Hilarion Fall Equinox 2013

Jill: Greetings - tonight is September 21, 2013. We are gathered in Nevada City for the fall equinox channeling of Hilarion. We have received questions from folks around the world awaiting Hilarion's commentary through Jon. For further information on channeling, books, CDs and DVDs please contact Jon C. Fox P.O. Box 2209 Nevada City, CA 95959 or visit us on the web at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Greetings, yes this is that energy being or vibration you call Hilarion. It is of some note that this unique opportunity presents itself tonight. The idea of creating a helpful energy in a time of international crisis is of much value. You are perhaps aware of the incident of great fear and difficulty unfolding at this very moment in Nairobi, Kenya. As you are aware of these energies and learn about them over the next few days it is of some benefit to recognize a beautiful, sort of energy of liquid love, peace, forgiveness, a place that invites deeper clarity; a welcoming of many energies that can resolve this problem with less, with fewer casualties, destruction, harm and so on.

But to enter into this place your own centeredness is helpful. So, for a moment now we ask you to welcome a beautiful energy as it fills this room gradually but persistently it becomes a cylinder of emerald light from infinitely upwards through you to center of Earth about 100 feet in diameter, that is about 33 meters. It is connecting at infinitely upwards and at center of earth within this light however now you recognize a sense of inner peace, of something within you that says somehow this can be all right. I can understand more, I can have greater clarity, I can see and understand what I'm doing and its effects on everyone else.

In the moment which you breathe this possibility see it within this light, now expand this light, see this emerald light bathing the earth at this moment, right now concentrating itself in Africa, in Kenya within a shopping mall. Within the area of people working with such in different ways, the leaders of the country, the police forces who are looking on, the world focusing on the situation in recognizing once again this microcosm of a place in which a great deal of stress, much fervor about religion, many difficulties about those who have and those who have not and so forth cannot in the context in which they are creating be resolved.

But, instead a larger context is needed, an invitation to recognize something of peace, of some embrace, of some laying down of arms, of some willingness simply to connect. You have this in you in many different ways and those who engage in acts of violence need to tap deeply into an animal self that is simultaneously deeply afraid and aggressive in reaction to such fear. So you also have at this time in the world in the northern hemisphere the liberation of the upcoming Autumnal equinox or the understanding of this energy as it shifts to prepare itself for the winter time.

But, it is a moment in which the equality of breath is its symbol. As if the earth breath in that beautiful moment of perfect equality between in breath and out breath now pauses to reflect. So in this way the animals on your planet are gathering in their own preparation for the upcoming cooler weather and in the northern hemisphere in particular looking to humans to understand what is coming. Understand this within the context of what it is to be alive, to be an animal on this planet is difficult.

Because of this very action at this very moment of violence, of struggle, there are many aspects of conflict on your planet. But, where a few are able to take charge for a short period of time creating havoc, chaos, and difficulty and draw the attention of the world upon this. It is a deep reflection on you on your own personal power. This is difficult to understand its true meaning which is that of your own personal power being used for good. Because it would seem as if the meantime, only when you use that which would seem harmful to others is that that which is widely seen, recognized the world over unto which people react. But still, in your heart you understand this message that it is possible for a message of something uplifting or helpful to also be made available on your planet.

Often times at the current time this happening to the children. The way in which through their selfless acts, to the way in which they respond to the situations around them and so on. They are the ones often as a shining example of something good hopeful, helpful. That which contributes to others. This is also the hint that in your prayer or in your understanding or clarity to see with the eyes of a child. To understand things as if you have never seen them before. To come to this with what is called an open mind often is helpful at developing a new context. A context in which the understanding of how it has worked before clearly needs to be released, thrown away, changed in some way, some new way of understanding this is also necessary.

There are many questions tonight and many areas of focus but it is important in your own personal journey that you recognize the importance of symbolism. On your planet at the current time there is a lot to get your attention. Various difficulties happening all over yet when you recognize how you reflect in some way to you personally, using the universal law symbols can be very helpful. Seeking out and understanding what the symbolic meaning of this is for you. Hence this question about the recent death of one of your planet's most helpful, you could say patriot, vigilantes, doctors, many names for this individual but underlying it all a teller of truth. A truth that you could understand without all of the programming developed by so many on your planet. Of course we speak of Aajonus Vonderplanitz. There are many questions about his suspicious and questionable actions at the end of his life, his death by harm to thoracic six and seven, and the symbolism associated with this as we have discussed in the book, "Body Signs," relating to the understanding of love and the ability to transform emotions in particular those of the heart, to those that relate to love and its understanding of others.

