Hilarion Summer Solstice 2014

Jill: Greetings. Today is June 21, 2014. We are gathered here in Nevada City for the Summer Solstice channeling of Hilarion. For further information on channelings, books, tapes and videos please contact Jon C. Fox, P.O Box 2209, Nevada City, California 95959 or visit us on the internet at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Yes. Greetings to all of you. This is that energy, being or vibration, you call Hilarion. We welcome this opening and this energy. For a moment we ask you to set aside these ideas of the mind, of consciousness, even of thought. At no better time in the Northern Hemisphere than this for doing that sort of thing. The beginning of the summer, the sense of the movement of earth through the heavens, the sense of the energy of the animals, of everything coming alive, so much is there to nurture, to strengthen and to remind you of those aspects of yourself which are unique. Which are about who you are.

Yet, you do not access this so much by conscious thought, by visualization or by the things that are ideas as you do by movement, by breathing, by simply being. A way to enter into that easily, strangely enough, is by asking a thought provoking question,” Who am I really?” Who or what is experiencing this moment right now?” These sorts of questions can also allow you to laugh at the very process that brings up such a question. Since who you are, since the nature of this energy is beyond that which has naming. Beyond that which has consciousness, beyond that which has any limitation at all. At the very moment you can think of a limitation for it, you can ask,” is that all of it?”

You will know there is more than that. More than a name, more than a limit, more than anything imagined. More than that would encompass a limit in time. Hasn't it always existed? Is it in space? Is it here in this place or is it something bigger than that. Any time you encounter a limit in asking such a question it is helpful to realize that what is really happening is as if the question is asking you. No, that doesn't make sense, in the logical, in the verbal. But, in the way in which the question is asking you, it is inviting you to recognize who you are and more importantly who you are becoming. Because as more and more people are awakening to this, that sort of energy is changing your planet. It changes your planet more than the idea that what you think becomes real, more than the idea of the technologies that are on earth that can be used to heal, to help. More than protests, more than political action, it is the way in which you are tapping into source.

So, if you ask a question such as, “what is consciousness? “ An answer such as, “it is vibration,” is within the limitation of using consciousness to study and know about consciousness. That can only take you so far. What is there that holds consciousness? What is there that holds vibration? What is the container for this? In the moment in which you conceive the container of course you instantly conceive of the breaking of that container and the larger energy which contains that and so on and so on. So, instead we invite you to recall your invitation to planet Earth in the first place. Many of you have had an attraction, a connection, to animals, to beings who roam this earth with you. They do have concerns of this nature but certainly not that of politics or economics. Their concerns of the intellectual or the mind are there to some extent as a distraction to remind them about human beings. But they are also so easily to show you by their actions, by their love, by their energy, something else about just being.

That is a beautiful thing about this time. In the Northern Hemisphere as the Summer Solstice signifies the breath of earth in its purest form, the place at which the breath is full. The place at which you are ready to express into the summer, into the energies of connecting to others, and to the energies of joy and this has nothing to do with the intellect. You could say it is about opening your heart and that is true also. But, what if you didn't have a heart, and your nonphysical your heart was simply that was constructed by your own consciousness, by your own memory of what your life is like when you had a physical body.

All of this energy is there to simply remind you that your guides and helpers are experiencing joy with you. Inviting you to experience joy and know that joy. That is the essential characteristic of the beginning of summer. The awareness of the light that is so bright, it is the longest day and the shortest night and that this energy touches you deeply and is there to release anything in the way. There are many questions for tonight and yet without even realizing it most of those questions revolve around a single theme. It has to do in the way in which the way in which energy, as it manifests through you, finds its expression in the world, and what you call reality. The actual reflection through events, through what you see and feel, and yet there is an energy with that, that runs much deeper than you realize.

Part of it is because there are more people in incarnation on your planet then there have ever before. Part of it is because many of the people you have followed powerful religious precepts, various ideas that have been projected to them by others who wanted to use religion in order to maintain control, to maintain their own sense of themselves, their identity and so on. These people are discovering that it doesn't work, that it is falling apart and that it only creates fear, destruction, terrible harm to their children and so many other things that seem completely out of context that the religion that came to them in the first place.

But, at the same time as this is happening in the consciousness of so many individuals is a crying out for help. Let my guides, led by higher energies, let my intuition, let my dreams, let something so many answers to what is confronting me might be a way in which this energy might be expressed. In line with this and the understanding of the summer is the simple symbol that has been widely utilized with regards to the idea of the night and day and their relationship. When the days are longer than the nights, the accepted symbolism for this is that there is a focus on the individual, on your individuality, on your consciousness that makes you unique, the aspects of your life, your life experiences, your past lives, all of the aspects that make you who you are different from others, the same as others in the blending of these might be what is your uniqueness.

Yet, for many individuals, without realizing it, they begin slowly to recognize little by little as if a window into their soul, what is their essence, their true nature? In this time of maximum individuality associated with the summer is a completely different way of looking at this from what you would have in the wintertime, since of course emphasis on the longer night symbolizing the group, the connection to the group at large.

