Hilarion Winter Solstice 2013

Jill: Greetings. Today is December 21, 2013. We are gathered in Nevada City for the Winter Solstice channeling of Hilarion. The questions addressed by Hilarion were submitted by those in attendance as well as those from the Internet. For further information on channelings, books, CDs and DVDs please contact Jon C. Fox, Box 2209, Nevada City, California 95959 or visit us on the web at Hilarion.com.

Hilarion: Greetings. This is the energy, being or vibration you call Hilarion. A moment please as we make deeper contact. Yes, we ask all of you to welcome the idea of a beautiful, emerald light already streaming into this room. But, now you add to it your own imagination, your own sense of this light and as you welcome it see it fill your heart, and this room, and this entire community. But, for now in your consciousness hold it to about 33 m diameter, that is about 100 feet diameter. As this light becomes clearer and stronger it is projected from up words through you to the center of the earth from infinitely upwards to the very center of earth as if you have always been a part of this light.

Light is an important aspect of the Winter Solstice because it is the time in which the marking of the length of the day and night reaches its extreme position. So this night is just a little tiny bit shorter than the coming day, a little bit longer than the previous so that as the days grow longer and the nights shorter you are reminded you are coming to a time of more light; a greater connection to others, the inner work that has been manifested now moves outward.

It will not reach its place of equal day and night until the time of the Spring Equinox but during this time in which it builds there is this sense of this deeper connection across all living things on the planet. In particular in the northern hemisphere the awareness of the opportunity to connect more positively, clearly, powerfully between animals and plants, insects, the kingdoms that are subtle, not quite physical but almost physical, like the kingdom of the air and the Angels, the kingdom of the devas, the nonphysical energies that are becoming physical, that are the manifestations of the higher vibrational energies that make you who you are and so on and so forth, all come to this place of appreciating and welcoming this greater light.

Sometimes as that light builds within you it asks you to recognize it and realize that there is within this also something else; a sense of hope, a sense of possibility. This time falls close to Christmas in the northern hemisphere as an awareness of the opportunity to give gifts, to connect together, to pray for peace and to be deeply aware of what is at the core of this holiday. But, when you turn on the news, look at the advertising, work with anything external that works with Christmas you often see the commercial side. The aspect that pushes consumerism and in this way promotes, "healthy economy," and the intent being that it becomes healthier the more you buy. This of course is not particularly loving and the longer sense of things. But, in a way in which it is an opportunity to express love. As the giving of gifts is an important, powerful way to express love it is a reminder in some ways that this energy is available to you.

But, what of the animals at this time of the longest night? And the shortest days? They are also attuning to this energy of hope and this is an energy that says to them, this changes so also can the people on your planet that share this with you, this change. So can the animal nature within you be that which learns from human beings and in other ways shifts and evolves.

For this reason it is of greater importance perhaps tonight to suggest and work with the idea of your kinship with an animal spirit. It might be at any other time. This is always a useful information but at the time of the coldest, the time of the darkest it is particularly valuable for those animals that might not be well enough to understand, that might be shifting their own energies, that might be questioning their connection with humanity. Think for a moment of an animal that might be near and dear to you. Think of an animal that might relate to some aspect of your own consciousness or an animal which personifies that which you admire: a dolphin, a wolf, a cat, a dog. These are some examples. For others it might be the whale, for some listening to our voice it might be the praying mantis. But, whatever the energy is that shows up as you open to the animal spirit let that connection simply be available from your heart.

As you imagine that you are dancing with that animal, or praying with that animal, or sleeping next to it or in some way connecting that is up to you. That is your imagination. That is your visualization. As you might imagine this is of course relating to some aspect of your own internal animal nature. But, it is also an aspect that relates to your own consciousness in the way it is able to communicate with the entire soul of that animal group, saying to them yes! There is hope. Yes! There is light to come. Yes! There will be enough.

Now we have often suggested in the past that you think about your past self, and sending it love or energy and receiving its energy yourself, from your future self. The person that you will be in ten or twenty years is sending you an energy right now and so on. This same principle applies in this situation, in this meditation with the animal spirit. So you might imagine then that right at this moment as you are sending love, kindness, compassion to an animal that you admire that there is another consciousness perhaps relating to the same analogy relating to you. A consciousness far, far more intelligent, more aware and more able to move across dimensionality into aspects of manifestation or instantaneous consciousness beyond anything you can imagine.

Similar to how the relationship of animals to humans to animals as they are amazed or at times even stupefied by the things that humans do. So, this greater consciousness is sending love to you now in a time of fear and darkness and struggle about economies, politics, radiation, food and all of the issues and struggle within you. This consciousness, this aspect of loving beings, this aspect of higher aspects of God or whatever you want to call it, this energy is also sending a loving, encouraging, hopeful message to you here now. Just as you would expect the animals to receive the essence of this message but not necessarily the full language of it. So also do these beings and their communication to you send this loving light, this energy in this fashion.

