Hilarion Winter Solstice 2014

Jill: Greetings. Today is December 21, 2014. We are gathered in Nevada City for a channeling for the winter solstice. Questions have been submitted by those in attendance as well as those sent in via e-mail. For further information on channelings, books, CDs or DVDs contact Jon C. Fox Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959 or visit us on the web at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Yes. Greetings to all of you this is the energy being or vibration you call Hilarion. A moment please as we make deeper contact. We ask you to welcome the idea of a beautiful emerald light as if it has always been here and you are discovering it. You are allowing it to connect through you at infinitely upwards and through you to center of Earth, allowing the emerald light as strengthening, healing, connecting energy to form a cylinder about 100 feet diameter that is about 33 m diameter and it goes from infinitely upwards through you to the center of Earth. You are the moderator of this energy, you're the one who is in the middle of that which is represented by heaven, that which is represented by Earth, perhaps the most highest vibration and that which is the most solid grounding, practical vibration.

This time has some unique qualities to it. Fortunately these are not restricted only to the northern hemisphere. The northern hemisphere right now relates to the shift into the beginning of winter, the winter solstice energy symbolized by the longest night and the shortest day and it is a time in which the whole idea of mental health is very much up in people's consciousness. You'll typically see in the northern hemisphere the spike in suicide rates at this time, the opportunity for various light related diseases as the light is so short and so on. But, at the same time this is the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere and part of your own consciousness in recognizing your own brothers and sisters on your planet is an inclusion of the entire planet in your meditations and your understanding.

Clearly, as the earth moves through its cycle of breathing this is one of those pivotal moments in which the breath could then be perceived in your own imagination as coming to a completion. That of the full in breath, or that of the full out breath and a pause is taken and an awareness of many energies. In that pause right now is that shift of the moon into Capricorn from Sagittarius and at the same time the energetic associated with the new moon, all of those things stacking up as if to say,” in a very practical way you are put upon, you are demanded in some ways by this situation of the earth and the energies around you to be a little more practical. To bring this into an energy that is fully known and fully manifested.

In a way this is on an entirely opposite pole from what is manifesting for you with regards to all of the activities around Christmas time. The energetics associated with the birth of the special child, the awareness of giving and sharing, the opportunity to help your neighbors and love each other and so many other things which were personified by the one you call, “Jesus,” by this individual sharing all of these things then relating to love. So what you actually come down to when you boil it down to its essential meaning is a tremendous opportunity for love in a practical way. This is actually fairly difficult. It is easy to manifest love in so many ways, but making it really practical tends to be fairly difficult for people. At the same time there is a tremendous karmic and geophysical pressure to do exactly that.

One of your questions relates very much to climate change and is it too late for planet Earth? Can things be reversed? At the same time do you see how love figures into that? So much of the difficulties on your planet about agreement amongst countries, has so much to do with the opposite, the competition, the opportunity to do better than, the manifestation of fear about this. All of the energies that could be shifted so much by love for your planet. Love for each other, love for the generations that will come after you and in many ways love for who you are as you evolve to the point that you can make changes to your planet.

So, in a way the pressing issue is about asking the right question and very much so with relationship to making love practical the guides and helpers have a nearly singular focus about this. Because they recognize that the choice towards love must always be that which is up to you. It cannot be that which is forced into that one way or the other because that's only going to generate more karma. At the same time it can be asked,” What more than anything else retards your progress?” That the guides and helpers can influence? What aspects of consciousness can be that which is standing in your way? Over and over what you see on that is the influence of cause and effect. The ripple effect that is set into motion by that which has been done before. It is so much tremendous justification for war, for holding back, for doing to others that is the opposite of the forgiving, the loving, the caring. Thus, there will be punishment, there will be hardship and those who’ll be saying that it is justified due to the damage of what was done in the balance that must be struck, etc. etc. all the way down until the very personal.

The way in which you find yourself karmically thrust into similar situations over and over. Most of the questions today have not specifically dealt with karma, and in many ways they have not specifically dealt with love but as important facets of universal law these must be considered when looking for the other sub themes of these many questions, that is the big picture. How are you going to do with your life not just in this lifetime? In the next intermissive period and the next lifetime and their relationship to what you are going to teach your children and what you are going to do to change things on your planet. In this, the urging becomes very clear from the guides and helpers about using love to dissolve karma. That balancing karma simply by doing the best you can to help those who you have wronged, or various countries, to balance out what they have done wrong will be much too slow. It will take too many lifetimes and the ultimate changes that would be necessary for your survival will never get in action in time for that.

Certainly, it is an important lesson and the understanding of the balancing of karma certainly teaches you a lot where you have been in every situation where you have encountered victim and also a perpetrator and in every situation in which you have been perpetrator, also a victim and so on. But, when it comes down to something truly practical it must be that which is now ended as soon as possible. For this, the opportunities to share spiritual wisdom or understanding about this in a personal way for you through your dreams, through things that seem to light your heart up with awakening and love and energies that seem positive and beautiful over and over will draw you to focus on this. At first, you will simply see it as an opportunity for forgiveness, as an opportunity to do more good in the world, as an opportunity to help others.

But then you'll begin to notice that that feel good feeling within you has associated with it a whispered question from your guides and helpers. It can take many forms. It can be along the line of,” can you do more in that regard? Wouldn't it feel good to have that a little more? Is the nature of your willingness to help others, is it purely karmic balancing or isn't there something intrinsic about that sense of sharing, of service, of love, of caring for others.

