Hilarion Spring Equinox 2014

Jill: Greetings - today is March 21, 2014. We are gathered in Nevada City to celebrate the Spring equinox with the Hilarion channeling. We have questions from those in attendance and those from the Internet. For further information on channeling, audio recordings, devices, and books please contact Jon C. Fox, Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959 or visit us on the web at hilarion.com.

Hilarion: greetings to all of you. Yes this is the energy being or vibration you call Hilarion. We ask you for a moment to recognize the beautiful energetics associated with this day. In the northern hemisphere, associated with the first day of spring, the awakening of new energies on earth which symbolizes an awakening of new energies in you. But, because you have within this your own degree of consciousness, awareness, choice. What sort of new energies would you like to awaken in you? Not those who feel you must, you should but those that would be enjoyable? Fun?

The other aspect of the springtime is about enjoyment; reveling in the earth's bounty. Recognizing the blossoming flowers, the awakening animals, the spring rains, the ways in which nature speaks to you. So for a moment we ask you to imagine your animal totem, any animal that comes to mind as a friend, as someone you have connected with before perhaps. But, if that is an animal that has existed for you, crank it back to when it was very young.

Imagine this as a little puppy, a little kitten, the newborn dolphin, the tiny baby elephant, the beautiful wolf who has just come onto this earth. Whatever creature it is that is showing up in your consciousness, see it newborn. To be awake, alive, aware. But at the same time so filled with sensation, smells, sights, sounds and the sense of aliveness in and of itself. A beautiful sense that is always with you as long as you are in a body to hear these words with you. Yet, because it is with you so much you become used to it, you set it aside or it is something you take for granted.

Springtime is such a beautiful time to remind you of this so we ask you to welcome into this energetic a beautiful sense of aliveness, a beautiful green light. An emerald light that fills this room brilliantly and then on the out breath it expands and moves upward infinitely and as far as you can imagine and further. As it moves through you and through the center of the earth where it anchors itself you are the moderators of these energies as above and below. You manifested it in your heart, in your chakras, in your body but you also manifest it in your thoughts.

In this moment there is another thought, it is the thought of those newborn creatures because their collective soul, their consciousness is at this moment coming into new awareness. A sense of life and beginnings. The consciousness of the plant's, the kingdom of the insects. But, especially as your awareness of an animal totem. That beautiful being that is your friend and symbolic of all of the animals being born. In this way in which these energies become available to you as a symbol, your energy is available to them as a symbol. Because, as they come into this world they are also perplexed. Why are these habitats being changed? Why does humanity push us out? Why are these energetics that we are not received, understood, in the way in which perhaps they were in ancient times? In the way in which I am representing this energy for them or just in the way of life itself.

You cannot answer such a question of course logically. But it is the animal self in you that knows the answer to this question. An instinctive answer that is all about simply a reconnecting with that which has always been. A sense of life, a sense of purpose, a sense of joy, a sense of purpose, a sense of being. It is that aliveness so beautifully created in this moment. Earth breathes and the breath could in some ways be likened to a yearly cycle and the equinoxes are the time of equal breath. So you have the sense that anything is possible. In this moment of equality that which could be imagined, that which could be welcomed, that which could be anything is available to you.

So in this way hope is created not by a perception of that which you think should be, which you would want to be. That is always an impressing upon reality that is based upon some notion you already have from your previous experience. Rather, in this moment of simply being, hope springs simply from the enjoyment of being itself. From this place of the possibility. Now, less you think this is simply an opening meditation we could certainly ascribe to this some characteristics such as the emerald light forming a cylinder about 100 feet that is about 33 m in diameter filling this room or that it has some tangible quality to it.

But, rather we would also suggest to you this sense of newness, the possibility that there is an answer to so many of your questions. When you look into the world you begin to recognize the natural consequences of actions. It seems so obvious that if you are going to do this or that that the results, not very far down the line will be felt by many others. Many problems in the world right now are categorized as such: economic, climate change, political aspects of so many things that you would see. Yet, the way in which people seem to relate to this, is in ignorance to simple obvious consequences.

No, "the law of karma doesn't apply to me," they might be saying in some way perhaps. A question has been asked about karma and yet in all of the different ways to address it and understand it that which the guides and helpers from every level are doing their very best to remind people of now in every way possible is a different answer. An entirely different path where there can be forgiveness, where there can be love, where there can be a connecting, or a sense of direct energy, karma melts away. It dissolves, in every sense of it depending on how much of that love is present.

For most people it is a sense of coming to a rapid and easy balance with those you have had some difficulty with. This is something many people have already felt but there is no limit to this when the love is strong enough, the very aspects of cause and effect themselves change because the cause and effect are both the same, love. Now this may seem a little confusing when you try to figure it out with your mind. But, in your heart you know how simple that is and how obvious that is. You can see your relationship to so many of these issues that you ask about that it is in that place that a solution lies.

