Hilarion Spring Equinox 2012

Jill: Greetings. We are gathered in Nevada City, California for the Spring Equinox channeling of Hilarion. Hilarion through Jon C. Fox will be addressing issues sent to us via email. For further information on channelings, books, CDs, DVDs, contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959, or visit us on the internet at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Greetings. This is that energy, being, or vibration you call Hilarion. A moment please while we make deeper contact. Yes, we recognize the events and the importance of today but ask you for a moment to set aside ideas, thoughts, questions, answers and instead just breathe. Be aware of your surroundings and invite now a beautiful, clear, emerald light to fill the room, pass through you into the earth and for this beautiful emerald light as it makes its way through you to help you to be stronger, clearer, more present, more welcoming.

Now we asked this light as you imagine it to form a cylinder about 33 m in diameter, about 100 feet diameter infinitely upwards through you to center of earth. It creates and assists with greater levels of protection and connection and we also ask you to imagine toward the edge of this light is a black opaque disk. Generally it will be towards the south side of this emerald light. As you are aware of this see that this black opaque disk about 3 m in diameter, that is about 10 feet in diameter has capacity to absorb effects of Mercury retrograde. In your visualizations and meditations it is a helpful adjunct for the next two weeks or so and this is a useful tool to use anytime Mercury is retrograde.

There are many reasons for coming together today but most importantly it is in the northern hemisphere a time of great celebration. An awakening of consciousness and that which is seen as new, a new beginning, an awakening, a new energy: characteristic of a new moon, characteristic of the Spring Equinox, characteristic of the animals waking up to the warmer weather and the opportunities for birthing, for better connection with humanity, or finding food after a cold winter and so on.

But, for the earth herself it is a time in which you can recognize this presence of earth breath at a place of equality that which is within being equally and that which is out and for humanity, the time in which there is within your consciousness equal representation of your connection to the group and to the individual consciousness. From this point forward there is greater and greater emphasis on the individual consciousness and so with this there is a gradually but persistent increasing and greater responsibility. To take that which you would understand as spiritual information as better understanding of your own consciousness, your own awareness your own willingness to be and turn this into something that is personal, something that is unique to your own being, something that relates to some aspect of your own talents, capabilities, capacities to engage others for relationships, love, grow and so on.

In many ways the animal kingdoms that have come to earth to coexist and learn from humans are very much entranced by this. This opportunity to form individuality that which would be more difficult to create in a group. You see this all across the spectrum, even of the most individualistic animals, the consciousness of the soul conjoined, able to interact together as a whole early that which is their long interaction. Far deeper than that with humans. For this then for a moment we would ask you to think in your own consciousness of that which is a unique gift for you. The way in which you love, a way in which you are able to speak or show up for others and give the gift that is appropriate or perfect to connect through loving touch, through whatever your own gift as you perceive it, as you are aware of it.

Now recognize that this can be created as an energy, perhaps a beautiful swirling pink light and in your imagination create a connection to an animal. This is an animal totem perhaps or it's just an animal that you are aware of needing some help such as an endangered species on our planet or an animal that is one which you have always had an interest in. Send this light to that animal, have the awareness that in the springtime that as these animals are creating a greater connection to humanity, the opportunity to receive this message, this individuality, this capacity to love deeper, to know yourself this is all that much clearer and stronger at this time of awakening, in this time of connectivity.

Now, letting this go we have many areas to address as many questions have been submitted. But, beginning with this one of a group to individual consciousness. It is important to recognize that most of the civilizations that have come to some degree of intelligence or understanding, those which you would have relationship to perhaps because they look similar to you in some way, or have similar goals and aims, primarily because they have been physical would include that of the beings you now call the Angels. These beings had a much higher degree of group consciousness, it was a way in which an individual would take steps in a certain direction, all of the others learn from this, shared from this in one way or another.

Because of this there were opportunities for great strides in consciousness and deeper understanding of God, of existence itself, of many other important aspects of the universe. But, also where there was also that which is negative, that which could be seen as hurtful, harmful to oneself, that which was essentially then one that brought a great deal of rage or powerful negative emotion as you would understand it, this was also transmitted powerfully to the group.

These beings who you have asked about existed a long time ago and did so on a planet that is now that which you recognize as the asteroids and on that planet as they interacted and learn from each other it was also recognized that there were inherent limitations of physical existence as they attempted to make that transition to higher spiritual levels, two levels of non-physicality, many aspects of that which they had not cleared, aspects that you would recognize as essentially negative emotions are those which showed up repeatedly.

This was very stressful to the planet and eventually caused it to break apart. This is a simple history, perhaps an oversimplification but when you recognize that they had come to such a level of development technologically, spiritually, in many ways that are beyond that which humans understand at this current time. Most importantly, computationally, they were able to achieve many things in their civilization you would call miraculous, beautiful, helpful and because of this destructive aspect and because this occurred at the same time as the birthing of humanity on earth it was seen that one of the best ways to learn from this was to act as humanity's guides and helpers.

