Hilarion Summer Solstice 2015

Jill: Today is June 21, 2015. We are gathered in Nevada City for the Hilarion channeling for the Summer Solstice. Hilarion channeled by Jon Fox will answer questions sent in by folks all over the world. For further information on channelings, books, tapes, and devices contact Jon at P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, California, 95959 or contact us on the internet at hilarion.com. Thank you for joining us.

Hilarion: Greetings. Yes, greetings to all of you. Yes, this is the energy being or vibration you call Hilarion. A moment please as we make deeper contact. Yes, we ask you to welcome an emerald light and it begins simply by the generation of the light within you so you might imagine this as a cylinder of light just a few feet in diameter. Just big enough to encompass your body. You gently and easily extend it upwards and downwards but as you do so in your own consciousness you expand it. You let it fill this whole room knowing that your cylinder of light is emerging with the cylinders of light with everyone else in the room. As if to welcome a much larger energy, an energy connected to the earth, connected to your soul, to something beyond your own consciousness. You see this light now filling the room as it becomes a cylinder about 30 feet in diameter and it extends infinitely upwards and down through you down to the center of the earth.

Then, see this getting even larger to encompass this entire region but hold it at about 100 feet diameter, about 33 m. The purpose of this light is multiple, is connecting to the you that exists at parallel universes, connecting to the you, that is a past self, connecting to the you that is a future self. Connecting to aspects of the earth, the sun, the sense of your awareness of all beings; the collective conscious and unconscious. It is almost more difficult to innumerate each capacity to make each one separate somehow rather see them just as light.

There was a question about various aspects of creating light in your own imagination, in your own consciousness. In this example a little different from that which is shared by various others. You recognize that this is a light generated by your presence, physical -ness, awareness, consciousness whatever it is that you are in this moment in this place.

Also in this light there is a connection to others not just other people, but other consciousness’, other energies, and the earth herself. We often suggest this at the beginning of the channeling because of the way in which it clears energy, allowing a more receptive energetic field for the vehicle for you and also for your guides and helpers, for the earth herself. This is a sort of energy that has so many aspects that it can be understood and worked with but there is because we are the one’s sharing this, a requirement.

That requirement is that it is not a requirement for you. That you must choose it or ask about it or play with it or enjoy it but it is not that which is, “you must do this or this horrible other thing will happen or if you don't do it the problems with your own physical body will result or such and such or if, if, if.” The point being when you come to this from choice you bring to it the greater probability that you come to it with love, with imagination, with playfulness, with enjoyment, with your own willingness to bring to it that which is yours.

In a way in which we view it, the success of various disciplines of the manifestation of light in various different ways, the lightbody, the different visualizations of swirling energies or chakras lit up or different meditations. A lot of it seems to depend as much on this simple principle that you chose it, that it was fun for you, that you wanted to do it. Not that you had to do it in order to initiate it or had to do it in order to pass muster on somebody else's requirement. It is this place within you, curiosity, at the minimum, tremendous potential for ecstatic joy at the maximum and every other possibility in between that you can bring to this. It is that which can make it that which is really fun. The question was also asked about remembering light in daily life. Well, of course since that is what you are. But, how much easier it is to do it when it is fun, when it is enjoyable.

On your planet at this moment many things are going on simultaneously. The least of these would be the vision of one of your corporate giants, Hallmark cards that Father's Day is a useful and important concept in order to sell more cards. But, it is also a valuable one in the honoring of those who do bring some degree of their own energy, it's true it takes three minutes and last nine months so why should a father be honored for this? But, in point of fact that energy does continue and is a guiding force and is a powerful symbol of what it can become.

Hence, all of the references in religions to the male deity energy, our father, heavenly father and the list goes on. But, in the way in which you understand this truly the reverse nature of the Hallmark holiday is the manifestation of this energy in you. Oh, but you don't have any children well you still have your internalized father and your internalized mother just as you have your internalized child, that child was raised by somebody. You have your honoring of those manifestations of whatever made you who you are as your archetype or actual biological father and mother and these are useful to be reminded of one way or another.

The second important aspect is that which is a bit unusual, a coronal ejection, this is a release of high-voltage, high energy and somewhat stimulating inert gas as well from the sun just coming to earth now and likely to continue for the next few days. This can be somewhat disruptive to communication satellites and cause various disruptions in electronic technology. But, its larger purpose is simply to remind you of more energy, more possibility available to you. The sun is a living being and when it is sending you these little packets you could conceive of them as presents. But, many individuals fear it and they recognize the enhanced probability of various dysfunctions in the body as they are disrupted by such radiation. What occurs naturally then is anything ready to come in. When you're about to get a cold or flu than that is exacerbated.

You could say that this is a depression or a dysfunction of the immune system but it isn’t. It is actually the immune system doing its job to cleanse, clear and assist you in the way in which it can. It may not be that which is online for your work schedule or which is seemingly most appropriate but the body doesn't go by that timetable. So, our suggestion would be for the next three days, twice a day if possible: a small avocado, or half of a large avocado and a small orange or half of a large orange organic or whatever is most easily without pesticides and of maximum energy to assist with this, move you through this on a protective level and at the same time as cleansing such radiation give you it's high and most beneficial aspects.

The third aspect is that which of course is the essential idea of this gathering, that in the northern hemisphere you are experiencing the summer solstice. For the few who are aware of our words though in the southern hemisphere this is the middle of winter. This is the time when you are most susceptible to the cold, flu and other difficulties as often associated with cold climate and cold time. A good time also for avocado and orange, excellent for cleansing, healing, assisting of radiation at all levels.

