Hilarion Winter Solstice 2012

Jill: Greetings. Today is December 21st, 2012. We are here in Nevada City for the Winter Solstice Celebration and channeling of Hilarion. For further information on channelings, books, tapes, DVDs, or energy devices please contact Jon C. Fox P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959 or visit us on the web at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Greetings this is the energy being or vibration you call Hilarion. We bring you greetings from those who guide and assist us, many levels that are here with you today that have waited for this moment for many thousands upon thousands of years and elements, many aspects of consciousness, those relating to substance, physical matter, energy itself, movement. So many things that you would not conceive of as those who have intelligence of their own, consciousness of their own, all saying to you in their own way , "We are glad to be here, we are glad you are here, there is a welcoming, an energy of opening, simply of that which in its own way says you are loved."

It is in those ways in which the kingdom of the air speaks to you at the level of barely conscious to the level of knowledge of itself all the way to those beings who have lived on this earth and completed their cycles here, moving to the place where they are now ready to move to the place where there is no longer a place that is called consciousness. It would not even be for them what you would understand as another cycle. All at this moment rejoicing, sharing, celebrating.

Yet, those words mean nothing within themselves because that is how you would translate it or understand this experience of the consciousness creating joy, being in its own way willing to experience joy and yet all of this as if anyway it can be understood- there is that which is understood as positive, that which is negative. The choice now made to positive. All a way to the nuances to what could be understood as love or praise or consciousness or awakening all of that and everything more. Out of the star beings, they're the stars themselves that of the planets orbiting stars, that of the consciousness associated with this section of the galaxy, that of the consciousness of many on earth at this moment.

Yes, there are those with their own sarcastic or critical way in speaking or understanding this special moments have many words to say about such matters that might be seen as critical or that would have within them the idea of the opposite. That of a negative, of a turning down of the energy that we will speak on because it has its place which indeed has a function when you understand it and can interpret it properly. But, it is in that pure consciousness of all of the other energies, those we have spoken of in so many ways. To remind you of that which is beyond your conscious ability to understand and yet that which is gently persuading, lovingly lifting you to that consciousness now.

Similarly, looking at the consciousness levels that are below yours you understand and work with this. Thus, you might assume some of these such as the insect kingdom, such as the amphibian kingdom, such as perhaps some of the other kingdoms that surround you that you are aware of as having consciousness but not those perhaps to the level of consciousness you assume for yourself. Well, these beings, in the way in which you love them, in which you care for them. It is this energy which you extend to them now with love, with welcoming, with joy, with sharing. When you understand that level of gentleness, an invitation, you recognize that level being extended to you from those beyond your level of consciousness at this moment.

At this time in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the darkest, the longest night, the shortest day, the time when attention focuses more on more on the energy of the group rather than the individual, the aspects in which the animal kingdom looks very clearly to humanity, to others to guide them and assist them through this dark time, assuring them that there will be spring, more food; a way for awakening and knowledge.

But, in this way now there is something else. There is an energy that you can tap into, it is difficult to say then as if the source of this, it is not that which we have described in the past which is coming from the center of the galaxy or the earth movement or the energy in the cosmos or that which is related perhaps to things that are cosmic in their understanding for you. These are energies always ongoing, always unfolding as the galaxy spins through the universe. As it moves in its rotation around the great central point of the universe and the sun in its way spinning around the center of the galaxy, these powerful tremendous movements, they may seem slow to you and not far away but these actual movements themselves are huge.

This tremendous velocity hurtling through space, these energies taking you to a new understanding, new consciousness, new aspects. It is not then as if there is a division point, a place where suddenly you crossover. Yet, in the reckoning of time which goes back to ancient Maya, the understanding of this now takes a new turn. This in itself is of no importance, it is simply time to buy a new calendar. But, in the way in which people have come to address this and understand it there has been a collective agreement and we have spoken about this extensively in past channelings.

It is that energy now, not because the agreement itself is pulling you, but because there is welling up in the hearts and minds of so many: a great desire for that which transcends society as you know it, transcends the limitations of money, the limitations of politics, the limitations most importantly of that which is eventually felt by you as separation. As that which seems to keep you away from those things that you love, those people that you care for, those aspects of similarity within the others you would trust, to come to know, yet, where are they?

This cry, as if for some greater connectivity, some greater sense of oneness is then agreed upon at this moment to be cried upon and cried out and shared by so many all at once. It is this which is the underlying energetic basis of the energies, the movement, the joy and all the rest. It has always been there but now the collective consciousness agrees a time for this and fortunately, no specific place other than anywhere on this planet.

This is very beautiful, an energy excuse you could say, an opportunity for celebration, an energy that could be better felt. An agreed-upon moment for something and that something is really the difficult aspect to describe and understand because everyone has a different point of view about it. But, the sense that simply there could be more, that this way of doing things could change. That the things you have found yourself stuck in and wanted to change, wanted to shift from especially those things that relate to the group, the consciousness of many, the community, a country, an entire planet or whatever. That energy is there, is recognized and is wanting to come forth. It is as if the collective consciousness that wants this change now comes together to say, let's do it.

But, then of course you have all of the multiple opinions as to what this actually means in terms of doing. That is the first hint about this special moment in time that as soon as you move out of the realm of being you lose the energy, the sight of it, the understanding of it, the consciousness of it. Because really it is not at all about this business of doing anything. It is also possible within that doing-ness to do whatever you see as appropriate. Be it to meditate, to dance, to do nothing at all what your choice in the matter. It is this opportunity for the doing-ness to be that which is indeed up to free will that has been taken advantage of by those who would have some aspect within them ready to be manipulated by the forces that want cynicism, shut down, negativity or some way in which these energies which do have within them an expense quality can be stopped.

