Hilarion Fall Equinox 2014

Jill: Greetings. Tonight is September 21, 2014 and we are here for the Fall equinox channeling of Hilarion. Hilarion through Jon will answer questions posed by those in attendance as well as those sent in through e-mail. For further information on channelings, books, CDs, DVDs, contact Jon C. Fox, Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959 or visit us on the web at hilarion.com.

Hilarion: Greetings, yes this is the energy being or vibration you call Hilarion. A moment please as we make deeper contact. We ask you to welcome the idea of a penetrating, connecting, protecting emerald light. It fills this room and by your imagination it creates a cylinder, extending infinitely upwards and down through you through the center of the earth and you might imagine this as about 30 feet or so in diameter, that is about ten meters in diameter to fill this room, now gradually, with each release of breath, it grows a little larger, and larger until it's about 100 feet diameter. That is about 33 m in diameter for purpose of protection, connection. But, also your awareness through this energy of many aspects of your being, your highest self, your guides and helpers, the earth herself. The aspects of your physical body which you are perhaps seeking to tune into better or understand better and many other things tend to be aided and assisted by this light.Especially because of its connection to the center of the earth.

Yet, within all of this also right now you may begin to recognize in this connection to earth, in this awareness of this immediate region some fear. It is within the animal kingdom, within the insect kingdom, within the plant kingdom because very near here are some large fires and these are creating havoc as is often the case temporarily as such an energy does, it shifts, it moves, it transforms and it kills. As this is occurring, that fear becomes that which in order to work with it, understand it, release it, not be held captive by it, it makes sense to acknowledge it, to be aware of it is always the first step rather than to repress it.

This is an energy that of course as you have some contact with an animal totem, who might be threatened as some of you have. The deer, the wolf others that might live in the forest as an animal friend or an animal totem. Such an energy may be even more available to you and yet you have also within you the understanding that one way or another the fire is put out by nature, by humanity. By whatever it takes so that these energies reach a place of peace and calm. We simply ask you now, not for your own sake and not for the sake of your animal totem connection. But, for the animals themselves, for the insect kingdom, for the plant kingdom, even for the kingdom of air brought into a disturbance by this energy that you simply recognize within you this future self, just a few days perhaps hence, perhaps a few months hence, when there is rain, when there is peace, when there is calm.

In that energy you can use that energy to assure these animals that all will be well and find your way through this. Recognize the lesson of transformation that will be impressed upon you and realize the changes going on around you and know that you will be protected in your own way, your soul will move on as necessary or find a new place. But, all of those energies do find within you some sense ultimately of resolution, of peace, of calm. How do you know this? Because of course you’ve lived through this before and you’ve seen fires before and these animals, some of these have not. Some of them that have simply needed to be reminded of this.

How do you communicate this to animals, plants, insect kingdoms not so much by words but by the feeling and the pictures. So a picture of a beautiful springtime with things growing and alive and an energy that is of safety and peace that you feel in your heart, a sense of deep breath that is in itself nourishing and helpful. It is this which is the mode by which you communicate with these beings. But you also notice this is especially true three days or so before, during or after the equinox or solstice is that this two-way communication is significantly enhanced. So, if you take a deep breath and on the complete exhalation allow it, these beings have a message for you, too. A message beyond that of their immediate concerns. A message about their lives,what they have learned and about how this is communicated to you or simply about love, a message of gratitude or thanks that you are able to assist them or share their positive energy.

In all of this therefore where all of this energy is around the breath. It is often stated that earth breathes and that breathing moves across a yearly cycle and the moments associated with the two equinoxes are associated with equal breath and this equality of breath is as if a pause, a moment between, a moment where you can focus on things that are of importance in your life. It means also however, symbolically, a shift or a switch in the times in which the days that were longer than the nights are now equal and shortly to become shorter than the night symbolizing the idea that you are going to tune in more and more to the energy of the group and less and less energy in contact with the individual.

This of course is applicable to the northern hemisphere with southern hemisphere being the opposite. The point of this is that in these energies of change, shift and all that is associated with it, you have many opportunities available to you to increase your understanding in this moment of deeper quiet about what is happening on your planet. Indeed, there is a great deal of struggle and issue that is perhaps not as widespread as world wars, powerful plagues, very difficult situations in humanity's recent past. But, still that which is in your consciousness because of the news media, because of the competition to bring information into your consciousness. It is hard to avoid this even if you don't listen to the news you will hear about it overhear it or sense it, in your own dreams, in your meditations, in your own consciousness.

You're seeing over and over a play run itself out, for the ways of the old that are not examined or understood from sufficient perspectives either spiritual, emotional, of course mental, intellectual are misunderstood therefore and as they die away fight hard for survival. Similarly, as you recognize some of the new possibilities, the new energies that do indeed fulfill these principles, they work out, they are ultimately helpful regardless of what might be seen in the past. These new ways exert themselves more and more with each passing day. You therefore find personal struggle when you hold onto the old, it has been likened to a wave in the ocean and how a cork can bob with that which is tied by anchor to the bottom of the ocean will be swamped over by that wave.

So, in these dying throes of these difficult times you recognize violence and struggle, you recognize disease and all of the issues that people are working with in order to get through this. These are not easy times, we do not wish to minimize that and the numbers involved in that are relatively small in comparison to things such as world wars or massive plagues or other issues. But still, they bring your attention because of their symbolism, because of what they mean to you personally. At the cause when you reach in deeply and look at these things, you also recognize underneath it all are important messages, important energies to understand more consciously.