Many legends have arisen from this calling these beings, "Angels or fallen or various ways to ascribe to them the mythological standing of those with various names. Many of the names are correct, many of these beings did have these names but in the way in which you come to understand this you must pierce through the mythology, pierce through that which was laid upon the simple fact that these existences by the Catholic Church, by various groups who wish to exert their own influence and so on and so forth

However, in their nonphysical form just as nonphysical humans, nonphysical extraterrestrials, many involved beings seek to assist, seek to make themselves available as guides and helpers. Such beings continue to influence and work with humanity.

The question is specifically however about the fallen Angels regarding those beings who have indeed reached some degree of spiritual mastery or understanding but have in some way decided to study the energies of darkness or difficulty. What is recognized is that primarily those energies are very, very weak. The study that they do upon this, the understanding they have of it, the way they have worked with it is generally not that which would be seen as harmful to humans. Regardless of that which others might say about it. Because of the simple fact that they are nonphysical. Their energy is far weaker than that of humans but at the same time there are many humans who utilize these beings as symbols, praying to them perhaps or using them in their dreams. Because their physical energy allies with these underlying forces that give them strength.

But, at its core the great darkness and difficulty that humanity struggles with is that of humanity itself. To personify it or to blame it on anyone else is helpful in your own spiritual development when you are as a child, when you are in the beginning stages, but as you come to greater and greater awareness you ask the right questions, where do the vibrations of humans primarily have their affect? On humans. On their physical existence. Where do the vibrations of the nonphysical beings primarily have their effect? On the nonphysical worlds. On the nonphysical beings.

The interchange between the two exists. It has powerful and important connotations but in terms of its own energy it is relatively weak. Information however is a whole different matter. Indeed these beings, the angels we have spoken of do have a tremendous degree of information. From this they are often able to foresee probable consequences, how things will work out and so oftentimes they are called in, in various ways to help with individual's incarnations; to assist with their own development and in many ways it has assisted them as well.

But, in your understanding of this you must recognize that you have more choices when you are looking at these issues then you think and that the underlying level it is the energy you work with above all else that makes the final difference. In coming to greater spiritual maturity you eventually reach a point in which you recognize this and you take responsibility for your actions. It is this which brings us to the next question as to when and how humanity will know, what will be the signs that it has reached sufficient levels of spiritual maturity? That some of the important information that is certainly present now but not widely disseminated about free energy, about healing, about disease, about karma, about all of these things will be more widespread, better understood, better accepted. What signposts might be available?

In this way you do recognize that the very first of these must not be that which would be seen outside. The reason for this is very simple. The underlying message of what spiritual maturity is all about. It's about you taking personal responsibility. About you understanding the energy that you have transmitted, recognize the effect in the world, recognize how it has affected you. How it has changed the physical environment of your planet. The symbols for this are tremendous all around you, you don't have to get global warming in the context of that which is complex and scientific all you have to do is drive down a strip mall, look at the earth from space, particularly at night. Go to downtown Beijing and breathe the air. You are having significant impact on the physical world. It is the ability to take responsibility begins with you.

There are many tools for this and there are many great spiritual teachers who recognize the tremendous benefit in this opportunity to welcome and understand such levels of self-responsibility. Indeed the very nature of the law of reflection is that you are responsible for that which you see around you as you perceive and work with it in all its forms. But, this is not to lay blame it is to show you the path by which this energy moves and let you make the decision about this.

So, you could for instance say to somebody in order to understand your spiritual maturity level watch the evening news. See how people are treating each other. Look at the way in which religions are accepted by the masses and how they are able to gradually shift to accept other religions or not. This would all be looking outside. In doing so you would have the opportunity so easily to blame others for lack of spiritual maturity. No, the real answer to this question is to look inside. At what level are you willing to be responsible? Are you willing to recognize and welcome the law of reflection? Are you willing to see that the energy that you create around you is that which is molding your life? The lives of others around you? The very earth, air or water, food. All of the things that you are connected to.

This is not very easy to understand or look at when of course as a child you were shown to blame others or look outside and it is important to learn about history, how people have done things before, what is really going on in the world and so on and so forth. But, at some level you also recognize your role in this. Your willingness to recognize and welcome these energies. As you may further accept this you also therefore are not helpless within it. That is the problem you see in looking outside. You shake your head in disgust at the evening news or the emphasis others might have on pure entertainment.

But, instead if you begin looking into your self you may begin to see the areas in your life where you need to ask the more helpful, useful questions. One of these might relate to the way in which by looking outside of, by looking into the world you are bringing into your own life mantras. Energies that are related to the simple data about an underlying belief pattern or thought that you repeat to yourself over and over. For instance, there is a way in which a mantra, though not spoken as such but perceived instead in its symbology is saying there isn't enough. I am lacking, not good enough, etc.

Identify these and where that which is strongest to you, that which has an effect that which twists you in your heart or hurts you in your abdomen or is that which makes you feel sad or find some way in which an emotion is associated with it, that is the emotion to release. That is the energy to be in touch with and to take that mantra and turn it around. So in your own consciousness you know there is enough. For this you have help of course which brings up the important quality and question about mantras, not the words themselves how they land in you, what emotions are triggered, how they feel and this is so often for so many people strongly influenced by music.

