Hilarion Winter Solstice 2011

Jill: Greetings. Today is December 21, 2011. Welcome to the Winter Solstice channeling of Hilarion in Nevada City, California. Tonight Hilarion will be answering questions from those in attendance as well as those who sent in questions via email. For further information on channelings, books, tapes, DVDs and devices please contact Jon C. Fox, PO Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959 or visit us on the web at hilarion.com.

Hilarion: Greetings - this is that energy being or vibration you call Hilarion. A moment please while we make deeper contact… We first remind you of the idea of a powerful, emerald light filling this room. It extends outward and upward until it forms a cylinder about 100 feet, that is about 33 m in diameter. It moves infinitely upwards through center of earth for purposes of protection and connection.

We have the unique opportunity to be speaking to you so close to the precise astronomical moment of the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere in which the Earth energy makes its powerful shift. The shortest night time ahead of you in the southern hemisphere, the longest night time, now tonight in the northern hemisphere bringing to you right at this moment a deeper connection with the animal aspect within yourself and within the world, with the mineral, the sense of the Earth herself, her own ability in her slow, easy one year breath.

The sense of the cosmos: the interaction between the Earth, the sun and the entire galaxy. All of these energies have multiple meanings, many aspects of symbolism, many ways to interpret them. But, so close to this precise moment the wonderful opportunity for you without a story, without an idea, simply to enter into an awareness of this. Simply allow it to fill you. We suggest that as you are at peace with this idea, the sense of the energy shifting, the movement towards the wintertime in the north. The sense that the animals can be touched and loved in your heart would be helpful.

In particular the wild animals who are encroached upon by humanity. Ever expanding industry, climate change and of course where people live into their habitats and at the same time bringing them this message, "We know better. We understand what we are doing to this planet. There is a plan, a vision, a wisdom in this."

At the same time as this energy which is what the animals seem to sense initially there is as if this underneath a great deal of uncertainty. The underlying forces that are pushing humanity into ever expanding vistas, ever encroaching habitats, and ever increasing population are those which are forces without which humanity has such a vision or an understanding.

So, in the same sense that you would reach to the animals to tell them there is safety, there is the approaching time of change, the darkest night and soon the springtime, longer days and more beautiful awakening in the spring there is this other message: teach me, share with me your vision, your understanding, your attunement, intuition to the earth to its seasons, to the other animals and plants. These are energies that say we are in kinship, we are in connection, we can learn from each other.

This is one of the great gifts of this planet, for humanity chose this particular planet to incarnate on: to interact as a soul within itself in separate bodies. There were many choices, many planets throughout the galaxy that were quite suitable. Other galaxies as well with very different ways of working and energizing physical bodies. Yet, here was seen tremendous variety of animals and plants. Tremendous encouragement for people to make choices, tremendous energy of all of the different things that you could work on, learn about and share with your fellow man and woman.

As a result of this these animals and this kinship with humanity goes much deeper than words or thoughts or ideas. Earth breathes. You could say that in the moment of the solstice is the complete breath, out breath or in breath depending on which hemisphere and the sense now that this is about to shift, these energies are about to change. In this moment then the animals are more easily able to receive your communication and you theirs.

So for a moment draw to you now, a deer perhaps, a dolphin perhaps, a wolf, an eagle, a turtle. You choose the animal totem that is most appropriate and as you are connecting to that being, share with that being what is in your heart as love. As the most expanded, loving, helpful thought that you may have at this moment. Symbolized perhaps as an embrace, by a loving gesture, by a welcoming hand. But, in this moment as if to say there are possibilities for you. I honor you, this being representing earth and all animals, I connect with you and share with you my heart.

Oftentimes baby Jesus is represented as in contact with various animals. There is no accident to this. Oftentimes the animals as particularly just born symbolize for people an awakening, an opening in your heart, a willingness to receive this energy without thought, without story, without idea. That is the real point of this because Earth's communication about this, though full of possibilities for intelligence, ideas and capacities for solutions at this moment, at this time of the solstice it is not that, it is a silence. A loving energy. It is that which sustains you.

We have often asked you, "Who or what are you experiencing? What is experiencing you? What is the nature of your experience and so on? " But right now the Earth is asking you this question in her own voice, in her own way, how will you experience me? How do you open? Can you receive? Can you breathe with me right now? This experience is not one that is easily described but we would ask you in this moment to recognize that that which is experiencing you, that which moves through you, that sense of something much bigger than who you are in everyday life that this bigness also moves through earth.

That this is what she is experiencing and that this energy is easily shared as you simply open to it. It is as if when you ask the question, who or what is experiencing this? There is this resonance, she also asks and in that place of expanded awareness there is a meeting. The plants, the animals, the kingdom of the air, the kingdom of the bacteria, the kingdom of all of these things on this planet and the kingdom of humans in this place now for a moment all stop. They all simply notice the breathing, they notice the possibilities. They notice who or what is experiencing all of this?