In other words, at some point as a result of expansive joyful energies might feel threatened, might see their enterprises stopped. Might see the aspects that give them power over others taken away. Might be seen as that which gives them their own identity could be seen without them being able to do anything about it. So, what these people do, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously, sometimes manipulated by the beings who oversee all of this but mostly as a result simply of their own innate fear of their trust of this joy of simply of being.

What they are then doing is allowing the jokes, encouraging the cynicism, bringing the sarcasm to mind, saying then the world will end and everyone will be destroyed. Well, it hasn't happened yet, and so. The point of this it to get you to turn on that part of you that has been exposed over and over to failure, to sorrow in the face of a childlike joy. To shut down those aspects within you that are directly alive with this possibility of greater expansion, greater assistance, greater ascension, greater love. So that in doing so you will be logical, you will be appropriate, you will be balanced, you will do the right thing. You will not then become as if a joyful child without the idea of doing-ness that makes any sense. Instead, simply being-ness. Could this being-ness exist simply on it's own?

This is one of the many questions from guides, helpers and others about this special day and indeed it is in the agreed-upon consciousness that this is possible, this is happening, and it is being shared worldwide for a few days and hence there may be a little confusion, the peak of this might be the 21st or the 22nd, or maybe the 23rd. Simply to give people an opportunity to experience three days of it, not for the purpose of examining it logically, of destroying it critically or with cynicism or by making jokes about it. All that of course is fine and it has it's possibilities of a allaying fears or shifting how you relate to it but it is important to recognize the advantage of this energy. It is an energy that helps you look at yourself, understand your own nature, understand the aspects of you in this case that might relate to that which you hold as troublesome, difficult, fearful. Does cynicism appearing as a solution to this. Keeping it at arms length means you don't really have to jump in and experience it.

For others though, there is always this call to move somehow from being-ness into doing this and that is what is so beautiful about this. There is no longer any way an agreed-upon doing this and many people do recognize the symbolism of that. The opportunity simply to know that in this moment there is a worldwide agreement field about the opportunity for you personally to change. One then can recognize the visualization of a powerful energy that sweeps through the world and then pours straight into you. No it doesn't make sense in terms of the three-dimensional but as the collective consciousness can indeed impact a single person and do so over a large area and with many people it is an energy that you have access to now.

In this way there are those who would need some aspect of the visible in order to acknowledge that this has occurred. In the specific: be, do, have. As a result of that being in doing those practices, those meditations whatever they are or before that doing the right things to assist others or to cleanse the earth or the dance that was needed or whatever then they have a physical response such as, "ascension." In which the physical body floats away or disappears or the rapture as some may have even seen it where many people simultaneously simply disappear.

Well, all of this is going to be disappointing for those who expect this having this out of this being-ness experience because it is indeed done twice removed from the nature of the experience but it is still an energy of an agreement field and it is that which even with the doubt, even with the questioning, even with those aspects that would seek to stop it, still bubbles up if you let it.

Now you might say well that can happen anytime. You could let joy bubble up anytime. You could let the sense of expansiveness, asking the deeper questions, changing your life for the better, being true to those aspects that you know in yourself and so on and so forth and we would certainly agree with that and say yes by all means do so. In that way it is not that this day has special significance but that energy is now there for you to jump start, to use for this process and look into your own agreement field about this. Where you have seen the times in which you have, just as those who have looked at the cynically sought to make light of it, to joke about it, in some ways put down or denigrate those who recognize this energy, that you have done this yourself.

You have taken the joyful, aliveness aspect that simple place of being-ness, that knowledge of something more and stuffed it down, shut it down, turned it away simply because it was dangerous, because somebody would make fun of you, because you would need to be more grown up or whatever it was in yourself. These are important to experience a reference point so that they have an energy with this and this is going to be an area just as with previous energy experiences of this nature such as the shift into the year 2000, such as the harmonic convergence, such as other energies in the past.

These aspects then will be spoken of in the future as if to say well, you know all about this new age stuff don't you? Look how far it got you? And all of those criticisms, not so much looking at this moment now but as it was. So that in the future, people looking back at it, to access and work with that energy as if to again clamp down on those expansive, loving energies within you. This is important to remember because you can smile at them as if to say you missed the party and you regret it don't you? That is also the true feeling here. It is not a party so much as a doing-ness with hats and balloons and noisemakers although you'll probably have that very soon as there is a shift from 2012 to 2013 on the 31st of December. But, it is an energy of the being-ness itself that is asking you what is the being-ness in you that you have denied? That you have held back? Where can this be shared and what do you want more than that? Where can it be shared with others? What do they want more than that?

In this way, knowing this energy, you begin to understand that as you ask questions which relate to those even in the most direct and easily applicable aspects that would come in to doing-ness you will be limiting it. You will be doing this deliberately so that you can understand it, or you can use it, work with it, we would beg you, for whatever the answer is, for you personally which come from others, be they your friends, your helpers, your teachers or in your dreams or of those with your profound knowledge or understanding are revealed to you over the next few weeks and into the next few years see that where it relates back to a doing-ness is a limitation.

