Hilarion Summer Solstice 2013

Jill: Today is June 21, 2013. We are gathered here in Nevada City for the Hilarion channeling for the summer solstice celebration. Questions to Hilarion were submitted by those in attendance and from the Internet. For further information on channeling, books, tapes and videos please contact Jon C. Fox, Box 2209, Nevada City, California 95959 or visit us on the web at Hilarion.com.

Hilarion: Greetings. Yes, this is the energy, being, or vibration you call Hilarion. A moment please as we make deeper contact. Yes, we ask you to welcome a beautiful, emerald light as if with your breath, with your heartbeat, with your awareness it fills the room, forming a cylinder about 33 meters diameter. That is about 100 feet diameter from infinitely upwards to center of earth for protection, a sense of connection and other things of this nature begin to emerge within this beautiful, helpful, strengthening, emerald light field of energy.

We bring you greetings on this day that marks the beginning of the summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The idea of the relaxation, the sense of deep awareness of your own individuality, the enhancement of the light energy that is so prominent associated with the summer solstice and the summer season.

But, in this time it is also an awareness that is stronger and clearer of the interconnectivity of all people. You see this now in the way in which the plants that got their start in the spring now begin to emerge and the animals interact with them. More and more with each passing day the sense of inter-connectivity, the interdependence, the web of life itself is being studied, enhanced and strengthened by your guides and helpers.

They are being required to learn more of this in every way possible in their spare time, or their free energy time of which there is quite a bit of course when you are less in contact with them or in contact with other humans. In this time now and particularly for the next three months this emphasis on the deeper understanding of interconnectivity, this web of life so to speak has an emerging principle within it. It has to do with the idea of the creation of harmony, a creation of that which is in alignment with your own nature. A creation of that which is a shared vision.

This shared vision begins in the shared vision of your guides and helpers of the nonphysical beings who outnumber you, working with you, understanding and loving you, sharing with you. Beings with which you yourself in times between lives, the intermissive times have become. This energy which welcomes such beings right here, right now. As you become more aware of this idea of channeling you have a sense of something beyond your own consciousness, something coming into you as you welcome it. There is this sense that there is not so much as one being, as one energy. Not so much as a group of helpers are guides but it says that if when you recognize their individuality, when you recognize their own energy, when you recognize their light you immediately recognize and see that they are reaching to their left, to their right, to up, down, behind.

They are doing this symbolically, they are nonphysical, they are multidimensional so as they are reaching it is non-physical, multidimensional. We are not asking you to make such a leap yourself, yet. But, you have seen in your preparations for Ascension, change, even just a sense of justice, fairness which is appropriate on your planet. It is reaching to something beyond yourself is necessary, is important. A long-standing rule we have spoken about for so long in terms of energy, information, that there are no secrets. Information is shared and if you become aware of these things you begin to recognize the essence of this interconnectivity. It is not simply a visualization of love, it is not simply the awareness that what you do affects the others in your world or it affects the future. It affects the actual information itself, comes available and gradually, and persistently this is reflected in the world.

As you might imagine the animals, the plants, the energy of the Earth herself is very receptive in this time period. Usually this is about 3 to 4 days before and after the solstice. There is such an energy also available but quite different in the time of the equinoxes. But, in this time of the solstice you reach an extreme. It is the time of the longest day of the year and the shortest night in the northern hemisphere and the reverse in the southern hemisphere. In this extreme energy you are asked then to let go, to move beyond that which you have seen yourself as, to let go of your individual identity. But, at the same time particularly in the summer solstice is this idea of an intensification of your individuality as it is so associated with the daylight aspect of your life.

And yet, what is your individuality? Recognize that where such an individuality is somehow out of harmony with that which fosters the evolution, the life, the love, the expansion, the beauty of other people, of the animals you share this planet with, the plants, the Earth herself. Something must shift but this is not the aspects of individuality that you wish to foster and assist. It is that which you would like to shift, to change.

We've spoken about this in the context of universal law. The idea that by coming into deeper knowledge of the different universal laws it would be easier to let go of those patterns be they your habits, be they your karma, your reaction to energetics created in other ways on your planet. Be it the aspects that simply through ignorance you have allowed to build up in yourself because you don't understand what it means to think, to speak, to love, to help. The universal laws can be of great assistance in this but there is a place in which at some personal level two things are understood.

One is relating to this idea that there is a perfect harmony between those aspects of your individuality and that which is of maximum assistance to the plants, the animals, the Earth herself, other people, your own evolution, the evolution of everyone on this planet and so on and so forth. The other aspect is that somewhere deep within you, you know this, you feel it. You understand it because of this interconnectivity. Scientifically speaking it is the heart energy, the fourth chakra energy that is interconnecting to the energetics of everyone else's heart, the heart of the world herself. Of those many energies relating to the universe, the guides, helpers in so many other things.