So for instance, when you are examining and working with organizations associated with Islamic Jihad, destruction and death for no reason other than it is simply not a particular religion allied with an understanding of God by the name Allah. You recognize that at its core it is simply another religion. But, in the way it is being reused over and over to justify fear, power, struggle with others and so on. Those who are struggling to assert their own identity will of course work with this in whatever way is possible for them. What is particularly advantageous about Islam is conceptualized easily in one word, ”apostasy.” As you study this and its relationship to all world religions you will recognize the tremendous difference of this religion over all others.

This is why we have emphasized wherever possible that those involved in the correction of Sharia, the laws that govern and work with the ways in which this religion is widely utilized, not those which are found in the Koran per se, or need to be practiced in order to worship Allah. But, those which are utilized regularly as a code, can be changed, can be shifted. This fundamental one, the ability to leave your religion is that which indeed is punishable by death in this religion and that is what makes it different from all the others.

There are other differences too, but they are much more subtle by comparison because clearly once you are in, you are then committing yourself to some level of control by others or you are going to acknowledge your own death in the matter. You would perhaps have to go into hiding or change your identity or do various things that you would not have to do in other religions in order to come out the other side of this. As a result you see that this religion just keeps growing. It is probably likely that until this aspect of Sharia is shifted, it is going to continue.

Those who need leaders, those who find themselves oppressed or in conditions of difficulty economically, or even with other difficulties such as disease, will then be easy prey for such religions as has always been the case. But, this religion is better at this than others because of this one clause. Because of the difficulty of leaving this religion. As a result there has been on the side of the nonphysical beings, the nonphysical helpers, a great deal of pushing on the other side to push this word into your consciousness, to help you look at it, to help others talk about it and bring it into form.

Which of course brings up the question, “What about all of these things you've been suggesting we put focus on over the years, Hilarion?” Is it doing any good? Well, when you look into the world some of the things you will see are about acknowledgment of many things that are indeed having benefit. But, at the same time the death throes become stronger amongst the corporations, amongst those who see themselves in political power who are threatened by these new ideas and most importantly those who have assumed for themselves an identity which they do not wish to give up no matter what.

These individuals as you bring more and more energy to bear upon them gradually do come to some place of seeing themselves in a different light and that is what we can say that is encouraging. But, in terms of the external, no, you do not see the sort of changes that other channels have promised or those that you have seen in your visions or in your dreams of a world that is perhaps more peaceful, or more loving. But, at the same time when you look at your own life and in particular your community and the people around you, this has changed. You can see how it was so family oriented toward your own personal family, be it your karmic family or your family of birth and now you have shifted this in many ways to those people who have sufficient support, love, similar ideas and other things that you can find a happier life. This is having its effect in ways that you cannot fully understand because these are not independent circles of people. They are connected one to the other, to the other, to the other. Now, this is coming forth in a more poignant and easily verified way through such activities as Facebook and others on the Internet such as social media for point being that you see the effects of one circle on another. But, as this shifts, ultimately it is of really, very little importance.

After all, what is it fundamentally that makes a difference? We can look at various concepts and ideas and we could use examples of this such as diets and things you might eat and use this in a way in which you understand this in a different light. Because whatever concepts you are going to use you must have within that something that you accept. You could call this a belief and in some ways it is difficult to distinguish between a belief and that which you would call a fact. For instance, in your life you have recognized the concept of gravity and it would be very difficult for you to hold that purely as a belief, a sort of thing that you could see actually happening in your life as stopping while you are on earth. This is not to say it couldn't but most people’s experience has always been that it is present for them except perhaps in those rare circumstances of the dream or unusual telekinesis but for the most part it keeps showing up.

This is where the idea where you create your own reality begins to have its form within you as the belief patterns are those which you accept. So, for this we bring you again to death. Death is a very important area to look at particularly in the beginning of fall because this is the season that often symbolizes the transition between life and death with of course its powerful points around Halloween. Which is although Americanized, westernized, shifted sort of thing having to do with pumpkins and candy and whatever still bringing out in you, facing your own fear, shifting between the realms, and most importantly and most beautiful and special about the season of fall and autumn is magic; true magic. Sometimes spelled a little differently such as an MAJICK, point being this idea that things that are outside your realm of accepted consciousness can show up, can be and it is that true magic, that not sleight-of-hand or something that is true and amazing and beautiful. This is the real reality that death of course, means for you and the way in which you have experienced it and do not remember it, but are still familiar with it over and over.

In particular, there is this idea associated with beliefs. Sometimes it is called from the name of the play,” You Can't Take it With You,” and as the idea of asking the question,” what do you take with you?” Because you are not going to take with you and you can give a very long list, that is one of the key questions to be asking about religion, about politics, about economics, about the material world such as you know it, about your own physical body, about the way in which you have formed relationships now you see bordering on the answer to this, those things that you do take with you and those aspects of consciousness and awareness. Coming back then to the question of what good has it done and how have indeed by following some of these ideas people have been helped, even your own consciousness, you now have something to take with you.