For many individuals this is going to be new. They're going to struggle with this but for many others it is simply crystallizing that which is already been present. Now, in a very practical way therefore, the requirement shows up on the guides and helpers on our energy, on all of the beings that share this planet with you, to evoke within you a strength of love which has the capacity to dissolve karma. This means not only the focus of that love that is in the vector function of vector love, the energetic of the direction, where it is going to go, but also its intensity; how strong it is and how you are to feel that within your own being and see that ultimately it is not local. It is not contained within you it is that perhaps birthed or sparked but it goes beyond your own level of being.

You cannot necessarily understand this with your mind. There is a part of your heart that understands it. Many times mental illness of its variations as it arises because of an imbalance in that energy. Most specifically that, that love has somehow been squashed, it is present and it has not been acknowledged. It is one that is asking for greater care or greater compassion or greater connection and is not being allowed. Indeed then, so many successful programs to help people with mental illness have been those which are based on greater love, greater connection to the community, a willingness to listen powerfully and deeply to what others have to say. In many cases an opportunity to be physical with those energies in ways of work or helping others.

This relates very much to the winter solstice right now because what typically occurs at this time of year in the animal kingdoms in the northern hemisphere is a slightly higher degree of fear than they feel at any other time during the year. Will there be enough food? Will this planet continue? Will the love that is possible between Earth and our beings, our species continue in its own way? A practical way of addressing this is again moving outside the logical, allowing the idea of an animal totem to come into your consciousness, an animal you care about deeply; a cat, a dog, a friend. Perhaps an archetype, a dolphin, a sea turtle, a whale, or an animal that you have been caring about at a distance because you care about the species and their reflection on humanity such as a polar bear, or a lion or an elephant, an enemy to those who are involved in profiteering, and harm to the earth and a friend to those who want to see these energies somehow expand and energies of the animal kingdom shared appropriately with people.

But, whatever way you come to this, let that animal come into your consciousness now. Allow it to stand by your side perhaps or somehow communicate with you by looking deep into your eyes. Through that animal allow the message to all others of its species; there is love. It is present in me, it is present in this world. It is present in this emerald light connection to infinitely upwards to center of Earth, feel it, know it, breathe it with me. Think of someone you care for deeply, a child, perhaps an animal, transfer that love to this animal totem. Allow that feeling to disperse easily by simply on the out breath, having the sense of the expansion of that energy and that light and that love. Now see it going beyond that species to all of the animals on this planet, all of the beings who coexist with you from the very tiniest, to the very largest, there is no limit to this opportunity and the energy is there simply to say, you are loved. The love is present as is the nature of your being as is the nature of my being.

In many ways this is a practical answer. Sometimes the animal totem that occurs to you when you do this exercise that may seem a little odd. An animal that you have typically connected to before but a different one perhaps, go with it. Let the energy go with you and do not question it.

You may wish to look up the symbol of that particular animal and what it means in your own consciousness and your own expansion of your own awareness. Oftentimes, as individuals address these issues they will come to a block. Oftentimes that block has to do with a preconceived notion, a belief pattern they have established within their own consciousness. Oftentimes this block or belief pattern prevents further progress. It helps them from going forward. So one of the first questions to ask when you're dealing with procrastination, when you are dealing with the issue of how to increase your own spiritual growth, when you're looking at the issue of ascension, when you are trying to understand all of these energies seeking with you to come into form. What is the right question to ask? One of the most beautiful is, what's right about it? The very thing that would seem to be in your way, the block which seems to be preventing your progress.

Sometimes it is your self-judgment. So with procrastination you might come up with the word: lazy or laziness. Oftentimes in this shows up so much shame is present at the individual will shirk, pull back, shrink, and then again what's right about it? You put more time and attention on the inner and what's right about that is the energy of shame that probably connects to something emotional from your childhood, something from a past life, something you have not been willing to face with your partner, or yourself. What about just having it? Simply having the emotion? In your society at the current time this is quite difficult because these societal patterns typically seem over and over to show the idea of being afraid of emotions, that they would be harmful in some way. What would be preferable at a young age if children were taught to be appropriate with their emotions, not to repress them, but to have them in a way that does not do harm to others.

Typically, you could then see the phrase or belief pattern, “oh no, not again.” Associated with emotions with regards to society and this suggestion we are making,” thank God there it goes,” associated with the emotions as they move through. Now there will be a few people hearing these words will say,” you know Hilarion you have talked about these things before.” And it is true because there are many others who have been working with this, seeking to come to an understanding of this and it doesn't make its way easily into the psychiatric community.

Because, it does take some time. It's so much easier to prescribe a drug and oftentimes those imbalances are very simple, not just having to do with karma or lack of love, we've now gone into several options here. But, also nutrition and one reason we are seeing more mental illness is the increase in genetically modified foods that are making their way into many people's diet’s currently. There has been a lot of attention on the ways in which these are harmful to the physical body. In particular there will be more pesticides at the same time because genetically modified foods are developed specifically to increase resistance to those substances.

They can also be herbicides, but these chemicals inevitably make their way into the food substances and increase problems for physical body. But, what are they doing to consciousness? Some of the issue is of course the pesticides and herbicides. But, some of it is also the genetically modified food itself. Because, in humanity’s long past history, going way back, even to the times before you are human, into the ancient DNA, the reptilian DNA, the ancient plant DNA, all of these that are part of your being, there is a kinship which that which has been natural on your planet, that which naturally occurs through evolution, through the genetic shifts that occur generation after generation. This the body can accommodate and the consciousness can accommodate.

