Hilarion Fall Equinox 2012

Jill: Greetings. Today is September 21, 2012. We are gathered in Nevada City, California for the Fall Equinox channeling of Hilarion. For further information on channelings, books, CDs or devices please contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959 or visit us on the internet at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Greetings, yes greetings to all of you. This is the energy, being or vibration you call Hilarion. A moment please while we make deeper contact. Yes, we ask you to welcome the idea of a beautiful emerald light as if by your breathing it becomes clearer and stronger and fills this room and becomes a cylinder about 100 feet, that is about 33 meters in diameter. From infinitely upwards through you to the center of the earth. As you are part of this light, the simple idea that it breathes you, that it is one with you.

You can use this as a bridge or medium to your own guides and helpers, to the energy of their guides and helpers, to the energy of the earth and the stars. Right now on planet earth there is a great effort underway to bring new ideas about peace into people's consciousness so that they may be able to bring these more clearly into form on a day-to-day basis. This is something that has been in the minds of many people for many years but right now it becomes a little more into consciousness as people are beginning to welcome the idea of this while at the same time in your news you are seeing the tremendous sense of dis-disease, dis-peace, dis-placement and all kinds of difficulties and this is not because of any one single incident though certain incidents have triggered this. Rather the way in which within people at a deep level they are thirsting for peace, they want to find this somehow in their lives and many of the methods that they have used, many of the ways they have been brought to understand this, they are not receiving the responses they are looking for.

In many ways, as difficult as it is for you to find peace, as difficult as it is for you to find your purpose in life, what you're really here for, or where you can share your gifts, still there is a place in you that knows a way of finding peace a little better than many of those who have not spent the time, the energy, the effort into learning this. So for these people right now we ask you simply to look into your own experience, your own life, where you have experienced moments, even in brief ones of deep abiding peace or where you have in meditation perhaps even this night experienced some sense of an ease, relaxation of that which is without strife or stress and in that moment as you are recalling this have the sense of a memory of when you first began to look at this sort of thing, the first time you did a peace meditation, the very first time you began to think about such a thing and recognize that there is now a link formed, a time bridged between who you are now and who you were then. In this way you are receiving the innocence of who you were then and you are also sharing your sense of the opportunity to launch yourself, to jump into, to drop into, to let go of and sink into that sense of peace that is yours.

You give this now as if a gift of the one you were and we ask you now just as you are doing this perhaps in your imagination, handing this gift with your right hand an identical gift is now formed in your left hand, this you send out, out into the world, into the Mideast in particular, this thirst for peace grows stronger and stronger with each passing day and at the same time this gift you let go to mother Earth and her center where it is re-created and allowed to flow to all the peoples of the world.

This is important not just for visualization but this idea that you can connect. There are those who have recognized many shifts and changes happening on your planet. They have predicted certain powerful events and they have tied these to various cosmic phenomena we can speak of. But, it is important that as you recognize this in addition to that which may be seeming to happen externally, internally there is a gathering strength of an agreement field, it is not by any means a unanimous agreement field nor even really a consensus agreement field but it is that which is more an agreement now than it was say 10 or 20 years ago.

About the idea of all kinds of energies coming together, perhaps in mid December of this year, perhaps in the way in which it can have a profound effect on the consciousness of everyone on your planet, on your consciousness in particular on your relationships. The idea of this is not so much in the external but in this agreement field and the way in which you can now welcome this even more and that this is having an effect of a dilution or a smearing of the seaming linearity and the confining boundaries of time.

The way in which you have a meditation, the sharing of energy with your past self is "easier," then it has been before. This is likely to continue with it peaking around the 21st, 22nd of December but then continuing at the same plateau and then perhaps gradually increasing even further. This is difficult to explain and why we put easier in quotes because it isn't so much that it is easier to transmit as it is easier to receive. We know that doesn't make sense because the part of you that is receiving is your past self and how does that affect you now? At some point you have to just drop all of that and drop into instead the real meaning of Fall and the mystery of this.

Holidays associated with the time of Fall such as Halloween and others, these are all related to this energy of the uncovering, the welcoming of the mystery and the willingness to enter into it. It is sometimes called the time of magic and in many ways this dates back to the underlying energies associated energies of seasonal change in the way it was noticed that all kinds of magical things happen in the fall. The harvest is completed, the food has grown to ripeness and can be picked and eaten, the animals begin to prepare for the seasonal change by gathering food and preparing for hibernation; the energies of the seasons themselves change dramatically with the hints of winter and the bringing through of all of these energies seeming to tie to the shortening of the days and the lengthening of the nights.

So as in times past one looks for the pivot point for this. The fall equinox now is obvious as that point in which the energies now in balance begin to tip. As they move more and more to the energy of the night as the nights grow longer and the days shorter the emphasis now is on the group. The consciousness and the collective and how you attune individually but to each other. As you begin to attune to this and something magical happens: answers, ideas, memories, the collective consciousness sharing with you in ways that were not so easily available to you before. This is not only magical and that which seems to be outside the realm of logic, it is also which you have the sense of familiarity with; that which has been within you not only from seasonal change in this life and in past lives, but in a way in which Earth herself is reflecting this energy.

Now of course these energies are the opposite in the southern hemisphere and the way in which these energies can be applied there are entirely different where Christmas is a summer holiday for instance and this is sometimes difficult for people to understand until they have made the switch. But still, in the time of what is now the spring equinox there is this balance and instead of looking at it from the point of view of day and night we suggest it from the point of view of breathing, as if from the out breath and the in breath you come to a place of equality, Earth breath and a place of balance. In this balance it is as if the magical intention, the magical words are, "all things are possible." Without necessarily understanding it logically. This is particularly useful right now because of the energy we have just spoken of, easier to receive does make sense if your future self is sending you an energy right now.

