Hilarion Summer Solstice 2012

Jill: Today is June 21, 2012. Welcome to the Summer Solstice channeling of Hilarion. We are gathered in Nevada City to connect with the higher consciousness and receive answers to our questions for Hilarion and other spirit guides. Thank you all for joining us in these inquiries. For further information on books, tapes, CDs, channelings, please contact Jon C. Fox P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, California 95959 or visit us on the internet at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Yes, Greetings. This is the energy being or vibration you call Hilarion. We ask you to welcome a beautiful emerald light as it collects in this room by your imagination, by your will you welcome it and allow it now to extend infinitely upwards and down to the center of Earth as it forms a cylinder enclosing this entire room. Thus it is about 20 m in diameter that is about 60 feet, that is just enough to fill this house and this room. Your awareness of this is also your connection to this light and a recognition in a way in which your contribution to this shifts the earth.

We will explain this in a minute but for now simply accept this idea that in your heart you are one with the earth and she is one with you. Those thoughts you have, those ideas but especially the awareness of love is that which is able to remain, recirculate and be a part of your breath but most importantly now a part of Earth's breath. The solstice and the times just before and just after it relate to Earth breath in the sense that it is at the point of fullness of the breath. In the northern hemisphere relating to the idea of the breath now at its maximum and at its minimum but the intent of this simply to be the idea of earth breathing.

Thus, when you have the solstice, the sense of Earth, the sense of her energy that moves in and out just as yours does, just as a breathing would in and out. So also in this moment particularly in the northern hemisphere the animals become very aware of their connection to Earth and to humans. They recognize ever increasing human populations and recognize the many questions that this brings up for them about the right way to exist on your planet, the right way to coexist with the humans but more importantly to learn from them. What is it we are here to learn? What are they here to teach us? There is no easy answer to those in the collective but for a single person, for one consciousness, there are many answers to this.

So, if we simply say to you to think of an animal, to be aware of an animal, or welcome an animal consciousness what pops in? Perhaps today it is a dolphin or a butterfly perhaps it is a pet. But, whatever that animal that pops into your consciousness, simply be aware of that animal and what it means to you and have within you the sense of greater love. Not just for that animal but for its brethren, all that it represents. All the ones that are like it and see that animal now as it is able to assist you and love you also connecting to mother Earth. Share that love with Earth through that animal.

As this is created recognize that there is within this a response. This is the important thing that opens up the doorway for the answer. What would you like to teach this animal? What will this animal be asking you? Your animal totem perhaps. Your animal friend. But, it might be something a little simple as how to be a little kinder, a little more tolerant of human foibles and changes. How to be able to coexist better with the environment that it finds itself in. Or are at a more profound level for those of you who have studied this and understood our words about this in the past, how better to love, how better to receive this and know it.

At this moment and likely to continue for the next two or three days this energy is very strong, the sense that you are connected together, Earth the animal kingdom and the humans. We do not restrict this just to the mammals, this is also to the insect kingdom, even to the bacterial Kingdom as if all of the creatures that share this planet together received this sense, this understanding.

For many years people have spoken of the year 2012. They used it as if a metaphor, for change for that which might be a rapture, or a sudden shift, or great transition, or a great culling. But know that you are in 2012, of course you cannot see it as a single thing. It is that of the entire year. So, in understanding this what gradually emerges from this is a way in which overall for human beings a simple process relating to the law of cycles, the law of help, law of love, law of progress is now set in motion this day. What happens is for most human beings, also many animals as you hold it in your consciousness as it affects you, be it a powerful transition or something subtle, six months later this comes more powerfully, more deeply into the physical. This is the property of what is sometimes termed the aetheric body, also called the holochakra and it has other names too.

But, to conceptualize this as something separate is really not accurate. It is a part of your being, it is the nature of who you are. That as these energies gather strength then they make their way into you over a six-month period of time. This is one way in which various health practitioners in a diagnostic mode can predict the sort of physical problems that you will have in about six months or less as they recognize the way in which those thought forms, those energies are on their path to make their way into the physical and then become manifested. When you know this, you can use it to your advantage. But, when the collective consciousness is aware of all of the aspects that relate to a specific event then there is an additional energy behind this.

Many have predicted that in the time of the winter solstice of 2012 those predictions relating to all of these aspects of transition, coming into greater consciousness, rapture or whatever would be those which would manifest. What is important about that is the collective agreement. The sense that many people have that this is going to take shape. But, quite apart from that consider that if you are thinking of such things, if you are manifesting them in your consciousness, if they are aspects that you are relating to, it doesn't really matter positively or negatively but we are suggesting of course that if you relate to them in a positive way, a way that you would see them as helpful, expansive, useful, that which gives you greater physical energy, clarification or whatever.