So, how can your own uniqueness, your own individuality, help you recognize the nature of your world and the changes that are occurring all around you? This would be a theme, you could see, as addressing all of the questions presented tonight. From the most practical about the comet on its way to Mars, to the most general about the very nature of consciousness itself, or the best way to prepare for your own ascension. But, in understanding all of these things you recognize more and more that your consciousness plays a role in this and your consciousness particularly right now and as continuing through the summer time is more focused on the nature of your individuality, what you bring of your own uniqueness to this, than it is of your group, your community, your family. Those are important aspects but they are now funneled through, transformed by, that which is unique to you.

So, we would urge you to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity this gives because by its very nature within the collective consciousness of all human beings in incarnation and those guiding you and helping you who are not in incarnation those energies are saying to you in so many ways, not only do we treasure your uniqueness, treasure and welcome those aspects that are your individuality but more than ever they have an affect in the world. That effect can be that which is unconscious on your part. For instance, when you listen to the news and you gather from this a great deal of fear or it provides to you those experiences that cause you to somehow become smaller, to condense, to contract. Some would say, how can you do anything but that? If that is your attitude towards it we would strongly recommend not listening, or watching the news anymore.

But, if you can see this as a challenge to expand as a place for some expansive, loving energy it can be a wonderful thing. What you are see immediately as you witness the situation changing in Iraq as it is doing day by day now is a tremendous shift into an acceptance of that which is responding to the symbolism of three. You have the Sunnis, you have the Kurds, you have these energies that are now beginning to take over the government as it has been before. As it is simply that which is reflecting that of a single religion and the beautiful thing about having three is that it begs you to let go of all.

Interestingly enough you are seeing this now happening in governments and in the individuals. It has not yet reached the surface but a little of it now emerging in Egypt where various Muslims are seeing their own lives changed dramatically by the government. Little by little though, as each of the governments become more aware of what is happening they are going to question more and more. This is the key to it you see. As you can question, as you can understand your own reality about this, how can this shift for you? Specifically look at any of the opposites that show up within your life. This or that. I'm going to eat meat or I'm going to eat only vegetables and yet is there something that asks, “what is this for? What is this to nurture? What is this to balance or bring out in my body? Is there another choice?”

The choice can of course be of doing both. It can of course show up in a way in which you relate to neither, called fasting, a way in which you deliberately come to see both of these differently because you are connecting deeply to the plants, to the animals, not to that which is bought in a store. But to that which is grown in your own backyard or something else. Something that is based on your own uniqueness, your own unique way of seeing this. Ultimately, your choice seems as if it is this or that, only one or two choices is to draw you in and see that there is a higher reality at work.

One of the great proposals with regards to Iraq is to separate this country into three areas. The difficulty will be of course be where you put Baghdad in this since there is a great division or pulling of the major city in any country around such. Of course, you have the old pattern of Berlin in this, a way in which it was separated in earlier times and the way in which those people living there eventually put all that aside. As then, this is the opportunity for these people to segregate, separate, and eventually come together. Many will struggle against this, but this is that which has been festering deeply ever since the fall of Saddam Hussein. These people see each other in such different ways, they have decided they will not get along together. The truth, is far from this. They can get along together and it is the vision of their leaders and various individuals in their government to help that along. It has failed. Those involved, in order to see and know their own individuality have their focus therefore on their own religion.

So, in this way you see this powerful symbolism and how it reflects to you and where you can address this for yourself and find the three-ness in something. The larger energy begins to emerge that allows the questioning in your life as difficult, as uncomfortable as it might be you question the things in the world. This has a powerful effect and the interesting thing about this, and from our perspective, far more powerful today than it has ever been before. This energy that helps you understand and work with things on a personal level that can be then projected outward into the world is that which also has a more profound effect on the world than it has before.

There are many reasons for this in the most important is simply the idea that it is possible. That you have within you a joyous expression about that. Wouldn't it be wonderful if people could understand the powerful love in their hearts and let go of their fears, their prejudices, their energetics that keep them from experiencing love. Now, the problem with this is that some of those words are familiar, you have come up against them in the past, you have somehow prayed for peace, or visualized it in the world. Sometimes as a result of this you would say it's not working, I don't see the level of peace that I would liken the world. Some arguments could be made about that of course, the wars are smaller and more separated than they were before. But, we would not say such a thing because in fact the death, the harm, the struggle of a single human being in the face of war is that which is not deserved by any human being and is shared in the collective consciousness of all human beings.

So, instead we would say to you that even though in the past this has not had the effect that you might have wanted, could you entertain the possibility that now things are a little different and they continue to change so that your own understanding of this has a greater effect than it has before and in direct relationship to your own personal experience about this. That is the beautiful thing about this invitation into the summer energy; the sense that you can now bring to this something unique about you.

A question was asked about what is the soul? This is not an easy question to answer. It is one of those questions that whatever level of consciousness you reach, whatever dimension you enter into, when you ask that question it takes you into areas that are on the edge of your understanding, the edge of your dimensionality and takes you into borderline of the next level and consciousness of your own nature. So, for you, when you experience this question it begs to you about looking at the higher vibrational reality that surrounds it, your past lives, what happens when you die and what happens to you non-physicality and many other things.

