Hilarion Spring Equinox 2013

Jill: Greetings. Today is March 21, 2013, we are gathered here in Nevada City for the Spring Equinox channeling of Hilarion. The questions have been submitted by those in attendance as well as by e-mail. For further information on channeling, books, recordings or devices please contact Jon C. Fox P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, California, 95959 or visit us on the web at hilarion.com.

Hilarion: Greetings to all of you. This is the energy, being or vibration you call Hilarion. A moment, please, as we increase the energy in the vehicle and ask you to add your own understanding of your own energy to this room with a sense of emerald light allowed to fill it. Then, to go beyond that until it is about 100 feet circle in diameter, that is about 33m, and then on the exhalation that circle of light expands upwards and downwards to form a connecting cylinder, infinitely upwards to the center of the earth and everything in between.

Spring has begun in the northern hemisphere, the Vernal Equinox, the awakening of consciousness in the animals and the shift in light from the time of equal light to the time of longer days. But, in your own consciousness partly because you have experienced Spring in many past lifetimes and in this lifetime you are aware of the idea of new beginnings, new consciousness, new possibilities. Stepping into that which you have prepared for all winter. Earth also moves in this way and in the time of her own energy and connection to people, this is amplified. In the southern hemisphere it is the fall equinox and these energies still in their own way quiet, in between. It is as if earth breathes and that this is related to the seasons, this is the point of equal breath: in and out. In that equality is that moment in which it seems as if for now, anything is possible.

The sense that you can accomplish, you can love, that the things that you came here for, a great excitement, of fun, of the pleasure of being. All of these things make themselves available to you. At the same time as this though, on your planet right now there is a greater, more accelerated extinction of various animals, plants, insects, bacteria, viruses, prions, all kinds of organisms all over your planet at a far greater rate that has been seen in a long, long time on this planet.

There is as if a collective reaching out. The animals spearhead this because they are the ones that communicate most easily with all of these life forms and they themselves are experiencing this. We would ask you in your own consciousness, in your own understanding of this to make that bridge or connection by your awareness to an animal. Perhaps a being that you have felt some kinship towards. Perhaps an animal totem, perhaps a being that represents to you the animal kingdom.

As if to say in your own consciousness, in your own awareness, with love I welcome you here. We share this planet together. You inspire me and I am here to let you know that there is love here. It is here for you in the consciousness of being, in the awareness that you are alive and all that we share as beings, as mammals perhaps if that is the animal you have chosen. Or as beings that move, or breath if that is the animal you have a kinship with or whatever. Then, for a moment if possible let go of thought, of ideas. Simply breathe as if you are that animal and as if in that way you are joined together and share the sense of possibility, excitement, anything can happen. A sense of the world, the ability to be alive, to enjoy it, to dance, to feel the breeze, the water, the energies of others.

It is from this communication that this energy spreads. This one animal then working with you is an archetype. It is relating to the consciousness of all of his or her species, that which relates to many others on your planet, a sharing of understanding with the human race that they do belong here, they do have a place or role. That they can indeed work with these energies. To understand this and to share this is helpful, but more importantly this is feeling. Because that is what they also experience and what you share in common with them.

We mention this because right now on your planet there is a collective thought form gathering amongst many animals about this. With a great deal of curiosity and fear and at the same time the encouragement that has come from growing up alongside human beings, learning from them and working with them in different ways and as a result of the shifting their own consciousness.

Consciousness shifting is a difficult matter when you are right in it, when it is happening to you. When you are deliberately invoking it or welcoming it is often difficult to perceive it. Others recognize it in you and this is one way to recognize how you have moved or changed or shifted. Imagine having a conversation with yourself ten years ago, the kinds of things you might've said to that person twenty years ago or perhaps when you were a child. You see how you have grown through experience, you have learned but also you recognize other things about yourself. The areas that you have been willing to let go.

Which brings us to the most important thing about consciousness. As you grow and learn, as you understand about many things, very quickly you recognize this pattern that those things that have stood in the way for you, those things about yourself, those assumptions, various things that you expect of others and of yourself, these things in some ways perhaps more so than any other way have stood in front of you, have prevented you, have been the basis for blocks, have created the fears, have allowed you to experience the difficulties and all you have to do is let them go.

We don't want to minimize that, all you have to do, as if to say it was easy. But when you recognize that pattern you have self-created, those energies that which you eventually call a block. You see that the first idea that must now be incorporated into your being, into your understanding of change, is your willingness to let it go. Whatever it is. So, one of the most important practices spiritually, this which is not spoken of very much these days because indeed there so many ways in which you can use exercises, technology, learning, doing, doing, doing.

In this opportunity to let go you return more to that which came before the doing, to that which is the being. Now, this is tricky because you might say now I've already let go of everything I possibly could have. Yet, as you look more consciously at this you may be surprised to see that there is a lot that you could let go of. We like to remind you of the simple phrase as you are able to look at things in your life that stand in your way or shift for you: would you recommend it to a friend? Because sometimes those are ways you operated in the world, things you've done, things you said. You certainly would not recommend them to anyone, certainly not a friend.

In this way your little hints about letting go. Because sometimes there is this place in you that is so loving, so lovable not because of doing but just because it exists and when you recognize this, when you welcome it and when you are able to be in that place it makes it a little easier. The trouble with this in the place of doing, which is using words, speaking of such matters as we are doing right now. Trying to speak about being certainly is a natural way to get all tangled up and confused and we don't recommend that path at all. We are simply setting the stage to remind you if there is something in the way could you just let it go? As an important thing to look at but more importantly is in the development of the practices of spirituality, of consciousness-raising, the idea and the understanding of who you are.