You might imagine it is possible here to create judgments upon these beings because these are the judgments you have upon yourself. So, to remove all of these judgments we are going to call these beings, "the creators of love." Rather than describe them and give them names and agendas and things that might make them more dimensional and tangible simply recognize in your environment, your life, that which you have perceived as love has been so helpful, so encouraging, so beautiful. Often that which draws your attention and that which pushes you in forming deep and difficult lessons at times. But, in all of these ways you know it has been so important in your life. Who created this? Who manifested this? Did it arise simply on its own? There are different ways to approach this question but for now simply recognize that those who work with this energy directly, those who create it are sending it to you right now, encouraging you to find answers, to find hope, to find opportunity, to find more love.

This is also a useful sort of skill in any mediation that you may find yourself exposed to from now on. Ask the question, just as I am reflecting upon an energy, how might an energy be coming to me? How might that be reflecting on me be that which is showing up in my consciousness? In this way you open the aspects of limitation outward, you are releasing the limitations of time in meditations on past and future. You are releasing the limitations on being-ness and consciousness with this animal bridge to creators of love and so on and all of the ways you can't approach different aspects of meditation in the future.

There are many questions for tonight but there is one that appears to be a little bit more perhaps relevant and it has to do with the Angels. These beings have names, many of those who have represented themselves in different ways as symbolic of important aspects of consciousness in humans have taken various names that are showing up in the popular literature, movies, television and of course have shown up in the past in books, like the Bible and others. But, in the way in which angels also offer an opportunity to work with you the name has a second meaning. It is a bridge, it is a consciousness, is that which is somehow already present in you that is being touched upon in that which echoes in times of past lives where you've heard those names yes all of this but there is also the sound sequence. The way those syllables come together.

So in an ancient language that has long since been forgotten by humanity the name Derdeka meant hope. It was a way in which you came to understand new possibilities, perceive these energies and that somehow could be believed, could be real, could be felt. But, at the same time it was that was on the edge of manifestation, it hasn't quite shown up. It was that which you could move towards, in other words straddled that powerful energetic between physical and nonphysical.

There are those who said that hope is that which could be seen as a horrible, misguided dysfunction because it simply keeps you waiting for something that never shows up. Others have said that it is an energetic that can be stimulating, healing, powerful and can keep you alive when other energies seems to be difficult even those in situations that are entirely bleak and impossible. Yet, hope then springs up within you to keep you going. So this angel named Derdeka, is there to help you, look over, to connect with you and the way in which you are reminded to find hope, to choose for yourself how you relate o it. She holds no previous agenda, no prejudice if you are going to reject her energy or accept it.

But, this is an angel very powerfully connected with 2013 Christmas, 2013 Solstice, 2014 new year because this is an energy that can touch you if you let it. To help you guide you, love you and then which is always the case with hope it pulls back, it releases. It reminds you simply to find this on your own. What is your version of hope? What is your sense of what this means to you? So you might recognize this as a manifestation of a being, but the Angels are not physical and yet they have capacity to become physical in this way can share energies and learn from people and work with them in different ways. We commented in the past in books such as, "Seasons of the Spirit," and others upon those beings who used to live on the planetoid that is now the asteroid belt and this planet in its destructive moments coming to various opportunities, rejected about love, about benefit, about assistance and most importantly about humanity.

Many of the beings there continue to work with humans in some way in recompense for problems created in the past and in other ways simply out of service and love. As you may find angels helpful you also recognize that they have powerful symbolism at this time. Because Christmas is the sense of something nonphysical, something that can touch you, something that can be more awakening and beautiful than present buying and shopping malls. This angelic presence is particularly carved out in this time of year for many reasons especially which that of the reminder within you to find light, to find strength within you in a time of darkness, in a time of weakness. We say the weakness because many aspects of cleansing occur at this time of year when the bringing of the cooler weather triggers those bacteria, viruses, other microorganisms to help you cleanse and clear out by respiratory system difficulty, digestive difficulty etc, temporary usually those which can be at times distracting. But the point is always to help you cleanse.

There are those who have asked questions about the process by which the human body is able to do many things but most importantly make use of the regenerative capacity. This business of cleansing has been more and more important with each passing day since we wrote about this through our friend in Canada. That the process of cleansing needs to be more emphasized and more creative, more understood and more utilized than ever before. This is not just because of environmental contaminants but because of radiation in your environment, but because of the aspects of drawing towards cooked foods, and various genetically modified organisms contaminating food, etc.