At this time there is a sense of great joy, the possibility of energy in the world and all kinds of things. Particularly in the northern hemisphere is affecting the animals and they are just bursting forth with this energy. It is for many individuals the easiest time to be in communication with the animal kingdoms around you be they in the urban environment as simple as an insect but this is the time when the butterfly may suddenly show up in a time or a place that was quite unexpected. In the rural environment so many animals now being born, so many little ones, so many energies approaching the summer time with great positive expectations.

The same time as they do this in some parts of the world, in particular USA, they are greeted with a great deal of fear. Too much water, too little water and this of course is troublesome for animals. In some areas of the Midwest, Texas, some areas of the Southeast the water problem is quite severe right now. Indeed this is affecting many aspects of consciousness. Too much water is symbolic of emotions that need to be released and especially the crying, the grief, the sadness, the approach within your own consciousness to know this and let it go.

In those areas of drought in the western portions of the USA and in particular coastal Western. That energy often immediately leading to fire thus the energies of lack of water relating to drought as that which is symbolizing the release of anger and moving energy that can be shifted, transformed and shifted and understood toward enthusiasm if you wanted to. But it must be your conscious choice in such. In the meantime as these energies build this deeper lesson is not yet being learned. It is the most important aspect that tends to create the ultimate balance. So, in partial balancing as it appears likely the drought will ease to some extent next year, this is temporary. That people are still not getting the larger message about this. At a practical level certainly there are technological solutions. As we stated in the book,” The Nature of Reality,” the chapter on concentration the capacity to simply make water is also there.

But, in the meantime though, as people experiment with traditional technologies, utilization of distillation methods or desalinization methods, easy. After all, you are being told regularly that the sea waters are rising so why not take advantage of that and bring some of that onto the land but filtered appropriately. Certainly these are interesting methods to be exploring and in the future more and more people will turn to this and they must. You may see that the overall trend may be that there will be times that there is easing of drought but this inevitably returns because these deeper messages about your earth as your home, as your loving place to communicate with, interact, and understand with. These are not being understood or taken to heart to the most important level.

This is, along with many other aspects of the other questions you have asked to cut right to the important component. It is as if within your own consciousness, collectively and individually you are struggling with a reprioritization. Finding the way through to what is really important. For some of you the main idea of this incarnation was to be exposed to this, that is all. You're going to get an idea about it to take it with you into the next life and then you are more likely going to do something about it if there was still time. At the same time as this in the collective, in the way in which you are sharing energy and information with guides, helpers and others to those who will succeed you on this planet. To those who are only now beginning to come to a position of greater power or understanding politically, economically and so on. These are important messages and important understanding and they are very powerfully looking at this idea of reprioritizing. You have these symbols around you when the earth is degrading and there are problems associated with her that affect you on a daily basis, not just what you see associated with the Arctic or with this place over there but to you personally, with a fire in your backyard. A drought affecting how much water you have for your garden or the ways in which you have too much water and this is creating much havoc of flooding and other issues.

Well, these sorts of things are reminding you that you don't have your priorities straight as a collective, as all human beings together and you are unable to make the changes that you know are necessary for this. Eventually, this prods you to see the way in which the individual priorities connect to the global priorities. It is really that simple. You will not be able to make these greater changes at the larger level until you make them at a personal level. This has been spoken about in spiritual terms for a long time. If you want to love somebody else learn to love yourself. If you're going to bring greater spirituality into the world in some way that makes people more loving and happy then be more loving and happy to yourself and find your own innate spirituality and so on and so forth.

This is a message that in many cases has been within the consciousness of many parents who have been bringing this energy into their children. They have grown up with it, they have heard it. They have not always believed in it or understood it and in many cases they have not been all that interested. Because what was on YouTube or on their cell phone was far more interesting than anything happening in the Globe until of course it affects them personally. Then, when it does it does come time to reprioritize it will be very easier for them. They will see these possibilities and they will take charge of it. Politically, it is actually very simple and we mention this because it is an idea that's been moving around the collective consciousness for a while. There are these various ways in which different countries require revelation of what political manipulation is happening behind the scenes.

What corporations are donating money to a given political campaign for instance in USA? Or in other countries where this is strictly governed. When of course, even though it is governed there are so many ways to get around those rules. So, this naturally brings forth the idea of a political candidate coming forward who says simply, “I'm an open book.” You get to see everything about all of these donations, all of the ways in which money interacts with my campaign and everything else about me. It is that simple and I challenge any other candidate to do the same. Of course candidates who are already in power will not do so. Those who are coming into positions where they might take political office might be willing to take such steps. In doing so, such individuals will gain immediate recognition amongst the others in the world who have been apolitical. Who have not been very interested in what's been happening in politics and this would encourage and ensure eventually that such individuals, in a place of total honesty and openness might indeed get elected.

At first, of course, there would be tremendous resistance but afterwards they are the ones who eventually come forward in a democratic system. Resistance is there simply as a reminder to you of what is happening. We have been speaking about for many years, it is mentioned in our little book through our friend in Canada from years ago,” Aquarian Wave.” That this powerful wave of new energy, this sweeping away of the Piscean, the bringing forth of the Aquarian that this takes place in your world with great deal of stress to those who are anchored in the old ways. To those who will not let go. Being a cork bobbing in the wave of change is easy. Being anchored hard you could drown, you get swept away or crushed by the wave. Those who see this happening to them resist and dig in with everything they've got. They are now breaking out the big guns; vaccinations, chemtrails, new chemicals in the environment, GMO’s as a way of promoting those chemicals and all of this along with every capacity of propaganda to convince people that somehow they are doing the right things by bringing these things in.