This is even harder to get at when you know this is simply about being, not something you can easily get ahold of, as Jefferson used the phrase in ancient times, "Rope of sand." But, in the realm of understanding of your own body, the learning of symbols, in the awareness of all that you have been, all of this stacks up to remind you of something that seems to be missing. A part of your being that you want to, come to, awaken to, welcome and that is where it really gets interesting when you ask yourself could you just let it go?

The very idea that there is something to be done in particular, the inner question," Who or what is experiencing you right now?" What does that feel like? Smell like? Taste like? Is it big? Is it little? Is it empty? Is it full? All of the different ways to answer that question for yourself as a reflex action, something you do regularly is some of the best spiritual practice that you could have for the times ahead. On your planet you are seeing a gradual but persistent shift, this shift comes primarily because of peoples unwillingness to change dramatically. They do so in so many different ways and one of the most important of these is population. More and more people, hence a greater pressure to continue the actions of the past, to work with the energies such as they stand. This is making it harder and harder to garner political power for one individual or the opportunity to manifest dramatic change on the planet because of all of those who would oppose it. But, at the same time as this inner change, the awareness of who you really are, the greater tendency to be thinking along such lines simply because others are too.

This also increases. You could say the effect of the collective consciousness. In this gradual but persistent change away from those actions that would produce significant shift as a result of war, or violence, there is a grasping, a seeking. That is important right now, it is as if humanity in moving away from infancy, gradually now into adulthood is moving through this time of teenage years. That is where you try out different things and you do things that don't make sense and you rebel. But, you do finally discover some of those activities, actions, understanding that do makes sense.

One of these is in the awareness of this collective consciousness and it is as if a great sea, or soup or energy to which you have connection, to which you are allied, to which you can tune in. Sometimes tuning in by the mind becomes very confusing. It is that which we do not normally recommend for most people. But, rather with the heart, the sense of love, or companionship or connection to other people you care for, or of inspiration that might come from the animal life, plant life, or beautiful scenery, or landscapes on your planet. All of the different ways as if to let go of those capacities that have held you back and to tune into that which is in its own way a place of majesty and beauty.

As those energies are with you, something else begins to arise. This sense of that which is needed on your planet. At the same time that there is recognition, that there is this difficulty in the garnering of the tremendous power in the hands of just a few or one. There is this great question with all of these changes about politics, the way you govern yourselves, the way you take care of yourselves and this has not changed dramatically and is needed. But, because it is being asked by those of spiritual persuasion, those of interest in answering this questions, "Who or what is experiencing this now?" Because of this aspect of expansion it is that which is not just been related to the human consciousness, human collective, but also that of the other planets.

Which brings us to a new level of understanding that is coming into many of you and that is to ask the right questions. Do I take this with me when I die? If not, perhaps it's not as important as you thought. A very useful question, this one about who or what? The questions as they come to you and your willingness to look at them and receive the answers is important in your own spiritual development.

But, one of these is, has someone else done this? Gone this way? Learned this? When you ask the question about the ability to govern yourselves you don't have very much to work with on planet Earth. But you have a lot from other civilizations for the one simple reason that for those who have pursued a path that have led them to those things that don't work because of their own innate technological development, the discovery of the nature of how the universe works and so on. Well, be it atomic weapons or various other means they have destroyed themselves. If that method of governing was unsuccessful then the ones that are left, the consciousnesses that are there, the successful civilizations, they have a lot to share with you.

One of the first things you begin to recognize over and over is the simple development of your own innate ability to tune into the collective consciousness, to read minds, to read hearts, to have the contacts with others, to realize that you are not just your own singular consciousness but connected to your past lives, your future lives, the people around you, the plants, the animals, the ways in which you live in this world and so on. Many people recognize this and they feel it but they would not see that this is one of the most obvious repeated answers in the universe for those civilizations that have survived with relationship to their own ability to govern themselves.

The reason for this is simple: a dramatic and persistent amount of the issues of problems of governing your selves comes from lies. A way in which somebody in order to gain power for themselves, perhaps balancing karma or doing something they wanted to experiment with or whatever the soul's energy or knowledge in doing this is unique to that soul. But, in their own way they lied, they did something that they knew was somehow going to give them power but it was wrong, it was inappropriate, it was where they had to make something up, say something that they knew was untrue or whatever.

Because people, since approximately the time of ancient Greece have shut down their ability to understand this one person to the other, view consciousness and know when someone is lying. Even better, know what they are thinking, feeling, knowing because they have lost this ability, this was not recognized. As a result, the actions were successful by the person and led to all kinds of problems on your planet. The time for this is over. It is very difficult right now to see the way through to this and many people are interested in understanding a potential, positive future for humanity, most importantly one in which they can play a part.

Now you see how your own ability to improve your psychic ability, your connection to others, your ability to perceive direct thoughts, the sense of compassion or caring, the opportunity by whatever means, whatever your modality is, by feeling, by seeing, whatever that way it is when you know the truth and when many know the truth and when the majority know the truth, nobody can lie to you anymore. Only those in positions of leadership, power who are indeed telling the truth and have the highest intentions and are willing to fulfill these will be those which you elect. Under such situations various democratic ways will eventually fall by the wayside. But, in the meantime, a simple blending of the various institutions, primarily those of elected representatives and so on will then easily mesh into a way of governing yourselves in the future with these systems such as they are in place.