So, this is the meditation we invite you to participate in right now. Visualize the kind of person you are, perhaps in your imagination, what you want to be, the kind of person you want to be in your life etc. this is typical meditation associated with December 21-22nd, the person you are going to be and that individual now thinking of you lovingly, sitting here is sending you energy, colors, lights, sounds, movements, thoughts, smells, ideas as if sending to you love in all of its different forms. Yes, there are energies of guides and helpers and the earth. These move through you in your future self but also the energy of uniqueness, your personality, that which makes you who you are, distinguishable from other people. That one is sending you love, that one is sending you energy right now.

Just the the way we began this by suggesting you send energy to your past self first. This opens the gate way, we usually recommend this procedure whenever you are interested in receiving energy from your future self first open the gateway by sending energy to your past self. Now again, if you're going to try and focus on this with logic, with science, it's difficult. The very nature of time itself, under the influence of consciousness changes and that is as it should be since it is actually consciousness itself that is creating not only time but your particular experience of time and in the agreement field called, "clocks," on planet earth which would of course include watches, timepieces of all types including the computers keeping time for you and so on.

This agreement field has a great deal of strength but still in the fall period the magical side of this is made more available. This has a particular utilitarian use which the coordinated energies of the animal kingdom are requesting very clearly right now. They are concerned about many of the damaged, difficulty facing them associated with loss of habitat, changes in environment, global warming all of the other things. Well, at the animal level they do not understand this as much as simply recognizing their own future as particularly doubtful or difficult and ask you to share energy with them. So for a moment we would ask you to be aware of some energy inside of you that you have had as connection to an animal that you have had in a positive and loving way. Perhaps it is an animal you have raised or have known in the past but have the heart to heart connection and send the animal that image of that way in which you would send your love to that animal; stroking or petting, speaking kindly, swimming with, whatever way you were able to connect with that animal and share by movement that sense of that love or positive energy and feel that now in your body.

Now we ask is simply to expand that. It doesn't make sense here, you can't expand it to every animal on the planet but of course you can. In this way we ask you to do this by your out breath, on the first out breath simply the idea carried by light, carried by love, carried by an energy in your heart, down your arms, your legs, that sense of this beautiful love that you have felt with this animal, now transferred to all animals on your planet: it's all right, you will make it through another winter, begin to prepare now. These are the energies of the earth welcoming you, into her change and I welcome you and we change together.

Thoughts like that, ideas like that will continue with you probably for the next three days or so. As an animal comes into your mind seemingly spontaneous, usually it is actually a picture presented by one of your guides, then think on it it for a moment and send it that love or energy and find a way to expand it to others of its kind, to other species but to all of the creatures that you cohabit this planet with.

We would of course assist you with this, naming of a few categories so you don't leave out the bacteria, the beatles, the ants or the bees or leave out the fishes, or the cetaceans, or the beautiful land creatures living on all of the continents that you include in all of these and any more that come into your mind the beautiful loving energies that you are aware of as if then they flow through you. What you are doing here is adding an aspect of your uniqueness, a human perspective to this, what animals are particularly attuned and for many of them they are the reasons they have come here to experience this.

This is one of the answers to the questions posed for tonight. The idea that you are each here not only to experience your own uniqueness but to experience the uniqueness of other beings. Why do you do this? You could do this because it is going to help you along your way because it is amusing, entertaining, hence the studying of so many that which is called, "biography" and the glamorizing of so many that which is called "Hollywood," and all the rest of it.

But, in a way in which this comes forth it is as if a symbol, a hint because it is in the asking of the question about what is your nature, what is your uniqueness that you come to answer it not so much by any limited experience which is always that which you find a bigger, bigger, bigger way, to answer, to work with and so on but rather as you experience this you begin to ask at the deepest level," who or what is experiencing me," right now? Who or what is experiencing this right now? When you you take this to this higher level what you begin to recognize is a duality here that you can feel, hear directly with your own being almost within your own bones, a blending of your own uniqueness that which is your talent and your capability, what you are here for and so on and the infinite expression of all consciousness, of the entire universe, of that which you perceive as beyond your individuality.

Perhaps you perceive this as emptiness, as nothing, perhaps you perceive this as all light, or pure spirit, that which is ultimately nameless is simply present in experiencing you now. It is possible to determine how this gift of yours, your uniqueness can be better shared, better learned about and understood logically, vocational testing for instances is sometimes proposed or how it is in relationship to other people who are successful in their field such as the so called "strong aptitude test," and these always give you hints about it, and others suggest you recall what you did when you were six or five.

What are you really excited about? What really gives you energy? A heart opening? Others will suggest where is your bliss? Where does it bring you your great happiness? If you follow this you will inevitably be coming into that which is your greatest gift and that which is most to be shared and others would say, unless you have spent at least 10,000 hours working with it, though it may be that which is blissful and wonderful for you, other people would probably wish you would go somewhere else.

As you understand and work with these sorts of things you eventually come to understand that all of these are but reflections of the same energy, reflections of this the world is saying to uniqueness, your own essence, that which is unique to you is worthy, is worth understanding but cannot be that which is in this way then captured, defined, bottled up. This is always to encourage you to discover on your own your limitless nature because if the gift that you are sharing with someone else is to be truly meaningful to them is it that that which would have a limited effect? Oh! You really help them out with_________(fill in the blank) that has an end. It is that which has been valuable to them until it comes to the point in which they take it as their own, ie, you have really been helpful with them understanding their own nature, expanding their own self, coming into the highest of their recognition of their own unique gift.