There are many questions about your reality. Yet, what you do not understand is that when you are so frequently enmeshed in experiences that are other than this, other than this connection, this larger energy that in your own thoughts, that in your own consciousness, in your day-to-day actions you reinforce the consequences of those ideas. You re-enforce the ideas of not enough time or money, or not enough of whatever. You reinforce ideas that may seem to have within them limitations. Yet at its core this larger energy that which all of you are experiencing, all of us are experiencing it is so much then without limits. So full of abundance. This is in direct contradiction to the nature of what happens.

So, since one of the questions is about what is it like to live at Fifth density, a sort of meaningless number but that which relates to consciousness, that which relates to where humanity is heading and many aspects of Earth as well. That is the most important, that sense that in this conflict between limitation and the limitless, you choose with all of your being the limitless. When you are choosing with even a significant portion of your own consciousness that which is limited against your better judgment, against your better understanding, against your heart you are of course creating all kinds of internal conflicts. Creating Ideas and aspects within you for the purpose of learning about yourself and interacting with other people, providing various balancing ways of karma and things you might think are important. Etc. the list is nearly infinite but not quite.

Because near the bottom of the list is something along the lines of enough of this. It is as if just waiting, just reminding the greatest gift of existence simply this awareness that all of it, is. So, as a consequence of this, the way you would experience life in Fifth Density would of course be significantly different. The aspects of what are most important to you, it is as if they are turned upside down and because things tend to be speeded up in terms of the transformation between thoughts and reality: two things happen. For those beings whose thoughts are so powerfully focused on lack, limitation, insufficiency that's what they create and for them the world pinches in and becomes more difficult and there are many aspects of it that are quite troubling.

But, For those who have convinced themselves, who have noticed the truth of this, who have in some way directly experienced the limitlessness of their existence, that is amplified. So, the consequences of that then come to the manifestation of thought, almost instantaneously as matter. The manifestation of your consciousness in the world as that which would feed you, so food, clothing, shelter all become unnecessary. They are there to play with, to enjoy. They are there as you might play a game of chess or table tennis.

But, they are simply there for you to choose from and play with and of course what you come into naturally is an expansion of ways in which this is valuable to your soul which inevitably takes you to one place and that place is one in which the masters, helpers, many beings who wish to assist planet earth have come to because in their own evolution they no longer have this conflict because they understand at the intrinsic level the limitlessness of all existence. Because thought is so quickly manifested as exactly that which you would desire or create. What there is to do is primarily help others. Assist those who are unwilling, who are unable, impossible to work with, etc.

A powerful question has been posed, is there such a thing as evil? Is such a thing in existence in the sense that you might have any example of this you can always see how greater consciousness, greater awareness, asking the right questions, manifesting those energies that would be most appropriate as the result dissolves that which seems to be in opposition to good. Dissolves that which you know in your heart that answers such a question as is there such a thing as evil? So, in this place then where you can assist one of the things that you recognize is the ability to ask the right questions. To penetrate in your prayer for clarity, to examine the aspects that provide some attachment to ignorance and as a result there is a constant shift from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge and from knowledge to wisdom.

This is quite gratifying and quite helpful and that is also an answer to a question asked about how we experience. Because we are working at this density level and other densities as well it is of value to assist not because it is karmically helpful, not because we are trying to make an impression, not because it is needed. You could say for the fun of it. You could say not much else to do and it gets boring. You could say that there is something intrinsic to the principle, that which Viera calls, "assentiallity." At this level you might wish to look at it well, that which is done, that which is most interesting, that which is indeed the most helpful in our own evolution more so than anything else.

The reason for this is very simple. It is the principle of reflection. As Byron Katie has observed so often that which is seen out there is always what is within you. So we are recognizing not the separation but the oneness and each time you have an issue about any particular aspect of your life, any confusion, any difficulty so also do we. In the way in which you experience pain, struggle, various aspects that might seem like life or death, so do we. In the way in which these energies might be in some way be distracting and difficult so also can we find this within ourselves.

Naturally, it would always make sense to find wherever possible when you're working with somebody else then to use this as an example. That the fifth density, or the aspects relating to various aspects of consciousness must never be seen that which is something unattainable, that is far off or something you are waiting for. That a particular date December 21, 2012 has been proposed for instance will then naturally provide an acceleration sufficient to push everyone to that density.

In point of fact you have the opportunity to enter into this state, into this action, this understanding anytime that you wish. One of the simplest and quickest ways to do this is to ask the question who or what is experiencing this? But other ways also show up. As you are able to work with this what you are reminded of all of the time is the limitlessness that is intrinsic to some aspect of who you are. It doesn't always make sense because the way you have been taught to make sense of it, is that which is based on the three dimensional world which goes well so far as it can until it needs to point to a larger or far, far smaller way of existence.

