Hilarion Spring Equinox 2015

Jill: Greetings. Today is March 21, 2015. We are gathered in Nevada City for the Spring Equinox channeling of Hilarion. Questions are asked by those in attendance as well as those who sent them in via e-mail. For further information on channelings, books, CDs, DVDs, please contact Jon C. Fox Box 2209 Nevada City, California 95959 or visit us on the internet at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Greetings yes, greetings to all of you. This is the energy, being, or vibration you call Hilarion. A moment please as we make deeper contact. Yes, we ask you to be aware of an emerald light, it is just on the periphery of your awareness and consciousness so by visualizing it or imagining it you draw it in. We ask you to imagine that light filling this room and forming a cylinder as it extends upward infinitely and down through you to center of earth about 100 feet in diameter, about 33 m diameter for protection, for connection.

In this time between two eclipses, difficult for eclipses that they go in pairs, sun and moon, a time of greater creativity, prophecy, awareness, consciousness and the whole idea that there is more than what is on earth, your attention then towards these celestial bodies. At a time when these shifts in consciousness lie exactly in the shifts of earth as moving then towards this point called,” equal breath,” of the equinox. You are poised with the idea anything is possible. What should I do with this energy? This energy is… might be a better way of understanding it rather than looking at what can be done with it. Simply to note that it is part of your being right now.

Springtime in the northern hemisphere is that which is simply a great inspiration to the physical beings as they recognize the aspects of connecting to each other, bringing forth the babies that were conceived in the winter months, bringing forth new life with the plants. All of these things on your planet are indicative of new beginnings and possibilities, and simultaneously this energy associated with the upcoming new moon and this business of being between eclipses. All of this adds to this in a unique way with the idea of consciousness and the idea of your connection to fellow humans being that which answers a question for the animals on your planet. We would therefore ask you to drop as much as possible the intellectual thinking and questioning and just be aware of your animal self, the part of you that is simply here to survive.

Sometimes connecting to the root chakra, the feet, the sense of earth, the awareness of breath and simple things of this nature can help you tune into this. Then, as if this unasked question,” how will the animals and the other creatures of this planet be able to continue to get along with humans?” How will this energy unfold in a way which can be somehow helpful to all? Just as you ask,”why am I here?” So too, do the animals and plants and the many creatures on your planet ask the same thing. But they do not do so in the same way, not so much as what might be called the mental body, or the mental level. Because they are surrounded by tremendous change that they notice now much more quickly; climatic change, atmospheric change, change of noise levels. All of the things that humans are doing and the answer then becomes obvious to them. I'm here to learn from these sounds, these people, these energies. Of course, for some of you the answer as you recognize this is disheartening. You will learn about greed, you'll learn about selfishness, you'll learn about hurting the environment.

These are certainly there and that is one aspect that humans are indeed creating with relationship to these spring energies, these energies of the awakening in consciousness of the animals and plants, but also this other energy; an energy of love, of contact, of awareness in each other.

The law of love states that all things are connected. This is a universal law and this inter-connectedness is that which the plants and the animals all know instinctively and are there to teach that to you. Then you understand that in your own way, you share it back as a feeling, as an energy, as something you feel or know in your heart. As simple as this is, it is an important solution when there is just too much energy, too much sense of unfulfilled creativity as many are experiencing right now. In the southern hemisphere it is a little different but the exposure to the eclipse energies, lunar energies and all that is the same. Here the energetic is that there is this creativity to burst forth in ways that may not be quite so practical, more esoteric, those relating to the upcoming winter where as those in the Northern Hemisphere must eventually with relationship to the summer be those aspects which are more practicalized where you are going to do something with the energy.

But, at the same time as this there is a gradual but persistent of raising in consciousness and one of the effects of this is that a relatively artificial construct out of consciousness begins to fall apart. That artificial concept is time. You may recognize it as that which you have familiarity with day to day; clocks, all synchronized, all ticking together but your own personal experience is not that at all, is it? How those things that are delightful seem to zip on by and all those that are horrible or embarrassing or torturous seem to take forever.

Your own personal experience of time is directly related to consciousness. This energy then thins the overall impression upon consciousness of all humanity in linear time and the result being that you are more aware of your future self. A part of your being who has evolved, who understands things looking back into time in the same way in which you understand things as you look back into your time. What would you say to yourself 10 years ago? 20 years ago? 30 years ago? Would you tell that person about what was really important? Where to spend your energy? What to be doing? What to give up? What to let go of? Those are some simple and practical ways that these are manifesting. But, the moment you open the doorway more consciously your awareness, more energetically to your future self. Who is saying that to you right now? Oh don't worry about that so much or let go of this or that. Could you please put your attention and we would say for many of you, oddly enough, put your attention on love.

Be aware of this within your being, understand it in your own unique way, develop it, feel it, strengthen it. Now, this is in line with one of the questions, in fact several of the questions tonight. There has been this question about the extraterrestrials. Now, there are different ways to look at this and many of them looking at it are focusing primarily on the idea that your government, various organizations, whatever are saying, “ain't,’ and others are saying, ”is,” and this keeps the whole thing going. But, you know, many of you because of your experience in the time between lives, that which is called the inter-missive that indeed extraterrestrials do exist and that the issue as to whether they are covered up and what they're all about and what they're doing is not as important as the larger aspect of your own inter-relationship with this.

In particular though, we have the opportunity to survey, to look at many civilizations and how they have been in your galaxy and in the universe, especially in this galaxy and it is interesting to note that those that have focused primarily on love, as they recognize in their own evolution and their own way of doing things on their planet they have perished. These civilizations came to a place of disagreement, fighting, various aspects of economies, disease, all kinds of issues across different civilizations, typically ending in some sort of warfare that polluted or destroyed the planet.