As you begin that now it will manifest for you in six months, that is right around December 21. When you have this understood in your consciousness you have an additional affect that now begins because similar to ways in which energies are relating to human existence with regards to this aetheric body change is the energy which relates to Earth consciousness and the aetheric change. This actually takes place on a multiplied scale for Earth similar to that of human beings and thus it can be seen in a cycle that relates to about 12,000 years and those aspects that were begun at the end of the last ice age, at the end of the Atlantean epic, these energies are now coming to bear but these are not so focused as to a single day.

But, in taking a consciousness from humans and learning from people, earth is able to echo this, bring it back into the consciousness of people and so this energy that is made available to you now is amplified by Earth. So for a moment a powerful and important question: what would you like? What would you wish for? What would you have? Start first in your physical body. What would you have in your physical body around December 21st of 2012. What sort of changes would you ask for? What sort of energies towards healing? Towards benefit, towards strength, towards appearance?

What about going deeper into the organs? Into the glands? Into the various systems of the body? The nervous system? The circulatory system? The excretory system? As you look at each of these for a moment what would you want to see there? Having conceptualized this you let go of the ideas, you let go of the words and instead focus on the feeling of it. Because it is the emotional body which energizes more than anything else for most people. It energizes the aetheric body, the physical, the mental and many different things but if at least now you can take a step in that direction by feeling how this change would affect you. You can also welcome it emotionally. Having that feeling in the body could you sense a warmth? A positive expression? Something of expansion, of light? Something beautiful in you.

You can imagine as if you are saying those words, ah! It worked! Or I am so grateful for this or these energies, whatever they are, are welcome. When you have such understanding with regards to the aetheric body and its overlay into this powerful collective consciousness being shared throughout the world about the nature of the culmination of energies in 2012 at December 21st, you have a greater opportunity to add to this in a positive way, in another way, a way that affects the Earth. Because as you open your consciousness, open your heart and look into the world you see these problems amongst people, you see these ways in which people struggle.

But, you see also something else, a great difficulty in which Earth struggles with so many people. So much change, so much shift in the atmosphere, in the land, in the water, in the ocean. As you see these things and you feel with Earth's grief, fear or sadness you now have something to offer. As I see my body healing, so I also see yours. As I feel my sense of love, so also now do I feel yours, my Earth, my love. As you might welcome such an energy this is of course is a powerful inspiration for Earth's energy as it relates to the six-month cycle to add to it, to bring more into consciousness, to welcome it even more.

Now, if you get this message four or five months down the road is that too late? Yes. The aetheirc body moment, the nature of the six-month energy is now. That is how you hold your consciousness, if that is the story that you need in order to accept that you can change your atheric body, that you can work with that energy which eventually comes into the physical then so be it. What we have noticed over and over on planet Earth and it is a great lesson about the universal laws is the power of love. We mean specifically the universal law of love, that which states that everything is connected and that when you hold in your heart your true understanding of this, the feeling of that connectedness that beautiful loving embrace, that beautiful welcoming, that sense of gratitude, that sense of praise.

Because it is all connected, all of these things that are rigid, held within various laws, this is that and in no other way is it possible, it all melts, it all disappears. The first example of this is with the law of karma whereby as you are loving, you dissolve the karma that requires you to act in a certain way, that dissolves the energies associated with the rigid patterns that says from cause to effect to cause to another effect and on and on we go.

But, in point of fact as you understand and work with these energies there are other choices you can make. Some of those choices relate to how you feel about it, how you could welcome a different feeling about it, how you can understand it in ways, but more importantly it relates to the way in which this ultimately gives rise to understanding, to greater connection and to more love as a result, more interconnectedness as a result, this steers you into the direction of where the love lies. Never into the direction of greater separation, greater loneliness, always to more embracing, more connected-ness, more love as it is re-created, inspired, re-created, inspired like breathing.

So, with this understanding now as you have applied it in your own lives to the law of karma, is it now possible to also apply it it to the universal law of progress, cycles, help and so on with regards to aetheric energy? Of course it is. In this welcoming you see the eventual place this goes, where the essence of this, the true gift of humanity, the awareness of humanity's real gift, that of love is applied to all of the universal laws. This is a big stretch in your imagination, in your understanding, in your consciousness. But, we speak of it today as would certainly be required in celebration and acknowledgment of the release of this book on the universal laws certainly a long time in coming. Yet, that which now enters into the Finnish speaking world first and eventually to all others in all other languages.

In the meantime. This powerful question for you. What will you do with greater love? Specifically though as you would be hearing these words at any time, even conceivably after December 21, 2012 you may understand this by having more love, by welcoming it, your aetheric body can be shifted, your own nature, your genetic inheritance, the collective consciousness that you relate to, everything from the the tiniest to the biggest and everything in between.