At either end the limitlessness, the limitlessness of the "Higgs Boson," sometimes called, "The God Particle," the limitlessness of the entire universe as you would perceive it, multiple universes, the multi-universe itself. These aspects can be derived, looked at and studied scientifically at the third dimensional level until of course they break down. This deeper understanding of an internal knowledge, of an awareness that is just within you that is what we are asking you. Not just to receive by ideas, by thoughts, by asking the question in meditation but right now from Earth because she in her own way also experiences this through the actions of the plants, the animals, very powerful creatures who live within her and the very tiny creatures as well.

In this way this experience is multiplied from all of this is a oneness. The oneness of being that is focused on particular aspects that are necessary for your continued existence. As we often stated aspects to develop love, the opportunity to hold in a positive, helpful, assisting, uplifting way your friends, your neighbors, your animals and plants, the Earth herself, the nature of your own being, all of these things are a reminder of something inside that is intrinsic and wonderful about humans.

You could say that it's the result of all of the hard lessons of war and karmic division and struggle for millennia and this is true. But, there are many other reasons for this and one of them is the powerful galactic shift from Pisces to Aquarius, a reminder to you of the true nature of your being, to move out of the shadows and into the light with a place of deep, powerful , love. Yet, this energy as you would understand and work with it is re-manifested regularly and so we see the regime change in North Korea. With a great shift of energy of this nature, many of the people there pray; cry forth with their own energy in their own way, it might not be a prayer necessarily as you understand it but still as a collective consciousness," let us join the rest of the world. Let us find freedom. Let us make this our reality"

It is important to recognize that the communication about what has happened in what was the great changes in the Middle East, the great shifts on your planet in the last year, the Occupy Movement and the list goes on and on, these have reached the hearts and minds of the North Korean people. They do understand these things not with the detail perhaps but the idea perhaps that this is possible.

So the tremendous opportunity that was brought forth, there is great talk of revolution, there is great talk of many changes, but it is hoped that they will also recognize the tremendous benefit of peace. The opportunity for this to be a peaceful shift through some sense of a change in the personality of the leadership, this is mirrored: a greater degree of kindness, a possibility for love is now brought forth for Kim Jong Il and will this be taken or not is the great question for the people right now. The Korean people themselves will assist with this more than anything else.

One of the great lessons karmically for these people is that by being isolated from the world a unique opportunity has presented itself. This was never the original intent of Kim Jong Il but still this opportunity for these energies to be presented still is present. His own energy as a re-manifestation of a rebalancing of karma naturally mirrors this. This is the idea that those who have created or been willing participants in the creation of various forms of negative karma on planet earth now have a place where they can land. Where they are able to interact with these energies in the way of suffering, starvation in particular and other energies these are the political leaders, regime changers, powerful beings in various positions who have reached some degree in which they must have physical incarnation but at the same time must not be allowed to harm others or be in position for their own karma to re-create this chaos and difficulty in their soul and in the world simultaneously.

Thus, the political leaders from the Civil War era in USA, political leaders in Nazi Germany, political leaders in Communist China, these individuals incarnating at this time in North Korea to work out and understand many of these things as common people, as peasants, to then re-create for themselves this karma. One of the powerful karmic lessons as they are studying and working with the law of karma is internal. The way in which the balancing can take place, in which a greater love might be manifested.

That is the great opportunity. The Korean people have not yet fully grasped this but this is a wonderful time to assist them. If you might imagine for yourself something loving, perhaps somebody you care for deeply. Imagine that you are embracing them or you are speaking words of love to them or they are speaking them to you. It need not be a human being you may have this kind of feeling for an animal, a pet perhaps, perhaps a child but in any way in which you have this let it envelop your heart. Let it be a feeling that you may breathe.

Recognize within it is a wave of energy that expands outward from you. You are bigger than just your own physical body with this energy. It moves out three or four feet, a meter or two away from you and bigger and bigger than that. When it reaches the end of the emerald light cylinder which we spoke of earlier that is the time to see it instantly transported to North Korea. An energy now simply sent to this place with a feeling behind it, do with this as you see fit, feel and know this love as a real possibility for engaging each other, for assisting with the changes on your world, in your lives, in your countrymen and women but also within your political leaders, then the possibilities for your race, for your reality, for your country.

This is always the issue when the Universal issue is the law of karma. Because there is this higher solution that dissolves karma, that melts it, that shifts it, that allows the karmic balance back and forth endlessly with the ages comes to a halt. The sense that both are loved, the sense that the perpetrator and the victim as one are held in the arms and in the loving hands of your own God self, your own Christ energy.

Many questions about the Christ tonight, the nature of Jesus's life, the things that were done and so on. There are some difficulties answering this in a way that is appropriate for all people to hear. We would hearken back to the simple question," at what age in your life did you learn that Santa Claus did not exist?" This is a difficult question for many because you have many times walled off emotionally how that felt to you. Many in your lives who were older than you decided to lie to you about this; a very convenient, playful lie. One in which it gave excuses for present giving at Christmas time.