This was not because love was insufficient, but you could say it was because those beings were not ready to truly embrace that love aspect they had within them. In a similar vein we can survey and notice the many similar civilizations and recognize the ones that have survived have done so by in several cases a very heightened exploration of the intellect and understanding as much as possible about the true nature of the universe. Hence, the development of a language based on math, based 64 that which you recognize as the I- Ching that which is indeed can be used to explain many things.

However, you also can recognize other civilizations, ones that instead of exploring the intellect have explored various aspects of spirituality and their awareness of their relationship to the Creator of all things; to the aspects that made creation itself to the ways in which their own evolution might, in many ways bring them into contact or direct awareness of this tremendous power, with enough energy and will to manifest the universe. There are also however civilizations that have followed a more physical path, working along the lines to develop physicality, to the point that it would be able to encompass far greater degree of mental development, far greater degree of computational abilities. Far greater degree of spiritual development and these have also survived.

In the various ways in which these civilizations have had something to say, you would then recognize that the multi-dimensional aspect is immediately recognized, be it spiritually or scientifically. That multidimensional aspect, rather than be denied, is embraced and as a result of this it is within these civilizations ability to interact with you and you are multi-dimensional when you sleep and project your consciousness or in the time between lives. What are the most common aspects of this, many individuals after death go through a period of life review then come to recognize that they are indeed dead, that have passed from this world and they want to know what is this all about? As they meet their guides and helpers they begin to speak with a little curiosity and interest in the other planets. Immediately, as soon as possible, the guides and helpers want to take them to one of these burned-out, cinder or nearly lifeless planets to take you there and show you. Why? Because this is the direction humanity could be moving if It does not acknowledge the direction that this is possible to have and the willingness to change, acknowledging your future self, be it acknowledging the help offered to you by other civilizations, be it the awareness of what is in your heart to care for, love, and cherish not only your planet, your animals, your plants, the many beings who coexist with you and each other, and your own self in his highest incarnation.

Another interesting development with these civilizations, is the development of space travel, the development of telepathy, the development of nourishing, healthful food and the way in which these show up at different junctures in society. Many times the civilizations that have been able to survive are ones that develop telepathy fairly early on. So, if you ask about this, if it was brought to humanity, humans decided that they really wanted to know this how would it change things on your planet? Could there be lies? Could politicians say “this,” when they really mean “that.” But, they promise this, knowing full well, they have no intention of following through on that promise. If you could read their mind. If you could know exactly what they were thinking and indeed this has been a profound and helpful development for many such civilizations. However, for some this was developed technologically in order to fight crime thus to know the true nature of the criminal's mind, thus to understand and perhaps cure mental illness or various difficulties simply by recognizing how that individual was approaching things and be able to change it.

The interesting thing about it is, as you develop consciousness, self-awareness and the understanding that there is more than just this reality, the multi-verse concept, the awareness of what happens to you when you die, there are so many different ways to pursue this even if it is not particularly accepted, at least it is something that you entertain as a possibility. You are inherently developing your telepathic abilities. You're working with those energies that can allow you to receive and know the thoughts, the ideas and the various aspects of consciousness of other people. You already know this with your empathic development, with emotional development, it's hard sometimes to be around a person who is very emotional, be it angry or sad or hopeless or loving without feeling some of that yourself. As if you are already telepathically receiving that which is being projected from the emotional body, the shared emotional energy.

However, what we have stated before, what seems again and again so obvious, you see this so often with children, when they are little, how they are innately telepathic and just able to pick up on the thoughts of the people around them until they are taught to lie. Sometimes, that lie is not really understood there is a lie in a question as well as an answer if you already now the answer; i.e. when someone who is worried about their own girth asks you, am I fat? Do you think this makes me look fat being one of the common refrains between wife and husband these days. This is in itself that which tends to reduce telepathy because if the husband is to remain in good graces, a lie must be forthcoming or a truth that is so sincere and so deep that it is to reveal to the wife how she is seeing herself incorrectly, seeing herself through the eyes of others.

It is really that simple though, if before you speak, you look carefully whether you already know the answer, when you can already accept it and if you are very sincerely, and genuinely interested in knowing the truth, no matter how much it hurts and specifically how much you are able to see and know yourself. Because the underlying reason why this works the way it does is that the real problem with telepathy is not receding or knowing the thoughts of others but it is perceiving yourself through their thoughts, through their consciousness. Oh well, it's all well and good to know what they are thinking about this or that but do you really want to know exactly what they are thinking about you and more specifically how you see yourself in the light of truth.

Because individuals have worked with this for some time they have at times recognized the underlying issue which has to do with being lovable, about knowing, truly deeply, how lovable you are. Does that sound overly simple? It is a difficult thing to understand from the point of view of the intellect or logic. But, over and over it is easy to see in the emotional body as if there is a connection taking place at various emotional levels between people. But, there is this other place that keeps to itself. Gradually, this other place is revealed most typically in the diet. In a way in which an intimate relationship with another person you find a place where you can truly trust that they know you are lovable and you know that they are lovable. That is a good step forward. But until this is extended and with no limit, beyond the group, beyond the family, beyond the country to all beings, this business of lying is going to remain so that you do not fully recognize your own inherent lovability.