This is a powerful symbol for everyone. But, as you are quite aware on your planet the great symbol of someone leaving before it seems their time is at hand, with so many of your great leaders on your planet over and over the occurrence of this nature does something to you deeply. There is a sense of something incomplete as if there is an opening in your heart that cannot be closed. With the love that you feel for this person, the potential you saw for what they could've created in the world and so on and so forth has many ways of affecting you.

You could say in that way those who have perished from this planet have left an important legacy, one in which you will continue to look, continue to understand, opening your own way as if to take their lesson deep into your own heart. Yet, if they had died, having completed much of their work you would perhaps not have done this. Instead you would have said that is the closing of a chapter rather than the opening of your own personal chapter.

In many ways you can see how in Vonderplanitz life this was one of the most frustrating issues for him to confront. The idea that others had all the information they need and indeed have had it since the completion of the publishing of his books. Yet, they do not take advantage of it, they do not use it in ways to prove or disprove it to themselves but rather frequently wait for others to do so first, or for his urging and advice and so on.

Of course anyone who is far ahead of their time confronts this issue as those you have as powerful shining examples Tesla, John Lennon, Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and so on and so on in recent history. In all of these individuals there is an important legacy for you personally. A way in which you can ask the question in how many ways in my life can I continue the work that these people have begun? Not outwardly but inwardly where you inspire or change something within your life where you were able to shift in some way in which you relate to others. In this most simplistic of ways the legacy that Vonderplanitz has left. The way you eat, the way you nourish your body, the way you understand it, you help others with it, this is all part of it.

But, at its core it is really simpler than this. It is simply how you eat, how you take these things, how you choose them, how you work with them, how you put them in your mouth. In this very simple way of understanding the powerful legacy is to poke questioning in you deeply, to help inspire it, to help you understand that without this individual you might have come upon some of these aspects yourself but with him you did so as a package, as a way of understanding so much as we have said so often in the past is turned on its head, is seen upside down.

In this way, you do understand then the true archetype of the one who was taken away from humanity so early. The one known as, "the carpenter." In this those energies were often seen as those that were later changed, shifted, to mold into the idea of a church or religion but at its core the idea of turning the other cheek, of loving deeply, and most importantly as is symbolized in the resurrection in the understanding of everlasting life. This is your legacy, that this is taken in you as that one had said so you too shall do this and more. It is important to understand in your own consciousness that that is the true meaning of everlasting life from the powerful and important oft quoted chapter in John. This idea that everlasting life must be earned, that it is something to do with your beliefs, that it is something outside of yourself. This is of course the laughable, difficult place to understand that over and over the true meaning of this passage end of the life of the carpenter was for you to understand that you survive, that you continue. That your consciousness reduction of memory while you are in a physical body but this does not mean that when you leave this physical body that it all ends. That the soul in some way is destroyed rather it goes on to work into the learning about the life and the next life as it has been created.

This deeper meaning of the nature of the soul is that which also has an important aspect with regards to these prophets, way-showers and great helpers. Because of the underlying connection you have to them they can be available to you more easily. Indeed you can see this over and over. Look at so much in the civil rights movement which has been so significantly influenced by the energies of peaceful ways in many cases aspects of violence significantly reduced, by the understanding of what Martin Luther King stood for. You see this on and on in so many areas.

In this sense, the true nature of protection emerges, you cannot take into account every possible circumstance and with any degree of protection from every level of being guarantee your physical safety. Everyone knows this and they understand it over and over if even as someone as protected, as well understood, as deeply worked with in every possible way as a president still can get killed. All of these energies as you understand it then are about the soul. That is where your understanding really lies. By nature of the physical body that as it transitions, as it shifts, your nature somehow continues and this is the other important personal symbolism when contemplating the recent death of someone who has been close to you, helpful to you, or someone you have worked with in different ways.

We spoke of such matters with regards to one now known as OSHO, previously as Rajneesh. The idea that suddenly now you have this deeper connection to someone who is no longer on the planet but who has affected your life so deeply, now what do you do? You tune into the great lesson, the great understanding and you ask this deeper question. What would this way-shower have wanted me to do now? To understand about? To dream off? To welcome in my life? These are powerful and deep questions and when these are taken to heart and understood you grow in many ways that are otherwise unavailable.

On the other side of this highly spiritual way of seeing things is the dramatic, violent and often times highly physical aspects, not just relating to a person's death but to those of the world that they confronted and that you confront as you remain in it. These acts of violence and difficulty, the ways in which the profit motive continues to drive the tremendous difficulties coming to your planet in so many different arenas of environment, life, food, the very idea of raising a child. All of this has its effect and you then by using this information, this understanding of the way-showers who have been before you and answering this question for yourself about how you put that into action can often find solutions, ways through this, ways to survive. While in the meantime you can be assured you can know in some way that whatever aspect of this you have been looking into you must take the big picture and recognize that the soul survives, that the energy continues, that your own nature is such that the manifestation of this violence is temporary. The manifestation of what you learn from it in your soul and what you learn from your reaction to it in your soul, and what you learn in the ways in which you are able to change it and understand its true symbolism. These are the things that you take deeply, that you take with you and that you hold within your soul.