It is also because the thought forms, the symbols associated with cleansing that reach into your own thoughts, are those which you often find yourself at odds with. Is this the most loving way forward? Is this the way in which I would most lovingly care for myself? A difficult question but when the answer is no, it's not enough to reject this and simply say I'm not going there. You were attracted to it, it came up in your consciousness you thought of it in the first place because it is already present. To deny it only walls it off. That is often the process at the physical level called cleansing. You have some toxic material in your body it is something from something undigestible, something you weren't meant to work with in your body, something you're not designed for, whatever.

The body walls it off until the appropriate time that the wall can be broken down often by bacteria or virus and that substance can then be removed by the use of excessive levels of mucus or saliva or vomit or whatever it takes to move it out. You would certainly understand that this is a far more effective and fast process than other diseases that also have cleansing capabilities. Though, when these things happen to you, you do not usually welcome them and you say I am sick, not cleansing. But this is but a symbolic reminder of the process because at the nonphysical level people get sick too. They do cleanses also they don't necessarily have to do it the same way, they don't have to be sitting on a nonphysical toilet or using nonphysical tissues or inserting nonphysical thermometers into their mouths.

Instead, it is an energetic that passes through and a powerful question as to the most loving way to assist this. But, the underlying idea is exactly the same that there are thoughts within you that you are ready to release and the reason you are ready to have a change of heart about them is that there is a powerful aha within them. Who are you really? What is the true nature of the shadow that you are confronting that looks like you? Acts like you? But, has all these other things to say that seem very much different from who you really are. What is the nature of who you really are? Who or what is expressing itself through you as you look at these issues? All of these little symbols show up for you so that you can cleanse the thoughts, you can release that which has stood in the way.

There are different techniques for this and one of the simplest is that when you recognize that this is showing up you simply say to yourself this simple question: could I just let it go? Is that too easy? Sometimes it is because the real answer as you listen very carefully is no. I want to let it go, I'd like to let it go, I try to let it go but it keeps showing up. So as it does then express it, have it and in this way let it go. Because that mechanism is also powerful. Each technique has its own value, each technique has its own as need be. But, as you get the underlying message of this, the beautiful thing is that some of the important characteristics of a physical cleanse that are about the stuck aspects of the shall we call it, psycho-spiritual, mental cleanse? These now having been released ease their hold and make the physical that much faster, easier and less distracting.

This is important to understand in principle though, because when you are in the process of regenerating any physical body part and right now one of the most common and that which a question has been asked about is teeth. It is important that this cleansing be ongoing. Those things in particular that would land in the calcium deposits, would land in the bony matter what actually make the teeth, are those that are of the highest and most beneficial, those that are helpful and healing as possible.

This is difficult of course when the physical body has not sufficiently cleansed from other organs, from other parts of the body, in particular the liver. Such cleansing often requires a person going through many stages. So in this way when you come to a place of improved health be it through a particular diet and whatever method works for you then it is often impossible as the health is ongoing and so on to do regeneration of teeth. Added energy in this direction from inert gases still is recommended. Yet, as we look into the world at the many people who are trying to regenerate teeth it appears that a combination of methods does appear to be necessary.

When you're utilizing homeopathy and inert gases and cleansing diets, and regenerative diets you have the greatest success and even there, the thought forms that stand in the way. The difficulty of saying it can't be done. You only get two sets of teeth in this life, and so on and so forth. These all become the final and important impediment and actually as they are contended with or released and shifted all of the rest of it actually becomes far less important. The diet, the cleansing, the energies of inert gases, all of these pale in comparison to the simple inner knowledge that you can create another set of teeth.

Which brings us of course, to this powerful question about the law of attraction as it is a subset of the law of reflection as it might compare to the law of manifestation. That is the desire to come into existence, to actually manifest, and that this energetic is that which many people are seeming now to understand because they are on the brink of recognizing why they are here. When you answer this question for yourself,"who or what is experiencing this moment now?' As you become more present with the technique such as described by Tolle, in "The Power of Now," where you focus on the breath and not allow any other thought distract you. It is possible that an ascension energy, a powerful uplifting force, an aspect of your own consciousness that has always been there is welcomed, is allowed. Is that which has a powerful capacity to attract and to manifest and the way in which you will decide to use it can often be that is how much you sense you deserve? For this we would of course then have to look at love, how much love you deserve, how much love you are capable of? What is your own lovability threshold? Your own lovability ceiling? Can you look into the eyes of the one you care for deeply? It could be an animal, it could be a human and say in all honesty," I am lovable." Really knowing and sensing that that is an important capacity, the aspect that opens the door to the energy of that powerful aspect of all that is that comes to you when you ask the question," who or what is experiencing this now?" as if your own lovability amount tends to throttle or reduce the aspects of the powerful consciousness that can be manifesting through you at any moment.