In the English language in particular most of our receivers are indeed English, people hearing this information and so rhyme and music together can be so helpful, hence all of the benefits of listening to songs as we have often suggested in the past that have positive, helpful, uplifting messages. So you have around,"good enough," you have various songs associated with this, more than enough, a useful tool and all of the energies related to this.

But, for you it must be a personal way of correcting the mantras that are originally present. Now we know that this was not the original intention of the question but we must mention this because so many people find themselves so deeply immersed in these mantras that indeed they are simply in denial of or existing all around them yet they are unaware.

But, a more powerful mantra is that which is, which has the desired effect; asks the right questions. So, if you want the effect of a mantra to be that which changes your consciousness, accelerates your energy, helps you understand things spiritually, you might look into the world were others have asked this question. Where does this have the most powerful effect? It is not with a repetitive phrase as much as it is a question such as," who or what is experiencing this right now?" That is usually not suggestive of a mantra but the essential quality that a mantra gives it is that which is to be observed consciously however to truly, deeply try to answer the question and recognize that the answer will always fall short of something larger and that's okay because it is pointing you in a direction.

For others, a mantra serves a different purpose. Let me release the emotions that I find uncomfortable; those which I know are hurtful or harmful or self-destructive for instance. For this, again looking to those who have been successful with this you could recognize this idea brought forward by a famous author that there are only two mantras," Yum and yuck." Here the idea is simple that there is that which you cleave to, that which you love, that which you are inviting that which is towards and then there is that which you are moving away from, that which you find difficult.

Yes, of course at it's clearest nature this is a judgment. If then in identifying "yum and yuck," and recognizing what is inside your own consciousness you can then ask this simple question about it. "Where is that just like me? It can of course be beneficial in your own awakening, your own consciousness, your own understanding. But, in identifying the mantra that is personal for you we suggest going with the first aspect, that which goes to the area which you would like to focus on. Some shift, some change would appear to be necessary. Now, when you look at mantras you can of course begin to look at all of the related aspects, Yantras, for instance various important works of visual art, opportunities to investigate and learn of these. A question has been asked with regards to connection to an artist from humanity's past. Monet has indeed been interested in speaking through this vehicle for some time. For multiple translations certainly necessary but we will attempt.

Monet: Art and music and writing and all of these things, they are to be breathed, they are not to be seen only with the eye, they are to be seen with your heart, felt in your body, allowed to vibrate through you. It is not for the intent of the artist perhaps long dead, is not for the connection to the outside it is for you, it is for your vibration to touch you, to reach you, to help you turn around right where you are standing. Close your eyes and when you open them, they are new eyes. You are seeing differently. You are touching as you are seeing, you are breathing as you are seeing. This is what art, that art which is accepted, inspiring, filtered by so many and left for you, this is its purpose. If you may see things differently, you will change. You will have another reason to love, to learn to be with the air, flowers, water. If this is possible it is a great praising of your existence, a gratitude for your being. In many of my paintings this was what was felt as I reached the last brush stroke, the last breath as I witnessed and looked at this and let it go, that I am grateful for living, for being, for seeing.

Hilarion: Yes. Hilarion here again. Thank you for your willingness to share this opportunity of seeing anew wherever possible with art. In this way an acknowledgment that oftentimes that which is be most helpful cannot be spoken of. This relates of course to many other aspects. But, we will give the vehicle a little water. Jill, perhaps you could toss out another question.

Jill: Could you update and critique Japan's radioactive cleanup procedure and talk about the greater Tokyo area. Also, with the larger two earthquakes in Japan this month and one in Mexico this week will this be likely be an increased year of seismic activity?

Hilarion: Yes. Seismic activity is most certainly on the rise. Earth trying to move things around, shake things up a little, settle things where possible and the greater likelihood of this for most individuals who travel more. But, for USA at this time still relatively lower probabilities of further massive destruction. These being higher in other parts of the world. Earthquake activity creating many issues in Japan, very deliberate by way in which choices were needed to be made of release of energy that could affect nuclear power plants. Because humanity was simply, "not getting it."

In fact, many powerful useful, schemes being suggested to increase energy for humanity by use of nuclear power. Certainly this has been curtailed dramatically as a result. But, choice also then for these energies to be focused as they were in Japan for this one reason. That the technologies that might be employed would be better accepted and utilized by the Japanese people than by other groups particularly those in USA where there is indeed quite a few nuclear plants still operating.

As a result the intent here continues, perhaps through your own opportunity of sharing with others, perhaps from this channeling. But, whatever way this goes forward these new ways of nuclear remediation must be studied, they must be understood, they must be accepted. But, at the same time they must be utilized in such a way that little harm is done because nuclear remediation with even these more powerful techniques would not be sufficient in order to prevent further catastrophe. But, simply can be helpful at cleanup and reduction of the harm of nuclear waste.

This technology has been studied and worked with for many years. Originated by such as Rhodes and Brown many years ago it is now widespread in the utilization of water split and with electricity formed into unusual atomic shapes which are deficient in their capacity to connect or work with other substances causing those substances to transmute. As a result, electrons are shared and various protons shifted and neutrons transformed and the result is a significant reduction in nuclear waste.