But, those that are changed dramatically, often suddenly with artificial methods can be those which consciousness associated with the DNA is not easily able to contend with. The scientific types will ask where this is located and typically in every cell in the mitochondria. This is not well understood part of the cell contains the ancient memories and brings forth in your consciousness a shift when genetically modified foods are introduced. Oftentimes, these can lead to all kinds of problems in consciousness, particularly that which is related to mental health and can be diagnosed in various ways: attention deficit, chronic depression, various schizophrenic states and on and on.

Oftentimes though, this can be traced back to this opportunity to let the blocks to loving be in some way intensified, be stronger, be those that are added to when the individual for their own mental health, certainly needs to not only have the fear, let it go through,” thank God there it goes,” but also see that on the other side of it that what the block has been there for is to block against love. The love that you are part of this planet, the love that you deserve to be here, the love that you exist and the love that you can share with others to assist them and the love that you can receive from them to assist you and so on.

Love can be defined very naturally as the interconnection of all things so what happens when you get disconnected? There are going to be problems and that just seems an oversimplification, doesn't it? But, from the point of view of consciousness, not of the complications of society or of the physical body. From the consciousness itself it is that simple. In this way a welcoming to look at where you are blocked to love is a powerful tool to assist you on so many levels.

Some individuals might not be willing to look at that or in trying to look at it they have some difficulty. There are solutions to this, obviously asking the right question, “what is the right question to ask here?” Is a wonderful thing and asking for assistance and be willing to listen for the answer and take action on it when it shows up is also a wonderful thing. But, oftentimes when it is an action associated with denial, something you are not aware of because it has been denied for so long, because it is a habit pattern, because it is a belief pattern, you need help. The help can be that of a friend just as much as it can be a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Oftentimes all the friend has to do is listen very carefully and let you speak of the things that are true and dear to your heart and look very consciously and carefully for one word: not.

As you look for that word, you're going to see where the denial really is. Where you are in denial about it, a “not,” will inevitably show up. You can say, “well, I'm not really angry about that,” and the other person will keep note in a loving way and bring you back to that. If you're not angry about that, then you are… and let them fill it in. It is simply because that which you are using to block your spiritual progress, to block your ambition, to block your putting into action anything in the world will relate to that which you are in dire need of changing. If you are then unable to make conscious connection with it, it will spew, it will allow itself out if you give it a chance. In a loving and supportive environment you can speak to yourself about it, you can be very successful with it, you don't really need someone else but it usually helps. Simply because you will be hearing yourself through them.

Which brings us to the Internet. Oftentimes the larger information we have spoken about in relationship to the Internet has been forgotten and it is of course about the global brain. It is the step towards the collective consciousness finally: hearing, listening, speaking to itself and certainly you see steps being taken in that direction in different ways. Oftentimes, guides and helpers can provide information directly on the Internet. This is done in ways that can be covered up in a way in which you try to trace it, you'll simply meet with so little success you will give up.

Sometimes though, the information comes through the obvious path, through an individual inspired. They then write about it, share about it, learn about it and so on. It really is impossible to distinguish between these. The difficulty with the Internet because it is a reflection of the collective consciousness, as many have noted it is full of falsehoods. It is full of opportunities for people in order to advance their own personal interests and to put forth information that is clearly untrue. Not. True. Now, let's practically speaking in deference to the new moon moving into Capricorn look at that. If it is not true, then it is a reflection of the collective consciousness seeking to bring forth an obstacle for your own understanding of the truth. This can be when you have that feeling about it, that really doesn't seem true to me, you might abandon it but you might also go a little deeper and you may find that the individual who has put forth this information is available, is there to learn and change.

Because, you see, on a very practical level on your planet you need so much to change the criteria from which the people in the world are making their decisions and doing the things they do. Oftentimes, the criteria when you get right down to it, after going through the considerations of money, power, their reputation how they see themselves, how their loved ones depend on them, etc. all the way down to fear. Oftentimes, you will see directly associated with falsehood, with that which is clearly not true and somebody knows it's not true, that they are afraid of something; losing their identity, losing their money, losing their friendship, losing their reputation, whatever. It doesn't even have to be a fear of loss. It can be a fear simply of being known, of being loved, of their own existence. It can really go that deep sometimes.

Therefore, we would suggest the Internet be understood in its larger context. Yes, of course you can use it to find all kinds of information and you can use all kinds of sources to verify that information and that is a very practical and easy tool. When you try to look at it from the larger picture and how it is becoming more and more a reflection of the global brain, you can also recognize an important part of the global brain is in the clearing of denial, the clearing of blocks, the way in which humanity must clear those blocks to its own progress as humanity. Now as humanity this has not been a big problem until recently of course. Once you have the issue of nuclear weapons, global plagues such as Ebola, global issue of climate change, these clearly must be solved by all people. They cannot simply be solved in one quarter and let everyone else run wildly somewhere else or of course this affects everyone together.

The beauty of the understanding of this is that it is the direction humanity is going to and it now has a greater price on it than ever. More and more acknowledgment and agreement that it must be done in the collective, it must be done in the global consciousness and yet individually most people tend to feel helpless. They struggle against this larger perspective and it is through that struggle that they can of course connect to the many others who are also struggling. They can understand their own energy and now offer an important clearing of an important impediment to that acceleration of consciousness. That is the use of love to clear what stands in the way. Oftentimes, too clear it karmically, to clear what has stood in your way before.

