better, more clearly, to listen carefully to what others are saying. To listen carefully for the evidence of a word, a small word that tells you that somebody is communicating in a way in which they have an idea which is different from yours. That word is "not." So when they might say they are not feeling, whatever the blank you might want to put in there is, you will then fill in what you will interpret that as, and they will fill in interpretation and in most cases they are different interpretations.

In examining this and working with it you find that the communicators become the leaders. Not the leaders who are those in charge from the position of power, we use the word to use the example here. For this it brings to some of you the mind of some dictator. For others, your boss. For others, a communication about a relationship, that is the confusion with the word not. But, in reality what we are speaking of is simply the idea of all of those, the people in positions of power in your life and what they are doing that for, holding that power can at times seem to be very helpful, ethical, leadership based but many times it is indeed that which is for one purpose: to reassert their own identity. Again, communication. When you are communicating with yourself, when you understand what you are really here for it is then clearly about knowing yourself. It is a way in which your identity as you have assumed it is now brought into your consciousness to be changed, be released, to be burst apart so you can find out what it really is.

As you welcome that it is that which provides often a sense of expansion, warmth, love. But, for those in positions of power who are seeking to hold onto that power, what it brings for them is the fear. It brings contraction, it brings energy that they are trying their very best to avoid and this is where the collective consciousness, that way in which you are sharing across this bridge between the individual and that which is shared for all of humanity, that is where it makes a difference. That is where your peace meditations make a difference. That is where your meditations on release, forgiveness, on love make a difference to the political leaders, to the economic leaders, to the heads of corporations.

The interesting thing is that we are noticing over and over in observing this wave of energy from the collective into the individual that it has more than an effect now than it did last month, last year, last decade. As this expands it means that as you are willing to ask those tough questions of yourself and receive the answers and begin to act upon them, to act as if you believe them. That you are an infinite consciousness perhaps, that you have more love than you are willing to share currently or that you know at some deeper being level who you really are is powerful, is lovable, is able to make a difference.

The acting upon that, working with it has its reverse wave effect more powerfully than ever before in the world. This is going into the hearts of those in positions of political leadership. This is why you see in the United States right now a rather strange occurrence. A tremendous level of polarization. A way in which some of what is being stated by politicians can only be understood as absurd, as beyond credibility or understanding. As that which would almost seem to be the utterings of a child or someone who has avoided all level of history classes or understanding of the nature of economics in the world or other things.

In reality, it is a reflection of the individuals of those people in the world who recognize that as things stand they are going to be in for a lot of trouble. In economic, or some way in which they must grow to accept and love others in ways they have not previously but in whichever way they are asked to grow they are afraid. So then, the political leaders come as a representative of that. Showing this way in which they are also afraid; afraid that the way in which they would trust something deeper, something in their own hearts for instance might be that which would then turn them into just the opposite of what they wanted to be instead of being in a position of power they would be in a position of relaxation, openness. Perhaps being shown things through their own intuition or their dreams; that which they are doing their very best to avoid.

In an understanding of this growing up process it is only natural that that the collective consciousness will do what it can to correct this and so the time has now come for those who have been called the golden children to be born. There are those who were previously associated with the indigo ray, then those associated with the rainbow ray. The gold ray now exerts itself. An energy which can bring forth a collective consciousness more deeply tapped into the individuals than has been seen on the planet before. A way in which human beings simply know what is the right way to proceed. At first there'll be many reminders of this and these children in which speaking to them where you utilize the golden term, the gold light, speaking about it in even the most childlike of ways; this will have an effect on such children as if a bell has rung. Suddenly it gets their attention; they listen.

Similarly for the animals on your planet, the animals have been moving through various stages of great difficulty as you're well aware. Climatic change, the shift in pollution levels, the increasing human population, the changing habitats, the list goes on and on. They still however are looking to humanity for answers. You are creating the changes here, show us what you want. In this way the gold energy also serves as a bridge, a light energy between humanity and the animals and it will likely remain as such for many years to come.