It is from our point of view when you can see to the truth of this, when you can see what is going on behind the scenes it is comical, it is absurd. It is that which is a tremendous dance that is moving at a frenzied pace now as those individuals recognize this wave and see it sweeping over them. There were those who thought when we first spoke about such matters in the 1990s that the wave would be over by now. But, it is generational and it is that which takes its time to move through as long as anyone is hoping that the old ways could somehow remain by anchoring harder, by kicking, screaming, fighting, buying off, or whatever other old techniques, these are dying away as well.

In this reprioritization you see cooperation, love, connectedness, your heart and a trust of something bigger than yourself. Not your smallest self, your greedy self, but your largest, most loving self, connected self, caring self. These are energies that shift your own innate prioritization. Because this is now sweeping the planet more and more people are reconsidering. You would think how wonderful this would be if it was a CEO of a big corporation who could make the change. But, in some cases even when they do there are too many people below them to replace them who maintain the old ways. So, it's going to take a bit longer for this to sweep its way through.

In the meantime, there are dozens of small pieces to move this forward. Some of them technological, some of them spiritual and one of them tonight we would like to introduce, it is an idea that has been bandied around and was given voice by an individual named Waldo Vieira a few years ago. It is simply an overall concept, this idea that you have consolation and you have clarification and that you prioritize in your life with those important opposites. You might say that this is about entertainment versus education and those are the most important subsets of consolation versus clarification but there are many others. It is a prioritization in your life. You have to have some consolation, some fun, some enjoyment in life. You are here to learn, to grow, to evolve and if you do not do this you will find life inherently boring, various ways in which you easily get stuck in a rut and you find so many times that your attraction to things that are interesting, fun, but challenging, challenges you personally to change, to evolve.

The difficulty is that those who are not aware of this, this simple idea of clarification versus consolation that somehow within their own consciousness, because they haven't brought this to the surface, they are acting in an unconscious way and they are very easily manipulated. As soon as you bring forth this idea the manipulation reduces because you then cut right through it and you see what someone is really saying with their messages to buy, to consume, to be entertained, to talk about the latest and greatest, be it a movie, an idea, a product, whatever for the purpose of sales as opposed to the purpose of consciousness, of awareness, of growth, of evolution.

It is important to recognize here that there is nothing within this that states that specific methodologies for clarification, for consolation are in of themselves those which are being directed. But, this concept that you choose for yourself and the prioritization, can be reshuffled simply based on that idea. Now, you may say then for yourself to start with, what percentage? Perhaps your life is going to be about 90% consolation, you are going to have a lot of fun in this world but you have to have a little bit of learning, you have to be able to operate the computer, or the video game or whatever it is so there's going to be 10% of that clarification. But, as you think about it and look and see what is happening in your world, you see that is exactly why you are in the place that you are in and that is why it is so difficult to change, to shift those energies because it is so easy to manifest tremendous degrees of consolation on your planet.

Be it through the media or through various ways of bringing you greater pleasure in the world, bringing you new energies that you are going to find so interesting and distracting that you are not going to worry about that old global warming thing for a while or work with educating your children for a while cause after all the new episode of whatever is on right now. The way in which you are prioritizing, you now have awakening in consciousness more attention on this as the problem. This is the shift, those energies have always been there. The possibilities in the way in which you are electing to put a portion of your life in one direction or another have always been there. The opportunity to interact in these ways.

We are simply suggesting by making it a more conscious process you are guiding your own evolutionary nature, you are guiding your own lessons in life, you are taking charge of this in a more powerful way. Now, of course this must begin personally. As each individual assesses this for themselves. But then, the challenge for your family, to your community, to your state, to your country, to your world. Are we prioritizing correctly? Is this to our greatest good? If I've been able to change personally perhaps we can all change globally? The same message that was given when the children were growing up. The same message that you have understood in so many ways, that same message we have spoken in so many ways before but now applied to the prioritization about what is happening on your planet. Personally, at the level of corporate executives, individuals seeking so strong to hold onto their own power. Such a question can be tremendously powerful, a huge life-changing experience when they realize that what they really need is to be loved. That really was their prioritization in coming to this place of power, so much money, so much energy, they would finally know that they truly deeply are loved.

This way in which what is essentially consolation made available to them is that which can come from these supposed issues of money, power, manipulation by others, be it the extraterrestrials or the energies of the devil. Whatever way you wish to think about it, those things in and of themselves, those people have choice. They have different ways to work with this and understand it and ultimately they are the ones who then move this agenda forward in their own way. They cannot do so of course when everybody else having prioritized for themselves simply stops buying the product, simply shifts what they are doing. That of course can be quite successful on your planet.

For instance, how would it change everything on your planet if you simply decided you are not going to drive a car that polluted, that used oil or gas even one more inch? You're going to let it sit right there where it is in somebody's driveway and never drive it again. When everybody on your planet did such what an interesting experiment that would be. You know it's not going to happen because everybody is so tied into driving to work, having to do what they do with their cars and so on and so forth. But, it gives you a hint to the ways in which bottom-up can be just as powerful as top-down.

Prioritization and understanding of this is a heady concept but there is a heart energy to it. Because this way you forgive and love yourself. You do need consolation. You need to feel love, you need to feel excitement, a sense of purpose, the connection to others. Those are all at the positive side and of course at the other side to this is the trying to avoid negative aspects of consolation. Avoiding pain, avoiding uncomfortable situations, avoiding embarrassment and so on and so forth. All of these energies in your own prioritization can shift when you decide.