Now, this is not a step-by-step sort of thing. Each individual will do it individually, in their own way. But, magnitude and direction, the vector of love can be an important, helpful, practical reminder to you of this. The direction that you're going to bring that love will be on a particular issue but you know eventually it will be 180° reflection back to you in relationship to that issue and you will be willing to flip that vector around. Intensity: the energy to be at max. You're going to find your way through it, you're going to dissolve what’s in the way of it, you're going to find where that love is and ask yourself the question.” Could it be stronger? Could it be deeper? Could it be released more easily? Could it be that which is beyond my previous experience with love?

Again, going back to asking the right questions and when a block shows up for that, what's right about it? How can I learn from that as a result? You have on your planet a beautiful, powerful example of that which is so soft, and so powerful, so powerfully physically relating to love that oftentimes it is directly related to all emotions. All emotions can often be seen as those which simply stand in the way of love and love itself. That example of course is water. So soft as to run through all the cracks and so powerful as to cut through stone given enough time and to create the vast canyons on your planet and to change your own internal biochemistry and all of the ways in which water moves in this powerful way.

There are many physical effects of this of course. The ways in which water is used in the body and there are many practical questions about this. This can unfortunately take a lot of time to go into but we would like to touch on the idea that it is a powerful symbol for your ability to pierce through what's in the way of love, softly. In a gentle way, but in a way that is powerful because it keeps going.

If you’ve ever been caught in a flood or watched a rising tide or been involved where large quantities of water are concerned, this is what strikes you so deeply, unstoppable, gentle, slow, but continuous, bigger and bigger and bigger until it's huge. All of those energies associated with water can be those which are of course understood scientifically and this will naturally include the business of connectivity. How it is connecting in so many different ways that you are not so much consciously aware of. In particular water vapor. You're breathing this, it is connecting you to all the other people on your planet in a physical and visceral way. The way in which the water is influenced by the tides and their relationship to the moon tells you about the way in which you are receiving some energetics about the Moon in your own body.

Thus, in the new moon you are ready to begin again. Bring a new energy forward. Bring energies that you might have held in check before so it's an excellent time right now to be looking at some of those things for yourself. But, because water is a huge component of your body some people have made the incorrect assumption that drinking water is going to be particularly good for you. It certainly has its place of course depending on your diet. But, if you do not need to do a lot of cleansing it is far better to take in water that is naturally and organically complexed with the materials that are naturally taken in by your body.

So you have this in its most natural way, and it's most human way with human milk. But, human milk is very difficult to obtain so instead the next best thing working with cow’s milk that has not been pasteurized is such an excellent way to bring a calming, helpful influence to the physical body. Goat milk has excellent protein but usually brings in too much adrenaline so we aren't recommending it. Tomatoes, organically complexed so beautifully with water in their bodies. Such a watery fruit and often times now available all year around. Although it is not in season in your local area it can be obtained from faraway areas and this does mean that the water is coming from a faraway area. But, it will be better absorbed, better utilized if you drink water in this plain form.

Often times, if you find you are thirsty, tomatoes or raw milk will be far better and more absorbed and more thirst quenching; thirst quenching not just that it feels better after you’ve had it. But, that there is more energy in your body, that you have more physical strength and a sense of greater stamina and ability to cope with greater endurance and so on. But, as water does convey powerful vibration it becomes an intrinsic part of the healing process. So, you often find where water is taken in the event of a trauma, that it can have benefit in particular where it is imbued with a vibration and that is the principle of homeopathy. Water is always a part of that process at some stage and this bringing a vibrational shift into you can be so helpful. So, when you go for the icepack or in an emergency situation, the rescue remedy you are as if calling out to the collective consciousness of water, you are asking for healing there so be aware of that and let that also come in as you apply water to your body.

Hydrotherapy has been widely utilized in so many different forms and it has so many excellent applications but generally we see that the least used and most helpful is that which Vonderplanitz calls the, “lymph bath,” a hot bath with strength and energy on the lymphatic system by eating raw coconut cream and raw pineapple before getting in the bath and maintaining that high temperature to elevate the core temperature of the body to help with detoxification. This has proved itself to be so effective in so many different diseases. It is a powerful cleansing routine that can be put into action by many individuals. We suggest the books about this rather than further information directly from this source, but as you explore this you may find for yourself that whatever stage of healing work you are in, that it can be a very powerful tool.

Hydrotherapy of this nature goes back millennia, you will see the ancients using it. The hot bathing methods vary from culture to culture and they are all good. But, generally the intent is raise the core temperature of the body. If this can be done in a way that there isn't too much harm done then there is going to be typical benefit. So, that's why the hot bath is better than a typical steam bath because sometimes breathing the hot steam can be troubling to the nose, nasal passages and so on. So, it is also with each of the different hydrotherapies. Some of the individuals take well to them, others do not. You will have to see how this works for yourself.

We also note that where there is traumatic injury to the body a very cold pack or cold ice or cold ice is applied to that part of the body long-term healing appears delayed. It is very useful as an instant anesthetic reducing some of the pain associated with the trauma. But, long-term it appears to prevent the very circulation that is needed to promote healing. So, if you feel the need for this, or you are used to it, or the icepack is part of your own ritual when something gets hurt. Follow it as soon therefore after with hot, be it a hot pad or, even better, a hot water bottle so that you can bring the temperature back up and increase circulation. Often times, individuals working with this find information to be opposite what they've been taught and that's where further research on the matter, asking the right question is so important. Where is healing to the traumatized part of the body weak? Too weak? Does it heal faster when the cold has been applied or has it been allowed to warm?