This is a different way of answering or looking at issues of attraction, wanting to have that new Mercedes or whatever it is that you have your attention on because it turns it back to the understated but so important aspect of your own capacity to love and be loved. Because if you had that car and you were not sensing yourself as lovable enough to deserve it you might crash it the day you get. Then you would end up in the hospital with the nurses surrounding you, loving you and reminding you as the life slips away from you of these final thoughts, as to how lovable you were to receive that beautiful car.

Understanding these energies has many twists and turns within it. We are reminding you in this time associated with the longest night that it is an aspect of you in all cases. The longest night is a reminder of the individual, the consciousness deep within. The aspect that now seeks with warmth and connection to others to join in the group. But, it is the time of deep introspection and deeper understanding.

It is also a time that has statistically been allied with high suicide rates in the northern climate and the time where sun seems scarce, has been one of the areas blamed for this and that is true for some people. But, it is also the way in which those who have come to this inner understanding face hopelessness. Face a sense that they cannot change themselves or anything else. When did you have that powerful sense of the loss of some of your idealism? Some of your childlike zeal? For many individuals it was in the teenage years and that is a time that at the same time as you are having these ideas you are surrounded by others who tease you, who have their own ideas about things because they are seeking to exert their own power and so on.

But, at its core it is an energy that is essentially alone. The energy that precedes the actual suicide is usually within that individual, a sense that they are disconnected, they are alone and it is not easy for them to change. So it is helpful to reach out to the teenagers, to the children who are perhaps not your children but the children of your friends and speak to them about what is in the world that gives you hope? What is in the world that gives you a sense of life? Of coming into existence? Of being born? What is to be born and what it is to take in this beautiful energy?

No, this will not always solve the problem but it opens the door so that if one of the children asks you, they can step forward breaking out of their own shell for a moment you will be ready. You will know that what they are really asking about is not the question that they pose but the sense that the love is present within you. As you are speaking to them ask yourself this question," How lovable am I right now? Be in touch with your own lovability. Recognize that this is up for you. As you may be speaking with them anyway to raise their own ceiling. Let them know they are lovable, to let them know they are loved. This can be helpful but it can also of course promote cleansing, bringing forward the thoughts that have stood in the way, that have prevented them from understanding these aspects of lovability. So that is where you stay in the room, you are able to say I don't know. But, I still feel that love or whatever is true for you.

In many ways, those who take their own lives, particularly early in their existence on earth are going to create a powerful echo. There will be many others who reconsider looking deeply at their own reverence for life and what is important to them and their life and other things about this. So, this is also important to share, to consider, to look at.

There have been questions, since we are speaking about cleansing about how one might be able to clear from the physical body radiation which as a result of a significant release of radioactive water is now increasing in the environment all over the world. Although this is primarily blamed on Fukushima there are other nuclear reactors also that are releasing radioactive water and they get away with it because all eyes are on Japan. In the meantime the underlying physical methods are already those we have spoken of in the past. In particular raw avocado and raw orange from organic source would be very helpful. These have an effect in the physical body a way of preparing the DNA damage as well as assisting with and combining with radioactive materials and pulling them out of the body.

Radiation tends to damage the DNA in the physical body. The telomeres are the most susceptible. These are the ends of the DNA chain and these are also affected by other things; aging is the process by which various radicals in the body do naturally create some of this harm. Hence the difficulties with heavy metals and other materials. But, it is important to recognize that as scientists understand this, there will be as usual profit motive involved in telomere repair. Hence, the release of a variety of telomere repairing substances such as TA 65 and others which work well in laboratory experiments but have not really been all that much benefit to human beings. The reason for this is simply that the human body is not designed to take on these substances in their purified form and often the other substances, various solvents, other materials used in the cleaning process to produce the supplements and so on and so forth go in also.

Sometimes this is responsible for a sudden burst of energy an individual will feel in taking any supplement. But this is followed by a few weeks or months later with significant loss of energy as the body must cleanse and repair the damage done by these substances. The telomeres are also repaired by raw unsalted butter. This material has all kinds of benefit and repairs in the physical body. In particular the butter and other dairy taken from the spring grasses, be it in the northern or southern hemisphere, the spring time provides a variety of helpful materials in the grasses that if not destroyed by heating or other processing can indeed be very helpful to the human body on many levels. In some ways this is superior to any of the supplements. But, eventually these aspects will be figured out and scientists will eventually produce substances as we have spoken of in the past that will be beneficial to human beings and still be those which are easy to absorb.

An important key to this will be that help will come from the other side in many areas. Many who have examined and worked with these things while here on earth will assist in the process. But, all of these individuals are very clear that the true benefit of this is to everyone, not to a drug company or a supplement company and hence those who are going to share the information and make it as available as possible to everyone will be those who will be assisted most in this project.

This is similar to the path that has been going on for the remediation of radiation for many years. Those who are involved in profit motive and specific tools or techniques that bring them lots of money are those who have met with only a limited degree of success, whereas those areas which have not been patentable, those which have been shared widely, such as the production of Brown's gas or Rhodes gas, also been called "HHO" has met with a great success in remediating radiation.