This lodging into the temporal lobe in the human brain which is therefore responsible for such things as the placebo effect, the deeper understanding between the relationship between your own thoughts and the manifestation of disease or the manifestation of healing and many other things. But, this doesn't help because you are not smart enough, because you do not understand these things efficiently to use that information. You can observe it, you can see it in others, you can learn from it, you can even begin research projects to understand it.

But, ultimately you do understand it. You do realize it, you do sense it in your heart as love, the simple sense that your encouragement of light, the energy that you share that comes from you can be inherently life-giving. Evolutionarily enhancing. They can be the things that say to others, yes It is this energy that you come here to know. This is a very difficult thing to grasp because you say to yourself, "big deal Hilarion Let me know something new here. " Yet, collectively on the planet these two aspects more than anything else are responsible collectively for the predicament you find yourself in now.

Now, there are different ways to look at this. It certainly is quite valid to say that this is the way it is, and accepting it, learning from it, working with it and growing is perfectly appropriate but there is something that nags at your heart when you take such an attitude. It is saying to you somewhere there is something more. Some attitude, some energy beyond that which can simply be spoken of as if to say then here are the beliefs, here is the stress and here is how I can let it go or change it. Because, somewhere inside there is this desire that comes even stronger as stressful energies are released that says something simpler like, "I love you." Like, this way of being is the way to be. It is the path in which we can as one enjoy and love and grow at the same time. It is this longing in the heart for that which has been called, "home, togetherness, connectivity, family, community.

Many different words for it, but this which you have created, a powerful and important energy. It is the flip-side of the lack of love which is felt in the world. It is this energy that reminds you more than anything else when this aspect of whatever it is you are doing to make things better in the world falls short. You can use this to be critical of yourself and it usually tends to get you nowhere because the underlying nature of the energy, remember the law of progress: as a thing is begun it tends to continue. The underlying nature of the energy does not say to you in any way that you are deficient, that there is something wrong with you. It is simply reminding you that there is something bigger than you are aware of at this moment.

This connectivity to the universe, to other people, to love itself, or something. So, when you look at this planet, when you take the bigger perspective and you step back a minute and see what is going on here you tap into a little bit of that also. It is as if intellectually you are open to those energies. But, spiritually, to the heart energy and so on what you are doing is connecting to the others who look at the bigger picture and who are they? Your guides, helpers and especially their guides and helpers who are constantly doing things, reminding things, everything possible to be in alignment with this larger vision of earth. Always it has been said that by the law of reflection you are creating in your life individually that which you are then creating outwardly, externally, internally. Externally reflecting the outward and outward reflecting the inward.

So you see on your planet many levels of difficulty. Some have called it dysfunction, some have called it not understanding that it simply means lack of function are able to accept this without going deeper. We would say that is it is actually closer to self sabotage. Why then, in the development of chemicals such as glyphosate, that creates so many problems in the environment and make money for those in positions of power to promote the chemical itself, the genetic engineering of plants that would work better with this chemical, the continued proliferation of the chemical and so on and so forth when it is obvious to see long-term the bigger picture.

This is only going to create problems. You can see from the specific research, from the way it persists in the human body, the way it has caused many problems for the bees, the aspect of the plants themselves long-term needing more and more of the chemical to produce desired effect, etc. etc. But, there is something else here you see. It is the energy with the people who promote such a chemical, the energy within this dysfunctionality, within this aspect that you could see then is self sabotage.

When have you sabotaged yourself in a relationship? In looking for a better job? In making the most of your talents and capabilities? When have you allowed those voices and energies that said, not enough. Not good enough perhaps. Not rich enough, not strong enough, not lovable enough, not beautiful enough, when have those not enough energies allowed you to sabotage yourself particularly in a way in which no one else could do it as effectively?

So also you see this reflected now in the world. That is the self-sabotage that produces the Pacific gyre, the powerful accumulation of plastic materials there grows larger and larger each passing day. These chemicals in the environment. This insanity with regards to all of the aspects of fear and harm and terrorism and so on and so on. When you understand this reflective characteristic, that even from the tiniest you can perhaps take a slightly higher level of self responsibility and responsibility in the connectivity to the world because you have in various times in your life experienced self sabotage and what cured it? You had different behaviors. You learned things. You got counseling. But, in some way you realized what was missing. Some kind of love. Some kind of welcoming. Some kind of aspect that says, "I deserve better." I choose to stop hurting myself not just because I'm aware of it, because it feels better, because of something else, that connectivity, that love, the place inside that says, " I deserve to be here."