Because the soul it seems as a vibration to go on and on and so on. But, what about when you're nonphysical and you ask that question? It doesn’t only apply to the levels of physicality? It shows you the energetics associated with the energies, consciousness around you and what it is like for them. In its essence, what you're attempting to look at is the complex vibration of that which makes up who you are. This blends with the “who you are-ness,” of the other people, the other animals, the Earth herself, the atmosphere, the plants. But, also, that which made you in the first place the “who you are-ness,” in the universe. It is in this powerful blending that you, the nature of your consciousness are changed. You are affected by your experiences and your experiences are affecting all the other souls.

There are those who would recognize that a soul has had a struggle, has had a difficulty, it has perhaps in some way experienced a trauma or in an experience of trauma that was not fully realized, chosen to re-experience it lifetime after lifetime in various ways. Not because necessarily balancing the karma was the most important thing to do but because they simply didn't get the lesson in the first place. But whatever way this emerges what comes along with it is you get a better sense of what your soul is and how it is different from the other souls.

Now we recognize that this is an impossible way of trying to define and that it is that which is impossible to define but that which invites, by whatever definition you give it, something to pop in, to break that definition apart, to show that it is something bigger than you imagined, or smaller. But, the way in which you approach it, we would ask you to recognize that there is something else. This is a difficult aspect to understand because when you bring to it a definition, when you bring to it your mind, your thoughts, you make it very hard to understand it. Just as the concept takes you right to the edge of your own dimensionality, of your own physicality, of your own nature of being. So also in coming to understand this, does that easily fall apart.

In particular, we would ask you then, to let this energy of the soul be with you. Now we know that is impossible to understand from the intellectual point of view but it is as if in coming into consciousness where the word soul exists, as it does in so many languages you have put in your own consciousness a trigger. Something ready to open the door. Just as the previous two questions: who am I? And who or what is experiencing this moment now? have this powerful effect. So also does asking about your soul.

There are many questions you can ask from as simple as what is my soul? But, we would suggest this one: let me know my soul now or what is the nature of my soul now? This way of approaching it has an interesting response for many individuals. If you can let go of the intellectual, it can let go of that which tries to understand, categorize and instead simply welcome. You will see that what it is about is your soul itself speaking to you, loving you, knowing you.

In particular, we would remind you at this moment that your soul is a part of you. It is that energy which has made you who you are. There are those who call it, “your essence.” But for now, we simply invite you to invite your soul's presence. Now, from our point of view we see there is as if an overshadowing energy which is much larger and yet it still retains a magnificent part of your own individuality. It is that which is approximately ten times larger than that which is your own individual identity incarnate here on earth.

Thus, simply as an energetic, simply as a way a nonphysical sees it, you are about ten times more than you think you are. You are of course much more than that, but in that which would be called you, your individuality, which would be called your soul, about 10% of that energy detaches itself and makes itself physical. It comes into your consciousness to help you understand and to be. Consciousness is not a thing it is a vibration, but it is held within the thing which is in your physical body and especially your brain. But the way in which all that energy comes to bear, one thing brings an important question and answer to it and that is the soul. What is this for?

You can have many answers for this: to learn to grow, to evolve, to experience, to help others, to have fun. These are all valid, useful tools but from the point of view of the soul they are secondary. In the point of view of that consciousness which is so much greater than who you are and is essentially just bringing a small portion of itself into who you are right now. It is saying, “it is.” It is the “I Am presence,” it is simply that you exist, that being-ness is enough. Perhaps you could toss out a question or two?

Jill: Please comment on the attraction to the consciousness altering substances marijuana and Ayahuasca, the benefits, healing uses, of cannabis oil, and how that's coming into our lives today?

Hilarion: There are many of course who have commented on this and there are many ways to approach this. We would also like to add to this a different perspective. One of the reasons why these things make their appearance on a much larger level, of course seeing for instance cannabis being accepted legally in more locations in the world, in USA and of course outside USA is a symbol. It is a way in which people are being welcomed, asked and reminded to look with their own spiritual maturity. Can you work with it in a mature way? Society at large asks the question first and it answers a question from those aspects which affects society at large, government and economic. But the economic consequences of making marijuana illegal, are weighed against making it legal. Often, this is the prime motivating factor.

But, it is a reminder to you to treat this appropriately, to see where it has spiritual significance in your life. To a large extent we see that these substances have the opportunity to alter your consciousness dramatically, to help you have a different perspective on your life, to achieve a higher state of consciousness perhaps after years of meditation. But, at the same time the very mechanism by which they do this is one that shuts down those same processes when that substance is used repeatedly. So the opportunity to experience an alteration in consciousness is clearly welcomed by whatever means. But, if you take those means which are chemical, vibrational from external, i.e. shot to pot, somebody touching you and giving you that experience, or something that is occurring naturally from that substance.