But, where you better understand your soul’s ability to love, you are better able to understand your ability to learn, to evolve, where you better manifest for yourself the direct experiences of this. All of the evidence piles up over and over. From the books of Ian Stevenson tracing past life interactions through birthmarks, from the actions of so many who have channeled from the other side. From the memories of those who ask of such in their dreams that you do take some of this with you and that’s the real point. Yes, of course it is important to love and assist others and it is beneficial to the planet, and it shifts you in many ways. But, fundamentally it is this change in what you take with you in the next intermissive and into the next life that is of such importance and why we speak of it. You always have a choice in such matters. Putting the feet up on the microwave and turning on the TV or doing something in which there is some aspect of consciousness and awareness makes a shift in you that you recognize in your heart because of some of the activities that you have been working with over the years. Some of which we have suggested, you are more attuned to this than ever. Know for yourself better what feels right, what feels good, how it can be helpful to others and so on.

Therefore, sometimes intuitively some of the things we've stated make sense to you and so when you hear about Ebola don’t the hackles go up about this as something being a little out of the ordinary? A little different from the other viruses? There are those who have brought forth so much evidence that it was brewed in a lab, that it was very deliberate for population control in Africa and at the same time that the utilization of such as Colloidal silver or other technologies might be able to stop it and indeed this becomes again one of these areas where the drug companies representing the old way, the medical doctor in representing the old ways, confront the new technologies, the new understanding and these are in a microcosm that which will eventually bring a solution but at the same time shift how everybody sees all of this.

In the meantime, what is important of course is the idea that there can be healing, there can be love and that within this is a great deal of fear and that fear can be released. Because you know in contemplating this question, “What do you take with you? “You don't take your body with you. Therefore, in a sense you have something of this fear to let go of all that much more easily and it is that sense in answering the question for yourself personally that can be as if projected lovingly to these people. We would suggest that this is signified right now by a pink light. So we would suggest that you imagine a pink energy, a loving energy, a soothing and loving, playful energy and that pink energy as the love you have within you as the healing and strengthening is projected now every time you hear a story on the news about Ebola. Every time you recognize this as if to say there are answers, there are energies, and that pink energy can be loving, assisting and very, deeply healing.

Because, at its core like all viruses, its purpose is to cleanse and clear and to change genetically those that can survive so that there will be an improvement or some genetic shift. That's what viruses do and therefore that's what is possible through all of this there will ultimately be some benefit. In the meantime, the pink light can be a very helpful, soothing energy for you personally. Therefore, what begins to show up is a tenuous other sort of rule and tendency about things we have spoken of in the past; that it would be helpful to others, that it would be something useful for the planet, that it would be something you can see in the greater scheme of things, but also useful for you personally. Something that can go deep within you and shift you.

Now this question on diet. There are those who have asked are certain ways of eating more spiritual? Do they improve your spiritual outlook? Do they make you a more spiritual person are different ways to look at this. Is there such a thing as a spiritual diet? Yes, of course. Obviously that which is the most spiritual is that which would bring you to the highest vibration, and the highest vibration will be one in which you don't have a body anymore. So, certainly fasting, even by starvation, by definition must be highly spiritual. But, in terms of that which is practical for most people, they are unable to gather sufficient energy from the sun or the earth directly and so some eating of food is usually helpful.

By and large we then run up against a very simple issue. We can look into the world and we can scan across billions of people and see how it's working out. It's the old Dr. Phil principal, “How is it working for you,” and indeed this often brings up all kinds of controversial and difficult information. We can tell you what we perceive on this but we would beg you as you become more aware, more enlightened, and more awake that you use your own intuition about this.

Diets to some extent in the past have been used to control. To some extent this is simply by following a diet you are saying,” I belong to this religion,” whereas the actual foods mean nothing. Similarly, diets that are very high in certain things will of course change mood and shift how people are together. Hence, you will see for some indoctrinations high levels of carbohydrates or sugars. But, by and large we have noted that those diets which have made claims by their intrinsic nature, because they are for instance, not killing any animals but they are killing lots of plants, to be those which are better than, meaning more spiritual for the people involved, than diets in which killing of animals has taken place. Such claims, do make sense as you sense the energies associated with the animals and the energies associated with the plants do not by and large actually hold on people.

We do not see that those involved in such are any more spiritual or any less spiritual by the various diets that they work with. Naturally, there is a tendency with all this with a big exception to it and that's the one you will see all the time. Those people by using that diet will say they have become very spiritual. They have. Perhaps that particular diet has the exact ingredients they needed, perhaps it is a diet they needed to be healthier and being more healthy, naturally, they will be more spiritual. But, whatever it is for those that is very powerful, because you don't come in with here with a book, a manual telling you, “This is what you're supposed to eat.”

The blueprint for humanity is a manifestation of a physical body that has a tremendous overlay of spirituality, consciousness, connection to higher dimensions, aetheric energy, opportunities and so much more. So, the writing of such a book would only hold people back in their evolution and what they could eventually discover on their own. But, this still doesn't change that we can observe over many people on the planet the effects of different diets and what is noted over and over is that which stands in the way of spiritual enlightenment, awareness, consciousness, meditation.

What kinds of spirituality do you want to look at? That which stands in the way of this is that which is toxic to the body. That which draws your energy into the process of detoxification and that which brings you into reduced energy and reduced health, reduced vitality, reduced ability to communicate with your own cells and therefore diets that are those which improve health because there is a lot of toxicity, do tend to be diets which are inherently detoxifying. After the process of detoxifying is more vitality, more strength to the body and those diets as they work for different people, will naturally to a slight extent enhance their own spirituality but there is no guarantee of this. You can always go with the old way if you have more energy if you choose. Some people certainly do. Therefore we would urge individuals to take with a lot of skepticism, notice we are not suggesting a grain of salt, the idea that any particular diet is inherently by the foods themselves a spiritual diet.