In understanding this, you can sometimes even in the light of the terrible headlines, the great difficulty of the children being gassed or the people being shot, or those who are suffering in different ways on your planet. Step back enough to bring a sense of prayerful clarity, a prayer for peace, a prayer for benefit and to take into your self where have I wanted to harm others? Or where have I felt such a degree of anger or struggle or fear and to change that within yourself. These are very simple and personal ways.

We are not focusing so much on these highly spiritual activities and yet the symbolism of the autumn equinox is very much about the hidden, the mysterious. It is within this time period that those holidays such as all Saints Day and especially Halloween occur as a reminder to you that there is more to all of this than meets the eye. The underlying energies of much of this are present if you release, if you relax, if you let go of your opinions, your ideas, your resistances.

One excellent technique for this is asking the right question. A question that is open ended, a question that has no right answer. There are many of these but one nice one to start with right now is, right now in this moment who or what is experiencing this body? This room? These words? This experience right now? Who? What? Is knowing this? Is feeling this? Is breathing this? Experiencing this? There is no answer to that question that is appropriate to everyone. But there is also an answer to this that is that which encompasses everyone, all things, all energies, all levels of being and these can simultaneously exist within you if you allow them. Sometimes it takes a journey to this larger place to understand how important it is to let go of your preconceived ideas of how things ought to be.

We know how difficult this is given the current situations on your planet and for this we are also going to comment briefly on the recent, powerful flooding that has occurred in some very important spiritual centers near Boulder, Lions, Estes Park, Denver and so on where many have gathered for many years, for community, for spiritual undertaking, for awareness on many levels. Part of this has been a cleansing and what is rebuilt in these places after this cleansing will be indeed more rooted, more clear, and that which would be of much greater help to all of those on your planet. Such is a sweeping away of many of the energies were about clearing profit motive issues, clearing energies that were not seen in the largest context for humanity, but a smaller context for those who are seeking for their own benefit, rather than for those of all.

The underlying issue here has to do with the cleansing of the entrepreneur. The sense of the new, industrial spirit. Not to create a new institution, and looking inward powerfully, powerful questions are asked. One of these has to do with the sense that there's something bigger going on here that whatever your enterprise is you will see how it helps others, how it is spiritually relevant, you know there is a sense of something more. That something more is available to you energetically right now. This is a difficult thing to understand because you do not have the words to express it and understand it yet but you will soon. These underlying energies are still those you are feeling. Sometimes it is a sense that things are speeding up, there's so much going on, how can you keep up with it? For many who have acknowledged this, kept up with it, understand something else is now beginning to show up.

Usually it is a little fits and starts, little bursts, but what occurs when you drop fully into the experience of it all going so fast, of so much occurring and you breathe it, you don't worry about what is going to go on, in fact, you just breathe in the moment. For a moment or two in these little pieces the opposite seems to happen, it all slows down. Your own sense of the power you have over time is beginning to come to you, is beginning to shift within your consciousness. Many of those who were going to be in positions of potential harm during this recent flooding we have been speaking about this and knew it and were able to evacuate, abandon, move away from or do whatever was necessary so that they did not come to personal harm.

It is important as you are able to tune into these moments that you are aware of your own energy in this, and that it is not an energy that is seeking answers. The moment it tries to find that answer, seeking something outside, trying to work out the doing-ness of it you are going to pull away from that inmate capacity to change time itself. Because, what we are talking about here is not actually that your relationship to time changes, although that seems how it is. Things seem to be slowing down and for others there is no perceived difference. But, in actuality you are creating time in a different way.

This is the true and yet undiscovered relationship between the collective consciousness, between the very nature of personal consciousness and that which relates to those underlying components of time itself. This is understood in quantum mechanics because time itself is that which is manifested by consciousness and most importantly by the vibration which precedes the manifestation of energy. Even this preceding of course the manifestation of matter.

There are those who have studied this and worked with it in various ways without grasping or understanding the true nature of this. Because, as you are able to better and better work with these different aspects of time what you will be doing on your planet is creating a new energy. That energy initially has one simple association with it. There has been so much that would seem to say there isn't enough time. Humanity will perish, there isn't enough time to stop the radiation, clear the effects of global warming, heal those who are sick or struggling with all of the difficulties from the foods that they have been eating and on and on.