It is that which is being filtered by those aspects that are important to those people more than they are the nature of this energy itself. The door does not close on this energy, it keeps going and the opportunity to access and work with this more in the future is being made available to you. In spite of everything you might see in the news, in the world situation, in what people are doing in their lives the energy remains. It is always so that as you look at it and look back at your life if you could say that has always been there, there is nothing special about one particular day and this is also part of this transformation process. If the transformation process is to be complete it must never be seen ultimately as anything special. It is that which has transformed you and the way in which you relate to your self and others. The transformation to be complete is that which you accept. You don't stand aside from it, looking at it and examining it, oh! am I really different or not? But rather you simply are that aspect.

In understanding and working with it you will eventually come to a place in which there will be some aspects that aren't very noticeable that are actual changes in your life. You will be able perhaps to trace them back to this day. But, for this energy to be useful and meaningful way in which you understand this is not necessary. Indeed, letting go of the doing-ness in every way possible will assist you with this tie-in to the collective consciousness that simply is saying we would like things to be different.

On your planet you have been confronted in the less few months with many difficult issues: war in the Middle East and other locations and aspects of in the USA a mass shooting and the great sadness and difficulty associated with this. There are those in suspecting and working with this energy who see the tie-ins and the connections. For instance, when the energy of the expansion is that which you resist becomes even more troubling and various psychological difficulties that you were working with before now become insurmountable, pushing you over the edge.

This continues. More people who are indeed on that threshold, who resist, will be pushed. That is one of the great lessons of this shooting, that those who are separate were allowed to be so by their classmates, by their friends, so think on this for awhile. Who do you know that you could reach out to? In so doing not only connecting to that person, not only being able to speak to them or share with them by telling them what you are doing so that they might reach someone else and they might reach someone else.

Such is not of much benefit of course in the long term because those underlying psychological issues will still remain but at least it will be an opportunity to communicate about it, to get help if necessary and as a result the probability of such as a mass shooting is reduced. The opportunity for people to communicate who they really are enhanced, naturally assists everyone on your planet. This advice would of course be helpful anytime and anywhere but there does seem to be with this additional boost of energy a greater probability worldwide of such difficulties coming to the surface a little more than usual and that this is probably going to continue for a while.

It is possible to ascribe this to many other aspects of life on your planet. We would indeed agree with this certainly. There are many things that can be done about this which brings us to your fascinating question Ray, about the future reality looking back on you now, what was it like then that is different and the steps taken to that place. Of course it is difficult for you to conceive of because you are in it, you're stuck in it, so the first tool to use is the one we already mentioned in reference to the other kingdoms and their levels of intelligence in connection.

So you look back perhaps another 150 years to the time of slavery on your planet and the ways in which there was so much difficulty with this. Of course, slavery continues and the energies with this of course have shifted but you see a pivotal point with the Civil War in USA and the way in which this was a powerful ripple effect in which it could finally be put into words such as: "All men are created equal," or ways in which this could then end the enslavement of one person over the other. You speak to these people then you say to them in this world we do not accept that. There are those who might do so but they do so illegally, they do so without the approval of the rest of society and indeed it is up to you now to make the shift and change about this in your mind, in your consciousness, in your understanding and then in your daily life.

You can take this about this issue then where in the future there are ways in which, by communication by understanding the dysfunctional aspects of consciousness never must express themselves with bullets and as a result than those energies are shared, that energy is acceptable, the willingness to listen is there. The unwillingness to turn away, that is just as wrong as slavery to those as you would speak to them about it 150 years ago. So also then in this future reality is this acceptance that the nature of your consciousness, what you are thinking, the energy within you, is that which must somehow come forth.

Now it can also be looked at from another perspective, the extraterrestrial one. How have others on other civilizations dealt with this issue? You see that over and over a solution for greater telepathy or mind to mind communication shows up and this is difficult of course because you are not always so proud of your thoughts. You might at times be ashamed of them and they are nowhere near that level of dysfunctionality that you would want to seek death or destruction. It is the same energy though, but multiplied. So here again, where can you be willing to speak your own personal truth even if it is along that spectrum of greater and greater shame to the point in which it does express itself by bullets so that you can see you can take a step in that direction.

Then there is the aspect in which the collective consciousness finally accepts the scientific evidence of oneness. That everything is connected to everything. There is not the separation as imagined and as a result of this there is an inherent ripple effect always being observed, and accepted. This is rejected in your own consciousness, what you do in your own room in your own bedroom doesn't affect anyone does it? But in the future reality it is clear that it does and the understanding of this and the way in which that energy is used is a wave, is something to be accepted almost as if to ride that wave.

This is hard for you to accept just as it would have been so hard for a plantation owner to accept that the only way through this was to indeed abolish slavery in his own backyard. These aspects are important to consider and work with as you open up to another consciousness, another way of being. The ripple effect aspect is that which has been understood by some of those who seek to exert power over your planet. This has been called an oligarchy and it has been in place in USA and in many countries for many years now. Indeed as the beginning of the Industrial Revolution made this available; those in positions of power consolidated their power and continue in this way. An oligarchy is rulership by a group and such a group is that which has clear goals and aims of maintaining some degree of power by reducing the consciousness and awareness and indeed ultimately, such days like today, as the being-ness associated with it in the lives of others.

But, those others, meaning you, are awakening, are coming into greater consciousness and will eventually show those this true nature of the ripple effect; that it has a reverse effect. The pond is the good example of this. You drop the pebble in the center and the waves move out from the center to the edges of the pond. That is usually where the analogy stops but it doesn't stop in reality does it? These waves are reflected from the edges of the pond right back to the center. Though the pebble has dropped below the surface those waves continue down below the pond and down to the pebble as well, affecting it in ways that are clearly then related to the geometry of the edge of the pond.