There is a question about parenting. Because we have mentioned this a little bit it is important to realize that most of you, through your past lives, your awareness and understanding, have been parent and child over and over and over. It's really something that runs much deeper than you think even as a child. For many people you are thinking about parenting. At first you think about it the way in which you wish your parents were different with you and you may at some point be willing to assert that on yourself. You may be willing to speak about it with your parents but most of the time, again with the prioritization, interest in consolation you try to get away with whatever you can get away with.

But, many times this idea of being a good parent, of understanding what is most important to them has obsessed you, has been powerful for you and you have worked with it in the times between lines, you have worked with in utero, you have worked with it over and over in so many different ways. One of the things you understand from this is that no matter how good you seem to be as a parent those kids still need therapy. This reminding you of some way or another, the best you're going to do is encourage them to find the answers on their own. If a child has recognized tremendous resistance to this, finding the answers on their own under the guidance of their parents didn't work out very well. They may then pick the opposite, a parent who is going to be what you would call neglectful, angry, perhaps a drug addict, perhaps having no interest in the child. But, in some way or other of this to do do the opposite of this. The child will then seek out what is highest and best and learn for themselves.

The point of all this is that in yourself you understand this as a continuous energy. It moves through you in utero and it moves before this. It moves into the time when you are planning your life, into your extra physical home, it moves to the end of your previous life. It moves in a continuous energy for one simple reason. It is the collective shared experience, the common vibration of all of these beings who work with this idea of the two mating in order to produce offspring and this powerful energy is communicated on and on. This is why you speak of her as mother Earth. This is why the symbols of this energy of our father. This is why all the capacities to parenting show up in you to remind you that this is an important way of being. But, at its core it goes beyond this. It is a vibration that also tells you that you are connected in very powerful ways to so many. As you make a change such a change can have a profound affect deeper and deeper within the consciousness of all beings.

There was a question about money and banking. That it would serve as a substitute for love. This is absolutely true outside your family. Yet, within your family often you are quite willing to give, to share, to extend. This has been in the past been very important for your own instinct to protect your small family against the other small families so that you would survive. This is now becoming obsolete and a reprioritization of energies is available for this generation to teach their children. They have grown up with parents who have said tentatively, in various ways it takes a village. That others will help to raise their children, they will share these energies. At a deeper level they are now beginning to assimilate this and understand that the village is real. It is a possibility as long as money appears to be necessary on your planet when you cannot have sufficient trust, love and caring then it continues to exist.

But, just as you have seen that this powerful juggernaut of the system such as it is hard to stop with regards to global warming, you see it all so hard to stop with regards to money. But, it is conceivable. For this, some technological solutions have also been proposed. In the meantime, as people begin to experiment with this you may begin to recognize that it is up to you and in the encouragement of the children and the younger ones around you that this can be taken to a larger degree. You have volunteering, you have sharing of energy, you have people helping each other. But when you ask yourself how can I take this one step further?

You would then re-prioritize because you would know that the reason for doing this is not to feel good, not to help someone else survive, it's not too bring more consolation. But to look more consciously and carefully where it brings you understanding, where it brings you consciousness, Where it brings you an awareness of something loving, caring perhaps, something stimulating, thought-provoking. Something within you that could be more than just helping someone. These are the important steps necessary that will eventually dismantle the system. How do we know it will be dismantled? It is easy to see this. If it is not your planet will perish. You clearly have a powerful profit motive figuring into every important problem facing you today. From those of economic disparity, to pollution, to global warming and so on and so forth.

Yet, that is not where we look to this, it is to the other planet’s that have survived. Where their civilizations have been through this. Money and various ways to simply monetize this through barter or changed naturally were created in many such systems and then discarded for the survival of those people on those planets. So, it is inevitable that humanity will come to do this. Will it be in your generation? It can be if it is in your community. But in your generation worldwide, globally? This does not seem very likely as long as individuals who associate their identity, who they really are, with how much money is in their bank account. In the reverse, those who see they are less then because there isn't so much in their bank account that those sorts of things will inevitably keep the system in place a little bit longer.

At the deeper level, now you have this new knowledge from this question. Each time you are interacting with money ask yourself is there some fear? Something keeping me from love in working with this at this time? That is very difficult when you are buying things online. When you are working with somebody very far away who you don't even know. But, in a day to day interaction in a store, in an interaction with a person where you're dealing with money take the time. Look into their eyes and sense the energy. Look where the love is. Use this simple idea that the money which is everywhere can be a quick reminder of the love which is also everywhere but simply needs to be reminded to you to tap into it and know it. All of this is hinting around a question asked about the collective consciousness.

What does it take to bring a sense of powerful energy, impact, impression, something to the collective consciousness ? It is a powerful question to those who are very interested in one of your electronic disciplines called “Twitter.” Where a question, an idea, a video sweeps the world for a few minutes and everyone gets interested in it and of course quickly it's forgotten. This is in some ways experimenting with and learning about the collective consciousness. The way in which this energy sweeps the world and everyone is interested in it. Sometimes this shifts things, but the fact that it is forgotten is because most energies associated with Twitter are essentially those in the prioritization scheme mentioned earlier associated with consolation, it is there for fun. To truly utilize it for learning and understanding, for deeper consciousness you probably need more than 140 characters.

But, as you are able to bring this into your own life and look at the deeper questions you can begin to understand how this works. If, all at once, for whatever reason, people begin there is a sort of powerful momentum started. Even if you don't know where it's going such an energy gets moving and what tends to bring this more powerfully into action is consolation. It is that it is interesting, that it is fun, that you're going to laugh at it, that you're going to tell somebody about it because it brought you insight and understanding and that at some deeper level was stirring, was interesting, was fun, which brought to you some level of emotion.