That is the important question to ask, which brings us to this whole issue of questions. More and more, when you ask the right questions, what is the right question to ask here answers pop in. If you have ever played with this before and found it frustrating could you just let it go? Because you may find that indeed when you ask answers to pop in and oftentimes these answers have a quality associated with that of awakening, of enlightenment, of new energy. Sometimes that's because you are tuning into a new guide or helper or because a new energy is available that you haven't tapped before available from your own soul. Listen to those questions and ask them deeply, oftentimes when a question pops in that way for you it is not just to be taken at surface level. But to go deeper and to ask it a few times to let the energy associated with that percolate with you for a while.

Oftentimes this is helpful not because you're going to get better answers, that's good, that works, that's useful. Oftentimes you know those answers and they are really useful because when they percolate with you, you are more likely to listen and really pay attention. Oftentimes, you have come to that door, knocked upon it and it has opened and you have chosen not to enter. Perhaps, this time you'll enter. This is the toughest thing you see when you get the answers because if it's an answer that you have previously rejected, an answer you have some difficulty with, an answer you have struggled with, you see right how that immediately creates the denial and the difficulty and encourages you to go deeper to discover this for yourself.

Oftentimes, when regarding spiritual progress, coming to a place of higher consciousness, encouraging this. You are asking such questions but you are not doing it in a conscious process so make it conscious. Ask every day, what is a good question for me to be asking myself to look into the world with? Pay attention to the answers that show up. You may often be quite surprised to see that those are answers you are already are able now to work with. So this is perhaps a good beginning.

Jill: would you please suggest a new tool to help us maintain a steady state of spiritual clarity during our stay in these bodies?

Hilarion: we detect underneath this resistance to change. ”I'd like to be more spiritual, but I don't want to change.” Is that possible? It would appear that only in theory, scanning those of the highest degree of consciousness that we have ever met, and those have ever met we actually haven't found anyone yet, the steady state of consciousness is change. The nature of the transformative process itself is that which invites the shift from one state to another. This could be considered steady-state but it sure doesn't feel like it. It actually feels oftentimes, very upsetting. “The rug pulled out from under you,” the expression tends to go.” What rug could be pulled out from under me today? Who asks that question when they begin their day? When they begin to acknowledge their own need for spiritual progress? How could I better welcome change? To have a new tool of course is a difficult matter because one could state that the acknowledgment and need for spiritual progress is new and therefore a new tool is needed. That is true if you go back in time enough, right now what tends to happen is simply overuse of tools that don't work, abuse of tools that seem to work and disuse of sometimes the very best tools because they do work. That's the trickiest part to get your head around because those tools are the ones that will bring up for you the blocks, the obstacles, the denials.

Therefore, we introduce two fairly recent tools but they would not really be considered new. The scanning, sniffing, for “not,” and the opportunity and welcoming to dissolve karma with love. In a way you could say we have been addressing that question all along. Is this sufficient?

Jill: yes. Thank you. Can Hilarion give some help and clarity around the problem of being disciplined and focused in achieving success?

Hilarion: sometimes that is exactly what gets in the way because you have a picture of this. You must be focused, could you let it go? Is there a place in you willing to let it go? But you'll often recognize that which is of maximum value, that which brings that maximum focus is uncomfortable, it's hard to sit in it. So, why not get used to hard sitting? A way to do this is a new tool, relatively speaking and that is where you deliberately seek out paradox every day. Now, we aren’t talking about two piers in the ocean,” a pair of docks.” But, the idea that you're going to find two things that just can easily coexist. At the big level you can always fall back on that old standard, destiny and free will. But, in your own life can you find something paradoxical? An aspect where there is simultaneously love and fear, an aspect where there is forward movement and great resistance, an aspect that relates to something you want and clearly is something that is harmful. As you can find these paradoxes and deliberately sit in them, understand as much as you can about both sides and avoid making a decision.

Oftentimes, this can be a very powerful tool when it comes to activating that which has to do with ambition, moving forward, doing things because you will be ready for some discomfort. But the discomfort of paradox is a different discomfort from what you're going to encounter in almost any other situation because it runs very, very deep. It runs right to existence itself, right to the nature of your being, right to who you are. The greatest difficulty most people encounter, this is an observation you can often show up with when you are asking the right questions, when you are dissolving karma, you are looking at the aspects, sniffing out the “nots,” simply as these energies are brought in you shift out of that which gives you the most power and into that which you are most weak.

Simply put, you move away from “being” and more into ”doing.” This is a way in which that energetic relates to how who you are brought you to this in the first place. If you wanted to move forward with this particular activity because of the love you have, because of the caring for others. Perhaps it's a very selfish motive. If that's true, ask, ”what do you want more than that?” What are you getting immediately from that for instance if it's the money, or the survival. What do you want more than the money? More than the survival? Find the energy of being-ness associated with this question. What do you want more than that? Whatever it takes you to get to the heart of that energy, come back to that “being-ness” where possible.