If time itself was that which is innately, unmovable, unchangeable and that which is inexorably will ground itself along this will be true. But, the greater lesson of quantum mechanics and of consciousness is that time is a relative energy that which you co- create together and in this way you can change it. In many ways the understanding this this does not come logically. Just as mature understanding of quantum phenomena does not come logically but it is that which can be seen mathematically simply because all quantum equations work in both directions forward and backward in time. This is one of the attributes that is unique to quantum mechanics because the equations of the macro that which could be seen as classical dynamics, mechanics and so on do not work backwards.

Understanding these aspects is of no importance to most people. Understanding your personal relationship to this is as much about a surrendering to the action of your own being, your own breath, your own nature of knowing yourself right here, right now as it is anything intellectual that you can understand about it. Gradually, what this releases to you is other solutions. Many have asked us about remediation of nuclear radiation and we have responded in a very simple way as you look at all of the various technologies that are available and are able to work with them in various simulations over and over.

The use of water split by electricity to produce large quantities of an imploding gas, known as Rhodes gas or Brown's gas in a flame has indeed significantly altered radiation in many different circumstances. This is because the underlying actions taking place by the imploding energies of the small amount of Brown's gas produced in such reaction creates a backward time phenomena which causes the radiation substance to collapse. When the collapse takes place these substances return to a previous state or in someway transformed, depending on the substance and the result of this is either a significant reduction or complete elimination of nuclear radiation.

At the same time though as having advised this, suggested it, reminded people about it for many years it is not that which has been widely taken up. Not looked into very much and even though it is relatively inexpensive those experiences and experiments that all proved entirely successful have not been accepted by the world at large. Why do you think this is? Perhaps you begin to glimpse then that this difficulty creating sickness, harm in humans and so on is part of a larger plan. That which people who are going to profit from this, the medical system, the drugs, those who are going to avail themselves of money and all of this, and those individuals have their own goals and aims in mind.

Thus, it is of importance as you are learning all of the different techniques to heal yourself, to provide for your own shelter, your own food, your own safety and of course your own physical well-being that you eventually learn of this, work with the technology, see how simple it is and see how you are able to put it into action yourself when necessary. In the meantime of course all of the helpful remedies for radiation that we have spoken of in past channelings are helpful: avocado and orange, raw milk in various ways, all of these different formulae and ways to cleanse and clear the body etc.

in the meantime, this deeper question. Why harm yourself? This is the only reason underlying the actions you could say of the helpers, guides and beings of light that are allowing these energies that are clearly being consumed with darkness, profit motive, greed, harm over others and so on because you will then ask the deeper question on any technology, on any way of life, is this for the greatest good? Is this to help the most people? Is this that which will have the maximum benefit for all? For me personally and for others.

This is a very difficult question and in many cases you can recognize that technologies are always just a stopgap. That in themselves they will have positive and negative characteristics and you simply weigh these in the given circumstances. But, something deeper emerges when you look at radiation. You recognize that underlying the need for energy, the difficulty for working with radioactive materials, the difficulty disposing of waste and all of that, is something else. A kind of subtle reminder. I've seen this before, I felt this before, where has this been? You cannot put your finger on it, you cannot directly associate with it but somehow you know this is true, that you have had a personal experience with this. That is because of course in alternate universes, in various dreams, and your actions in Atlantis, on other planets, all of these experiences depending on your root you have been through this, you have seen it before and as a result you recognize almost immediately this is not the way to go. This is going to create some problem no matter what some technologist or anybody else says about it.

In a sense you could say then that some of the learning about this is for those individuals who have poor memory of this, who don't have the more important recall, and so it is hoped that fairly soon the putting away of nuclear techniques will occur on your planet as it has interestingly enough almost now completely in the two countries most responsible for World War II, Germany and Japan. Germany turning powerfully toward solar energy, Japan as a result of the nuclear difficulties, shutting down nuclear reactors and turning away from this bit by bit. Understanding this underlying energy is not about understanding the irony of things happening on your planet.

But, the underlining lesson, the knowing of what is important. So also it is for many on your planet and specifically in USA right now around Syria. As you look at the news, as you understand the situation, powerful reminders of wars fought long past; intervening in Vietnam, in Iraq, in Afghanistan as recent memory but all of this again harkening back to the true intervention, the true interference, that of the beings of extra terrestrial nature interfering with you. With your development on this planet more than 500,000 years ago and the way in which these energies still speak to you, reminds you, we shouldn't be doing this. This is a difficult thing of course when you see suffering and difficulty of others, especially children. We are not by any means recommending a path of either intervention or non-intervention. Rather, it is important to see always the greater context, to see where these energies come from. To ask people is it really that important?