There isn't anything wrong with this it is an acknowledgment that the deeper way to touch the collective consciousness turns out to be with the medium of consolation in some way. A revelation, a new energy, something to be inspired by, an emotion of awe, wonder, something positive and uplifting but also something that grabs the collective consciousness, that which is creating fear, or struggle, or sadness or difficulty. You have just been exposed to this in USA and the understanding about this worldwide has been powerful and continues right at this time. It will fade away in a couple of weeks as these things always do. But, right now, in the collective is this idea of race relations, of a willingness of somebody who hated people of another race to go to the place of worship simply because there would be more of them in that place. Then to kill these people would be the appropriate message to vent his own anger and his own hatred.

Strange as it may seem there are other people on your planet who totally agree with this and it will be an inspiration to others to seek out places of congregation where those they don't like come together. This has sent a powerful message through the collective unconscious asking,” just because I hate, just because I have a struggle with this, does it justify such a terrible heinous act? Does it justify hurting people in a place where they are indeed most vulnerable?” This sort of energy as it moves through the collective consciousness has many different effects on many different people. It is likely that a slight reprioritization will take place amongst this. Not to the level automatically where people will begin to accept some greater degree of evolution or clarification over other aspects.

But, at least greater kindness, greater openness, greater willingness to listen and a greater resolve to allow those to find their own way. Whatever their race, whatever their religious inclination. That they be somehow given extra freedom to find this for themselves. Over and over as these sorts of things have occurred on your planet with greater force and greater energy so many different observations about this has taken place. But, many of those who are learning about this are seeing that there is an overall picture associated with this. Unfortunately, it has a lot more to do with your corporations than you realize. There has been speaking about this in the media but not much with regards about pharmaceuticals. So many individuals in these positions have been on medications that push them into a place where they take their own anger and they repress it, they hold it back, they do not examine it, they do not understand it until it simply must burst forth. When it does, because they have no easy path because it has not been available to them through past practice. It bursts out in a horrible way causing destruction and struggle amongst many others.

Unfortunately, in the prioritization you do not have it within your own consciousness yet. To be loving to such, instead of giving them drugs to help them control their own anxiety, depression, rage and other aspects. This is simply because at first, those involved didn't know what to do and they were working with what they knew best and the research that was available about the brain. But, not looking at the long-term effects of this. Eventually, more and more understanding about this comes out and the result of this is that those in positions of power within these drug companies come out with these new drugs. Such are already in the pipeline. At some point people understand why this doesn't work and they make a shift about it.

But, along the way this is another example of the ways in which this digging in, this holding on to the piscean, to the old ways of being, to a way of disconnection seems to be the best path. Here again though, there will be others who will look into this. They will say,” why not reach out to this individual? Give him some degree of friendship. Show him some way in which a greater, loving attitude might be present and then when encountering his rage show him another way.” Martial arts, movement, vocalizing and having that rage in a way in which it might be productive by re-examining its roots and understanding and so on and so forth.

This is again a reprioritization that people in a community are willing to connect more to each other than simply to allow somebody else to take care of it. You are already doing this to some extent of course. Yet, to take this to a level by which such tragedies are prevented clearly is beyond your current ability within communities. But, this is right on the horizon for the next generation. For them to understand this for one simple reason. One of the important aspects of this incarnation as the indigo children, or the rainbow children, or this higher connectivity has been the way in which they know at a very deep level that, that person is you, me, all of us as one. This understanding of this innate connection is difficult and to some extent of course is reduced with the use of drug substances but it is there nevertheless. So, encouraging this could be helpful for some individuals in the future.

A question was raised about this action by which the pharmaceuticals, the increase in radiation, the constant connection with the petrochemicals and especially with the gasoline and oil is affecting the physical body. To some extent this does affect the consciousness. That is what a miasm is, an underlying deep issue that must be cleared and this is indeed affecting everyone on your planet to some extent to the point that it is now about 50% of the population that has one of these three powerful miasms.

The petrochemical miasm tends to be the most prevalent and does seem to be that which is initiated with various early procedures in childhood or in utero. Be it as vaccination, antibiotic, various exposure to foods and various other things. But, we see that each of these must be contended with in a simple way. There is of course all of the nutritional aspects, all of the physical things. But, there is this attitude, this understanding about it that also is there and for people to understand that there are alternatives. They can find other ways. This is a deeper encouragement for people to re-examine these issues. In doing so one of the questions is about one of the most profound, helpful ways to clear these things from the body physically.

Vaccines in particular as they are an injection of metals, in particular aluminum and mercury and various toxic substances such as formaldehyde and monosodium glutamate mixed with those things that are part of the vaccine so that there will be a stronger immune reaction in the child. These things linger and stay in the body. They have many effects because of the way in which they interact with other substances in particular with various petrochemicals taken in through the food. The way in which those things can be troublesome, you see more and more of this occurring on your planet. Clearing out what was in this is an area that has been approached by many.

You see many different drugs, natural substances but the overall viewpoint on this, is a little harder to understand. The way in which the body is always trying to come to its maximum degree of health on its own. So the most helpful thing you can do is encourage its own natural processes. We see two of these as perhaps the most profound and important. One of these has to do with weight. That you put weight on using the healthiest and most beneficial foods to combine with the oil based and water-based substances that are toxic within the body. Bringing them into the fat and then you drop the weight. Allowing these materials to be easily excreted from the body, a natural process the body already knows how to do.