This is not true of course for everyone but for many people even those who do not observe this in a religious way, those Jews or Muslims, or atheists. Still these energies are difficult for you to understand. It is as if you have had to throw off the childlike way of seeing things. Similarly of course with the tooth fairy and in many ways the list simply goes on and on until you recognize the Easter Bunny and all of these things have symbolic meaning, have essential creativity, awareness, love, many positive intents.

But, within them at their core what are they based on? They are based on the opportunity to create that which in your heart has meaning. To go beyond this and get into every one of the specifics where it is historical then begs the question how much of this do you really want to understand? At every stage whether historical understanding of Jesus, of all the things that occurred in that special time and so on have been interpreted in so many ways, yet only present in certain books and not anywhere else. A little grain of suspicion has been thrown in.

Yet, it is not to take away the benefit of this. After all, the benefit of Santa Claus is for you to think that there is somehow this opportunity for gift giving, for generosity, for love, for magic. Never mind that it's just about impossible to imagine how millions could be gifted at the same moment it is then a reminder to you of magic. This is of course the real benefit, the real understanding of the magic of Christ. The magic of this is not so much around these aspects of faith or love or assistance or the opportunity to truly accept the fundamental law of the way in which many religions seek to provide peace and awareness, turn the other cheek, the sense that do unto others as they would to you and so on. These essential, powerful, peaceful messages have to have within them some aspect of consolation, of love, of a sense of oneness not for the purpose of accepting them on faith but for the purpose of instilling within you love, for the purpose of something much greater.

This is a difficult aspect to speak of, it is the true gift of the Christ. It is the true lesson of the mysticism, the myths, the energies associated with the baby Jesus and all of the rest. The opportunity for the Universal law to be shifted. If the universal law of karma is to be that which is imposed fully at every level throughout existence than the opportunity for you to actually experience enlightenment, oneness, fifth density, call it what you will. This is simply not possible because you will simply be going back and forth. Perhaps for a moment, just a moment, you could balance karma perfectly and yet then suddenly something or other well happen because karma is about cause and effect and causes are constantly happening.

No, what is needed is a larger context, that is love. That is the lesson. That is the capacity, the most powerful really in your existence on planet earth perhaps even for this entire galaxy. That it is possible to somehow just by willing it, just by accepting it, just by knowing it. Not by anything else accept and love the victim and the perpetrator. The part that which within you is both. That aspect is available to you in so many different ways in the world as the two opposites, it is a great and powerful healing. The healing energy that is possible for you to understand in a way outside of time, space, outside the reality that manifested all of that which seems to engender karma around you because it is the initial creative force. When the prayer includes creator of love you understand this at a fundamental level without the words, without the thoughts, it is an open door, an invitation to you to enter into this place in which love heals.

There is a question about what is sometimes referred to as," The magic bullet." The sense that taking this thing, or doing that thing will heal you. But, you must understand that these are symbols at the physical level. The most powerful energies here, the most difficult ones that take your pain, your suffering, your distraction, your sleeplessness, you will leave them behind. When your physical body dies, the pain, the issues, whatever, all of them are left behind. So they are symbols, there are a reminder to you of something greater and it is not just that love that we are speaking of, it is the opportunity to recognize your creativity. That you create this for the experience, for the reminder, for the opportunity to know the nature of that which created this.

As a result, the magic bullet that which would suddenly heal you cannot at the core level by its own nature heal everything about you; cannot be that which heals the soul, that which you do yourself. So, at best it is temporary. At best it is that which gives you some benefit, some consolation. It does so with an anchoring effect. The opportunity for it to be longer lived if you use that break, that moment, that shift to seek some more clarification, some more understanding, some more awareness.

It is not that consolation and clarification are in opposition but they are merged together. As you experience one the other one shifts for you. The way to access this, to learn it, to know it, so also it is that as there is greater understanding, greater scientific awareness, greater knowledge, greater attunement, greater clarification in that sense those healing techniques that work for greater consolation work better, they hold longer. They manifest at the physical level for more people because they are based at their very most profound, fundamental level on consolation, clarification, intertwinement. When you understand this you can keep looking for that which gives you greater clarification and every time something shows up that needs more attunement, more knowledge, more understanding, go for it; work with it, learn about it. This may often draw you to an underlying principle, to something deeper, something more profound.

Thus, when this is then created in the world that which manifests as a result of it is that which will have more profound effect. What are you working with here again? Karma; cause and effect. That manifestation and that effect leading to a new manifestation of something else and on and on it goes. The real point. The "why" you could say healing techniques are never 100% effective, do not work for everybody. Healing methodologies are helpful to some and yet refused by others and so on.

Because at the core you know you're going to leave it all behind. Because you know at the core you are more than this and at the core you know that this love, this willingness to accept both part of this. Both the healer and the client, both the healthy state and the disease state, all the manifestations of victim and perpetrator, this is within your hearts capacity. This is within your ability. This is your gift. It is the real reason why these things show up and it is the underlying reason why disease, a difficulty on your planet as you work with it and so on is up to be changed, to be shifted through love, through some aspect of deeper understanding and forgiveness.