Now, we mention this because many of you are recognizing the collective consciousness and are without realizing it are a little afraid of this for one simple reason. The very reason why we ask this question, "Who or what is experiencing this moment now and could you just let it go?" And these ways in which you ask yourself these deeper questions is because the hardest thing to understand when you are perceiving the truth is the truth about yourself. This comes from many ways but one of them obviously is that in the consciousness that you connect with they are perceiving you. So, you are seeing yourself, seeing yourself through their eyes is the expression but it is much deeper than that. You are seeing yourself through their heart. That is often the place where it is difficult because you see then how much they do love you and therefore how lovable you really are. Sometimes they see you with their mind and you perceive thoughts, those ideas, many times those are judgments that are your judgments about yourself.

In whichever way you confront these, understand them, welcome them and shift them you will find that as you move through this your own natural ability to do two things enhances, grows stronger and is then moved naturally into the collective consciousness to be shared with others, to be that which is naturally then passed on to others in your family, and that which eventually becomes the basis for the governing of the planet. Those two things are simply that you have the ability then to better know the truth, to understand it, to work with it, to see it, to perceive it, and understand these modalities that are helpful to you.

But, the other is that you find yourself on the precipice of making a choice whenever you speak and later whenever you share your thoughts: will I tell the truth or not? This is the second part that is so difficult because at times of course you do not want to tell the truth because it would be embarrassing, or it might hurt somebody's feelings. There are ways through this of course, where you simply smile, or say nothing. But, eventually you cannot do that if you are truly perceiving that the correct words, loving words, but truthful words nevertheless would help someone else. They then, help you and so on and so forth.

As a result therefore, you also begin to recognize that you cannot any longer lie to yourself or allow those around you to do so, or allow yourself to stand as an example to anyone else around such matters. In so doing you take away the primary barrier that in ancient Grecian times came into the consciousness and allowed people to stop telling the truth to each other. This could be seen as the telling of stories, the creation of a myth, the manifestation of that which is separate from you and that has been very useful in humanity's journey: the ability to share information, help others by those myths, but the time for this now needs to change.

It is also that which to which people would tell lies to each other they would find that they could then lie to themselves. As a result then reduce their own spiritual evolution, their own understanding, their own consciousness, and so on. The time for this is clearly at an end. As people are willing to ask the harder questions they must also asked some of themselves and this now must go beyond simply, "Who or what is experiencing this now?" But, also looking at your own truth of your own being. If you can stand it, if you can work with it, if you can welcome it, if you can allow it, you can let go of what stands in the way. Then taking that moment to look through the eyes of someone else. More importantly, the eyes of the heart, more importantly the love that is there. You may be surprised to recognize all that you have allowed to stand in the way and then you are ready because those words we have spoken of come back to you, could I just let this go?

Spiritual practice is that which would seem over and over to be that which has a lot of "doing-ness," involved. Various meditative practices perhaps, asking certain questions, taking certain postures or utilizing various mantras, these are all very good. They get you to the place where you can concentrate, you can work with the energies. But, they at some point are seen for what they really are; kindergarten exercises. As you grow and come to a deeper understanding you see how the connection to others, helping them, being helped by them, learning from them and teaching them is so much an important part of all this because you are one. This collective consciousness can share but at the same time it is that which can have a great deal of individual specialization, learning so specifically and powerfully in so many different areas in the world.

These are powerful principles and in certain areas of your planet people who recognize these are coming together to have a time for sharing, or loving with each other. There is this place called. "Auroville," that has been spoken of and now the higher spiritual purpose is beginning to be known. Though, in India a place in which many from all over the world can come to, work with various ancient traditions, chanting, meditation, fasting and so on. Gradually this question," is there more? Could this somehow be available to the world? How could this be utilized for true change?" and other things are coming collectively to the people in these places.

But, such enclaves are not restricted by any means simply to a particular, they are happening all over your planet in cities and towns for many people willing to ask these deeper questions, but also the Internet and various ways the collective consciousness can be shared temporarily. All of the different ways in which this is happening on your planet is very exciting, very encouraging to your guides and helpers and is the real answer to all of the tremendous difficulties with association to the environment, the politics of the day, the tremendous difficulties economically that so many people are facing and all of this leading to this simple question:" How are we to change in a way that we will not only survive but we will thrive, and we will learn what we come here to learn?"

There are many great spiritual teachers from ancient times who have perceived this, who have guided and helped and others more recently. This will continue and part of this is the incoming new energies associated with the entire universe. That which has been called a "cosmic energy," or "cosmic ray," or "cosmic body." But, this energy has to do with something more. You have perhaps heard of this thing called, "The Big Bang." If you try to explain it to somebody you will usually find yourself at a loss because you do not understand it as it is described in the physics literature. It is simply an extrapolation backwards in time from the observation that everything in the universe appears to be expanding, everything is moving away from each other in all directions. This implying that at some point it all was backwards of this all at once. But, what was it all? It was not the matter, it was not the energy, yes it was that, but it was also the space. The space, itself.