The other is heat. A way in which many of these substances mobilize faster and more easily when the body is hotter. This means a hot bath to help move them out. The specifics associated with this are described in the book, “We Want To Live,” by Aajonus Vonderplanitz and “Recipe For Living Without Disease,” by Vonderplanitz. These are whole picture ways of working with this not just a little here and a little there. That would be very helpful for most people to work with who are interested in clearing this out. Homeopathy has proved very successful with clearing out the vaccine residues in children as they are often more open at the conscious level of vibrational medicine of all types, is so helpful. But, vibration is also understood when you are trying to figure it out when it isn't done with a conscious mind but rather with a sense of being-ness which is often stronger in a child.

Homeopathy is generally directed specifically toward the particular symptoms rather than the particular substances. It can be combined very nicely with these various cleansing methods. Cilantro has often been suggested, in particular cilantro juice, avocado and orange as previously mentioned, various exercise modalities, all of these are helpful and can be combined very nicely to help with this. Avoidance of injecting substances into the body in the first place of course makes the most sense.

But, it is important as it becomes part of the overall agenda to reduce overall health, to make people more dependent on the medical system and on the pharmaceutical companies. It only makes sense for them financially to put forth various agenda that will get you then a little less healthy under the guise of preventing disease or even making you more healthy. But, as you investigate these things, as you learn about them, you can decide for yourself. You can work with this in a way that feels best to you but know that the most important thing is not what you think. It is not just about how the body feels that is the consolation aspect. Yes it is an important concept because the body in feeling good must be then be able to work better, do better, learn more, evolve more, yes. But, the most important lesson from this, your own higher consciousness, your own awareness of this, your own willingness to evolve at the very least get it right next time.

But, whatever way you come to this, this is in your prioritization. The answer to the question what do you take with you? When you leave this world who are going to leave the physical body behind. In the next life you are going to be learning many things but if you remember how important it is to learn you may make greater progress spiritually. As this is shared by many in the world, some who would find the need to hold on to the old ways will leave this world and such adherence to these old ways will once and for all simply be released. We know that this sounds simply optimistic that the next generation will let go of what this generation has held onto so dearly. To some extent this is always true.

But, as this reprioritization takes place and is encouraged in the collective consciousness, the direction begins to appear. What about the prioritization where we all survive? Where we all get to enjoy the Earth together. Where we all get to feel love together. Where we all get to evolve together. Wouldn't that be better than…. - you can give a long list of all of those other things that are so much smaller than. By remembering this, by knowing it in your consciousness for yourself personally you echo it in a larger aspect of consciousness by sharing it with others, by asking them their questions about this. What is it you are going to take with you in the next life and so on? This does bear greater hope for the changes that are eminent with less struggle and difficulty.

We would suggest at this moment a stretch. You might imagine that you are receiving energy with your hands as if in a cup like configuration. As you receive that energy, it is not just the reaching upward it is the way now in which you are being filled with this energy, the emerald light, spinning, beautiful loving energy within it and then spontaneously in the way in which you would wish to do it, with those hands moving around as if receiving. Some have called this exercise the “Chi Gong Teacup,” but it is simply the receiving of these energies in that way in which is spontaneous, useful, and helpful to you with the idea that this is an abundant, beautiful, energy filled planet, universe, consciousness. All of this is available to you to breathe, to receive and know right here, right now.

Jill: in another 150 years in the future Hilarion, looking back at us today what will they tell us?

Hilarion: How would we know this? Prediction ain’t what used to be and hasn't been for a long time and probably won't be for a long time, either. Yet, using computer simulation, using possibility of looking forward, what you get is impossible to say. Yet, there is another energy present and that is the real intent of this question and that is why your guides prompted you to ask it. Right now, as you attune your energy to who you were 10 years ago the advice you would give to him or her, you open now naturally and easily to your future self ten years hence, advising you, loving you now. What is most important to you? We know this is an overly personal answer to this question but bear with us for a moment. Some of you have theorized about your last life. Some of you have had past life experiences. Some of you not having any of that might imagine if there was a past life say 70 years ago? What might it have been for you? How about take it right out to 150 years ago? As you open to that energy what advice would you have given to that one? You know how tremendously different just 150 years makes. From the way in which you were then to the way in which you are now, a totally different being. Yet, you can advise him or her, you can love him or her, share with him or her encouragement, understanding, a sense of peace.

In this way what you begin to recognize is that it was in the very understanding of consciousness itself that your past self 150 years ago had little in the way of inkling or clue or understanding about the nature of what your consciousness might be today. This is the true answer to the question. A personal answer. But the nature of consciousness itself, the nature of what it is to be, to share a life between you, the intrinsic communication between each human and all the others, this is there. It is present and you ignore it. You misunderstand it. You hold it in some ways in that which is foolish or silly and at the same time you do things that are by their actions as if stating that you are in denial of this collective energy. That you are somehow separated from each other as if you somehow didn't share the same planet, breathe the same air, drink the same water and so on.

As simple as this might be, from the viewpoint of consciousness, from the viewpoint of evolution it is profound. It is very clear that 150 years from now this question is being posed to those beings that will be you thinking back right now to you here now in their past lives and that is the real answer to this question. Not one that is ephemeral or general for the planet and cannot be acted on anyway. But the message to your future self, 150 years hence, the next life for you is projecting to you right now. Become more aware of the beings around you. See of the intertwining of the energetics between your hearts. See of the way in which you could love and care for each other more would be the message from one of your future selves to you now. Another would be recognize the beauty, the powerful attractive, special energy of those around you. Feel it and know it and know that that is you.