In the past there were other energies that worked better for this; in particular, the earth energy and the awareness of the solidness of matter. But, the animals themselves are also evolving so we suggest that in your communication with animals at first but domesticated animals you are already familiar with, but later with the wild animals, and later with all of the animals that live in the oceans, in the remote regions of the world, in places where you would not normally make contact with such animals. We simply invite you to in impart the gold energy. Feel it first in your heart, then see it expanding outward.

The second important aspect of this energy is the way in which it has been utilized for healing for a long time. We spoke about this several times in 1985 and 1986 and suggested experiments utilizing krypton and xenon in which the gold energy was produced in your heart then allowed to be created in your imagination as a ball which runs down the arm, exiting the hand, is sent to another human being or plant or animal is if you are releasing to them a golden ball of light, a golden ball of healing.

What we've noticed that the people doing this in the last few months have found it far more solid, more powerful than before. As if again, this golden light is now becoming clearer and stronger for all of humanity, more available. All we can say on that is that encouraging individuals to enter into such healing, be it just when you meet somebody else and to share that ball of light from your hand to them. More and more conscious process when you are talking about it and describing it, all of these and all of the other ways that occur to you will be very helpful.

But the other aspect here is the "Golden Rule." That is a euphemism and it is called that because gold is perceived as the noblest of metals. The golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you and the various forms that it has existed in all the world's religions for many centuries is the most powerful energy that the golden children are already aware of. They are not yet able to put it into words of course, but they will be able to understand this better as they grow. So as you speak of it, as you share about it you may be surprised to recognize that it touches a chord within them and when they are able to communicate and share it back with you, it is different. It is as if it has been transformed somehow. They are teaching you the way in which this powerful energy can at last become anchored in the world.

One could say that it has been the effort of religions for many centuries not to make the way for this as if it exists but simply to make the way for it so that it could exist. That it is the reality of the situation because you see over and over in the world people do harm to each other in ways in which they would not want that harm done to them. As if the golden rule is for somebody else. As you recognize this you may begin to recognize something much deeper, that you need help. The help is the universal law that is most misunderstood; that which is so difficult for people to recognize because the Universal Law of Help is that which straddles this powerful borderline between the individual and the collective consciousness. You have the most clear example of this of course in the typical male getting lost, unwilling to ask for directions, he can't bear to admit that he is lost." Give me a map," he'll say more than he'll say, Please tell me which way to go."

But, this is again this connection to the collective consciousness telling you which way to go; your individuality is now in the wrong direction; a midcourse correction is needed. A mistake? Who me? That is the deep energy that is ready to change you from within. Thus, you also recognize that most of the children coming in the next few months and in the years ahead will be some rainbow but some gold and more female in the gold because they are the ones willing to ask for directions. They are the ones who when they ask receive those directions. These directions often work along this one simple principle that humanity has been unwilling, unable, and greatly resisting to apply even though it has been given so often." Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," a powerful simple answer to everything once you are willing to ask it.

But, of course this has nothing to do with your own evolution, your own understanding of yourself, only how you connect to others, how you can encourage them to connect to you and make real for yourself so many of the other important aspects of the collective consciousness; the way in which it goes beyond you to connect to your community, to connect to all of humanity; to connect to the animals. Do you treat them the way you would like them to treat you? In examining and working with all of this what gradually evolves from this is a simple understanding in which there is a bridge, a light, an energy that says you are of the same stuff, you are of the same humanity, you are of the same animal nature.

Some of this is rooted in the brain, in the area of the brain now understood as the seat or base of emotions; you have hypothalamus and energies near it; part of the brain tissues near it and the energies that are manifested. The brain is a local antenna, the nonlocal consciousness is that which is transformed in the brain and it is along the line from this part of the brain out to the third eye center, the area at the forehead representative of the personality; that these energies are able to make a shift between consciousness.

Thus, you see the awakening of the third eye center as more than just the forehead, of a line between the occipital and the center of the forehead. It is in this line that an energy moves back and forth; a resonating, oscillating back and forth energy between the collective consciousness and the individual; between the aspects of the emotions and those of the awareness of intuition and understanding. At such a level of course, the beautiful thing about the recognition of this opening an understanding of the six chakra is that there is a seventh. There is that which is beyond all of this, an aspect that simply is that stands outside of time, of space, of the limits as you understand them.