Specifically, that which is called "Brown's Gas," can be utilized over nuclear waste and that which can indeed be seen by various experiments to reduce or eliminate the problem. Of course, this cannot be done over extremely large areas but it can be done close enough to the source and it can be done slowly enough over areas that are critical for human habitation. In the meantime, the cleanup continues, daunting in its size and scope. Where to put all of that radioactive dirt and other materials? There is no easy answer to this. It will likely continue and it is hoped that there will be more attention on it. But, it is as if similar in some ways, it is called "nuclear waste," after all, it is similar to human waste. After you have released it, you don't want to think about it. So indeed, this is also the problem you see, that it is all too easy for those who are interested in covering up what is happening, not talking about all of the problems and so on, to back away from it, as the expression is," spin it," and for those involved to take less and less responsibility.

But, this problem is not going to go away and indeed there will be more echoes of it in the news as debris from the tsunami reaches the shores along all of North America from Alaska all the way down to Mexico with Washington, Oregon and California being primarily and significantly affected. As this debris, radioactive or not, reaches the shores, it will be a curious phenomenon, as people see the way they are so powerfully and consciously interconnected. In the meantime, yes of course it is extremely helpful for these areas to remain quarantined, for people not to enter them in Japan and to continue this practice as long as possible as the cleanup continues.

It is also important for those who visit Japan to spend some time in the periphery of these areas simply energetically connecting, allowing love, sharing a sense with the earth, with your own forgiveness, of your own sadness. Naturally, of course other means are being explored. Bacteriological, plant, all kinds of things being experimented with quite outside the usual way in which this is attempted to be dealt with which is simply to move it all someplace away from humanity.

These are bearing limited success which will likely continue over the next few years. In the meantime if in your thoughts, if in your consciousness, you can make a connection, a sort of intertwining of energies between these aspects of what you understand about Brown's Gas, about what you understand about unusual methods to remediate nuclear energy and nuclear waste and the opportunity for inviting that which is," outside the box," within Japanese consciousness this can certainly assist. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Very well. Thank you. Would you please discuss digestion and related factors including causes of problems in energetic and alternative treatments in addition to probiotics, enzymes and minerals.

Hilarion. The real difficulty you see is not in the specifics, this certainly has its place and as you study and work with all of the aspects of the specifics of health, you must delve into all of these. But, over and over what you find is that there is going to be a series of problems as a result of the entire approach. These problems pop up here and there. You do what you can to allay this one and another one shows up over there. This is because you are focusing on the knowledge, the data that you have so far. This is good. It is an excellent start and we will frequently refer to it in various ways in which we can assist people with this approach.

But, because the approach is that which is essentially working on the pieces, on the science, on the individual aspects there is always the possibility that you have missed something and there is a high likelihood that whatever theory you have, whatever way you recognize how it all works together, that this will in some way be overturned, significantly changed and then will be shaken up. This has taken place over and over. Just see recently the significant impacts of DNA research and stem cell research on all of these aspects of health, nutrition, healing and so on and so forth.

Clearly then as is taking place in the sciences with regards to the analytical and fractional approach as opposed to a holistic approach in which everything fits together you see of the ways in which this must also have direct application to the human body. Specifically, as we have so often suggested in the past that which is as close to the diet of your ancestors, that which is as whole as possible. That which is the natural, the ability within your own body to recognize the instinctual, the ability of your own consciousness simply to relax into that which is so present, simple, easy.

So, from such a place, all of the scientific aspects, the specifics that make the diet of your ancestors work can to be studied. Those which you have mentioned and those which you have not. For instance, there is that aspect in the way in which Earth, in particular the soil is transmitting information through probiotics to plants and plans to enzymes. This is primarily taking place with a few mechanisms that people are aware of at the purely physical level; fulvic acid, humic acids and of course the transmission of vibration through water.

Merely working with these however, this could be helpful and of course fulvic acids showing themselves to have such an important role to play in all of these aspects of digestion but still you run the risk of leaving out that which is a larger picture, the understanding. How much simpler it is to go into the garden, into the wild to find the food that has been growing in nature and eat it whole. This is inherently for most people going to be self-digesting. That which brings a sense of connection to the earth, that which communicates more deeply into your consciousness. Of course, this is impractical where you live in the city, or is it?

This brings us to another important question about the relationship of people to food. Those who have sought to make money from food by keeping it from others are along the line of that same energy that is associated with these aspects of health and disease. To keep people sick and to make them dependent upon others to doctor them and that so much of the underlying causes, long-term causes, not short-term but that which is long-term of so many diseases are simply that people are not eating that which is most appropriate for their bodies, and most like that of the diet of your ancestors.

This sounds overly simple but as soon as you start to break it down and look at all of the ways you are not going to eat the diet of your ancestors and what you can do instead it gets so tremendously complicated. So many of the various solutions to the various problems in which more drugs are utilized, or various things that are even further away from the diet of your ancestors. More and more complications, issues, and then this dovetailing into the financial aspects with insurance and paying for medical care and on and on it goes.