Thus, the very idea of that which could exist outside of some small universe does not come into being in this understanding. It is simply an extrapolation backwards and when you understand that you can also therefore, why not if you are already pushing your own level of understanding, bring time into it as if time itself was created in the Big Bang. Now, we are not by any means advocating this as the truth. There are other theories about the universe and other aspects to understand it that can be shared, that are interesting, and may be more relevant. But, in this time it is in the collective consciousness and people are coming into awareness of this.

This is the underlying nature of spirituality. It is the way in which you understand this expansion of the universe as it is an expansion of your own consciousness, an expansion of your own being. That at once then you understand by your extrapolation going backwards, that you were one, truly one with the entire universe, with space itself, with time itself, with all aspects that eventually became you and everything else that you see in your universe.

It is this which is a helpful tool in recognizing the very nature of the cosmic body as if that aspect of consciousness is now, now, now, all in the present, all awareness. But, also, that which is very ancient, all the way back to the Big Bang. All the way back to the beginning of consciousness itself. Because, in the beginning with the idea of there being space and time suddenly created there was certainly then created consciousness. As you come to understand this for yourself, what stands in the way of this, your own mental understanding, your three-dimensional thinking, the way in which you have barriers to this, the aspects of this melt away when you simply focus on the heart, on the sense of love, on the sense of this oneness you are connected to all of these beings.

This is the real purpose of the cosmic body, a way of finding love and oneness by direct experience of the entire cosmos, of the farthest galaxy as if it was right here, right next to you. It is true that some children are experimenting with this and have the early remnants or capacities to form the cosmic body. But, it is also that which will likely show up all at once when people are ready for it just as it has occurred with the other subtle bodies at the right time, in the right place, in the way in which this seemed appropriate; now, now, now.

This is the paradox that is so powerful that when you hold in your consciousness that the very creation of time itself is that which is truly arbitrary, that which came from the Big Bang that which could suddenly be understood, you do not have to allow that mental awareness based on your own 3-D experience to stand in your way. Could you just let it go? That is the formation of the cosmic body. The aspect of your own consciousness that can somehow be one with the tiniest tiny, the largest large, the aspects of all being.

Somehow it makes sense within that, that place of letting go, the place of loving, of oneness to breathe. To just breathe with and let it breathe you rather than to try to figure it out or understand it or work with it in a way in which you might put it into some practical application. You haven't really learned how to use the aetheric body, much less the other subtle bodies: emotional, mental, astral, atmic, buddhic, causal and so on. So, no need to get upset about the inability yet to use the cosmic body but in the way in which you can simply recognize that it is part of your being, part of your oneness is helpful.

As soon as you have the idea of this connection to oneness on your planet, the animal life, the people, the earth itself. How can you stop there? What is sustaining this earth? The sunshine. The energy from the sun in so many ways thus taking you immediately into the solar system, the galaxy, the many galaxies, the universe. So really, in this collective oneness is the basis for the sense of love that indeed goes beyond the limits of anything you can think of and begs you to drop instead into the heart.

The heart has a physical component of course. There are those aspects that nourish it and primary it is that of love itself, that of the willingness to look where, "could you just let it go?" has application. Is there some application keeping you from love? Some aspect that could allow you more love? These are the most nourishing and helpful to the heart of course and to some extent it will allow that which is clogging or difficult around the heart.

But, interestingly when you study nutrition, look into that which has been written about the heart and many other things you find a tremendous predominance of focus on that which is damaging, being reduced. That which is clogging or harmful somehow being cleaned out or cleared or detoxified, as if in the balance that must always of course be equal, 50-50, between cleansing and building. There is so much more information, so much more focus and energy on the cleansing than on the building. This is true for many aspects of diet but really with the heart you see it almost so out of balance that you create all kinds of energy which is of course a reflection that the innate nature of love is not easily recognized.

Where do you see this very strongly and with great problems? Cardiologists. Those in the medical profession, heart researchers. They do understand it and that is why they are drawn to it but they are not willing to put it into practice, that aspect of the deeper love. But, at the same time it is important to share about this. A being from a long time ago would like to speak. His name is Cha Ara. He journeyed here from far away and came here in order to share a specific plant with all of humanity.

Cha Ara: it is with great delight that I get to speak through this being again we have had a chance to speak with him before and to work through his dreams and sometimes channel for him with the idea of sharing about these beautiful plants you call the roses. So amenable, so changeable, so able to reflect humanity at any given time and yet also those which are so needed, misunderstood. Those which are so well placed for humanity's own development and for this I draw you to that which you have called a beautiful little yellow Rose native to Japan, not well known, known as Geum Japonicum. This plant has so many powerful abilities to regenerate the heart. The leaves can be eaten, they have been cooked in earlier times along with the flowers, stems, roots and all of these ways are helpful.

But, today I speak with you not of that, but of the essence of this plant. Imagine before you now a small unassuming, little yellow flower. As you draw close to it, before you are close enough to smell it, it penetrates into your heart. It penetrates behind your eyes. It asks you for what do you grieve? For what can you let go of? For what stands in your way right now? As you grow closer but not close enough to smell it, it speaks to you again. It asks you," where is the joy in your heart? Where is the place to awaken, to love, to stand clear and receive this beautiful, loving, light?" As you move closer and smell it's fragrance, a subtle rosy fragrance, a sweetness, you are suddenly quiet and still with this. Instead, what you feel inside is a simple joy, a simple light. A sunlight that comes from the center of your chest from what is called your permanent atom. From the part of you that breathes and knows and is one with all life.