At the same time as this there is a recognition, an internal natural principle at work that is far beyond anything physical and that those principles that are then allowed to manifest on their own at the physical level have tremendous capacity to bring things back into alignment and harmony. That is working with universal law. This then is the simple procedure of all it. To be used with anything you are taking, exercising with, struggling with interacting with another person, whatever. Find a way somehow to let it go.

For many individuals this means something simple as going into an altered state in which you can see yourself separated from the physical body, the body left on its own by its own devices, manifests maximum healing. To draw itself intuitively perhaps to the right thing to do; work with the energies as they might manifest directly but whatever it is you give it a chance. Does this seem in conflict with the idea of greater knowledge? Greater understanding? Greater awareness? Yes! Because it is taking you out of the realm of karma and into the realm of love.

But, not a love that says I know what's best, but a love that acknowledges you the body, the consciousness, the interactions, the relationships; somehow you know best. No, of course it doesn't make sense, and that is its great paradox. The way in which the sense of it is that which draws you back to the cause and effect aspects. There is a question about one of these specifically which is showing up in many places on your planet right now. The hemp plant, Cannabis in its various forms and its ways of interacting with people has been that which has been gifted to humanity to bring both you could say the benefits and the detriments, the addictions and the healings as it has been discovered, Cannabinol is that which has anti-psychoactive properties and exists right alongside Cannibal. These two materials as they manifest then are able to produce different effects. It has been noted that cbd affects are often healing and beneficial. Just like others however, they are temporary and though they can be seen as beneficial the real purpose of the discovery of the differences of the materials in the same plant is to provide a greater level of maturity.

Can people use this plant appropriately? Can they find within it the opportunity for healing without addiction and without independence. There is no ultimate answer to this but it has been observed by most individuals involved on the spiritual path that the use of cannabis in smoke, in the ways in which Tetrahydrocannabinol is so useful as an inebriant, is a consciousness changer and so on that using it excessively short circuits many important Enlightenment pathways, emotional connections, benefits in consciousness are curtailed.

As a result there must be a powerful level of maturity to rise above this. Addiction in all of its forms on your planet is a powerful lesson. Addiction to oil, a clear and present issue for so many on your planet. The addiction to oil might provide jobs can somehow heal the economic difficulties on your planet and so on is a very shortsighted way of seeing how these things are done since of course what you gift to your children and grandchildren, is a world in which there are far more difficulties then simply related to money and economic problems.

In recognizing and working with these energies the movement through addiction is a very powerful lesson. This is perhaps the highest, most useful spiritual lesson of CBD. The anti-psychoactive properties in hemp have this to reveal. The sense of your ability to let go of addiction, not just to marijuana and its effects but to many aspects in your life that have reduced consciousness in the effort to somehow expand it. In particular, we note that rosemary flower essence, Deneb starlight elixir, pink diamond gem elixir will have some accelerating effects and assistance in the use of this material.

It is also valuable as you are able to explore and work with various healing methods that you understand this basic principle. The simple way in which the body has an inherent design factor: the opportunity to work with raw foods, to then work with those materials that you already design for just as the animals and the animal ancestry going back millions of years are then attuned to this. Those materials which are closest to those which are most easily absorbed, utilized, benefiting you and so on are naturally the most healthfully, the most long-term healing benefits.

So, gradual revelations of the differences in the milk produced by cows with proteins called A1, A2,B, etc. Gradually of course the underlying invested interest much information provided for instance by the A2 Corporation must always be seen in the correct light. But, generally as you will use these you will see that the older strains, the aspects that are related to your ancestry over and over reap the most benefits. Thus, all studies should be done on raw products not pasteurized in order to have any valid results since these are the foods that of course your ancestors consumed and the animals as they still do.

So, we have touched quickly on a few of these interesting topics. One of these which is a very intriguing one to look at has been asked about what it is like on other planets so far as astrology goes. It's not so important because one of the main purposes of astrology is to divine various aspects of information that would somehow be denied you, be less than invisible or aware. We have described in our little book "Astrology Plus," and others such as "Symbols." This idea that these symbols are more important than the influence of a planet and the symbols are there to remind you of the things you have forgotten; important energies about your birth, your destiny, your ideas, the things you came in with, your talents, capabilities, the various filters you have, etc.. Etc. these are lovely but if you just knew this as a continuation from the time before you were born into the time that you are in existence you would not need it.

So, astrology takes a completely different form on other planets. It is used symbolically as the time of celebration, as a time of interacting with each other because there is a repeated energy that can be seen going back historically to the time in which that civilization was quite primitive as if a reconnection with your own ancestors. A celebration of the Solstice and Equinox would be a good reminder of this energy. A celebration of the way in which two stars might eclipse each other. Various energies might stand in various patterns in the sky and so on. Times then to connect, to reconnect with others, with the planet you live on it with others, with the galaxy and at times even with planets far away such as Earth people. Generally speaking though, astrology is not used for divination on other planets because the information is already available. So, we have branched a little bit far from our initial ideas but perhaps this would be a good time to take some more questions.