But, in the way in which humanity in the recognizing of this has been willing to step into it has been resistant to it, you begin to recognize the truth of your nature. It is those scientists who have discovered that all of this is but energy, very little of it is real in any way or form or shape that you can understand in a way that is seemingly solid or seemingly matter it is so much empty space and energy that this collective consciousness knows it is ready to let that go.

But, that transference is that which so many on your planet have resisted because they still are here to learn the important lessons, the way in which they learn to trust each other, to feel love deeply, to let go of their fear of their own evolution that we would say is it is a sort of nice sort of way showing of humanity, a willingness to ask this deeper question: Who am I really? Who or what is experiencing this right now? This is a hard question for most people and many will simply step away from it but if you can answer it you may recognize that there is an answer within it that is not the verbal one but rather it is something beyond anything that can be tangible or reduced.

Which brings us naturally then to the effect that these powerful ripples of consciousness back and forth between the collective consciousness and the individuality. The dispersion, releasing, and breaking through fear and those who are holding on to fear as the powerful way in which they can exert their individuality; these powerful waves affect everything. They are affecting the Earth more and more. The ways of places in stability, in the oceans, in the landmasses, the trigger points, these are being powerfully perturbed by such an energy.

At the same time as this the collective consciousness is clearly agreed there is a very clear shared agreement at every level to stay. That the wiping out of humanity; the destruction of the earth at the way in which the souls could not exist in bodies here; this must be put off. It must not be that which will unfold now. Probably not even in your lifetime but certainly for the next few years because of one simple factor. One tremendous desire shared within the collective consciousness; the desire to be; to come into existence. To exist into physical form all of them at once. Which begs the question how many? There are about in total 50 billion souls. These exist about one part in bodies and about nine parts or so out of bodies but that fraction changing at various times and as more and more incarnate of course the fraction shifts.

At the point where about half are incarnated, that is when the world population reaches about 25 billion, this powerful opportunity to move beyond the golden rule into this understanding of that which is associated with the seventh chakra, the true nature of your own evolution beyond that of matter begins to show up. But, until that point this is but a dream; an energy that is helpful in your understanding of physics, in your understanding of yourself but does not really reach into the collective consciousness. Instead it is as if it bounces off the collective consciousness only to reside in the individual in the way in which you perceive and know yourself.

By no means do we mean you should avoid that, but to recognize it in its true purpose is very helpful. Because, it shares with others the nature of how you see and know yourself as an infinite being. So then, this prediction, people always asking frequently," What will happen next Hilarion?" Where is this to go? Are we going to have these fires? Floods? California slipping into the ocean and all of the rest? Well, although prediction ain't what it used to be it still takes you to the point in which your own soul has a deeper understanding of this answer. That to the extent that you are able to make a difference in the way in which this powerful tension between the collective consciousness in the individual is now able to be shifted, released and so on.

So also then does the earth respond and from that it is easy to predict. It is recognized that for the next two years the state of much instability is now progressing. Many areas affected powerfully by climatic change and triggering of earthquake points to the place in which major disasters continue. But, those that are constantly being muted, slowed down, spread out by humanity's helpers, non-physical guides, extraterrestrials, beings of all kinds and most importantly humans. People themselves recognizing these energies and seeking to shift them. So, you saw this in the predictions recently of a powerful hurricane sweeping in towards the East Coast, those saying it will present all kinds of difficulty. There was fear about this but there was also a powerful understanding. Many humans recognizing that as this energy comes in we can see it's higher purpose; a cleansing, a clearing. We can allow this for ourselves as part of our evacuation and as part of our seeing of this as a spreading of this as a clearing, cleansing energy.