So also then this ripple effect is made available now more than ever. In this special day there is this opportunity as if the guides and helpers asking you, yes we know this leans toward some degree of the doing-ness as a result of being-ness but we warned you little pieces of this would eventually come through and that is one of them. The question to those in positions of power, whether you know them or not, whether you imagine them as a single individual or a group. What would you like to say to them in your heart? What would you like to say to them from a place of love? What would you like to say to them from the place that knows that in some way or other that you cannot fully fathom and understand they are you and you are them. There is no, "they," it is all, "we." In your heart your understanding of this is something about, it is possible to experience love, to know it deeply without the need to exert such power or control over others.

These are important messages and others may show up as you ask this question to yourself," what would you like to say to them that may be helpful but more than ever are carried now on this ripple energy. This energy that says from this place of joy my heart speaks to you, from this place of anything is possible I expand and share this consciousness with you, from this place of a beautiful loving energy we enter into a light together.

Often times we begin these meditations with a cylinder of light, we suggest this again but as quickly and easily as you throw this into your imagination expand it to include the entire earth. Bathed in this earth is a beautiful, loving light sweeping as if a spotlight, the cylinder ends throughout the galaxy into the universe and in this way as the Earth rotates, this sweeping out touches the many other planets and star systems as if to say in this moment of expression, expansion, love, we also share with you the idea that there is a powerful access now available to love. Love has no limit. You may experience it as deeply as you wish. This energy is perhaps then that which overwhelms those of the oligarchy to help them understand that they can indeed give it up if they want to. People are ready.

In understanding this though there is of course the idea again of limitation. There have been actually several specific programs enacted to try and limit you and your expansion of consciousness about these matters. A little money trading hands behind the scenes of a few Mayans in fact to speak of such matters and be able to shut down the whole thing down if possible. In your heart though you can laugh at it. The energy from this does not come from outside, the energy comes from within you. The collective consciousness energy is that which you Into not through the physical body but through something much larger than this. In fact it is something we would term, "the causal body."

The causal body is an interconnecting subtle body that has to a large extent had some degree of separation and is now coming into a greater degree of merging on your planet. This additional push is assisting, it acts as the interface between the three known higher subtle bodies: Atmic, buddhic, and soul body and the subtle lower bodies consisting of the physical body, linked to the aetheric, then to the emotional and then to the mental and then to the astral bodies. This causal body interaction has been that which has this powerful aspect of love now added to it. Love, being that of interconnectivity is therefore able to more easily adapt to and interact with causal bodies of others.

This energy then is having its effects, after all causal is about cause and effect, of an energy wave that works through the planet. This is a little bit of the mechanics of what is going on with the being-ness, we know this is a conflict as you understand it entirely as being-ness and it looks like a doing-ness. But, at least we can get away with explaining the sense of course it is entirely non-dimensional in the way you understand it accessing energy is way beyond the third dimension.

But, there are those who have now hypothesized that this energy is now bringing into shape a tenth spiritual body for people. A new aspect of their own being-ness. We would call this the "Cosmic Body." It is in its infancy now but many of you with your understanding of this, with your repeated willingness to tap into collective consciousness and to see that it has no limitation, to see that you can connect with it to the sun your nearest star, and the other stars and the energies associated even with the other galaxies and aspects of consciousness that don't even have locality or dimension in the usual way.

It is a way in which now the push in that direction is also made available and at the risk of it seeming yet another doing-ness. The invitation now is for you to access your own cosmic body. In understanding this and working with it you may be able to find within it that there is an energy with it of simplicity and love which relates very much to the creation of matter in your universe. The way in which it cycles and interacts and moves. Of course, as we introduce the idea of 10, others will immediately jump to, "well, what about 11 and 12? " That does seem to be with the musical scale, with the chakra systems, with the energies of the months, the zodiac and so on that the 12-plex shows up over and over in your consciousness and all we can see ahead for this is yes, certainly and it will be in its own time revealed and shown.

But, it took many years to go beyond the acceptance simply of the end of this as the astral body and understanding that it goes beyond this into causal and the others above this and so on. Well, people really haven't accepted this fully yet. But, in the cosmic body is an understanding of indeed what is understood over and over; cosmic consciousness. What does this mean to you? An aspect that embraces all. That somehow is one with the entire universe.

Such a concept would of course be which would ultimately completely destroys an oligarchy. There is no need to have power over anyone. You are one with the universe and is that really more than anything else which is more threatening at the level of the collective consciousness that resists this energy, this change, this shift. Even though it doesn't always see it or understand it, and certainly has found difficulty naming it as the collective movement of cosmic consciousness as the creation of your own cosmic body. This energy still is there resisting knowing that if it can in some way create some degree of cynicism or shutdown it will prevent its own destruction.

This is a very difficult place to understand since of course physically day today you are still dealing with the effects of this business of power over others, this willingness to exert it and be a part of it and at your best perhaps gain power over a few others until you realize how unsatisfying that is. Let it go in yourself and find something else. These people have not done so yet but by your example, by your love and especially by this burst of energy they may indeed be more willing to do so in the future.

Which brings us to the path by which the changes then come forth. There are those who have technical expertise, those with new inventions, new technologies and they will likely find a bigger push particularly because in the collective consciousness there is an acceptance, a willingness, almost an urging: it is needed now for these people to come forth with their ideas and their energies. There are those also however who have a deeper understanding through their own life and their own interacting with others about love. About what it feels like to love in the face of resistance and difficulty. As you think upon these recent events of mass shootings where people who have been harmed because in some way they could not be touched with love, you then see the reason why it is so important that this is shared. That you understand it in your own way and elicit it from others what language of love they are using.