Now, in working with this, the obvious corollary question which no one has asked tonight,” what diet seems to be very good at detoxifying and bringing greater health into the physical body, increased longevity, since you are around here a little longer and have a greater chance of working with things spiritually, etc.?” We have answered this before noting again because of the genetic pre-disposition most people carry to the diet of your ancestors, meaning those of 100,000 years ago that such diets which are both inherently detoxifying, reducing the toxic load as it might come in from processed foods and so on and releasing those which are already in and that which your body has already adapted to. So, diets such as the Primal Diet seem to satisfy all of these categories and those which we see again looking into the world, who are affected by it and who is able to raise their spirituality, whatever that means in the way that they would see as highest and best that such diets are most effective.

This does not mean that is the only path of course, and you will always see exceptions to this, and the greatest one that people should certainly take into account is a sun diet, where you are gazing at the sun, in the hours in which the ultraviolet is least present, therefore safest, meaning at sunrise and sunset and learn to take in the energy directly. There could always come a time on your planet when no food is available. This would of course be a very helpful method for this. But, it is more for the spiritual side of it because there is a great deal of wisdom and energy in the communication which takes place between the Earth and the sun and we have spoken about this in the past.

This is not necessarily a diet in which you would find immediately on sun gazing, receiving so much energy you could eat less food, but over time it is what people begin to notice. In addition to all of this though, there is this difficulty. If you say,” I am following this spiritual path, and part of it is eating this way and therefore I am more spiritual, you begin to hear that word in your head,” ego.” Ego is not well understood after all it comes from Freudian, post Freudian psychology, the definition of the super ego, the ID and all that. But, it is one of those things sort of like, I know it when I see it. Because there is something in you that sort of walls off your consciousness from other aspects when ego shows up. Tolle has called it the pain body, others have looked at it as other things that are separating you from your own higher self, your own true self, from your own true nature.

Now, self here is a word here we just brought in and that's a tough one because there are those who would call ego self, self importance, self-aggrandizement, and there are those who don't have enough ego and you need more self-esteem. All of that is good that we can overuse that word because what is the self? Who or what are you? Who or what is experiencing you? That is not a question that has an answer and yet as you ask it deeply you let go of ego. You come to a place much larger, a place beyond and it is not because the answer shows up but because the questioning itself takes you there. This is an excellent way to let go of ego. Others have stated and noted that there is often a movement in consciousness from victim to control to surrender and as you can imagine ego pops in right in the area and as you surrender and let go and surrender to something higher, surrender to a higher vibrational energy of some sort, ego in itself also begins to dissipate.

But, ultimately there is no real answer to this until you can for yourself truly define or know what ego is. And in fact we come to it in an entirely different way. Those who might be accused of acting from ego or having an ego can be observed from a higher vibrational level to be disconnected, to be within their own group perhaps. Those who they control or boss around but mostly disconnected, not just from humanity but from nature, from the reality of life around them. That is what is so symbolic and beautiful about this question in this time.

When the shift is from the emphasis on the individual associated with the summer months into the group associated with the fall and winter months. In this understanding of the group what begins to show up for you is that you are, when you ask this question, “Who or what is experiencing this moment now? Or, who am I?” You are much more than the individual and this is a true answer, a blueprint for the human body, a blueprint for the consciousness that which can contain both and can hold this in it's very most primitive way through sexual union, whereby coming together with someone else and by connecting in a powerful way an energy is shared that is greater than either of you separately and that you feel this and that which is manifested as sexual pleasure or an orgasm.

But, that which at the higher levels, that which expands more than this, is to much more to your family, to a sense of the entire planet, a oneness. This is the great message of course that is being promoted by those associated with the movement called, “Green. “ The initiative is to stop the omission of carbon on your planet in such a way that it harms the atmosphere, harms the earth, increases the temperature, creating the problems and so on and all of this is so much about group activity. In particular the group consciousness is that which is held in the vessel of your brain by the ways in which you communicate with others. In which how it feel within your heart, connecting with them through your thoughts, aware of this on many levels.

Because of this therefore, the real cessation of ego is as much energetic as it is anything you put your thoughts on or anything you feel. That energy is one in which you see that you are not an individual in that sense. You're connected to others and your own individuality is particularly there so that you can share and learn what is unique and special for you. Therefore, for a moment we will break from this modality and ask you because of this opening, because of this consciousness, because of your awareness to your guides and helpers they can impart a little wisdom. Step aside from your own physical for a moment and imagine looking from above. Breathe, relax and in this way looking at your life, what has been unique? What is a gift? What do you have within you that can be offered to humanity? What do you have that is beautiful, helpful? What is a little different? Perhaps, a little funny? Playful? A little serious perhaps? Some of you may have long lists. Just pick any one of them. As you tune into this be aware that this was developed partially through ego, through your sense of your own individuality and now as you let this go instead now you offer this selflessly, lovingly to humanity.

It need not be a gift that is offered in a way that makes sense to you. It can be simply by a movement such as an upward release of the hands, symbolic of giving to all of the world or it can be something very concrete that you will contribute as a writing, a sharing, as a benefit in some way to others that can be pointed to and acknowledged. But, the point of it is, it is your gift it is the manifestation of the blending of the individual and the group that is your vessel, that is your being, that is your life, one lifetime after another, bringing this here, to now. It is a beautiful thing and we wish to acknowledge you for this. Indeed, if you go into a place of quiet the guides and helpers are applauding loudly. They are sharing with you their enthusiasm for you sharing your gifts, they are sharing with you their love and encouragement. An acknowledgment of your courage to be here on the planet and to share these things in spite of the things you see in the world.