The difficulty with this is the separation that it can create and the way in which that can be taken advantage of by anyone who wants to use it towards their own ends, of the accumulation of power over you or money. In this way profiteering continues on your planet as a result you naturally see how these things are creating a gradual but persistent degeneration of the ecological systems on your planet, increased global warming and difficulty with the overpopulation, pollution of the food sources and all of that. You can see here the direct relationship to money and profiteering and how individuals want to bring power to themselves or more money or whatever and how you tie it to that when how you the only way I can possibly get to work is to use my car, which will pollute and whatever.

But, the point at which you move through this, the elephant in the room, the aspect in which you are not looking at, the aspect that is underneath it all. Is that person someone you might call a political enemy, someone you might not think of as a political friend, am I lovable? More importantly can they see themselves in the context? Can they see themselves as truly, deeply deserving? It is this a breakthrough point that many individuals are now willing to look at on your planet that makes all the difference and can shift things so that you can survive because the greatest good for humanity, the aspect that humanity is developing, the reason you incarnated here, rather than on a planet to develop intellect, or develop spirituality is because of this capacity for love.

Now, this isn't to say that you can't do a lot intellectually here and you can do a lot spiritually, but it is still not the most important, the main focus, the aspect that draws you back. So then, after you have visited these planets where you have recognized where there has been a failure, a sense of great sadness and a way in which some of those individuals on those planets have survived a terrible existence just barely getting by, you know that when you come back here, if you choose to, that you will take greater opportunity to love, to embrace, to connect to others, to help them, to serve them in a way that there is enjoyment as a result.

On the other side of this, you could say that is the fear side, is a positive side. In this, you could be taken to these planets where you recognize high-level intellectual development, spiritual development, various aspects of technology and over and over what you recognize clearly something is missing here.

There is not this sense of possibility of joy that within the experience of survival is something greater. This is also the reason to know the love experience as something joyful. So, the question what next for humanity in this time especially right now of this maximized, intense creativity where can you put more love? More embrace? More joy into something which your own understanding with people, nobody else judging it, would be of service? Which is of help? Which is of benefit to others?

The joy felt for the service of its own sake. We know that may be a little difficult at times. You cannot say to yourself, or should we say, you must not, or please do not say to yourself that, I tried it before, I looked at it and I never understood it but I'm going to try again because the nature of who you are changes. There have been so many other questions of those aspects that figure into this. For instance, when will extraterrestrials make their presence known so that all of humanity could accept it? Well, this actually connects to this issue of what happens when you project your consciousness and especially when you make the longer-term projection between lives and your consciousness during the inter-missive is also exposed to a theoretical possibility. The information shared in this galaxy with developing an insanely revealed and how does it feel to you? To meet with them? Hang out with them? Talk to them? See their lives, see their planets, understand some of their energies.

In many cases, human beings do not respond entirely positive in such a scenario. There may be fear but also times there is a feeling that is a trigger to your own sense of inferiority. Because, these beings have space travel, they have higher spiritual development, they have a much longer lifespan, they have a deeper understanding of the universe. Sometimes, your experience of this is as if a child, being introduced to someone older, wiser, more experienced; a place you want to be, an experience many individuals have had on your planet. So, you could say for humanity's highest development this more, what you call,” the great revealing,” is being put forward and is very easy to do because there are so many in positions of power who do not want this information to be widely known.

But, that is in itself that which maps out the true pathway for the understanding of this. It is not the overt experience of the proverbial,” saucer landing on the White House lawn.” It is the energetic connection that you have in your projections, in your visualizations, in your meditations, in your reading about other people's experiences about this that tunes you into these higher energies rather than those that are then for the masses because there are so many of them who are simply not ready.

There many individuals for instance on your planet, that when they die, afterward they do not know they have died. They tend to go through some of the same experiences they were stuck in while they were here. They might even at some point shortly choose to incarnate again rather than take advantage of opportunities available to them in the inter-missive period for classes, for learning, for helping others, for raising their own consciousness, for visiting other planets, all kinds of things.

In so doing, they only tend to perpetuate that energy that says the physical is the most important and the nonphysical is to be avoided where possible. This unfortunately does lead to lifetimes of little consciousness and awareness so as much as possible that is the other aspect being encouraged. Not only to the guides and helpers, to the subtle sort of symbolic or seemingly coincidental experiences but to you; to remind, to ask, to share with those as they approach death, as they come to contemplate it, as they look at it, what do you think happens? Never mind what the church says, or this book or that book, what is the feeling? What is the sense of this? Could there be more than this?

Oftentimes individuals can access this in a very simple way. If there was something in your consciousness after you die what would it be? Such a way of phrasing a simple question can often produce relatively non-attached answers in which people are able to access and understand a great deal. Many times in doing so they will be surprised to recognize some of these important attributes in such a simple question and can oftenbe profound in helping them so that on the other side they do not fall into the old pattern but begin to ask where am I? What's really going on? Have I died? What can I learn from this? Who is here to help me? To work with me and so on? IN working with these energies what you begin to find over and over is that the only reason the habitual patterns on your planet continue, the difficulties you see inevitably toward war, to population problems, to disease, to global warming and all of these things that people keep focusing on. These habitual patterns are those which ultimately have their bases in some other habit that keeps them going. The habit of the unwillingness to know the truth or to feel love, or to accept possibilities. But, the habit in itself can be changed. So, you have the good news coming out of the organization called Atmospheric Study called, “Noah,” that for the first time in many many years the production of carbon dioxide, though continuing, is accelerating at a slower pace than it has before.

As if to say that many of the actions of the people on your planet to reduce the release of carbon dioxide have an effect, are being successful. As you begin to approach this, you recognize of course that so many on your planet who see this, sense that it is all going to, “hell in a handbasket,” that what you're doing when you're working with these things is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. That these underlying energies are ultimately going to cause destruction.