There are others though on your planet with other areas of expertise: music; perhaps in the expression of various art forms, they are now being asked gently but persistently by this change energy, by this joy, by this being-ness. What can you do more? How can this energy access further so they can be truly, deeply, meaningful and helpful. Even if it is one tiny step in a direction again when you look to the future and visualize those beings who might exist, that aspect through reincarnation and your soul in its incarnation in a few hundred years. That being now looking upon you and what you have held back, what you have been unwilling, what you have known as the truth and have been unwilling perhaps to rely on it or understand it.

Where would art be in such reality? It would not be only for the purpose of inspiration or reducing some degree of separation, finding some commonality or some interest or some aspect of deeper questioning such as it is now in its highest and most useful? Of course it would be beyond that which would be mere consolation; allowing people to feel good. Nothing wrong with that, but it is not that which inherently then leads to this expansion in consciousness. Then it is that which is inviting others to reach deep, to dredge up and understand their own artistic talent and capability; their own way of being. That very energy which relates at some deep level in every artist to an aspect of fear.

It would seem impossible you would say but it is true that every great painter does feel some fear when they see another painting, another artist, someone else. They must in their own level of transformation go beyond this as so they can accept and be inspired by it without seeing it as competition. Since after all it is art, it has nothing to do with competition, yet that is exactly where the world puts it when it puts a price on the painting. When it is that which it is judged or criticized by the critic and that which is compared in various ways in the art classes to come and so on.

In the way in which you understand this then you recognize it is the opportunity to release that fear, that energy of competition, that energy of separation is understood as the energy of slavery. As that which has enabled you in your own reality, in your own world to create the institutions, the aspects that continue in ways of separation and harm to eventually lead to such as mass shootings, mass starvation, mass disease and other difficulties on your planet.

You may think as Machiavellian thought might go that this is to reduce the world's population, but if that was true then the population on average would reduce and it has not. On average it only increases and that is because the many souls who oversee, who enact various energies, who interact with you in many ways and so on all want to get into bodies. They want to indeed incarnate and share this great dance with you and indeed there will be much great auspicious energy associated with all the children born on this day and on the 22nd and the 23rd. Because of these symbols and access to this in these levels of consciousness and awareness these symbols will be very helpful to them when they get older.

But, as you access this and work with it yourself you will see that this idea of leaping to a possible future is not only that which is helpful as a mind exercise. It is very helpful for everyone on your planet who is seeking in some way to create change. Just as you would not in this reality under any political argument, any political or economic system again have legalized slavery so also then in that future there will not be many of the organs of separation that you have now. Those organs to include money and aspects of competition and those ways in which in some aspect, someone is seen as better than as someone else. As difficult as this may be to perceive and understand, it is also that which is in your heart, which is an energy of love. What is there that stops, that halts, that detours that love? What prevents it coming forth?

There are those who would say that love and fear are opposites. But there are other ways to stop love than simply by fear. Those ways will also be better understood and this opportunity to love will be better accepted and worked with. A good time perhaps for a little stretch, simply to recognize in you know that joyful being-ness, and as you move and breathe let your body move in a way that is unique by that energy: a shake, a twirl, a spin, a breath, a sound, whatever way is appropriate, loving, helpful to you. More questions?

Jill: What information or advice do you have for all of us, we haven't specifically asked for, but would benefit all of us to know at this time?

Hilarion: Well, that's really where we started isn't it? Another aspect to this is something unsaid, something touching an aspect so deeper that it is beyond question. If there was something that could be voiced, could come within you from somehow what would this be? We might suggest that it has a symbolism an understanding outside the merely verbal or intellectual. As to be embraced as the dance, as the nature of what it feels like: a kinesthetic perhaps of your hands, feet in the dirt, in mother Earth or your face washed by the rain. These are the things that have brought you here to this planet. Yes there is the opportunity to balance karma, to learn things to work with others but there is a sheer experience of being in the body.

Now is the time to rekindle this, to re-create it, to welcome it, to love it. With all that happens, with all the struggles and difficulties with all the ways in which it seems as if your own personal power is being reduced or someone else trying to take it, this is still present. This joy of simply being alive and in those moments in which you feel as if those distractions or difficulties are too great, there are those who would ask you: could you just let it go? When emotions come strong and pull you over from that love, could you just let it go? And that place of so doing and that letting go, we remind you to also leap into an element, to touch the earth, to feel the rain, to experience the sun on your naked body. But, whatever it takes you to then have the sense of simply being; simply existing. Further question?

Jill: Do you have any suggestions for maintaining our best health in these changing times?

Hilarion: It has now been well understood, deeply studied, understood with the work of many animals that have been experimented on, much of this unpublished, much of this as researched, worked with by those in laboratories well-funded by those who wish to maintain their positions of power. As a result of all of these studies a map has been generated. A map that relates to the various ways through addiction, through advertising, through the mass conscious acceptance as if it is so difficult to pull away from it that certain ways of eating, of behaving, of utilizing various drug substances, mostly prescription but of any type will be those which will be primarily as a result of the actions which are taken on people to keep them in positions of less power; places where they can be controlled; energies where those in positions of power can maintain their control.