So indeed, various schemes that make this simpler are now beginning to surface; where you connect directly to a small farm, where you share information and visit the farm even though it is perhaps far outside the city. Where you grow something in your own little yard or your own rooftop and where of course wherever possible you are encouraged to form communities, to move away from the city and to take advantage of the opportunities for more space, more air, more water, land and so on.

Yes, this may seem oversimplified but as you investigate this and constantly you look back to this for the answers. Many times you will see a very simple other aspect here of course because digestion is so powerfully affected by consciousness and thought. So also, the stressful environment, the aspects which you are unable to make direct connection with the earth, with living things, which you are separated from these environments like the office, or in a place where you cannot easily recognize the beauty of living things, etc. The greater stresses that simply show up immediately. All of this affecting digestion, certainly.

For many individuals, because the diet of the ancestors is so helpful but at the same time you have been highly stressed with diets that are very far away from this, certain foods show up over and over as being very helpful at promoting improvements in digestion. These are not those which you have mentioned. Yes, of course, those are important foods, substances and ability to work with them. But, the body has recognition. It knows. It finds its way when you give it enough that is still within the cellular memory of your being.

So, you give it certain foods that have inherently healing properties such as raw unsalted butter, such as raw cream because these foods have the ability in their own natural way not only to heal but to detoxify, to remove materials that don't belong and to help the body on its way. This is more difficult to perceive, you cannot necessarily justify this with all of the scientific data that is available because these foods are compacted from that which is of course the whole food, milk, from which it is derived. But, these foods do have the ability to go deep and to make significant changes when they are taken on a regular basis in their unadulterated most healthy forms. Does this help at all?

Jill: Ok. Thank you. What is the symbology of the spinal fluid? What would be a typical karmic factor of someone who has problems with spinal fluid?

Hilarion: Spine, generally significant structure that which is overall holding it all together, that which is in your life then promoting the opportunity for the various aspects of structure communicate with each other to share and particularly because spinal fluid is liquid, that which is the sharing emotionally. All of the different aspects of your life tend to become compartmentalized. You sometimes have a personality with this one, and another one with that one. These so much then ruled, governed by, spinal fluid action.

Spinal fluid is an unusual material because it is one of the few things in the human body with any significant alcohol content and it is that which therefore also has the ability to shift consciousness, to put your attune-ment more onto the physical or more onto the aspects of the spiritual. Here again, the spine as connecting, the top all the way to the bottom, the ways in which the structure in your life as related to your blending of the most spiritual and the most physical is brought into how you create your life, what you do day to day, all of the activities you find yourself engaged in, all of the energies you work with.

The fluid itself will often contain information. But, the information is primarily that of a unique signature to your being, something relating to the aspects that are most important to you in your life. Your ability to perceive this and understand it relates in a way to that which we began speaking about, a unique quality, the unique aspect of you. Where you can better recognize this and find a way to share this with every part in your life oftentimes various problems in spinal fluid and the messages associated with them reveal themselves, they can be corrected. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. Please give some more clarification on cellular memory. Scientists and therapists often state that physical cells have memory patterns or imprints from other lifetimes. If the body's cells all perish at the time of death for humans here on earth how is it wise for us to understand cellular memory?

Hilarion: For the most part we do not see this as correct. The way it might be ascribed to as correct, if you say," other lifetimes," you are then connecting to your physical ancestors, your grandmothers and grandfathers, and all of those which go back in time relating to your own physical. Then those past lives are having significant influence on the cells. Many of the characteristics associated with them do show up in your own physical body; eye color, height, hair color, the various tendencies toward one physical problem or another, etc. So, these are the first things to contend with when changing cellular memory.

As has often been the case in the past we recommend inert gas technologies especially involving Xenon when you wish to make such changes because the ultimate blueprint, the way in which these energies are nonphysical just before they become physical is that which is held in the aetheric body or that which is also called the holo-chakra. This aspect of your nonphysical existence is that which is significantly amplified, strengthened and worked with by the inert gas Xenon energies as released through exposure to magnetic electric field etc.

But, because this must reach all of the cells and work with all of the aspects of the body the other inert gases are helpful too. So as before with working with cellular memory the suggestion is 50% Xenon, 12.5% each, Helium, Neon, Argon and Krypton. This inert gas combination is that which can be helpful for many individuals seeking to change cellular memory, to better communicate with it, better understand it. In particular, helpful where there are physical characteristics you see as inherited ones that you would like to change. Areas you would like to understand better or work with more consciously.

Cellular memory relating to past lives that are of your own individual consciousness exist also. It is usually a more faint imprint on the physical body but it is there because you selected that physical body because of its characteristics so there will of course be an echo of that which is previous in your own consciousness. Though, that may be essentially created by the ancestry of the physical it still is present to some extent because of the choices you make.

Secondly, where there has been significant trauma, where you have experienced various aspects that are incomplete from your past lives you will tend to override the physical existence and bring that in. This can be particularly interesting in the pursuit of information about the existence of past lives as for instance has been studied by Ian Stevenson and his work with this around birthmarks or areas relating to trauma that come from a recent past life into your own physical existence here is very interesting to contemplate with regards to your own physical body.