This is very difficult when a leader has gathered to himself a minority as Assad has; a religious minority against the religious majority, all of whom are very much about, "my religion is the right one and anyone else must die." This is of course a very immature attitude spiritually speaking and that which is overplaying itself out all throughout the Middle East. The greater context is of course then, is this appropriate? Is this for the greatest good? Is it true and appropriate that these ones must die? In light of the deeper understanding of personal understanding or revelation or reading of research such as that of Ian Stevenson and others, that reincarnation is a fact. You can be pretty certain that if you kill in religious fervor, you're going to come back to do it in another way, again and again until you get it.

In this way you will usually substitute victim for perpetrator and perpetrator for victim which is one explanation of why the children have been so harmed. Why they karmically can balance this without necessarily taking arms themselves. But, this deeper question not just buy them but by everyone collectively, is this for the greatest good? Is this the way we want ourselves to be known and seen on earth as people? These are difficult questions but as you are able to confront them within yourself often there is a response. The response that says clearly, no. I do not want this as a representation of who I am. A manifestation of love or compassion or caring. A willingness to grant the freedom and love to everyone regardless of their level of maturity on this planet. This is who I am and this is what I stand for. This is difficult to appreciate and welcome within yourself and yet, you must ask yourself is this indeed more appropriate to your identity?

So, in this way what you recognize is our message. There are others who have asked us about this. Why speak? Why come through? Many times purpose here is relatively simple. To show you by some direct example that the soul lasts, that the energies beyond death remain, that the energies of nonphysical, there is another side to your existence. But, to those who have moved through that and to recognize the benefit of guides and helpers in all their different forms, they recognize their own energy, their own willingness to become a guide or helper when they pass from this world. Then, this deeper message now can you create in your own consciousness the priorities that are important? We suggest something within the greatest opportunity for all. Something that would welcome love, evolution, appreciation, true spiritual growth but you must decide for yourself. So in this way we have an opportunity to improve the consciousness of the planet. In this way we open many doors for ourselves in the future and in that way what you could say what this is about is very personal.

In a whole other way it is a away to poke, shift, transform, but this can only be done by you and to enjoy this, to recognize its benefit, to see that light within itself. This is the true meaning you see of most action that is that which is understood as right action, that which is not done for anything, not done for balancing karma, or making it a better place, doing it for the fun of it. Doing it because it's there. This is difficult to comprehend of course and yet you will see this in opposition to so many of the agendas, so many of the other stories, so many of the other things that just end up creating more and more karma; more interaction, more struggle and at the same time as creating more ignorance, creating more knowledge. In this way, what evolves from this is play; the opportunity to enjoy, and to grow is there when you are doing it for the fun of it.

Now we know this is hard to understand. It will be very difficult for you to see your world right now with all of the struggles in it, all of the difficulties you face, as fun. Indeed, much of it however has been for this, for your own enjoyment, your own pleasure, your own opportunity to embrace, to make love, to connect to each other beautifully, to laugh, and to enjoy your planet.

In all of this then you see this powerful division, this power dichotomy or paradox and it is up to you to move through this and understand it. So, in that last sense, as we would work through each of you and remind you of things it is as if to share our laughter at the paradox. That we remind you of this aspect simply of being. In the sense that of course not being alive, not being in a body, not being the paradox echoes yet again.

Now to understand some of these other questions sometimes is difficult because in the past predictions and working with energies as they would seem to unfold in a certain way and so on is difficult in the way in which those very energies themselves create changes. The very energies that brought possibilities of a tribulation, of a great destruction on your planet and other things are those which have in many ways change those probabilities, helps people to understand things better.

Symbolically, this has been assisted greatly by this curious number 144,000. Because it is not as 12x12 can in anyway produce this number. But, 12 x 12 thousand is a way of seeing this as if then the powerful, multi-dimensional aspect created by 12x12. Twelve being the highest plex that you recognize in the various sequences in which different energies are brought through such is the zodiac, such as dodecahedron, such as powerful energies associated with the 12 months and the 12 Universal laws, etc., etc. Now taken into the multidimensional level as 12x12. Thus, you see it beyond third dimension and this as 1000. But, the actual number of people as associated with a rise in consciousness is purely arbitrary. As we have stated before the underlying reasoning by all of this does not yet take place is because so many souls want to come into bodies, to interact in this world, to touch, to learn from each other, to be in physical existence at the same time.

Thus, when the population reaches around 50 million all will be incarnated together. The planet does not at all seem capable of supporting this but in time sufficient energetics are hopefully going to be in place to allow this. Not only technologically but politically and economically in a way that people are able to accept, love and share this planet with each other.

At such time the opportunity for Ascension, all to change energy together, all to shift at once, this would seem a very probable likelihood. But, if this which is going to be destructive, harmful, frightening and so on you're not understanding the true nature of this message. In the meantime of course dire predictions will show up. Some have focused on 2015, others on 2022 and various junctures where other catastrophes have been predicted. Indeed the potential for this is always there, be it as wholesale plasmatic discharge causing the destruction of much electronic technology on your planet or widespread pole shift actions causing the destruction of flood, earthquake, fire etc.