In bringing the roses to this planet, I was a researcher, an experimenter, someone to help and ways of sharing this but at the same time those ancient ones, the ones you called,"Lemurians," the "Atlantians" later, and so on. The opportunity to communicate, to share this and to see how you could change and work with these roses. But, also to understand their innate nature, to touch your heart, to bring you greater love, to help you love yourselves and each other.

Hilarion: Hilarion here again. We thank you Cha Ara for willingness to share these aspects. It is unusual to have opportunity to allow an extraterrestrial to speak through Jon. But, always good for him to stretch. So, in addition to this flower, and especially its leaves, and of course the flower essence made from it, resveratrol, has proved itself to be very helpful to the heart and this found in grapes, especially those of dark color, magnesium in all its forms, many different available to you, also very helpful. Various other materials, certainly, a variety of proteins. Interestingly enough, many of these found in eggs. When eggs are cooked it produces tetracycline means, various cross-linked fatty chains and other things that are quite damaging to the heart. But raw, they can have much benefit, though some have focused on egg yokes, we recommend whole eggs for other reasons and this also can be very helpful for strengthening and building the heart.

Of course for cleansing the heart, there is so much information focusing on free radicals, various other substances, it goes on and on. You see garlic, onions, various strong smelling materials such as peppers and so on. These all have benefit there too and are slightly building so they must be mentioned. But, all this can have a reverse effect as the heart begins to build, as there is greater strength in the circulatory and vascular systems then suddenly you have this powerful opportunity. How much more can you love yourself? How much more can you accept of others in your life? In what ways can you manifest this practically? Not just by a product or by talking to someone but actually engaging in a way in which the soul of another person is changed.

These are not easy things to understand and many times when you recognize that is what you are here to do it can cause you to stop loving yourself, which only then stops the opportunity to absorb the helpful nutrients that now are available as you're doing and eating things helpful to the heart. But, at the same time you are then listening and that is important even if the very lesson you have is one that takes you to death. Perhaps in that moment you listen because of course, as many are aware, heart attack, problems with the heart. One of the most common ways the people on your planet lose their lives. It is as if this powerful lesson about love is not being well understood. This opportunity to truly love yourself and others and allow them to see who you really are is having its effect at the physical level as well.

There are questions about what is going on in your atmosphere around this and it is part of this issue because most of the aerial sprayings are those for the specific purpose of reflecting light from Earth to reduce global warming. This is a benefit to insurance companies and to others who certainly will be harmed as a result of global warming. But there is as this has been developed of course, the opportunity for government agencies, people involved behind the scenes to parcel out to the highest bidder, to those who are of maximum importance in the government, to those who then have a say in the matter other things to be sprayed into the atmosphere on an experimental basis. Things that have been harmful to the heart, viruses or other organisms, to see if they could be those that can be directed in other ways to better control humanity should there be riots, should there be great struggle or difficulty. You see that such things are indeed on the horizon for people who are in economic straits, who have political issues, who have big problems; one religion against another and so on and so forth.

So, in this way you cannot say for certain when an aerial spraying is occurring exactly what is involved. Most of the time it will be the materials barium or aluminum or both because these are highly reflective and will tend to reduce the high levels of sunlight should they be in those places. But, the other materials are also being experimented with so that various aspects of data that can be derived without any permission or anyone being involved, except a few. Then, as a result all sorts of data is being accumulated.

You'll usually see that the sprays tend to be a little more concentrated in areas where there is significant heat gain. This will usually be in areas where there is dark coloration as when viewed from far away. Cities and large areas of concrete and so on will be hotspots and areas that indeed can be more problematic than others with regards to global warming. But, generally speaking the idea of these programs is to crisscross the planet on a daily basis and do so in ways to reflect as much light as possible thus to more evenly spread this around is an important goal. It's not always possible if a country does not give airspace permission. But, by and large because these things happen so fast and with the new drone programs coming into play they will happen even faster. These things can be accomplished and those involved are able to move away from the area before any identification is taken.

To see in the sky if it is a chemtrail of some sort or simply a vapor trail, typically water vapor, notice how long it lingers. A vapor trail will last thirty seconds, a minute, perhaps two minutes but no longer. But, the trails that are up there for many hours clearly are those of these materials finally ground and allowed to float in the upper atmosphere. They can do their job of reflecting some of the sunlight and indeed then reduce the heat levels on earth. When they fall to earth of course they produce all kinds of difficulties, not only from your breathing, but the way in which they can work with various crops, different materials on the earth, and work their way into the physical metabolism of many.

To clear these metals, berries with raw cream is the typical remedy. This is excellent and there are other ways to use different berries. There are other berries beneficial to the heart but this is primarily because of their cleansing capacity and this is one of the problems we see with increase in heart disease and heart issues is the eventual contamination of the vascular system by barium and aluminum. In the meantime you can to some extent prevent some of this by regularly eating strawberries with cream, blueberries with cream, thimble berries, blackberries, raspberries and so on.

The cream is important because when it is raw the fats are able to help detoxify and pull out the metals into the particular aspects associated with the berries. These can be through the productions of various anti-enzymes, antioxidants and various other materials but most importantly is an interaction within the cells themselves of magnetism, in which magnetic energies and those associated with moving electrons through the nerves can help ionized metals move out of the cell as they reach the cell boundary they are then absorbed into the lymph.