You open a door in which you have choices, powerful ones. Often times what you are confronted with is your own tendency toward addiction and this is very much about your own spiritual maturity; addicted to ideas of a certain kind, or a way of thinking or working with other people, or doing things as you have been accustomed to etc, etc. as you are able to rise above the particular occasion and work with it appropriately.

However, it is important to recognize that the spiritual maturity of mankind is also very much put to the test around marijuana. Because it is an ancient substance with many powerful, helpful, healing benefits and this has been well known. Additionally, as it is also well know, it is a fibrous substance; hemp as one that has many important, helpful practical uses for making materials that are very strong and can last for very long time. It is also that which can grow under a wide variety of conditions. It pushes humanity to approach it in a mature and balanced way; not easy. Not easy to work with when it is so easy then to move into the addictive portion. You see this of course with other substances; alcohol of course which has many helpful uses as an antiseptic or that which can be used as a solvent to be mixed with many other substances. Of course, the many who are addicted to it must somehow be able to let that go more of their own individuality, more of their own nature.

How this ties into the theme tonight is so important. Sometimes, by your own nature, in working with the substance like Ayahuasca, like marijuana, like many substances that are altering in consciousness, something is revealed about yourself. Something powerful and not easy to understand, perhaps. Perhaps a new way of seeing or knowing yourself. It is really important when this occurs that you have some opportunity to work with that, to put it into action and to know it better and at the very least to write it down. But in some way or another your acknowledgment of that which is, rather than a denial of it, can be a very powerful tool in your own spiritual evolution.

In particular, there is a tendency when you are using these two substances that you have mentioned that is marijuana, Ayahuasca, that you pull back and you see your world from a faraway perspective, you see your life, your own nature. You perhaps experience things in symbols. Often this shows up in your consciousness because you are not quite ready to see it and know it full on. But, if you can work with it you will find that it is extremely helpful in changing something about yourself relating to your own uniqueness.

This often is the basis upon which an addiction can get started. Because with repeated use some of those particular pathways actually shut down. This is especially true with marijuana and alcohol and other addictive drugs. Because what you have awakened often has to do with not only your uniqueness, some particular attribute about you, some talent or capability. But, the idea that you need to put it into action. For some individuals this may emerge as guilt, looking at some of the ways in your life you didn't put it into action, you held back your love, you held back your talents and capabilities. Or, it might be a way in which you simply were afraid and now you have decided that you're not going to have that fear anymore. But whatever way in which you come to this it is important to recognize that this is the basis of your spiritual maturity from the summer Solstice perspective. This idea of your own individuality emerging, that something very beautiful, perhaps very powerful but often times that which is unique to you is asking to be listened to, asking to be received and most importantly asking to be expressed.

This brings us to a question by an individual who has an interest in expressing some of her knowledge, some of her understanding, some of her spiritual awareness and how to do this in an appropriate way for your audience to connect to them quickly. This can be a question which can be understood in two perspectives: the first which is basic and practical. If your own speaking abilities are poor those will distract your audience. So you must of course start with and understanding of proper and appropriate ways of speaking. This actually has nothing to do with communication.

Communication at its core is from consciousness to consciousness, but rather it is imposed by the language that you speak. This is an English speaker asking this question and it is one way to look at it but other languages have their own impediments. The point is you work with those. Toastmasters and speaking circles are excellent tools using this. These are courses, and are widely disseminated within every town and city throughout the USA and really throughout the world. Those are the basics, you are then able to communicate appropriately. Those are not by any means going to guarantee you an audience but prevents you from having impediments or difficulties that will distract your audience.

The next level, though, is far more important has to do with the true message you wish to conceive; know for yourself and share with your audience. You may think it's about the information that you have to share, the particular thing you are educating them on, your class or your course that you are giving or whatever. It isn't, you must ask:” what is it I want more than communicating that information? What do I want more than that? You must look at the energetic that connects you to someone else.

Perhaps it is the re-emergence of the love that drew you to study the thing in the first place. Perhaps it is the honoring of other people who are willing to open to you and receive your message. Perhaps it is an ability you have within to serve others in whatever way they might draw you which allows you to take the class in a whole different direction. Perhaps it is simply the idea that you are going to share joyfully together whatever the energies are. Know this for yourself. Know it deeply and be aware of it before you open your mouth, before you share with others. So that, as part of your communication a little bit of that also comes through.

Often times this will be a powerful spark, it will draw the other person in and allow them to ask the powerful question that you need to hear them ask which is about how they are blocking the information that you are sharing. How they have a problem with understanding it or working with it. How then you can help them and allow this to dissipate and to shift so they really get it.

One of the things you need to understand in the nature of communication is that everyone wants to be received. It is as if that powerful, collective consciousness that is about mind to mind, consciousness to consciousness, awareness to awareness has been severed. But it is also very close at hand, oftentimes the class, the information, the inter-change is an excuse. It's a place whereby then you can be closer, you can share, to know each other.

Which brings us to a question about the Internet. Some are asking what's next? People haven't yet fully taken advantage of all the Internet has to offer but they are already beginning to glimpse this. As we stated so often in the past this aspect of computation, of using the computer to help people communicate more quickly with people across various barriers, in particular geography. This then is emerging as the collective consciousness, the collective brain, a sense of oneness. But a oneness that is not so much a cloud, an energy simply of nothingness, by which your own individuality completely merges and is gone, no.