If at the same time those individuals are feeling lack of love, difficulty of connecting with others it is only natural that that they would either be attracted to groups that want distraction or choose to incarnate near such groups or on their own in a solo attempt create some terrible catastrophe wherever possible on your planet. Unfortunately, because you don't connect to these people, telepathy would solve that. Because they in their own way continue these sorts of energy with others who feel similarly then you have the production of various terrorist groups such as, “ISIS.” Such as various countries that see themselves aligned against others, some that would have short-term goals in alignment with others, only long-term to see their destruction or jihad.

In whatever ways you begin to examine this, you recognize that something deeper is necessary for the correction of this than anything technological, than anything intellectual, that it must be something that is going right to the core of these people themselves. Now, there are a few examples of technological development where a planet was able to reach some degree of technological development and space travel and relocate a large number of individuals who were unable to make the spiritual leaps, the emotional leaps, the understanding leaps necessary to see themselves as valuable, as worth keeping on your planet.

By relocating them they were ultimately able to develop and work out some of their issues. The problem is, if relocated together, they would typically kill each other off in nearly every situation. So, some relocation to other planets, or a civilization where others were there to share about love, about possibilities, about intellect and whatever was the much more popular choice when guiding and helping such souls. Hence, why some of those in some of these organizations as we've named Isis, seem completely unreasonable. You cannot connect to them by love or understanding because indeed this is their first incarnation on planet earth. They have had a series of incarnations of other planets, they are not coming from an animal existence but they are having difficulty on this planet finding a place to love and connect with others.

This does not, a third time, threaten all of civilization but it would if sufficient technological development of mass weaponry went into the hands of such individuals. That is another reason why the advanced technologies that are possible for all of humanity are still coming in very slowly and as this takes place there will be over and over presented to people the opportunity to care for each other more deeply; to love and serve each other and help in ways that could reach out, so that this possibility of wholesale destruction by a few of everyone else would then disappear. At which point significant benefit could be shared by many means.

In some cases, there are already pilot programs in various government laboratories that would develop many technologies that would be extremely helpful for all of humanity. In other cases various extraterrestrial technologies that could be given to humanity, and some of these have already been demonstrated. There are some projects that are very much focused on ferreting out that information. But, all of the different ways that are possible for humanity technologically, you must recognize that the current important way to develop technology is primarily for money, for profit, for a big company to get bigger and for those aspects to ultimately manifest in the world will create harm and they get so big that they are devouring natural resources, imposing their will on others, as those in positions of power create more power for themselves rather than benefit to others.

Therefore, one must recognize that in addition to the opportunity for more love, the opportunity to bring true understanding to each other by telepathy is beginning as an important technological development and that which can also be created by yourselves. This is a wonderful time to do this and there is the old expression,” getting your heads together,” but this actually has some specific benefit if you lie on the floor with your head touching that of another person and make up a story. It works better as you have more people, probably when you get past about 20 or so there just isn't enough room. But, anything, three, four, five is better than just two. Speak your story, tell a few words.

You’ll notice at a certain point you begin to run out of ideas, a sort of natural pause. Instead of continuing, stop and another person speaks up. You can do this in a round robin style but it is better when it's free form when someone else speaks up because it pops into their consciousness. They go on for a little while and they stop. Sometimes individuals will simply gush, for some individuals, after they have gone a few sentences, when the person next to them will give them a gentle squeeze on the hand or a deep breath or a reminder to let the space open for someone else.

Now, you might think such a silly activity is the purvey of children. Oftentimes, it is the childlike aspect that needs healing in you in order for telepathy to be acceptable. When there is sufficient telepathy on your planet, we are guessing by our simulations somewhere in the realm of about 30 to 40% of the population, the rest must make a clear decision about telling the truth. In a few cases this was that which ultimately arose the downfall of that civilization because those in positions of power who needed to continue to lie, and were unwilling to reveal the truth, were willing to destroy everything else. This is again where love is so important. If you can at the same time as having fun with your telepathy, with connecting to others, reach out, embrace, send with your energy something loving as if to say this is good, this is fun, you can do it too. It can be even more fun, more enjoyable than anything else.

This is a message that brings the sense of love and pleasure to others as well as the opportunity to connect at the higher-levels. Of course, it goes without saying, during processes like this it is important to avoid lying in any way or form. If the story goes to where somebody speaks something in which they know a truth, be careful here. Telling stories is not the same as lying of course, it is completely made up, it is fun, it is enjoyable. In many cases you are telling the truth, your future reality, an energy in another universe, a sense of things as they could be, and all of these sorts of energies can be a lot of fun to play with, energetically they change you. They allow you to have more experiences of this interconnectivity.

So, the next time you have a little more awareness and telepathy and you’re listening to a politician and something sounds wrong, something they are saying twists a little bit in your gut. You don't really understand what it is, emotionally you have a response. Close your eyes a moment, go inside, if it is a television turn it off, if it is a newspaper fold it away. Connect in your consciousness to the guides and helpers of that politician. Receive that energy associated with that being. Ask, what is the truth here? Now you may think that it has something to do with the statement, with the promise made, the campaign or whatever it is.

But, very quickly you'll see that drops away, there is another truth there, a truth about loving, about caring, about what is really important. Sometimes, as you perceive this, you'll recognize that there is an energy there, a power, something as if a heat or a warmth. In that moment, we would ask you to receive that energy as if it is a two-way connection, because it is. In that moment, combine that sense of love, that warmth, that power with your own sense of love, what you love and admire about yourself. Where you have seen yourself as lovable and you know somebody else who is lovable, where you have developed a deep love and kinship with an animal. Whatever you can do to create that loving energy and send it now to that conduit to that person.