As a result, we can move this energy in such a way that it is going to be a powerful storm but it is not going to be that which is going to destroy cities and cause widespread permanent damage and be that which will ultimately bring people together. Many involved in this recognized this. They said this hurricane and all of its predictions, it wasn't anywhere as bad as we thought it would be. Others of course in some areas saying it was pretty bad and the many millions of dollars in damages tells its own story. You have to decide for yourself how this was but if you can recall the days before the hurricane made landfall the tremendous energies that people were feeling about this you begin to recognize the way in which humanity more and more is able to make such changes about this.

Doing so with earthquakes of course is more difficult because they do not have the visible signs that you see presented to you in the news. But, they are there nevertheless. We have spoken about this for years and reminding you of this that you can regularly tune in to earth in a state of relaxation, in a state of meditation, a state of expansiveness. Whatever it takes you to reach that place of emptiness then you connect to earth. An excellent way to do this is a simple visualization of an energy from the base of your spine connecting to the center of Earth but there are many ways to it. You can pick any techniques or ideas that you want.

By no means are we restricting or saying a particular technique is better or worse than another. If it is that which allows you that openness and simultaneous contact with earth then that is sufficient. Then let her speak, let her share with you. Let her be with you. If this shows up in pictures and memories, in a scent. If this is useful to you, receive it, do not question it. Receive it and let it percolate, let it be with you. It may take as long as 72 hours but as the message emerges you may have an understanding of it.

If your understanding of this presents to you fear do not share this with others. First, work on the fear. Where is the fear in yourself? What is the False Evidence Appearing as Real? How can you come to understand and work with it? Where is the other side to that fear? What can be released from it? See the fear that shows up as the reaction that is occurring in your own hypothalamus, in your own emotions, in your own heart of that which is personal to you and allow it to shift. If it does not shift and you have the lessons and can quit them for a while.

But, if it does shift then know that the powerful change is now upon you. The opportunity to shift your relationship with the earth and provide her the feeling of the release of fear. The feeling of the shift and change within you in which it manifests as something useful, helpful, but not something that was harmful, or shaking or that was caused destruction. Perhaps it will be somewhere in between this; the distraction of an idea that has stood in your way. But, whatever it is communicate this in your next session of connecting with earth. Do not communicate it as thoughts or words but as gentle pictures, as a feeling, as the sense that at it's very core that which is a simple vibration.

This can have a more profound and helpful affect than you realize and there are many people doing this right now. It is for this reason that we make the prediction that the earthquakes that are going to occur over the next few years will be those which will create pockets of some severe destruction but they will not extend very far. Those areas of destruction will be those which will draw people together to help each other to move out of it. Loss of life will not be very great. Perhaps into the hundreds or thousands but not into the millions that has been predicted by some.

In addition to this in the production of tsunamis that can often occur particularly in the Pacific there will be sufficient technological innovation so that few will be harmed by this or there may be some mass destruction because the recent tsunamis have significantly changed the way in which scientists are able to study this and the improvement in communication through cellular communication in particular, has made it such that it is possible to present warnings far more rapidly than ever before.

Technology is always a two edge sword. It is that which presents various difficulties at the same time it is providing healing and benefit. So you see also this relationship in particular between the golden children, as they are called. More accurately "the gold ray children," and their sensitivity to noise, ultrasound, movement, and all kinds of things that previously people did not think would have significant effect. The very food that the mother eats, the way the child reacts to this generating in the mother the impulse to reject that food. The very way in which vibrations are felt. The positive side to this of course if the mother is able to feel positive, helpful, vibrations particularly when carrying the child, this can have beneficial effects.

You cannot state with certainty that ultrasound has this or that affect because it is an average. There are those who are more resistant to it; the amniotic fluid thicker, perhaps a larger cavity, the ability of certain children to be able to transmute these energies and so on and so forth. But, on average, because more of the golden children are being born we are suggesting that if an ultrasound is done that some powerful energies be in place before and after. Be it as a healing light, a golden light, inert gas energy; in particular argon, krypton; various ways in which people can present healing energies and then afterwards the idea that the ocean waves, that of a moving water, that of something helpful moving through.