In this way therefore, only a limited answer comes because a limited questioning is created and this is the first magical principle to be understood in the time of the fall. That somehow, no this doesn't make sense, but somehow a question and its answer are created together -- as you let go of the question the answer appears, magically, yes but that is because it has always been there. That is one of the great secrets, not of real magic, that which is the magic of the fall or the seasons or of the spiritual side but conjuring illusion and so on usually that which is concealed as there right from the beginning and all the distraction is so that it is then revealed later to great, "aha's."

So why not create your own magic by letting go of that which stands in the way? This is the most important way in which you do assist, not only by your own ability to recognize and re-recognize the aspect of your own uniqueness but also help others because what they do in coming to you and learning from you, they seem as if they are there to learn a talent, a capability, be taught something. But, that is because they attracted to you more than anyone else because there's something in you that tells them, they don't really know what it is, they can't put their finger on it but they know, this person has an answer for me that is beyond even what I am willing to know how to ask. I am willing to walk into this, to explore it, to drop into it with that person. There is some level of trust perhaps and to put that out into the world will sometimes require sometimes self trust and a willingness simply to share. But, that is also the magical answer to this question that as it has been stated in the past when the student is ready the teacher will appear as well that when you really want to know something you teach it. Thus, it does not come by logic but a willingness to share, a willingness to go beyond your previous limits.

For this, we must of course, look at two individuals who have recently passed from the earthly sphere, who were willing to go beyond their previous limits. These two individuals died just in the last two months and they are missed by people on the earth but welcomed deeply by those of us on the other side. This would be the individual Don Lorimer who worked extensively with magnetism and sharing of profound new ideas in magnetism not the least of which was the discovery of the East West magnetic field, and the individual well-known to many as Maurice Cook, a channel for our energy bringing in a series of delightful, helpful books that many found enlightening and useful and led them on a journey beyond what was given in the book.

As individuals have found a way to understand and work with these energies they may over the next few years find assistance from these beings as guides and helpers. As they may complete their past life review, come to better understand and work with the energies that are available to others and so on. The opportunity to contribute from the other side magnifies. We are in this way acknowledging this because it is the beginning of a trend as naturally occurs in all generations as those who have written, who have made a name for themselves, have become accepted, get older. They eventually pass from this world and many of their gifts and contributions become available in a whole different context.

What is different now is that some of those individuals were very deeply involved with channelling, with areas of understanding this thinning of the boundary between the physical and nonphysical or in practical terms between the incarnated and the dis-incarnate and as a result their own understanding of this is one that has been significantly influenced by all that they received and knew while they were alive, hence, transfers and continues on the other side.

This is important to understand because it is different from the way in which various other scientists or different helpers of spiritual teachings, etc. continue their work from the other side. Many of these, particularly from an earlier generation are preparing to re-incarnate now and come into this next generation of the rainbow children, end of the indigo children, Violet Ray children and many others who are now coming into existence.

As these energies shift and change there will have to be a period of ease and assistance that these new helpers will be able to work with. Thus, they will likely focus some of their energies on the children and it is important to understand because for many of you, you'll have opportunities to interact with children more and more as the adults who care for them and work with them do not have this higher spiritual perspective throw up their hands in frustration, are finding difficulty in the old methods, the old ways. You will be able to do so simply because you are open to this idea that there isn't such a clear division between the physical and nonphysical.

This is also another hint as to many of the other questions and how they can be answered, the intuitive answers, the understanding of this comes not only from your physical experience, your scientific knowledge, what you work with by what happened to you in the world but that which is made available to you in the collective consciousness and the assistance of guides and helpers, from energies from many levels.

A question has been asked with relationship to the nature of the Galactic center because many individuals are looking at the energies happening on your planet and trying to ascribe these to aspects that are external. It is true that a Galactic wave, an energy is moving through and it is very easy to see how this works. It is not particularly difficult scientifically or that which can easily be proven by external physics but that which is derived easily by astral travel. Traveling out of the body does not have any limits so far as speed or velocity is concerned. Hence, with sufficient attention and energy you could for instance project your consciousness about a few million light-years away to a planet in the galaxy of Andromeda. No difficulty there you can visualize it, you can understand it.

As you project your consciousness to the center of the galaxy about 26,000 light years away, you then recognize what may have occurred there 26,000 years ago as a burst of energy has moved through the galaxy and is heading towards Earth. As a result you can look at all of the planets that intersect and what has happened to them, how they have changed, and how the energies have shifted. Indeed you also recognize the energies on planet Earth, ways in which various elements have been shaped and formed by powerful bursts of different kinds of energies and there are those who have ascribed this to the same cosmic blast of energy.

But, what you do not recognize is that most of these energies interact with people who tend to be more physical or connected to the earth as human beings are for the most part, there is then the response of a wave and consciousness, of a shift but little else. It is this in which we can derive our basis of a simple prediction, going against that which so many have said of course, sorry about that but the idea that December 21- 22nd will be quite glorious and beautiful but you are not going to ascend. You're probably going to find perhaps if you had expectations for this some disappointment. But, as we have been speaking about this extensively for the last few years it will be no surprise to those of you who have heard us talk about this before.

But, in this way it is still a grand opportunity because the consciousness is attuned to this idea of Ascension, of raising consciousness and at the same time there is this external influence, a wave of cosmic energy that is indeed passing through the earth that is not likely to erase hard disks and cause great interruptions on the earth but that which will have an effect, shifting consciousness, encouraging you to awaken more fully, to look more consciously at these important issues.

One of them also relates to a new development that has occurred in the last few months, the release of the book on universal laws. This was first released in Finish and it will be completed as a translation in English and the idea of this book long time in coming is to remind you to look at the underlying principles as you would look at the various questions and answers in your life, in particular in the Fall, important as you look at the universal laws to look at the intuitive side, the magical side of it.