Oftentimes, this can be an energetic boost but neither that or playing with the discomfort of paradox is of much value in moving things forward. But, once you are stronger at being, once you are more comfortable with the discomfort of paradox or anything else, then when you ask, what is the right question I should be asking now? Where should I be putting my attention? It often times then allows a flow of energy, an energetic shift that makes it easier to move forward. But, there is a very powerful question which we have not touched on at all tonight which we have often mentioned in the past, which must be touched on.

What do you take with you? How important is that really? Is then what shows up from this on a practical level. By what you take with you we of course mean into the next life, to the next time in between lives, to the next relationship, your own consciousness, your own life. If, on your deathbed looking back you would then say,” that was really important, I’m glad I did that. Or would you say,” I put a lot more time on that, than I could have been putting on something else that was really important.” This must also be taken into account for the one simple reason that sometimes the answer to why progress has been difficult, why getting forward in your life has been difficult, what's right about it? As that question it throws you back to being. It throws you back to something that isn't at all about that particular activity and instead is much more about who you are. The nature of that love, the nature of your own essence.

In this way, we would remind you of the idea that you are a human being and take you back in your imagination if you can't remember a time, or an actual time when you could remember it when you were little and someone asked you about when you grow up. They probably asked you, ”what do you want to be when you grow up?” In your consciousness you have gradually shifted that to,” what am I going to do when I grow up?” But most people these days still ask the children, what do you want to be when you grow up, not what do you want to do when you grow up? Because of course if they are relating to what they want to do, they’re going to talk about playing, and things they like to do as little children.

But, ”being,” goes beyond that, it's the reason for play. It's the reason for existence. We remind you of this because this is also a tremendous source of power and denial and resistance if you are then following a path completely different from the way you wanted to be when you were a little child. So we would ask you now to imagine that little child, who is now saying something along the lines of what they would like to be when they grow up. You can look at that energy, you can feel it, you can know that child which was you, knowing that being-ness, was perhaps explaining it as an occupation, or a way in doing things in the world, but really it was about being, and that a child doesn't have to try to do, to accomplish, to impress someone else, the child can just be.

We would ask you now to love and connect to the child part of yourself. Then, as if by inviting that energy, a simple stretch, stretch into the arms, the legs, whatever, of you and the child simultaneously. As the stretch ends they merge. As if now you are receiving even greater energy of being of the child that you have been in the past who knows,” I am.” This would seem perhaps a strange way to answer a question about that which is practical but we are going to remind you of this over and over because you actually have so many in the world telling you how to do, but who is here reminding you how to be? Now we again state that, that is unique to who you are. That is oftentimes why it is stated that it’s a part of your being. That reminder can be very helpful because it allows you to let go of the things that perhaps you actually should not be doing.

This is really tricky, you know. If your life has gone in a direction that may have been fulfilling and helpful in some areas but also seems clearly absent in other areas, you may have to give up a lot to retrace and go back to do again in a way that is ultimately more satisfying. But, we can assure you that if it is an important part of your being you will do it. It may not be in this life but you will clearly go in that direction at some point. So, why not do it sooner rather than later? That would be a gentle question to simply remind you, just as that other question, “could you just let it go?” It can be that simple in regards to what you accomplish, that which has taken you in a given direction, or whatever. Now you go in a different direction. Could you just let it go?

Jill: what is the spiritual significance of joy and sense of humor?

Hilarion: Humor will give you perspective and give you a different point of view in order to encapsulate, encompass and work with that which seems somehow amusing, funny, this is always that which is seemingly individualized and something you find funny but you notice when you share it, sometimes other people do, too. That is because you are simultaneously getting that larger picture. Clearly, as this is a happy thing which brings you a pleasant, positive sensation, you are attracted to it. As you take that sensation further along the spectrum naturally you come to joy. Joy is at its core that which is perceived by those who have gone far beyond in consciousness as we perceive it and understand it, the masters, the teachers, their guides and teachers, who are far beyond that of human consciousness, that of the stellar bodies, the great stars, the galaxies, the nature of the universe. These things all seem to have this powerful quality that can only be described as “joy.”

It can only be understood as the ultimate expression in that continuum. So, naturally you are attracted to that because that's what you come from, that which feels so good to you because it is your own nature and that because within it there is very little in the “doing,” aspect. In joy, there is just the experience of joy. The experience of the being itself and in fact one of the quickest ways to get out of joy is to ask,” How can I have more joy?” How can you directly therefore set the stage for the experience is a useful question but while you are setting the stage you are not experiencing it, you are experiencing the setting of the stage.

Oftentimes, therefore, one can recognize an intrinsic joining of joy and being-ness and of course as you examine these and take them apart and try to analyze them you are left with very little, “a rope of sand,” as Jefferson would call it. It is simply that which evaporates because it is not about that which has a focus as much as it is about the process; the focusing, the awareness, the energy, the universe. A question such as,” what is joy?” What is that of the positive expression as it can be understood and felt throughout time and space in so many different ways; love, positive regard, caring, compassion, the list goes on and on.

You'll have your own personal spectrum of this but there tends to be an agreement as you tend to get towards that high end of that spectrum you’re in some state of joy; ecstasy; orgasm; so many different names for those experiences taken at a higher vibrational level or the most basic physical level they are the experiences that you seek out. They are the experiences that you just know at an intrinsic level are somehow desirable and those things that stand in the way of them, or take them away from you are somehow to be avoided.