This is the energy that is often missing when you are looking at, from the higher perspective, from the perspective of guides and helpers and so on, looking at the consciousness of the people who bring forth these products, technologies, political systems, economic change. All of these aspects that you would say if I was that person of course I would do things differently, or, how can I go to sleep at night? Or how can I look in the mirror? These individuals are being told in every way possible to have a higher perspective. Now birthing on your planet more strongly than ever is this idea that there are no secrets, that the information is shared specifically for these individuals it can push them over the edge to see what they are doing.

You have seen this in other enterprises, for instance when the son of the head of the cigarette company is able to speak against his father and his products and bring as a result of this all kinds of information to the public. But, still you see people smoking and yet it does not have the same level of threat that it once did. It is important in understanding and working with these energies of change that you recognize that the collective consciousness is about to make another big shift. You've heard the expression, "darkest before the dawn. We have spoken about different matters affecting consciousness specifically in the Pacific rim and the aspects of potential for earthquakes, tsunami and other things in the past.

You enter into an important time period now in which on the one hand you have greater opportunity for such difficulty and at the same time tremendous opportunity for deeper understanding, for these powerful glimpses into a higher reality. In particular, during the summer months a wonderful opportunity to bring this forward.

There are those who ask about times of focusing energy on change, on shifts and so on. There are several points of this that are collectively shared through the cellular action and through the mental action these points emerge. The full and especially new Moon points are excellent for such development of ideas, sharing, flash mob, to some aspect of collective revelation. The points of Mercury on its course as viewed from Earth appearing to move backwards and then forwards again. Mercury retrograde, Mercury direct. So you have these important time periods, June 26th, July 20th, October 16th November 10th for 2013. You have the repeated action of the new moon and full Moon points. Some of which coincide with these periods but also those which are available to you at this important time of change.

At the same time though you have this new energy. The energy has been there a long time, people have been talking about it for a long time but now it is fully revealed. Various whistleblowers have been getting at it for a long time but now not only has it been, "blown," but admitted to by the government of USA that spying has been taking place using electronic means, computers to decode conversations and so on of many of the citizens and many outside of USA as well. Many recognize this as a big problem now, not realizing that their conversations were tapped into previously. Most individuals hearing our words have already known this, they have already suspected it or had a feeling or sense of it in the past and now it is simply confirmed. So, you would say again," Hilarion, no big deal, tell us something new."

But, what is new is the collective agreement that it is taking place. The majority of the population acknowledging that these government agencies doing their job certainly is one excuse for it, are in fact doing exactly that. So, the big deal on this is that wherever there is a collective agreement, the opportunity emerges. So the collective agreement about mercury retrograde is that pre-programmed into your consciousness is the awareness at this time in which this shift takes place, there is this agreeing energy that suggests yes, we are going to see things different. We are going to focus on things differently.

With the moon there is the energy of the tide and the water in your bodies. The water moving different ways in your bodies is not so much a trigger as it is again the inner reminder, the feeling sense, the subtle energy of this agreement field. That in the time of the new moon you can launch a new product, in the time of the full moon is an excellent time for bringing together the energies that have already been created and set into motion.

So, how does this relate to the whistleblower, the collective agreement now makes available which we will term, for lack of a better term at this point, the new term will probably be evolved and this is because the guides and helpers are working on this, but the term were working on now is, "audio flash mob." In audio flash mob, individuals knowing full well that their information is being collected by a government organization deliberately speak in unison overwhelming the computer programs that are looking for patterns, looking for particular energies, looking for sequences, looking for trends. These are an important part of all of these computer programs. To a large extent currently this has not been taken advantage of. To some extent this is taken advantage of on the Internet with Facebook, YouTube, the utilization of viral videos, etc..

This is not so much an audio flash mob as it is an awareness of a pattern that is pouring or moving in rippling fashion through society about various issues. However, when the computational abilities of these spying programs on telephone conversations are brought to bear on one particular issue, it begins to emerge in all of the other programs and tends to multiply. Those energetics are then received by those in charge. It is as if what has been revealed to you is a new path by which your voice matters. In your meditations, in your attunements into some positive, helpful energy, you gather in groups and you share energy that creates a point of light.

This place of light is a swirling vortex of energy in which many are healed, in which an energy continues to assist by moving around the planet. Meditations on peace and energy associated with it. But, the very people you want most to affect by this, those in positions of political and economic power, well, oftentimes when these things are taking place they are sleep; literally or figuratively. They have other interests in their life. How to get their attention? This audio flash mob technique will indeed get their attention. Now that you have the idea, the mechanics of it can be determined yourself.

But it goes something like this, similar to how people gather together in an actual physical flash mob, at a prearranged time, information by which shared randomly by the Internet, various individuals, but most importantly person-to-person without any opportunity for eavesdropping. A time is decided upon in which telephone conversations will simultaneously occur all over the planet that are saying just a few simple things, you agree upon these ahead of time perhaps.