So, the second part to this is that the lymph must always be kept in good shape. Exercise for those who are healthy, for those with backed up lymph or clogged up lymph, hot baths, the usual techniques often used to clean lymph will be of more and more importance as aerial sprayings continue. We mention these things of a very innate physical level because when you reach the collective consciousness, when you touch into those energies we spoke of earlier, what is reflected back sometimes is about this: how do I stay here? How do I survive here? How do I supplement and strengthen my physical body? Why do I have these issues and problems with the physical body and so on? This is a powerful and collective energy so it is useful to address these things but you don't take it with you. The physical body will be left behind when your consciousness moves away from it as it will eventually.

So, in this way you do these things and work with it but understand that it is not the answer in and of itself, it is simply the maintenance of the physical. Now, this is a good time to stretch, to imagine that there is this energy connection from your feet to the earth -- and as you breathe it the energy become stronger and clearer as if the emerald light vibrates, moving through your heart, now expands down the arms for a gentle stretch, down the legs and feet for a gentle stretch. For a simple willingness to share these energies.

There have been questions about the future. The future of California, the future of Ukraine, the future of here, the future of there. These are wonderful questions, of course it is important. The problem with this is sometimes when we use our own computers, when we look into the future, when we understand what's happening the answers may not be quite as encouraging and uplifting as you'd like. We've spoken in the past about the Ring of Fire, the potential for earthquakes and for the most part those around the Pacific Rim have left California pretty much unscathed for the last few years. This is coming to a close and we see the upcoming Mercury retrograde period from June 26th-July 20th as particularly problematic. This may be a time in which if you are living in California you might want to see other parts of the country. You might want to enjoy yourself perhaps with a vacation, but perhaps not to other areas along the Pacific Rim.

It is difficult to say at this stage how these probabilities will play out. It is entirely possible that such earthquake activity will relieve various fault pressures by coming into areas of low population, perhaps even quite a ways from California, this would be quite desirable. We would hope that indeed by this time the energies will move as they have. You're seeing a pattern in California over the last few months of many storms, energies of heavy snow and rain, etc. being deposited to the north. Not much in California and many decry this. It is a time of drought, all kinds of issues and problems with this.

Although this is true in the short term, the underlying energy here is that it makes the earth a little bit lighter, less water saturation, less rainfall activity at a time when earthquake prone energies may be present is a really good idea. There are those involved who can make such adjustments relatively easily just as such adjustments are made with consciousness for the creation of various storms, tsunamis, energy changes and so on, all over your planet.

But, it is hoped that none of this will come to pass simply because we've spoken on it. Simply because people realize for themselves they do not need violent, earthshaking sorts of change to look in themselves at this deeper question. What is important to me now in connecting to others? In sharing my love? My talents? My caring? My abilities with others?

In the Ukraine there has been over many years much focus on all kinds of healing techniques, hands-on healing in particular and various ways of higher psychic development. The ability to communicate and work with this. It is largely taken place in separate pockets, people not communicating with it very much especially under the thumb of the Soviets. Now that this has been lifted, now the people are beginning to come to a place where they are asking these deeper questions, what is important to me? How to share these deeper energies? How can these ancient ways again be shared and how can this be made modern and understandable? This does seem over the next few years to take greater and greater precedence in the minds of researchers.

There will of course be continued economic difficulty which will make it hard to do research, to work with such things where a lot of money is involved. Because of this energy end of this ancient tradition, because of the willingness to use the earth energy and the agricultural aspects and these aspects of healing come together. It as if the plant energy moving through people can assist them with their own ability to heal.

Hands-on healing is a wonderful technique simply because by the focus on the body, on the hands, on the movement of the energy you get out of your own way. You don't have to think about it, figure it out so much. We see that as this expands is that which more and more people will be able to do, but more importantly they already can and really what's happening is they are allowing themselves to get out of the way.

What helps you get out of the way the most? Is it music? Is it dance? Is it moving your own physical body? Yoga? Tai Chi perhaps? Dancing in the way in which you can allow the fluidity of the movement of the body, these would be recommended if that helps. What other ways help you get out of your own way in this aspect of bringing consciousness, love, healing? These are not easy questions to answer for you because you have many times denied it or held it back from yourself. But, interestingly enough, your friends, your loved ones, they know. You can ask them and you may be surprised but it is an important step toward this aspect of clear truth, telepathy, contact, awareness and so on.

There was a question, since we were speaking a little bit about ingesting various foods, about what foods would be appropriate to eat cooked and there really aren't very many. This is simply because the enzymes that are lost, the various ways the food is strongly changed, the cross linking, the tetracyclic means, the advance chelation and products, the acrylamides, all of these materials are toxic to the human body. The body was never designed to take these in. This is why then various health problems eventually result and the healing benefits of some of those cooked foods may be temporary and helpful for a little while, eventually those toxic byproducts build up in the body and the body must somehow clear them out, so it only makes sense to avoid them in the first place.

Some would say well, what would say about our old standbys such as cooked rice or cooked potatoes, or certain broths. Still, in the cooking process the enzymes are destroyed. The various denaturing taking place, etc., etc. So, if you must eat such foods to wean, to gradually shift to raw, then do so. But, as soon as possible to go with that which is only nourishing, helpful, beneficial. That is what makes sense. That is not just then about your body because you are going to leave that behind. But as if saying to the universe, I want you to bring me those things, and only those things that are nourishing and helpful and strengthening. Those which expand me and my consciousness and all aspects that could be helpful to others and so on. It is if by the very act of eating itself you are re-creating those statements to the universe over and over.