But, how to discover that love is not only that which is based upon simply choosing it but it's also based on your circumstance. One of the most beautiful circumstances right now is the way in which the quality of love is of newness, of the spring, of an awakening time to find a new path, an energetic you perhaps have not seen before. An energetic that perhaps you have that sense of aliveness in love. This moves it away from forgiveness of the past to an anticipation of a future opportunity for more love.

A question has been asked about children who are coming into adulthood right now. As they have more money, more possibility and sometimes the encouragement or even inheritance of their parents. But, they would appear to be wasting it away simply by having a good time.

There is within this as with everything a positive feature that can be alerted to this: could that good time, could that beautiful awakening and enjoyable energy be expanded to others? Could it be that which is welcoming rather than that which would be exclusive to my own generation or my own friends or my own music? It becomes our shared earth. Our shared people. Many times the children who are growing up now have seen very powerfully, very clearly, this inter-connectivity. The actions of the consequences. The actions of the fossil fuel burning for instance of their elders and how this is affecting them.

So, how are they to deal with this? Many times they are frustrated and unable to work with it, they withdraw. They then have the excuse of having as much fun as possible before they die. A sort of way of being that is a karmic, balancing effect that you can see traces back to the generations that came of age in the 1950s. These who were called the "beatniks" or those of a hedonistic way of seeing things that live in the present. Not because at such time they recognize that everything was going to fall apart, but in reaction to some of the fear of the time, nuclear war and other things and more importantly that it was a solution that they could find some sense of love, of friendship, awakening together.

This is very different from the energies of the 60's. Because those energies as they eventually reincarnate will be those energies that you bring to this planet in the time, of approximately 2050 or so. But those energetics as they tend to bounce from sequence of lifetimes to sequence are those which karmically can be related to always, when you understand this principle that which was the most positive, the most helpful and what of that generation came forward?

There was a great deal of courage in the fighting of World War II. There was a great deal of new understanding in new ways of art and literature and music. There was also a sense that there were many things possible that could not otherwise be explained or understood; a sense of the magical.

A question has been posed about shamanism. This is one of the reasons why this is now coming to the planet not because it is a clear-cut logical or understood solution. But, because it takes you out of the logical mind. It takes you to a place as you become aware of the energetics as they move through in and of themselves. But, as you attune to these things you can transform the energies of those at a festival, those involved seemingly in their own lives in a selfish way. If you can find the right question and ask it of yourself first. If you can find the loving way to connect and find a way in which you are connecting lovingly to yourself first.

Sometimes this shifts things very dramatically because you now know that buried within those same people are some powerful, new possibilities. Powerful new ideas, powerful new ways of being. Is it possible that some of this can come forth now and be helpful to all of humanity? We suggest this as a beautiful and loving way to approach this. You could say, Hilarion, you're being awfully positive about so many negative things on this planet; drought, pollution, scarcity, the list goes on and on. If you have any interest in watching the news or listening to it on the radio you are struck by this over and over.

So many opportunities for more prayer, so many opportunities for more love to be sent into the world, so many opportunities to share some aspect of your own highest self. But, within all of that there is always a nugget of something that is indeed a positive, helpful, uplifting experience for you personally if you can find it. We suggest that wherever possible you go to that first. The equinox also symbolizes a shift in which in the northern hemisphere the days about now equal to the nights and from that point forward the days, little by little longer, the nights little by little shorter.

This peaks of course at the summer solstice. What this is all about is a reminder to you of the individual emphasized now over the group. The individual represented by the daylight. The group represented by the nighttime. And so in your individuality you may also find answers. Where does this land personally for me and how I feel about this? Is an excellent question to be asking in this time period. It is also helpful as you are proceeding to understand what is happening on your planet that you recognize that because many of you have been around a few times, you have learned many things, you do have something you can contribute, something you can share. A poignant, piercing important question to be asked.

Right now, this moment, on everybody's mind to be asked because all of the powerful energetics created by the news media, "Where is MH370?" and all of that. A flight, a plane, people lost is on everyone's mind because it is symbolic of you. Where are you lost in your world? How do you become disconnected from your family? Have you come to a place of death or sadness? Is there a part of you, you are ready to let go of. At a physical level it seems that time is running out -- eventually debris, the existence of perhaps a few bodies, that sort of thing will turn up.

Many have been suspicious that up-liftment before the plane crashed of many individuals took place and this is an important thing to recognize because it is quite common. Sometimes it is because of a mass abduction, sometimes it is because as the flights that crashed into the twin towers a migration of souls to a higher vibrational level took place. But, in whatever way you wish to perceive this recognize these energies are all about change. One of the things that is being asked is, is change appropriate when it comes to travel? Is there a way to get from point A to point B where you don't have to go so fast or take so many dangers shortcuts or do things that might seem to you to be potentially difficult.