But, when you question this, when you actually begin to look at it when you begin to recognize is that you are vibrating in harmony or resonance, or direct attunement to something much bigger within yourself, with the universe perhaps, with the earth, with the hearts of those you care for and are connected to you. In this way, it becomes the true spiritual experience, not that which is based on religion, on a particular set of beliefs or concepts, that which simply vibrates and works with you directly. We would have to criticize our answer and say that it is inadequate to the task simply because the language itself is not designed to experience this. So, we'll call on another.

Sananda: my love, greetings and caring to all of you, you have known me in this world as “Sananda.” In this time of year all over your planet, a celebration of the birth of the experience of the light, of the knowing of this energy is felt in so many. Although, it has moved into areas of commerciality and various problems associated with money, still when it comes back to what you call the Nativity, the birth, the beginning, there is much less of that commercialism. It is your birth that is really being celebrated at this time. That the child, newborn, so innocent, so sweet but also so able to absorb, to be so receptive to those around, to know this as you and be reminded of it.

It is a gift as a reminder of your being but it is also the opportunity to give within you. Could your innocence as a child, could your own love and acceptance of the world be somehow given to others around? This is more powerful than you realize if in your understanding of birth you now go back to your own birth and recall the journey of your soul just before you could see yourself far away, hovering about the earth perhaps and now you come in, faster and faster, a bolt of light, a powerful consciousness that comes deeper and deeper until it penetrates into the body of the child and the child is made awake, alive, aware, filled with this light that is you.

This same powerful gift, the same energy, the courage to be, the sense of that light as it fills every cell, as it continues through time to become who you are now, you have this within you as a joyful, positive, beautiful experience. Of course, there are issues, there are resistances but the experience itself is the ultimate direct personal experience that you can have of being of light of that which transcends any word and is that which you have experienced. What a beautiful place to think from, to be reminded of. In some ways this is one of the beautiful, essential messages of Christmas as if you are going to somehow take that birth and give it away as a present under the tree.

This is a stretch in your imagination to see this but when you are giving presents, aren't you seeking a way to bring a little bit of joy into someone else's life when you try to choose the present that is appropriate. These are little hints that there is something deeper, something far more beautiful, more profound. The energy of pure being-ness is so strong as to illuminate a life and to bring into you the consciousness that has made you continue to be alive today, to hear these words, to feel this energy vibrating in you, feel it now. Bring your hands to your heart as if you are going to let a little of that come into your hands and slowly extend that outward, see it given away, to a child, to a friend, to the earth, to an animal, to anything you pick and choose, the beautiful gift of Christmas and the energy of your birth, your light, your existence. It does not diminish it at all, does it?

You notice even stronger in your own heart, that pulsing, beautiful, loving light. Let it fill you now with the sense of gratitude for giving and that somewhere, someone hearing these words, perhaps is giving their light to you right now also. A guide, a helper, a friend, someone you've known in the world, your future self all are possibilities giving you this light now. Do not question it from the logical simply receive and know that light. These are steps towards joy, energetics drawing to you possibilities but encouraging you to see and know them with the language of your heart. Not the words, but the energy. Shalom.

Hilarion: Hilarion here again and we thank you Sananda for these words, a reminder of the giving spirit of Christmas and all that it entails.

Jill: how will solar technology and other energy technologies evolve and improve in response to the faster vibrations of earth?

Hilarion: more discoveries naturally and more opportunity to commercialize on those which have already been brought forth. Nanotechnology in particular will likely be utilized to significantly increase the efficiency of various solar collection methods. But, much more important than this, particularly in line with the theme tonight is the collective consciousness that says,” this is a good step forward.” Techniques and methods that can make solar panels with less pollution can be devised. Energetics amongst people to bring more energy about it, talk about it, share about it, and bring more solar to the planet all can be helpful. They are small steps. They are insufficient to stop the long-term effects of global warming. The technology for this has already been described, you see it in the book, “The Nature of Reality,” one of the earliest channelings we ever did through our friend in Canada.

But, in the larger sense of this we recognize that those energies are not those which humanity can easily deal with because they could be used for destructive purposes as much as beneficial purposes. But, it is clearly in the tapping of the energetics of inert gases, of the vacuum, of the space between, of the energetics of gravity and those that are only now being understood better and better that similar forces of tremendous benefit and tremendous destruction are possible for humanity. Will humanity be able to embrace these in a loving and helpful way?

There are some individuals who are very concerned with this and in their life here on the earth, they were able to do something about this and they continue to look at this from the other side. With us today is one of those individuals, the one who was known on your planet as Michael Smulkis. This individual was of great importance in bringing forward some of our ideas and understanding. His recent passing on November 30th is clearly that which has been a powerful ripple of sadness and difficulty to many of the individuals he was able to interact with and those who were blessed by his teachings and his ability to translate and work with information that we have brought through.

But, in the process of his own life review and his own continuing of this he will come even more and more to this place of bringing enlightening information and understanding of astrophysics, of the understanding of the higher sciences of gravity and consciousness and ways in which this will be of much value to many. See this also as that which you add energy to. When you think of those who have passed from this world, who have the opportunity to bring their enlightenment, their understanding, their consciousness, ask them to help with this crucial issue. That technologies, alternate methods, ways of living in the world that could promote survival of your planet but also have the potential to be harmful can be used in a balanced, loving and conscious way.

Asking for such can do far more benefit than you realize if you are adding a little bit of energy to the subtle scientists, the aetheric scientists, the guides and helpers guiding those of the physical world. Because at this junction, the real problem is not with the implementation, it's not that those sciences and those aspects of engineering and so on isn’t possible. It is possible and in some cases on a small scale it has already been done. It is in the appropriate use of this, the balanced use of this, the loving use of it, the way in which it will be used in such a fashion that no one will be harmed by it.