So there is this question about how to relate to community where it seems people are so judgmental foolish, selfish, deriving their energies from those aspects which would seem so much focused on service to self rather than service to others, how can I possibly get a community started or how can this work for me? An obvious question, an obvious answer when you understand universal laws to apply the law of reflection: as above so below: within so without. Where are you experiencing selfishness, service to self, energies that would then seem perhaps dogmatic, overly focused? In this way you can of course look to experts such as Byron Katie with her simple techniques that allow you to reflect on the inside patterns that have run you and be able to turn these around but as you begin to understand and work regularly with the law of reflection you begin to see it everywhere.

From this you will usually find there is a simple way in which asking another question allows you entry to speak to another person that you might have previously been judging. This is only works, it's sort of magical you know, it only works once you have cleared enough energy in yourself. That is why working with the law of reflection for yourself would be the first thing to do so you are clear enough to ask the other person and work with them about this. So the techniques such as just like me can be helpful where you are looking at where you are like that sort of energy or asking yourself could I just let it go where an emotion, judgment or energy shows up? Little tricks, little ideas, all helpful to some extent. But, in connecting with the other person you would also recognize what it is what they really want. You would engage them by asking them about this. What do you want more than that? What do you more than that? A way in which you are truly, deeply in the place of emptiness, listening, reflecting back to them what you have heard, sometimes that which would seem selfish will unravel.

Oftentimes when this occurs the person will utter the word, "not." Well. I'm not feeling this or that or I'm not interested in this or that, or this is not working for this or that, your clue to then go deeper and ask, well then, if it's not whatever, what is? Is it _____ ? and simply let your voice hang so they can figure out whatever it really is. In whichever way you come to this and are able to welcome the truth you usually find that the reason for that selfishness, that difficulty, that aspect that the individual is working with that seemed so anti-community or service to others for benefit, they were doing the best they could. They were trying to accomplish the release of some emotion or in some way brunting, shielding an emotion or fear or in some way were trying the very best they could to solve their own emotional issue, their own problem and in this way by simply listening you make it much easier.

So, really those people who have what you call lip service for community are actually asking for some deeper assistance if you are willing to give it so that they may find that community. Now you might say is this possible for everyone? We would say that in principle it is, but practically speaking, there are many individuals in this generation who have so much discharge, so much of their own energy that they are not even going to give it lip service. Many of these are the individuals who find themselves unemployed and at the same time being told by their spiritual leaders they must act in certain ways that they find very frustrating and difficult but at the same time they are without money and many times having to suffer deeply for lack of the basic essentials in life.

These are the underlying energy strong right now in the Middle East, many of the energies which are underlying the unrest there and the difficulties there. You can do something about this of course as you provide a loving energy, some assistance and so on but you are not going to be able to feed or protect or house or help through the various difficulties that they are experiencing. So, as a result back up plan number one is now being kicked into operation.

This has been ongoing for a few years but is only now beginning to bear fruit with two things that have come into existence as a result of Arab spring, much greater Internet access for women, much greater opportunity for intelligent, understanding, asking the right question and finding answers through science for women. The opportunity to look more deeply at these issues and communicate with them from each other primarily for women in these countries. This is not because we are suggesting there is a disparity between men and women in these countries as maybe perhaps inferred by looking at Sharia Law in the understanding of the application of the various Muslim principles. No, not at all. But the women are willing to make the change as they connect to the children in particular the babies that are being born now, a very powerful energy coming from guides and helpers that in secret perhaps, or without the assistance or understanding of the men they are to raise their children differently.

As a result of this the children that eventually come into the next generation will not have anywhere near the degree of the difficulty, the frustration, the energy that is associated with the men of this generation. As you see, the demonstrations and the violence and all of this is largely being conducted by men. As a result of this understanding there is the specific idea that you imagine that as a baby the mother is loving you, you are loving your baby. As a man you are recognizing your role in this as a little boy raised by the mother perhaps or by the supportive man encouraging the woman in this experience.

But, whatever way in which you relate to this directly you support your energy, your guidance, your love, your visualization of this is having its effect because it is in coordination with what the guides and helpers are sharing and that is the question: how may I raise a more peaceful, loving, contented, confident child. This is a slightly different question from how may I raise a God-fearing child? How may I raise a child to follow in the role or footsteps of the father because the women are seeing that the fathers are indeed experiencing so often difficulty.

Specifically the answers to this have already been determined by science, they fly in the face of Sharia Law. They are at odds with the religion and as a result the only ones who are going to be able to make the change right now are the women who can do this in secret. They do not have to share it with everyone in the world the way it is done in the West by psychologists making recommendations as to how to bond with your child, how to assist a child in a better understanding of him or herself are ways in which this deeper connection in the brain is made between the brain and the body.

But, the information is now available on the Internet and through scientific research and in many ways it can be discovered fairly quickly by anyone who wishes to understand it. The opportunity to change the next generation to a far greater degree of peacefulness and ultimately spiritual maturity is now up to many women in the world but especially in countries where the religion itself is opposed to this peaceful raising of children. We mention this because it is a request by guides and helpers that a little more attention be put on this which of course brings us to the request of your guides and helpers in the understanding of the extraterrestrials amongst you and the way in which you are too better understand them, work with them, recognize them.

Of course, as you look at the history of this, the science of this, all of that which those involved with the research that has been spoken about for so long you come up against a very strange phenomena, a strange way in which there is all of this information claimed and so little that is accepted. It is as if you have almost two different worlds presenting you a thrust of energy to make a choice. So where do your political leaders stand on this is the question and in relation to this is it safe for this to be revealed? Of course it is not safe if the channel speaking is to avoid a knock on the door from the so-called Men In Black because not as in the movie, but the actual men who work in these realms, there is a great deal of desire to keep this information very close to the chest so to speak. The energies that are not going to be made widely available for the specific purposes of the agendas of those involved.