"I represent peace. I want peace on my planet. I am willing to let go of the prejudices, the belief patterns that stand in the way of my love, I am willing to love more. I welcome love on this planet and I encourage you to let go of that which stands in the way." That would be a nice starting phrase. You could take something simpler if you wish but in a telephone conversation it might get a little bit boring to say the same thing over and over such as," I love you."

But in a way which you allow that as some phrase that you share that is then shared back by the other person and this is multiplied by 100, by 1 million, by 1 billion. In this sense it is as if the collective energy speaks and those in positions of power are forced to listen. They are forced to draw conclusions from this and to re-evaluate that which people deem as important and to see that the powerful transition from the random nature of phone conversations to that of the time of coherence and love and energy is taking place.

We put this forth for the simple idea that if you choose to use it now, this pathway has been made available to you. This is one of the benefits of the interactivity between the physical and nonphysical that takes place constantly with relationship to all of your world events, all of what's really going on, on your planet, from the point of view of the higher beings, the energy and perspective of guides and helpers and especially the guides and helpers of the guides and helpers. As you are aware of this sort of thing you can have fun with it if you choose.

Of course, similar energy could be brought to bear on a specific topic such as freeing a whistleblower, or getting somebody justice, or bringing some new energy to bear, or helping those in positions of power to see what they are doing wrong and so on. This is being done already by the Internet but it has not yet tripped the NSA computers. It has not yet made its way into the military, into the positions of economic decision-makers, into the hands of the families on your planet who control the wealth and the movement of economic power. The ways in which these energies might be shifted in the future are now being brought forth by many.

A question has been posed about this new currency Bit-coin. Because it was created in such a way it can only expand and prosper and be that which might be accepted by all and that which can be improved upon so that no theft, no cheating, no subterfuge can take place with it; i.e. no counterfeiting and the way in which it can ultimately represent something beyond any single currency, the potential is there.

The opportunity and energy to work with it is of course up to each individual. For those who have not heard about it at least learn about it, investigate it, and if possible put a small percentage, 5% or so of your own financial activities into this medium because it has the potential to take out of the picture the potentials of those in positions of power to do harm by economic manipulation. This is the larger perspective that is not well understood by those involved with it. It is that which can be of tremendous value as it is a currency that is not based upon any particular underlying mettle or physical standard and at the same time that which can transcend all divisions, be they class, or country, or economy, or currency.

There is also this question with regards to the awareness of how the interactivity of great healers, scholars and others could be made more available to people. This specific question is in regards to two of these great beings who are not very recognized on your planet, Ryke Geerd Hamer and Aajounus Vonderplanitz. Their ideas about the human body fly in the face of conventional wisdom at all turns and they ruffle feathers within the medical establishment even beyond that which might be potentially imagined currently. But, as people realize that other paradigms are possible through theories of the human body, of their understanding of disease process, of their awareness of communication is possible.

Their ideas take hold and people use them and enjoy them and work with them. Widespread acceptance of this, is the ultimate way in which guides and helpers looking for the way to set aside old paradigms that hurt, that are harmful, that caused this disharmony in your heart with your understanding of that which is ultimately available, these aspects then encourage these guides and helpers to bring forth this information wherever possible. As upsetting, as upside down, as difficult as they are.

In principle, these ideas have a value to them that is beyond their capacity to heal because it is a way in which ultimately there is a sort of alignment with universal principle. The principle in which one sees constantly levels of fighting, interaction of disharmony, the manifestation of war as is ultimately the underlying concept in most medicine currently is a principal that clearly needs to be re-examined. That disease is an enemy, that there is a fight going on in your body. These things really, though they make sense scientifically they do not make sense in this larger picture. In the sense of the connectivity, the love, the benefit these things have for you. Similarly, when you are confronting internally your own demons and you refuse to bring them forth, to understand them, to shift them, ultimately to communicate to others about them, you suffer.

This is a powerful and deep principle that goes far beyond disease as Hamer observed when individuals are willing to communicate the disease in their own body gets worse and worse. But, on your planet honesty and your unwillingness of those in positions of power to say," I am afraid. I need this power. I choose this path over all others because I am afraid. Their own denial of this, their inability to speak of it and at the same time their karmic imperative to rise to a position of power specifically to speak this. This is a very difficult and important matter for your planet to understand and work with.

So you see the ultimate implications Hamer's work ultimately for the dissolving of the political activities of boundaries and difficulties, Aaajonus' work, ultimately the dissolving of the entire medical system, insurance and pharmaceutical drugs systems. These are powerful shifts for your planet. Combine these two and of course what you recognize is an entirely different way of being; relating, understanding and knowing and more importantly the way in which you are able to shift your own internal relationship.