All of this can be quite disturbing to that person as if getting them right where they live so to speak. Help them, not only to find their truth, find a way in which they can find their own higher aims and goals. But, shift their consciousness to stop telling lies, and tell the truth because it enables them to connect to others. Now, this is a little different from the usual things we speak of. We will often make suggestions, around such matters that are a little more general, because we do want to get in any trouble with these people in positions of power. But, you must recognize for yourselves that this is the time of making that which is creative, also practical.

There are other questions that have been posed for today about for instance, the ideal food to promote longevity. At a practical level this will be answered in a very specific way. The general way would of course be relating to maximization of enzymes, maximization of the absorbable, helpful nutrients and this would then look at the absorbable, helpful nutrients that tend to be most deficient in most individuals. Which we have stated so often in the past are the helpful, nutritious, available fats and therefore the raw unsalted butter or the freshly made coconut cream would certainly head the list on specific foods rather than just the general, as to those which would be most helpful to most individuals not really producing longevity in the true sense. Longevity would be if your correct age, which is about 147 could be extended further, what foods would be helpful?

But, since so few will be making it to 147 we must therefore look at all of the things that prevent this and all of the ways in which this typically revolves around the body's inability to regenerate and how dependent this is over and over on helpful fats. Fats that may be valuable to you, may not be those you work with but as you experiment with them and learn about them you may find that they are more sensitive to processing, to freezing, eating and other things that you thought. But, once you reach 147, then true longevity is that which is more appropriate to understand and then certainly foods rich in enzymes are certainly helpful.

In particular, you’ll find that many of the tropical fruits are particularly valuable because of the enzymes they have within them. We don't normally recommend supplements. The reason for this is that the ingredients may be helpful, the enzymes produced in the fractionation process but the residues, typically in the supplements, chemicals used to clean the vats, and various fillers and substances also present can be quite damaging and these are often because many of those supplements are often the byproduct of industrial processes, industrial waste and so on.

This brings forth even those supplements that individuals have developed that seem so excellent in the studies but then when they are actually sold and bought by individuals have little benefit. The principle, how is it working for you? When you take the things for a while and you see it really isn't helping you, we might suggest you give it up. Oftentimes, natural organic raw foods do give you a burst of energy because of the enzymes present. Sometimes giving you some regeneration or deeper benefit if they have some fats that are absorbed and helpful.

But, when you start to look at this, you then naturally see the ways in which the medical establishment and those involved in producing drugs, the opportunities all across your planet for profiteering get involved in all of this and the issue of immunizations has been brought up. Obviously controversial, that which provides all kinds of ammunition for people to attack each other when they do not understand all of this. As you read about it and learn the true history, as you work with the understanding of what has really gone on, on your planet, not what the people in positions of power to make money from this will tell you. You may be surprised to find many of these are effective primarily because of the immune response generated by the adjuncts to the virus or bacteria in the immune response spectrum. The addition of aluminum, various metals, mercury in earlier times. The addition even of monosodium glutamate and other substances you would deliberately avoid in your digestive tract are those which you are injecting and helping the body to produce a temporary but measurable response against various viruses or bacterial infections.

This unfortunately has the obvious side effect that you must then get rid of those materials but in the process somebody has made a bunch of money. That only skews the entire issue. As this can be misunderstood, rather than make a recommendation for this or that we would suggest further research, looking deeper into the history of this to make up your own mind about it because this can often help you in deciding. Where initially this was so important in deciding this in relationship to your children, it is now that which is being proposed for all adults, as well. Now, in recognizing this, you may in your own research for this, recognize again how those in positions of power are able to keep themselves in positions of more power and in positions to make money can make more money.

This must not be the underlying reason for this just as for the development of things for your own body or your place to live, or breathing the air pollution levels or whatever. This must not be based on money. The underlying reason for this is that also that which we have observed looking at many civilizations. There are very few still surviving who have any interest in money or anything like it. You might ask yourself how did the transition from anything money based or barter-based and this is very interesting because there are different ways in which this has occurred.

But, you know the truth of this. Imagine an advanced civilization as you might in your mind with space travel, with the ability to communicate by various means, telepathic and otherwise, why would they need money? Who in such a civilization would be interested in getting rich? What would getting rich even mean? That you could have two flying saucers instead of one to visit more planets than anyone else? The absurdity of this is obvious and indeed you must therefore recognize that regardless of how it happens, the situation on your planet where everything is based on money when it comes to the sharing of goods and services, how people are able to live day-to-day and so on. This is a temporary situation but it is that which people need for now because they haven't come up with anything better quite yet.

One of the ways in which this then can be mapped out, you can see technological when various substances can be produced from the ethers; spiritual when people are very willing to serve others by giving, and giving, and giving or intellectual where people recognize that in consciousness and in their awareness there isn't anything they really need other than the ultimate bare necessities and all the rest is simply opportunity to learn more, to grow and to use those opportunities to share that learning with each other.

In this way, having this grander view of many civilizations, you have an interesting issue of course because as you learn about the possibilities for life on your planet and the ways in which your scientists are finding planets around other stars it does seem highly probable that there is life in these other places. In this way you can recognize that it is an intellectual likelihood that civilizations do exist. The only reason they haven't made themselves apparent to you, landing on the proverbial white house lawn is it really isn’t in your best interest quite yet. But, that is only the surface of the story. By remaining in this way a little more hidden, the opportunity for you to tune into the civilizations yourself and work with this energy is one in which you will not be judged as long as you don't share about it within the world and in which you can learn a great deal.