For indeed, the law of love is the alpha omega of all of the universal laws. Once you understand this principle and can welcome it for yourself personally you have then gone over a great hurdle and you can perhaps apply this with others. Pretty early for that for most people. In loving them, you are often surprised at the results. As if those things that they have held back suddenly are released, all of a sudden you seem to be in more trouble than you ever thought possible because that love was there, it was saying to them it is safe, you may have those things now that you have always repressed, you may welcome them if you need to now.

But, as you are able to welcome and understand this for yourself personally now answers are revealed. Why has your life been this hard? Why have you struggled to work through this or that? Perhaps it was more than you thought. More than just karma, more than just balancing, more than just the opportunity to learn, it was also timed that there would be more people understanding the way in which the law of love could be used to change your karma but ultimately to change everything and you would have a chance to bear witness to this at the very least. To take it on for yourself perhaps or at the greatest, to be able to teach it to others, to be able to share it at some fundamental way within the very nature of consciousness and the earth.

Many individuals on your planet are very concerned about all of the powerful, difficult issues; economic, political, the various wars, the struggles of various peoples all over your planet, and on and on. But we must say one little thing about this. You are all here. There are more people here that have been on this planet in recorded history and indeed in any history, the opportunities for learning, for interacting, but most importantly for loving are therefore greater than they have ever been before. This is the life you chose, not just the life of this person, of this body, of this relationship, this planet, these animals, this air, this water because of this opportunity.

You could also justify this in a sense, well, in your own consciousness you would ask yourself, I am responsible, I am one with this, I am making choices but if larger consciousness shifts this to "we" and you begin to notice what really emerges from this. For example, although there is tremendous economic difficulty and wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few there is now much greater recognition amongst more people than has ever been aware of this before of this situation.

Hence, an innate though still unconscious awareness of the sharing of the economic conditions by all the rest. It is as if then this rather silly expression the 1% and the 99%, the 1% is more aware of the 99% than it has ever been before. In another way of looking at this, there are currently on your planet wars, various struggles in which there is death, difficulty, various aspects of mechanized warfare, armament and so on. But, by comparison to most previous times, less and per capita for the number of people on your planet far less than there has ever been before.

This is not to justify that where those powerful, difficult places exist, they are mere skirmishes. Because to the people involved, of course these are terrible, horrible, dislocating, frightening, very powerful soul-searching times. But, the opportunity to connect more to the media at the very least and ultimately through this collective consciousness, this is greater than it has been before and this is one of the reasons why this sense of sharing of various aspects of consciousness is going on as it is.

There was a question about Syria which seems particularly apropos here. One of the aspects driving the conflict there is purely karmic. Over a period of time there are many on your planet who have engaged in warfare, most of them have recognized the idiocy of this, the foolishness that has drawn them into such conflicts, but many who go through this are stuck in it, lifetime after lifetime engaging as soldiers on one side and then the other where such a thing is possible or the representation can be shifted around such.

So, you have many of those who are left in this karmically who do not recognize the importance of love in shifting this, who are burning off the karma directly associated with being dominant, being the ones in charge, being the dictators. Not because of anything intrinsic in that simply the awareness that most such in the position of perpetrator, they are the last ones to realize what the problem was. Usually as you go back and forth through various aspects you have a little more consciousness, a little more awareness because you have more fear as victim. As perpetrator, because you then have more ego you therefore have less awareness, less consciousness and as a result tend to replay that out perhaps as the last time through in such a long time sequence.

What do you do with such people? The ones who were the dominators? The perpetrators? In the last great war? Where do you put them on this planet to work out that karma? You make them the rebels in various conflicts in the Middle East, you bring them into consciousness as position as victim, but you have to find a country to do this and indeed the guides and helpers have reduced this little by little.

This is the real key you see and a deeper understanding of what is going on in all of these wars that as the victims there is now a greater collective conscious awareness of how the world sees you then has ever been before. It is through the media, it is through people's actions, but you see yourself as a result, you have a higher point of view about it and you ask the question: does this have to be? Do I have to fight? Is this the only choice I have?

This is why of course you have refugees, people leaving Syria and finding other places to live and so on and they find that actually pretty easy and so what you're left with is the hard-core people who really have to fight this out. This is true indeed in all of these countries where you find these powerful wars continuing. But, as this is better understood by the collective consciousness, by millions of people around the world naturally than what is beamed, what is shared, what is experienced you go through your own energy on it, your own karma; what you've learned and then you come to love. You simply know that there is love available to both the victim and the perpetrator and that there are other possibilities.

Hence, you see movies that project this energy for instance, Angelina Jolie's recent release. For instance the many that focus on various ways in which people can avoid war by the various aspects in which nuclear weapons are utilized as a pawn in the movie only at the last second to be put aside or the gathering of force against an alien invasion etc. The involvement of violence in these movies is disturbing to many who do not understand it but it sells tickets and the reason for this is very simple because somewhere deep in you this is ready to be cleared, to be purged, to be that which can be shifted, that energy which you are now ready to say through whatever means, in particular we are suggesting karma, but it could be the means which brought you to it, I will use love, I will choose a different path, I will understand what these people go through and I will never do this again.