Perhaps it is a path where one is simply moving the hand in the bath to present ways that are ways in which that energy releases all of the toxic build up that results. Ultrasound itself is that which sets into action a sequence and it is that sequence that can be different from one person to another. But, in many of the more sensitive children what this presents over time is a blockage, a sense that they are disconnected from the collective consciousness. So, for the mother to connect to this, to think on these aspects that are the highest and best for humanity, to let those come in as a sense of love, or nurturing, or caring. Not so much for the child but for her as if she is an example of this. These would be very helpful also after an ultrasound.

This begs the question as technology progresses, as to humanity's use of it how can this be appropriately understood? It is no accident that the price of gold has been pushing upwards recently as if there is a little message from the collective consciousness there is more value to this than you thought." Oh yes," you think that is simply in economic terms, no. It is also symbolic and that symbol is the importance of this as a material because it has so many important aspects of conductivity without excessive oxidation. Though silver is more conductive it oxidizes more easily. Nano threads of gold can be placed in the soles of shoes, even in socks and clothing and such threads can be helpful for connecting electrically to earth.

We would suggest if possible avoiding wearing them during thunderstorms but if you are then on an average day or night able to connect to earth more easily there is of course much benefit. It will not do you much good if the shoes have the gold threads but the socks do not. So, to wear shoes without socks or perhaps socks without shoes if they have the gold threads in them. These are simple things and of course we recognize that it is in this way in which people are connecting to the collective consciousness that there are problems that present themselves with technological solutions. What would be far better would be walking barefoot. There are many people who do so currently. But, for those who want to maintain some sense of the decorum associated with the consciousness of Wall Street, of others in the world who have a certain expectation and so on that is one possible solution.

In addition however, as this evolves one begins to recognize that this connection with Earth has something far greater to it than this ability to communicate about earthquakes, then this sense of being grounded and having more energy, then this awareness of this connection you have in using the earth to communicate with animals and so on, but also this way in which earth herself has a powerful, simple message for all of you. This is difficult to receive because sometimes what shows up is guilt.

But ultimately, this message is a very simple one that has to do with being; you are made of earth, let us celebrate this together. It is as if this principle of pleasure is manifesting in the principle of evolution right before your eyes when you understand Earth through Earth's terms, which are of course cosmic, going over centuries, millennia, even ages. That is where evolution was first introduced as a principle, not just a scientific principle but the very idea that an accident, that something a little different could somehow be taken up by all and be shared in a way in which it is now that which is accepted.

This is how you have come to be just a matter of a few million years ago the brain shift that occurred in the hominids, providing then this manifestation of what is now seen as humankind. It is that powerful evolutionary energy that Earth gives you as her greatest gift. It is of course the plants, the animals, the tremendous beauty of a waterfall, an ocean, of a cloud and you are surrounded by this all the time. But, in this greater sense when you think on it, how long has that waterfall been there? What has created these energies? The archaeological sense of it, the geophysical sense of it, the geological age of it, the reminder to you to think of your communication to earth in earth terms, this gentle reminder simply evolution.

Evolution is speeding up would be an interesting message from Earth to say to you and you are having a greater say in it than you have ever had. The way in which your own cells are communicating and coming to evolve is putting you into a place of tremendous stress. For instance, the animal body that you reside in is unable to cope with the results of the profit motive of processed foods. The body then reverted to those aspects for maximum healing which you call disease as a result of the ingestion of the processed foods. So, as you are able to eat those foods towards your body was designed 2 million years ago, many of these things move on through, you find healing. You think these foods are healthy. That is not correct they are simply the foods for which you are designed and the other foods produced cleansing or healing.

As you are able to understand this you are ultimately able to shift the entire perspective of technology around medicine, disease and all the rest of it. But, because that is just beginning in the collective consciousness the little cracks in questioning in the overall thought form of it. It will take some time and it may be the next generation that must bring this forward because those who have experienced this for their own healing and their own understanding, speaking about it are finding that theirs is but the minority voice. Not that which is widely disseminated or understood by the others.