These are tough questions and have been asked on many levels since the dawn of jet travel. There is one underlying reason for this that is not obvious. It has been spoken about extensively in the past but is that which people tend to gloss over right now and that is the tremendous quantity of carbon emission from jet fuel and the way in which jets are indeed one of the contributors to global warming.

As people may come to better understand this there are many potentials that may become available, alternative forms of travel. A party on a boat to get you across an ocean, though it would be slower it would be a lot more fun. In understanding and working with these possibilities though you are left with a great deal of difficulty around one issue. The news has shown over and over the distraught families, the people who have loved ones who have now disappeared for which they have zero information. All they can do is reach out in their own intuition, their own consciousness, their own dreams.

It is as if the sadness, the difficulty, the frustration of this is trying to be answered by technology. By people in positions of power, by the military. This is foolish. What needs to be addressed is the emotion, that sense of loss, a great sense of emptiness, a sense of loneliness were you simply do not know. Why? Because this is symbolic of incarnation itself. The very manifestation by which you come into this life and the way in which you leave it is that which is mysterious. Not mysterious because the information isn't there but because it's part of the process itself you choose to forget it.

This is very important as you begin to understand this you will ask why. What do I gain from this? What is a positive, beautiful, position I gain from forgetting? You will approach love anew, you will connect to others that you have not before anew. You'll see them in a new light, you will hold various aspects of consciousness with them that you might not have before even though there is that sense of familiarity. This is a beautiful thing and it is in that more than anything else that this aspect of transferring between the realms, between the physical and nonphysical brings you a deep sense of who you are. Not who you are as of what you've done, not who you are in terms of what other people think of you, not who you are as some image or likeness of what you want it to be.

But, who you are at the core of love, at the core of uniqueness at the core of the being who wants simply to exist. Now, you have many questions which you would like to understand and pursue about these various matters. Yet, over and over what you are coming face-to-face with, if you understand this underlying principle: is this possibility that it is a reflection of something within you. This is why we would say oh the law of karma doesn't apply to me and similarly now the law of reflection how it doesn't apply to me, is that which so many are willing to say and of course when you say it out loud you realize how foolish it is.

As above so below, as within so without. As you manifest within your world those aspects reflected back to you tells you about your true nature, who you really are. These aspects of the law of reflection do indeed apply to everyone. Now what you will discover for yourself as you examine this a little more. There is a possibility here to learn something very powerful about yourself from all of these things. Where have I participated in that which is producing some of these problems? How can I change my behavior or encourage others or ask others?

Beginning with such questions is very important. Sometimes the answers that show up are very difficult to receive and know for yourself. But, at the same time there are answers. You do recognize now that technology has evolved sufficiently and humanity if it so chose en masse, to do so, could curtail carbon emissions sufficiently to stop global warming. The tipping point fast approaches by which the consequences of previous actions will continue even beyond that and cause destruction and difficulty on your planet even if all carbon emissions are stopped.

But, will humanity make such a choice? You see before you then the predictions. The scientific understanding of what this is all about. Then as you expose this in consciousness you may recognize that others have done the same. This makes it very easy to understand several events playing themselves out in the world right now. The economic disparity, Putin's actions in the Ukraine, these are explained by those who look ahead not five years, more like 2050, what will the planet be like then as these consequences are played out? As humanity continues to burn fossil fuel. There will be far less interest in the external, there will be much more interest in mere survival. The result is this, those in positions of power who are willing to use that power will assure their survival and the survival of their people. In this way you do not see Putin as existing in 2050 but those he passes on power to. He will be held then in high esteem for having promoted survival and having secured energy sources, sufficient resources, sufficient land, sufficient water, all of the things necessary.

This of course is a very shortsighted view and that is only extending to about 2050 it doesn't take into account the karmic consequences of abridging the freedoms of others. But it still is more farseeing than what you see happening in the U.S. Senate and Congress right now. The understanding of how this plays itself out is very difficult sometimes to understand in the smallest sense but always there is this overshadowing view that gently, but persistently comes into the dreams, into the consciousness of those in positions of power. It is through this that you have the opportunity.

Some have asked how do I connect more with Gaia? The inner earth? The inner earth herself in ways that might be helpful. You might think that it's all about you. How do you connect with such energy to feel its healing and beneficial effects? That's usually actually very easy. You get into a hole in the ground, an old shamanistic practice. You become connected to the earth, put your bare feet on the earth, walk on the newly risen dew. Do the different techniques that allow you to connect. But this is no longer enough. You must align your intent along with that of earth. What is earth's intent with regards to humanity? You can make up your own mind about it, some might say a plaque, get rid of them. An earth, under such would probably be having a lot more natural disasters than it is right now.