My soul will make a choice to something in which I will not be violent. Now this is very difficult of course if you have already made that choice to see this again and again. But, it is driving ticket sales because this is coming up now in people's consciousness and the next phase of this is very simple. It is asking about it. Why do I have this? For instance, moving to the aspect of pure entertainment to that of a little bit of clarification, a little bit of questioning, so when you meet others who are entranced by such films, who awaken to these aspects of consciousness, who want to understand the violence, who buy the tickets, find a place in you that can ask about this.

For instance, who or what is experiencing this violence? Who or what is experiencing this here right now, whatever it is? In the various ways in which you can understand this you are now being given an open door. The real difficulty with making movies, television shows and many different aspects of this that can be shown as popular media in various ways that can be less violent, bringing greater aspects of consciousness, greater awareness and so on is that they don't sell very well. But, those who produce movies base this on the history and things are changing rapidly. And in only a short time, perhaps only a year or two from now more films, more opportunities for art, to bring these aspects in of higher consciousness will sell more and that of course is going to be proven by the lower investment aspects of this, those of television shows. Witness for instance, the acceptance and interest in the recent television show, Sutherland's, "Touch."

As people are able to shift their consciousness, this shifts the planet and that was the other aspect we wanted to mention with regards to the way in which this aetheric body is shifting for each of you individually, so it is also for earth. The primary energy we view as being responsible for the changes that are likely to be seen around December 21, 2012 are due to this factor. These energies, not that of a collective consciousness of alien beings coming here to lift off, a cataclysmic earth change, a great shift through the galactic, there are all kinds of reasons why all of these energies shift but it is more personal. It is simply the awareness that this energy is yours, that you are here, you have chosen Earth and Earth has chosen you.

There are many questions to be addressed today but we want you to understand that this is a fulfilling of mission, a sense of purpose of various aspects that we have spoken of extensively in the past. Humanity has really only just begun on this, just in the ways in which these energies shift so then can you welcome them more deeply in your heart. It is from this that they go to the next level because all of this is only setting the stage, it is only the beginning aspects of this. What will humanity do with all of this love? What will be the energy associated with this in the future? This is not predicted. There are so many ways in which people will be able to decide this for themselves. But it is entirely possible that it will be something quite wonderful, quite magnificent, but unexpected as well.

Something that will be delightful for many. In this, there is a great deal of interest amongst the nonphysical beings who co-inhabit this planet with you. Most of those have avoided contact with humanity for millennia because humanity seems pretty dangerous; noisy, foolish, violent, but this is decreasing by comparison to the opportunity to welcome these beings and to understand them. As a result, a little more connection, affiliation, awareness of nature spirits, of the forest creatures, of the beings who inhabit the rocks and the waterfalls.

These are not beings at physical nature of the animal kingdom that you are aware of in the physical, but those nonphysical beings that are not guides or helpers either. They are here to learn from the animals, from the humans, from the earth herself but they are also here to live out long periods of existence in which they have the primary experience of being surrounded by a tremendous variety of energies. Because this is what the plants, the animals, people, the earth herself, these are being produced constantly and it is these energies which are so useful, so powerful, so helpful, so intriguing.

These beings are never bored but in recognizing humanity's deeper connection to this larger aspect of the earth, of change, and ultimately of love and the manifestation of love to move through various obstacles such as karma, these beings are intrigued. One such race of nature spirits, most typically associated with the trees in the forest have been known as the Elfin. One of their roots and coming to understand this and work with it has been to journey deep, beginning to the roots of trees and going deeper and deeper down into the earth to interact with many beings who live deep underneath the Earth's core and in learning about this to return back to the surface and bring such as energy to the trees, to the plants, and ultimately to human beings.

Many individuals report in their our own sense of their attunement to nature, attunement to nature spirits and so on the presence of such energies around the largest trees in such places as very near here this location, Big Trees Park but even near any of the large trees. Part of this is often because of this deep rooted energy, this aspect of connection to many of the other animals, plants, and especially the other trees but it is often because one of these nature spirits has chosen to remain, connected to this tree.

The noise of daily life is disturbing to most of the nature spirits including the Elfin. But, some now come out, sometimes at night sometimes in these beautiful times of Earth breath, solstice and equinox times, to be near a tree, to welcome the energy, to be aware of it, not to do anything with it, not to ask anything of it, simply to be aware of it and allow that energy in your presence. This is one way of connecting to the Elfin and letting them know that this energy, associated with trees, associated with earth, associated with connection amongst all nature, that you admire it, or praise it or something you welcome, you feel good about.

There is a question about free energy technology that some of it would appear to have necessity to collect energy or work with it in various ways that relates to consciousness, to people thinking about it, to being aware of it. This is one of nature's facets, this interconnectedness that you are then aware of the nature spirits is similar in a way when you are involved with those aspects of the mechanical world, the electrical world, the energetic world, the sub atomic or those associated with the cosmic.