Jill: Can Hilarion talk about our Cold War with Monsanto and the problem with GMO's?

Hilarion: in the concentration of power, into the hands of the few who have used a wedge to the patent system, to be able to patent genes, patent plants, and protect themselves using the legal system, the opportunity to make a lot of money has certainly arisen. Those who are involved are often lying to you, doing so quite knowingly, thinking perhaps in the short term there will be benefit from this, but knowing in the long-term it will be harmful. The opportunity then for their families, for the money that will be passed on and so on, this is all very helpful to them.

The key to this of course will be, that you are willing to ask the right questions and willing to abide by the answers, and willing to find different ways. But, in the meantime of course it creates all kinds of difficulties on your planet. Some of these have the potential to be catastrophic, to be those which eventually cause wholesale crop failures or to harm millions of people. So far, this has not happened and it is hoped that it will not be necessary. But, should such occur then of course you would see why it is going the way it is.

If those things occur and there is a wholesale revolution, many people saying put away this stuff it will end. But, many will be hurt along the way. So, in the meantime, as much as possible, through the actions of guides, helpers, energies within the earth and all of this is being allowed gradually in the hopes that people will take a stand. Would use their own ability to perceive the truth about this and will share what is important to them about it.

In the meantime, you are quite correct that it is a simple re-creation at the very low level, most likely to do with animals and plants of what occurred in your ancient past. It is fairly well known amongst all of those who have studied and learned about ancient Atlantis that towards the end, genetic engineering was quite common. This eventually led to, as you might imagine, the use of human genetics with animal genetics, and the tremendous harm and suffering that resulted from this. It is this hope then within the collective consciousness to prevent this from ever going to that level and the true understanding of genetics will be only for the betterment of humanity.

In the meantime you are in a state of flux about such matters as people are unwilling sometimes to ask the right questions, only to see food as a political issue and the ways in which these work. At the fundamental level though, it is clear that a simple change can correct all of this and that would be running backwards a bit, with the patent, trademark, and protection system and simply stating them that those aspects of genetics, of plants, that which is natural and growing cannot be protected. Not patented, trademark or in any way allowed to stand on its own. Such a legal change is relatively simple and could be enforced with enough people asking for it.

Jill: can you please discuss the role of adrenaline in the human body? Is it a gateway? Please discuss its origin and its proper place in our race, the abuses that occur and possibly usefulness in the future development of our species?

Hilarion: necessary hormone keeps you awake, very important for regulation. Very tiny amounts, often measured in nanograms, and this is a reflection because you have the direct experience of adrenaline when it suddenly is rising within your body as a result of shock, sudden experience in the world etc. Thus, the sense that you have the opportunity to see the powerful relationship between your physical body processes and your emotions, your interaction in the world, it is as if a bridge; powerful and that which you can experience directly.

This substance is very simple and it has been studied extensively and finds widespread use throughout the medical community. The correct name for this in medicine is epinephrine. The actual material as it is produced by the adrenal glands is that which is widely available within the human body for a variety of purposes. Most importantly though, the sense that as a result, almost instantaneous of actions, experience thoughts, various other things, you have a sudden experience of physical sensation in the body.

Being aware of this is helpful to you, it shows you of the ways therefore in which subtle experiences may also influence you. The ways in which how you walk, how others interpret your own vision or understanding, how you speak and all of the aspects that are around you. These continually influence your consciousness and those of others. However, we do see that there is an activity that might be better pursued in the future in a better understanding of adrenaline.

The direct experience of adrenaline itself has proved more useful because it is an energy of the emotional body, of the physical body and their interaction with very little of mental, aetheric, causal, astral, etc.. That emotional connection to the physical is a useful one to understand and as a result we would suggest the preparation of adrenaline essence. Now, adrenaline essence is tricky because even a tiny amount of it can have profound effects on the physical body. But, it can be produced and the recommended way to do this is to use a very tiny amount and then to homeopathically dilute it. Once it reaches 30c there is no physical substance present and you would not even have to worry about a molecule coming into the physical body, thus in this way it might have benefit.

The essence of this, made apparent to you, to better understand your relationship to the physical and emotional and often times what this brings out is simply emotional maturity for you, your own way of doing it, not words we usually use. "Emotional maturity," that which relates to your own ability to work appropriately with your emotions is that which is up to you and your own soul's development. But, by and large looking with the higher vision in which you might call seeing the aura, opening with the third eye, looking in the fourth dimension, there are all different names for this. But, when you look at the subtle bodies you will see over and over in most people the emotional body is huge by comparison to all of the other subtle bodies. Even by comparison to the physical body. Part of the idea of this experience of the nature of emotions and experiences in the physical world is to give you opportunity to change that, to shift it.

You have a lot going against you of course, advertising, romantic movies, childhood experiences, the hormones that course through you as a teenager, the list goes on and on. The powerful energy of the emotional body is there for a reason. It is to help you in your own decision about love, about using your emotions appropriately and that is the other side of emotional maturity.

Not only is it about the way in which you were able to use those emotions appropriately but also in the way in which you choose to use them for help, for love, for assistance and for ways in which benefit comes to all of humanity. One could of course go on endlessly about adrenaline but perhaps your own research and understanding about this will be sufficient because it is after all like all hormones, simply that which is produced by the physical body for some very specific purposes. The higher spiritual purpose, the deeper awareness and understanding between the direct connection between the physical and emotional is helpful.