Bringing your attention back you might open your eyes and gaze at the others around you. If you're hearing this at another time look in the mirror above your head or above the heads of others around you, breathing, noticing you might see a little light, a little scintillation, a little sparkle, and a hint of the increasing higher vibrational vision that many are experiencing now. It is if it has always been there but you are now invited simply to breathe into it a little more as the dimensions interpenetrate, as the energies are present, those are the explanations for it. But, more importantly as you evolve. As you choose upon yourself that you are going to grow, you're going to shift, you're going to see more and understand more. Perhaps another question you might wish to toss one out.

Jill: how debilitating are the electronics on our nervous system? How do we know EMF’s are happening and how can we heal it?

Hilarion: most people are evolving with this. It is tough. It is that which is all around and that wish for a few individuals who cannot keep up with it, those called “electro- sensitive,” is overwhelming. They must relocate, they must find places where such fields are minimized. At the same time as this though, it is in line with a larger evolution for humanity which we have spoken of before, the group brain, the global consciousness. Not because you need to do it electronically, that is not necessary. But, because you get the idea of it by being connected in this way you get more used to the idea that others are tuning into you as you are tuning into them. But, the electronic aspect itself as external to the brain, is that which you are not naturally accommodating. But, that which you must learn to adapt to or protect yourself from, or in some way evolve in order to work with it, or perhaps leave. Whatever the aspects of this generally speaking, we see it just tends to get a little stronger than would normally be helpful and valuable for anyone. Even for those who say it has no effect on them, which is pretty rare, are individuals who are having an effect that they have not yet realized.

In particular, the difficulty seems to be that there tends to be a focusing of various substances particularly toxic ones in the lymphatic system, faster than what would otherwise have taken place. This is generally increased because of the increase in ionizing and non-ionizing radiation across the cell membrane. This acceleration takes place by electro-magnetic phenomena. There are different things that can be utilized to stop this before it penetrates deeply into the cell. The absorption action of avocado and the naturally occurring vitamin C action of orange, work very well together along the cell wall to electrically shift this sufficiently that which such penetration slows down and some absorption by the avocado and the oils in this will often take place. Thus purging this from the body.

But, when there are already toxins present which is usually the case for most people, the extra radiation just tends to exacerbate and increase their various ways in which they become harmful and are brought into the lymphatic system. Therefore, we would strongly recommend a lymph bath for most people. Even those who are very healthy, done as a minimum of every other week. 105 Fahrenheit that is about 40.5 centigrade hot water, a few ounces each of pineapple and coconut cream. You eat this and then jump in the bath, maintain the temperature using a good accurate thermometer, for an hour and a half. The point of that is to increase the temperature in the core, deep in the body and this increases lymphatic action tremendously and allows you to move into states of deep release afterwards if you find excessive sweating, a gentle rinse in the shower with warm water is a good thing.

The point of this is to increase temperature safely and at the same time have an opportunity to go deep in your own meditation. Because it's such a warm bath you will have the ability to look deep into the cells and ask them,” are you holding onto anything? Look into your own life, are you holding on to anything you can now let go of? Some will find this uncomfortable, a mixture 50-50 of ice and water in a bowl next to the bath can be helpful. You can dip your hands into it and wring out a washcloth and put it over your forehead for about two minutes. Hands in the water, probably you will not be able to do it two minutes, but that is fine if you wish. The point is these are extreme measures but they are natural, they are the way in which the body itself by heat, is able to release toxic material.

Now, electro-magnetics are so difficult to know about and yet we would see that they are having their effect on everyone. So, this sort of thing as a lymph bath or another cleansing regime is a very good thing to do. At the same time though, how do you know and not just about that, but about anything of this nature. Your own intuition, your own attunement to such things. But, you have others who can communicate with you.

The most powerful would not be such as guides, helpers or a doctor or someone who uses bio -kinesiology or other testing methods, but your future self. The aspects of your own consciousness, you can take them into a dream with you, you can ask your future self to come and be with you and explain about such matters. A future self perhaps in another life where the understanding about this has evolved so dramatically that no longer are electro-magnetics needed in order to enhance communication between people.

But, in the way in which you come to understand this for yourself, your own intuition must be a part of this process. Now, practically speaking there is a very easy way to know how these are affecting you. You go to a place where there are no electro-magnetics. This is hard to find in most areas. But you might choose, when you have sufficient resources and time to book a little vacation to Maui and go to Haleakala crater where the high iron content tends to reduce so many of the electro-magnetic fields. Of course don't bring your cell phone or laptop with you or if you do bring them at least turn them off.

But, in the place you will find for most people there is a shift. It is quiet in a way that you can't really describe by comparison to noise in the ears, a sort of internal quiet. For some people this can be a very relaxing, strengthening, helpful experience and for others, it's nice, no big deal. This could of course be an excellent indicator for you as would any other method of shielding in order to experience the difference between that which is a penetrating radiation and that which is not. Does this answer the question?

Jill: How do we heal addiction on a soul level? What would an addiction free life look like?