There is a scientific side to this of course and that is very important to understand and work with the scientific theories and working with them as much as you can and so on, but oftentimes the very reason a person is involved with such things is because of the wonder, the awe, the beauty, the majesty, elegance that they sense as these things are made known to them. Thus, when you are in such a position to create an energetic technology touch that first, the awe. It works! How wonderful! Have a sense of it. This is often the collective consciousness energy saying this is possible.

Sometimes this is important not just for you personally because many of the energies associated with these technologies are not derived from simple chemical energy such as burning of fuels nor photonic energy such as that derived from the Sun, but subtle energies relating to the space between electrons and nuclei or the space between the nuclei themselves. This empty space energy has a connectedness also. It is this connectedness that is vast and in understanding or welcoming it, it does assist in bringing it more physical.

Now, with certain technologies it is more important than others but in all of this it is very important for the person who is involved in this to experience this in their own way. It is often this sense of awe or wonder that also leads you in a sense of creativity or openness or awareness to the next idea and the next. Ultimately, this has its purpose too, in an awareness to something beyond yourself; something back to this connectedness to the whole, to the way in which all of these energies are aware of so much.

Which brings us of course to the understanding of a great teacher in this regard. There are many and many have written and spoken about this but one who has inspired so many is the individual Rudolph Steiner and the awareness of the sense of what he was able to bring into the world was indeed so beautiful and so helpful that for many it became a sort of religion. To use these teachings out of the original context could be a definition of religion, that indeed these teachings were about the wonder of nature, the way in which all things co-create and his work had a tremendous degree of focus on the blending of science and all other aspects; art, philosophy, agriculture and these scientific discoveries of the time.

So of course, if you stop that, if you don't use the scientific discoveries of this time then you are missing that underlying point. One of the most important aspects of this of course karmically available right now is brain science. Brain science has not yet been applied to children because of course it is difficult to put children into the analytical devices, principally MRI technology, that are being utilized in order to see how the brain works. But, all of this as it changes and what is being learned from and what experiments are being done with children needs to be integrated with the understanding that is brought through Steiner's work. Schools, called the Waldorf system have within them some of this rigidification, this turning it into a religion but this is simply losing sight of those original ideas in which there was this powerful and important blending of the channeled wisdom, of the subtle aspects, of the observation of nature and the science that was available at the time.

Science, as it is available now can gradually but consistently be integrated with this for much further development and understanding. At the same time, teachers who enter into various opportunities, Waldorf schools primarily to teach using these systems are going to be pushed by their guides, by subtle energies, by the Earth, by all of these things that are present to do this. To integrate the knowledge, to use their own hearts, their own wisdom, their own love, and coordinate this with the patience and loving teachings that Steiner so lovingly and powerfully advocated. In doing so, they will be hard-pressed to face their own fears, they must not fall back on various ways in which they use an excuse, they use somebody's other idea, some misconception about karma, or nutrition, or schooling or whatever it is simply to avoid their own fear. Because, as they experience it, of course they can let it go and come to a place of greater understanding.

Which brings us, of course, to this powerful energy which we have spoken about so often that is the driving factor right now behind so many difficulties you're seeing all over the world. In Greece, in Spain, these are making the news right now but it is happening everywhere. Myanmar, Ukraine, Afghanistan, New York City; many individuals are struggling with fear and their reaction to it, their relationship to it, their resistance to it, their ability to misunderstand it over and over pushes them into experiences that bring them consequences they do not want. They are then seeing more and more fear around and so on. The solutions to this we have spoken of in the past. We will speak on them again but it is very important that as people are aware of the difficulties they face particularly the economic difficulties, that they look carefully where is the fear motivating? Where is present? Where is it from keeping me from seeing a larger truth?

False evidence appearing real (FEAR) is a wonderful way of piercing through to understanding what you think is the truth when of course it is not. Of course, overriding this is the most powerful of all that when you die there will be nothing, but of course you know the truth of this, and this helps a lot. So death is not feared so much but secondly your fear of people, because the greatest solution you find over and over is community, people learning from each other helping each other, sharing with each other and in the very push to separation is the energy that develops, the issue that is being described as the 1% to 99%.

But, at the same time as this is that powerful third issue where the fear is ultimately your greatest obstacle, the fear of your own power. The fear of your own ability to make a shift, to make a change. So for the first step for this for many individuals is that as you are aware of the vision, a way in which community could be created, take steps in such direction and be aware of where the fear is and let it go, find the truth of it, express it, do whatever it takes and then take a step.