Well, we're not going to tell you these are not going to happen. But, in general we are not going to tell you this isn't going to happen. But in general, the souls want to get here. They are going to do everything they possibly can, get all the help they can possibly get in order to make this so. This is not to guarantee safety in physical form but to say that in a larger sense it certainly seems likely that people are going to do their very best to continue in this fashion.

Now, we have addressed a few of the questions and we recognize there is a tremendous focus of energy on a request for this vehicle to channel Vonderplanitz as previously discussed. We will attempt this but first we would ask each of you to recognize a person you have seen as a great and important symbol in your life who died an early death, who was taken away too soon. It could be this one spoken of but it could be anyone. In this way in which you connect to them ask yourself a simple question now," what was it about them that was special? That was admirable? What did they do in the world that was so unique? What were the energies that were within them that were beautiful, perhaps, or were unusual, what about it touched you?

Now that you have the answer to that we want you to recognize the simple fact. That some aspect of that exists in you. This is hard to see of course because you have always seen them as being more than that but it is true, it is the very thing that makes them admirable to you. Their willingness to speak the truth perhaps, their difficult life, overcome, their beauty and grace, their ability to know how to speak and to touch others. These may not be characteristics that are fully developed within yourself but we would ask you now to see yourself as if you have. As if those aspects of the person are your nature. We ask you now to make that a little sort of experiment with the words I am. I am eloquent. I am courageous. I am insightful. As you create this for yourself breathe that energy. Know that that is what your guides have been trying to tell you for a long, long, time. That is what the energy and the symbolism of this being is about for you. As you breath this energy now see that, that sense of who you can be, you can breathe in yourself. That fills the room, that becomes the emerald light, that connects to earth, that connects to infinitely upwards, and in this now is a powerful lifting, a raising of energy lifting your arms for a little stretch. To breathe that light, to be touched in it, to know that it is also you.

Aajonus Vonderplanitz: this is a strange way to be in a physical body. There are many of you who have listened to me in different ways and misunderstood. You understood how it was personal to you, you understood what was the greater message about your world but you didn't understand that the world needed to change. I couldn't do it from here, from a body, from people. I tried. I saw that I could help others one at a time, maybe even 1000 at a time. That is not enough. When so many are affected by so many things done by others. So it was my time. There are those who would ascribe to my accident this conspiracy and there is a certain component to that, not the falling but the hospital stay.

But, of no importance because it was my time. From this place so much can be accomplished. I am surrounded now by the great teachers of the past, great lights and beautiful energies. These are all extraordinary and it changed who I am. But, they encourage me to continue the process. When I was alive I knew death. I died many times in different situations in operating room's, outside on the street, in the woods, the wilderness. In each of these deaths I went to this place, I met with these. They are friends, they are helpers, they are loved ones. But, now they are telling me something that they didn't tell me before. Review your life. Learn of who you were. Understand the nature of what it is to be a human. In doing this for the last few weeks something has occurred to me that I have put into action. It is about kindness to children, to the way in which a child can be so vulnerable, so easily hurt. So, where I have a moment away from this review of my life that is what I am helping with. To guide the little ones who do not understand what is happening to them when others hurt them. When others strike fear into their hearts.

Some of you remember about my life and make this easier for me sometimes because my memory of my early childhood is now crystal clear to me. Every moment of it. Every place in which there was suffering, and struggle, and fear, and hurt. At the same time, in the hands of those who hurt me something else that I could not know then, forgiveness and understanding. It's difficult to describe but this is changing me quickly. It is helping me understand my real nature and the way in which I saw the need to help others is right rooted in this. What can you do to help the child in you? To help him or her grow up? To help that one somehow be soothed and loved. This is not a message. They are telling me it is not time for messages. But, there are those of you who have loved and cared for me as I have loved and cared for you. There is nothing to do. It is just to know that that energy, that love, that being, whatever it is, it's there. It's you. It's me.

Naturally, right after moving into this realm there is such release. No pain, no physical trauma, all of that gone and I want so much at times to go into this place of pure light. But, every time I go I also come back because of you. Because so many of you are asking what more needs to be said? What more could be done? How could others in the world know the truth of what is happening? Questions like that go on and on and I say to you, you have the answers. These are already with you. I started some of those answers but I see them continuing in you.

Some of you are gathering together in groups to discuss some of the principles of Primal Diet, work with different energies about it and so on. Much will come from this. It is clear that there will be much help. The very same places of inspiration that I found to understand new formula, new ways of working with food. All of that is not restricted to any one person so you will find it too. But, at some point I may need to step in more forcibly and there may be a time for that. But, for now it is imperative to understand for yourself that little child, that loving of the little one in you if you want to understand my message, right here, right now.