Clearly, it is not to the advantage of those in these positions to do this to the point that people are sick, unproductive, unable to function. But, it must be done to the point that there is very little in the way of greater consciousness; greater understanding; greater awareness. When you understand these principles you can look everywhere to find out the answers. You have the answers right in front of you. They are so obvious and so easy to understand.

Yet, because of the addictions, because of the advertising, because it is moving in that direction, because of the denigration of consciousness as a result of various drugs and so on many people resist this. They hold back from it and will not accept it. As a result because they are resisting that which is so obvious, they maintain that level of addiction, that level of reduced consciousness and that level by which they remain sometimes unconsciously in the control of others. Where this becomes particularly problematic is when it reaches a point where you have a genuine, "health issue." That in itself is not really understood but is simply is a way in which you become more addicted to the medical system, more in need of doctors and others to help you. When of course all this was already put in place long ago to bring it to the point where you are now.

Then, when you understand what we have spoken about and bring it into the future and are able to accept this by not resisting it any longer, by looking at your own life where you are addicted to coffee, to cigarettes or to loud music or to something that is somehow reducing your consciousness, whatever it is. You have the opportunity to change it. But, in so doing you don't stop there. You ask and look at the ways in which this benefits corporations; various ways in which people can maintain their positions of power and control and keep looking. Keep unraveling and keep moving to those energies that tell you the truth about this.

Now the basic underlying principles are very simple and when you take them to their logical conclusion it is possible to utilize the available resources to significantly reduce all of the aspects that are problematic and eventually lead to disease. In so doing you will connect to other people; a sort of hard-core. The interesting thing about that hard-core is that the way that they are eating, the way they are living is identical to the oligarchy. Those people do not utilize these harmful addictive substances, behaviors or various drugs or foods that reduce their consciousness. When you understand this principle you then may perhaps have a little more willingness to let go of those addictions and find your own path through this.

Those principles can be pretty much divided into three essential principles which will interact and relate to each other. There is the way in which animals have particular habits in which in their own natural environments they do not cook their food. Their own environments are those which are often rich in bacteria, viruses, parasites, microorganisms of all kinds and those environments are often those which are life-sustaining and helpful because the attitudes and energies associated with them are simple. Those which allow them to connect to the earth around them. But, most importantly they do not cook their food and this makes available all of the enzymes and all of the assisting principles in that food.

The second energy as that of the natural way which by your observation the body is always trying to come to perfect health. It is doing so in ways in which you do not always understand. It has millions of years of evolution behind it and when you go to the animals to which you descended, billions of years. All of that energy is there to help you, to assist you if you're willing to work with it. All disease is simply the body trying its best to come to perfect health.

And the third principle is that you have your own programming, your own DNA if you wish for the current euphemism for this. But, the very underlying ideas that there is a blueprint and that blueprint is enabling you to find what works and to understand it. But, by its nature it changes for the physical body gradually and slowly one generation to the next. So that which was best for your ancestors over 100,000 years ago is that which is going to be best for you. These are very difficult principles to apply in a world that does not accept them. That instead has pushed an agenda that is inherently limited, harmful in consciousness, that which pushes you to addiction and all the things we have our spoken about.

So really, once you have the information it is up to you. It is your choice as how to go with this. In so doing you can understand that any health difficulty you have is the body's wisdom, it is the shift coming forth if you can look at it and accept it. But, in addition to this when you come to greater health, when you clear away the health issues it is important not to stop there. Yes, there are those who would tell you it is useful to share it with your children and your family and your friends and all of that but we're not going to go there. Because in many cases they have to discover it for themselves. But, look deeper. Where are your deeper addictions? Where are the areas you still hold back on? Yes, it may be beyond that of food. It may be beyond that of the air that you breathe, the water you drink, it may even take you to the love which you deny to others or the way in which you have wanted to speak but have not found the words or have the energy of shame or other emotion preventing you from doing so. Use what is in you and say it such as, "There is no way I can say this but"… and speak it.

But, in the way in which you allow the addiction to fear, the addiction to thought, the addiction to have it such simply as that which you understood from your childhood to guide you and to prevent you from this deeper way of shift no matter how far you have come in these ways of improved diet and health. Still, there is more to go. More to understand and more to work with. It is always an evolving, ongoing process. That which as you understand it, you can speak of, write of and share your own experiences with others thus helping them to get started with this in any way they want. Does this help?

Jill: What symbolic or other meanings are the horizontal wrinkles on the forehead? Are there any connections to the dietary or health issues?

Hilarion: We spoke about this in our little book, "Faces," in which each of the quadrants of the forehead are discussed and there are ways in which those energies have some relationship to the specific periods of your life and so on. But generally, as this is relating to the soul's energy and those aspects of the various areas of the creases relating to a particular scarring activity, an area you couldn't get through, a wrinkle in your own existence to speak. These are symbolic of issues that are powerfully affecting you. The more of these there are the more issues you have to work with and naturally as people age these come up. Ways to look at them, to examine them and to share them.

But, at the same time there is the deeper reminder of what causes this. There is the aspects of deficiency of oils and fats to that part of the body. But, even with those with a great deal of these, those with good diet and those who are able to work with these energies of deeper understanding, These show up because of muscular tensions and the habits associated with this. The powerful energy often utilized in hypnosis associated with the forehead about such matters is also related to enhance blood flow in the area and how it relates to consciousness; the brain's ability to absorb, transfer and share emotion from the hypothalamus all the way to the frontal lobes and the ability to communicate with those elsewhere in the brain is affected by blood flow.