So we would rather suggest that Earth is very much about service, about serving and loving you, helping you to become more aware, helping you to be alive, to share your own energies with earth. Your lessons about love, about companionship, about connecting. So,to be in alignment with receiving and working with those earth energies that's what you do, you become more of service just as earth would do that. You connect to others, you seek the new ways you can ask a question and help them to know more about themselves or do something that would shift their consciousness with regards to their ability to bring more survival, peace, love, but most importantly alternatives to this planet.

Because the technological solutions are available, you may not always understand these because some of these technological solutions may lie outside traditional methods in science. But, just as you are already seeing so much traditional understanding in science around biology, breaking down, shifting, so also will these eventually in physics, and chemistry, geophysics and many aspects that are very important in regards to your continual survival. But, the attitude, the awareness, the welcoming of these possibilities requires greater spiritual maturity; greater inclusiveness.

So, if you were wondering how to better receive and work with earth energies, how would earth better transmit her energies onto the planet, onto the people, onto the plants and animals in a way that would truly encourage their evolution? Opening that current, that sense of an energy perhaps moving up from the earth with your breath and shared outward from you, into the world and touch those who are healing themselves and disconnecting from Earth perhaps. These people can shift in their awareness and their ideas. In point of fact, there are many individuals in very high up position where some influence of the utilization of fossil fuels has their attention, their ability to make change and they are seeing things differently. They are now moving away from climate change denial and into places of accepting and working with this. We are by no means talking about Republicans or Democrats we are talking about the heads of corporations. In particular the oil companies who are now shifting their ability to understand and work with this.

Although this could be seen as a sign of hope, since they are the ones who are in many ways pushing forward the various agendas that are harmful on your planet it is a symbolic gesture that the symbolism is not lost on the guides and helpers. An awareness that you can make a difference, you can shift how you see things on your planet and in understanding the truth, the science, the awareness. Whatever is happening you don't have to get so upset about it, so depressed about it or angry about it that you put it all aside. Or, like the generation we mentioned before, you just choose to party instead.

As you come to understand this for yourself though, you do begin to recognize that Earth is playing a very powerful role in this. She knows where this is heading. She knows of the changes that will occur because she has seen her sister planets, Venus and Mars go through the same changes. The Martian atmosphere is so thin scientists have theorized at one time it was much thicker, even what you would call breathe-able and indeed this is true. You can see in the way in which various changes can occur on earth could take one in that direction. Or to one of constant clouds, such increased temperatures as to be like the tremendous heat and pressure felt on the surface of Venus.

But, in whatever way you recognize this potential, know that earth is fully aware of this and wants very much to continue in any way possible her interaction with human beings, with the place of expansion, love, learning, and peace. Yes, perhaps you could toss out a question or two while we give Jon a little drink of water.

Jill: do you have any information why Aajonus left early and how the Primal Diet might develop in years to come especially with regards to different diets or developments? For those of us following the Primal Diet besides eating organic, would Hilarion please indicate the appropriate elixirs or rituals to be used to mitigate the karma we create by being party to the environmental burden on the earth due to our reliance on the meat industry?

Hilarion: The individual you are referring to is Aajonus Vonderplanitz, an individual who left many important ideas still not fully recognized by the scientific establishment. But, with each passing month a new experiment, a new bit of research, moving exactly, precisely in that direction. The human biome, the various bacteria, the energies associated with the human beings all pointing toward you as primarily bacteria. As Aajonus often spoke of this, and ways to work with that bacteria, what was missing was the conscious connection. Now, this is difficult because when you examine a bacteria under a microscope you see a very simple organism, it seems to pretty much be motivated by a few very simple things. It doesn't really seem to be thinking. But you have this powerful example on your planet; tiny insects who group together, and though they may not be thinking the way you do, they clearly respond to their environment as if the group consciousness is indeed capable of deep thought, powerful methods of understanding and survival.

So it is also with the bacteria on your body, in your body, throughout your body. When things are going well, when it's not having to work very hard to clear or cleanse, or do things that you are pressing it into service to do by eating things that are toxic or difficult or those things for which it was not programmed. Those thought processes arise. It is a very different kind of thought than what you are used to. But, over the many years we have suggested various ways in which your consciousness can connect to the thoughts of animals, or the kingdom of the air, or the thoughts of plants, or the thoughts even of the insect world.

Now we are suggesting the collective thought pattern of the bacteria. Specifically, the bacteria associated with your body. These are often opportunistic bacteria picked up along the way but they have been strongly influenced by the bacteria already present. What is their message for you? What do they want you to know? How do they want you to feel? You might be surprised to discover here that it isn't really as you thought about the possibility of a battle, or the enemy that is storming the walls of the Citadel and the way in which the bacteria fight them off and all that stuff. This certainly is one of the roles that are involved in how bacteria interact in your body. The bacteria is very important in the digestive process and the way in which your skin is helping and so on and so forth.