The other thing that is so interesting about the summertime, the way in which from this point forward particularly through the next three month period in the northern hemisphere is this welcoming for doing-ness. For that which has been thought about, planned about, birthed perhaps in the spring now to come into form. Now to be realized. Now to be shared. As you can be aware of this and welcome it you may find other aspects of it are called forth. This does not always mean you overcome your fear, it means sometimes that you are aware of what is happening and are willing to change it by one simple means. What do you think that is?

In the interconnectedness, in the asking for the deeper understanding about love, about the willingness to experience it for yourself, oftentimes these things shift powerfully for you. This idea of separation dissolves so easily by love. We ask you each to look in your body where there is a little bit of stiffness, or part of your body that wishes to move. As the love energy is pummeled, brought through, breathed through Earth, so also then stretch, move, release. So, perhaps you have a few questions to pose, Jill.

Jill: Please give further information on the Waldorf schools and the relevance of its educational philosophies and practices to the new generation of children. What about children not being allowed to read until age 8 or older? Teachers claiming not to discipline students claiming they don't want to interfere with student's karma and children's bullying due to their past lives.

Hilarion: Briefly, yes bullying can be difficult but the collective, the consciousness is shifting this as everyone is aware of it, it stops because of love, because people become aware, knowing, healing. With an excuse such as I'm not going to interfere with someone's karma you can of course be acknowledging your own fear, indeed that is what is usually the case. Solution to this is simple, love and the more love you feel and the opportunity to dissolve the karma is there. But, simply put, forgetting about all of that you have already taken on the karma by choosing to be a teacher. In the understanding of the new generations there is so much applicable, so many ways in which this shows up, many already know how to read, you can't keep it from them until they are eight because they remember it from the last life.

Many simply have no interest and will choose not to do much reading at all in their entire lives and others will devour everything they can find and will request your assistance perhaps because that particular language is the one they are most familiar with is one of perhaps a language different from the one they are now being exposed to. You must let them be the guide, you can tell if the child is having fun, enjoying this as if playing then we see no reason why a limit should be placed upon it. It is true that the brain develops in various ways and this will be shown over and over with brain science. But, it cannot be seen as an overlying energy for everyone particularly because many of the children being born now have a far greater degree of attunement and connection to their previous lives than those who have already come.

Jill: Can you talk about the Obama mission and his job regarding our growth and awareness in discernment.

Hilarion: it was sort of hoped to avoid this, for one simple reason that this being more than ever is acting as a pure representative of so many on your planet. This is very hard for most people to accept. It would seem that in so many ways everyone would have a criticism, everyone would say be it from the far right to those on the far left who are simply disappointed that he did not put into action many of the promises that he made in the last campaign. In all of these ways he is a representation of humanity's internal conflict. The way in which people are unable to decide for themselves the best way to proceed. Yes, of course you want to have greater freedom, greater possibility but what about those people who are resistant to this are you going to put them through hell in order to wake up? In all of the different ways in which this is coming into action, this representation begs the question: where are you in this and specifically if you could for a moment step into Obama's shoes, if you could understand this from such a point of view as this person, what would you learn from this, where could more love be felt, where could this energy be shared and so on.

It is in the consciousness of a few people coming stronger and stronger as a possibility that if he is reelected there will be an opportunity for him to indeed finally bring into action many of those promises, many of those possibilities and therefore for many people these energies are holding themselves just out of the reach of consciousness. It is a difficult time for many because economically the various energies that were put into action a very long time ago, the moment any government begins a process of borrowing money, all of those actions are set into motion. Economically, somebody sooner or later has to pay for it.

It can be paid back and at that point such borrowing stops but this is not what has happened. As a result, the economic consequences are felt. But the guides and helpers encourage this not because it's going to bring greater economic prosperity which is often the case short-term and long-term greater economic difficulty but because of the opportunity to solve this by the collective will; by the collective consciousness, by people understanding this at the larger level the real issue. We could speak on this briefly but as usual you would find it controversial, difficult to swallow, and ultimately that which you might reject. But, sooner or later all human beings will accept this just as all of these powerful ideas that are now accepted amongst various people in so many different ways such as equality of women, equality of races, the great importance of nature on your planet and the necessity to preserve it, these are things all rejected powerfully, deeply, a matter just a few hundred years ago.

As you understand and work with these aspects of consciousness what you will understand for yourself is that there are other ways to do it without money. There are ways in which you do not need borders or countries. There are ways to do it on your planet in which you are then able to recognize the innate spark, the gift, the love in everyone without exception. To understand this from the point of view of creativity, bringing this in as a world idea, that which is understood for everyone is the overriding energy associated with the guides and helpers associated with every far thinking, far seeing political individual including Obama on your planet.

This is the underlying motivation for some of the steps that are being taken and in comparison to this very large sweeping aspect of no more money, no more countries, no more aspect of division, hatred, or separation. The tiny steps that are made in such a direction seem trivial, seem so small as to be insignificant but by comparison to what it has been beforethey are still important steps. So in that sense that his mission is indeed inching forward, millimeter by millimeter but it is at least heading in that direction.