Luckily, some of those in the government have a different of point of view about it and you have asked about one in particular, and you have asked about your president, and yes, all presidents made fully privy to all of the knowledge about such matters and this has gone on for many, many administrations. In fact it can be dated all the way back to the years of Eisenhower. These energies have a significant influence on how the government is run. But, it is possible that as this is shared and understood simply to go with it as the status quo will change eventually.

In the meantime it becomes difficult to get too far into the specifics because we would like it possible for the vehicle to continue to be able to channel for a few more years before that so-called knock on the door and that certainly begs the question how to find out the information. Yes, you can certainly look at the information and all of these conflicting reports and how people are saying this and that but especially now look in your own heart, your own visualization about this and recognize that just as on planet Earth there are people of all different levels of spirituality, interests in the world, existences, the things that drive them and so on and so also it is with the various beings of the nonphysical level and those who are extraterrestrial both physical and nonphysical.

As a result of this there are beings who would like very much to assist you, who have access to information, technology, and all kinds of possibilities and that these are being made available and at the same time in your own heart you understand that your role to play in this is to assist in the acknowledgment and the utilization of this for you personally and not worry so much about how the government is going to work with this.

Because, just as there are these conflicting energies in the these different directions so there are also these within the government pulling it in one direction or the other. How this will finally come out for the planet is easy to see because it has to do with the direction humanity is moving in and the opportunity for greater connection, greater community, greater love that is made available and increased in pressure by the economic difficulties on your planet thus providing the impetus to do things in a different way, to share energy, tools, resources and knowledge in ways that can be direct and connecting to other people while at the same time bringing the opportunity to share this worldwide wherever possible as a great and beautiful alternative to the isolation that this tremendous emphasis on money has been for so long.

At the same time as these energies are showing up in your intuition develops you have opportunity to draw information. No, it has to be within your area of expertise. You're not necessarily going to be drawing in the information of something scientific if your expertise is in a different area. But, the idea of a beautiful idea, healing or loving, an energy that can connect from one soul or one brain to another. All of the ways in which you can play with this and welcome it from various extraterrestrials, from any source in fact as you raise energy, as you feel it expanding in all directions around you as you breathe in a pure white light this can assure you that many of the energies that you receive, will be those which will be beneficial and helpful and those which will bring you out of the level of enslavement or difficulty and into a level of interaction with these beings yourself in a positive and helpful way.

This is a far preferable path to that which you would not only see the government as that to be dependent on, most of you are beyond that but rather the idea that it is through the government that the great dissemination or recognition of information takes place. In point of fact the government is that which will relay that which is already been discovered and shared and worked with because indeed it is always a few steps behind and this simply continues in the way in which people can access and work with all kinds of information, healing, understanding and so on themselves.

There is a question in the specific about the energy associated with the symbolism of the soul of the foot. This is a useful thing to understand that it parallels to a large extent the lines and marks on the palm of the hand but there are two very essential differences. The hand tends to be much more spiritually orientated because it is not on the ground, the foot as in contact with the physical earth relates more to the earthly experiences, the aspects that relate to the earthly existence. So, for instance the whirl patterns on the toes will relate to the physical incarnations in the sense of what you learned about your physical body, your physical aspects, the life lessons, more so than the spiritual lessons which are more indicative of the lessons learned with the fingers and the fingertips in particular.

Also, the second aspect, is that which is a little more subtle but more important to understand with regards to how you interact. Information that is available on the palm is primarily available equally to you and other people because it is so easy for you to look at your own palm. But, to look at the sole of your foot takes a great deal of effort. Normally you will not walk and look at your foot. You can twist your foot and look in a mirror and this is in an energy that is especially easy for someone else to look at or for you to look at with a great deal of effort and concentration.

So, this means that it is also the energy that is related to the law of reflection as we mentioned it, the way that you share information, especially the way this is presented to others as the revelation of your secret; an aspect about you that you didn't even know yourself. In this way the determination of the information associated with the lines and the areas of the foot can be a powerful and helpful revelation in one particular area: the way in which you relate to how others see, how they know you. Hence, to read someone else's foot is a beautiful way to understand yourself.

Of course, when you look in the mirror there's a lot you can learn from this and this is a useful exercise for anyone familiar with palmistry. In the posing of the question there was a relationship to the word soul and the reading of the soul. This is not reflected in the physical body so much though there are of course, pieces of the body. But, the direct reading of the soul is an energetic read and actually not that hard to do especially in the time right now, around the equinox and through the fall is a wonderful time for these magical aspects, the ones that don't make sense.

So for this we are going to lead you in a simple meditation; we ask you first by an expensive way to recognize energy, perhaps asking yourself the question, "who or what is experiencing this right now?" and go to the highest and most beautiful answer to this and stretch, move the arms, move the legs, breathe and let the energies release, you've been sitting here for a while and it is a good idea to move the body in this regard. Now, slowly bring the arms back and as they face forward you begin to be aware of a beautiful energy in front of you. We are going to call it a ball of light but for some of you the moment we call it a ball of light it is not a ball at all it is perhaps an ovum, or an egg shape.

As you move your hand it doesn't matter really right or left but for most of you your dominant hand will probably be better at this in a slow, easy circle with the palm facing the ball of light, notice the energy changes. Sometimes you may notice a little warming in the palm, other places a cooling. You'll notice as you recognize a feel for this light and as you continue to move your hand through it or around it you begin to notice the changes; areas of it become more dense, brighter perhaps. Some areas pop or change.