This is a very difficult path because it involves commitment to love, the willingness to love others regardless of their history with you. Regardless of how the Christians have fought the Muslims, how one has been so much to hurt the other in so many different ways. It is as if collectively the guides and helpers for so many multi-, multi-millions is projecting this simple question, ”Could you just let it go?” So difficult on the collective level because it is somewhat difficult on the individual level. As you promote this for yourself, as you find ways to let go, it naturally increases and significantly enhances the probability that the correct use of these technologies to reverse global warming, to solve the problems of Ebola, to assist the tremendous inequities of finance and money on your planet can all be in action and can all be used.

How do we know this? It is not simply a prediction. It is not simply looking at humanity's opportunity for love, it is looking instead at the civilizations throughout the galaxy, and other galaxies that have survived. That have perhaps met similar crises or in some way had to come together to draw some powerful, collective energy. Not necessarily love, but something they could all share and use. We can also see the ones that destroyed themselves from which only small, smoldering, radioactive remnants can be seen. That people have choice in this matter and what can be seen is how love has helped, how it's worked for you. How it is one of your greatest gifts, how you can use it, know it, increase it, focus it and work with it simply starting this not so much by a practical action as by a practical question,” How may I have more love? How may I share more love? How may I know it more? Etc. Certainly the answer to this went a little afield from where it began but perhaps that is a good sort of place to address this from now whenever you are looking at the scientific issue to ask if the general principle, the deeper understanding, the larger aspect of this was applied. Could we be appropriate with it? Further questions?

Jill: can you define the lightbody and are there any clear indications that a person has fully activated his or her lightbody?

Hilarion: we recognize several definitions of this, several different approaches, several different ways. Typically these have to do with certain belief patterns or schools of thought but it does seem apparent that when you look at what is similar about all of these there is an aspect of what could be called,” opposition,”” paradox,” two seemingly insoluble aspects that have somehow merged within the individual. An acceptance perhaps, a greater love perhaps, other things are evidence of this. Often times it is as simple as your relationship to that which is seemingly about opposites that seems to show up as a commonality amongst those who are working with the lightbody in various ways and finding significant expansion with this.

This is a bit unusual isn't it? You might have thought we might have said something like, well the aetheric body is 60% larger than that of other people or they glow as they walk down the street, handy if your flashlight is out of batteries. But, whatever way you are looking at the practical implications of the lightbody you must go beyond the beliefs. You must look at it as its core. Often times, this is directly associated with what might be termed,” enlightenment.”

But, it really is about your inmate comfort with a question that cuts to your nature. That's where those paradoxes show up and that is where when you are in a place where you can accept somehow those as seemingly opposite, dissolve. They are not opposites anymore. What is the opposite of ohm? Some would say mho but they really wouldn't be getting it would they? The way in which you begin to understand this you come closer and closer to an awareness that shows up because you are made of this. The lightbody is not that which is out there to be brought in, it is already in there to be let out. The lightbody as your own manifestation is of course that which is held back by many of the things we have been talking about today; by your own belief patterns, by your own denials, by the issues you struggle with and by the very energies of these paradoxes, opposites and so on. Not by them dissolving because they are always going to be there but by your willingness to accept, to be a part of them, to let there be a part of you.

Specifically, we would note therefore that various exercises that encourage enhanced vibration for you will inevitably be those that assist in this process. One of these is the powerful question that has been spoken of so often,” who or what is experiencing this right now?” Another is the aspect that simply by your imagination, by your creation, by your visualization moves energy up and down quickly in your body. A powerful vibrational state created and then you very deliberately step somehow outside, imagining, you simply let it be there with you.

These are all the things that help you get out of your own way, to welcome your own lightbody, to be that which you acknowledge, that which is a part of you, which is naturally, always going, being and knowing all those ways in which you are. The essence now would be to encourage that. If the lightbody was showing up, if it was a part of your being what would it look like? Glowing in the dark perhaps? You would have this powerful energy in your heart, it would be vibrating perhaps. The answer to the question,” who or what is experiencing this moment now?” would be apparent to you, such as infinity, such as the void, such as pure spirit, such as pure being.

But as you breathe that and know it simply have the idea that it is becoming brighter, that in this way it is becoming stronger or deeper and you are simply welcoming it without reason or understanding because you know that it is your own nature. It is a beautiful energy and it may perhaps compel you to breathe a little deeper or to connect more strongly with the earth or any individual way in which that light is with you. Let that be now and breathe deeper, connect deeper, and have that in whatever way it is appropriate for you. Know that in that light there is an awareness in the light of everyone else in this room that their lightbodies are also, not only engaged, connected to, but are a part of yours and you come of course to the first paradox with relationship to any visualization. The one called,” local/nonlocal,” how can your own light be finite and infinite at the same time? How can it be connected to everyone else in this room and still be your light?

There is no answer to that but when you look at it you see that it just is. It is that light, it is that answer to who or what is experiencing that moment now and it has no limitation. Simply breathe that now, encourage and welcome the emerald quality of that light. Let it go up infinitely and down to the center of earth and expand bigger than this room, bigger than this county, bigger than this city, bigger than this world, it fills the universe, a powerful, beautiful energy. Simply let it breathe you. We ask you simply to share the gentle ohm associated with this light. Goodbye. Omm...

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