It is that which honors, accepts, and welcomes your own individuality. But, clearly the Internet is but a steppingstone to that. You are getting a little more used to the idea that you don't have secrets, that the energies can be shared. You’re getting a little more used to the idea that you can ask questions and find the answer, whatever it is. This is simply reminding you that in the collective consciousness are all of those answers. Within the energetics of all of the shared energies of the global brain is so much more than this. It is taking you in that direction. We see that on the way to this will likely be neural implantation. This is that which has been going on extensively in laboratories all over the world for many years. It is now beginning to find its way into the military and a few other applications that will eventually bring it into the mainstream. When individuals are able to more directly connect the brain to the Internet they will have a deeper experience of this. Many individuals hearing about such things are of course quite perturbed by this. They will find it very difficult to imagine such a thing. Yet, there are many generations who have come since and some of them are indeed wide open to this. This is not the best steppingstone toward this, but it is still reminding you of this possibility.

Now, on a practical level what do you do with this? Remember here we are talking about your own individuality, your own consciousness, the answer to your question, “what is this soul? Who am I? Who or what is experiencing this moment now?” These are powerful questions you can now overlay the next time you go on to the computer and type something into a search engine, or as has now emerged the verb, “to Google.” When you do this what you begin to recognize is you are connecting into this global consciousness, into this big brain, this powerful energetic shared by humanity and more.

That is the interesting thing you see. Because Google will primarily give you access to those things that have been thought, they have been thought and then written down. They have been shared in some way by which people are their source. But the next leap is beyond people into the universe itself, into the powerful consciousness that surrounds you and for this we would suggest that exercises that we introduced in 1994 can now be done again with somewhat different results. Many of the energies, the ideas, the experiences that you’ve had in the past when you do them again you will find that you have changed because the collective consciousness has changed.

Because there is now the verb to “Google,” all of these things now shift for you. That exercise is to look into the night sky and to locate one of the deep space objects or to gaze upon the Andromeda galaxy and to look at the collection of stars, not just a single star and to receive their own collective energy. One of the most powerful of these is harder to find in the night sky. With a small telescope you can often locate it, these are the deep space objects M22 and M33. These are a powerful supercomputer made up of stars and plasma and energetics and things that are beyond your own comprehension. They are available to you, they are available to you in your imagination but also by gazing on them in the night sky you are able to make the link.

As you project an energy into this with a question attached to it an answer may show up spontaneously. Even though you might have tried this before unsuccessfully we urge you to try this again. There are those who use the elixir prepared by letting the light from M33 or M22 go through a telescope and go through a little bottle of water and that's a fun way to do this too. But, really it isn't about the gazing or the elixir it is about your consciousness connecting to the stars.

When a comet hits a planet there is a powerful shock wave that results. This has vibrational attributes far beyond that at the physical. Higher vibrational energies associated with the beings who exist within and around Mars will be affected as any object hits this planet. What this has to do with this is change of course. How will they be able to confront this and work with it. There will be those who observe such things as an asteroid or comet hitting a planet purely scientifically. That’s fine. It has its place. After all, you will learn a lot about the planet as a result. For instance, if water is dislodged you will know there’s water on that planet, not that it has any direct bearing on your life until you go visit there and get thirsty. But a way in which that energy at least known to you as it being somewhat similar to this planet.

In point of fact when you see these things you might send a loving energy that way. Let those beings know that as those changes occur, as those shock waves move throughout their societies, and their energies, that it is all right and that they find from this their own transformation. They find from this their own ability to change their vibration further and to awaken into their own consciousness even further.

With the release of the book on the planets, more information about this is made available. The idea is that just as there are all kinds of vibrational energies associated with the earth, the nonphysical beings who have at one time been in incarnation on planet earth, then moving to a state in which they are guides and helpers at a higher vibrational level co-existing with you and then coming back into the physical, this sort of thing in it's essential way also exists within the larger planets. The larger moons orbiting those planets. Many times those beings do not choose to become physical or choose to do it in a far longer time frame than human beings. But, there are consciousnesses associated with the planets and their larger moons and that those energies are available at times to help you, inspire you, assist. These sorts of energies are there and work in their own way and coexist.

We have spoken about this also directly related to earth. The consciousness associated with a rock, with the air, with things that you might not think are living beings themselves. The consciousness associated with bacteria. These things are difficult to understand by the intellect because you can't put your finger on it. What makes these things self aware or what makes them alive. But, when you hold a rock in your hands, or gaze deeply into the blue sky and see a tiny movement. When you feel the energy is changing and shifting in relationship to your thoughts and yet how they materialize in your body through the action of bacteria, you have a direct experience of this. We don't have to convince you about the aliveness, the consciousness, the awareness of a rock.