You are reading the soul, you are receiving the energy of the symbolism of the soul just as the very first time you read a palm you didn't understand it, you didn't know what the lines meant. You don't have to know right now simply be aware of it. These energies shift and change by your attunement and they become clearer. Now with the hand still facing forward it stops moving and in a place of stillness, you notice a gentle but persistent energy right on the surface of your hand, on the surface of the palm and the fingers as it is facing outward into this ball of light, this energy of your soul.

Now begin to ask what of the life of this soul? What of the direction it has gone in? What is its intent for me and the way in which I can know this better or any of the other questions for the soul and as you begin to notice as you pose this question is one of two phenomena or both. A lighting within the visualization or a stimulation to the hand.

Then just easily let this go. You can return to it at any time, you can re-create this in any way you wish. It is an exercise that has many applications of course, people will do this same exercise when they are trying to read a palm remotely without actually even seeing the palm. Holding the hand and in this way recognizing how the energies move or imagining you are playing it across your body or somebody else's body and there are all kinds of energy exercises for this.

But, in recognizing how to read the soul you are not looking for the physical attributes or the symbols that associate with anything physical you are looking at pure light, an energy of intent, an energy of love, an energy that moves through you and connects with you. In this way it is a two-way energy more than any other reading method because the ball of light is itself very sensitive to your consciousness, to your palm, to your energy. In this way you begin to recognize the true nature of reading the soul. It's actually very little reading the soul it's to the most part writing the soul.

Now again, we told you, we warned you this was a little bit magical, not logical but as your hand was engaged in this and you were very consciously looking to receive as hard as you could, really looking, really trying to feel you were writing, you were creating in the soul those energies that you are most concerned with, the very questions you sought to ask, the very issues you understand. Because, at its basis the message of the soul is pretty simple: something like, "I love you deeply or you are loved." How else could you come into existence except with having so much love, so much energy, so much power.So what you are doing with this exercise is you're also showing the soul how those patterns of energy will best move. This soul is showing you in its way how it moves you.

Jill: children and adults are losing peripheral perception due to a dependence on digital communication. The average attention span is dwindling and people feel more and more uncomfortable without their wireless paraphernalia. What are your current simulations for the future of the race if this scenario continues to accelerate?

Hilarion: first part of question is incorrect. Second part correct. They are covering over, they are more sensitive than ever. They use these things to cover over such sensitivity as they become more used to the idea of global brain when they set aside technology it is easier to tap into collective consciousness and work with it, scary at first but they understand the basis of it.

The underlying difficulty of course, repeated dependence on this, the multitasking, the various ways in which they are using these technologies in lieu of other ways to work. Luckily, at some point either due to massive disruption, be it economic or electronic or something global or much more likely, this very deliberate setting aside." I've had enough of this technology for now, I wish to understand the deeper meaning of those which who have spoken about spiritually or even Hilarion's message. But, whatever it is as they set these aside and turn them off they find that they can pretty quickly let go. They can find these energies are available to them and they may at times even be a bit overwhelming.

As they work with them they find that some of the patterns that they have learned can be applied. There is of course a constant electronic disruption of the brain and the magnetic fields in particular are problematic: the electric and radio fields are also difficult but not quite as difficult and each of these are creating various disruptive patterns and of course the correction of this is that of the regular ingestion of organically grown avocado and orange will continue to be recommended and helpful for all forms of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.

But, in terms of the children and how they are to access this and work with it, it is being presented to them stronger and stronger as a choice. The choice to then find something deeper, more meaningful than can ever be found through any technology. At the same time there are benefits to this of course with the further transfer of information, of seemingly previously held secrets, people's willingness to share the truth with each other.

But, you are quite correct in recognizing that it does get more of a sense of isolation, a way in which people are disconnected from each other and the isolation feeling bringing to them sometimes a sense that they are more alone than they thought they were before. This can be of course a self-defeating cycle where they seek to communicate and connect more to others thus becoming more dependent on technology etc. But, there is usually within the guides and helpers within all of this another energy, another one that says could you let it go? Another one that says have you had enough of this? Another one that says what is the lesson you've learned from this?

Most frequently this occurs in a very common way for most people. They connect powerfully, deeply with another person. They find through sex, or through relationship or something that is drawing them together. An energy so much stronger, so much deeper and so much more meaningful. If they do not pursue this to understand it's true meaning, that is you could say the relationship is practice for your relationship with God or with your higher self, or with who you really are or whatever is the answer to your question, who or what is experiencing this now? Thus, they will, like all people, move through a series of relationships as the deeper meaning gradually emerges.

Which brings up the real aspect that comes through in this merging with technology; the opportunity to ask the right questions, to look deeply at the real meaning of this, the opportunity to connect at the global level. But, as all of this continues and will likely do so with greater and greater strength because you can see this from the short-term point of view of profit-taking or corporations or the way in which various energies want to exert themselves or the loneliness people feel in their desire through technology to connect, no. We go by history, the history of other civilizations that have gone down a technical path and have come to areas in which the dependance on the technology then gave them various opportunities but at the same time presented difficulties. This always reaches a peek, a place at which some point a new direction is carved out. A new way in which the deeper meaning is understood. Sometimes the breakthroughs are made technologically. For instance, many have envisioned instead of the link through the voice with your typing, a direct link and that this could be accomplished technologically and of course once it is, it is then much easier to create this on your own without the technology and that is the path that indeed most civilizations eventually take.

Do you think that the extraterrestrials with the ability to move from one star system to another, talk to each other via cell phone or texting, or Skype or anything like that? It is direct link. It is mind to mind. It is the way in which consciousness is able to express itself and know itself so in this sense we would see that it is practice, working with these technologies is getting you practice for a way of connecting at a larger level to all of humanity perhaps or to those who you target.