The relationship you have to your body, to your way of being, to the way in which you treat others and especially their bodies. Yet, what this bags is the bigger issue question. That of all healers, all who have brought profound and important knowledge to your planet. The great scientists with new paradigms, the energetics with a new way of seeing things, over and over humanity has faced this. When you go back in history and you look at the absurdity of so many of the notions that people have about everything on your planet you recognize over and over this pattern as the norm. Coming to a place of knowledge over ignorance is very difficult because of the personal way you ultimately have to treat it.

You accept it, your own stupidity, your own foolishness, your own mistakes and you love yourself anyway. You find a way through it to which you admit the mistake, you come to start over, you ask for help, you share what you've learned and you grow from it. Over and over you have seen this. So many in recent times look to the writing down of these things, such as the trials of Galileo and the accepting of the Copernican model of the solar system and ultimately the universe over that of a simple geocentric way of seeing things as so profound and important but it is purely symbolic. Because there are far worse paradigms that continue to plague humanity.

Before the invention of writing on a widespread scale these underlying paradigms already existed over and over;superstitions, various assumptions, ways in which various positions and power gave way to all kinds of beliefs in order to keep people in slavery and so on and so forth back in time to earliest times and even into ancient prehistory in earlier civilizations in Atlantis and Lemuria. For humanity to go beyond these things is more than simply the overcoming of ignorance. When you overcome ignorance and you recognize a new paradigm you often feel lost, you don't know where you are. You cannot really understand it but you do see it, you can work with the laws, the math, but you cannot fully become aware of what is really going on.

This has happened in every paradigm shift. You see it right now with quantum mechanics and quantum electronics. Those who understand and work with it and yet the sense that they don't understand it, as if they are on shaky ground only to understand the math to find the answers. All of this because somewhere inside in their heart, in their sense of who they are they know that this is important. That it is a step in the right direction but there is something bigger; some interconnectivity, some love, some awareness.

Because in quantum theory there is little attention paid to love. Quantum love is a term that has been utilized. Quantum healing and various other energies but these are not the words of physicists. They are the words of various healers and others. In this, you begin to recognize the real true nature of these individuals who have brought forth a new paradigm. They are willing to step outside the boundaries that have already encircled everyone else. They are going to step outside those boundaries because they have already done so in the intermissive period. Because their guides and helpers stand there to help them. Because they are willing to allow this simply because their energy of the heart, the energy of their knowledge, of their intuition, something deep inside of them is saying," this is true. This other way as it may be so different from that which already exists is true. It is real to me and I am willing to accept it, try it, play with it, and ultimately share it.

Because this conviction is often not present in those who are trained by these individuals, because they are simply following in their footsteps at best. At worst having their feet in both camps, they are unable to manifest the abilities that these people bring through. Now of course this is obvious when you see healers who try to teach their own disciples to heal as well as they have and you see this at the other end of the spectrum when the great spiritual leaders on your planet; the Buddhas, the Christ and so on and so forth. We would say those who are so far ahead of their time ruffled so many feathers that they were buried; the Apollonarius. These beings and their great energy as known to others, so threatening.

But, their disciples were unable to keep this going, they didn't understand it because they themselves could not easily make this powerful leap outside the paradigm into something that was for them, difficult, challenging, and so on. This could be seen as a paradox of course and as we have often said in your own evolution, when you get to the point when you can seek out or welcome a paradox you will make tremendous evolutionary progress. You will take steps forwards in your awareness or consciousness that can lead to all kinds of things of benefit, of challenge and change.

So for this we remind you to find in your self as you are accepting a new paradigm, find in yourself that which steps outside. You do not always understand these words. As you take it into your heart something emerges, a way of loving someone perhaps, a word to speak, a work of art and this is the other aspect that has helped humanity so much over and over when you see the revealing of the new paradigm you see the tremendous change in art at the same time. These are all connected. The very simple shift out of some of the old superstitions and religiosity into deeper understanding of science. In the very most simple principle-a hypothesis and the experiment and conclusion done long before Francis Bacon or any of the others formulated and spoke about it coincides with the shift in art from the two dimensional representation to perspective presentation.

Similarly, you see tremendous change aligning with the shift into quantum dynamics, quantum mechanics and the understanding of science from the quantum point of view as reflected in the way in which art move from three dimensional aspects to even higher dimensional aspects. Ways in which new perspectives, multiple images, ways of seeing things completely differently were overlaid in the 1920s and 30s with the birth of quantum dynamics and quantum mechanics.

So now, the question is not as to what art, what perspective, but the energy that is behind it to tune into and to how better tune into it so that this can evolve on its own. Of course when these things take place the artist gave names to it, but the real names that were accepted by everyone came along much later. So the effort is not to name it, but to do it.