But it is this other message that consciousness associated with the bacteria that are part of your body has come into that bacteria to serve you and experience love. You might recognize this for instance in the way in which you connect to your animal pets, a creature has chosen a consciousness to be around you, to experience something about you. Your own sense of love and your own ability to teach that animal some deeper level of kindness or assistance or loyalty. But, in some way that love aspect, that friendship aspect becomes very clear as the animal communicates with you.

The bacteria that have chosen to be with you, they also are here to experience love, a very intimate love. It's an intimacy of direct contact with your physical form where the bacteria are in your brain. It is the actual process of their interaction with those aspects of you which think, or at least which house the consciousness that you would understand as thinking. It is not just then that they have their own simple roles to play and with complex interaction in regards to the whole body. It is also that they want to experience love. How can this be experienced? In what ways can your own imagination come into play here? This is often the basis for the most helpful rituals that you can go through in order to manifest this contact, this awareness, this welcoming. This is tricky to understand because you usually think of consciousness in some way so singular as represented by a face, a sound, a behavior.

But here is something you are talking about which penetrates, which is all over your body, all inside, all outside of it. It is a part of your being which is so intrinsic to your physical form that it is even hard to see it. That is the powerful lesson itself. Let go of trying to see it. Be aware of this as movement because this is one thing you see so often about bacteria, they move. Sometimes the movement is very slight, but move they do. That sense that every part of your body is wiggling, moving, interacting, connecting, communicating, sharing light, sharing a sense of being together. This is one helpful tool to attune to this. Then of course, as you make a contact, ask. Is there something you'd like of me right now? And contribute. Share some place in your own sense of love. The loving acceptance of what these beautiful beings have done for you and will continue to do for you.

Now, this is of course the underlying energy that Aajonus was able to see and experience in his dreams, in his awareness of the tremendous role that all of the microorganisms play. In many ways it was very perplexing to see over and over and over how this was ignored, pushed away, how the doctors, the scientists, dissected and separated and did not see the whole picture, always seem to be making the bacteria suffer. Make the energetics with the whole being stressed and harmful. It was as if than so deep within his consciousness that this appreciation of the whole was there. Those that interacted with him, those that knew him could sense this, could feel this even if it was not spoken of overtly. So often the answers to very troubling and difficult health problems showed up by this appreciation of the whole. The largest, biggest picture, the deepest understanding that could come from taking all aspects into account.

One specific remedy that has been suggested so often can now be more widespread where possible and that is even for those who are vegetarian, a very helpful tool. That is the use of avocado and orange eaten together. Because we see so many, particularly all around the Pacific Rim, but this is becoming so widespread you could say everywhere on your planet, radiation is taking its toll. The ability to cleanse and clear it, to prevent some of its more difficult effects, all of this is indeed manifested with avocado and orange. It might be helpful to have this as often as twice a week even if you are in optimal health because it will be an excellent preventative.

Now, there is this question about elixirs, vibrational remedies, and over and over you recognize that the flowers of those plants which are associated with those aspects of healing that you would see helpful will be an adjunct to that which you are taking in physically. So, even though orange flower and avocado flower are not recognized as particularly helpful for radiation on their own, or only mildly so, having them together as a simple combination remedy is also so valuable.

Rye, similarly so helpful because raw milk is so valuable at bringing this powerful energy to bear to cleanse radiation from the body. In particular the radiation imparted by strontium because of raw milk will tend to balance this out and pull the radioactive strontium out of the body. What are the cows eating that would seem most helpful would be grass. Grass which is so commonly grown on your planet is rye grass. So rye flour would be very helpful as you move through this.

Other important remedies are those which relate to the important aspects of the collective consciousness. The recognition of how you are all connected together and how you learn from each other and work with this. This is not so much a specific as to one particular polluting or difficult aspect within the body, as it is the deeper understanding of all of it. For this, corn is playing a very important role. Corn flower essence has been spoken about extensively in the past with regard to its ability to unite, to bring collective consciousness in, to understand the group. But, corn has now taken on a whole new role on your planet as a fuel source and as an area of great contention about genetically modified corn and ways in which that may be seen as harmful or difficult for people.

All of this is showing you together how working with these aspects of the collective consciousness can be enhanced by the use of corn elixir. In addition to this the most important elixir we recommend in working with this would be the understanding of transformation. Although silver sword flower essence and Sirius Starlight elixir and white diamond gem elixir are all helpful for these, combining all three together can be such a powerful, transformative tool.

We might suggest you use it once a month perhaps right around the time of the new moon with the idea that you are going to see a transformative quality in how you connect to your own body, to the food you eat, and also importantly to your preconceived notions, to the things you thought about yourself and the ways in which you may change these in your own consciousness. So that would be a few things to address with regards to this question. Does this help?