But, as you are able to evolve and move in such a direction there is something that begins to show up that has been very much in the background before and it is that which we address tonight. That of the discovery in your own harvest, your own unconscious and it has been deep inside of you now emerging. The idea that which you just know is right. That which you just feel and understand as if in your heart, in your sense of yourself and it is from that place now we would ask you to enter into a silence. But the silence is not going to be one that is still, it is a moving one.

So, we would like you now to find a place in which you're comfortable moving. Perhaps it is a gentle arm gesture, perhaps it is a sharing and an understanding of your own breathing. As you become aware of that, as you allow that gentle movement we ask you to also recognize that within this is a stillness, a quietness. You can emphasize this by listening to the sound of the crickets, of the sound of nature, of the air, of the wind, the gentle noises in the room, of others breathing. But, you can also receive this is a different sort of energy.

We are going to speak of it now in a metaphorical term; the song of the universe. Imagine it now as a gentle ohm but whatever that sound is as you are able to recognize and welcome it, feel it resonating in every cell of your body. A gentle humming, moving, energy. As you allow it to take shape, strength, recognize also within it a silence, directly associated with the answer to this question: who is experiencing this right now? As you ask this question you may not know an answer, you may not receive a sense of what the answer is to this. Can you detect in it an infinite silence? An aspect of that which is simply empty? It is within that space that we ask you now to move; a stretch, an energy movement and your body now is able to say I welcome this, I am one with this, it is all right.

Jill: is this a good time to start new, big projects?

Hilarion: Of course. We would normally suggest in times when Mercury is retrograde that you do your planning for such projects. But, as Mercury is now direct this is a very good time for this. Otherwise, we would say it's past time. Humanity needs big projects. The difficulty can be if you think you're going to fail. But if you knew you were going to fail? Would you say I am not going to attempt that I'm only going to attempt something that I am successful in? Even if that failure meant that you grew? That you learned? That you evolved more then you ever would if you have been successful? That is what you are really asking.

We are asking you to consciously question that and to give up the idea to know if you have succeeded or failed. You can know if it is love for wanting something. If it is wanting something we ask," What do you want more than that? What do want more than that? Whatever the answer is to that. If that can be helpful to guide you in your project, in your magnificent effort you will be less likely to fail and you will be more likely to get what you want and beyond and because you are recognizing that it is not necessarily loving even though you thought it might have been you can let it go. This is the real key you see, to success. That you have the biggest perspective, laughing at it, letting it go, moving beyond it in a way in which you are not stuck in the old way of seeing it. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. Will our economy tank further? What do we need to prepare?

Hilarion: Unquestionably, so many aspects are in motion which cannot be stopped and we have stated over and over the importance of community, connecting with others, working with them at every possible level and find it for yourself what you have to contribute to your community and what ways you have for them to work with you. Always, where possible, a conscious community; a shared level of ideas; of love; something you have in common with each other, something beyond that which might relate to money. But, if this is difficult for you, if this produces too much fear then of course you have co-housing, co-communities, and if that is too difficult for you then you have your neighborhood community where each one is individually working in their own area but they connect about little things. Perhaps, a sharing of a tool.

Well, we are suggesting whatever it is because of the nature of the powerful economic pressure, all of this community interaction will be forced up a notch from whatever level it is to something of greater interaction. So, take this as proactive. Be a part of this now. Find ways in which what you have is unique and valuable to your community and in this way you can be ahead of the curve, moving that up one notch already. Of course, as the economy is able to produce all kinds of pressure, it has within it this other aspect we've already spoken to. That of the collective consciousness now coming more deeply to many.

You will see more protests, more people rising up against, more energies that say no. Oftentimes these energies are difficult to make cohesive into a new vision that is helpful. You have seen this sweeping through the Middle East and it is happening in the US too, although in a very small way now. But, still already happening. For instance, right now there is on- going a sit in in Wall Street. So, also in various universities, various powerful changes in research laboratories in various areas of community involvement all over the world.

Recognize that the real energy here is emerging around one simple idea. We are going to make our priorities those which are most appropriate. That is of course where the argument shows up. Appropriate in this direction or that direction has to do with asking the right question. There the real questions are those we have already spoken to you today. What do you want and what do you want more than that? Is it interesting, important, valuable to you to feel love? Who are you really? These are difficult questions but in your willingness to answer and work with the answers, in your willingness to ask others and work with their answers, community is created. People are able to connect more easily.