Where there is a birth mark or some discoloration or some tendency or weakness or in the case of something very significant that which might be seen as either accidental or that which simply showed up spontaneously, it does not matter. It is still that which in your own physical body is a reminder to delve into the past and because this is usually an aspect that is in some way incomplete for you find a way to complete it, to forgive, to shift the energy.

Oftentimes, you elect this as you are mapping out the potentials for your own physical body. You elect this very deliberately so that you will be reminded of it your entire life. Oftentimes it is so deeply placed within the physical body that even should you correct this it shows up anyway, it remains on the physical body particularly if it is not life-threatening. Some individuals do elect to change this be it by plastic surgery or some significant altering of the physical. When you recognize its true value you honor it. You recognize it as part of your physicality and you say then I accept this reminder. I look at this issue and hold it in my consciousness as an important aspect for my life. Does this help?

Jill: Music, with certain frequencies has been played to plants and gardens resulting in remarkable growth. It is assumed that the under leaf pours enlarge and expand, enabling the plan to take in more nutrients, enabling greater maturity, greater production, and nutritional value. Is this practice only for us to increase the food yields on this planet or are there other factors involved such as the love of the plants or the intention of the grower, or all of the above?

Hilarion: Yes. All of these things are important and many of the mechanisms that are associated with this are present in the substances of volvic acids in the soil to transmit the information in a much higher-level way then is simply available direct or through water alone. However, it is to be noted that most of the experiments typically that which is called, "Sonic Bloom," and others that have been studied with regards to the stoma of the plant's opening is directly related to foley or feeding. Spraying various substances on the plants at the same time as music is played. You also note that the spraying of the substance without the music will be beneficial and the music alone slightly beneficial.

Clearly, there is synergism here but it is important to note here that there is a great deal of overlap with intent since very few experiments have been done with little in the way of intent. Always the people are involved and the important aspect to note here is that often during the spring, during the contact with the plants you are hearing the music, you are attuned to it, you are feeling it. Oftentimes it is helpful because it quiets your mind, it enables you to better appreciate the plants that you are spraying and playing music to.

So, all of these factors work together and to clear synergism to each other have better beneficial impact and this is also intuitive, you naturally understand this, feel it around plants the same way you feel an opening or deeper connection in the forest, in a beautiful landscape, in the observation of any beautiful plant. So, as this works for most individuals there is an additional benefit if you incorporate one additional aspect. There are many people who have studied all different things about this and it is great to work with all of it. But, the one additional aspect we ask people to incorporate in some way, the reverse path. The feedback from the plant to you. Some may visualize a Deva, a beautiful being of light perhaps dancing between leaves or an angel overseeing the entire process or a spirit within the earth that arises to have a particular form who appears lovingly in your consciousness.

But, for others it may simply be the energy of the plant like an aura around it or an energy associated with its powerful energies of connecting to earth, to air, to sky, to being one with them in their own beautiful way. Many individuals as a result of this great pressure to have greater attunement to their own food sources are investigating this for themselves and in so doing we often suggest that in some way you take in the simple idea: what is the plant saying to you? What is its energy associated with you? What is the Deva associated with the vibrations of the plant? What are they saying to you? Of course this can be nourishment, I need this or I need that. But, sometimes they are a different kind of message. A message about just being, about deep levels of patience or love or the opportunity to create this powerful blend of energies, a beautiful connection between the earth and the air. Because what is the plant doing at this very basic scientific level you can understand this with the process of photosynthesis.

But, setting that aside just look at the miracle, see the wholeness of this from the tiniest seed is this imprint from this all of this earth material and air material is converted. With water going in and water going out what results is this magnificent, beautiful, being and this powerful symbol of this creative force from nothing. From that which was already present, from that which is also who you are as you are also made of earth and of air and sunlight and so on.

In this deeper appreciation of this the plants have another message for you to take a moment to step a little outside the human way of appreciating and see it from the plant's point of view. No, this is not so accurate, this is a stretch to see how plants are appreciating, but they are. There is a level of praise and beauty. You see this particularly strongly in the way in which plants move slowly in their desire to connect to the sun. But, yet you also recognize in that movement, in that connection there is something else present. Not something you can observe scientifically but that which is simply this beautiful energy appreciating all of it.

Jill: Mono- atomic substances, also known as ORMUS, appear to have a role in spiritual evolution but many of the industrial like methods of refining ORMUS seem to leave compromising energetic signatures. In addition many traditional cancer treatments such as carrot juice, acetic tea, bloodroot, reportedly have high amounts of Mono atomic rhodium. Even the traditional Tibetan precious jewel pills supposedly have high amounts of ORMUS. What advice can you give on sourcing ORMUS that has a natural or organic energy signature but is also powerful enough to have a significant and appropriate effect on spiritual evolution?