Jill: Thank you. How important is exercise? Is exercise less necessary when a raw food diet is eaten? Is this true because raw food has more spiritual energy and doesn't get stuck in the body the way processed food does?

Hilarion: No. It is an interesting area of contention and usually asked by those who are tired of so much exercise. They would like to make it a little easier on themselves. There is nothing wrong with that and indeed if there is less toxic material taken in, of course there is less exercise related detoxification necessary. So, one way to do this is an analysis of the body. Looking at the eyes, you will see a series of rings encircling the iris which Aajonus called "worry circles" are often more accurately described as," exercise circles." He would say then that if you had a lot of them you need more exercise and vice versa. This is a good indicator because this is showing you not that there is toxicity in the body that must be removed, but your body's natural way of working with toxicity.

So you have more of the rings if you're going to be able to clear the toxicity from your body quickly and easily with exercise. Those with fewer rings, exercise would be helpful, but you may end up having other difficulties or you may find other methods preferable. In all cases of course so many more advanced methods have been developed for detoxification, much more rapid than exercise. Aajonus was certainly proud of discussing this matter at various times about how he was able to lift heavy weights and do all kinds of things of tremendous potential physical stamina with very little exercise or preparation. All of this is certainly correct that you can do a lot more with the appropriate foods for your body. But that is only natural if you are giving it the fuel for which it is designed it is of course going to perform so much better either for detoxification or for building and strengthening aspects of the body.

The most important thing is in the education, the deeper understanding, the going deeper in awareness of all the factors in all the ways in which this applies and a clear, hard look at what you're putting in your body, moment by moment everyday and a clear hard look how your belief patterns, your preconceived ideas are influencing this more than anything logical or understandable. Now, when it comes to exercise there is another aspect to it that can never be separated from it. It is the psychological and even the psycho-spiritual. When you are moving you are as if saying symbolically to your consciousness," I'm moving. I'm moving forward." Even if things are stuck elsewhere in my life they aren't right now." This is a wonderful thing but that is also where people get into trouble, when they overdo it or hurt themselves. Oftentimes unconsciously trying to compensate for areas in which they are stuck.

Therefore we also suggest where you are experiencing exercise you have this wonderful moment afterwards. It is usually the moment of recovery and a lot of times people sort of kickback, turn on the TV or whatever. Far better, take a moment look at areas in your life where you have been stuck. With that very sense of moving forward or moving the body has been limited. For that aspect of getting things changing or releasing, that this has been difficult. Because in that moment you will be more attuned to those areas of consciousness in your entire soul that are all about movement, energy, new ideas, energy shifting and connecting to each other in ways that are clearly about action, solution, movement, and fun.

This can help a lot with some of those aspects as well. And the beautiful thing about this particularly for those with a lot of exercise circles in the eyes. The next time exercise shows up for them they will be more open to it, more accepting. They know that follows afterward will also be fun, creative, enjoyable and so on.

In addition to this, of course merely speaking about movement seems to invite it especially when a stretch might be so useful right now. So we suggest that you imagine that you are stretching before you actually do it and that stretching has a lot of movement involved in it, a lot of energy moving through. Yet, as a stretch is slow, steady, all of that movement is allowed to move through the body and be released. It could be up to the hands as a yawn, through the legs, whatever you wish. But, a helpful thing at this point.

Now, one question of course about diet is the future of diet. It does seem as if there is going to likely be a great deal of further resistance to the truths about this that Aajonus uncovered because after all there will be limits as to where people will make money on it. That seems to be the problem with supplements, with various new technologies based on all kinds of new discoveries. As for instance a question had shown up about Product B and all of these different things. Well, in a laboratory when something turns out to be very helpful there are many steps that often are necessary before it reaches a human being. This is surprising because many of you would think that there would be an inherent ethic that the very company that is involved in commercializing such a product would in a very ethical way do their very best to make sure that that product is very helpful and truly beneficial to the individual.

How many times have you seen just the opposite? In particular where a product has an initial acceptance, a lot of people really liking it, and then a matter of a few months later, no longer the same results. Sometimes it is because the product has changed. It is because those involved have realized they can make a lot of money and can do so by instead of using Spirulina, they can use common ryegrass and this actually did occur with the tremendous burst of energy around Spirulina in the 1980s. As people are able to understand and work with this they will see that the real key in working with any of the various substances that are available out there is a way in which they are in themselves getting the deeper lesson of this.

So, in this sense the idea of an anti-aging compound or understanding your own DNA can often relate to a sense of your connection to something bigger than yourself. After all, DNA is symbolic of your inheritance, meaning your lineage. The ancient ones in your history who are part of yourselves and the bacteria that have been transmitted from your parents and grand parents through the various sequences of births. All of these things as simple and basic and physical as they are are often reminders about the nature of DNA.