Jill: Can you please comment on what is happening in Israel and Palestine?

Hilarion: in the Middle East right now, many powerful ramifications of what has been termed "Arab Spring," the idea that the countries relate to the people in those countries more than the leaders of those countries. This is a powerful message that has been very difficult for Israelites to understand and yet it is the fundamental message. What is coming through now in dreams, in the actions of the guides and helpers, energies of the other side," meet your neighbors."

To the Palestinians, to the Israelis," cross the border, become friends." This is a unique opportunity to set aside what your leaders have told you and discover for yourself, find a kinship, find a family, find a loving, find a possibility here. When this is more available, when people write about it, when it is shared in ways that others can accept it, can expand beyond this, can expand to the neighboring countries especially into Syria and the areas of continued repression and difficulty in the Middle East. When the sense of greater brotherhood, greater fraternity, greater respect and the powerful messages. The powerful messages that have been present in Israel about women can be better understood and accepted in the Islamic countries much benefit can take place.

Israel is entrenched. Much of the Arab world recognizes this, though Arab leaders will speak of it as though somehow it will be removed and Israel will somehow disappear the people who live there know this is absolutely not going to happen. The opportunity to live with your neighbor, to learn about them, to become somehow friendly this is ultimately more important than any religious idea, then any thought pattern that is simply there to provide power to the leader who provides that thought. This is the great opportunity of peace in this region not peace in the sense that it relates to the political leaders, the economic issues but the people themselves. After all, think of the karma, think of the energy associated with your own consciousness if you chose to be born a Palestinian or to be born in Israel. The powerful lessons, the balancing opportunities for you and so on.

As this is all occurring, there is greater and greater intensity and focus on communication through the Internet, through various specifics such as Facebook, Twitter, such as all of the ways in which people can work with this so it expands and expands until it reaches a point of a powerful, critical shift. This has already occurred in some other countries and between the Palestinians and the Israelis some new thoughts around this are now beginning to appear. A way in which the world is told we want to find some deeper connection here. These people deserve just as we do all the opportunities for life, for existence, for understanding.

It is true that at the same time as this there is some backward movement that, "Arab Spring" has produced in addition to all kinds of ideas of freedom, many aspects of intensification, of fundamentalist religious principles that are essentially exclusionary. It is these very principles that are being mirrored in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because these principles must be discarded. Those principles that allow greater acceptance, greater love, greater connection are the only ones that can yield any sense of solution to the issues. No people can be wiped out, there are simply too many and to accept that this is even possible is going to be again back to the karmic issue, the sense that you are seeking revenge because of what happened to your brother, your father, your mother, or even more difficult, to you in a past life.

It is hoped that as people will recognize this essential sense of greater freedom the powerful energies that are poured into this place will be better understood. Many eyes are on the countries where there is greater repression and as this shifts more energy for freedom becomes available. What will you do with this? Can it be more than simply then an existence in which you have more choices? Could it also be a better use of your time here? When we spoke before about evil, we spoke about it truly been a matter of ignorance.

The powerful question, the aspect that draws you to your center, the energy that shifts you is possible to discover and when people in the world are willing to ask each other such powerful questions, when they are willing to ask themselves these questions this becomes more widespread. It becomes ultimately the thing to do. It becomes for many an act of love and so such questions as is it truly appropriate to allow in religious thought that which would exclude, hurt, destroy? How do you feel about that? What do you sense in your heart about it?

These are indeed useful questions to ask yourself about your own religion and not necessarily what you would call religion in the usual sense, such as your adherence to a particular faith such as Christianity, or Judaism, or Islam but rather the things that you hold near and dear. The aspects of your life, those that when you question them you might feel uncomfortable, do so. Question them. Find a way in which you may ask more penetrating questions such as: what are you really here for? Given that you are going to leave all of this behind who or what is really experiencing you right now? And so on.

As you are able to ask the penetrating questions, you do not have to have answers, you can simply sit in the place of discomfort as you ask and know that this is mirrored or others are willing to produce some similar level of discomfort, probably questions that would be much easier for you to answer. Still though, as this can be shifted many of the aspects in which the hiding from the sense of connection to others in religion, that can be shifted, that can be released and then the opportunity for celebration, for connection, for love might indeed be magnified between the Palestinians and those in Israel until these energies might be shared with the world. What a powerful and important example if love can be found there.

Further question?

Jill: There are some questions on Master Jesus and Lord Maitreya. Shall we have Sananda come and speak to us about Jesus' birth and how that was for Mary and Joseph and Apollonius and all of these concerns.