There will be of course difficulties for those who do not see where this has trapped or hurt them and this is already happening with people being so isolated, so then cut off that they have difficulty connecting with others. So here again as you might speak with them find out what it is they are afraid of, what they really want, look deep into their eyes and in a loving way let them know that it is safe to speak such a truth. This can assist in not so much letting them set aside the technology but using it less and depending on it less for their human to human contact. Does this answer your question?

Jill: can you speak to surrendering personal will to divine will. How do we engage in demands of life with that process?

Hilarion: there are many techniques, various ideas, things that people do to help this along and they are very beautiful and we can make some suggestions, but they have underneath them a hidden agenda. They bring you to the point where regardless of the fear, the past habit patterns, the energies that have stood in your way, you just do it. We know that doesn't make sense in a way because after all there are these ways in which a technique is supposed to assist you by installing a new habit pattern perhaps but really what it does is it brings you to the point of simply making that choice.

This is difficult because you have worked with so many other choices in particular your survival, in particular when you were young. I must choose what my parents choose for me or my guardians or my helpers or the people who take care of me. If they're going to feed me I'm going to eat it or I'll starve. Then later you are able to make the choice yourself. A little hint: divine will as it manifests has always been with you. it is in your heart, it is in your soul, the very essence of that beautiful light you were touching earlier. It is an energy that is with you in so many ways and that which you come in direct contact with when you let go of every preconceived notion about it.

Hence, when you ask a question like or who or what is experiencing this right now? You are then not acting on Divine Will you are simply one with Divine will. Because true divine will in this sense, it doesn't really want anything. It is an energy that is with you, loving you. It wants what you want. It is the energy that is there to understand, be with, to expand, to simply experience. This gives you the first hint as to the best technique we would suggest for being one with divine will: let go of doing.

There is all the energy that says, "I should," and the way in which the parents, the politics, or the energy of the way it's always worked, let it go: breathe. Many of those who work with these sorts of energies have written books about it such as," The Power of Now," where all you do is focus on the breath when anything else shows up forget about it. Just focus on the breath. You're not going to do anything are you? You're just coming to center us to focus up. Well after a while something shows up, usually it shows up very quietly. A gentle movement, it might be, "I think I need to pee." It might be, "I think I a little cheese would taste good right now." It might be, "maybe I should open the door," and you go to the door, usually very slowly and the moment you get there and open the door there is someone on the other side and they have a question for you. "I'm lost, Do you know the way to the river?" Or whatever.

That energy, that beautiful synchronicity shows up the moment you question it you drop into thinking you are no longer focusing just on the breath. It stops working doesn't it? It is truly about letting go whatever technique is utilized really that its agenda. Hence, when you focus repeatedly on a question such as who or what is experiencing this right now? Take the effort or time to drop more deeply into that experience and ask you may perhaps find it a little less fatiguing then constantly focusing on the breath and that which is perhaps a little more expensive but they all work.

They are not about the technique you see because at some point you let go of the technique and simply then are in that place, you are with that sorry can explain it, it's not really logical is it? But, that which is divine will, that which has always been divine will, that which is divine will motivating you within you and the very nature of what brought you into existence in the first place: it's there. Instead of resisting it or letting anything stand in the way of it even the breath, even the question, "Who or what is experiencing?" You simply are allowing, you are with, it is. It breathes you. It experiences you.

Sorry can't make sense there with that but we are taking a little liberty with this being the fall equinox and asking you to go out on a limb here and stop trying to understand as much as beautifully, lovingly, welcome it. What you are welcoming is your essence, you. It is that divine loving part of you. Byron Katie has a wonderful marriage vow that she has offered to the world, "I want what you want." It is that beautiful energy in your marriage with divine will. But, if your divine will is to want what it is you want, you can't then expect your divine will to come up with something, go hither and do this or that. It is always going to be that loving place that experiences, that is one with, that welcomes, that lets go.

Jill: could you please comment on midlife transitions that we go through sometimes called, "crises."

Hilarion: at every juncture in your life you will have your issues and in that moment you might say I'm having one of those, I'm a little young for it but I'm just getting it earlier or later in life or whatever and that is indeed how crises show up, how energy shows up to make you look at yourself. But, we do see generally speaking as you move through the phases in your life you will at some point come to a place of questioning deeply and turning things into alignment into the answers you receive about your own innate nature. The average for this is about 28. You at that point come to pretty much a good understanding of the possibilities, you are looking more deeply if you have not found those possibilities, what am I here for? Where are these talents and capabilities applied? Whatever patterns you have learned, whatever you have looked at where have I put my 10,000 hours? Where have those energies been most joyful and blissful for me? Where are the re-creations I did when I was six? Etc. etc. all of the things we have spoken about earlier are good answers to this.

But, the intent looking at this tends to peak at that age. It's all downhill from there or so seem how some people would approach it. This is the midlife crisis because then seemingly follow these things out they find that they are not getting the results they are interested in and some other things begin to show up. Usually this will take place somewhere about 56, sometimes 48, and around that age time these midlife crises begin to coalesce.

So, for those who haven't reached that age yet you ain't seen nothing yet. As those energies show up for you, you begin to recognize here is the opportunity to harvest. To come to the fruition of those things that you launched around 28. Interestingly and often because for many the harvest is then because it is not which you originally have in mind because you know there is a potential for more, many at this juncture instead of launching into a crisis launch into what some have termed, "moratorium." You actually pull back as you question more deeply all that you have done in the past, all the talents and capabilities, all to where it has gone.

If you use this deeper question," what's it all for?" How could this energy really reflect who I am truly? Who or what is really experiencing this etc. you may have a deeper melancholy or deeper issue with your moratorium but come quickly out of it, come to a place of deeper understanding. Some never come out of it, finding instead a sense of worthlessness in life which launches them into what is sometimes termed retirement where they are simply sitting around fishing or watching football or whatever.