In particular then what you are recognizing with whistleblowing is the tremendous availability of information. You truly know now that information cannot be locked up. It can be shared and will be shared and that it is available from many sources. With channeling, you recognize the opportunity to receive it from nonphysical beings, but with cosmic computation, with the awareness of the vibration of the earth herself, all different ways information can be obtained. This aspect of the true nature of the unlimited is a powerful force in art that is only beginning to come through in dance, photography, representational art, photography that gives way to new techniques in videography even into energies associated with old forms of art like painting, drawing, sculpture and so on.

These are just the beginning as you tune into this unlimited nature, you recognize here what is missing. We aren't saying the unlimited nature of information. After all the law of reflection still holds. Is it possible there is an unlimited nature to more than just information, love, healing? There are many ways to understand and work with this and what the artist does is somehow coalesce this to that which is personal and then makes manifest in the world something that is as if to say, I take a stand. I put this into the world. Sometimes it takes a while to get to that place. You go through all of the machinations and all of the play and technique in learning and seeing and then you stop for a while. You internalize. You find a way for this to blossom forth in and of itself.

Don't do something, just sit there. This reversal of a powerful phrase in the world as frequently coined by such as Michael Beckwith is important because it reminds you of your own being-ness as the source of the artistic inspiration. But, that which then stands as a powerful sort of symbol or lighthouse, or beacon of energy for these pivotal points in human history is also becoming available now. This is an important part of this revelation, of this awakening, of this new process that is making itself known to many. At the same time as all of this, what is often perplexing with this is why there has to be so much suffering as this takes place.

Many individuals are recognizing suffering in their physical bodies. Many problems around this increasing. You can see this as being blamed upon lack of communication in the Hamer hypotheses, increasing toxicity in the Vonderplanitz hypotheses, the opportunities by which individuals through increasing population then must come to a place of better cooperation, peace, love, understanding; the Gore hypotheses and so on. All of these may be true but somewhere within all of this is something personal. It is in many individuals now becoming very obvious. So beautifully reflected in the world and the way in which you see the government rejecting the underlying idea of the whistleblower, trying to bring something beneficial and helpful to everyone. It is resistance itself.

In this resistance to a higher truth, to the opportunity to communicate, to the ability to re-examine the medical hypothesis particularly as it affects your own physical body. To re-examine the nature of economies themselves and how cooperation can be that which ultimately is of greater importance than competition. All of these and other ideas as they are personal to you, do you have resistance? Is that resistance something you can speak of, write about, share, create through your art? Understand in your own way. Can you look at it? In so doing, if there is a new revelation, a new understanding, some way in which you grow as a result, if you can share this you may ultimately encourage many others to do so. One beautiful way to do this is outside the context of the intellect. Unfortunately many of our words today might be seen as intellectual. For this moment then we ask you to let go of thoughts, ideas and all the rest. If there is something with you right now, an energy on your shoulders, something tugging at you, something you forgot to do, something you must do, whatever. Could you just let it go?

Let those words go deeper into you, could I just let it go? Recognize that others are doing so at the same time. Could we just let it go? Then breathing, recognizing and feeling the sense of the love, of the caring your guides have for you, and you for them. Then to recognize that somewhere within you is birthing this beautiful, pulsing ball of light within your heart. This sense of connectivity, the sense of joining hands, embracing, of loving and being loved and that this is what it is about to be here. To incarnate, to breathe, to overcome ignorance and shift paradigms, to change. This makes this energy more available, stronger, clearer.

As you breathe this energy, as you have the sense of wonderful side of change, not the fearful, not the resistive, but the wonderful, expensive, magnificent side of this let this bubble up in you. Where do I resist? If nothing shows up for you who or whom do I resist? Or what is my resistance? This is that which holds back and an answer may pop in and if it doesn't you can take it once removed. If there was some resistance somewhere where would it be right now? In particular, because of the nature of the symbolism of the human body, look right now for a little resistance somewhere. Somewhere in your physical body, in your stomach, in your gut, in your throat, in your head, in your hands, in your heart. Could you just let it go?

We know that this is not logical. It would be so much better to dismantle it, so much better to understand why you have taken that attitude, what you are afraid of and all of those things are important. But, there is also this other aspect, this part of you that just knows, the part of you that is soothed, that is loved. Now recognizing that resistance in any of these different ways in which it has shown up before you, without the analysis for understanding it, a gesture. Simply the idea perhaps of a stretch or a movement as you become aware of that resistance and the stretch continues, the stretch personifying, could I just let it go?

We know perhaps this is an oversimplification. But there is that place in you that cries out with so much love, tears, pleasure, releasing, yes One reason for this is that in the collective consciousness there is an awareness that this can be let go of in the understanding of your guides and helpers, and their guides and helpers that this can be released.