Sananda: I have spoken with you before through this vehicle yes but in your own heart and the day you were born a loving touch, a beautiful energy of light to tell you, you are alive! This world is here for you to breathe and experience, to feel a love. It is in this reverence for the infant, this great powerful energy that is more than just an instinct that you come alive, that you are touched so deeply in your heart. So when at Christmas time there can be a rekindling of this energy, a sense that you are connecting to the powerful archetype of the infant. The infant with the possibility of Jesus, the possibility to change everything. Possibility of awakening hearts and minds. This is something that well, we would think it quite wonderful, not yo pull the rug out from it and yet it must be taken over and over when you realize the story has a powerful connection to you it is in the connection that the answer lies not the story.

In the training to become one who would assist many must then come all kinds of teachers, all for ways of being, and is often the case, the manifestation of many enemies. When these enemies stood against me when I was alive in a physical body it then was easy to see the waves, the ripples, the changes that would occur long after my death. All of the ways in which so many all over the world would recognize these energies in so many different patterns. Really, at its core there is something much deeper than any of this which is why we've taken the name Sananda over all others as an awakening of your own heart connection to the other hearts, the Christ consciousness as a "oneness" not a "one."

That one as acting symbolically at this time of year reminds you of the possibility, that love is in you, it is in your heart, it is in your ability to give. The core of Christmas is about a giving that is what over and over it has come to. The frenzied commercialism and all of the silliness that often accompanies it and all of the traditions aside it is that place and it is in that unlimited opportunity to give that we come to you now. We stand before you and reach into your chest, to your heart and hold it for you there, a tiny gift, a symbol of energy of light, a crystal perhaps, glowing figure, a beautiful small creature in a place of delightful love.

But, whatever way in which you wish to receive it we remind you it is there for you to receive in love. History has in so many ways skewed throughout the ages but in some ways the life that was lived in physical body skewed more than other histories. Why do you think this is? As those who have come along afterward have seen the opportunities to take their own power from this so they try to change history so dramatically, so drastically. Yes, I was incarnated in a body, and coming in that way naturally I had parents and as those parents had to find a way in which I might be born in an appropriate way it was outside the mainstream, the way things were done.

Thus, the symbolism of being born outside the inn, but in so many other ways this continued to be outside the mainstream, to be seen in a different way, to see in a different way, to remind others of this over and over this was my life while it was lived in physical form. But, at the transformation time, at this shift energy time there was also seen something else. An opportunity to grow dramatically in a way in which many others would also be touched. It was given then to every one the earth the connection to their own hearts.

Because you have choice on this planet, you do not have to believe. You can choose any path you want, this energy then is simply there as an opportunity. It is not forced upon anyone. This is the real nature of Christ's love. Pure choice. Pure free will. Pure inspiration if you wish to take it. Do you wish it to be yours? Yes it is true that others have misused even that but, in so many ways in which I remind you of this I ask you now to forgive all of those who have change history. To hold them also in your hearts. To see that the essential symbolism, the essential energy of this baby, of this beautiful infant as he opens his eyes and gazes into yours and simply presenting a pure, powerful light. A powerful bolt of loving energy that is the connection that we share.

Hilarion: Hilarion here again. We thank you Sananda for these words. These words are for others to accept and work with various symbols of Christmas to use them, to accept them, to see where it touches them in their own hearts. Are there more questions?

Jill: Can you talk about the South American Mission?

Hilarion: We have some limitations on this since we do not comment on other channels. If there is such a thing as, "especially," other Hilarion channels, but one can see that when going to other places the repository of energy, the creation of that which is seen as "an awakening," "an unfolding," an assistance is wonderful and is the best thing to do when you travel. Some simply do this by planting a crystal in the earth or some symbolic ritual. But, wherever you go you are bringing with you the highest intent for this place, to see it as a higher intent of manifestation later after you are gone; a helpful welcoming energy can also be left there that will remain for many years.

This has of course been done by pilgrimages to sacred places. The most famous in South America such as Machu Picchu, such as Iguazu Falls, those are studied and worked with by many. But, it is not the place as much as the energy of the people, the love that they have and the willingness they have to encompass a vision that they will somehow broadcast these energies and continue them. That makes the difference. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Would you please discuss the impact of removing one's wisdom teeth?

Hilarion: Acupuncture meridians have termination points in all of the teeth. As the meridians can shift and change energies, different ways in which these energies transfer into the body will change. This happens with every action on the teeth as well as any other part of the body. But, as the energies in the digestive system may be particularly sensitive to this. In the removal of wisdom teeth, it is important that the individual is better then deliberately attuning to their own digestive system. It is not just the meridians but the sense of the whole system, its ability to better take in energy. It is no accident that they are called wisdom teeth, you are chewing up your food and this is an action of symbolism for chewing up knowledge, chewing up what is coming to you in the world, and it's the first step in digestion.