An example of this can be understood in a completely different context, not the symbolism associated with the forehead, looking at what this means and so on really only leads to some judgment about yourself and others and what good is that? Rather this other energy you put attention right now on your entire forehead. Notice perhaps you have looked in the mirror and you know where some of those lines and wrinkles are. Perhaps you have an expression of worry at times. Have that expression, think of something you are concerned about and notice how your forehead knots up immediately and just let it go.

Go deeper now and let the forehead be smooth, relaxed, warm. Allow the energies within that part of the body, a gentleness, an ease; a fluidity, a gentle wave of cool water. As the forehead becomes more and more relaxed, more cool. There is a natural sense of peace, of calm. It is as if the soul is saying it is welcome here. That you are loving and bringing in this energy when you relax that part of the forehead, that part of the body that resist those energies. That's where the wrinkles show up. There in this specific locations associated with the times in the past that you resisted those lessons, those energies which then gave rise to various aspects of karma, things you struggled with and so on and now just because; not in the way have done you have done it before through balancing; or doing the right thing, but just because as a little child would say. With the energy just because you choose it. You be the cause now. Then let it go as if to love deeply your own soul and its actions in being here the best it could.

Jill: A comment on the Earth grid.

Hilarion: The collective consciousness that which is within the earth expresses itself outwardly, more people now becoming attuned to this. So it is helpful in your visualization, your sense of the entire planet to sense that energy as it moves in and out of the earth and forms these patterns. They shift and change gently but those patterns as they are there are now there for you to connect to, to share love with, to see this moving all over your planet. Another would speak of this in a different context.

Sananda: Given to you before you came into the consciousness that knows itself as human is this place to be wrapped in a beautiful bow, wrapped in the Christmas ribbons and bunting the Earth grid. That energy for you to touch, to know, but now associated with this time of Christmas unearthed, released. Untie the bow and see the earth unwrapped reveals herself to you as the greatest gift. The gift of life, of being, you are made of the earth, of her water, her carbon, her nitrogen; you're made of earth stuff. But you are also that which walks the earth, which feels her, which breathes her.

Every year you choose December 25th as a time to celebrate the birth of a great prophet; a way-shower, a guide. But I was at that time just a man. Just a consciousness like you. My purpose was to show you that your consciousness as you, as that love could do all of those things, all of those miracles, all of those beautiful gifts given, all of those aspects of life danced and enjoyed just as I.

But, in the collective consciousness I am not known any longer by earthly name but by the symbolic name of the connectedness of your heart's energy of Christ. That energy has been known as, "Sananda," and is simply a way in which you are connecting to the love in your heart and the sun which bathes you in this beautiful and loving light. Giving rise to the earth, weather, wind and plants and animals and all life on this earth. In this way you are welcome now to receive a gift. In action of commemorating and symbolism of the 21st and the 22nd as the energy of the solstice, changed slightly by the church and others to the 25th so that the intensity of this energy would not be so powerfully be available to you.

So your invitation is in this way is to celebrate the true Christmas right now. Think upon the gift to be received. You can start anywhere with it. If it is that new car you wanted. That's fine, whatever you think of but then, what do you want more than that? Whatever shows up, what do you want more than that? Even what do you want more than that? Such a thing is possible. That level of cosmic consciousness, that connection to the Almighty, that energy and association with love and the earth, whatever it is, your own personal freedom, your own capacity to know, your own willingness to have beautiful and loving relationships with all life.

This now, it coalesces, it creates itself now as a beautiful pulsating ball, a brilliant light, a tiny star. That energy now, that beautiful pulsating light I extend to you. My hand, extending it to you, to your heart for you to receive and take it from me and receive it from me. Sananda's gift, an energy of love, an energy of light but that just is a symbol of this beautiful little ball of light for this deeper consciousness, this accession of all that is possible, that loving of you. Because I do this not out of any motive or agenda but that is indeed the true spirit of Christmas isn't it? To give for giving's sake. To give because in the giving is the loving and as you accept this light, as you hold it in your heart, as you receive this aspect of your own nature now expanded, so then is this peace shared between us.

Hilarion: Hilarion here again. We thank you, Sananda, for these words and these blessings.

Jill: From your perspective what are the biggest obstacles to people's awakening and embodying their true power, love and wisdom? How can we successfully release what we've been holding back and embrace our true nature of love and wisdom? It seems a first step would be for people to truly see perhaps with their third eye opening but how can this happen?

Hilarion: That's good for some people but what if you see it and you don't like what you see? What do you do then? This is a powerful symbol for all the ways in which every aspect that brings you that which is new about your consciousness, that which has shifted you, it lands into the old context. The context that says,"no way." Or the way in which that energy can evolve can only be tiny," alright I'll let a little of that in." In this example if the third eye opened and you saw immediately the complete future of everything that would show up in front of you, the dissolving of the barriers of time as many people have that capability. Nevermind, they just see auras or loving energy or they are able to perceive the collective consciousness of the group or able to understand their own personal future but they actually saw all of it.

That is within your capability. Many would say, "Oh no! Far too scary." Giving you a hint that it is in your habit pattern is that which you have been afraid of and that which you allowed to stop you before. The greatest difficulty to your awakening shows up. It doesn't really matter the path by which it goes through. That which stops you from awakening will the different for each person. But, still that energy as it evolves will show up for you in a way that inevitably causes you to back down, to deny perhaps, to confront and notice the energy but most of the time distraction, detour in another direction, "I'll worry about it another time," or whatever.