Hilarion: there are few substances available naturally in which high levels of Mono atomic gold, rhodium and other important materials are present. These do occur naturally in various ways in the earth but oftentimes these processes are so deep in the earth and little comes to the surface. Volcanic soils with high levels of para- magnetism, areas where there is significant running water, naturally occurring streams, all will tend to have somewhat higher concentrations of naturally occurring ORMUS.

However, when you understand the underlying principles you can apply them. You can use ORMUS materials as they are made available by artificial means simply by adding them to the soil in which you grow plants. In particular beets and carrots take these up quite well and they will naturally be organically complexed, available in your own body and when the organic methods are emphasizing the good development of humic acids and consequently fulvic acids, the body's ability to better work with ORMUS will also be enhanced.

For most individuals for many years, the many questions asked about the substance, we have responded the same way. That, utilizing the substance in its pure or artificial form, though maybe initially beneficial for some often has a variety of problems associated with it and we do not recommend it. But, when naturally complexed with the materials grown in such soil it is usually beneficial. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Can you talk about that mineral stone coming out on the market, Shungite from Karelia, Russia. They say that the healing properties are absolutely exceptional and that we should have one in this period of time.

Hilarion: it is a fascinating material and still if you ask that question of a diamond you would find many people who say they have had a positive experience working with this because of its innately crystalline structure and connection to carbon, and carbon in the human body, the natural ability of carbon crystals in their various ways to relate to people is certainly helpful and that which can be valuable for many reasons. Diamond is in short supply on planet Earth. To make walls of the room out of diamond for instance would be very expensive.

But, in other locations near the source, Shungite walls to make for building has indeed occurred and this has been a fascinating experiment. This is probably the highest use of the material though certainly one could ascribe 70% or so of its effects simply to its ability to shield various electro-magnetic components from the environment which would be helpful with any conducting material. Still, the other aspects of this continue to be valuable and need further investigation.

Elixir of this material interestingly enough, though it predisposes one to some transformative and helpful characteristics does not appear to be quite as potent and powerful as direct contact with the stone. A useful tool for instance in massage practice where warmed Shungite stones are placed on the body or in having a piece of it in contact with the physical body as in a necklace or a stone in the hand, pocket, ring, wrist, etc.

The reason for this is that it has a unique ability to transmit various components of earth to people. The essential blueprint of carbon that you are alive, that you are a being. The most interesting aspects of this are when small shungite stones are added to a garden where the vegetables or other plans are also in contact with this and some of the most helpful, healing, useful milk is that from cows or goats that have been eating grass in areas where Shungite is plentiful.

Indeed though, because it is that of one of many useful, helpful stones it is not usually valuable to say that it is that much better than any other one. But, for many individuals they will find a natural affinity and benefit from contact with this material. Is this sufficient?

Jill: could you possibly shed some light and comment on the events that are mentioned to be happening on December 21, to December 23, 2012. Does it involve our complete solar system and how it will affect us on planet earth. What is the significance of it?

Hilarion: It is a fascinating area but it is difficult at times to separate the underlying causes of the significant changes likely to occur. Many of these are simply because people have agreed upon it. You're going to pick a good time for all kinds of change on earth. Well, it might as well be then. Certainly, the numbers are very pretty in the decimal system and certainly ways in which 2012 has significance for individuals since the Mayan on and all those ways in which people are likely to attune to this is as a collective agreement, a collective conscious field.

We have always said, "why wait?" This is the biggest problem you see with picking any future date and a secondary problem is if it doesn't meet your expectations what do you do afterwards? For many individuals they pick another day such as March 15, 2015. They will likely do so shortly after because it is possible for many individuals who expect something from outside, something that will significantly relieve them of their own innate responsibility that they will be disappointed.

In point of fact the consciousness associated with this level of agreement is that which provides a far greater degree of intensity on asking the right questions. In particular, what is the underlying issue? What do we have to work on here? Who am I really? These are very powerful energies to play with. Very deep questions to work with and often times as the answer of your own self responsibility, your own understanding of who you really are emerges you will have additional opportunity to share this. That is another beautiful thing about an agreed upon date or time, quite apart from anything galactic or solar.

It is the opportunity to better connect then to others, to share that information and to know they are willing to listen to the degree to which you are willing to share. They are willing to love to the degree that you are willing to love. As you are able to open the door to this you may recognize that there is one significant factor that is shifted here. Partly to do with the agreement but partly to do also with the nature of the energies themselves which are indeed in alignment with the galactic center, with various aspects of the solar system and of course the winter solstice occurring near that time. That also has to do with karma.

There are those who have predicted the end of karma and even others who have asked about it. That would be as if saying that some natural law is going to stop, that somehow cause and effect will no longer be connected. That of course is not going to happen. But, a greater understanding of how karma in the sense of that which remains as that which must be played out, that the only way the cause can ultimately relate itself is through a manifestation of the effect in your life. This is changed.

Indeed, it was a great powerful message of the wayshower in ancient times that this energy is shared and understood and released by love. As you love deeply, the karmic aspects that would require you to balance are dissolved. Those energies which can shift are clearer and able to be changed. For some individuals what this means is they refuse. They will not make a trust, understanding or capacity to love that deep in their lives that they will make such steps but for others they will.