So it is also therefore a potential to be explored particularly at the source where water can be processed in this way, dirt, various building materials and other things. The flame from a HHO torch is utilized to create an internalization explosive or implosion that can convert radioactive materials to their non-radioactive isotopes and that this process can be fairly reliable and utilized, may indeed be widely accepted. The result would of course be a new energy source as many of the world scientists bring all of their resources to bear and recognize that it is possible to use a very small amount of water to produce huge amounts of energy using these techniques.

But, this will not be that which is patentable, that which is going to be owned by any single corporation and it is that which will be widely shared by many individuals as they put their attention on it. This seems to be the larger pattern that is being exerted from the higher dimensional level in every way in which new forms of energy, new aspects of power generation can be utilized if it is that which can be available to all. Not that which is held by a single individual, an oil company, a gas drilling company or whatever. This is that which will have maximum benefit not just because it will be widely utilized. But, because the underlying principles will inevitably lead individuals to understand something about the nature of how energy is produced and in this way lead them to methods that are nonpolluting and those which can be used by anyone.

The ultimate manifestation of this requires a great deal of spiritual maturity on the part of the individuals who understand the potential for harm that such non-polluting methods could also be used for. So as they prove themselves as worthy of working with this more and more information becomes available. The reason for this is very simple. There are beings who have already done it, worked along these lines, who have used these technologies and used them in ways that allow their civilizations to prosper, to survive, and even come to space travel, inter-dimensional travel and mastered various aspects of time, space, movement and many things that are only in the realm of what you would call science fiction.

Along the way it was very clearly recognized that service to others, rather than service to self and the opportunity to assist at every possible level rather than only to make oneself more powerful were those aspects that were necessary in order for the universe to work with this. The specific around this is very simple. A manifestation around an atomic explosion that leads to a thermonuclear explosion in a small space could rip the fabric of time and space and destroy this galaxy similar to the destruction that has happened to other galaxies as you view them through your telescopes. In this way you are being given the opportunity to mature and set aside these aspects that are destructive and harmful and come to the others that may have within them immediate benefit showing that you are ready to go on to the next level.

Is it possible that nonphysical energetics could also play a part in this quite apart from beings of higher consciousness or advanced civilizations that is going right to the energetic source themselves; Akashic records as they are sometimes called. The nature of the universe and other things. Yes, to a large extent the extraterrestrials, the consciousness associated with this, your guides and helpers and others are doing their best to slow down this deeper understanding of the universal forces so you don't destroy yourselves.

But, in such a time you are coming to in which you may be able to see this in the light of helping everyone, available to all, truly beneficial at the most fundamental level, then more of the doors open, then the understanding already present comes in and so many of these other methods that can be seen as higher dimensional science become available.

In the meantime, this deeper question of your own spiritual maturity? What does it mean to you? It must revolve around love more than anything else. Is it loving? The questions about who you are? What you do? These are difficult because many times the answer is right there in your heart. That which would harm your planet, that which would harm your friends or your family or your body, these are not things that are loving to your friends, to your body, to your planet. This is not the end of the inquiry because deeper in that inquiry is the understanding that you not only can change that but you can forgive that which has come before and you can let it go.

So, we have jumped about a bit trying to look at a few of the different issues and the different questions in an attempt to string them together in our own fashion. But, in this way in which the energies are touched within you we would ask you now to look very consciously at these fundamental questions of who you really are. Who or what is experiencing you? What is this aspect that is called myself?' As you look at these things for yourself you realize that there are two answers. There is one that is verbal, there is one that is describable as it relates to infinity, to the void, to some aspects of consciousness, but it is nameable. There is another aspect. One that is unnamed and is pure consciousness itself and we would remind you that this has a component of love in it. We ask you now simply to let that love breathe you. Perhaps you would like to toss out a few of the other questions.

Jill: how does integrity fit in with the idea of ascension? Can Hilarion give an example? Perhaps two people: one operating out of integrity and another operating with integrity and how things would go differently for them?

Hilarion: most people when they refer to integrity are speaking of an awareness. Integrity is connectedness, you're always connected but when you're not aware of it or you have an assumption about it that is, that which would be called, "out of integrity." That is an assumption that is false that has to do with something that you thought about yourself but really wasn't connected. In these ways then you will still prosper, you will still grow, you will go along a different path, you will come to a place ultimately where you will be up against the results of that karma, meaning cause and effect. The effect of those causations, those energetics that you worked with that will draw you back to recognize your inherent connectedness. It is a path of suffering, it is a path of difficulty and you see many who you would call, "out of integrity," doing harm to others, to the planet. These things eventually correct themselves because the individual then recognizes they weren't seeing the whole picture, they weren't seeing the effects it had on them, their soul, on the people they loved, and so on and so forth.