Hilarion: it is a fascinating question for one important reason which we are going to share with you in a moment. But, notice for yourself if you have studied this. If you have been involved in a 12 step program or read a book about addiction or know somebody who has been involved in an addiction and somehow transformed it, somehow conquered it you have been amazed to see that something which was buried came out in them. Something which was hidden, one of these gifts which we have mentioned before is that which now comes forth. A way in which you have seen that this addiction stuff is way bigger, way deeper, way more powerful than you thought. This is very important to understand and you can take it right down to the molecular or chemical level if you wish.

What is an addiction? It is a way then in which as a result of behavior, substance, a particular action of some sort, that to which you already have a proclivity is made stronger in a way that is pleasurable to you. So you see over and over that these molecules in the brain that are sensitive to cannabis, cannabinoids and others are what are triggered and make you feel inebriated, or stoned or whatever when marijuana is taken in. It is already present, it is that which is simply unlocked or released. You see this of course across the entire spectrum. It becomes damaging and difficult as a true addiction when it is significantly affecting your life in a way in which you are harmed or your evolution is reduced, or something about you is so significantly impacted that you feel this in a very powerful and deep way. It can be a physical problem, it can be a relationship problem, it can be all kinds of things that show up.

But, the point of it therefore, at its core, is that which you are already available to, is that which shows you that there is no end. It is simply a matter of the vibrational level to which you exist. Is there a possibility of an addiction in our guides and helpers? Yes, Hilarion has guides and helpers and we have spoken about them before. You have known them as the “elohim,” in your ancient literature and in asking these beings, you cannot understand their addiction, in asking them is there a possibility of you becoming addicted? An overwhelming and clear yes shows up. Does this mean that there is ultimately a lesson to be learned from the process of addiction by most people, most of their guides and helpers, and their guides and helpers,clearly yes.

This does not mean that at the highest vibrational level that the guides, of the guides, of the guides, it doesn't disappear, become addiction-free or whatever because it might, we don't know. But in terms of your own life we recognize that to some extent, in some area of your life or other, no matter what kind of person, no matter what energies it has to do with, even if you are not a drinker or a smoker, or a binge eater or a sex addict, or whatever it is, the tendency or possibility of addiction does exist. You may have overcome it. You may have worked with it in such a way that you can say clearly it does not plague you in this life as much as you might see it plaguing others. You might even say, “I have no addictions, and we would caution you. You might be addicted to saying you have no addictions. But, in whatever way in which you come to understand this you see this as a journey because that which is so strong, such a powerful pull, that which gives you such deep pleasure, that which changes you in some fundamental level internally that which brings you to a place where you simply say again please, would qualify as a tendency towards addiction.

As a result it has a lesson for you, a way in which you are able to balance that sense of pleasure with other pleasures in your life in which are able to balance the need for this with the need for those things that it may obliterate. Such as your relationships or your wallet or your time spent out of jail or all of the things that could happen should you give into such an addiction so deeply. Interestingly enough, as often is the case when you ask your friends you may find something interesting that you didn't even know. “Do you think I'm addicted to anything? If I had an addiction what might it be? “They might say to you ohhh yeah… you didn't even know about it but have you ever noticed how angry you get when this or that happens? How you use certain methods of speaking or speech? How you have this or that which happens with you? Thus you see how it is a tendency to fall into a rut, that is also a part of this to go along those brain patterns and possibilities that you have already worked with over and over.

This naturally brings us to the next step in addiction which was already in the laboratories that of the addiction that is promoted not by drugs, but by something technological; be it electronic or that which is manifested through sound, or that which comes in some way by a new pathway. After all, the intent is as always, this shift in the brain that which activates that which is already present and of course the question about this: can technology ultimately be helpful at bringing you into higher spiritual awakening?

This is relevant because some of you have been thinking about this, you know, if Hilarion was addicted to something what would it be? It certainly wouldn't be a physical substance since we are not physical it would be perhaps addiction to higher spirituality or beautiful emerald light or something on the order of something beyond consciousness but that which is tantalizing, important and drives us constantly towards something greater than ourselves is such an addiction, yes?

It could be a good addiction perhaps as you are finding yourself addicted to love, to water, to good food, to having a place of having your heart open and love with others in a positive way. But, when it comes to that which changes you to that which you do not want to be, then such an addiction of course can be problematic. Fighting against it, learning about it, learning from it takes you in such direction. This is where the greater learning about the positive aspects of technology with regards to enhancing spirituality such as improving brain function, such as improving your ability to receive communication from guides and helpers such as enhancing your ability to perceive the aura and see energetics beyond your own consciousness are those areas that other civilizations have explored and that which will eventually be explored by people.

The ultimate answer to this is again very simple and is right along with what you began with. You don't take it with you. If it is a technology that you are going to leave behind and it is that which is probably a minor benefit, a little steppingstone and therefore should be treated in the same way as you should treat any other addiction, possibility generating substance. LSD for instance has been pivotal and helpful to many individuals in finding higher states of consciousness, but they are not addicted to it, perhaps they only used it once.

The point being, that now they know a completely different aspect of consciousness is possible. So it is also with all of the different substances and the technologies, if you find the way in which you do not rely upon them but use them as a steppingstone. Again, if it is something you can take with you it is something probably valuable, useful to your soul and your own evolution. Does this help?

Jill: is there anything you would like to say about GMO’s?

Hilarion: there has been a concerted effort on the part of those in research laboratories to answer the question in a very final way and those companies involved in producing these substances know this is putting them in an interesting position karmically. They know the harm they are doing, they know of the tumors in laboratory animals, they know of the reduction in life span, they know of the digestive problems, and heart problems and other mutations and other difficulties that either the GMO’s themselves or the pesticides that are increased in their widespread utilization, they can now be used even more because the GMO plants are resistant to them. Therefore, providing more of these substances into people.