Sometimes there is difficulty with this of course but as you move through that you find on the other side is some aspect of love or trust or a way in which that which was the fear is now melted or shifted. Which brings us to that area that those involved with what has been called, "new age thinking" or new ways of understanding or channeling or many other areas that have been on the edge so to speak of what is collective consciousness, mainstream.

This idea of fear, that you have confronted it. That you have found ways to work with it. By no means is there only one way. Whatever it is, realize, that is your gift. What others are confronting the fear, when they are willing to look at it, look at the way in which the movies now coming out over and over of people dealing with this more and more. Be it the fear of violence, the fear of change, the fear of their economic stability, the fear goes on and on. Often times these movies do not present easy solutions but the point is that the collective consciousness is crying out for an end to fear.

How can you present this? Your own personal understanding? How it worked through you? What happened to help you move through it? That is your gift. That is something that can be shared if you are willing to speak about it. If you are willing to name it. If you are willing to look into somebody's eyes and say are you afraid? This is very important to understand because if you can disconnect the fear from the, as your term was, "economic tanking," you will find then that it really isn't so bad. That people are able to move through it and find the changes that are needed and find new solutions.

But, when it is the fear that is paralyzing, that is harmful, that prevents them from understanding new opportunities, connecting with others, working in ways that can help them solve it, etc. You then see the way in which this is ongoing and in general the solution presents itself. The opportunity for humanity, the collective consciousness of all of humanity through this fear around economic contraction and all of the difficulties associated with the end to economic growth being those which show up now is that which is symbolic of fear and the readiness for humanity to let that go.

Economic growth of course is absurd. You have but one planet unless you are collecting things from the rest of the solar system all of the stuff you have to work with is right here. It isn't growing. So, economic growth is simply that which is symbolic of an unwillingness to confront fear. So, what you recognize is neither contraction or expansion but that way in which humanity is able to provide for humanity in a way in which it is appropriate, as it is loving, as is the golden rule: "As you would do for others as you would have them do for you."

Of course that is all misty eyed and Lala land to think about but in reality it is this urge for the collective consciousness to release this fear that is showing up. What better way than creating fear. Fear of inflation. Fear of losing jobs. Fear of this in the economy or that. The list goes on and on and yet here you are. You survive. If you have a way in which you can share this in a way in which you have personally confronted fear, and have been able to move through it you will be surprised to find it may be very helpful to others. It may be a way they had not considered. It may be some aspect that they would find very useful and helpful. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes, Hilarion. Thank you. What would be the best advice for land to clear and make it more fertile?

Hilarion: In "Secrets of the Soil," this was discussed extensively. The towers of power, use of various rocks and materials in addition to this we suggest the inert combination called,"Vitality," as that which is a powerful, beneficial way of connecting and sharing energies. This can be utilized in so many different ways: 18% helium; 36% neon, 46% xenon; pendant, the devices buried in the land, electro-magnetics, all different ways it can be used.

But, intent is most important. If your intent in creating the land as that which is home, that which is place of fertility, of love; intent as you create it. This is most important; walking the land, sharing the intent with the animals, the plants, feeling your feet in the earth and holding a crystal and squeezing it while you walk the land and speak of such matters. Then burying the crystal in the earth; a symbolic act but also some powerful energies associated with this. No technique is immune each has its own benefit but the clear most important message is your own prayer, your own energy; your willingness to share, love, connect and receive.

This is the other side. Receiving the messages of the land. Letting it speak to you as to what it needs. This can also be very important and ways in which the plants in particular communicating through their own Devic symbols and the energies associated with them. This is also very important and relates specifically to dreams. To dream of these things particularly at the time of full and new moon. Welcome this by incubating the dream. Awaken yourself in the early morning; 3a.m. perhaps. Think on such matters, walk the land a bit and then go back to sleep. Receiving the messages and when you awake write them down. These are powerful techniques that have much value.