Jill: can you talk about the cleansing and preparation of our bodies before higher consciousness? When will we know the purification process is complete?

Hilarion: this business of thought, connection, be it through the heart, through the feeling sense, whatever but the sense that you are not so disconnected and you can read the other's thoughts and you are an open book to them. This is the most important attribute that says to humanity collectively, "We are ready." We are ready for the next step in our own evolution. We can say such with some degree of confidence but not based on humanity but based on other civilizations and how they have progressed. It is of course possible that such progression could take place without this but it is very unlikely. Particularly, given the tremendous opportunity we spoke of earlier for others to take advantage when they have an opportunity by lying to you, to then garner power, energy, identity, money, whatever for themselves.

For your own spiritual development this will inevitably include the opportunity to assist, to love and work with others. But, you will often find that this is not enough. There must also be the awareness of all of humanity in a more direct way. If you cannot make steps and such for yourself, at least do it with the other kingdoms that surround you because they have nothing to hide. A plant cannot lie. Most animals, when they do learn this ability pick it up from people, but for the most part they do not lie. In this way nature speaks truth to you by observing her, by being one with her, by pouring energy into her, by letting her speak to you, by receiving her beautiful truths. Sometimes this is also just as helpful as other ways of bringing the sense of clear consciousness in yourself.

The other aspect here is that eventually you will leave the physical body, you will do it by dying but you may have other opportunities through journeying in sleep, called projection of your consciousness or a very powerful near-death experience perhaps, through a great experience of pleasure such as through an organism. But, whatever way in which this leaving takes place, if you have practiced on a regular basis various things that are helpful in the spiritual sense you may find that the instantaneous, familiarity, and ability to drop into those conditions, states, using those exercises, etc. is very helpful.

Thus, very useful to practice on a regular basis whenever those aspects are that work best for you. Be it as simple as asking this deeper question," Who or what is experiencing this now?" Or as complex as a visualization or a mantra. But, in the way in which you can do these sorts of things regularly, comfortably, easily in those potential opportunities where many people move their consciousness all at once. You'll have a wonderful opportunity then to work with such energy. That is not the same as all of humanity ascending or working with such energy together but it is highly likely that in groups, small at first then larger and larger this will occur before it does for all of humanity. Does this clarify?

Jill: yes. Can we hear from Athena now that Spring has sprung. Can she talk to us more about love?

Athena: hear the crickets, the frogs, the waters lapping, the movement of the molecules of the earth, of the air, these move through you, you are surrounded by them as you breathe this, feel its song, it's beautiful sense that it has always been with you. And yet now suddenly it bursting forth with this energy, all life around you coming into this song, this beautiful place, can it be a spring in your heart? Can it be a flowering in your own body that says," I welcome this and then this piercing light from the sun in the morning moving through the day, brighter and brighter with each day as if to say," this oneness, this light is a truth that reaches your heart. It reaches the center of your being and reaches who you have always been, reaches that part of you that wants to know that this is what life is here for. To experience it, to be here. This spark is what brought you into a body as a baby. This spark is with you now. It is why the springtime is so often seen as childlike, playful, baby-like.

So, now, we ask you to welcome in your mind's eye the picture of who you were as a baby. Cradle that one in your arms, love her or him and feel that connection in your heart. But, now suddenly the child opens the heart, the eyes all open to you, your heart opens to that child. Suddenly, that powerful energy of truth, of light, let it burst forth this is also spring A time of seeing the truth, of feeling of this connection with your own child inside as if always there. As the child connects to you she turns away. His head moving outward -- as you follow the gaze of this one you see the light of the sun, the energy of the earth, the smiling of the plants and the animals, and the welcoming of spring. Not as anything to be done, just a sense there is love. It is in the air, it is in this child, it is in you, it is in all of this at once. Breathing and knowing this light and then as the baby turns back to you, closing the eyes, going to sleep in your arms protected, loved. That baby now melting into your heart.

Hilarion: Hilarion here again and we thank you Athena for these words knowing that they can be taken at different levels, not to make sense of them or misunderstand but only to use them as a doorway, a journey. Yes, then shall we close for today? We wish to extend our greetings to all of you and your awareness, your love, your willingness.

We ask you now to ask the mind part to step aside and connect now to your feet, your physical body, down to mother Earth, to her center, to let a gentle, bubbling energy slowly come up from her into your heart. With that love there is a sense of earth loving you, you loving earth, you being here made of earth substance and with the strength and this encouragement we ask you now to think of a person who you care for deeply. To have the experience in your heart of loving that person, embracing them and feeling that energy exchange.

As they step back from you as that energy continues let them disappear and in their place, put someone you have had a little difficulty with. But, maintain that same love, that same energy, the same Earth strength and support for this is with you. Let that person disappear and put someone you have had a lot of difficulty with lately, perhaps a real teacher for you. Let that energy in your heart, that powerful, loving, light extend to them also. Notice the relaxation in your own shoulders, the letting go in your own body that powerful energy that says," Could you just let it go?" Lastly then, that beautiful loving energy, not directed at anyone, but surrounding you with this emerald light cylinder, now with golden light, now with white light, extending infinitely upwards, down through you to the center of earth and expanding outwards. From 100 feet to 30m, bigger now, many kilometers, many miles in diameter. This beautiful cylinder of light connecting with earth and receiving her loving ohm. Goodbye. Om…

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