So, of course why wouldn't you then assume and understand that this also exists in these gigantic bodies that orbit the sun with you that are bigger? That have so much consciousness associated with them and if you can accept a consciousness associated with earth, often called Gaia, then of course you also have these similar energies associated with the planets. In this way you recognize that sometimes even though those energies may be very advanced, though they may be understanding consciousness very differently from you, still it is good to have a little help, a little love, a little encouragement, a little sense of asking how will this change you as you understand it.

It is very likely that there will be more and more of this as time goes on. More and more amateur astronomers looking at the asteroids around you and more and more scientists using more and more powerful techniques to gaze into the universe to understand it. You see the beautiful pictures coming back from these telescopes and you see the information you can of course receive it in a very scientific way. That's fine, it has its place and it helps you understand your world better. But, ask yourself what about the consciousness associated with this? What about the energetics and the healing possibilities? Because many of these, as you become aware of them are already aware of you. They will help you, show you something different. Perhaps engage your consciousness in a deeper questioning of your own reality and it can be a very helpful energy to explore.

Of course this invite the possibility in the future of a community where beings from other planets are a part of your community and this is one of the areas that keep showing up for those spiritual communities that eventually come to understand and work with deeper questioning and more importantly their own spiritual maturity. Where do they draw the line? Will they only welcome the plants and animals as part of that community? How can they extend their connection to all of humanity and even beyond that?

Oftentimes individuals are drawn to create spiritual community or join spiritual communities of various types. We have been urging people to do so since our first channeling through this vehicle and will continue to do so wherever possible. Not just because it is a solution to economic difficulties, to the opportunity to share and interact with others but also because it is one of those important next step towards a global consciousness, towards an attunement beyond your community.

With those you understand and connect with you have that consciousness energy so it only makes sense to extend this beyond your immediate family, beyond those who are close to you, and eventually to a larger community. The greatest difficulty with this, similar to the question of how you are to present an idea to others is that you must first deal with the practical applications of life on earth. You must deal with dogs and children in your community, cats too, to some extent but not nearly as much as dogs. You must deal with the practical considerations of earning a living, having the land itself, how you work with other people, other communities and so on and so forth.

Luckily, there are lots who have gone before you and studied this. Those who have indeed looked at intentional communities all over the world and this continues. More and more people see this as an important solution. But, you'll also see that often times when you are attracted to something that might not fit with the community and yet you are attracted to that community one of your gifts, one of the important roles you are to play in this is to introduce this to the community. They may find that that is a really valuable adjunct to all that they are doing. In particular, one thing that the questioner did not list is the energy interaction and most importantly insight gained from the inquiry process as described so beautifully by Byron Katie in what she calls, “The Work.” Because this is a powerful tool in a community for taking responsibility, for working with others, for understanding how that affects your own evolution and most importantly your ability to love.

Because, again looking at the underlying basis although coming to a spiritual community or intentional community or simply a community of co-housing can help you as far as your own financial well-being, your own ability to work with dogs and children, your own ability to understand your life and many other things. The real basis for doing this, is love. The opportunity to connect to others in a loving relationship. The opportunity to experience the many different forms of love in ways in which you would not necessarily been able to in your family or in your dyad or in close relationships you have had up to this point.

Yes, that can be challenging but oftentimes at its core it is extremely rewarding and it is that which the soul thirsts for. To experience love in all of its forms is the greatest opportunity that earth, living on earth, being on earth, being with other earth people, knowing earth herself that this offers you when you are thinking about, contemplating, imagining coming into a body. Your soul recognizing the possibilities comes here for many reasons. To balance karma, to take care of something you left undone in the past. To learn something, to grow, to perhaps add something to the collective consciousness, perhaps discovery, perhaps something technological but all of these pale in comparison to one thing. The opportunity to experience love because what does it take to get into a body? We're not talking about your adult body after all look at how much work it took you to get there. You had to get through childhood. You had to get through being a teenager and all of the issues that brought you to who you are now.

Often times you would never have done it for those other reasons; the intellectual reasons or even for service but, for the love; the experience of being nurtured and held as a baby; the experience of making friends and seeing the tremendous beauty on this planet. There are so many varieties by which the sense of love comes out in you and is a powerful invitation to you. This is important to recall and to know in so many things in your world.

So, for this, a perfect moment for a brief pause, a stretch. A little energy associated with love. We would ask you to remember that baby, perhaps you have seen a child stretch. It does not so much extend its arms and legs as an adult would. We ask you now to imagine that baby now as you are just a few months old and stretches inside you and through you. Perhaps you could toss out a few more questions?

Jill: what kind of timeline are we looking at until Aajonus nutritional and bacterial insights become scientific fact and are adopted by society at large and what can we do to expedite the process? I want to add to that, will eating organic avocado and orange also help the body of electromagnetic radiation?