One of the gifts that was brought to your planet from another civilization was how to move the body in a way to gather energy. And you can use it in different ways. This was a tremendous inspiration early on in many of the civilizations that continue to this day. Many of those in Asia understood this and worked with it towards the development of martial arts and currently Chi Gong. The opportunity to use this energy in a way that is helpful.

So we ask you to imagine now the Chi Gong exercise called, “The Teacup.” The hand is reversed, you are receiving energy, you are receiving channelings, energies from your guides and helpers, energies from your soul. There are different movements to this, they can be from behind, over but rather than be that which is prescribed but that which is invited. So, as part of a little stretch right now we would invite you in moving one hand and a circular way in front and around. Always with the hand you receive and down below you and above. Then for a moment then, you switch the other hand down, below, above and now alternating one hand trades off with the other. You can be creative about this, you can receive the energy in all different ways but always in this exercise, “The Teacup,” the hand is with the palm up, receiving the energy of the universe, receiving the help and connection to your guides. Gradually, what you begin to notice as you do this is your connection to your lungs. The sense that you are receiving energy naturally goes to the lungs because you are breathing in this energy, as you breathe deeper, and recognize the benefit to those muscles a gentle stretch just naturally shows up.

You may recognize in doing this it feels a little odd and that often is the earmark of an energetic that was brought to humanity by someone beyond your own people, the various extraterrestrials and indeed that in particular exercise came from a Canadian who understood a great deal about receiving this energy. So this is a good opportunity perhaps to have some other questions.

What is the way we can identify the skills, if we learn them, they would serve us best in living on this planet?

There are many skills that can serve you well on this planet. So many aspects that we have mentioned today but each of them must be individualized, some aspect of your own consciousness, your own being perhaps this would relate to the sense in you of your individuality with relationship to love. How do you love differently from other people? How do you reach out to them? How do you connect to them? How can you use that energy that speaks to something special or unique in you? Oftentimes you can by remembering some of the things you were interested in when you were a child. Even specifically you might target right about five years old. A wonderful age when you just begin to recognize the world, the opportunities it brings you, you are self-aware to some extent but you are still connected to the way you have been in your life.

So for this, we ask you to welcome this idea that this energy of five years old is coming into you, what would you do with it? What would be fun? What would you like to do with it? Is there an energy there that might be more deeply connected to something loving or helpful? Could you use that love to reach out to someone else? Love in all of its manifestations, in all its different ways of working, its creativity, its playfulness has so many variations. But, it is a way that touches so many whether they can understand it or whether they can connect to it or not.

Sometimes, this relates directly to disease. Remember, ILL, (I) (L)ack (L)ove. You might connect to others in a loving way to encourage them to find their own understanding of their own struggle with the physical body. For others, it is a deprivation, they have wanted physical contact but through their own religion they were told that they cannot have this, skin to skin, this bonding experience, that it must be separated by clothing, so in some ways this deprivation runs very deep. But even with such individuals there can be a deeper connectivity to a deeper love. But, once we examine how people loving in the world seem to do best it seems to show up over and over that it works better and is more direct, more profound, more helpful when it is that which is to somebody you can name, somebody you can recognize rather than the general, rather than a group, rather than a loving energy.

Now, you can criticize us of course because we have so often suggested sharing a pink light for the whole country, the sharing of a loving embrace with some hypothetical, the manifestation of this energy in a more generalized way. That is helpful and it does push in your consciousness all of the capacities you have to love. It must also be noted here that the most effective is that which you know is effective because you feel it, too. The interesting thing about love, by its very nature of connectivity is that the underlying model of transmitter and receiver breaks down. Transmitter and receiver pretty much works in time, first one transmits than the other receives then they switch. When it's all happening so fast, but it's all getting mixed up, all of those aspects becoming one, the true nature of the love, this begins to emerge.

As a result, you could see the ultimate goal here is the way in which that love is known. In the way in which we have in the past suggested,” who or what is experiencing this right now? That the energy of love is felt, that the energy of love is something that you experience. You may also then ask within this experience, how could that love manifest more? How can I drop more deeply into that love? What if that love might be present that wasn't present before? These things may seem so disconnected from the practical and that which is going to be helpful.

When of course you need so many solutions for all the problems on your planet but as it turns out there are plenty of solutions. They can be those which must be enacted a little bit by everyone or those which can be enacted strongly by a few. But in which way that occurs or in the variations of this are going to create the underlying basis by which it can be accepted, by which it can be shared and the changes associated with this be those which will shift you, will make you cry, will make you laugh, will bring to you a place of difference in your life. Can it be accepted? Can it be held? Can it be loved? This is why practicing with this, using it in all the different ways this is so helpful. Further questions?

Jill: comment on inflammation.

Hilarion: The body is trying to heal itself. It brings fluid, energy, change in polarity between potassium and sodium, the electrical stimulation across the cell wall. The ways in which various minerals then can be moved in a temporary way. Inflammation has its place as the body's fast, deep but typically short-term method of healing. If the inflammation goes on too long, then it depletes those minerals that might have been temporarily available are exhausted. Those electrical imbalances have further ramifications to all of the systems they are connected to and the inflammation wherever it is, creates further problems. If inflammation is there it is important to look at why. What can be done about it to improve the situation at the underlying local site, where it all started.

Oftentimes, you will see directly associated with that site, in the way of function is a symbolic message you are unable to interpret or understand fully for yourself. In our book,” Body Signs,” we describe many of the specific lessons associated with parts of the body. These are typically related to the function of that part of the body, what it is doing, how it works, and how this might symbolically relate to aspects of your own life. As you are able to grasp this and work with it you may find that there is a ritual that you can enact. Some particular message you can write to yourself, some area you can investigate, some meditation or visualization associated with this that will shift your relationship to that symbolic information.