This becomes a very difficult area to understand, similar to Ebola, similar to AIDS as it was originally introduced, similar to all of these things that some might consider conspiracies and would find it very difficult to find the, “smoking gun” so to speak.(A poor term when you really think about it). But, in other words the proof that these things are actually going on in these laboratories and eventually it will come out and if nothing else such experiments will be replicated as some are already have, and be widely publicized, which they have not.

The result of this will be a deeper understanding of the true aim and intent of the corporations involved in these and other substances. Addiction is a part of it because you will become more addicted to pharmaceutical drugs which can cure you of your ills. But, also to the substances themselves and we see that ultimately the use of genetically modified substances for the specific intent of reducing health has this agenda associated with it, of that in which reduced health is beneficial. Bringing more money into the pockets of those involved, more sales of goods in which addiction to them is possible and so on and so forth.

This is of course one of the short-lived phenomena we have spoken of but this is not that which by the new wave of energy moving through will be obliterated. But, rather it will come through your deeper research, publishing of what you learn about, sharing the information, making it known and more and more widespread. What is unusual about this is a lot of this has already taken place in other countries and it is in USA more than others that a sort of veil of secrecy, a sort of genetically modified curtain like the iron curtain of the Soviet Union has descended. It is of course based on the idea that through simple action and every individual state the legislation of the labelling has been prevented. But, no such activities exist in Europe and many in Europe are aware of this and are quire aware that it is the encroachment of these corporations with the deliberate attempt to reduce health that is their underlying idea.

Therefore, if you can forgive these people, if you can help them find their own identity by asking yourself such questions as,” who or what am I really and sharing this.” It is possible this will shift in some individuals. In the meantime, political action, sharing about the research as it comes out, letting people know about this and of course in every state, as several will come up in the November election, where it can be pushed forward to bring labeling in, a neutral answer that you will usually find even those in favor of genetically modified foods will agree: that it is fine to label them, that there is no problem with this. It is the companies themselves that prevent this for being labeled for one simple reason: once it is labeled, the moment the research does come out, people will stop buying those products. Does this clarify?

Jill: what role does technology play in waking people up?

Hilarion: it's a little tricky you know - the most basic is an alarm clock - that is after all the technology that wakes you up. This is symbolic of moving from the state of, what is it when you sleep? Relaxed? Not tuning in? Aware of conscious reality around you in your own world? Separate from? All of these are the characteristics which you are aware of with relationship to sleep -- as you wake up from this you are coming into a place in which you are then more aware of the world around you, the people around you, the animals, the plants, the nature of those things around you not only more aware aware but awake to their meaning that you are in communication with them. So technologies that enhance communication, not just with other people, Facebook, Twitter and the like could actually be representative of this but quickly people are finding the faults and the shortcomings of this.

Rather, it is ultimately the way in which the subtle energies are better understood either because you experienced them directly or because the ways in which they are having affects are then translated into obviously visible actions that can be seen on the TV screen or whatever. In all of these ways the real point is simple; convince you, shift your belief pattern, help you open to that which is already present and assist you in letting something in the way be swept out of the way. That which is already present in you is manifested because that will usually have two components: physical and nonphysical. The aspects that are related to your soul and your higher self, to your evolution and to that which you take with you and to those aspects which are manifested physically. Those ways in which you see the aura, or feel an energy, heal the body, or use an alternative technology or whatever.

When both are present there can be much benefit from this as well of course, potential for addiction. But, realize that that is their real point. But you become more aware of this. Yes it is extremely helpful when a technology can be introduced that gives a healing, a regeneration of a piece of the body which has been lost as we have discussed through various channels for many years.

But, the ultimate real point of that isn't just that now you have the regrowth of a tooth so you can eat better. Because you don't take any of that with you. It is rather that you recognize there is an aspect to your own being, to physicality that has another side to it, that has an aetheric aspect, a nonphysical aspect. There are different names for it but it is just as real, just as important, just as interactive with you as the physical. It is in this acknowledgment that you eventually change your planet. When enough people acknowledge and understand this they build for a future that includes who they are going to be in the future when they come back to this planet. What life is like for the nonphysical beings who coexist with you and outnumber you approximately 9 to 1 and all of those energetics associated with so much going on, on your planet. Only then do you naturally and easily give up those ways that are harmful to each other and to your planet. This is the real lesson of climate change. Listening to the earth. Communicating with the earth and receiving her loving energies. In this way which you eventually do those things which brings some sense of peace between humans and earth there are shifts that happen.

You are seeing right now an increase in earthquake activity, particularly in California because of the drought. Because groundwater is being removed, the earth has more pockets, more emptiness, more possibilities for shaking and moving and groundwater is being removed at deeper and deeper levels and you can see that when it shifts it is then destroying potentially those things that cause climate change. It’s as if earth is making the corrections herself.

But, to do so in such a crude and harmful manner would appear unnecessary. If humanity can make the shifts, if humanity can find the alternate sources of energy and use them appropriately and most importantly communicate through their love and their consciousness with each other and with the earth. So, once again we have started with one question and sort of expanded but that is the real point of it in answering the question truly and waking up. Not just waking up humanity and the other beings who inhabit this planet, the vastness of the universe, the multi-verse itself existing through multiple levels of time and space. The actions of all of it are available to you. We know it is overwhelming but in a way it is not overwhelming to your heart. The way in which you have this ability to love. Do you think that the real reason you are here on planet Earth is for the development of your technology? Or the way in which you are to learn your lessons for yourselves? Yes, these are true to some extent but it is ultimately to what you can offer as a gift to the rest of the multi-verse and in particular your ability to love, to love deeply in a way that is healing. You have used it to heal yourselves individually and your families, and groups and ultimately for all of humanity and all the earth.