But, for everyone to understand this principle around products is crucial. If you have good intuition or are good with a pendulum and find a product that is helpful to you don't forget when you re-order it or get another one that you check again. Very often you will see over time that this great temptation is present with many seemingly ethical companies. Because there is a whole chain of involvement in the manufacturing business and unless a single individual with a truly ethical understanding can oversee the entire process from beginning to end you will often find the possibility of shortcuts available.

Aajonus spoke extensively about supplementation in his book," Recipe for Living Without Disease." This was principally from his observation on excessive levels of contamination and a wide variety of supplements. Our own investigation into this concurs. We recognize a significant level of contamination and various substances which you really have no business putting in your body. The various solvents, in particular benzene, various heavy-metal's, in particular arsenic, mercury, cadmium, others which are problematic showing up in various supplements which in some cases were initially brought to the market without any of these contaminants or various solvents. As a result it appears consistently preferable to have your foods as food not as pills in order to avoid these potential difficulties. That is perhaps an oversimplification but has often been stated if it's advertised, you probably don't want to eat it. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Would you please offer your perspective on the Affordable Care Act and the true intention behind it and the way it may affect the public and especially healers who believe in alternative healing?

Hilarion: The idea was to take the step towards the preferable systems as they have proved themselves worthwhile. In Canada, in England, in Germany and so forth. Although this is called, "a single-payer system," it is called "socialized medicine," it is called all of these things is still, though a little better than the other systems, it is primarily a direct relationship with the large pharmaceutical companies. The sort of divisive enemy-based way of viewing health and other things. The idea of the Affordable Health Care Act is to take a step in the correct direction of reducing profits for all of the intermediaries and this has not been very successful. But it is as we have said a step in that direction. With every step taken there is an opportunity to receive some deeper message, some deeper understanding. Is this the best way of healing? Is this the best way of us understanding our own bodies? Do we need to be dependent on all of these drugs, on all of these methods that are used by the medical establishment?

That in itself is a beautiful thing to ask the question, to help people look at this more carefully and to help them decide for themselves. But, as it has only taken a small step in such direction but there are the very people who are questioning the system who are now going to be a little closer to single-payer, or socialized medicine who may be now that much more willing to ask the deeper questions. Where is the wholism? Where is the appreciation of the whole body? Where is the understanding of what is most natural and appropriate for my being?

Because this was a step in the right direction, the guides and helpers assisted wherever possible to bring this on to your planet and to help in USA which is way behind most of the other civilized countries in your planet in appreciating and understanding medicine and the working with the human body and so on. Though, clearly a for-profit enterprise need not be that which was for-profit in a way that profited so many and caused so much distress and difficulty of an economic nature to so many people. This clearly is a system that though, a little better really isn't working and it is clear that as others become aware of these larger possibilities, a new avenue will also appear. This is one that is now taking hold in these other countries we've just mentioned. The idea that a more holistic way can be that which also receives funding of some sort. Not funding from a drug company anymore but funding from other sources, independent sources. Sources of consortiums and groups of people that understand the wholism. As such becomes available it may indeed be possible that this could be incorporated into the affordable health care act in its current incarnation. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Thank you. Can you comment on the importance of water for our existence and the lessons we are getting from the drought and how that might continue?

Hilarion: Indeed - several Mediterranean climates are experiencing drought. Australia, well-known for its Mediterranean climate, is in the throes of a drought again and indeed this is one of the areas that is quite susceptible to the great changes in the wind, water and temperature changes all over your planet. The greater appreciation of this will over and over be very simple. Look at the wholeness of Earth, look at how she is trying to correct these energies and move them around and do what is necessary. The real difficulty comes when you ask the tough questions: what will be the effect of multi-year drought? You have Australia as an area to look at where they have been struggling with this for some time now.

Similarly as you are looking to this within the aquifer's and understanding of how water is working with in California you may come to a deeper appreciation of water itself. Water is an abundant resource on your planet and viewed from very far away it is indeed a very watery planet. So the solution will ultimately be seen at the technological level as a great deal of focus on less and less expensive ways of desalination, removing salt from the ocean and allowing the water to be more widely utilized. Transportation of such water is already feasible and many of the transportation methods that are already present can be adapted for this.

But, when we look at the other planets that have been through this, where various things have created dramatic climate change, always where these abilities to transform one resource into another, this was inevitably utilized by any civilization. Of course the larger picture of this is to do those things which stabilize your climate and enable things that will be more helpful on your planet.

For this we offer two solutions: one is that which is the most difficult where people can on a personal level, reduce their own carbon footprint. But, the other is much more important because it is an energy that you take with you, an energy that is taken from one lifetime to the next and it can be called," spiritual maturity." A place where you are committed to seeing others in a place of greater love, greater forgiveness, greater connection to each other.