The most powerful in all of these is when you can project your consciousness out of your body and while you are out of the body you are projecting powerful energies to the land. The reason for this is that you are not putting very much energy on the physical body having to keep it going, you are letting it go, leaving it behind you. This can often present powerful, healing energies and cement your better communication with the Devic orders, the spirits of nature, and the subtle energies all around you. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Thank you. Can we have Athena come through and speak to us about our connection between having faith and trust and fully receiving the love that is available?

Athena: To be present with love that is already here is the first place to look at this. That which you ignore. Now, breathe. Your heart breathing, receiving this moves through your body. Then give it a name, then you call it love. By then it is already moved on, out your hands to the rest of the room. Breathe it, feel it. The light of truth touches your heart; resounds, tells you there is the being. There is the breathing. Everything else is a construction, a thought. So, you must believe in it. You must have faith in it or not according to what someone else says, how absurd.

Only that which you know, only that which you breathe. All of the rest it is a leading edge relative truth. It is that which will change. If it doesn't in this lifetime it will in the next. How many things that you held as near and dear as an absolute truth? How many of these from your childhood are true today? There is no belief that tells you anything about belief. It is just a story. It is just conjecture. Then there is wishful thinking. The wishful thinking that is confused with intuition, confused with knowingness but then it shows up to tell you about wishful thinking, to present to you its real truth that you wish the evolution, the way in which all might accept something like a belief in the Golden Rule. A belief in love, a belief in the answer to knowing who you really are as that which is beyond knowing.

This is a different way to answer this question. A different way to proceed. To hear your heart whispering. Believe in the wind. Believe in your breath. Believe in your being. Believe in light. Now choose the belief that you would like to live by. Don't create it as that which is your faith in what someone else said. But, that which you know you would like to live by. If this belief can be that which you can welcome as you would welcome your breath, as you would welcome your being, how powerful and how great this energy.

Now, just because you choose it you swirl that somehow in your heart. The heart is so able to swirl. Swirling that with love. Swirling that with the center of you which says I have always loved; the nature of my being is love. That is swirled with this belief. This simple belief in that which is beyond you. Beyond your ability to know but that which you do know you would want. A belief in doing to others as you would have them do unto you. A belief in that which is beyond the energy of what you see. A belief in the unseen realms perhaps, a belief in love as a principle that all might share swirls in your heart simply because you welcome it. Now, that is faith. That swirling, not a faith in what someone else has stated not somebody else's way of being. Of course, you recognize that it is familiar because when someone else had such others had faith in them. You be this now. Be this in yourself.

Hilarion: Yes. Hilarion here again. Thank you Athena for this way of sharing by welcoming and at the same time revealing your own experience. Further question?

Jill: We have a few minutes to close.

Hilarion: No Jill. You have a burning question.

Jill: A question about 11/11/11?

Hilarion: a fun time for all. November 11 of 2011 focuses on 20. Decade two. Century two. Millennia two. A sense that you are ready to grow up but you are not yet of age that she would be with 21. Let the 11 surround you and remind you that is one of the unconscious symbols that will be little spoken of. It's opportunity for change. Same as the opportunity of this approaching comet that the change is for you to see things differently, to step outside of yourself, to have a new perspective on things. Excellent day to do this but also on November 11 a wonderful day simply for being quiet, for receiving or letting the powerful energies of the world speak to you.

What tends to happen on these dates is too much busyness so as that can be let go of and a little time for that quietness and energy of its own nature. That is the real opportunity of 11/11. To close we would remind you of this opportunity that you are bridging, that you are aware of the consciousness of the individual and of something far greater and it is in your heart now. Not in your thoughts, in your understanding, but in your love and we ask you to welcome this, creating the emerald light as a cylinder about 100 feet, about 33 m diameter it moves infinitely upwards through you. But, on each out breath expanding larger and larger as it reaches many miles in diameter you recognize your connection with earth as if bubbling deep within her now a powerful ohm sound. making its way up the cylinder, touching your feet, coming into your heart now shared out loud. Goodbye. Ohmmmm.

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