In the meantime of course this can produce for the far thinking, farseeing non-politicals, individuals who can lead through their community, who can share through their writings, who can connect to the others through the Internet and so on. A great degree of inspiration, creativity and an opportunity to paint this vision, to make it clearer, to let people understand it and see it more deeply and entertain the real possibility in which money is not necessary, in which borders and countries and divisions are not necessary. In which the real opportunity to love and be loved is taken full advantage of on your planet. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. If we are being lived by greater intelligence how do we become aware of this and not identify with the false self?

Hilarion: the first key is,"not." This has been spoken of in Jon's little book, "There Are No Nots," if you can identify the not and then ask what is real? Often what shows up for you is a personal vision. If I am not going to identify with the false self, what will I identify with? Yes, some people say your true self but that has no meaning. What really has meaning here might be something deeper, my heart, my love, my caring might be one person's answer. But another person's answer in looking at the "not" is a welcoming, as a cry for help, as an opportunity might be the willingness to be one with others, to love and be loved by them in their way, not my way. To learn the language of love and yet for another it might be some specific contribution, some aspects or gift, some higher intelligence you have to share in the world.

Notice here that there is a tendency toward doing-ness in the way we are speaking because that is how the question was phrased. In going into this deeper the next level question is, what do you really want? What do you want more than that? More than a connection with your higher self? Your true self? Your release of the "not." What you may experience with this is a place that is beyond doing. It is the opportunity simply to be. So focus on the doing, be aware of it, work with it but remember to ask yourself what do I want more than that? What you may experience from this is a direct diving in to your true self because for most the true self is simply about being. It is about the aspect that simply exists.

This is hard to do, to work with, to understand in a way in which there must be action, but let that go, instead simply be. What is present for you? Most of those hearing this, working with it, etc. they will be breathing. So focus on your breath. It would be those aspects of you that don't know the nature of who you are, your true self, the false self whatever that is you simply don't know. Instead of resisting that, simply let it be with you for a moment. The paradox of this, the knowledge that there is both sides of your being, that you are simply this consciousness and ask, who or what is experiencing this right now? These are powerful and important tools that are the real answer to this question. Does this help?

Jill: Yes. Can you talk about levitation?

Hilarion: there are those who speak of it as lightening up, as telling humorous stories so as to provoke levity as to the ways in which through humor they can release and these are all very good to remember. Because in many ways it is the gravity of your situation that keeps you stuck exactly where you are. Many times those who have a humorous point of view and are able to see things with greater perspective can let go of the simplest of ideas that things are always as they have been.

That is the biggest obstacle to levitation because you are used to it, you have re-created it in your consciousness. In the very way in which that which might be energetic to overcome the pull of gravity is available, it is after all energy, energy is all around you. It is the sense that you are going to do it now exactly as you did it the minute before, the lifetime before, the century before, the existences of all of humanity before. It is that which weighs upon you and weighs you down, Understanding and working with this mixed metaphor business, can be playful. But, it can also be enlightening as to allow you to understand your own nature, that which would seem to have mass and weight to you, is mostly empty space. Your own physical body is mostly empty space. This is one scientific understanding that can be somewhat helpful as you rekindle this nature.

There are of course many historical examples and there are ways in which various scientific techniques have been utilized but ultimately the greatest barrier to all of this is simply your own consciousness, that which you have allowed to stand in the way and that which you are therefore most familiar with. Therefore, in order to produce for yourself personal levitation, a place to start is with those aspects that release your understanding of how things have been and allow you to take them on not only in new ways, or in expected ways but in ways that may be challenging, may be different from what you have seen before, maybe upside down for a while.

As a result we could certainly recommend the nutritional capabilities associated with the Vonderplanitz diet because this makes you see things upside down and in addition is that which can provide more energy to the physical body. But, as you are able to play with these ideas you may eventually come to one simple understanding and this has to do with the nature of the earth. The earth appears to be the principal source of the gravitational pull that is holding you onto its surface. We would suggest that you carefully consider the possibility that the earth is a receiver and that there is a powerful universal force pushing you down onto the earth. As a result instead of seeing earth as the enemy, as that which is pulling you and keeping you from levitating, see it as your protector. That which is loving you and waiting for the moment in which you could simply and easily harness her own loving energy to push you off her surface.

Now of course if such a push were too fast, or too powerful you would move quickly into the upper atmosphere and would have little to breathe and would die. So, you must be careful here how much levitation you wish for. In fact for most people they want it to be a perfect balance, a beautiful buoyancy, well, play with the helium balloon a little bit. Attach weights to it until you can get it perfectly buoyant, you will often be frustrated with it noticing that the tiniest extra or deficient amount of weight will produce significant movement up or down. So indeed, you could say that you are already striking a beautiful balance and in this way keeping yourself on the planet.