This in itself will not cure inflammation. But it increases the aetheric energy associated with that part of the body so that, that inflammation can move along faster, can move in the direction it needs to and it can heal. The ripple effect where it has been long-term, then the other aspects that have been adding energy to this can then go back to their normal day-to-day activity.

Now, of course when you are giving the body food that it cannot properly utilize you have the most common source of inflammation. When you are giving the body lots of sugar for instance you are going to see swelling of different parts of the body, places in the brain which give you issues and problems because of the way in which sugar moves so quickly into the brain. Problems in the pancreas, in various components become to acid in the intestinal tract. These things as they are moving in that direction become inflamed, the body bringing more heat to that part, more electrical energy, shifting of various balances across the cell wall in an effort to correct this. No problem if you don't keep eating the sugar. If you do then you're only going to exacerbate the problem.

Oftentimes the underlying reason might be something to do with the sweetness of life or wanting to give yourself a feeling that is sweet or deserving or loving. From time to time that can be a delightful sort of thing. If done too much than the obvious problems naturally ensue. But, as you look at the first place it might land, it might not be the brain it may be the pancreas, you might then look deeper at the pancreases ability to give you a sense of love and connection for yourself, for honoring and caring for yourself and especially then to others who are close to you, how you would honor and love them.

In particular, it often relates to a pink energy associated with the child self, loving the childlike part of yourself and the childlike part of others. But in whatever way you may begin to work with this, the pancreas may reveal to you a craving for a particular food, a particular therapy, a particular way of interacting that could be healing and helpful and at the same time release, reduce, and shift that craving for which is harming it. That is very practical way of looking at this that includes some of the symbolic information, but you must also recognize there is a deeper lesson in all of this. There is a way in which inflammation is telling you, ”something is wrong. Something just isn't right here.” It often means you must often get out of your own way to find out what is going to work here and to explore many possibilities, to try things you never thought, talk to people you never thought you would talk to, talk to people in various areas you had never imagined before and above all not to hold any preconceived ideas in the way of the possibility of this. Because this can often lead you to new possibilities, new energies, and things to work with for yourself.

Jill: Thank you. What would happen on this planet if people loved their bodies?

Hilarion: There are those who have done so and oftentimes this is absolutely necessary if you're going to rise to the higher echelons of athletics. You must care for your body, truly love it, truly be grateful for what it gives you and at the same time as pushing it a little further, not push it so far that you hurt it. You can only do this if you truly love and care for it. This implies therefore, based on how athletes do have a way of loving their bodies, that you would all be much more athletic than you are. You would all be able to run marathons, climb mountains, have faster reflexes, do many things in ways that would seemingly relate to competition. This is not true. Oftentimes these same attributes of athletes who give generously to those in need, who provide benefits and such oftentimes are the ones who are able to survive into old age as teachers, coaches, and those who continue in athletics but not in a way in which they must of course continue to put stress on their physical bodies.

In this way, you begin to glimpse some of the athletic beauty that was understood in ancient times. The Greeks and the Romans understood some of this, the deep admiration of their understanding of the physical body shows in some of these sculptures at this time. The understanding of this not as competition but as perfection as a manifestation of that loving energy for the physical body. The difficulty with this is that taking it too far, you can go into a place of ultimate manifestation of ego and the competitive aspect of this has been tremendously exacerbated on your planet. But, you always have a choice in such matters and there are some great athletes in particular in the martial arts who are unknown in the world, who do not compete, they use their prowess entirely to help others, train them, and use them in ways that perfect their own skills for deeper understanding of consciousness and awareness at the higher levels.

This is of course the other important part about athletics in the human body. Sometimes it's called,” the zone,” where you get into a mindset while activity in your particular sport is engaged in an aspect of higher consciousness that is truly spirituality or deeper attunement to God. This is perhaps the ultimate manifestation therefore of truly loving your body.

Jill: can you please address the weather changes? How they are connected to either changes in consciousness or man-made weather patterns? Record heat in the west? Record cold in the east and drought in California? Is there a recommended area to move to?

Hilarion: In general, moving a little further north, if you're in the northern hemisphere, and a little further south, if you're in the southern hemisphere is a clear trend. This is because the continuation of all of these conditions creates a general worsening. But, this is not the way in which people are relating to this. Many times it is back to that rearranging the deck chairs business, where they simply go to the place where they always wanted to go, such places becoming severely overpopulated and political. The seashore by example, in many countries. But, as you begin to examine and work with all of these aspects what you recognize is that consciousness does play a role. There is the subtler role, where connecting to earth, loving her, sharing positive energies with her and so on can be helpful, can bring into consciousness various aspects that alert earth to her problems and can correct some of the weather issues.

But, the direct relationship to consciousness is very simple. It is a way then in which by creating greater heat on your planet overall, these weather patterns are naturally going to try to correct this, and they're going to do this in so many different ways. Sometimes they're going to do it by creating areas of extreme cold and other times allowing the heat to destroy certain areas. But, this as an ongoing issue seems only to continue and worsen until humanity is able to correct the underlying climactic conditions primarily caused by too much carbon dioxide as many people are aware.

Jill: The Bengston Energy Healing method uses a technique called “ image cycling,” which engages a person's creative process. This technique has remarkable results in curing cancer and reversing the effects of Alzheimer's disease. What is the source of this energy and why does it heat up in my internal organs so rapidly?