The opportunity to look at this issue, to more deeply access it in your day-to-day life, to bring into your consciousness this possibility that you really could end karma in that sense for you personally. This is the deeper meaning that we see associated with this powerful change point around the December period mentioned. But again, you must always ask the simple question every time any future event that has a positive quality associated with it, "Why wait?"

Indeed, right now is there someone you could love more deeply? Someone you could bring into your heart more powerfully? Some energy of love that you could manifest within you that you could transfer somewhere in the world simply for the purpose: forgiveness. Letting go of the karma, allowing, loving, seeing the possibility and letting it go.

In this way of understanding it, the secondary aspect has greater and greater power as you get closer and closer to that time period. It is as if a powerful burst of a cosmic light, a powerful energy from that place, not an energy that is physical, but a nonphysical energy that pours back through time and from that point also forward in time that is saying to you, you can love more, you can have a sense of greater compassion, forgiveness, letting go. You can find the heart of the matter and speak to it. Allow that forgiveness in your heart to be shared with others and you don't have to wait. That would perhaps be a little more esoteric interpretation than the questioner had asked for.

Of course, there will be those who will recognize that the prediction of that which is a major transformation for all of humanity for instance becomes nonphysical is probably not in humanity's best interest. But, in the collective consciousness, at such a time, such a tremendous opportunity to know what is in humanity's best interest? What is this all about and again to anyone who would make any prediction about what would be available at that time particularly that which you would describe as positive, why wait? Why not take that on right now?

Jill: can you talk about the Tesla coil Violet Ray used with noble gases and what is it used for? Has Tesla returned to the earth? Has Einstein? How long will it be before we might be aware of this?

Hilarion: These beings are what Viera calls, Homo sapiens serenissimus. In their last aspect of nonphysical incarnation, likely not to incarnate, though they may choose to do so perhaps for a brief time where some assistance as necessary but indeed having taken on their spiritual lessons, having served humanity they are ready to move on. As such, they will likely continue to influence and assist but in a much more generalized way and indeed may indeed help others with their transformation as they also move on.

The violet ray energy is primarily excitation of inert gas argon and it is simply one of many ways in which these inert gases can be stimulated to provide various beneficial and helpful healing energies. These have been studied for a long time particularly because in the violet ray technique stimulation is done through glass and thus one has the effect of being able to see these and fascinated with the effects that the plasmas generated can help.

However, we see that by the level of effectiveness and the time, trouble and difficulty that it takes, magnetic field, stimulation of inert gases, though not as dramatic is that which is more effective, efficient, and easier to reproduce. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes, thank you. Can you please comment on the children who are coming in to us today?

Hilarion: there are many who are contemplating this and looking at the important energies associated with this. Particularly in the public and in the media with the recent introduction of the television series called, "Touch," with the ways in which people are recognizing how they as parents shift and change as a result of their connection to the children. There are those who would speak to this in various ways, yet there is also a higher energy associated with this. Tune into your own underlying connection, your own goddess energy, Demeter in particular, a powerful and important symbol of these energies.

As you welcome her energies see the ways in which they allow you to better understand the children. Because often times it is the context that you find yourself stuck in that makes it difficult for you to communicate with them, to understand what they really want for the opportunity to be here and so on. Most importantly they have a far deeper level of interconnectivity amongst each other then they will have with adults most likely for their entire lives. This is a characteristic of that group called, "Indigo" and that group called, "Rainbow" and those various others who have provided various different names but the general tendency here is to bring forth with the group wants.

What so many individuals are coming together to see as helpful is particularly strengthened at the time of the equinox and the solstice. These are wonderful times to connect in a way of ritual, playfulness and listening to the children, especially when you ask them questions to which you literally do not know the answer. Many who interact with children ask them questions for which they do know the answers or for which if the child answered one way or the other it would affect you, you would then judge this as, this is the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do, for instance.

But, where can a child be asked an open ended question. A question not so much relating to personality as to their innate nature. Sometimes in such opportunity they can speak with the words of great wisdom and they can share with you in a place of love and caring in which the answer may not be a verbal one as much as it is an awareness, a consciousness, a connectivity and a welcoming with that larger group.

We are grateful to all of these questions and your willingness on all of your parts to ask them. But, connecting now to your own inner child, the great beautiful dancing so invited in the springtime as you welcome this synergy see the little child dancing within you. He or she welcoming you with open arms the beautiful springtime, a beautiful light and in the way in which you welcome this and understand it see that there is also a joyfulness, a playfulness, a love within you.

Think upon somebody who you know somewhere that could use that love in which it would be helpful and send it to them now as a beautiful loving white light. As that light leaves you it has a sound and we ask you to feel that and to share that out loud…ahhh.

As you share this energy you see it now reach all around your environment, connected to the animals, the plants, the earth as it fills the emerald light cylinder and that cylinder grows larger, it blows apart, breaking into pieces that black opaque disk. Those pieces are now absorbed by the sun as that light now grows ever larger still. Many kilometers, extra miles, it connects to earth. She lovingly, beautifully, welcomes this energy with her own ohm she shares with you. Goodbye. Ohm.

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