This is a powerful and a deep lesson and the stakes are certainly high but along the way you're going to gain something that you do take with you. Even if your planet is destroyed and you go to another planet you will take with you this lesson and this learning about love at some level perhaps then we are approaching the time for closing?

Jill: we have about 10 minutes. There are different cities and places on the planet that have a different frequency. Can you comment on Nevada City as a portal or vortex?

Hilarion: we have spoken about this before in relationship to the mineral content in different places. The interesting crystal formations you will find beneath all of the major cities and in the various smaller places where some of those are highly concentrated so you see the quartz formations here or the iron formations there and so on and so forth. So of course here in this place you see over and over the gold. This material has been removed from the rock structures only to a small extent here.

The places where it was found and in the places where it was relatively cheap and easy to do. In many areas here you will find that the gold is in a matrix with silica and quartz in various forms. This naturally tends to amplify it and this can be tough on some people as if being asked to transform, to find their own nobility, to find their own heart energy, their own love. All things so often associated with gold. But, at the same time it is that which remains locked in, fairly solid and available to you when you tap into it but not that which pushes into your consciousness forcing you in such a direction. This means that often in this place you discover love you hadn't known about before. Love for a child or actions of yourself or others. Love in a way that might be for humanity or for some specific area and you find that this is an energy that you can stay with and then come back to it over and over and you can find within it something you can rely upon.

Oftentimes as is the case with these different cities, it’s nonverbal, something you feel and draw upon. But, the way in which such vibrations are often immediately manifested and strengthened, both at the times of solstice and equinox and when you have asked the question, these are now being activated at this very moment. Those in this room have a unique opportunity to receive this and we ask you to participate in this in a slightly different way because such energies through you can be made available to the many people who will be hearing this in the immediate future.

It is as if then we are asking you now through this gold energy, that beautiful pulsating golden light to breathe in through your feet, taking in that gold and quartz energy and releasing it outward, upward, like a gigantic fountain to move down to all of these beautiful places all over the planet; to Singapore, to Helsinki, to Sydney, to Germany, to England, France, to places where the energy will be received by those who could learn and expand from it and then to those places where clearly that energy is needed all the more. Throughout the Ukraine, through Russia, through Nigeria, through Liberia and through many locations as they show up in your consciousness. Through the Middle East and Iraq or Afghanistan in particular. But, in any of these places as you become aware of them as if that golden light is pumped, created by you and manifested, shaped strengthened and released.

This is a little different than the sort of energy that we usually recommend. Something that has a more personal quality to it because you are on tap, you are right there with it and can connect this energy. Those receiving these words, were not in the room tonight, who hear them, realize that this energy that has been brought into action will exist for a while, at least a week. Tune in to it, receive it, see it as a current of light from the Nevada City area and projecting out into the world to assist with a specific intent of going deep into your heart and asking you this question,” how can you love more?” What way can that love as it moves through you have greater effect on the world and on your life? This is an open ended question but is there specifically for those people to answer, not for you in this room because you have already answered it. Part of your purpose in working with this is simply being here and allowing that to move through you.

This may seem a little strange but we have seen over and over just as we observe the effects of diet on people we see the effects of the conscious embodied human being on energy that when you focus on it, when you release it, when you chant, when you move it, whatever, it has this profound effect. As a result we would ask you now to move with his golden energy a medium pitch sound we are going to generate and we are going to do this by channeling the gold quartz matrix and its consciousness itself and asking this to come through Jon. It is a real simple sound like, “ahh.” We would ask you not to speak it immediately but to hold it in your toes, in the soles of your feet, and your connection to mother Earth first and then to share it.AHHHHHH…

it is a beautiful golden energy that you bring here and it is a different way of answering this question than the intellect or the mind. It is a way simply of feeling that heart energy and seeing that unique gift that is made available to you here. Does this answer the question?

Jill: thank you that was so beautiful and it seems a good place to end.

Hilarion: To close we would remind you especially now, to your connection into the beautiful cylinder of light. Now of course, switched between emerald and this beautiful golden light, these blending swirling together. You could see these as streamers of blending one color to the other or you could see them as blended together in any form you wish. But as this energy swirls and moves it expands. Earth’s loving light connecting to your heart, whispering to you, you are deeply loved. To help you feel this more, connecting with love helps so much. So think of a person you care for deeply, an animal perhaps, your animal total or an actual animal that you know. Project and know that love, feel it, and hold it.

Now think of someone you have had a little bit of trouble with lately, project the same love to that person and you see by your own consciousness, by your own will, you can allow that love in so many different ways. Letting the person go. Put someone in their place you have had a lot of difficulty with. Pour the same love into that person, they are made radiant by it and they disappear as now you are simply aware of that light, that light, that energy, that loving embrace, “ahhhh.” Fill this beautiful cylinder from infinitely upwards, through you to the center of earth, this beautiful light with each out breath it expands. At first a few hundred feet in diameter, many miles, many kilometers in diameter and encompassing the entire earth, now this beautiful radiant light. Now, gently express this as an Earth omm…

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