Hilarion: the avocado and orange trick works on all kinds of toxic material in the body especially that formed as a result of radiation. So this does indeed assist greatly, it cleanses and heals the effects of all types of radiation; electromagnetic; ionizing and radioactive materials from over exposure to sunlight. In all of these different forms, the human body has natural mechanisms that show up in order to create powerful, helpful change of various kinds. This is one of the underlying principles in the Aajonus diet. The difficulty is not the scientific acceptance, it is not approving of the principles because as soon as you look into them carefully in an unbiased, unemotional way you quickly prove them to yourself and indeed every scientist who creates objections to these has not looked on this emotionally. They will quote names of diseases as if to scare you into no longer eating or drinking in a way that was recommended. At the time the emotional underpinnings of this are hidden but often are couched within the medical establishment use of scare tactics because those individuals are themselves too afraid to look in an unemotional, unbiased way.

But, this is not address the intent of the question which is about the widespread acceptance of this. Meaning the widespread letting down of fear. You mean on this planet at its core people are ready to let go of fear? How likely is that? This is the real answer to the question you see because deeply ingrained in your own nature is an acceptance of fear. When you finally get to the root cause of that and are able to let it go you can then find your way to this dietary principle and many others of having peace in the world and other things that would be so helpful.

We don't wish to blow this out of proportion since the original intent of this was the widespread acceptance of that which is innately healing and within itself beneficial proven itself over and over again against all of the other dietary procedures because it is based on that which you are already programmed for. However, at its core is confronting fear. Aajonus himself spoke about this often. Saying how he ate in abject fear for the first 13 years; every bite. But, because he knew this would help he continued and then one day he got it. Why be afraid anymore?

At its core though, as you work with these energies it is so much about confronting your own fears and letting them go that many individuals will never be able to make such a transition. That's all right because in the next life perhaps they will be willing to confront some deeper fears and they have made a good step in that direction simply by reading about it or understanding it in the first place. But, it is important to recognize that those fears are there for a purpose. They have within them the ability to protect you. In your ancient life, by being afraid you would avoid things that might hurt you. You would avoid situations that might be dangerous for you. You might avoid foods that would kill or harm because they were poisonous. You would tread cautiously and carefully into these things. For those who did so and survived, the genetic tendency to retain fear continues to work with it has then been passed on to you.

Yet, now as your intellect has grown, as your understanding has grown and more importantly as your ability to emotionally evaluate evidence and evidence-based diet and evidence-based life, and evidence-based way of living your world is so much about your own spiritual immaturity. The evidence seems very clear now that human beings need to stop producing excess carbon dioxide and yet they continue doing it because they are afraid of what will happen if they make the changes necessary. You see this in so many aspects of the world. It is not just a matter therefore of these two things. Remember our message before about the idea of three-ness.

So, on the one hand you have the intellect, you have the scientific method, an experiment that produces results that allow you to create a new hypothesis, creating a new experiment and so on and so forth. On the other hand, you have those energies of emotion, be it fear or love. But all of those emotions that drive your choices over and over that can at their essence be called superstition. Obviously these two cannot coexist. Any place where they do they come head-to-head with each other in so many aspects of the world.

In particular you see this in politics and religion. The evidence-based reality of jihad is that it's going to create more problems than it solves. The evidence-based reality of various organized religions creates all kinds of problems for humanity. But, the emotional need, the sense within your own consciousness to connect to others, to feel there is a God, to connect at all levels of reality that answers the question: who am I? What is the nature of my soul? Who or what is experiencing this now is provided by religion. So, you cannot answer these two from the two.

What is the three? What is the larger aspect that can encompass this? Where can the Shia and the Sunni and the Kurd exist in you? Where can these three be one? Where can there be an energy of God projecting through you that says yes! I accept the evidence. I accept the intellect. I accept and honor the energy of emotion and of superstition and even of fear and I hold you both in my arms and I say to you both you each have something to share; but all of us together can make it in this world. All of us together can receive and know.

This is what the coyotes did in saving Aajonus’ life. They brought to him this which would by his own interpretation be that which would be harmful and that which he also knew somewhere in consciousness would heal him. Yet, he had to set aside all of that and just eat it. That is ultimately the answer here, too. Ultimately you set aside the fear not because it's the best thing to do, the evidence base. Not because the love is more powerful, emotion-based. But simply because you've decided that the very energy that decided within you to take a step away from something, that which the intellect going back then you understand it going back one million years in your own prehistoric origins can also be bold and can also make that step forward. That energy is within you also. That you set aside fear because you've chosen to set aside fear because you're sick of it. Because you don't want it anymore. Because you know it doesn't help you. Those all get you to that place but ultimately it’s simply because you've decided no more fear.

Now, this is not the sort of answer you'd like to hear. After all in asking this question wouldn't it be nice if we could say, “ten years until people accept this.” Yet, we see in the world that humanity has a long way to go to truly set aside fear. To set it aside in such a way that it will no longer stop your own evolution. In that way we would say that it ultimately relates to a personality. A person steps forward who is a shining and powerful example and we see that such is born upon this earth and will eventually recognize Aajonus ideas and eventually put these actions into the world and heal many millions of people. Such an individual may be able to do this in such a way that others are able to listen to it, and work with it.