So, for these it is usually very difficult to break through this head on. It can be done and this is where a teacher is helpful but sometimes it is difficult because then you become dependent on the teacher. But, instead there is a mindset that more than anything else, dismantles the barriers to all of these aspects that can change within you and does so persistently. That mindset is one that is willing to question, that is inquiring constantly. That is able to ferret out the paradox, the two aspects that don't seem to work together and sit in it, be willing to be with it.

The willingness to examine your own habit patterns, the willingness to look at them where they stood in your way, or where they have been habit patterns which you know are just delightful and wonderful and you would just love to keep them no matter what. Well, those may be insidious and difficult to dismantle just because they have indeed served us so well. In every way in which that mindset that enables you to question, to look carefully and consciously at these aspects this will often lead you to these areas where you will then have to confront and you will back down. Perhaps nine times out of ten, but you clearly increase the probability that on the tenth you will allow, you will breakthrough, you will shift it.

This may seem an intellectual exercise and it can often start that way because after all we communicate to you intellectually. But, this is done in other means of course where the guru by touching you with the feather, or on the third eye and blows an energy through you simply to change or blow apart your habit patterns for a few days perhaps so that again in this way that new mindset is created. You then question the very nature of your reality. Not intellectually, but emotionally perhaps or kinesthetically. Whatever means you come to this aspect that allows you to question it, to dismantle it and most importantly to look at where the beliefs are running you and find a way to let them go.

Beliefs often have an emotional component, oftentimes a physical component. They will be easy to identify and understand intellectually and so this can often be very helpful in this dismantling of the habit patterns that block you in various ways of consciousness. Now of course it goes without saying that it makes sense to immerse yourself in the available literature, to expose yourself to others who have a like mind and also want to increase consciousness or awakening and the various ways in which you can do this only increase. As there are more groups, more opportunities through the Internet, more ways in which people can come together and learn from each other and so on and so forth.

The other aspect that will help you with this dismantling is that if you do begin to recognize a barrier, a denial, an issue standing in your way, approach it from multiple sides the moment it shows up. Ask yourself what am I feeling about that? What do I see if I could create it differently in my own imagination what would it look like? If I can hold it, or touch it, or speak to it what would I say? How heavy would it be? How could I understand this by the means of the visual, the auditory, the kinesthetic even with smell and taste if you wish the importance of this simply to look at it from all directions as it begins to show up.

If you feel there is some fear or issue with it you may wish to ask somebody else about it. Ask them for a little help about it from a loving place of course and know that you can always shut that off if you must. But, often they will make a suggestion or two if you ask them to be thoughtful about it and to spend some time considering the right words they would share with you. This may often be that which is just enough to push you over the edge to that way of awakening that is within you.

Lastly we would say that the word awakening is a very good one here. It has many meanings to many people. But, it must be understood that very simple steps toward awakening can be taken by anyone at any time. These are words we have spoken before of course and those that have been spoken by others through the countless centuries of those who have looked at these things. We would beg you as always to look consciously and carefully at this question which has indeed a beautiful, somewhat different answer, flavored with the nature of today. The nature of this collective consciousness agreement to move to something greater than it was before.

This question forming as, "Who or what is experiencing you right now?" If you turn it around, who or what is experiencing this? Who or what is experiencing me right now? Looking through my eyes, feeling with my heart, breathing with my lungs. Who is experiencing this spirit of being within this consciousness? This change right now? What is the nature of this energy, this space or whatever you want to call it, what is it? Approach it with genuine curiosity and notice that as the answer shows up it is an expansion of what you were before. It is more than the limiting way in which you saw this.

We are very grateful for these questions and for those ways these moments have flown by so to speak. Partly because you are ready to fly. There are those of you who would resist this of course, who would say then that I cannot make steps in such directions without taking undue risks perhaps. But, there is also an energy stronger than ever gently tickling you, encouraging you, loving you to take these steps. To find these aspects within you that will connect to others and dissolve all of the separation eventually. But, right now dissolve some of it so that being-ness is shared, so that energy of love is known, so that connectivity is not only yours but felt with others as well.

One beautiful exercise for this is in the visualization, in the imagination of a loving energy. Perhaps as you would engage in your imagination to embrace the little child, perhaps in your consciousness a pet, a friend, someone you have loved deeply. All of the simultaneously and every other aspect to open your heart, to pour this love in your imagination into these beings.

Now gently, this same energy transferred to those who are associated indeed with your own resistance, those you have had trouble with, judged. That same beautiful energy as they expand, as they are made more loving by it. You are noticing what is happening with you in this, your vibration, a loving energy; transfer this now to those you have had a great deal of difficulty with in this life, the archetype of that which associated in your consciousness with the maximum resistance. That same loving energy, that same beautiful possibility and see that the energy experiencing you, that which is beyond you, that is also there sharing that beautiful, delightful dance of love with those you have experienced resistance with and they with you.

Sharing that love right now, that collective consciousness and even as you could imagine it through the eyes and heart of that person who who might indeed have been the one you have had great resistance with, that they are beaming this love with you. Letting all of this go, that beautiful powerful, cylinder of light now as big as the earth now grows even larger to encompass the entire solar system, to encompass the entire galaxy. This powerful, beautiful glowing light, emerald green in color as associated with our energy now gradually becomes clearer and brighter to a pure white light. That energy now saying to you, you are loved at the very core of your being know this. How would you act in the world, what would you do differently if you knew truly, deeply, totally that you were loved? That you are love? That this love is indeed your very nature. As we leave this with you we invite you to share with us a gentle ohm sound. Goodbye. Ohmm.

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