A question on a completely different topic has been posed and to make a leap to that is possible because on your planet you do have lots and lots of water. Most of the water salty. Similar almost in many ways to the salt percentages in your own blood but this salt that is present is there as a reminder of the powerful conductivity that it provides; metallic sodium gaseous chlorine come together to manifest a conductive material dissolves in the oceans so that this connectivity can be very clear to you, reminded to you as you investigate and understand the properties of water on your planet. Many of these ideas of interconnectivity and love might be present on other planets in which less water was present but having it here on this planet helps a lot. It reminds you in so many ways and it always gives opportunity through storms, through washing away, through the movement of the water itself that areas can be cleared. That cleansing and shifting of energies can take place and the sweeping away, although at times it can be quite violent can be a reminder to you of the power of the water element.

So the question arises about other planets, and yes there are many throughout the galaxy. We have spoken of several in particular, one orbiting the Sirius binary in fact fairly close to Earth. Each of these in the watery nature have other opportunities for connectivity, for awareness in different ways, for collective consciousness. But, at the current time, in the current reality of the wave of energy being shared by all of these planets, all of these energies of consciousness, of understanding, Earth is the one in which this connectivity is primarily focused on the development of love; the understanding of it, the working with it and so on has proven in so many other civilizations to lead to failure; destruction, ignorance leading to potential for being conquered, various ways in which self-destruction took place and other things.

In some ways this planet is unique in having persisted so long working on this issue, but more importantly is the idea that many others, both in physical and nonphysical form, many extraterrestrials, many on other planets, even on some of the watery planets are looking to Earth, trying in every way possible to encourage you, to remind you to look with this connectivity and this love in your heart to each other and stop killing each other. Stop hurting each other and instead bring this love to each other.

They do not always know how to express it or the specifics that can be done but this general encouragement energy does persist even through the free will zone that is this nature in which so many opportunities must be allowed for people so that they can make their own choices otherwise one of the great mistakes of the other planets that have worked with love would likely be repeated. Where something was enforced, where somebody was pushed into doing it a certain way because it seemed like that was the better way to do it or whatever.

That free will must be preserved in order for that which is manifested from this as a true, helpful, healing, beneficial love to the entire universe and especially to this galaxy. To allow that, in its own flowering, in its own way. So perhaps this is a good time to look over the questions as presented. Is there something to be addressed Jill?

Jill: Did we talk about Roundup?

Hilarion: not by brand name but glyphosate and other substances, various neo-nicotinoids and others are certainly creating many problems on your planet. The question has arisen, will eating organic foods prevent this? Certainly it helps, but what is far more important besides these aspects we've already spoken of, of course, these purveyors of these products recognizing the problem and withdrawing them. I'm sorry, I wish I hadn't done that, I'd like to make it better would of course be the obvious way so you say then, "I'm sorry I wish it could've been better I love you."

The technique sometimes called Hoponopono. In addition to this at the physical level is the important attribute in which you use some of the new and powerful techniques being promoted by Vonderplanitz and by Dr. Hamer to release these toxic materials from your own body and that you are very deliberately working with them in order to see that as they are released they can also break down as they go down the drain from the powerful bath that cleanses and clears as they are released through urine and feces and perspiration. You see them in your own visualization breaking down before they cause harm to anyone else.

In addition is the idea that these substances, because of the innate intelligence and adaptability of the human body can be released when there is sufficient energy. So you build the body, you eat those foods that give you energy, keep you strong, and allowed this to build with you in every way possible. Then you use that strength in this way not only of clearing them from your own body or helping them from other people or finding the new methods in agriculture in which these substances are released, they are not necessary. They can be shifted and the opportunities that they provide made available in greater level, greater economic benefit by other methods, other technologies.

Many of these are already available, as inert gas technology, various methods of crop rotation and interaction with animals, ways in which energetics can be applied by various cosmic collectors and all kinds of things. But, the research and understanding about this always seems to come back to the way in which someone would be," bent out of shape." In other words a way in which somebody would see through their own fear, their own energy and reacting to it rather than speaking of it and force various policies, ideas, market manipulations and so on to keep things as they have been, rather than to move in these new directions that take advantage of new paradigms and understanding. Is this sufficient in regards to the substance?

Jill: there's a question about rabbits, they don't take that much food to grow. Is that a good food source?

Hilarion: yes but, of course the ultimate food source that so many have discovered is that of the ways in which various modifications are made naturally, by a force of consciousness and so on, to those beings that want to make their fruits available to people. But, this is ultimate. In the meantime, stepping stones to this are through the utilization of the beings and creatures who have the ability to transform in their own bodies, plants into available and digestible materials. Because human beings digestive systems are relatively primitive by comparison to those of the other animals that do this so much better.