But, we see that without such a personality most dietary change tends to languor. So you see for instance, Adele Davis in the 60s, Frances Moore Lappe in the 70s, the list goes on and on with all those who are projecting their energies, their ideas and how this is associated with diet. It is unfortunate because of course diet is not about personality, it is about doing what works for your body and using evidence to gather the results to see what that means for you and so on. It does look like this diet and many others will simply be a minority. That which many individuals will come to and probably because of inability to work with their own fear and turn away from. Yet, the information will remain. The 10,000 or so doing this with some degree of success, fervor and continued interest will remain on the planet and keep pushing this idea with more results, more experiments, and more evidence will pile up until eventually those who wish to make this better known in the world will share it. Does this answer the question?

Jill: there was a question about commenting on other channels. How do we deal with channeled information from different channels?

Hilarion: Always a difficult issue because after all you are a channel. You are channeling yourself. This is the real meaning of understanding the nature of channeling and commenting on other channels. We would urge individuals who are receiving channeled information in which that channel is commenting on other channels to bring to bear upon this your own discretion, your own scrutiny, and ask. Why would they be doing so? Beyond that of course the idea is you are going to learn for yourself. You will receive the message in your own heart and you also receive it in your mind. Sometimes there are specific ideas you can try out in the world. You can work with a technology or a particular approach and see how it works for you. When that seems successful then naturally you might go work with more from that same channel. That is more than just that which feels good it also has to be that which really works, “by your fruits shall you know them,” is one of the expressions associated with this.

We are of course confronted with a great deal of difficulty when channeled information is presented that is clearly inaccurate, potentially harmful, destructive or even deadly. Because we are still constrained by this powerful limitation, we are not permitted to comment on other channels. We do so with great sadness and difficulty. We hold our channeled tongue so to speak so indeed you will get it for yourself even if it means your own death. The reason for this is that you grow and you grow alternately far more than if we had commented on other channels.

Jill: One question is about ear candling and the other question is about a serious downfall of our financial world.

Hilarion: Serious downfall has shown up many times recently and is averted rapidly. This is because there are so many forces at play that will do their very best to keep things going pretty much as they are if at all possible. This is also true in regards to the question about geo-engineering, using modification of the weather with HAARP and with seeding by barium and aluminum by chemtrails in order to correct various difficulties of excessive heat on planet Earth. These things are harming the world but the world also exerts her own energies to correct this wherever possible, to bring rain where there was drought. To bring peace where there has been a great deal of tornado, hurricane, and other activities.

Overall, Earth in these weather changes is doing her best to correct things. This is hopeful and helpful. But at the same time you understand these matters so that you can do what’s right. Send a helpful energy where it is needed, stop using those things that are bringing so much carbon dioxide into your atmosphere. Do those things which are loving for Earth and for other people for all of you together.

Ear candling is a simple procedure that is very ancient in which a very small amount of vacuum or sucking is taken in the ear to remove wax build up or other things. That might be problematic for the individual. The vacuum that is created is very small and because it is so light and small those in the medical profession see no value in this. A much more powerful sucking is more powerful in moving ear wax. etc..

Yet, those who have experienced it, do experience its benefits. The reason for this is that you are putting attention on the ear, you are hearing things very differently, you're hearing the crackling sounds of the fire as the wax burns, you are hearing the energies of a very focused area of what is straight above you and if you are doing this outdoors you are engaging the kingdom of the air to help in this process. You are bringing new healing and helpful energies to bear on a primarily nonphysical nature. These are to some extent of course those that might be called placebo or no-cebo effect so that role does come into play. So we would not generally recommend as the first choice for bringing benefit to the ear, ear candling.

We see that there are more effective methods primarily that of appropriate nutrition. Because typically problems with ear result from a long-term misuse of fats. Fats that are properly absorbed and utilized by the body will contribute to lubrication in the inner ear and potentially bringing many aspects of balance and benefit into the ear. But, that is long-term. For short-term solution then ear candling certainly could be done and of course it has potential for death and tremendous damage if done inappropriately. Such as in a room with a very low, highly flammable ceiling because when you light it up it could set fire to your house. But, if proper precautions are taken we see no real danger in the process and it does indeed focus your energy on the healing process.

We would remind you of many of the things we have spoken of today and a powerful, loving invitation to the next level of your own spiritual maturation, your own evolution, and most importantly your personal ability to incorporate some way of three-ness. Bringing more aspects of consciousness, awareness and seeing all sides, a way of holding and loving the opposite. In particular though, right now we ask you to recognize earth in a similar capacity holding and loving you. By how she supports you with her air to breathe, her water to drink, her food for you to eat and most importantly the pulsations of love and energy which she provides.

We ask you right now to visualize that she's beaming this beautiful energy from her center into you comes as powerful light. That light now continues beyond you and forms a beautiful cylinder of light. We ask you to imagine that cylinder filling this room. It is about 100 feet in diameter that is about 30 m in diameter. Now we ask you to give that light an emerald color to signify our presence and our connection with you and mother earth. To know that light is with you to draw upon, to connect to Earth, to allow and welcome our healing, energy or perspective anything you wish. Now we ask you to recognize that light has a sound, a sound that starts in the sense that they are, bubbles up into earth into your body, into your heart. It is a gentle earth ohm. We ask you to share it. Goodbye. Omm…….

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