So the essential difference in something such as ascension or higher consciousness or evolution is how fast you get there. The essential difference is how fast you get there. Is the path circuitous, roundabout, full of scarring, struggle, misconceptions or is it direct? When you're working with all the universal laws not just the issue of integrity which relates primarily in most people to the Law of Attraction. But, also connect very powerful to the Law of Permanence, the Law of Manifestation, the Law of Opposite Expression and most importantly that which is about the connectedness itself, the Law of Love.

As those energetics within yourself are able to embrace all 12 Universal Laws you are then able to make a more direct path in your own evolution, your own ascension, your own consciousness than you would have in only by following and working with one of those laws. But, you have a choice in the matter and really what it has to do with is your willingness to ask the deeper questions. If the issue of integrity shows up for you then ask that question," is this at a place of integrity? The problem with integrity as you throw this word around, as you look at it more and more, you begin to weigh it and understand it for yourself it sort of loses its own meaning. What does that really mean to you?

Often times it means something quite different from what you are saying. Often times what it means is something like truthfulness or the willingness to speak the truth and oftentimes it is simply as in Yiddish, "chutzpa" that you are actually going to speak that which is your own courageous truth. Your own willingness to move through your own understanding. But, as you're able to work with this energy being at integrity for you may mean simply that you are going to be in love. You're going to care deeply and oftentimes from the heart whether you are at integrity or not shows up instantly. You don't have to figure it out, you don't have to weigh these different aspects and this is perhaps another way of approaching it. Does this help?

Jill: Thank you, Hilarion. There is a question about incense. Is it good for us? Is it like secondhand smoke?

Hilarion: this is a tricky one because really what it reflects on is the powerful aspect that you have in being here, in experiencing everything while you are physical. Nonphysical incense, this is a powerful paradox because what do you smell? You instantaneously create but at the same time most of the smells that are shared are those from memory. Since memories can be shared at the nonphysical level sometime somebody else's memory can that be that which you can perceive. But it ain't nothing like the real thing and that's often why you come here. Specifically to experience that you want to take in by your physical senses. So in this way we would certainly suggest that incense be smelled. Burning sage, burning sandalwood, burning cedar and that you are able to receive the powerful message of that energy and receive that beautiful smile and lodge that in your memory. Then, we would strongly suggest because it is primarily that of burning particulate matter that tends to lodge itself in your body and create harm eventually that you join in the memory experience and not the physical experience in awakening and receiving what is valuable about that for you.

Aromatherapy can also be beneficial but it will often have in it small amounts of vapor or liquid that is very easily cleansed from the body much more easily than the tiny particular solid matter of burning substance and there are those who have used aromatherapy methods to give the same smells as sandalwood, cedar, sage, etc. so you can also receive some of those smells in that way. But, you are quite correct in that the burning smell is not quite the same, there is a subtle difference but it is there. So in this way we would suggest that the singular exposure is the way to go rather than repeated use. Does this answer the question?

Jill: thank you Hilarion. Is the direction of the head while sleeping important for our well-being and if so do you have any suggestions here?

Hilarion: Yes, of course. The underlying physical reason for this has to do with the nature of the aetheric body. It dovetails with the use of inert gas technology when you sleep, where the energetic is allowed to sweep through your body from north to south you will be in many ways emphasizing and strengthening. The head to the north, the feet to the south is so often recommended. There is a movement of aetheric energy from the north of the earth to the south of the earth. This is a sort of wind in the ether and that is what magnetism is. So it is that magnetic fields of earth and so if you want to be really precise about it point your head to magnetic north rather than the North Pole of the earth. But, that is often a very subtle difference particularly as you approach the equator.

As you are able to use these energies in different fashions you are able to recognize that there is a sense of earth-like existence that is being strengthened here. There is earth energy is better absorbed and you are receiving something more nourishing and beneficial and that is one of the reasons why we suggest this alignment. There are those who suggest you are more suited to the east and this also can have some benefit. This is because of the earth's rotation that the sun rising in the east is creating an inert gas energy that comes to the eastern side first and then sweeps across the rest of the world. After all, it is the strongest source of inert gas energy in your environment.

The helium in the sun under tremendous magnetic and thermonuclear and pressure wave and electrical stimulation all at the same time. So, it is a good second choice because the energetics of the earth are able to couple with the energetics of the sun and move them. They're those who might say it is best to sleep to the northeast to get a little bit of both and we would have no disagreement with this. But, for most people the ability to absorb earth energy is most important especially when you are being subjected as most people are now, to electoral magnetic fields under constant attention from cell phones, cell towers, wireless mice with computers, electro-magnetic fields from your power lines, etc.