Although this is powerful at dissolving karma it also does something else, it creates a possibility on your planet that should technology be introduced that could have dangerous misuse, that people will choose not to use it in that direction. One of the reasons nuclear power was allowed, in spite of the potential danger and difficulty associated with that was to see, could humanity work with such a dangerous technology in a way in which it could be put to some peaceful uses? Although this has been somewhat successful, the greater lesson associated with this still has not been taken by humanity.

The technologies that we described in our little book," The Nature of Reality," clearly have the potential to solve so many of humanity's problems with regards to infinite supply of energy, sufficient resources, ability to manufacture as much water as you want and so on.

But, that same technology misused could be that which of course would cause the destruction of huge numbers of people or be that which is harmful to the planet herself. It is in the appropriate ability to use this is how true spiritual maturity is measured. Clearly, you are not at that point yet and this is why the guides and helpers are so interested in slowing down the deeper understanding of this technology. At the same time reminding people who have an opportunity to encourage some greater degree of spiritual maturity in their family, in their friends, their church and the people they interact with in their community and the world.This is not easy to understand and a different perspective on it might be given by another who would wish to speak now. We would like to hear from Athena at this time if that's all right.

Athena: Each of you holds in your heart a different sort of way of seeing light and love. A diamond with many facets, each of you pouring into the diamond from your own facet. In its center a beautiful light radiates outward. The light of truth says there are different ways to come to these solutions, different ways to appreciate each other, different ways to love. Is there someone you know who would seem to you poised on the threshold of greater acceptance of themselves, of people, of you? Is there someone who is ready to let go of a little prejudice, a little preconceived notion. Is there someone you know willing to take a step? Now is the time to ask them of this and to speak of it in your own life, in your own love, in your own inner embrace and your own inner child.

Because, step-by-step, little by little that is what brings this spiritual maturity to your planet. Because it is a spiritual grace, it is a place which all are connected, all are acknowledging that connection all know their own truth together. This is a place in which you are willing to be seen for who you really are. It is this more than anything else that will encourage someone else to let go of what is in the way of what you see is who they really are. When you do that yourself. How to bring this greater level of acceptance and spiritual maturity to your planet to the point that all of these wonderful potentials could be manifested? Begin by knowing such a thing is possible; knowing such a light which it represents is already present. That such a truth is available in every human heart.

Gaia: yes. We thank you Hilarion for your willingness to bridge our energy to Athena's. We have gone by many names, but now we represent ourselves simply as Gaia. The energy of earth often perceived as female yet there is a male side to this, the energetic that is called the power of earth. Breathe it now, feel it in your bones. Know this great strength is available to you. It is the Earth's heartbeat, the earth's drum. It is a place in which you can see the combination of many energies, the energies of being, the energies of earth but also the energies of life. This bountiful opportunity to bring forth, to awaken, to be.

Hilarion: Yes, Hilarion here again. We thank you Gaia and Athena for your comments and assistance energetically. Both messages, though they have a verbal side to them are a reminder of an inner connection that you have to light, to truth, to your heart, your soul, into an anchoring of earth herself and an awareness of her energy and her strength that energizes a different aspect. As if the male and female become as one. Very good. Should we answer another or should we close for today?

Jill: is there anything else that you want us to know"

Hilarion: Oh yes. We could go on and yet if each of these little nuggets, little ideas, little pieces could be combined within you, each of you holding them and understanding them uniquely, different from everyone else, the beautiful out-flowering this would be. The greatest encouragement particularly in the springtime is that as the idea shows up, as something shows up that you have the courage to act on it. You have the willingness to receive it. That you write about it, that you share about it, that you do something with it. Often times these things show up for you because somewhere down the road, someplace you don't even know now, it will benefit you. But the initial understanding of this, it is as if it just shows up on its' own. It is a beautiful thing that you can acknowledge or work with it. But, one of the best ways to work with this, strangely enough, is when you just let go.

A good way to begin this is to look into your body right now. A little bit of tension here or there. A little bit of holding here or there. Could you just let it go? Right now? Such a simple and quiet tickling phrase to remind you of this anytime you want. Because, there will be times when you've forgotten this, when there is a holding, when there is something slowing you down and blocking you from what is next for you and we will whisper this very close to your ear. Your guides and helpers will whisper this, your bacteria in your body will whisper it.

Let us do the work. Could you just let it go? Sometimes in the acknowledgment of the natural process by which that letting go takes place something beautiful shows up. Right now you're probably noticing that as you are letting it go, as you let go of the tension, as you let go of the thoughts, as you let go of the must, or the should. What shows up is the emerald light. That light that you fill this room with as a sense of infinite connectivity from infinitely upwards and center of earth as those energies are shared, bridged and loved into existence an earth response. Her own gentle loving light now creating a sound. A beautiful "om" sound - to be shared out loud. Goodbye. Omm…

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