Naturally with dairy you have tremendous opportunity here as the ruminants have opportunity to produce milk and this has been harnessed to some extent and then by those in positions of power, subverted, sabotaged so that milk has been heated, then causing damage and difficulty. But, even beyond this obviously when you step back from it all and look at it, is the tremendous proliferation on your planet of insects. Insect life is that which has been taboo to eat for many cultures and for many people. This is unfortunate because you have at the same time as this the development of chemicals that are specifically designed to reduce insect populations. So you see here there is ultimately a meeting ground, a way in which people may be better able to work with these foods.

Unfortunately, you are always up against the preconceived notions that people have as to what is healthy, what is appropriate, what tastes good, so on and so forth. Yet, when you look at the gifts that mother nature gives you and the tremendous adaptability of the insect kingdom it seems kind of obvious that this could make a plentiful and helpful food source. Unfortunately, those in positions of power have in some ways exacerbated this, this like that people have of insects and this has only led to more programming in such direction. Unfortunately, when you look at the ultimate manifestation of this in future reality, where population reaches that of manifestation in form of all of the non-physicals who want to get here, you don't have too many choices as to how you're going to support 50 billion people.

It is in this way that the adaptability of plants and especially insects will ultimately be put into action. Along the way of course is the development of the similar substances, largely from combination of different materials and ultimately then entirely artificial that is utilized for nutrition. You do not yet grasp and understand this because the important aspects of living energies, the life force energy, factor X, (many different names for this over the years) have not yet entered into the equation of the synthesis of various foodstuffs and so on.

But, sooner or later people will recognize this if they are interested in space travel, the development of hydromel, as it has been sometimes called as the most compact, efficient food for long journeys through space and so on is that which every society that eventually comes to space travel develops. As long as you are physical the ability to transfer energy through physical substance into physical body becomes important. In your spiritual journey of course you learn how to make this transformation directly, from energetic sources directly into the human body. But, for most people sun energy, Earth energy, cosmic energy is insufficient to produce the constant replacement necessary of so many components in the physical body.

That which has been ignored as the important key for the development of Hydra Mel is bacteria. Their tremendous ability to synthesize and produce all of these important materials that you feed on that goes on in your gut and especially the small intestine is an important aspect of this and is still not well understood. This will ultimately be the way in which, as all other civilizations have found, various materials are then given life force energy and transformed into that which is the most efficient food source developed for space travel and so on.

In the meantime, as people become aware of this they will question their own taste, look at their own preferences, come to understand more consciously about food in all different ways. As a result perhaps, take the steps in the direction of direct understanding of this. Then perhaps having addressed all of these matters it might be a good time to close down this communication link with the vehicle. Would that be all right?

Before doing so, we would like to take you all on a very simple journey, a reminder of the love and its power in your heart. The journey into becoming a human being. A time in which you are looking at this baby in the womb, in which you are deciding to come into it fully, in the time of conception, in the time of great anticipation, in the time of pregnancy when you were looking in and adjusting your own energy. In the time then when you decided to finally be born, this beautiful journey was a powerful, strong energy in your heart. The energy to be physical, to transform from the nonphysical into the physical. This is a powerful energy and understood from the point of survival. But, clearly there was more to it to that because this opportunity to love and be loved, to experience love some way in the world, this was one of the most powerful forces driving you to become a person. This is a stronger energy in some ways then the love that you know as an adult or even as a child because that energy is primordial. It is powerful and clear, but it is not the same as the energy of the root chakra, the energy of survival itself. It is the energy in your heart that says, "I am going to experience love. That very same energy continues now, I am experiencing love."

That same energy moves through you and breathes you. "I am loved." That energy moves through the heart, through your being, is multiplied as it reaches out to others, "I love. I love you." These are not mere words of course they are the most powerful energies in your society, the energies that moved and changed lives and mountains. But, now we remind you that that energy began so small, so tiny as a single cell, as a tiny baby, as an energy that grew, as an energy that is you also. That energy to expand, to explode, to bring into consciousness, to move in so many directions at once to become alive,"I love." This aliveness, now you sense, "I am love."

Breathe this, this beautiful liquid light of love and let it fill the emerald light cylinder, from your own heart, from your own breath, holding in consciousness the child that you were when you were first born. The energy of so beautiful, that being as you rocked that being in your arms, as you let him grow up and become the being that you are, as you see him in true glory and energy and light. It is from this place that you understand it is time to release every aspect of self sabotage.

It is time to let it all go. It is time to be love. To take on this aspect of love, to know it, and to share it. We ask you to allow that light to fill the emerald light cylinder. See now as it grows larger, moving to several kilometers, several miles in diameter, connecting powerfully to mother Earth and infinitely upwards an ohm sound arises in the cylinder and in your heart and in your sharing of this out loud. Goodbye. Omm…

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