These energies are sad to see because this is the opportunity for that harvesting of that energy turned around in some way. Because even if you don't know it at the time the things that you did, the energies that you worked with from that time period, 28 and many others, all of the energies come together and are available to you and your quest, your energy now is to find out, an answer to the deeper question about yourself how that is useful, how that is applicable. Oftentimes it is right there just waiting for you to understand. By writing about it, sharing it with another person, creating a poem or song about it, something that changes the context of it becomes necessary for you to relate to.

These are all intellectual exercises and there has been a great emphasis on the intellectual side. We don't want to answer the question only from this point of view and instead tell you it is your soul, your energy welcoming, something beautiful that has come together in you, something you have not seen before, something that is not so practical related to the day-to-day that is not there to answer the question as to how you put your energy best in the world but rather how you best come to love and be loved. How you come to best accept and see how God is loving you. How the nature of existence of the earth loves you and you allow this love. These are powerful energies and if you do not listen to them, if you resist them it can throw you more deeply into this moratorium, into this setting aside so that you must come to some place of deeper understanding about it.

Many individuals find that this leads to a renaissance in their own life, a rekindling of powerful creative forces, a way in which all kinds of energies birth from this. Remember though that those energies have two purposes now. They are for your own existence, they are for your own awakening, they are for also to help others. They are the energies of those for the next generation and the generation after that to inspire, assist and continue. Does this answer the question?

Jill: can you speak to the importance of food sustainability?

Hilarion: food sustainability is paramount to good health because so many of the things we have spoken of in the past have told you about how to strip away all of the preconceived notions and the profit-based notions related to food, to find food at its simplest and the way in which it is most valuable and helpful to people. So often as you do this you encounter sustainability issues. You find that the simplest solutions often provide the best, unprocessed, local, healthy, useful, valuable food and connections to food. In the attempt to learn about foods that are most healthy, thus, foods of your ancestors. Being those for which your body is of course those simply and easily designed genetically best able to receive and work with you. Also, then naturally come to better understand how these things can relate to the world, how they can be created in your backyard through your community, through that which occurs around you.

In the city this is difficult because there isn't much land but more and more people are connecting easily to the land nearby and to the other people who are interested in this and they can spend time in the city and time in the country going back and forth blending the areas of their life as they learn about this. But, it is important as they do this that they recognize what is being given to them is an opportunity. Because sustainability, though it helps the next generation and service to others you don't take it with you. When you pass from this world you let that go as you let the physical body go. So one of the experiences you have in this is in the connecting, the sense of oneness, that direct experience, the loving.

Sometimes this is a beautiful opportunity to understand your food without a story. To see the beautiful plant or animal into contact with it in its environment, to be aware of how it relates to earth and for you to do the same thing; to feel your roots as feet as bare in the earth to feel and connect your cycles, your rhythm, your ability to connect beautifully with the plants and animals on this planet. That you do take with you: the deep experience of what it is to be alive will be a powerful energy etched in your soul. How it feels to connect to the other living beings on this planet of all the kingdoms is a powerful energy etched in your soul.

This is the greater opportunity in the spirituality aspect of this powerful earthly connection. It is what earth wants for you. In this connection it naturally shows up, how to best sustain, to best create the beautiful helpful pathways for the foods, for the energies, for the health of the individual, of the earth, for the soils, for the plants and animals and of course for everything else.

This may seem complex when you study it scientifically of course and as more and more is understood of it, more and more breakthroughs, the web of life and all that it entails, it is indeed that which is enormous and gets more and more inspiring and helpful but over and over ask this question as we beg of you to ask you in so many areas of your life, "what of this will I take with me? "Where can it touch me deeply? What can I feel or know a sense about this? For many of you a great experience has occurred in letting go of the story.

So, where do you come in direct contact with no story, direct experience tasting the fruit, touching the earth, looking into the eyes of that beautiful cow, but finding a way in which you make your direct connection is as much a part of the process of opening to the scientific aspects, the relationship aspects that give rise to community and the ways to work with the law and the political system and all the rest of it. That you do take with you and it is that which all of this web of life wants you to understand. It is that which you have co-created as an opportunity to experience here on this planet.

In reminding you of these beautiful aspects of life an energy is generated in your heart. It can be called gratitude for the opportunity to experience this, it can be called praise for the beautiful ways in which life flows through you. But, we would ask you now to focus on that energy as love and as a love that you feel for the person that you love deeply, or an animal or somebody you have cared for that you can name that love you have looked into that person's eyes, that imagination, into the feeling and project that powerfully from your heart. Letting that one go and putting someone else in their place, someone you have had a little difficulty with lately, pour that same energy by your choice into that being. Then letting that one go and someone you have had a great difficulty with and pouring the same energy by your will, by your choice, you create this peaceful harmonizing, loving energy.

Now that you have a handle on it, the feeling of what it's like, letting that go now, return to that sense of the web of life, of the sustainability of how your food is grown, of the animals and how the animals interact with their environment and all that you have learned about this and all that you have felt in connecting with mother nature and mother earth in this way and project the same love. By your choice, by your will, that same loving embrace, that same loving energy of ahhh. As you attune to this, as you welcome it, know that it responds now. Earth in this way takes in this energy, understands it, converts it, loves it, welcomes it and welcomes you. Now her gentle response is an ohm sound to fill the energy of the cylinder of light that was begun with, moving out words now to one hundred feet, 33 m outward many kilometers in dimension, in diameter, and energy encompassing the entire earth and her loving response as a gentle ohm. We ask you to share, goodbye.Ohm...

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