Hilarion: the actual heat is that which you are perceiving as a connection to the aetheric. A temperature measurement would show that a very slight or no increase is actually taking place in the organs. But, you are becoming aware of a more rapid vibration and naturally you interpret this as heat. The aetheric source of this energy comes from the way in which the Bengston method is able to create an energetic connection across the entire aetheric body, not isolated portions; the higher vibrational aspects of each organ or of the brain but of all of it together.

The sharing of the aetheric energy tends to create a slow-moving but persistent vortex with repeated use. The vortex draws in subtler energies at a higher vibration than merely the aetheric. This is what you are already doing in each of your subtle bodies. You are working with higher vibrational energy and bringing it down to a vibration which is specifically associated with the energy associated with the characteristic of each of the subtle bodies; thus associated with the emotion, for the emotional body; the mind for the mental body and so on and so forth.

Therefore, by doing this in a more directed manner you are able to bring more energy into the physical by focusing it at the aetheric level. The aetheric body has as its primary capability the interface, the inter-relationship between all of the nonphysical bodies and the physical. In this way by emphasizing, strengthening and so on you are able to increase this vortexual action which is not only bringing the energy from your own environment, your own physical body, from the foods that you eat, from your own subtle bodies, but, from a much larger source; a cosmic source. A source that is non-differentiated. It is the same sort of energy we often see people accessing within the first hour or so after falling asleep. As if they are just receiving a positive, helpful, cosmic energy. That cosmic energy can have many different benefits. In the sleep state the body will naturally attune to this, but by this healing method you are doing so in a more conscious manner.

Jill: can you talk a little bit more about how the bodies relate to each other?

Hilarion: well, this gets more complicated because there are so many different systems, so many different ways of explaining this. Yet, these relate to each other primarily by the way in which the energies associated with a particular aspect of consciousness relates to some way in which you understand its own intrinsic language: the language of emotion, the language of the mind, the language of the body. These are each quite different and they have their specific attributes which tend over and over to create in that language set a way of giving and receiving energy.

It isn't as if that is therefore intrinsically bound to only that aspect. The emotional body can provide mental energy, the mind can provide healing; the consciousness of each subtle body can interact in various different ways. To some extent this is cultural. How people have worked with these sorts of energies so you have then the development of simultaneous and sometimes conflicting systems of thought or understanding about all the subtle bodies because of the language; because of the way in which people relate to it, because of the ways in which they tend to work with these energies over time.

Generally though, most people will find that there are essentially three characteristics that are most useful to work with. This has been shown over and over by those who engage in the process of projection of consciousness. Although this has sometimes been called,” astral projection,” we don't like to call it that because that could imply the astral body and usually when you project, there’s much more than that.

These three are the physical body, the nonphysical body, and that of the interface between them which we will call the holo-chakra or the aetheric body. The way in which those energies interact can be in itself rather subtle and complex and change from time to time. But, it is not really necessary within the nonphysical body to delineate each of the different components unless you are looking for a specific in that. For instance, in healing for one particular aspect of your consciousness that is relating to perhaps that which is your reason for being here. So you look at those aspects of the causal body, or your psychological patterns so you look at those aspects of the mental body and how your feelings have significantly altered various components associated with the various healings or disease you want in your life so you look at the emotional body.

This is specific to the vibrational remedies homeopathy, flower essences, starlight elixirs, gem elixirs and so on and the ways in which these through experimentation, channeling, people’s direct experience with this and so on have illustrated which of the subtle bodies they affect. But, any system you come up with, sooner or later somebody is going to find a way around it, to change it, to shift it. There will be those who are focused on the causal body, the Atmic body, the soul body, the cosmic at some higher level, the multi-verse body, the possibilities go on and on. This is not to say that any of them are correct but simply relating to a subtler aspect relating to the nonphysical. Does this clarify?

Jill: Yes. It's time to close.

Hilarion: We would again remind you of the different energies that we began with. There was this beautiful emerald light and it has been with you all this time. We are just reminding you of it so you can tune into it, see how it connects and we ask you especially now within that light to bring an aspect of love. Specifically, we would ask you to imagine someone you care for deeply, that you are embracing them and they are hugging you back and you are feeling this energy. They step away from you as you feel this is as a heart connection. The energy between your hearts could be any color but we are asking you right now to let it be this beautiful emerald green. That expands to fill this cylinder, a cylinder of light about 100 feet diameter 33 m diameter, through you and infinitely upwards through the center of earth.

As you breathe that light, let the image of that person go and put in their place someone you have had difficulty with lately. See the same energy, the same emerald light, the same powerful heart connection, breathe it and know it. See it even brighter and more deeply in color. Let that image go and put in their place, someone else, a person you have great difficulty with lately, the same energy, the same light, breathe it. It might have a sound like, “ahhh.” The point of this exercise is to know that you can will and choose, you can direct that energy wherever you want. It is your choice. Then, of course, in line with these questions about love, put someone else there. Perhaps yourself as a child, as a baby floating in space as you were perhaps in the womb, perhaps when you were tiny, perhaps when you grew up and that beautiful child loved deeply by you filled with this emerald light, loving you back, fully, completely, deeply, lovable.

Simply breathe that energy and notice where it lands in your body and return to that energy in the body and return to that person you care for deeply, project that same energy to that child as it releases with ahhhhhh. Then we remind you of this emerald light filling the room, connecting infinitely upwards and in the center of the earth now growing larger as it reaches several miles in diameter, several kilometers in diameter, that energy begins to stir within earth an ohm sound. We ask you to share out loud. Goodbye. Omm…

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