A nice way to present this is with a little stretch at this point by reminding you simply as you move the body, as you open to receive information, knowledge and energy in ways that are not verbal. Simply with the action of moving the arms especially the body, moving the legs. Simply recognizing the natural ability to receive. This natural ability is diminished with the removal of any tooth but especially wisdom teeth. So it is a reminder to people where possible to put particular attention on this. One excellent exercise for the next month or so after wisdom teeth are removed is to touch those points below the teeth on the outside of the jaw very lightly with the finger and then move them up slightly or down slightly towards the open teeth area. The idea is that now you are reconnecting, you are shifting those acupuncture points and those energies into the mouth more easily so they may then more easily accept and work with the energies.

There was also a question about the skin disease, "Psoriasis" which is often symbolized by dryness, redness and all of the ways in which the body then can react to red foods and various foods for which it is not easily adapted by quickly bringing them to the surface. It is also an autoimmune difficulty for similar reasons. The body unable to deal with these foods appropriately. Oftentimes, healing foods such as raw cream, raw tomatoes, all the raw red foods be they as bell peppers or strawberries have benefit in bringing these into the action of assisting with removal of toxic cooked red materials and these are then more easily flushed from the body when the raw materials are present thus reducing the action of this disease. Does this help?

Jill: Can you comment on the new beings being born?

Hilarion: Many of the children being born now seem to exert an unusual higher intelligence, a sort of a connection to something beyond. This was not just what was previously observed by what was called the "Indigo Children." Or in the more recent as they have been sometimes called," Rainbow Children." Just the idea that they are tuning into a more higher level of wisdom or understanding. This is an innate intelligence and has nothing to do with the usual markers of intelligence even emotional intelligence. Rather, it is an awareness of something beyond the consciousness of all human beings.

The opportunity for such a child to easily tune into the infinite, to larger levels of existence and so on may be present in such children at an earlier age than most people would expect. The opportunity to tune into this sort of energy has one very specific purpose for the children who have this gift. It is to teach the adults. It is to bring it in in such a way so it can be shared. This is of course difficult as they are very young but as they get older and you ask them questions about this as you are feeling this or as you are sensing it how would you suggest I feel about it? I share it?

Sometimes this will present itself in the child a very quizzical reaction as if they don't really understand. Because what they are not comprehending is the separateness. That there is somehow to you the sense that "they" over "there" are going to teach you something over "here" when of course you are both connected in that oneness already. So, in that sense shaping your question as if to say," I have sometimes felt that I am not connected to this oneness, strange as that might seem to you can you share it with me? Can you teach me a way to know it better? This may be appropriate perhaps when they are old enough. It is going to be different for each child but they will usually let you know. It will not likely be before age 7. But still, the opportunity to recognize this intrinsic ability to remind you of this connectivity, this is a doorway to an understanding in their thought process, of how to teach them, how to work with them, on getting them acclimated to the things that people do in the world.

Oftentimes what they are really searching for as they are playing, interacting with each other, learning of the world etc. is an underlying principle, some deeper symbolic meaning why that thing is there you might say. Where this can be shown to them, where you can touch it or receive it as this oneness, another manifestation, another aspect, another facet of the oneness it can then assist them to then recognize the next level down from this, how people do it. It enables them to learn those aspects of language, math, geography or whatever it is you are trying to teach. Does this help?

Jill: Is there another who wishes to speak?

Hilarion: Indeed.

Athena: Often in these opportunities my energy is simply to remind you of the divine feminine in you. Although you have known me as Athena, though you have felt these energies, now what I am asking is you will go deep inside, you will close your eyes, you will let your arms and hands be relaxed and you will attune to a sound. A beautiful, singing, warbling aahhhh. That is already happening in your heart, in your throat, in your head. Now you will see that sound lovingly connect to all parts of you and now the earth responds with her own beautiful sound. Your beautiful, unique earth tone. It is this which I ask you to know no other way of finding the truth who you have always known yourself to be. The wintertime is so symbolic of the wind, the sense of the water, the earth herself, her own loving movements and the energy in you. That which crackles and strengthens and becomes the warmth in your heart, the energy of the fire to exist, to be. It is these four elements now that join in your heart as that unique aspect of your own sound. Reminding you of this to find it, to know it, is an answer to also one of the questions tonight about healing. Finding this, feeling it, sitting in it, chanting in it, always there for you. Ahhhhh

Hilarion: Yes. Hilarion here again. Thank you Athena for this other perspective. To close tonight we would remind you again of the emerald light, the connection to earth with this light now becoming clearer, filled with sound, filled with a sense of possibility for this planet. But, also within this the knowledge that you are more than just the physical, more than just consciousness that has expressed these questions. More than just who you thought you were. That this is your choice. These are your opportunities and now in this moment from your heart remove an object, a gift, a loving communication, a loving-send to someone this thing; loving. Freely given, easily released. The examples Sananda gives of this now you, at this powerful moment of winter solstice, the sharing of this with everyone on your planet. Then in closing, recognizing that the emerald light cylinder now expanding, that reaches past many miles in diameter, hundreds of kilometers in diameter, touches the center of Earth, who responds with her own gentle, loving ohm which we asked you to share out loud. Goodbye. Ohm...

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