But, the North Pole energy of the earth is a calming energy, a loving energy, and it helps you tune to that energy of earth itself as you fall asleep. So, if you are not using inert gas technology as you fall asleep head preferably to the north, feet the to the south, sense earth's rising, loving, wave and as it sweeps through you and moves back through the earth, you see that beautiful current as a gentle, floating, loving wave as it helps you fall asleep. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Thank you, Hilarion. Can you please describe how one can link up one's grid structure to the planets grid structure? Or the Sun grid structure? Or any living beings grid structure for enhanced communication?

Hilarion: Sometimes as you play in these areas you realize there is more to it than that, that these energetics begin inside the earth and inside your body, that there's something larger than this. The structure outside the earth creates for herself, that you create for yourself, just as you have aetheric body; emotional body; mental body as these things can connect together. So also, earth does this and the way in which these energies coalesce in areas of higher concentration, areas of lower concentration when viewed with a higher vibrational sort of vision appear as grids.

These energetics interconnect and you can merge with these. One of the most powerful ways to do this is to recognize that at its core these energetics are already present, you don't have to do anything. They are already present. That those energies are there to strengthen you, sustain you, they have brought you into existence, they are already there. So, how can you best let go of that which might interfere? Might stand in the way? Might in some way move those energetics out of alignment?

One of the very best techniques for this is when you can travel consciously out of the body and have a very specific idea in you that you are going to let the body alone. You're going to pull your consciousness into your astral body, into that point of light that is seen projecting outward from you, from your heart, from your throat, from your third eye to the top of your head. Any of these or whatever and you are going to leave your body behind and you're going to let that energy that is entirely within your consciousness go elsewhere and have the sense that as you let it go, the physical body is expanding. It is connecting, it is naturally on its own breathing with the earth, with the sun, with the universe.

But, you're not going to do anything about it, look in on it, you're simply going to let it go. Oftentimes this is an energetic healing; a place in which powerful energies move within you but are separate from you.

This is somehow a very powerful paradox and brings us to the basis of an energetic exercise. We would like you to recognize right now your own physical body sitting here, hearing these words, breathing, and so on can exist entirely independent of you. So, we would ask you for a moment to put all of your attention into the sense of a powerful brilliant ball of light. You can imagine it for a second in your heart, or in your head, but quickly raise it out of your head. Bring it about a foot, that is somewhere around a third of a meter above. This beautiful, powerful pulsating light is independent of the body. As the light comes brighter, your body relaxes more and more. The consciousness that says you must do, you must work, you must struggle, you must whatever, you are taking that with you and you are letting the body just be.

It is simultaneous paradox that you are taking with you every aspect of consciousness and yet you are letting the body go and yet the body is letting go of the consciousness. This is of course not the same as a full astral journey but in this moment you can be very helpful to the tools and techniques that will facilitate astral journey specifically this aspect of duality. That the consciousness can somehow be a foot or so above your head and at the same time in your body and that the consciousness delineates itself, separates itself, creates itself in that place above the body as the aspect of pure consciousness, the forever aspect, the aspect that has always been and always will be. The physical body, though temporary now being breathed, beautifully and powerfully by the earth and the aspects of earth, and the physical stuff that has made it what it is. It naturally now resonates with beautiful earth energy. So now, from the place of powerful energetic, that beautiful light above the head, also now recognize that you are loving that physical body, shining a light on it and it is responding. Slowly willing the physical body to move, but still maintaining your consciousness in that place above the head, let the body stretch. Let the movement of the physical body be so fast as to distract you, as you slowly move your arms, legs, your neck or let the physical body breathe more deeply. You are still holding that point of consciousness above the head.

Now, as you let the body relax back into a seated posture. Now recognize this beautiful light can again come into the physical as it slowly enters back into the top of the head filling the body with light, filling the heart especially with the sense of love and compassion and caring. It is from this place, now all of your hearts lit up, awakened, receiving this beautiful energy and it is from this place we welcome a visitor, an old friend who has been named Sananda.

Sananda: My purpose is to remind you of your gift so your heart now pours its light into your left hand and your right hand. Simply now ask who would you like to give this gift to? This gift of love? To a friend? To a plant? To an animal? To a place? And you let it go. Is the true spirit of Christmas this simple? This elegant as a heart's wish? A heart's love? Heart energy? Yes. It is if you ask for it. It is if you let it and if you want it to be so then it is so. Shalom.

Hilarion: Yes. Hilarion here again and we thank you for your helpful, encouraging message, Sananda, and especially your ability to help remind all about that heart energy and love. The individual Nelson Mandela passed recently and there were many who were saddened by this even though he had not played an active role politically for a few years. The powerful symbolism of uniting those who others said could not be united. To unite somehow across racial boundaries, economic boundaries, colonial boundaries and all of the history in South Africa that kept so many apart from each other. No, this has not been completed but as a path that was illustrated for hope, for understanding, and for the ability to blend cultures this being has been a powerful symbol on many levels.