HIlarion: Yes. Hilarion here again. As you are all quite aware we were translating as best as possible full interaction with a being recently deceased sometimes produces significant problems for the vehicle. So we have to protect him as much as possible so we can do this again. But, it was clear from this that some affinity between these two certainly does exist and maybe taken advantage of in the future as both may be able to do so.

In the meantime, it is important that each of you acknowledge Vonderplanitz powerful contribution if not to you personally, to others in your life, to the very idea that they will be very different from what they have been and that you welcome this within yourself. Where can you see things upside down, different from what the status quo and so on. We will pause here briefly. So Jill you might want to provide a few other questions that we might work with and yes this is Hilarion.

Jill: please comment on what would be a helpful remedy for those with Fibromyalgia and Lyme disease.

Hilarion: this is as with all of these aspects a way in which the body is attempting to heal itself. It may seem that it was initiated by the bite of a tick, or some particular disease as may be initiated by some incursion into the physical body. But, in all cases it is the way in which the body is attempting to clarify, purify, release toxicity so the two aspects of this would be encouraged. Alternate pathways by which such release of toxicity can be speeded up and nourishing the body deeply with the foods for which the body was originally designed.

The simplest way through this of course would be to take on the diet as described by the book," Recipe for Living Without Disease," p.40. Just working through each of these things and reading through the book and working with this can be tremendous at building up energy and assisting the body and assisting with cleansing.

But, with fibromyalgia in particular there are underlying issues with extreme levels of lymphatic congestion that still have not reached the point of lymphoma or various lymphatic cancers. As a result in that sort of in between state it is subclinical, not easily diagnosed. But, full attention on enhanced lymph function is very important.

With Lyme disease, there is also the need in the body to move through various levels of toxics with viruses and this is usually encouraged to move through much more quickly by heat. Generating an internal fever such as with a hot bath can be very helpful especially if this can be for an hour and a half or so. But, underlying all this is simply the idea that the body was weakened for a very long time so it takes a while to reverse this. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes. Thank you, Hilarion. Would you please offer your perspective on working with strong willed children, for example an eight-year-old child who wishes to be in control and wants everything right now

Hilarion: Usually underlying this at some very deep level is of course the emotion of fear. This is often very difficult to ferret out because the child is very protective of this. Oftentimes when you confront it there will be a powerful defensive mechanism in place. But, if you can reach the child in a way to discuss that, to acknowledge it, to stand within that fear and feel it yourself. You do not have to have an answer for it, you do not have to solve the fear and you do not have to show the child that the fear is somehow wrong to have, or can be corrected. You simply have to allow the acknowledgment of this. It is a matter of recognizing the truth. Bringing forward the energy of what is real and true.

Sometimes then you can have some situations that will pop up naturally where the child will blundering or deliberately go to some alternative means of dealing with the fear. Under certain circumstances when you notice this you can of course bring it to their attention. Thus, step one the acknowledgement of the fear, step two there is something different from what they have already done and what would work better for them than these other ways.

Sometimes, a strong will is a very powerful, helpful, attribute. A child needs this for later tests in life so we notice here we are not suggesting that the will itself be in some way dampened or stopped. Merely understood in its true context where it can get in the way or be difficult for the child. Does this assist?

Now we mention this but we took it to the context of truth and another question was about at which time or how can true nature of truth be revealed to the world in which people actually accept it? That time is coming very near now. You have already seen in the last year, tremendous reactions to the revealing of truth by various whistleblowers on your planet about various diplomatic documents, about NSA spying and so on and so on. But, you are only seeing the beginning of this and that the world would react so powerfully to this is an important symbol that the time is coming in which through widespread communication, through the Internet and so on all kinds of areas of truth can be told, can be shared, and at times can be accepted by others.

But, for the time being at least it is important that something else happen and that is what we have been speaking about tonight: your personal truth; your own nature, who you really are. This is often a difficult answer because it isn't something you can put into words. But, at the very least, challenge yourself at least twice a day by seriously taking a moment or two to ask yourself at this moment, who or what is experiencing this right now? Truly tune into that, whatever it is and however it seems to you and ask, who or what is experiencing that? Take it to its ultimate. When you get used to this and sometime it is uncomfortable, it is a matter of sinking into or being with that which is uncomfortable. You are setting the scene on this planet for the uncomfortable but truthful answers that come when people ask the smaller questions about politics and economics and relationships and money and all of that stuff that seems at times so important because those often have truth within them as well. Does this help you understand more about this question?

Jill: please comment on people who are self-employed, or entrepreneurs who desire greater clarity. Can you talk about that?