For another, a message about possibilities, knowing so many directions that you could go in, things that could still be learned while still alive, areas that you could put your attention on and focus on. All of this to see that you are not doing this alone. You are powerfully connected to so many others and this larger consciousness is available to you in a far greater measure than you ever imagined. These would be some little hints to try to answer that question energetically rather than to see it from near prediction and working out the probabilities and so on. Does this sort of make sense?

Jill: Thank you, Hilarion. What is the big attraction that is drawing so many people to the Enneagram philosophy?

Hilarion: just as you want to understand who you are, you are attempting to understand how others are. These little hints by taking any kind of survey by looking at various questions of your own nature and so on can allow you to more easily understand this about yourself and others. Any system that expands beyond what other systems or naturally has its benefits but as people evolve and grow even beyond that other systems will also show up. So for now this is a wonderful system by which you can better understand yourself and others.

The difficulty with it of course is when you attempt to pigeonhole someone to the extent that they feel some sense of being confined or unable to easily change. This is the most important lesson that although it would seem that you would be stuck in a particular pattern you can also use the Enneagram in a different way. By looking at those others that would be attractive to you, would be interesting to, that you would like to be more of and you would bring some of those aspects into your life by one simple way. The usual way you would have done this would have been to look at those aspects and train yourself in it or do more along that line.

But, now with the any Enneagram you can find somebody of that type and let them show you this by their way of being, by answering questions for you, by playing with you, by simply sharing. You can even tell them about that if you wish that this is the sort of being you are and I would like to know more for myself. Does this help?

Jill: what is the mechanism of belief? How does it shape humanity? How does it change in the collective.

Hilarion: This is a very difficult aspect to understand because you are hearing our words through the filter of belief. You are understanding by the very nature of how you understand by belief. Belief in the truth of words. Belief that words relate to principles that relate to your own understanding and aspects that go so deep at so many levels. It's almost as if you are within it, trying to understand it. The fish trying to understand the water that he finds himself in will find it very difficult but can do experiments. Can try different things to find out about this. So, that's where you begin as belief is shown to you, you find ways to work with it. How other people believe differently and eventually how other people change your beliefs because they don't work for you anymore.

But, at some level eventually you begin to re-prioritize and question at the very core level the benefit of having belief. Belief is often something that is known as something that exists within your own consciousness without tangible proof, without that which would be an underpinning associated with it, that of course if it changed, you could shift. But because it is that which is held in spite of or in addition to any external proof or understanding. It is that which at some core level will intrinsically be difficult to shift. As a result you have recognized a few people on your planet who have said I've had enough. No more beliefs for me. If one pops up, I'm going to do my very best to dismantle it and let it go. What they usually find is that this brings a lot of discomfort. A lot of looking at many new things and at the same time can be very stimulating.

Therefore, we would suggest, that an excellent way to answer this question, again the experiment of the fish in the water, experimenting with that water to know more about it. Well, look very consciously at every belief that pops up and find a way you can convince yourself of something else. Let it go for its own sake, ask yourself the question does that belief really bring me something helpful, useful, that is without stress, that is valuable and so on so that you can then easily let go or dismantle that belief. A reminder of course of the work of Byron Katie who has worked so hard to help people re-examine their beliefs on so many levels.

But, what you will inevitably encounter as you do this is an intractable belief. Something really big. Something relating to your own evolution perhaps, or that love is important, or that you exist, or something at some fundamental level you simply cannot shift or change. It's a powerful exercise because when you bring that into your consciousness for you personally you begin to recognize something that relates at some fundamental level to an emotion, typically the emotion of fear. If you were to truly let go of the idea that you exist. You might stop existing. You might actually die at the highest vibrational level.

At the soul, your own vibration, your own intrinsic nature, all of the aspects of your past lives as they become your future lives: gone. This is frightening. This is difficult for the consciousness to accept this and in many ways this at a fundamental level shifts all other beliefs and allows them. It gives them passage because they help you exist. Well, is that true? That you really do need to exist? To be? To examine this and work with it? Sorry, if we wax too existential, Camus or Kafka but the idea is that in your own consciousness you can challenge this to the level by which you personally are willing to let go of beliefs and notice something that also shows up along with the discomfort, along with the difficulty in finding this or even finding those intractable beliefs you'll often find spontaneously, strangely, oddly more energy, more healing, more ways in which healing can show up for you, more ideas, possibilities.

For this then ultimately, the challenge is in your prioritization of consolation and clarification where does belief fit in? Where do beliefs for you prioritize? We are suggesting that you have unconsciously prioritized them much more strongly than you ever realized. Only when you examine them you might find that you can ease some of those which releases more energy. But, as you play with this idea you may find that eventually you are willing to let go of all of it. This is a beautiful place because it is then allowing the beliefs of others to have their true purpose for you. That they need those because they haven't made this leap to examine all beliefs.

This is not just about your own awakening, your own consciousness, your own understanding, it is about the nature of your being. When we ask you a powerful questions such as,” who or what is experiencing this right now?” This breathing, this sitting in this room, listening to these words. This nature of who you think you are. Who or what is experiencing that? Right now? It is very upsetting to your beliefs. Everything that you thought about what that was. The concept of infinite or emptiness is uncomfortable but also strangely very energetic. These are also steps to disturb this sea that you swim in of these beliefs.

Now, it must also be understood in your own consciousness that whatever way you come to this you will probably encounter another belief. One nested within the other and that is all right that you are willing to make steps in such a direction can be quite profound and helpful. But, you might then begin to get the glimpse or the glimmer that just as the fish needs the water to survive, this ability to find within the nested form one belief after another at the higher and higher level, is intrinsic to the way of language, to the way of life, to the way of being itself. Until you reach the point of ultimate choice of whether to be or not? That is the ultimate place in which this deeper belief aspect begins to show up.