He is in the midst of his past life review but he will be adding energy and assistance to many on your planet who seek racial equality, who seek better understanding between people and most importantly those who understand and work with forgiveness and hope. For these were those things that seemed so powerfully missing in South Africa in the times of apartheid. Those which he stood for in ways that were able to be powerful and helpful to so many. It is for this reason that so many are saddened by his passing with the thought that somehow they would not easily find forgiveness and hope in themselves. But, of course this is not true. Anyone can find this and know it for themselves particularly as they look to what in them has allowed them to feel this and see it as they see others, as they see people they would have had trouble forgiving before. As they see others that would perhaps wish them to be devoid of hope and so on.

Yet, at its core you recognize these great beings as an aspect of you. Where can you use the principle just like me? When it applies to Nelson Mandela? Where is that ability to hope? To see forgiveness? To see love when somehow it seems impossible? This is a powerful energy which you do have within you and that every human has to understand, to welcome, to know. There is sufficient energy for another question if you wish.

Jill: Yes. Hilarion, what is the best way to move the Primal Diet forward and connect that community?

Hilarion: The key to it will be the way in which people who have contended with various health problems have come to their own successes in overcoming these problems. This is how the diet was first brought to the planet. The law of progress stating that as a thing is begun so it continues. So also then will this then be its manifestation. The principles of the diet are helpful and other principles of other dietary processes in other ways of working with these things may show up in the future. Just as the practical manifestation must always be that which drives anything forward that is going to be successful and helpful to others this is the most important aspect.

At the same time as those who are having benefit from this diet can speak about it there will be others who will have alternate explanations. It is important wherever possible to utilize scientific data, various cell or chemical analyses, blood tissue samples, so on so forth so that the underlying benefits can be shown by other means than simply your own subjective approach.

But, what will certainly be seen more and more is that with the increasing physical difficulties on your planet due to many distresses we have already mentioned tonight. Those who are working with these underlying Primal Diet principles will probably fare the best and be able to survive longer. The difficulty with this is that it may not be long enough. That is why where people are able to benefit from this, speak about it, even if it is in small ways, this can certainly be very helpful. There isn't an easy path for this because you don't have a product on your planet, this seems to be the easiest path, where you have something to sell, other people sometimes pay attention.

But still, there are other ways you can share this simply by noting where other people are having struggle with their own issue for which the Primal Diet might be helpful and then find a very nonthreatening, easy to pose question that might engage others. In the past you might have held back, held your tongue, said nothing, seeing them suffer or having their difficulty and waiting for moment at which they will ask. Knowing now that perhaps that moment will come too late. So, it is helpful then to offer your own experience, to offer a possibility. If they are not open to it of course you would go elsewhere or share with those who are open to it.

But, the surprising thing is that there are many people now who have opend to this, who have examined it in many ways and now can indeed receive this new information when perhaps they could not have even as just a year or two ago. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Yes. Thank you, Hilarion. It might be time to close.

Hilarion: Indeed. We remind you especially of the most important aspect of this change in season. This ability to know what is hopeful, what is helpful, what is useful. Some of the things we have spoken of tonight are very practical sort of things you can do on a daily basis. Not just visualization, not just a pink energy but something you can actually create or work with, or welcome or study. Yet, there is a danger in this. The danger of thinking that the doing-ness is what is going to make the greatest difference. But, really at its core it is the being-ness. The aspect of you that is your essence, that is delightful, that is playful, that is loving. It doesn't have to prove it, it doesn't have to do anything to manifest it. It's simply the energy of you. It is this which is lovable. You have not necessarily received how lovable you are and so for a moment we would like you to look with our eyes. Look with the eyes of your guides and helpers, look with the eyes of your own highest vibrational being, loving you and seeing how powerfully, deeply, lovable you are.

Breathe that in for a moment and as you breathe out see that love, that lovability, that benefit pouring into the world and touching everyone who needs it. Opening a powerful, love current and it becomes that which is pouring through you. Stronger with each breath, clearer with each aspect of the understanding and revealing of your own lovability but most important simply to know that it is. That is the nature of your being, there isn't any struggling, any proving any doing at all. Just that who you are is this love.

Should something stand in the way of this, ask that question," Could I just let it go?" Breathe that love a little more. If you need a source for it remind yourself of the little child you were at six months old. Hold that baby in your arms and let that baby melt into your own body and knowing that as that one grew up it never became unloveable, it was always lovable and is so now. As you breathe this energy, see that it fills this from with that beautiful light, upward and downward and all across the planet as the true gift of Christmas, as the true loving thought of hope and caring as the true present to all. See that it stirs also now in the center of the earth, her loving ohm sound, which bubbles up to be shared. Goodbye. Omm…………….

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