Hilarion: We mentioned it briefly but you know it is a very difficult matter in the sense that the opportunity in front of you, through business, through inter-relationships with others and so on it would seem at times to be very focused on the product, on the activity, on the counseling, on the work. On whatever it is that you are doing. But, the very fact that you can map this out, see what it borders, what it interacts with and what it doesn't tells you of its limits and begs you to expand this wayyyy bigger. To look at the deeper questions, the issues that are most prominent and important for you.

Oftentimes you are interacting with other people around those business aspects in the areas that you have already contacted to speak of and there is a lull in the conversation, you have read someplace of closure or something has settled in or you have come to place of deeper understanding. Don't hang up the phone, don't go away, don't close the door. Know in that moment something else, a tiny crack in the door, and opening of a window and holding the vision of something of that nature can be a powerful reminder of that symbolically of what is going on. That boundary area is about to expand, that you can ask about something else, that you could bring up a different topic. You can look deeply into their eyes if it is a personal interaction and love them. As you ask in yourself who or what is experiencing this love right now? In some way take advantage of that moment in which you see for a moment that you can go beyond the limitations of what is in front of you.

This is very general of course and the specifics of this are obvious when you understand what is really going on. That is the solution to many difficulties on your planet which of course we have spoken about extensively in the past but have not mentioned very much tonight. That is in the formation of community. The opportunity to get together with others and get something more concentrated. An energy that could create a shared experience of various talents and capabilities that each of you have, different ways that each of you could contribute to others' lives.

This creation of a community can only take place when people are willing to talk about it, speak of the matter of it being important to them even if it is such a simple question as, have you ever considered a community in which people interested in these sorts of things? Whatever it is you happen to be talking about to that person at that moment. Is something important to all of us? This is a difficult area to broach and that is why we remind you of those moments, those moments of crystal silence, those moments of seeing the limitation and going beyond it, those moments that come now more and more.

They come now more and more not just because you are welcoming them or because these energies are important to people. But, because in your consciousness, in the way in which you perceive and work with everything on your planet you are sometimes now more often with each passing day willing to surrender to the energy, willing to be one with what is happening on your planet and the speed of change, with the nature of the universal laws associated with everything on your planet and especially the symbolic meaning of what is unfolding in front of you.

This innately, as you get comfortable with it gives you a time dilation that is the real nature of that moment. The moment you may seem quite long, but deep pause where someone else might not recognize it as that, just a split second. Whatever that energy is as you are creating it, as you are welcoming it, do not question it, or try to figure it out. That will take you right out of it. Rather, use this phrase, could you just drop into it? We know that doesn't make sense. There isn't any dropping or moving, it isn't about that it is a surrendering. It is an action of inaction.

But, in that welcoming, in that willingness you are taking on co-creation. You are saying I am co-creating time in this moment. Not for the end of a purpose, not for something that is going to be greater than or balance then or balance out but because it is fun. In that moment the right thing to do. Because in that moment you are as much creating it as it is creating you. Because, the true answer to your question, how do you find this something more? How do you acknowledge this greater conscious? How do you work with what is unfolding in front of you? The true answer to this cannot come just from you. It comes from the group. It comes from the community. It comes from the nature of collective consciousness. It comes from the shared identity.

Because, as you are quite aware some aspect of this relates to love, a sense of deep caring, a sense of praise, excitement, a sense of something beautiful of that which is love, which means interconnectedness. The connection to others. Love can be felt entirely on your own but it goes a lot better when it is shared, haven't you noticed? In this way the love energy is then magnified, understood and accelerates this process of time dilation. It enables more of this energy because you enjoy it. It is really that simple, it is if then you are acknowledging that you are made for this when you co-create it in this fashion.

So, to close tonight that we would like to amplify this little bit with your own personal experience simply of loving. It can be generated any way you want but a nice way to do it right now is to imagine that loving embrace with someone else, someone you care for deeply, feel that, breathe it and let it go. In place of that person put in someone you have had great difficulty and pour the same love into them. You simply choose it and choose to pour it and let them dissolve in that love and then place somebody you have had a tremendous degree of difficulty with in this life and you choose that same love, you breathe it. As that energy is felt in so often they dissolve and this entire room is simply filled with this beautiful, loving energy of your own being and connect to mother Earth and acknowledge her love for you.

As the cylinder of life expands filled with this love, it begins to take on a sound. Hear that sound first inside your head and your heart in your own consciousness, a gentle loving earth ohm now shared out loud.….Goodbye... Omm.

More Hilarion


On the deeper principles of health and disease: We Want To Live: The Primaldiet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read We Want To Live, his excellent recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.

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Some excellent techniques for astral projection/projecting your consciousness: Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce.

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