Of course there are those who understand the levitation principle as that which is essentially spiritual in nature. That as you are able to shift your vibration, that amount of matter you have is no longer affected in the usual way and this is quite accurate. But, in this way you would then also recognize the important lessons, the things to learn here, the interactions with other people and so on would seem far less engaging, far less interesting, and far less attractive. All of these factors add up in various ways to keep you here on the earth. We see a time in humanity's future when this will be easier, but for now you seem to be so powerfully enmeshed in this that the principal ways in which levitation takes place will be simple, scientific and practical ways in which the various forces that are used to create those energies of pushing and pulling with relation to Earth will be created technologically and the simplest and easiest way to do this is with the inert gases. In which they are subjected to significant levels of magnetic and electrical interactions in order to produce the gravitational forces. These can then be arranged to increase or decrease the earth's energies and as a result produce apparent levitation. It is important as you understand and work with these technologies that you see also how they shift consciousness. Their very exposure especially to inert gas xenon, stimulated by such means as magnetic and electric will indeed produce shifts in consciousness. It this sufficient?

Jill: can you please talk to us about the effects of the annular solar eclipse?

Hilarion: Yes. The earth, moon and sun in their own interesting arrangements are constantly moving through various aspects of interaction. At those rare times in which there is a perfect alignment and the light from the sun is completely blocked by the moon, you have the recognition that this is occurring. But, at every new moon there is an energy close to this, something of a similar nature, an interruption of the solar flow, a shift in which it is a more lunar flow and so on. At every full moon there is an interruption in a whole different way in which he energies between moon and sun are felt by the earth and you are then in the middle of this.

But, you have lived through this in many lifetimes, you have experienced the eclipses before, you are able to adapt to this and what it says in this simply is: pay attention, be aware of these interactions, be aware of these energies in the cosmic flow. Yes, there are interruptions in such flow but there are interruptions not only in the flow of those, but also in the way in which all of the planets interacting with the sun and the universe are then producing their own subtle harmonic variations and shifts. The important thing to understand when you are working with such an energy is the deeper question. What is my relationship to the sun? What is my relationship to the moon? What are these things symbolizing for me? For many individuals these can be astrological, they can be scientific. But, we are suggesting again with this powerful and important theme of the law of love, of the connectedness, that you understand that the way in which something far greater than you, far larger, far more complex is available to you every day as a constant interaction.

The earth, communicating to the sun, the moon, and the moon communicating also to the sun and the way in which these interactions then move, shift, change there are ways in which you can understand them energetically. Most importantly with this is the direct absorption of solar energy or for those who attune to it directly the absorption of lunar energy which is far more subtle. The intent here is simply by your awareness you can draw in these energies, compensate, blend and work with them and most importantly learn.

You learn about your own body, you learn about the energy and there are other lessons too. What does the Sun have to say to you right now? Could it possibly send you an energy encouraging you towards healing? Towards awareness of energy at all levels? Towards the opportunity to put aside those technologies which are damaging and harmful to the earth and instead utilize those directly derived from the sun. There are all different messages and ideas and things that can be shared in this regard. Does this help?

Jill: Yes.

Hilarion: We are very grateful to the many aspects that have been brought up. But, we would especially encourage each of you now to be thinking to your future. Where will you be in December, particularly December 21 of this year? What sort of energies will you be experiencing? Would you be able now to welcome those as a sense of greater love, an embrace of the earth somehow, of a tree somehow, of a loved one, of a child, your inner child, of those who have surrounded and loved you, of your community perhaps? Could this embrace be that which says, we are here, we love, we receive, we know. It is that energy which is especially strong as a request from your guides and helpers right now asking you, in what way can you imagine loving and being loved even more?

Another aspect of this is to imagine right now that you are embracing someone you care deeply about and feel that as a vibration in your heart and all of the organs of your body, in your nervous system, your circulatory system, breathe it and know it, feel it and sense it. Let the image of that person go and in their place put someone else. Someone you have had a little difficulty with lately, give them the same energy, give them and embrace, feel that love, breathe it and see that it is real, that it is anchored and that it is known.

Then let them go and pick someone else, someone you have had a lot of difficulty with, feel and experience that love powerfully and deeply, even more strongly than before. Now, let that person go and in their place put this future self who you are in six months loved, embraced and cared for deeply. In this way, you are nurturing, loving and caring for your own aetheric body, your own physical body and all the aspects of your genetic encoding and all the ways in which you here now appreciate and love the being that you will be. Letting all of that go simply now return to the idea of a beautiful emerald light cylinder about 20 m in diameter, 60 feet in diameter it expands as you breathe it gets larger. As it reaches several kilometers, several miles in diameter its powerful connection to mother earth stirs her loving ohm which begins to bubble up through your body, into your heart and as it expands even larger the entire earth is bathed in this beautiful emerald glow, we ask you to share this out loud. Ohmmm..Goodbye.

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