At a practical level it is very helpful on a regular basis, perhaps once a week. Often times, you know Sundays are good for working on beliefs. You might wish to examine this and help with a little dismantling of this at a practical level providing more energy, more healing, more possibility. Does this help?

Jill: yes. Thank you. Is it possible radioactivity is raising our consciousness?

Hilarion: at the physical level it has been shown over and over that mutation, tiny amounts of it, evolutionary speaking to improve conditions by creating many different components, possibilities, mutants. The one that survives then is the one with greater capacity. This is ultimately due to radiation. That an alpha particle, a gamma wave cuts through a cell, moves a chromosome here or there and the next generation receives that mutation, that slight difference. When this can happen at these physical levels fast enough to be beneficial but slow enough that they are not harmful, that the small mutations generation after generation are able to be properly utilized. You see of all of the benefits of this, this is the simple way at the higher vibrational level to symbolize and work with radiation. That it is bringing to your consciousness new possibilities, it is increasing energy within you. But, if you don't use it properly it simply becomes more problematic.

At the same time as this, radiation is also present at the physical level and has its natural effects creating free radicals, causing disruptions in the body, chromosomal damage that leads to mutation, chromosomal damage that does not. As you are cleansing and clearing these, that is the other important energy associated with the symbol of more radiation. As it is bringing into your consciousness new possibilities, new ways of looking at things, higher vibrations. It can also be too much, too strong, too intense. You must find ways of reducing this, giving yourself your own peace of mind.

The interesting thing about this, again, looking at the physical reminder of this, it penetrates through everything. There is no ultimate protection and that these aspects that move through everything are with you constantly reminding you: evolve. Find a higher way. In the collective consciousness this idea about prioritizing, about doing what is most important in terms of your own aspects of consolation and clarification. But, at the deeper level what this is all a reminder of is more energy; more happening, more possibility. Sometimes in the world the overall view of this would be very consistent. You see this happening all over your planet. It may not make sense, it may at times seem chaotic. It may be more energy in negative areas as well as positive areas. But, that more is happening on your planet, more communication, more possibility. This is the overt representation of how these changes are creating change.

Along with all of this then comes the ultimate message associated with mutation and that is choice. What will you choose with this new energy you are provided? What choice in your life will you make to take you into a direction of that which is most loving? Most helpful to the planet? Most helpful to others or that which is perhaps harmful to others but brings something of what you would see as positive for yourself only. Service to self as opposed to service to others is one way in which this has been suggested. But, it goes much deeper than service because the radiation aspects are a reminders to you of greater and greater change.

That change can be happening faster and more powerfully and at the same time as this there is more energy available for it right now at this moment as the sun energy becomes even stronger; as this energy flows through you. You can resist it, you can struggle against it. But, you can also enjoy it. You can let that energy challenge you as you ask yourself: where in my life might I be resisting some aspect of change? Where in my life might I find something to bring more of this energy to bear for healing? Or that which is important to me? Ot that which is valuable to others? To that which is encouraging to my own evolution? These would be the ways in which we would approach this aspect of understanding of radiation.

There are those who have also asked about the symbology associated with this with regards to substances and this brings us naturally to the Opal. It is a stone that through uranium and various aspects relating to radiation, its own beauty then comes forth. This is a stone that symbolizes your own ability to perceive these glowing, helpful but transformative energies and as a result it can be helpful at this higher spiritual level to work with this stone. Be it an elixir form, or to have an Opal near you. The radiation levels are relatively small from this. So, you wouldn't have to worry about wearing it but we wouldn’t suggest that you wear it all the time. Rather, one you can gaze upon, affect you or shift your consciousness a few hours at a time and let it rest so that you can better come into a sense of coordination with the larger aspect of radiation on your planet. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes, Hilarion. I think it's time to close.

Hilarion: We would remind you of the nature of this stone. If you have ever seen it, its powerful light and energy seems to run very deep, to be reflected in so many different ways as if this energy right now fills this room. As if bouncing back and forth, an emerald light cylinder from infinitely upwards down through you to center of earth. Now has this Opal light bouncing around in it. Flashes of green, of gold, of white, of blue, of orange, of all these energies as they bounce around within the cylinder of light, some of them move through you. Some of them energize you. Some of them touch you. They are largely disorganized. Energy simply randomly moving in their own directions.

By your own consciousness you now have the ability to organize them. We ask you to imagine now that these lights become more unified. They begin to move in a simple spiral, swirling sort of form. This spiral as it moves down through you to the Earth reaches Earth's center and it shifts direction and now moves up. These beautiful twin, inter-twining spirals of energy similar to your DNA structures as you have seen them in textbooks, these beautiful energies now organized. These beautiful colors of light of every possibility of color, swirling and moving through you. These now all becoming a brilliant, beautiful, white swirling energy.

By its nature you can now modify this energy so that it is naturally healing. Being assimilated and absorbed you breathe this light and see it healing you deeply. Strengthening you, connecting you and allowing infinitely upwards to stabilize this connection to the collective consciousness that we've spoken about so much tonight. To the center of earth to symbolize the physical, the sense of connection to Earth, to other people, to your own heart’s love, and connection to children and your own inner child. As this swirling shifts it now begins to move faster. As this occurs the light expands and that emerald light cylinder at 100 feet now expands to 200 feet, 500 feet, several thousand feet, several miles in diameter. This beautiful light continues to swirl, to spin, to heal. We would ask you now to receive earth’s loving ohm sound through this light. To share it, goodbye. Omm….

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